Mark's Invention


by bunnyb0mb

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bimbo #bimbofication #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis_device #sub:female #mind_control #urban_fantasy

All stories are a complete work of fantasy. Characters are not based off of any real or fictional people and all are intended to be eighteen or older. Themes are not reflective of my real life beliefs about politics or human rights. Sex should always aim to be safe, sane, and consensual for all parties involved.

All rights reserved by Bunny Barrett and Wobbegong Print. 

The bar was relatively empty for a Friday. Mark got a booth for the occasion. The subliminal messages would’ve started to work as soon as she left work. He wondered if they would have any effect so early. His question was answered when a nearly unrecognizable Josie entered the bar. She had her hair down for once and her eyes were accentuated with smoky shadows. Most shocking of all though was her attire. She wore a yellow floral sundress with no sweater covering its thin straps.

“Well something’s gotten into you”, Mark said gesturing to her outfit as she approached the table.

“I know! Don’t you love it? I had to dig through my entire closet to find this. I can’t believe I don’t own anything like it.”, Josie said beaming.

Mark was happy with this small sign of progress. He didn’t expect her to wear a pink latex minidress only a few hours after the messages started. Eventually she would though, and she’d love every second of it.

They chatted about the usual things but Josie was different. She was bubbly, a trait no one would have previously dreamed of attaching to her. When Mark talked about work she listened intently like he was giving her the secret to ever-lasting life. He lapped up her attention feeling like he was being heard for the first time in his life.

After they had been at the bar for an hour and a half when he felt like it was finally time to pop the question. He was struggling to keep himself composed. The strap of her dress revealed part of her round tit and it took everything he had to keep a smile on his face.

“I hope you won’t take this the wrong way but do you want to continue this at my place?”.

“Yeah! I’m like totally good with that”.

Even her language was starting to change. As a normally well spoken woman she sounded stupider than she was just a few hours ago. She would also never have agreed to come home with him on a normal night. The stuck up bitch kept herself locked up tight.

After paying their tab they made their way to Mark’s car. They continued chatting on the way home. He pulled into the gravel driveway of his little colonial house. It was modest but Mark had other priorities for his income.

They made their way inside. He poured them both drinks, slipping a sedative into Josie’s when she looked away. She really trusted him too much, what did she actually know about him outside of his work life. She fully collapsed standing up when the sedatives kicked in. He had expected her to drift to sleep instead she passed out on his kitchen floor. He scooped up her body going towards his bedroom. He set her on his bed while he fiddled with the latches that kept the bookshelf door closed. It swung open and he retrieved Josie from the bed. He carried her down the stairs and gingerly placed her on the bed in her new room. The room was excessively pink. The walls were soft pink and the cement floor had been covered with a mauve carpet. The bed was covered in fuzzy pillows and throw blankets. Opposite to the bed contrasting the bubblegum room was a black pommel horse. Behind it the wall was lined with whips, paddles, and various other sex toys safely stowed behind plexiglass and a padlock. The pink bedroom looked almost comical with its miniature sex dungeon.

Mark sat and waited in the dungeon. Josie was out for almost two hours before she started to move. She looked around the room clearly confused but not panicking like she normally would.

“Mark, what is this place?” she asked, finally seeing him across the room.

“Your new home pet” Mark answered.

“But I have a home?”.

“Not a good one sweetheart. Just earlier you were complaining about not having any good clothes. I’ve stocked the whole closet with things that you’ll love. I will feed you and care for you. Why wouldn’t you want to be here?”.

Josie finally had the wits to look scared. She got up and took a few wobbly steps still woozy from the sedative. Mark was over before she hit the ground catching her in his firm arms.

“This is your home now.” Mark repeated.

“No it’s nawt.. Lemme go pleasee”, Josie begged. She was wriggling in his arms but his stern grip allowed her little movement. Mark was stone faced staring down at her.

“You need to rest now”, Mark said calmly.

“I need to rest now”, she echoed his words thoughtfully. “I will rest now”.

Mark let her free and she walked to the bed mechanically pulling back the covers. She lay down and in a few seconds Mark could hear her rhythmic breathing. He was waiting for the other shoe to drop. This had all run so smoothly, far better than he had ever expected. She could spout off all the defiant thoughts she wanted but he still had ultimate control.

After waiting for a few minutes to make sure she was truly asleep he pulled back her covers. The yellow sundress was a wrinkled mess. He gently pulled the hem of the dress up to reveal a pair of pink lace panties. The slut had dressed for the occasion without even knowing. He ran a hand gently down her thigh. Her skin was so soft and warm. He pulled the dress up further, pulling it over her head. Josie hadn’t worn a bra and her fantastic tits were on display. They were pale and supple with rosebud nipples. Mark almost gasped. The stuck-up bitch who he wasn’t even positive had lost her virginity had nipple piercings. The little gold beads sat on either side of her little pink nipples. It took all of the control Mark had left not to reach out and twist the nipple bars. He imagined how she would move under his fingertips. Twisting away from his unforgiving pressure.

Mark crossed the room and opened the locked case holding the vast assortment of sex toys. They weren’t his goal as he bypassed them to grab a syringe sitting on the bottom. This was Josie’s first round of hormones. Eventually with regular use the hormones would make her tits bigger and her little pussy wetter. He injected it into her bare arm. Josie flinched a little but didn’t wake up. As he yawned Mark felt the eventful day catch up to him. He was plain exhausted. Besides, he needed to be well rested to play with his new toy tomorrow.

Mark went back up the stairs, closing the bookshelf behind him. He inserted the key double checking the door was locked before he walked over to his bed. Collapsing on top of it. It wasn’t long before he was asleep.

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