Maid For This: a HTPYCL Fanfiction.

Game Night

by bendy

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #author_self_insert #bdsm #bimbo #brainwash #casual_enslavement #consensual_non-consent #degradation #dom:nb #drones #f/nb #maid #nonbinary_character #petplay #sadomasochism #transgender_characters
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Precious meets the rest of the harem. Some teasing goes wonderfully wrong.

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­­At first, Precious thought that she would keep in her habit of waking up early, and getting herself ready, to be used by her Owners in whatever ways they saw fit, or to more time getting to know her fellow harem members. That had been the plan, but she just couldn’t seem to find any motivation to get out of bed lately. She would wake up, and then just lay there and wait to see if Clara would come by to play with her that day. On those days, Precious would be woken up by a quiet knocking, and Clara would let herself in. Usually carrying a case full of expensive makeup, ready to ‘teach’.

Every morning since Diana and Jasmine had revealed that she was going to be a doll, Precious had received a notification on her phone. It would read something like “Princess’ choice, or: Wig #55, Eye color: Green. Send photo when ready,” with attached photographs of the outfit she was expected to wear that day, and, sometimes a pose that she was expected to replicate and send her Owners a photo of. Precious doubted that Her Highness or Mistress would be able to take the time to decide on an outfit for every single day but couldn’t even guess at who else would be making these choices… Maybe this *was* what her Owners got up to all day when they weren’t working. Did Diana even have a job?

Precious preferred when it was ‘Princess’ choice’, she loved the beautiful gowns, and ruffled dresses that Clara was partial to. Seeing herself in the mirror, made up into a gorgeous doll was an astounding sort of gender euphoria. It was the sort of thing she couldn’t have imagined seeing in her reflection as a maid, let alone in her life before the mansion. Occasionally, Clara seems to be motivated by trying out makeup styles that weren’t quite as fitting with her own skin tone, hair, or eye colour. One time in particular, Clara made Precious up with a long dark-haired wig, and purple contacts. Paired with outrageous makeup and a shimmering dress, Precious thought she looked like a starry night sky.

That was another reason Precious preferred when Clara dressed her. The options that her Owners sent were… rather humiliating outfits. Precious knew she’d agreed to that, but…still, she had a sense of shame. The worst were the bodysuits that left nothing to the imagination… because there were holes in them. Then the poses for that day’s photo were just as humiliating, just outright pornographic. Precious’ instructions even left out underwear on every day except the ones that she was expected to dilate. On those days, instead she had a pair of underwear with a rather large toy facing inwards. That was sort of fun, at least. It touched every wonderful place deep inside of her. She would have to go around like that all day, still barely used to the heels that came with every outfit. It felt exposed, especially walking through the halls that used to be her workplace, where she was expected to be demure, invisible. It felt like constant exhibitionism. Sometimes she would have to stop to catch her breath, because the toy inside was hitting her just right, with the swaying motion that her heels were forcing her into…

So, yes, ‘Princess’ choice’ was preferred. But sometimes, Clara would just be gone.

 Precious couldn’t even guess where. Mistress or Her Highness could had taken her out, Clara appeared to be their favorite of all the harem. Perhaps some whim had occupied her, and she’d forgotten all about her doll, she was ditzy enough that it seemed entirely possible. Maybe she’d gone out into town with Kae, the pair had a flirtation that seemed to be developing into something a bit more serious. On occasion, while doing her makeup, or while they walked together up and down the hallway, practicing their heels, Clara would gush about her feelings for Kae, and Precious would feel a pang of jealousy. It wasn’t romantic jealousy, just a childish hurt that someone else was getting Clara’s time. Clara had started to feel like the center of Precious’ world. Other than Mistress and Her Highness, of course. All that mattered was that Clara was happy. Precious wondered if these feelings were because of some hypnotic effect to make certain that Clara’s doll kept her amused.  But it was just as possible that she felt that way because Clara was honestly a lot of fun to be around. True, Clara lacked the intelligence to have any deep opinions on… anything. Even trying to talk to Clara about her life before coming to the mansion was pointless. She didn’t seem to remember much except that she had student loans, and now they were gone. Nor did she really seem to care. She was easily distracted and excitable. There was something infectious about that kind of energy, and the sincerity in everything she said. She was too stupid to keep her real feelings hidden.  It was all very endearing, and when Clara was away, things were just a bit less fun… especially because when she was gone, it seemed like Mistress and Her Highness always were too.

