Maid For This: a HTPYCL Fanfiction.


by bendy

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #author_self_insert #bdsm #bimbo #brainwash #casual_enslavement #consensual_non-consent #degradation #dom:nb #drones #f/nb #maid #nonbinary_character #petplay #sadomasochism #transgender_characters
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Precious gets some new training, goes to a party, and learns that her Owners aren't as perfect as she'd believed.

(This chapter has not yet been edited)

Precious was happy, living another day in the life of a doll. Sitting in the wonderful little kitchen of the harem, sipping a cup of a fruity tea that Clara had introduced her to, enjoying the stillness of her mind, and her body. She’d had an intense workout session earlier, to keep her in shape in her new, generally more sedentary lifestyle, and now, the afternoon was hers. Idly, she was petting Lisa, who was on the floor beside her. Lisa was deep in her kitty state today and was happily lapping away at a saucer of milk that Precious had set down for her stopping only to nuzzle her head against Precious’ thighs, demanding pets and attention.

The door to the dining room opened, and Precious turned to look and see who else was joining them.  It was Felicity. Or wait, no,she was in her latex bodysuit, and her goggles were down. That meant that Felicity was tucked away someone deep in her own mind. The drone personality that she had been hypnotically programmed with was ‘activated’.

“Hello, um, could you please identify yourself. Again? I’m sorry.”  Precious had met the drone a few times already, but she just couldn’t ever remember the number after the interaction.

“This unit is #0452.” Her, or it’s(?) voice was even, almost monotone. *I wonder if she even can feel emotions when she’s like that*

“Right. Zero, four, five, two. Zero, four, five, two. Thank you, #0452. What’s going on?”

“This unit has been instructed to train you. You will comply.”

“Oh, okay!” Precious said, setting down her tea, and giving Lisa one last quick scritch behind her ‘ears’, receiving a disappointed little mewl from the kitty when she stopped and stood up.  *This should be interesting. *  She wondered what sort of training the drone could have in store, which of their Owners had given the order, and why they weren’t training her themselves.

Following the drone, it led Precious to possibly the sparsest room in the entire mansion. shutting the door behind them. The maids called this place the ‘The Show Room’, While the walls and trim were still elegant, there was no art, nothing to distract the eyes. No expensive trinkets on pedestals to get in the way either. The only things keeping it from being completely empty were a set of 4 armchairs, hardpoints in the ceiling, and a cabinet that Precious knew, from back in her maid days, contained all manner of kinky toys. #0452 walked into the middle of the room, and Precious followed just a few steps behind.

“So, what sort of training are you giving me?”

The drone turned to Precious.

“It is a doll. Repeat.” #0452’s robotic voice didn’t sound any more authoritative but being given an order by another member of the harem was something of a surprise. Even more surprising was how matter-of-factly the order was given. It wasn’t a demand, so much as a statement of fact, like ‘the floor is grey.’

“It is a doll?” Precious said, uncertain where this was going.


“It is a doll.” More confident this time. If this was what was wanted, what the training was, well, it was easy enough.


On and on it went. Slowly, everything was starting to fade away. It is a doll.  That was the only truth remaining. The edges of Precious’ vision were starting to get fuzzy and distant, and by the 30th repetition of ‘It is a doll’, Precious had lost the sense of the words themselves, only understanding the meaning. Then, the drone added a new phrase to the mix.

“Dolls obey. Repeat.”

“I-Dolls obey.” Precious caught itself, it almost repeated the first mantra again, unthinking.  For a moment, it became more aware of the world around it, it blinked a few times, realizing that it had fallen into trance at some point. Precious smiled, enjoying that realization. It made it so much easier to just accept the training that #0452 was giving it. So much easier to just surrender to the trance. So much easier to just repeat ‘Dolls obey.”

“It is a doll. Dolls obey. Repeat.”

“It is a doll. Dolls obey.”

“Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.”

Time stopped mattering. The doll had discarded everything about its sense of self.  It is a doll. Dolls obey. That was all that mattered. That was it’s truth.  #0452 stopped instructing the doll to ‘Repeat.’ It no longer needed to be commanded, as the doll just kept repeating the words over and over, like a file set to loop. If it had been aware of itself, the doll would have noticed that it had adopted the same monotone voice as #0452.

