Chapter 1

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #dubious_consent #f/f #hypnosis #scifi #solo #sub:female #conditioning #corruption #recruitment #shower #useless_lesbeans

“You have to try this!”
Maya gave the black plastic bottle her roommate was holding out a skeptical look as she shut the apartment door behind her. 
“Can I at least get out of my coat first?”
Andi withdrew the bottle as she stepped back with an embarrassed shrug. “Sorry, I just got excited.”
“I got that part. Dork.” Maya grinned at the blush that rose on Andi’s cheeks. “So what’s in the bottle?”
“Conditioner! It’s _so_ good.”
“Huh.” It didn’t really look like the bottles Andi usually bought. It seemed like she changed up her hair routine every month or two, but whatever she decided to try usually had eye catching logos or brightly colored bottles. “So is it really good, or are you just getting tired of it?”
Andi shook her head, and Maya couldn’t help but notice the way her bright blue hair was bouncing. It certainly looked like the stuff worked. “No, no, not tired at all! It’s doing wonders for me. Seriously Maya, you should try it.”
Maya knew she was going to relent. She always did, when Andi asked her for something, but she could still give her some crap. “Wonders, huh? Like your boss letting you get away with that color hair?” 
“That was _so_ stupid,” Andi grumbled, but her smile returned almost as quickly as it had disappeared. “But it’s fine now!”

Maya wasn’t quite sure what happened there - she had thought Andi had always kept her hair it’s natural color _because_ her job didn’t allow ‘unnatural colors’. Whatever she did, though, it hadn’t cost Andi her job. 
The more Maya thought about it, Andi’s hair actually seemed to be getting more vividly blue lately, not less. It was so electrically, intensely blue now that she almost looked like a cartoon character brought to life.
“I guess it can’t hurt to try, but don’t expect me to turn my hair weird colors too.”
Andi was so excited she was bouncing on her heels as she handed over the bottle with a little ‘Yes!’ of triumph. “You’re gonna love it, I promise.”
“Uh-huh…” Maya pulled her sarcasm up like a shield. Andi was _so fucking cute_ when she did that. She couldn’t stand it, but she didn’t want to lose such a good roommate - and friends - by drooling over her. Andi had never seemed interested in guys, but she hadn’t ever talked about girls, either. 
She took a closer look at the bottle to distract herself with her stupid crush. The matte black plastic bottle and cap was almost completely unmarked. Just a white block lettered “CONDITIONER” on the front, and a barcode and some directions printed in the smaller version of the same font on the back.

“Contains: Conditioner.” Maya read skeptically. “‘Apply to wet hair, rinse with water.’ That’s really helpful. Who even made this stuff?”
Andi gave a little shrug. “It’s, like, a generic. I found it over at the beauty supply shop - it was new!”
“Huh.” She gave it a thoughtful look, then shrugged again before turned to go back to her room. 
She’d try it eventually, maybe tell Andi to get another bottle for her if it worked out. 
What could it hurt?
The black bottle sat on the shelf in her shower as if silently daring her to try it for a couple of days before Maya finally gave in. Originally, she’d planned to use up the bottle of her usual stuff that she’d been using, but if this weird stuff didn’t work out she might as well have something that worked for her in reserve.
“OK, ok, I guess it’s time to check you out.”
She followed her normal shower routine until she finally cracked open the bottle, and it was a bit disconcerting to realize the conditioner was nearly the same color as the bottle - maybe just a bit closer to purple than black, but seriously thick, dark stuff.

Frowning, she used her free hand to open the shower door, carefully keeping her other hand cupped so the goo wouldn’t spill out.



“Are you SURE this stuff isn’t going to turn my hair purple?!”

Maya grimaced a bit as she slid the shower door shut again. “Promise...ok…” As she brought the goo up towards her face, she stopped to take a quick sniff. It actually didn’t smell like fake grape or anything “purple” at all. It was...nice. A strong, but not overwhelmingly sweet sort of smell. Like bubblegum, almost.

She gave a little hum, and started to work the goo into her hair, feeling a nice little tingle as she squeezed it through her hands, getting the shampoo and water out as she worked the stuff in. 
_That...does feel pretty nice..._

It was almost like the roots of her hair were tightening, somehow, and Maya felt like her scalp was almost starting to buzz.
“Nn..aaah…” She couldn’t help but moan from the sudden burst of sensation. It was like the best part of having her hair pulled, sending a thrill through every part of her. The feeling of the shower against her skin seemed to grow more intense, and her voice caught in her throat as she ran her hands through her hair again.

Maya hadn’t planned to get herself off in the shower tonight, but suddenly that was _exactly_ what she wanted - NEEDED - to do. Right now. Immediately. 
Her hand felt like it had a mind of its own as her fingers slid down between her legs, working the conditioner that was left on her fingers into the dense hair. 
“Ohhhh! Oh...oh my fffffaaa...aaaahhhh!” 
Her whole body shook as the orgasm ripped through her, another right almost immediately behind it. 
She looked down to see her bush almost completely covered in slightly foamy lavender slickness, thumb stroking back and forth over her clit, spreading the goo with each pass. 
No wonder Andi liked this stuff. This was..._insane_…
Maya’s voice was half gasp as she sank down her knees, the water rinsing her hair even as it ran down her shoulders, her breasts, her back. 
“Oh..ooh fuck...oh...obedience.” Her eyes closed as she rocked her head back and forth under the spray, fingers plunging deep into herself. 
Maya repeated the mantra as she came over her hand, stroking and fingering herself along with the words until the water began to get cold enough for her to notice the change in temperature.
She couldn’t explain what had happened. Part of her really wanted to stand up, put on a towel, and go ask Andi what the fuck was going on, but that little voice was quickly being drowned out by the thought that everything was fine. That she’d just gotten horny, that was all. It felt good. She was a fucking (hah) adult who could enjoy herself in her own shower, and it had been way too long since she’d cum like that anyway.
Her mental debate ended as she turned off the shower and grabbed her towel, wrapping it around herself before she reached for another to use on her hair while she grabbed the hairdryer. 
Her hair _did_ look good, she decided as she brushed and dried it in front of her bathroom vanity. More...full, somehow. Healthier. 
She didn’t even care that her dark blonde hair suddenly had a very noticeable pink tone to it.
“Obedience brings pleasure,” Maya murmured to herself under the buzz of the dryer. 
This was fine. 

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