Mark's Invention

First Day

by bunnyb0mb

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bimbo #bimbofication #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis_device #sub:female #mind_control #urban_fantasy

All stories are a complete work of fantasy. Characters are not based off of any real or fictional people and all are intended to be eighteen or older. Themes are not reflective of my real life beliefs about politics or human rights. Sex should always aim to be safe, sane, and consensual for all parties involved.

All rights reserved by Bunny Barrett and Wobbegong Print. 

He awoke to banging on the bookshelf. Josie sounded like she was pounding her firsts against the door. He had backed it with titanium for this exact purpose but he figured it would just completely deter her from trying. He didn’t want her to ruin her pretty little hands on the first day.

“Stop that”, Mark yelled making sure Josie could hear his voice through the door. Mark opened the door to the bookshelf. It swung open with a creak. There she was, standing Stockstill with her arms at her sides. Even though her body was frozen, her eyes were full of contempt.

“Turn around and walk down the stairs”, Mark said.

“No, I want to go home.”

Her mind tried doing everything in its power to fight the command, but the treatments overpowered her will. Completely of its own volition her body turned and walked back down the stairs. Mark, follow behind her, his footsteps making the stairs creak loudly. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Mark commanded her to wait like she was a dog.

“I’m not an animal for you to throw commands at!”

“Well then stop obeying them.”, he replied earnestly.

Then he was across the room to a large white dresser. He flung open the doors to rummage through its contents. She tried to turn her head to look at what he was doing, but found her body completely unresponsive. Mark dug through the selection of mostly pink outfits he had been collecting for his prize. He made sure to keep the door angled so Josie couldn’t see the wardrobe he had planned. Mark continued looking for the next few minutes with a specific piece in mind. Finally, he found it and pulled out a skimpy piece of light pink lingerie. The garment consisted of several leather straps that formed a type of bodysuit. She was confused on what exactly it was supposed to cover. Her brain was trying so hard to fight Mark’s suggestions,

“Go ahead and put this on”, Mark said.

“It’s slutty. I don’t want to.”

“You are a slut now. My personal whore. Now do as you're told.”

Again, her body reacted with submission as she walked over and donned the pink harness. Mark smiled at her. The straps crossed over her chest barely covering her rosy nipples. Her brown hair fell at her sides too short to hide her modesty. A single strap ran from her pussy in between her ass cheeks giving her a mildly uncomfortable wedgie. It rubbed gently on her clit too bringing a humiliating wetness to her pussy.

Mark took a step back to fully take in the site before him. His prudish coworker was almost completely exposed before his eyes. Anything he wanted from her was his for the taking. He reached out a hand to stroke the soft skin of her arm. His fingers seemed rough by comparison. Inside of her mind, she was full of rage but the emotion was locked there as her body responded to his movements. She was screaming at herself to move even just an inch but it was for naught. The skimpily clad shell that she had once possessed was under new control. Mark trailed his fingers across her torso until they reached her pussy. Gently he ran his fingertips across the leather now slippery from Josie’s arousal. He was surprised that calling her a whore would work and made the mental note to continue that type of suggestion. Applying pressure to her clit he rubbed it through the strap. A moan erupted from Josie’s lips making Mark’s cock grow hard against his boxers.

“Walk over to the pommel horse and lie down”, Mark commanded.

Josie did not bother to argue knowing her feet would move of their own accord. She laid down on the pole spreading her tits so they hung on either side. The wood of the horse was covered in black leather which did little to cushion her exposed body. Mark swiftly strapped her hands and ankles to the legs of the horse leaving her completely immobilized. She was acutely aware of how exposed her pussy was. Fingers moved the strap to the side fully exposing her now soaked warmth. He didn’t touch her again and instead she felt a cold cloth rub her clit.

“You’re gonna feel a pinch”, Mark said from behind her.

Clearly it hurt as Josie let out a bloodcurdling squeal. He threaded the specially made piercing through the injection. Tightly attaching a little metal ball to the other side of the piercing he looked at his work. She was still whimpering from the assault when Mark began speaking again.

“This is no ordinary clit piercing. It is going to help you get used to your new life as my personal fucktoy. Anytime you are given a command your response will now be Yes Sir-”

“That’s cra-ZZZZ-”, Josie tried to respond but was cut off by an electric shot radiating throughout her body.

“If you would have let me finish I would have told you that the piercing will deliver a shock anytime you don’t use approved language.” Mark couldn’t see Josie’s face but he could imagine her expression. The look of defeat as she finally accepted that there was no way out of her situation.

“Now let's try that again. Are you going to be a good slut?”

“Yes sir.”’

Mark smiled at the now defeated woman before him. Her arms hung limply in the restraints. Only now would he take her. When she was completely helpless to his advances. He unzipped his pants pulling out his throbbing erection. The fucking was probably going to be near torture for Josie with her fresh clit piercing but he couldnt wait any longer. Her little pussy was all his now.

Josie screamed as his cock sunk into her pussy. He smirked at her response as he began thrusting in and out of her dripping cunt. His hand snaked up her back gripping the leather straps crossing her back. She was tight around him as he increased his pace. There were no protests but her soft whimpering only made him harder as he pounded into her.

“Do you like being fucked like this whore?”

“Yes sir.”

From behind Mark could see the glisten of tears starting to leak down her cheeks. It only encouraged him to fuck her harder as the pommel horse rocked back and forth from his strokes.

This was where his suggestions could work more magic. The aphrodisiacs coursing through her bloodstream might have made her pussy wet but it didn’t make her enjoy sex. It didn’t make her crave it like the deprived slut that Mark wanted.

“You’re going to enjoy this. Your wet pussy is gonna cum on my cock.”

Soon Josie’s whimpers transformed into moans. He kept the rough pace up as he felt her pulse around his member. It took all of three minutes for her to cum from being raped. Mark wasn’t far behind her as he expelled himself inside of her. Whitish liquid ran down the sides of her spread legs.

Now she was his.


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