“Stop,” the drone commanded, and the doll obeyed, going silent immediately. The training was not done.

“Unit #0452 will assume various positions and identify each by name. Doll will assume an identical position.”

In a smooth, almost mechanical motion, #0452 dropped to it’s hands and knees, it’s back perfectly straight and even.

“Table”, the drone said.

The doll got down onto it’s hands and knees, doing it’s best to imitate #0452’s pose. The drone stood up. The doll had not been instructed to stand up. It stayed in position.

“Doll’s back is not even. It will move it’s legs inward.” The doll obeyed.

“Correct. Doll will remember this exact position.” The doll stored away the memory of how its knees were bent, the feeling in it’s shoulders.

“Stand.” The doll obeyed.

More poses came. Chair, Coatrack, Humble, Wall, Inspection, Free Use. The doll learned them all, with #0452 providing similar feedback.

“Doll has performed well. It will remember this state of mind. It will return to this state of mind when those with authority over it say ‘Doll Dreams’.  When in dollspace, and ‘Doll, be yourself’, is said to it, the doll will return to it’s normal state. Does the doll understand?”


“It will inform #0452 when it has completely integrated these new commands.” 

The doll took a moment. It felt the significance of it’s new triggers settle into it’s mind, like small pebbles dropped into water.

“… It has.”

“Doll, be yourself.”

Precious blinked, rapidly, stretching out, and the world came back into focus. As she did so, the drone counted up from 1 to 10, helping Precious fully awaken from her trance. *That was…new.* Trance, as she had experienced it so far, was often like floating in comfortable nothingness, where only the words of the person hypnotizing her would register. Other times she would lose any sense of what was happening. She would go under, and it would suddenly be later, leaving her with only the vaguest sense of what had happened in the interim time.

This, it was like being in a dream, in a way. It followed its own bizarre logic. Doll obeyed. Not because it wanted to, or because obeying felt good. Doll obeyed. That was all there was to it, as simply true as ‘water is wet’. Precious didn’t even feel like she was a person. There was no ‘her’.  No ‘Precious’ There was only Obey. Was this how Felicity felt whenever she was a drone? It was great. Like an instant pathway to being in touch with her most submissive feelings.

“Thank you, #0452!”

The drone turned in place, and went off to… Well, Precious really wasn’t certain what #0452 did when it wasn’t following orders. She’d seen the drone cleaning, sometimes. Maybe it was reporting back to Mistress? For her own part, Precious hoped that her tea was still in the kitchen, she was thirsty after all of that.


Precious didn’t have much in the way of hobbies anymore. When she could, she liked to follow around other harem members, whoever wasn’t being used or brainwashed, if they welcomed her company. It was nice, just watching what they did. Precious would find a nice comfortable spot in their room, get comfortable, and watch as they did their hobbies. Video games, or make up, or stim toys, whatever it was, the harem all seemed to have something for themselves, that they did to keep themselves amused when not being fucked senseless by their Owners. But Precious, when left to her own devices, when she couldn’t find someone else to be near, would just find one of the many luxurious seats in the mansion’s halls, and get comfortable. Being a pretty object for others to enjoy the sight of, that was her hobby, in a way.

It was in such a seat, that Precious was delighted to see Mistress come around the hallway corner, and even more delighted by how her eyes instantly fixated on Precious, in a hungry gleam.  Precious had been about to stand, to greet her Owner, with a polite ‘hello!’. But before she could, Mistress spoke, with a teasing grin.

“Doll Dreams.”

It is a doll. Dolls obey. Mistress was the doll’s entire focus now. Mistress was still smiling. It must be a good doll.

“Excellent. Progressing right on schedule. Such a blank, empty doll for me, aren’t you?”

The doll did not respond, it didn’t have a response that it had been trained to reply with. Mistress’ eyes narrowed, before realization crossed her face.

“Doll, when your superiors ask you a question, I expect you to answer, do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.” 

“Are you a blank, empty doll?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What is your name?”

“It is a Doll.”

With that, it was like a damn had burst in her, and Mistress pushed the doll back against the wall, and pressed herself close to it. She was kissing, and then biting it’s neck. The doll’s body responded, breathing in sharply.  Her hands went between the doll’s legs, and it’s owner started rubbing it’s clit through it’s shorts and underwear. It was quick, animalistic, and then, just as suddenly, it was over, Mistress stopped, and pulled away. The doll felt a disappointment, an aching for more, but then the words repeated in it’s mind. ‘Dolls obey.’ The wanting, the need, that was not what the doll was for. It was only to obey.

