Maid For This: a HTPYCL Fanfiction.


by bendy

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #author_self_insert #bdsm #bimbo #brainwash #casual_enslavement #consensual_non-consent #degradation #dom:nb #drones #f/nb #maid #nonbinary_character #petplay #sadomasochism #transgender_characters
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Brandy meets other members of the harem, and finds out exactly what her owners have in mind for her.

Brandy woke up with the sun, as she had for years. She washed up, humming to herself, she got dressed in her uniform, and she made sure her make-up was presentable. It wasn’t until she stepped outside her door, and realized she wasn’t in the servant’s wing that the pattern was disrupted, and Brandy realized… She didn’t have to do any of this. She hadn’t needed to do this for nearly a week now.

She looked down at her uniform. It had been the core of her identity. She was a maid. But now… this wasn’t a uniform. It was… a costume. She wasn’t expected to go make sure that every item in the mansion was spotless. She wasn’t on a schedule. (Well, technically, the rulebook in her new bedroom said she had to be asleep by 11pm, but that came so naturally now it hardly felt like a rule at all. Most of the other rules Brandy found equally redundant. Did the other slaves really need to be told over and over what they had agreed to? Obeying every order isn’t a very hard concept, Brandy thought.)

She sighed. It wouldn’t really make sense to get undressed now. Might as well go get breakfast. Brandy thought it was so quiet here. She missed meals in the servant’s wing… She could make eggs and bacon for herself, that wasn’t the issue. It was the community.  The hustle and bustle of people getting ready for the day, together.  The couples and polycules that had formed among the staff giving each other brief moments of intimacy before going off to their own tasks. The slave kitchen was nicer, and much more intimate, but… it had been empty every time that Brandy had stopped in for a meal so far.

She wasn’t even really that hungry.  For a while, she ate mechanically, not even tasting the food. Halfway through, Brandy realized that breakfast just wasn’t satisfying her. She wasn’t sure how long she sat at the table, stabbing into the same bit of egg over and over. She hoped that soon her owners would come for her. Owners. That word was still so thrilling. She lost herself to that wonderful feeling. She was a slave, she’d signed away her entire life, and done so eagerly. She’d dreamed of this, literally dreamed of being a slave to the two beautiful women she worked for. Now she was their property, and she had no idea what to do with herself.  Without service, without her job, everything she had worked so hard to build up. Brandy’s emotions seemed to be on a rollercoaster, going from elation to grief in moments. She gasped an almost-cry, and started sniffling.

“Hey, uh…you… you alright?”. Brandy looked up. It was another member of the harem. The androgynous one. They were wearing what looked like men’s workout attire. Brandy managed to get her tears back under control.

“Yes, yes, I’m… I’m fine. Thank you.”. The person of uncertain gender seemed a little hesitant when they asked,

“Do I know you? you look sort of familiar…you’re one of the maids, right? I mean, you’re dressed like one”.

“Sorry, my name’s Brandy. I…” her voice faltered for a moment, “I used to be. I’m a slave, like you, now”. She gave a small smile, saying that out loud. It still made her feel so special, that Diana and Jasmine had considered her worth owning.

“I’m… Kae.”. He didn’t seem to know what else to say, so Brandy decided to

“Would you like some breakfast? Coffee?”

“Oh, uh, sure, that’d be great. Black”. Brandy hopped to her feet, fetched all the supplies out of the cupboard, and started brewing.  She ground the beans manually, prepared the French press.  She felt the happy hum come back to her throat, and before too long, she was presenting Kae with his morning brew. She put both hands on the mug, her head bowed, waiting for Kae to take it from her.

“Um… Thanks” he took the mug and took a deep drink from it. They gave a satisfied moan. “This is actually really good! Way better than when I do it. Thanks.”

“Thank you, S-“ Brandy stopped herself from saying ‘Sir’, like she had been trained for when serving male guests. She returned to her sleep and watched Kae enjoy the coffee she had made. It was so nice to have her work appreciated. For a few minutes, they sat together in the early morning quiet. When Kae finished their coffee, they seemed more ready to talk.

“So, if you’re a slave, why are you in a maid outfit?” Brandy laughed, but there was a sadness behind it.

“I don’t know, really. Habit?”  Brandy got up to take the empty mug from Kae. She started carefully washing it. Kae had gotten up to follow her and continue the conversation, leaning against the counter.

“So you actually were a maid around here?”

