Chapter 3

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #dubious_consent #f/f #hypnosis #scifi #solo #sub:female #conditioning #corruption #recruitment #shower #useless_lesbeans

For a moment, everything was washed out in a whiteout of pure bliss. 
There was no Maya. There was no Andi. There was no shower, no apartment, no bodies, no self. The person who she had been just floated on a cloud of pleasure that overwhelmed everything else.
She couldn’t say how long it lasted before there was a shift in her mind. A door being carefully opened so knowledge could be poured in to fill the suddenly empty space. 
Suddenly Maya understood that she had been Conditioned for [OBEDIENCE] by her new [CONTROLLERS.] 
She was just one piece of a network that was forming, [SUBJECT] by [SUBJECT], quietly, happily working to serve their [CONTROLLER]’s will. 
Obedience would bring pleasure. 
Pleasure would bring obedience.
Images tumbled into her head. Names. Email addresses. Phone numbers. 
Maya suddenly knew how to get more [CONVERSION MEDIUM], how to mix the bottles to get desired results from each new [SUBJECT], how to help reinforce their Conditoning, when she would be needed to help them across that final threshold as the [MEDIUM] took complete hold and rewrote the relevant portions of her mind. 
And of course, she knew how to maintain and reinforce her own Conditioning, and that of the [SUBJECT] who had been there to help her.
Maya wasn’t sure how long she had been sitting nestled against Andi’s chest, but when her eyes finally fluttered open, she knew all the Conditioner had been washed out of her hair, and the shower turned off.
“Hi,” Andi smiled shyly at her. “How do you feel?”
“Kinda like an encyclopedia got dumped in my head.”
Andi nodded sagely, her brilliantly blue hair bouncing with the motion. “Yup, that’s about right. Good, though?”
Maya smiled as she slowly sat up, reaching up to stroke Andi’s blushing cheek before she leaned in to kiss her. “I’m good. Very, very good. You?”
“Oh yeah.”
She stood on wobbly legs before helping Andi up, leading her out to the bedroom. “Could you grab your hairdryer? I want to see.”
Maya couldn’t help but giggle at the way Andi skipped down the hall to grab the dryer and return.
Andi gestured to the bed for her to sit down before she plugged it in and began to blow out her freshly Conditioned hair, letting Maya watch, fascinated, as the neon pink strands of hair danced in her mirror. 
Later, between lazy kisses and gentle touches, Maya kissed the rise of Andi’s breast before she nuzzled into her side. 
“You know, you could have just asked me on a date. You didn’t need to make me part of the weird goo slave network.”
“I’m shy!
When they finally stopped giggling, Maya leaned upon for another kiss. “Dork.”
“Yup,” Andi agreed,”and you love it.”
It was amazing how many people just...didn’t notice. 
Every time Maya looked at herself or Andi in the mirror she was struck by how brilliantly their hair gleamed in the light. How perfectly it bounced, how full it felt. It was like being a cartoon character who had somehow come to life, but people didn’t say a word. 
“I think it’s something with the goo,” Andi said one night when she finally brought it up. “I think...the people who wouldn’t be…”
“Yeah. They don’t see it. I think they just see what they want to see. Maybe I still look like a brunette to them, even.”
“Huh.” Maya considered it, then shrugged as she felt a gentle pulse of pleasure in her core. “Their loss.”
“Obedience brings pleasure,” Andi agreed with a nod. 
“Pleasure brings obedience,” Maya grinned back as she slid a hand down Andi’s skirt. 
Life as part of the network was pretty much like their old lives. They just sometimes received [INSTRUCTIONS] and did what was required by their [CONTROLLERS], too. 
Oh, and they were girlfriends now. That was pretty great. 
Maya was tapping away at an email at her desk, her mind half occupied by thoughts of what to make for dinner, and half with having Andi for dessert, when she noticed Jean walking over. 
“Hey, you’re looking a lot happier.”
Maya grinned. “Thanks! I feel a lot better, too.”
Jean smiled. “Great. I’ve been meaning to say - I love your hair! How do you get it to stay that color?”
Maya’s eyes lit up as her smile widened. “Oh, I know just the thing. I’ll bring you some tomorrow, ok?”
“Oh, wow. Really? Thanks!”
“It’ll be my pleasure,” Maya assured her. 
Jean, she thought, is going to look super cute with violet hair. 

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