Precious thought today was going to be one of those days. Clara hadn’t come to fetch her in the morning, nor had Mistress or her Highness come to make use of their newest toy. So Precious just sat in her room, got dressed in the outfit she was instructed to be in by her notifications. Today thankfully, she was given a relatively normal outfit. Okay, it was a bright pink workout top that said ‘Doll’ across her chest, and matching shorts that read ‘Squeeze’ on the butt, and her wig today was a pair of childish pigtails… And no make-up, not even to make her face look like a doll’s…. Maybe they were planning to have her work out today? Being a doll was much more sedentary than being a maid, afterall.

But, much later than usual, came a gentle knock at the door. Mistress and Her Highness didn’t bother knocking.

“Yes?” Precious responded.

“Precious!” Clara ran into the room as fast as she could and wrapped her doll up in a tight hug. It was nice, the deep pressure all around her, that genuine affection and excitement. “Felicity is having everyone over for board games!  I’m so excited for you to meet everyone else!” Honestly, it was sort of surprising.  Clara had gotten a better handle on managing her excitement after their first meeting, but she apparently felt like Precious meeting the members of the harem that she hadn’t yet was cause enough for dressing up and bringing out the glitter... When they were done, Precious thought they looked like they could have been sisters, their hair colors matched, her natural eyes were slightly darker than Clara’s. Having the same make-up style and both wearing elegant pink dresses helped them look even more alike. An alarm rang from Clara’s purse. Her phone case looked like it had been dunked in pink glitter too…

“Oh yay, it’s time!” Clara led Precious down the hallway to a door that was propped open. Clara strolled inside, Precious close behind.

Two people were sitting around a small round table in the bedroom. Kae, and a woman that Precious didn’t recognize.  She was dressed in a tight-fitting latex maid outfit. It looked like what Natalie had worn, so long ago. Precious wondered again what had happened to the previous head maid…  the pair looked up to see who had entered the room.

“Oh, good lord, there’s *two of them*,” said the maid, rolling her eyes.

“Oh, um, Hi, Miss Anne! Where’s Lisa?” Clara sounded hesitant. Between that, and the honorific, Precious guessed that the new boss was a lot like the old one…

“Downstairs, her Highness heard the brat badmouthing Mistress again.”

“Oh…” Clara sounded disappointed, but then cheered right up again, “well, it’s super nice that you’re here!”

“Hm. So, who’s this?”

“My name is Precious. It’s nice to meet you.” Precious gave a small, nervous wave.

“I hope you’re better at cleaning up after yourself than she is,” Anne said, indicating Clara.

“Yes, um, I have a lot of cleaning experience, I was a maid here for a few years.” Anne made a face that Precious took to mean ‘I’m impressed’.

Kae was in baggy clothes, and while they waved and said ‘Hey’ to Precious, they were avoiding looking directly at her. Precious wondered if it was because Kae was uncomfortable with her new appearance… Clara didn’t seem to notice and walked around the table to give Kae a quick peck on the cheek.

“You can sit here beside me!” Clara said, pushing two of the chairs close together, close enough that after she’d taken her seat, Precious found herself gently leaning against Clara. The princess started idly twirling the curls in Precious’ hair.

A few minutes later, one last woman entered the room, holding three large bowls of snacks. Dressed in probably the most ‘normal’ attire Precious had seen on someone in quite some time, an unbuttoned plaid long-sleeved sweater, over a white tee, and faded jeans. She walked in backwards and set down the bowls of candy and 2 different types of chips in the middle of the table. Her arms free, she processed everyone.