“Yeah, for like, 3 years, plus medical leave. You probably saw me, maybe cleaning a room you were in. We might have said ‘hi’ once or twice”.

“Sorry, I don’t really remember you”,  They actually did seem apologetic.

“Well, a good servant is invisible,” Brandy explained, “Your eyes should pay us no more mind than a chair in the room. If you really noticed me, I wouldn’t have been doing a good job as our owner’s maid”. She remembered Majordomo Seymour telling her exactly that, years ago.

Kae furrowed their brow.

“Wow, they, uh, really started work on you early, huh?”. They sounded concerned maybe?

“What? Oh! no! They haven’t done anything to me! At least, not yet!” Brandy said, drying the mug and returning it to its proper place in the cabinet. “I’m really excited to see what they turn me into though”! Kae stared for a moment, and hesitantly asked,

“Are you… totally sure they haven’t done anything to you yet?”. Brandy nodded, wiping down the sink to make is spotless.

“Yup, but hopefully they decide what they want to do with me soon though! Then I can try to be the best whatever that is I can be!” Kae seemed pretty uncomfortable with Brandy’s eagerness, so she tried to change the topic,

“So, what are you doing today?”

“I gotta go work out soon, after that”, Kae shrugged, “Whatever I feel like, I guess”.

“Could I… come along? I don’t really know what to do with myself right now”.

“Sure, company would be nice for once”.

Kae seemed to have a set workout, probably designed to help bulk them up… as they moved from each machine, instead of working out herself, Brandy would wipe down the equipment Kae had just finished with, for whoever used it next, though, honestly, Brandy wasn’t certain anyone else used this gym. Still it felt nice to be useful again. When Kae looked parched, Brandy would fetch a water bottle, When Kae’s towel started to look gross, Brandy took it to the laundry basket and brought back a fresh one.

“Kinda cool to have someone doing all that stuff for me. Thanks, babe”, they said with a grin. Brandy flushed at being called ‘babe’. Working out seemed to make Kae a bit more …assertive, maybe. It didn’t take long to clean up after them, so it was nice to just watch Kae work out too…seeing their muscles strain, watching the sweat glisten on their skin… Brandy found herself daydreaming about Kae’s naked body on top of hers, in a bed…or maybe if they bent her over some of this equipment. Kae looked so strong, she probably couldn’t fight back even if she really wanted to…

She was pulled out of her fantasy by the sound of weights being dropped to the ground, Kae was done with them, and Brandy hurried over to wipe them down.

“Okay, that’s done. I’m gonna go shower up”.  Kae walked into another room. After cleaning up the last of the equipment, Brandy sat on a bench by the showers, waiting for them to come back out. When kae did emerge from the showers, they had dressed in new, much baggier clothing, and were drying their short hair when they noticed Brandy was waiting. He seemed surprised to see her.

“Oh, you’re… still here”. Brandy couldn’t tell if Kae felt that was a good or a bad thing just by the tone of their voice.

“Sorry, I can go if I’m annoying you?” Brandy felt a little bit embarrassed by herself, how she was clinging to the first person who came by in her day just to feel useful.

“No, no, it’s fine, just… kinda used to doing my own thing now”. He sat down beside her and put an arm around her shoulder. It seemed almost… possessive.

“So they really didn’t do anything to you yet?” Brandy shook her head. Kae gave a surprised whistle

“But you’re so… submissive”. Brandy smiled, as if she had been given a huge compliment.

“Yeah, it’s kinda like I was made for this, right?” She chuckled to herself, “but, I don’t know. I just… liked the job. It was so right for me. I was in a bad place, and then I took this job and I got everything I ever wanted. I got to be safe, I was good at something. I made friends, a family… I guess I always kinda hoped they would own me. But it was just, you know, a fantasy. They had their harem, why would they need me? I wouldn’t see them for weeks, sometimes a couple months at a time. But now, this is actually happening, and I don’t even know what I am except for ‘theirs’.”  Kae sighed.

“Join the club” Kae looked out at nothing, “It’ll get easier once they decide what they want you to be”

“I know”. Brandy took a chance at honesty “It’s pretty hot to think about”. Kae took his arm off from around her, but he didn’t leave.

“You’re a weird one” he said.

“Yeah, I know”, Brandy agreed. “Thanks, Kae”

“For calling you weird?”

“No, I don’t know. For talking, I guess”. She smiled at Kae, but they didn’t return it.