“Wall,” Mistress commanded.

The doll spread its legs, and rested both hands on the wall, crossed over each other. The positioning stuck it’s ass out into the air.

SMACK, a sharp slap to it’s ass.

“You can spread your legs more than that,” Mistress said. The doll obeyed.

“Better.” The doll couldn’t see her, but Mistress’ voice alone conveyed the smirk on her face.

Then, the doll heard Mistress walk away, the distinctive clacking of her heels growing more distant.

Mistress was done using the doll. But it hadn’t been released.  It stayed in it’s pose, repeating mantras in it’s head, losing a sense of time, until…

“Precious?’ A familiar, disaffected voice asked. It was Kae.

“What’re…you doing?”  Kae was not someone that had authority over the doll. It didn’t have a response.

“Is this a punishment thing?” Kae leaned in close, looking under the doll’s arms, to see it’s face, glazed over in it’s waking trance.

“Oh. I see.” They moved, and it seemed like Kae was going to leave, before the doll heard an approving click of Kae’s tongue.

A hand ran across the doll’s ass.

“Been really pent up lately…” they muttered, squeezing the doll’s asscheek.

They slid the doll’s skirt and panties down around it’s thighs… then, both hands, exploring, pulling her cheeks apart, letting them go, squeezing, groping. The touching stopped for a moment, only to feel   fabric pressing against it’s rear. Kae was humping the doll… for half a minute, they grinded against it, until,

“Fuck” they said, and the doll heard some unzipping, some buckles being adjusted. Then, the feeling of Kae’s strap, pressing against her entrance…

Their strap was almost too big for the doll, it couldn’t help but whimper and moan. Kae was reaching under the doll, grabbing it’s tits, holding the doll very close to their body. The doll could hear them breathing deeper, more heavily, occasionally muttering ‘fuck’ or ‘damn’ under their breath.  Occasionally, a thrust would be particularly vigorous, and it would pull the doll away from the wall, or push her into it. The doll would become slightly more aware, just enough so it could return to ‘Wall’ position. Kae’s humping became more aggressive, they started throwing in things like ‘take it’ and growls as the thrusting picked up… and then, three. Deep. Firm. Thrusts. They crushed the doll’s tits in their hands, the doll felt Kae’s entire body tense up, heard them stop breathing for a moment… and then, backing away…

“I guess that’s what you’re here for, huh, fuckdoll?”

They smacked the doll on the ass one last time, before leaving her, dripping from her pussy, the torn skirt and panties still hanging around her knees. Then it was alone again. Still in ‘Wall’ pose. the doll stood there, getting cold, goosebumps.

Then, it heard a rolling that was once very familiar. The cleaning cart. A pair of maids were coming through the hall.  Distantly, the doll was aware that it probably knew these maids…But that didn’t matter, not really. It paid them no more mind at first, going back to emptying itself of everything but it’s mantra, ‘it is a doll, dolls obey’, before it was being touched again. Even this lost in trance, the doll knew this was unusual. The maids weren’t supposed to interact with the harem… were they taking advantage of it’s position? But then it realized the way it was being touched, One wiped it down with a wet cloth, gathering up the wetness and lube from between her legs, cleaning up everything had dripped down her thigh. Another brushed the doll’s hair back into place, and straightened her top, pulling her skirt and panties back up into place. Of course. Their job was to clean the furniture. As it was, the doll was, effectively, just another decoration for the mansion.

Finally, Mistress once again walked by the doll, as if she were merely on her way to something else she had to get done, as she passed by, she said, with a snicker in her voice, “Oh. Yes. Of course. I forgot, Doll, be yourself.” Jasmine didn’t even stop.

Precious collapsed to the floor, grinning. Mistress didn’t forget, of course.


It was late in the evening on Saturday, when Precious’ phone made a demanding little chime. It was the tone assigned to the number that sent her what her outfit for the day was going to be. But she’d already received that message for today. As instructed, she’d dressed up in pink overall shorts, and a blue spotted blouse today, accompanied by blue eyes, and braided strawberry blonde pigtails, with makeup freckles intended to accentuate her ‘doll’ appearance, it made her look like some sort of farmgirl ragdoll.