“Oh, hey, a new girl! Wow, they really can’t help themselves…” She held her hand out for a shake, and Precious offered her hand as if she expected this new women to kiss it. There was an awkward moment, quickly moved past with a shared laugh.

“I’m Felicity. At least, when I’m allowed to be a person. Most of the time, I’m a drone.” She sat down and started examining Precious with a careful eye. “So, what are you supposed to be?”

Precious opened her mouth to start to explain, but Clara interrupted, “This is my dolly! Her name is Precious! Her Highness gave her to me for being such a good Princess!”

“Well, aren’t you lucky!” Felicity didn’t sound like she was just humoring Clara at all. There wasn’t a moment of hesitation.

“Who’s turn is it to pick the game?” Kae asked. Felicity pulled out a little notebook from the pocket on her shirt, skimming down it with a finger. After a moment, she sighed, rolling her eyes, smiling at the same time.

“It’s Clara’s turn.”

Kae and Anne groaned. Clara clapped her hands, hopping up onto her heels, she gracefully walked over to the cabinet full of board games. She got to work searching for what she wanted to play, running a perfectly manicured nail down all the various boxes, with a questioning hum. The members of the harem left at the table started whispering to each other.

“Can’t we just say it’s someone else’s turn? She’d never remember…” Felicity asked.

“We all agreed that wouldn’t be fair,” Kae said.

She heard Anne mutter under her breath, “I don’t know why the idiot bothers looking at them all, there’s only one game she ever picks”.

“What if we told her she should let the new girl pick?” Felicity suggested. The three turned to look, hopefully, at Precious. Though it took her a moment to notice. She has been so focused on watching Clara. Precious took a moment, thinking it over. They were clearly dreading whatever game Clara picked… It did stir sympathy in her. But… Mistress and Her Highness wanted her to be Clara’s doll, so… *I should probably make the choice that would make Clara happiest. That’s what a good doll would do, right?*

“… It’s her turn,” she said, finally. The other members of the harem looked a little betrayed. But, if they were going to voice any displeasure, it was interrupted by Clara squealing in delight.

“I wanna play this one!” She struggled for a moment but was successful in pulling out the game box and carrying it back over to the table.

The box had a picture of a castle in a clear green field, a blue sky, and a cartoon woman in an elegant pink gown on the front. **Pretty Pretty Princess**.  Clara sat back down, smoothing out her dress as she did. and started unpacking the game.  In addition to a game board, and the little pieces to show where you were on the board, there was a collection of different types of jewelry. Tiaras, necklaces, earrings, rings, and a beautiful silver crown. The box showed pictures of cheap plastic trinkets, but what Clara had taken out of the box were genuine. They all had massive jewels embedded in silver and gold. Clara leaned over and pointed at them excitedly.

“When Her Highness found out this was my favorite game, she got all these made. She was all like, ‘no princess of mine is going to wear cheap plastic garbage ’!” Clara was looking at the pieces, and then around the table, and then back at the pieces.

“Oh, um… it only lets 4 people play.” Clara sounded a bit worried.  Precious guessed that the idea of figuring out what to do about having one too many players was beyond her. Normally, Precious would have been the one to offer to sit out, and just watch Clara have fun, but clearly, the rest of the harem wanted any excuse not to take part, so she stayed quiet. That, at least, was something she could do for them without upsetting Clara.

Felicity was up on her feet immediately, grabbing the bowl of pretzels. “I played last time.”

Clara’s voice was full of appreciation, “Oh, that’s so nice of you to make sure everybody gets a chance to play!”

Anne’s voice was dripping with sarcasm, muttering, “Yes, that’s what we’re doing. Making sure nobody misses out. Brainless bimbo”.

Precious didn’t think she liked the way Anne talked about Clara. She *was* a bit…simple. Okay, she was an idiot. But it wasn’t her fault. It’s what their Owners wanted her to be and getting irritated with her about it wasn’t going to change anything…  But then Precious noticed that Clara had started breathing heavier, and squeezing her legs together… apparently, she *liked* the degradation.