“I hope they let you stay enough yourself that we can keep talking like this,” Kae said. “None of the other slaves are really good for an intelligent conversation these days”. Brandy decided against asking about what he meant by that. She looked down at her maid outfit.

“I should probably go put on… normal clothes. Talk to you later, Kae”.

“Later, babe. Wear something nice.”, Kae said, clicking their tongue at her, approvingly.

Her wardrobe was fairly sparse. While she had purchased things to wear over the years, they were mostly practical, things for if she had to go out into town, where a full French maid outfit would draw unwanted attention. The most risqué piece of clothing was a ‘little black dress’ that Brandy liked to wear to the dungeon parties. But for today, a short sleeved white blouse, and black skirt would do. Brandy decided to at least keep on the shoes and stockings from her maid outfit. It looked cute, matched with what she had decided to wear, and there was something comforting about still wearing part of her uniform.

Even after all that, it was still only late morning. Without a job to occupy her time, Brandy found herself just pacing up and down the hallway, repeatedly reading the rulebook she had essentially memorized already.  Examining art she really wasn’t interested in. She doubted she could name a single artist but was certain every piece cost a small fortune. The monotony was broken when two maids came through the hallway, dusting away every speck. They gave Brandy a quick look, they clearly recognized her, but then kept their eyes averted… Brandy tried to engage them in conversation

“Hey, you’re Tina and Kelly, right?” They both stopped their tasks briefly, and turned towards Brandy, heads bowed, hands gently clasped in front of their aprons. Tina spoke for them both, as the senior of the pair. She sounded uncertain, like she was being asked a trick question.

“Yes Miss. How may we be of service to you?”. Brandy’s heart sunk. Right. These weren’t her coworkers, not anymore. As far as they were concerned, Brandy was their… superior, in a sense. At the very least, as property, she was now one of the people they were supposed to be invisible to. They were only supposed to speak if spoken to.

“I’m sorry… Nothing, I don’t need anything, I was just saying hello”. They curtseyed and returned to their work. Quickly, efficiently, within minutes, without Brandy distracting them… they worked through the hallway, turned the corner, and they were gone.

Brandy, in a daze, walked to a small couch in this hallway, and sat down, hugging her own legs, she kicked off her shoes so she wouldn’t dirty the seat and make more work for the maids who would be coming through here again in another hour. Thinking of the other maids again made her feel the ache in her heart. She breathed in deeply and started softly crying into her knees. Brandy’s crying was interrupted by feeling something brushing up against her and hearing a curious noise.

“Mew?”. Brandy looked up over her knees. Lisa. She was on her knees but raised her up so she could rub her head against Brandy. She was looking up at Brandy with a focused expression.

“Oh!” Brandy sniffled up her tears “Hey.”

Lisa looked up and down the hall, and then spoke in a hushed tone.

“You gotta get out of here”.

“What?” Brandy had been sad

“You’re new, right?” Apparently, Lisa didn’t recognize Brandy out of her uniform, “Just figuring out what you got yourself into? That’s why you’re crying, right? Listen, you have to get out of here before the bitches that run this place totally fuck with your head”. Brandy sighed. Honestly, she didn’t have the energy to deal with Lisa’s ‘escape attempts’.

“Why would I want to leave?” Lisa seemed genuinely surprised by that question.

“B-because they scammed you!? The longer you stay here, the less yourself you’ll become! Trust me, you should find that contract they made you sign and just run, as far away as you can! I’ve nearly made it out a few times meow!” Lisa didn’t seem to notice what she had said, continuing on without a moment’s pause “Now that you’re here, and they haven’t brainwashed you yet, we can make this happen!” Brandy chuckled, mostly to herself. Lisa’s escape attempts were a joke even among the maids. Not even once had she made an escape attempt that involved actually leaving the grounds.

“You’re kidding me, right? I’ve been through the interview, the same one they put you through. Mistress and her Highness were very, very clear about what you were signing up for, and you still signed that contract”, Lisa looked annoyed, and maybe a bit scared.

“You-you’re tricking me! They already got you!”  Brandy slid off the bench, and knelt down to Lisa’s eye level and gave her a look of pity.

“Nope. I haven’t even had one bit of brainwashing from our owners yet”. 

“Then…why… won’t you help me!?” Lisa’s face was beet red. If she hadn’t been so emotional, Brandy might have played along with Lisa’s nonsense. Normally she would even entertain the brat’s game. Brats were fun to watch, even if Brandy preferred a more obedient playstyle. But she just couldn’t bring herself to care about the pretense at the moment. 