Obviously, she wouldn’t dare ignore a message from her Owners, but Precious was also very curious, for her own sake, what this could be about.

‘No wig or contacts. Change immediately.’ Then, the attached photos of the outfit expected, and the make-up to accompany it.


The required outfit was her least favorite. The black latex bodysuit, with the holes in it, and a matching hood that left only her eyes and the bottom half of her face revealed. She had never really liked latex before. It was a nice look, certainly, but it just wasn’t something she desired for herself.  Mistress and her Highness didn’t seem like they much cared about if she liked it now either, they hadn’t used their talents to make it feel particularly pleasurable or anything.  Still, she had sold herself into sex slavery, so obviously everything wasn’t going to be about her preferences. She quickly got herself undressed and washed away her daily makeup (she went through so much blush). In the bathroom, she applied the lotion that would make slipping into the latex outfit possible. With only a small amount of effort she was dressed… and then the make-up. Bright red lip stain, heavily applied.

The practical matters taken care of, she was able to take in her appearance, looking at herself over in the mirror…*Looks good to me*.  No question about it, dressed like this, she looked like a living sex doll.

*Now what?*
Precious wasn’t sure what to do except wait in her room… which, it turned out was exactly the correct choice. Less than a minute after Precious was completely ready to go, Diana opened the door.  Tonight, she was dressed in a wine-coloured dress, with a slit down the side, showing off her legs. Felicity was standing behind her, in her own bodysuit, her goggles still up on top of her head. She was collared, with a short black leash that Diana had around her wrist… and she was holding another leash in her hands.

“Oh, you look wonderful.” Her Highness spoke in her usual airy, disinterested tone. But it still felt wonderful to be praised by one of her owners.

“Thank you, your Highness.”

Diana stepped forward, and Felicity was pulled forward as well, the leash keeping her just a step behind.


Precious obeyed, and looked up at her Queen, the woman responsible for everything she had. The blonde woman looked down at her, inscrutable eyes scanning for a moment, before slipping the collar around Precious’ neck, and locking it in place. Precious treasured the feeling of the collar around her neck. That symbol of being *owned*. She didn’t need to wear one all the time to know who she belonged to… but it was nice to finally experience a collar from Her.

“Alright then, follow me.” She stood up and in doing so, yanked on Precious’ leash. Quickly, Precious stood and found her balance, taking her place behind her Highness, beside Felicity. As Diana led them through the mansion, Precious could tell that Felicity was much more practiced at following someone so closely while being pulled along by a leash. She tried to match Felicity’s pace and stride, they were about the same height, but it took a few minutes to find her own rhythm.

She led them out the front door, down the stairs, and into the back of a limousine. Diana taking one seat, while Felicity sat in a across from her. Precious, uncertain, hoped that sitting beside her fellow harem-member was the right choice, clambering in as best she could. Diana said nothing, and so, Precious settled right into her seat, as the car pulled away from the mansion.

Diana pulled out a small mirror from her purse, examining herself in it, and started touching up her make-up, making certain it was perfect. She was paying no mind to either of the playthings she’d brought with her. They hadn’t been spoken to, so it was best to remain silent.

Precious was vibrating, nervousness and anticipation mixing. She couldn’t even guess at what her Highness had in mind. Felicity must have noticed, because she leaned over and whispered in Precious’ ear.

“We’re going to a party. She’s going to put us into dronespace right before we arrive. You can probably expect to get used quite a bit.  It’ll be fun. Usually they’re both here, but I guess Mistress had to work late. “

It wasn’t a short drive, and Diana’s choice of…music was unnerving to say the least, it sounded like the soundtrack of a horror movie to Precious, full of creepy moans and chains rattling.  But Precious knew better than to even ask why. For all she knew, it was some sort of conditioning for her or for Felicity. Diana closed her compact mirror with a noticeable snap, that focused Precious’ attention entirely on her beloved Owner. Her Highness leaned across the seat, first to Felicity, whispering something in her ear, and then, over to Precious, who held her breath, excited for what would come next.

“Doll dreams.”

