Mark's Invention

The Prototype

by bunnyb0mb

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bimbo #bimbofication #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis_device #sub:female #mind_control #urban_fantasy

All stories are a complete work of fantasy. Characters are not based off of any real or fictional people and all are intended to be eighteen or older. Themes are not reflective of my real life beliefs about politics or human rights. Sex should always aim to be safe, sane, and consensual for all parties involved.

All rights reserved by Bunny Barrett and Wobbegong Print. 

Mark was almost bouncing up and down because he was so excited. He could barely contain himself as the workday droned on. A boring office job that brought in a stable income was the exact position a man like him needed. He paid his bills while still having time for his research and inventions. His newest prototype was finally complete and as soon as the clock hit five he could finally begin his human trials. No one at his office would have guessed that behind closed doors he was a control obsessed sadist. 

When Mark was a child his parents had taken him to a fair in town for the summer. Upon seeing an ad for a hypnotist performance Mark had begged his parents to take him. They reluctantly agreed and bought the extra tickets to his show. The man wore a velvet black suit with a silk red tie. His mustache was styled with little curls on either end. He looked like a cheap street magician but as a child Mark was enthralled. When the hypnotist asked the audience for volunteers Mark didn’t dare to raise his hand. A middle aged woman was called to the stage. The hypnotist produced a gold pocket watch. He began swinging it in front of the woman’s eyes instructing her to follow its movement. The man silently swung the pendulum until the woman’s shoulders slumped and her eyes glazed over.

“This is what is called a trance. It makes a person susceptible to new ideas”. The man snapped his fingers in front of her eyes to no reaction, only furthering his point. A moment later he began informing the woman that she was no longer a person but a chicken. She should cluck and balk like a mother hen in a coup. The woman stood and began squawking, waving her arms around like they were wings. The audience had all laughed at the sight but Mark was mesmerized. The man had been able to erase the woman’s will and replace it with his own. Mark had begged his parents to take him to the show again every weekend for the rest of the summer. 

As he grew up Mark understood that the performance he saw was somewhat of a scam. The man had probably paid off some member of the audience to perform as a volunteer. This was not to say that hypnosis was not possible but it was most certainly not going to happen with some discount pocket watch. The performer had pointed him in a helpful direction with the introduction of trancing and suggestions but to achieve true control the brain had to be accessed in more intimate ways. 

When Mark started noticing girls his curiosity turned to a need for the man’s power. Girls made fun of him and were generally uninterested. He was the guy they dared their friends to ask out as a joke. Then he discovered bimbo porn. A woman was reduced to a bubbly stupid slut. Her only thoughts about when the next cock would fuck one of her holes. He needed that kind of control, that kind of servitude. At night he would lay awake fantasizing about the ways in which he would use the girls who taunted him if he ever got the chance. The hypnotist always remained in his mind.

When Mark turned eighteen and had only been successful with a few bad hookups he started researching. He spent the next several years studying the parts of the brain that controlled wants and personality. The prefrontal cortex was his muse. Whenever he had spare time he would read articles on the way traumatic brain injuries affected personality. It was a fine line between a friendly personality change and permanent crippledness. There were of course non-physical ways to alter a mind. Repetition was essential for permanent change. There was a boatload of research about the effects of sound frequencies, especially long term. After a bit of tweaking the constant noise was essential to his product. 

Real progress was impossible without human trials so Mark had perfected his prototype before moving on. The final design was a small clear earpiece. Not noticeable to anyone unless they were staring down the wearers ear canal. He had finished the final touches last night. It played a constant tone overlaid with subliminal messaging. The messages started off vanilla, encouraging the wearer to feminize themselves. At first just buying more dresses or makeup. Small things that would not alarm the wearer that something was out of the ordinary. The messages escalated as the dresses got more revealing and the girl’s makeup grew more excessive. By this point the wearer would be completely receptive to any commands Mark made. This was just the first step. Once the woman was securely in his control he had a round of hormones at the ready to help enforce his changes. 

The first victim was a woman at his office so inserting himself into her life wasn’t hard. Josie was pretty if not a little tomboyish. She hid her well defined body underneath ill fitting blouses and slacks. One day she came into work with just a tank top and cardigan. Mark had paid off a janitor to crank the heat up hoping for a glance at her exposed body. Her skin was creamy white and so smooth. Her tits were phenomenally full. You would never be able to tell by the way she dressed herself. 

He had started inviting her out for drinks every Friday a few months back so when his plan was finally ready she would be too. Glancing at the clock on his desktop he saw it was 4:57. Only a few more minutes until his plan was going to be set into action. He would place the device on her at work so it had time to work a little magic before tonight. With a little luck she’d be agreeable enough to come home with him. Once she was in his house she was completely his. He had finished his basement into a full room only accessible through a shelf in his bedroom. A perfect enclosure for his soon-to-be personal fucktoy.

Mark stopped by Josie’s desk at 5:01. She was still engrossed in whatever project was displayed on her computer. He quietly walked behind her pulling the prototype from his pocket. Her hair was up in a ponytail leaving her ears exposed. He slowly placed the earpiece in her ear. She didn’t notice until he withdrew his hand.

“Are you coming out tonight?”, Mark asked her. 

She jumped, having not noticed his footsteps approaching her desk. Mark laughed internally. She was such an unaware little thing. It was part of what made her a perfect candidate for his device. He had a strong model but it wouldn’t hurt if the subject was already a little more agreeable. 

“Yeah for sure. See you at 8?” she said, smiling up at him. His heart jumped. He imagined how she’d look staring up at him from his cock. Shaking the image he said his goodbyes and made his way home.

Thank you for reading! Chapter two should be out in the next few days. Expect at least four! You can check out my twitter here for more of my work.

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