“Because I know that, deep down, you’re just like me. You can deny it, pretend otherwise, but on some level, you *wanted* this, you wanted to be such a cute kitty. You love when Mistress punishes you. You can keep playing your games, you can keep ‘trying’ to escape, and keep getting time in one of the dungeons while our Mistress beats your ass red. But you’re never going to seriously try to get away, because you want it”.

“Nya! I mean, NO!” Lisa looked furious at herself, and her situation. “I don’t- “. She stopped mid-sentence, They both heard the distinctive click-clak of heels coming around the corner.  Lisa looked horrified and scampered away on all fours as fast as she could. Brandy stood back up and bowed her head.

“Mistress~!” Brandy sounded more excited than she had meant to.

“I see you have met some of your fellow playthings”, Jasmine said her voice betraying nothing about her feelings on the matter.

“She was trying to convince me to escape, Mistress”. Brandy smiled. Throwing brats under the bus was always good fun.

“Again?” Jasmine’s voice cooled, but there was something playful behind it too. “Hmm. I will deal with her later. I am here for you, we have decided what to do with you. Come along, we wouldn’t want to keep Diana waiting”. She turned on the spot, not waiting for any response. Brandy followed Jasmine through the mansion, excited and nervous for whatever her owners had planned to do to her. Before long, they had arrived at their destination.

This room was the walk-in closet to end all walk-in closets. Honestly, it had been Brandy’s least favorite room to clean during her time as a maid. Keeping every outfit ready to be worn on a whim. It was often a multi-day task. Diana was waiting for them inside; she was stacking a few square cases onto one of two tables she had set up. Today she wore a pale blue dress, a simple tiara, and a necklace with a shimmering crystal pendant hanging from it. Brandy noticed that the smaller of the two tables had an electric shaving razor on it. Jasmine strolled over to her wife and gave her a small kiss in greeting. Brandy tried not to squeak out, she found it so cute and sweet to see any glimpse at the love her Owners shared. Jasmine directed Brandy to a stool.

“Take a seat, we won’t be long. It helped that we already knew your size. Nearly everything for your new wardrobe is picked out already” She indicated a wheeled garment rack which was already overflowing with clothing. “You might as well undress now, we’re going to be making sure we like the look we’ve decided on for you”.

The garment rack had an absolutely rainbow of colors on it, and it was impossible to determine a theme. Some of the outfits looked like 1950’s housewife dresses in floral prints. Brandy saw a motorcycle jacket, a bright pink ‘skirt’ that had about as much fabric to it as the stockings she had worn into this room. The bottom of the rack had multiple pairs of shoes, in nearly every color, and in a wide variety of styles. The only thing they had in common was that they were all heels.

Brandy undressed as quickly she could, and sat back down, naked except for her glasses. Jasmine took a short walk around her, seemingly assessing Brandy’s body. Suddenly, she grabbed and twisted one of Brandy’s nipples, causing Brandy to squeal in pain, then moan with the masochistic pleasure.  Jasmine chuckled, and then looked down at Brandy Gently, she lifted Brandy’s glasses off her face.

“Won’t be needing these. You won’t be doing much reading anymore.”. Jasmine tossed Brandy’s glasses into a wastebin.  The world was fuzzy without her glasses. She wasn’t about to walk into a wall, but now all she could see was colored blurs. Diana handed Jasmine the cordless electric razor, and Jasmine turned it on.

“Stay still, I don’t want to accidentally cut your ears”. The razor buzzed, Brandy felt her hair come away in bunches… Brandy had been so proud of her hair, how cute it looked… It made her heart ache to see bunches dropping down out of the corner of her eyes, feel the cold air where her hair used to keep her head warm. Brandy reminded herself that she didn’t get to agree or disagree anymore. She was property, and if her owners wanted their properly shaved, then it would be shaved. Still… it hurt. She tried not to let how upset she was show on her face, but apparently, she failed. Diana put a hand to her cheek. It was a soft, comforting gesture… and then she slapped Brandy across the face.

“Don’t look so ungrateful”. She scolded. Brandy smiled, and replied with an automatic,

“Yes, your Highness”. In minutes, the work was done. Diana assessed Brandy with a cool gaze and seemed satisfied with her wife’s work. Together, Brandy’s owners went to the massive clothing rack and the process began. It was an exhausting experience, trying on countless outfits, some went back on the rack, others were put into a pile, presumably rejected for whatever reason. It felt like hours and hours of rapidly changing into pastel-colored dresses, some humiliatingly tiny outfits, all manner of fashion that she never would have even considered on her own.  Brandy tried to give them a bit of a show, and it was very fun to try on all the clothes, but the novelty quickly wore off.  Brandy was grateful when, after trying out everything, they decided that Brandy’s outfit for the day would be a pink ballroom gown, with sheer sleeves, and a choker around her neck, instead of any of the more embarrassing outfits.