This place, though nowhere near as large as the mansion, was just as private. Multiple cars were parked in the loop around a fountain, and as Diana led the doll and #0452 on their leashes towards the house, the doll took note of a chubby woman in a black dress and corset waiting at the front door to greet them.

“Oh, Diana! What a pleasure it is to see you, it’s been so long!” The woman strolled up, and Diana exchanged kisses on the cheek with her. “And what’s this… Two this time? Am I going to be lucky enough to get play with one of your toys?”

“You know how I feel about sharing my things, Renee,” Diana winked, “But I suppose since I brought two, I could spare one for a few minutes here and there…”

“Now, this one, I recognize,” Renee said, referring to #0452, before turning her gaze to the doll, “But this one, is it new?”


“May I?”

“Please, go right ahead. Doll, do as Renee orders.” *Dolls obey.*

Renee slipped a hand between the doll’s legs, teasing it’s exposed pussy, until it started to get wet. Then, she stuck her middle finger inside of the doll, and quickly pulled it back out.

“Open,” she commanded. The doll obeyed, opening it’s mouth, curling it’s tongue enticingly. Janice slipped her now-wet finger into the doll’s mouth.

“Suck.” The doll started sucking on the finger, teasing and worshipping it, as if it were her Highness’s cock between it's lips. With a satisfying ‘Pop!’ Renee withdrew her finger.

“As always, you do excellent work, not a moment of hesitation in it.”

“Why thank you,” Diana said, though it was more perfunctory than real appreciation.

Renee gestured to the door, “Please, come in, come in.”

Diana leaned close to the doll, and whispered in its ear. “Good doll.”  Somewhere, distantly, the doll knew it had pleased Her Highness, and felt proud. But on the surface of its mind, was only ‘Dolls obey.’

It, along with #0452, followed their Queen. She led them into this house, and then, immediately, down a set of stairs, into a basement. The walls were painted black, and dim red and blue lights illuminated the entire area. The doll took in the sight as best it could.

A figure, bound entirely in latex stood in the corner, coats and purses hanging from it’s outstretched, and very muscular arms, a fur coat had even been tossed right over their head. Other slaves were walking around, arms bound behind their backs, with serving trays hanging from chains around their necks. They were presenting drinks and snacks to extravagantly dressed men and women. Some were sitting atop other slaves or, otherwise, sitting in one of the many loveseats, and using their slaves as footstools. There were slaves that were naked except for hoods completely hiding their identities, and slaves in latex suits like the ones the doll and #0452 wore, in a rainbow of colors. Some were as exposed as the doll, displaying pussies and cocks, many of those locked in chastity. In one corner, a trio were strapped into leather chairs, with goggles and noise-cancelling headphones on, large vibrators visible between their legs… at the far end of the room was a series of doors.

Diana scanned the room, and then, locating an empty seat, led her playthings deeper into the party.

“Drone #0452, Footstool.” The drone got into place, the perfect distance away from the chair. It was clearly practiced at this. But Diana didn’t take a seat just yet. She reached into her purse and pulled out an odd looking gag… it looked like it was a mouthguard mixed with a table-tennis paddle, with belts coming off of it.

“Open,” she commanded, and she slipped the bite into the doll’s mouth. “Close,” she said, and the doll bit down on the gag, it’s eyes crossing for a moment as it fixated on the small flat surface now sticking out of it’s mouth. Her Highness strapped the gag around her doll’s head, firmly locking the gag into place.

“Kneel here,” she commanded, pointing to a spot near #0452, and the doll obeyed. A server brought Her Highness a glass of wine, which she took, and then set on the small tray held in the doll’s mouth. The doll was completely focused, watching the dark liquid in the glass, trying to keep it perfectly level. The doll breathed as shallowly as it could, to minimize any disruption.

People the doll did not know would come by, and speak with Her Highness, in friendly tones. A few asked about Jasmine, only to be met with a cold response like “She’s too busy for me tonight”. The Doll listened only to be aware of if it was given an order, but otherwise, it’s purpose in this moment, was as a sidetable, for Her Highness’ wine. When her Highness was finished her glass, and people had stopped coming by to say hello, she swung her legs off #0452 and stood. She retrieved the gag from the doll’s mouth, as easily as she had inserted it, and set the gag down on #0452’s back.

“Doll, follow me.”