“I call pink!” Clara said, taking one of the 4 Tiara shaped pieces of cardboard. Kae quietly, but quickly, reached out and claimed the blue one. Anne took the red, leaving Precious with purple. Felicity relaxed on her bed and played on her phone.

The game was clearly intended for very young children. It didn’t require any reading, or the ability to count higher than four. *Perfect for the stupid ditz* They would move their little crystal game pieces around the board, and land on spaces that told them to take certain pieces of colored jewelry. Anne and Kae were both clearly bored out of their minds, mostly focusing on their snacks, or scrolling on their phones. When they did take their turns, they were clearly just humoring Clara with faux excitement. Not that she noticed. She was so enthralled by each piece of jewelry she claimed. Kae and Anne were barely paying attention, essentially letting Clara ‘help’ them so much that it might have just been Clara and Precious playing.

At one point, Kae landed on the space that told him he had to take his blue tiara. He sighed, and took it from the pile of unclaimed jewelry, putting it down on the table in front of him.

“Oh no, the rules say that you have to put it on!” Anne said, a teasing tone to her voice. It was the first time she’d looked like she was having fun playing.

“Please don’t make me do that,” Kae groaned.

“pleeeeeeeese,” Clara begged.  Kae sighed and, reluctantly, put the tiara on. He was refusing to meet anyone’s eyes, flushed with embarrassment. It was cute, and Clara and Precious giggled at him together.

The game looked like it could go on forever, it was entirely based on luck, if players kept landing on pieces of jewelry they already had, there wasn’t much to be done about it. But it wasn’t even that long, maybe 15 minutes, before an unlucky spin meant that Clara had to put on the ‘cursed’ ring that stopped you from winning the game, and Precious landed on the last piece of jewelry that she needed to win.

Precious picked up the spinner, flipping it over to show the cheap reflective foil the game called a mirror. She made an exaggerated show of admiring herself in the mirror, even though her image was so distorted.

“Sorry, Clara, it looks like *I’m* the princess now!” *Maybe I should throw in some degradation too?* “Looks like you’re just going to have to settle for just being dumb and pretty.”

“Better luck next time,” Anne said, “Okay, can we move on to a real game, now?”

Everyone else started packing their things back into the box, but Clara just sat there, pouting. Anne and Kae looked at each other, and then together, they looked at Precious. She nodded.

“Clara, can we put the jewelry away now?” Precious asked, as gently as she could.

“No! *I’m* the princess and *you’re* my doll!”. Everyone’s heads spun, they were all staring at Clara. Kae and Anne were just as surprised as Precious. While Kae’s stare had something like pity behind it, Anne’s gaze was a bit harsher, more irritated.

“I know that, it’s just a game, Clara-“ Precious started, still trying to be gentle. Now she felt guilty for her teasing…
“You’re not, like, supposed to be mean to me!”  She seemed really worked up about this.

*Oh no, I didn’t… I didn’t want to hurt her feelings..*

Anne was out of patience. “That really isn’t behavior becoming of a Princess. Throwing a tantrum because your toy beat you at a game? Do you think that’s what Her Highness would do?”

It was always curious to see Clara’s remaining brain cells put something together. It wasn’t exactly that she looked more intelligent for a moment, but more like she’d finally spotted something that had been hiding from her, like car keys, for just a moment, and then lost sight of it again.

“That’s, like, a really smart idea! You’re still such a good prof-pro… teacher lady!” Clara turned to look back at Precious, “Into the dollhouse!” Precious was shocked, she wasn’t expecting to hear those wonderful words. For a moment, she froze. It wasn’t an attempt to resist, just that it took her a second to process what had been said. Then, her conditioning caught up to the words she heard. Slowly, comfortably, Precious felt herself drift into that wonderful, blissfully blank state. Relaxing back into the chair, letting her arms rest limply in her lap, and her eye fall half-lidded, just enough to see Clara.

“Oh, Yay! It worked!” Clara giggled and clapped her hands. Distantly, Precious was aware that others were speaking, but their words just didn’t matter. When she was in this space, Precious only had to listen to Mistress, Her Highness, or Clara…

“Did… you use her trigger words?” Anne asked.