“Yes, I think that will make a good first impression”, Diana said. “Just a few more things”. She put some sort of odd hairband around Brandy’s head and turned to the larger of the tables she had set up, opening one of the boxes stacked on top of it. Inside was a bust of a head, it had no distinctive features, it’s purpose being to keep the shape of the platinum blonde wig atop it. It was a beautiful wig,  made from real hair, braided into elegant patterns. Diana carefully lifted the wig off its bust and lowered it onto Brandy’s head.  She made a few tugs here and there to make sure that it was on straight. It stuck to the band, and then she added hairpins to make sure the wig wouldn’t move. After a few small adjustments, making sure the wig sat nicely on Brandy’s head, Diana gave the wig a firm tug. It hurt, as the band and pins ensured that it pulled on Brandy’s remaining hair underneath. Brandy gasped and then giggled, enjoying the pain.

“That seems secure enough. One last thing. Dearest, please bring me the blue pair, the green pair, and the grey pair. I’m still not decided on which I like best”. Jasmine dug through a number of make-up cabinets and drawers, apparently not knowing where whatever she was looking for was supposed to be, until Diana said, “They’re on top of the cabinet, left hand side, second level”.

“Thank you,” and a moment later, “Ah yes, I found them”. She brought three small objects over to Diana, Brandy’s blurry vision couldn’t tell exactly what they were. Diana set them on the same little table she had set the electric razor down on, and then considered the objects for a moment.
“Do you want to see a particular color first?” Diana asked her wife. Jamine considered for a moment,

“Blue eyes, it’s the classic pairing”.

“You are absolutely right”. Diana delicately opened the first of the three items, Brandy realized they were cases for colored contact lenses. Diana leaned forward, and held Brandy’s eyes open, first the left, then the right, instructing her to blink after inserting each one. These weren’t prescription lenses, so Brandy’s vision was still blurry, she blinked a few times, adjusting to the feeling of the lenses in her eyes. Brandy had never worn contacts before. She’d had glasses since she was a child, and hard started to think she looked ‘weird’ without them. But Diana seemed pleased. Or at least, she sounded pleased. Brandy started to realize how much of an issue not being able to see clearly was going to be.

“You were absolutely right. Set these aside with the others to take back to her room, we will try out a different set of eyes another time, right now, I like this”. Jasmine set to moving the boxes of wigs onto the top of the wheeled garment rack.

“Well then, now that your appearance is settled, I think we just need to get to work on your mind”. Diana grinned, “Are you excited?” Brandy nodded and gave back a massive smile.

“Very, your Highness”

“I thought you would be. Eager to find out what we are going to do to you, aren’t we”? Brandy blushed.

“I can’t wait”.  Brandy was momentarily startled when Jasmine suddenly gently rubbing her neck and shoulders.  Diana undid her necklace and started swaying the crystal back and forth in front of Brandy’s face. Her voice became soft, melodic. It drew Brandy in… as she watched the pendant swing.

“I thought would give you the classic experience, there’s so many ways to do this, but we thought our dirty little hypnoslut deserved something special for her first time with us, her first time being hypnotized as our plaything. Say thank you, slut”. Brandy moaned at the tiny bit of degradation.

“Thank you, your Highness” her voice was lazy brandy realized it was kind of difficult to focus enough to say the words.

“You are most welcome. Now, just watch my pendant. Back and forth. Back and forth. That’s right. Such a good girl. You’re already starting to go into trance. I can tell. You remember this feeling, from those times I brought you here before. We all know you’ve wanted this, craved this, and now, you’re so very ready to drop”. She snapped her fingers, and Brandy’s eyes shut. She felt like she was going to fall forward for a moment, but Jasmine must have held her in place.