The doll stood, distantly aware of aches in it’s legs, but followed without a moment’s hesitation, as it’s Queen led her to one of the doors at the back of the room. The doll noticed that the doors had handles sort of like public bathrooms, with ‘vacant’ and ‘occupied’ signs just about the handle. Diana opened the door, and stepped inside, the doll obediently following right behind her. The room was sparce, basically only a bed, and a small dresser with a mirror on the top. Mistress set her purse down on top of the dress.

“Free Use,” she said, pointing at the bed.

The Doll adjusted itself on the bed, laying back, and then holding it’s knees up with it’s hands, leaving it’s vulva exposed, available for exactly what the position suggested.

Her Highness climbed on top, pulling up her dress, pulling down her panties, her cock springing free. This was not like the gentle and tender fucking that she had given Precious. The doll was being used as a living cocksleeve. Her Highness’ hands grasped and groped the doll’s body, fingers slipping in it’s mouth, it’s head being pulled this way and that, as Her Highness slammed into her, again, and again, and again. It was crude, slightly painful, and all too quickly, it was over, as Diana gasped, grunted, collapsing on top of her toy, and the doll felt itself filled with warm stickiness. Her Queen caught her breath, and then stood up, quickly getting herself back in order, fixing her makeup, making sure there was no unsightly bulge. Then, content, she turned to leave, grabbing her purse from the dresser.

“Have fun,” the queen sang, as she left her doll on the bed, shutting the door to this small room behind her.

The doll laid there, still holding it’s legs up and apart. It was not alone for long, A well-groomed man it didn’t recognize entered the room.  He inspected the doll first, turning it’s head left and right, teasing it’s lips with his thumb. Then, he unzipped his suit pants, and used the fuckdoll’s mouth, with all the care he would have given to a fleshlight. This was to be the doll’s night.

There must have been a dozen people, all in all. Other slaves, mindlessly rutting into her body, watched by flushed masters and mistresses. Cocks and straps both stretched her pussy. Renee came into the room to use the doll, sitting on it’s face, and screaming through an orgasm. The doll’s body couldn’t keep up, it lost even more sense of itself, where it was, that it was at all, the doll merely existed, was used. It was an object, and from it’s own perception, it might always have been. A sex toy, that only dreamed it was once a person.

Then, the chain of people using it stopped. Her Highness returned, looking flushed, and very pleased. #0452 followed close behind, and if the Doll were more aware, it might had noticed that the drone’s uniform was equally covered in the remnants of pleasure. Diana went to the dresser, opened the drawer, getting something that the doll couldn’t see.

“Doll, you can relax now,” she said, in her caring, comforting tone. The doll let go of it’s legs, exhausted, aching, it was a relief. Her highness stepped towards the bed, and started wiping off the Doll’s face with a soft towel, cleaning away the remnants of the doll’s lipstick, and the various sticky fluids, throwing the towel into a corner once the worst of the mess had all been removed.

“Come along now, I’ve had my fill.” The doll stood, shakily, barely aware of it’s own body. It nearly fell back onto the bed. “Oh. #0452, help the doll to the car.” The drone replied with a monotone ‘command accepted’, before providing the doll with the support it needed to walk behind it’s owner.

Leading both of her playthings back into the car, Diana settled into her seat with a deep breath out, a wide smile on her face.

“Both of you, sit beside me,” she said, patting the leather seats to her left and her right.  Of course, her slaves obeyed.

“#0452, deactivate. Doll, be yourself.”

Together, Felicity and Precious stretched themselves out, readjusting their minds to thinking, to a sense of self.
Diana reached across Felicity, and into a small fridge, pulling out three bottles of water, distributing two them to her playthings and keeping one for herself. For a time, they sat in silence, except for the slight crinkling of the water bottles, as they each rehydrated from their fun night. When they were finished, Diana took and disposed of the water bottles in a little bin beside the minifridge.

“Come here, you two.” Diana pulled them into a hug with her on the seat, softly petting her latex-clad property.

“You were both so good tonight.”

“Thank you, Your Highness”, Felicity and Precious said in unison, sending all 3 of them into a giggling fit.