“Uh-huh, I got all kinds of trigger thingies for her!”

“… Do you even know what you’re doing?”

“Absolutely! I like, brainwashed Lisa before! Watch! Okay, um, Precious don’t you, like, feel so, so good being all hypnotized like that?” Precious nodded her head, and the corners of her mouth twitched into a lazy smile. She did feel good. It was floaty and drifty and so relaxing.

“See! I told you! I’ve done this before!” Clara’s voice felt wonderful. Even when not directed at her, Precious just felt like she’d had a nice warm drink on a cold day.

Kae’s voice was gentle “Maybe you should bring her back up now, just to make sure?”

“Oh, okay…” Clara sounded disappointed, “Up, up, up, Precious!”  

Precious hadn’t been very deep, it was like waking up from a short, comfortable nap. She stretched out, and blinked a few times, reorienting herself to awareness.

“Oh, um…Hello!” Precious was a little embarrassed. Sure, she was surrounded by some of the only people who would understand, but it was the first time she had fallen into trance around someone who wasn’t Mistress, Her Highness, or Clara. Something about that tugged at her. Until now, trance had been private…but now they’d all seen how easily controlled she was.

“See, she’s totally fine!”

“Clara, you probably shouldn’t be hypnotizing Precious without Mistress or Her Highness supervising you.” Anne scolded.

“Her Highness said that Precious was like, *mine* to play with! Into the dollhouse!”

Precious felt her head fall forward, and then, slowly, lift itself back up into a comfortable position. She was back in that wonderful place. Felt so good. So right. The others, the ones who weren’t Clara, started talking again, and even though she didn’t care about what they said, Precious couldn’t help but hear them between Clara’s instructions.

“Good job, Precious! Now go deep,deeper,deeperer! We’re gonna make you an even better doll for me!”

“Hey, no, Precious, wake up!” Anne snapped her fingers. Precious stayed in trance. Clara was playing with her doll, only Mistress or Her Highness could interrupt.

“… Oh goody! Okay, so Precious, the most important thing is that *I’m* a Princess! Princess Clara.” *Of course. That’s true. Princess Clara is Princess Clara.*

“Oh no,” Anne gasped.

“What?” Kae asked

“What if this idiot messes up something in her head? She’s gonna tell Mistress it was my idea… I am not getting in trouble for this.”

“That sounds like a you problem,” Felicity snarked from the bed.

Clara was speaking again! “Precious isn’t a Princess! Precious is my doll!”  Another truth. She was Princess Clara’s doll.

“Yes.” Precious mumbled out.

“We probably *should* make sure nothing bad happens,” Kae said. Felicity grunted a resigned acceptance.

Anne clapped her hands, “Okay, we just need to go find Mistress or Her Highness, before the bimbo breaks anything.”

Just as dimly, Precious was aware of movement around her, the noises of a shifting bed, of chairs being pushed out. People walking past Clara and her. Anne was speaking again, in an authoritative voice, “Clara, you are *not* to leave this room until we get back.”

“Yes, Miss Anne!” Clara giggled and turned her attention back to Precious.

“Okay, so, like, I’m a Princess, and that makes me royalty! I’m special and great, that means that you should always be nice to me, right?”

Precious nodded, and felt a thin dribble of drool slipping out from her lips when her head bobbed down.

“Okay, then we’re all done! You can wake up now, Precious!” Clara snapped her fingers. Precious felt herself blinking slowly and stretching out. It took a bit longer this time.

“Let’s make sure it worked! Umm, so, who am I?” Precious blinked, trying to process the question to make sure she got it right.

“You are Princess Clara.”

Princess Clara made a small, delighted noise. “And what are you?”

“I’m your doll, Princess Clara.”

“Try to be mean to me!” Precious didn’t want to do that. Teasing was one thing, when she thought Princess Clara *liked* it, but… actually hurting her feelings? No, she didn’t want to hurt anyone. But it was an order from her Princess…

“You’re…” *an idiot*, She stumbled over her words. It was like they got caught in her throat, she just couldn’t say the insult. “So beautiful.”