Precious closed her eyes, enjoying the warm, wonderful feelings inside of her, and the touch of Felicity and her Highness as the three of them leaned into each other. The trip home was soothing, quiet, and in the afterglow of it all, Precious felt like this was exactly what she was meant to do, who she was meant to be. The limousine pulled up in front of the entrance to their home, and Diana led the pair out of the vehicle, back up the steps, and into the Mansion.

Precious was lost in her warm glow, barely aware of any of it, until Diana stopped, abruptly, just as they walked inside.

Jasmine stood in the entry way, beside the reception desk, her arms crossed. Precious only recalled her Mistress looking this angry once in the past, when she had been attacked by her father…

“Where were you?!” Jasmine shouted.

“I took Precious and #0452 to the furniture party.” Diana’s voice was defensive, almost whining.

“You took them without telling me?!”

With that, it was like her restraint had reached it’s limit, Diana started yelling back at her wife, “They’re my property too! I can do what I want with them, I don’t need YOUR permission!”

“That’s not the point! I wanted to go too! That’s why I had #0452 train her!”

Precious and Felicity stood there, both as still as if they were in their dehumanized mindsets. Precious couldn’t guess what Felicity was thinking. But, speaking for herself, it was incredibly uncomfortable. It seemed so wrong that the two women she loved so much would be… fighting like this. Screaming at each other, pointing the blame back and forth.  

“How am I supposed to know that if you don’t tell me?!” Diana countered.

“You could have asked?! Or at least waited for me to get home from work?!”

“I never know when you’re going to be home!”

Precious eyes were watering, she felt the tears inside her hood, and a tightness in her throat and chest. She felt herself re-living something so long ago. A different life. From when… the two people she was supposed to feel safest around were fighting, and all she wanted was to feel safe. This place was supposed to be safe.

“p-please stop fighting.”, Precious didn’t speak very loudly, but it was enough for Diana to hear her. She turned her head to look at Precious, her expression still furious. It was a deeply unsettling look to see on her Queen’s face at all, but it was bone chilling to have it directed at her.

“What did you just say?”  her voice was a  normal speaking volume, but for how frightened Precious felt, Diana could have been throwing things against the wall and screaming at the top of her lungs.
“n-nothing, your Highness.”

Diana narrowed her eyes, “Tell me what you said, *that is an order*.”

There was no disobeying that command, Precious said the words before she could even think about it, “I said please stop fighting, my Queen.”

Diana reached out with both hands, pulling the hood off of Precious’ head, carelessly tossing it aside. Her eyes were searching Precious’ face, the rage slowly fading from her expression.  Diana reached into her purse and pulled out a monogrammed handkerchief.  She took a moment, wiping the tears from Precious’ face. Jasmine stepped closer, though she kept some distance from Diana. Precious thought the pair still felt bristly, but the shouting, at least, had stopped.

“Go to your rooms,” Diana whispered.

“Yes, your Highness,” the pair said, leaving together. Once they had put some distance between themselves and their Owners, Precious felt a need to ask;



“Do they… fight like that a lot?”

Felicity looked like she was debating with herself. She avoided eye contract when she finally said “… Yeah. Pretty often.”

“… I thought that they… I don’t know,” Precious really wasn’t certain what she thought. That Mistress and Her Highness had such a perfect marriage that they would never fight? That they could fix all their own issues the way they seemed to so easily solve every problem Precious had before coming to the mansion? That was putting a lot of expectations on them. “I’ve never seen it before.”

“They make mistakes. They have their bad days. It’s easy to forget sometimes, but they’re as human as we are, Precious.”

“I thought you were a drone, and I was a doll?”

“Smart-ass.” They both smiled at each other, walking quietly through the halls of the Mansion. Precious thought about what Felicity had just told her… and what she could even do to help her Owners through their problems.

“I guess that just means… we have to do our best to make sure we don’t make their days any harder? Try our best to be what they want us to be and make them happy?”

Felicity nodded. “I knew I liked you.”

They arrived at Precious’ room first. “Goodnight, thank you for the fun tonight!” Precious said, waving goodbye to Felicity. Shutting her door, she wasted no time getting out of the latex garb, washing herself off quickly, and snuggling into her bed. It had been a fun night, but she needed sleep.


It was late, or early, Precious couldn’t be certain when she was woken up by her door opening. It was… Mistress. She was holding a bottle of wine in one hand. Precious sat up in bed, and moved to stand, but Mistress stopped her.