“Eeeeeee! It all worked!” Wrapping Precious in a tight hug, Clara kissed her on the top of the head, “Oh you’re such a good doll! So good! I should, like… make you feel good!” Precious wondered what Clara meant by that, but then she said that wonderful phrase, ‘into the dollhouse’ once again, and the world faded… It was too much. Princess Clara would put Precious into trance, put in some suggestion, and then bring her up to see if it worked. Then, a moment later, she would put Precious back into that wonderful place again, and before long, Precious felt like she never really got fully awake at all… her eyes would open, but they still didn’t want to focus on anything… except Princess Clara. It was hard to even remember what she was being told to do. But Princess Clara was so happy, so it didn’t matter. The rest of the room was distant and fuzzy… it felt, like, so so nice… Precious smiled and didn’t think about anything….

“Okay, now let’s bring you up again! Gosh, this is so fun!”

“*Clara*, what are you *doing*?” Jasmine was standing in the door, her arms folded, her expression cross. Her voice wasn’t exactly angry, but she didn’t sound pleased either. Felicity, Anne, and Kae were standing behind her, all looking a bit nervous, shrinking away from their Mistress’ displeasure. Precious slowly turned her head, away from Clara, and gave Jasmine a dopey smile. Clara didn’t seem to even notice Jasmine was annoyed. She just stood to curtsey respectfully. *maybe I should stand too?* But… her legs were so heavy… standing was too hard… so she just smiled more. That was easier.

“Legs…no worky” she mumbled, but nobody seemed to notice.

“Oh! Hi Mistress! I’m playing with Precious!”

“…Playing. How, exactly?”

“I’m making her a better dolly for me!”

Jasmine sighed and looked behind her at the nervous collection of slaves. “You were right to come find me,” she said, walking into the room and sitting down on one of the abandoned chairs. When she spoke next, her voice was heavy with exasperation. “Alright, let’s see what kind of mess you’ve made. Precious, what is nine times three?” Jasmine looked right into Precious’ eyes, scanning for any hint of awareness.

Precious tried to think through her fogged mind… It was like pushing through water… She didn’t want to think… but Mistress wanted her to answer the question… Nines…There was a trick to this…Something to do with fingers? Precious held out both her hands in front of her face, palms facing away, and tried to will them to tell her what the answer was… she got distracted by how pretty her nails were for a moment, giggling. Then Precious remembered she was supposed to answer the question.

“Umm…Umm…Three…ty… nine?” she guessed. Something told her that was wrong, but that it was good that she got it wrong, and that got Precious giggling again.

Jasmine rubbed both of her temples, “I told her this would happen. I told her that you were too stupid to be trusted with this kind of power… Okay, we’ll have to fix that, put in a new safeguard or something, I don’t feel a need for a *second* brainless plaything.” Kae made an odd coughing noise.

“Clara. Do you remember everything you did to her?”

Clara seemed to finally realize that she might be in trouble and was stammering through her words. “Umm, Umm, First, I, um, I made it so she could only be nice to me! ‘Cause she was being mean! Then I tried to see if it worked and it did and I was so happy I wanted to, like, give Precious a reward for being good, so I tried to think about what a good reward would be! Then I remembered, like, being your dumb princess feels so so so much gooder than anything else, and-“

Mistress cut Clara off, “I get the idea. Did you do anything else to her?”

“Oh yeah, Look, Mistress!” Then, reaching out with an index finger, Clara firmly poked Precious in her left nipple, through the pink dress and bra.

“I’m like, the prettiest dolly in the whooooole world!” Precious only realized she had spoken after she said it. Jasmine stifled a laugh. Precious knew that sound meant Mistress was happy. It was so nice to be played with. She was a good doll.  

The other slaves were looking at each other nervously.

“Does she -snrk- say anything else?”

Clara beamed with pride, “Oh yeah, lots of stuff!”