“Don’t get up. I want to join you in bed.”

Precious smiled wide, she couldn’t believe it! Actually sharing a bed with Mistress?! Maybe she was still asleep, and dreaming?

“Thank you, Mistress!”

“Be quiet. *Totally Bound*.” Precious felt the trigger engage, as her ability to consciously move was taken away from her. Mistress crawled in behind Precious on the bed, and then wrapped herself around the doll. Mistress started softly stroking her short hair. It felt very nice to have her real hair played with, even if it wasn’t as pretty compared to her wigs. This close, she smelled the wine on Mistress’ breath.

“This isn’t a conversation. I just need to let some things out… and I know you won’t tell anyone.” Being pulled into Mistress’ confidence?  *I swear, I’ll never speak a word, Mistress,*  Precious thought, as if she could telepathically communicate her obedience to Mistress.

“Diana is everything to me. Everything. So, when she said she wanted you… She would get what she wanted, of course… but I admit was hesitant... A good maid is hard to find. Someone that I can trust with discretion. Once we had you trained up, I was never worried about if you would make some embarrassing mistake. I was impressed, and that’s hard to do. You were so obedient, so devoted. It was more than a job to you. We help plenty of unfortunate souls get a leg up here. But you got what you wanted, and you stayed.  Whatever you found here was more important than the money. Maybe even more important than… But that… that’s not why I hesitated” Mistress sighed heavily, took a swig from the wine bottle, then set the bottle back down on an end table beside Precious’ bed.

Precious noticed that whenever Mistress had any intense emotion, she tended to use her slaves to get it out. Some people might get a restless leg or grind their teeth. Mistress got wandering hands that squeezed and grasped and clawed. Her nails would dig into Precious’ shoulders or tickle the top of her head, and then her entire body was wrapped in a tight hug, which ended in her breasts being squeezed like stress toys.

Mistress continued, but she seemed to be picking up a train of thought that had been in her mind, Precious wasn’t sure how she had gotten there. “The whole business with… that man. That was the moment I was forced to confront that my feelings were more than just… I was worried about if you would recover. Not because you would be difficult to replace. That wasn’t it. That’s… that’s why I was hesitant at first, because I-I was.” Jasmine stammered, and then went back to her wine.

Precious thought she understood. *Mistress just… can’t bring herself to say she cares about me…I wish I could tell her that I understand…maybe I’ll get a chance when she stops speaking. *

“So keeping you close, forever… that was appealing. We’d already reshaped you once, you were used to following our orders… it would be even easier with your predisposition to obey… But what to do with you? Conveniently, we needed a new head maid, but… No, that wouldn’t do. It was too close to what you already were.  That would have been… uncomfortable…  An associate of mine is particularly fond of her dolls... I thought that could be fun. Not quite as much of a transformation as we usually do, you were always so eager to please.  As delightful as it is making someone into their opposite… we didn’t need a second brat running around.” Mistress sighed and squeezed Precious especially tightly. Mistress mumbled to herself, “Why is this so hard?” She took a deep breath and drank from the bottle again.

“The point is… She just… She forgets sometimes, I think… Forgets that I work so hard so she can take full advantage of you all, but… sometimes I want to unwind! It’s like she thinks that I don’t have any of my own needs! I wanted to see you all blank, getting used like the fucktoy you are for us! I put in all this work, and I miss the first real chance to show you off because she doesn’t even think to ask me?!”

*I’m so sorry Mistress… maybe I can remind her from now on? Just politely ask if she wants you to come with us to things? I want to help…*

“ There. It feels better to have… said it. But…I don’t need you telling her about this either. Remember that box inside your mind? That special box, where we keep the things that you don’t need to worry about? We’re just going to put this talk in there.”

*Mistress! No! Please don’t! I won’t tell anyone; I don’t want to forget this!*  Precious tried as hard as she could to move, to speak. It was, of course, pointless.

“I didn’t come to your room tonight. I didn’t… say any of this. You slept through the night. That’s all that happened. Just keep this locked up safe inside your mind, and you can trust if it is ever needed, I will take it out for you.  Let’s tuck this entire conversation away… now.”


Precious wasn’t sure why, but she didn’t end up getting a very good sleep that night.

Thanks for Reading.

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