Mistress gestured to Clara that she should move out of the way, and the Princess obliged. Mistress’ expression shifted to a cruel curiosity. Grabbing Precious’ breast firmly, as much as could fit in her hand, the thumb resting over the nipple. Precious moaned, first from pain at the rough treatment, and then from the masochistic pleasure of being groped by Mistress.  Mistress squeezed Precious’ tit like a stress ball for a few seconds, and then pushed her thumb **hard** into Precious’ nipple.

“I love playing with Princess Clara!” and again, “My name is Precious Dolly!” and again, “Let’s have a tea party!” and again, “We should play dress-up!”. Mistress kept firmly pressing into Precious’ nipple, until she started repeating phrases. Mistress finally released her hold on Precious’ breast.

Mistress looked deep in thought. Clara was smiling as wide as she could. The rest of the harem looked at each other nervously.  Finally, Mistress nodded her approval.

“A try-me button… You keep managing to surprise me... You came up with that all on your own?”

Clara nodded, eagerly, “Yuppers! I remembered a doll I had when I was a little girl, it made me so happy, so, uh, I made my new one do the same things!”

“I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. Alright, that can stay…” The harem all visibly relaxed. “Although, I think I just might have a few phrases to add myself.”

Precious didn’t really get what everyone was saying, there were so many words, it was hard to follow. But Mistress sounded happy, so that was good! And Princess Clara was smiling, so she was happy too! That made Precious happy, because everyone was happy!

“Now, let’s get those brains back in your head,” Mistress said.

“Noooooooo” Precious whined. Being empty-headed and dumb felt so much fun! No wonder Clara was always so happy, this felt, like, better than anything! But Mistress said the magic words, “Into the dollhouse,” and after having her mind so completely melted, there was nothing Precious could do except sink.

“9, and 10, come all the way back up now.”

Coming back to awareness again was such a gradual process. Precious became aware of her mind first. She had one. “I think, therefore I am,” she recalled. Then, she remembered that she had a body. She could feel a wonderful tingle fading from her fingers and toes. She could feel how comfortable she was. She could feel a wet warmth between her legs.  A cold wetness on her thigh. She could feel that someone was sitting behind her, propping her up. This person was groping her breasts, twisting her nipples, kissing her neck. And someone else was laying against her, naked skin against naked skin.  Precious’ eyes flittered open, and she became even more aware of the world around her. She was back in her bedroom… Mistress was the one sitting behind her, and Clara was the naked body resting against her. The Princess’ eyes were open, but completely unfocused, blinking slowly Her face was flushed, her breathing heavy. She was curled up, and hugging Precious around the waist, their legs tangled together, the wetness on her thigh was from Clara…

“Hello, doll. Welcome back to the world of thinking.”

“Mmm hello, Mistress”, she said, dozily, enjoying the sensations of Mistress’ hands… the firm grips, followed by teasing from her nails just barely pressing into Precious’ skin.

“I’ve made certain that our Princess won’t be able to make you as stupid as she is again.”  Precious felt a bit disappointed about that. She probably wouldn’t want to be that dumb all the time, but, as a treat, it was an amazing experience.

“Princess Clara’s not in trouble, is she?” Precious voice was an unsteady whisper, as Mistress kept up her absentminded touching.

“Does she look like she’s in trouble? Maybe I didn’t get those brains back in your head after all.” Mistress teased, “No, I was… actually quite impressed with her idea. So, I gave her a reward.”

“May I ask what her reward was, Mistress?” *Maybe I should ask to be dumb again, if they ever say I get a reward.*

“Oh, you don’t remember?” There was something wicked in Jasmine’s voice now, “I just showed her that her doll is good for so much more than tea parties and dress up.” Precious searched her memory for something that might help her understand what Mistress was talking about, but, no, it was just an empty space…

“Here, this might help you remember,” Mistress’ voice was positively dripping with twisted delight.  She firmly pressed her thumb into Precious’ right nipple. Once again, Precious heard herself speaking, not even aware of what the words were until after she’d finished saying them.

“Please use this needy fuckdoll.”

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