“What a good job. You’re already so obedient, so eager to please. You’ve spent years following our orders already. I just want to make that easier and easier for you. Brandy, you worked so, so very hard for us, but now it’s time for you to relax. From now on, you won’t have to worry about anything. You’ve had so many hard times in your life, but that’s all over now. Now you just get to relax, and feel so very good. But the thing is, ‘Brandy’ seems still so attached to all that hard work… So we’re just going to take ‘Brandy’ and we’re going to just put her somewhere safe. I’m going to put your name in a box inside your mind, and we’re going to lock that all away. But you can feel totally okay about that because I have the key to that box. You can trust that if you ever need it, I’ll unlock that box. Which means you don’t need to ever worry about it again. I am going to keep it nice and safe for you, Precious”. Diana stopped, and Jasmine took over.

“That’s right. Precious. You used to be called something else, but that doesn’t matter anymore, because all you need to be is Precious. You are Precious to us. You are Precious”.

“preshhh”, Precious managed to say. She heard her Highness laugh softly. She felt drool dripping down her chin, but it didn’t really matter, not as much as the words from Mistress and her Highness…

“That’s right, Precious.Such a good doll. That’s what you’re going to be for us, what you’re going to love being for us. A willing, obedient doll, and I don’t need to tell you how much dolls love to be played with, to be dressed up… It’s going to feel so good, so fun, so hot to be a Precious, Precious, Precious doll for us, and for anyone else that wants to play with you… “ Diana took over again,

“and the first step toward all of that, Precious, is to drop even further for me” Diana snapped her fingers to emphasize the word ‘drop’, and then repeated it a three more times

“Drop, drop, drop, doll” with a snap with each word... The world went… fuzzy, unfocused. Her Highness and Mistress kept taking turns speaking, and all their words were truth, and all their commands were unable to be questioned. It was more than wanting to obey. It was as if the very concept of doing anything other than obeying was gone. Precious floated in this wonderful truth-filled nothingness for what felt like a very, very long time.

“9…10, all the way back up,up,up,up!”  Precious blinked her eyes a few times… trying to wipe away the blurriness from them… before remembering she didn’t have her glasses anymore… from what she could make out, Diana and Jasmine were both sitting in front of her now, their arms wrapped across each other. Precious thought that it looked like Jasmine was also being…comforted. She was the one leaning against Diana at least. Much more than that was hard to tell with the distance between them.

“What do you think, my love?” Diana said, dreamily.

“It’s a good start”.

“I agree. I think she’s at least ready to be presented”

The couple slowly separated and stretched out. Diana gracefully rose to her feet and glided over to the door.

“Follow me, Precious”. Precious tried to stand up and follow but wobbled unsteadily on her new heels.

“Y-yes your Highness”. Jasmine smirked at her.

“You’ll have to work on that”.

“Yes Mistress”. Not as quickly as she would have liked, Precious followed Diana.  Based on the path they took, it seemed they were headed back to where the slaves lived. Precious thought maybe they were going back to her room, but no, they stopped in front of someone else’s.

“Wait out here, Precious” Diana ordered, and then strolled into the room, not even bothering to knock.

“Ohh Clarie! I have a present for you!”. Diana had left the door to ‘Clarie’s’ room open, so Precious could hear the entire conversation. The voice that replied shifted between being excited, bubbly, and very confused.

“Omigosh, Thank you, your Highness! Umm…like… why though”?

“Not that I need a reason to treat you however I want, but, it’s because you’re my favorite, and I thought you deserved a reward for doing such a good job becoming my dumb little Princess”. Precious heard a giggle in response.

“Can you guess what it is?” There was a short pause.

“Ummmmm, Is it that pretty dress I wanted!?” Precious heard Diana giggle

“Sorry sweetie, not this time”. Precious wasn’t certain she had ever HEARD a pout before. “Any other guesses?”

“Uhhhhh, maybe it’s like, new make-up?” 

“Nope! One more guess, Clara”. Whatever Clara guessed next, she said it quietly enough that Precious couldn’t hear it, but Diana’s response was the most full-bellied laugh that Precious had ever heard from her.

“No, that is not your present. Although, I suppose you could use it for that…”, Diana thought out loud. “That’s alright, I didn’t expect you to correctly guess what your present is. I just wanted to see what your tiny mind would think of. Are you ready for your present now?”

“Oh, yes, yes please your Highness!”

“Precious, you can come in now!” Diana called out, and Precious walked into the room. Her first impression of Clara was that she was a VERY pink blur.  Clara was taller than Precious had expected, but she then realized that the girl was standing in heels, much higher than her own.

“This is Precious. She is your present”.

“You, like… are giving me a slave?” Clara sounded very concerned.

“Yes and no. You can think of her as like a toy for you to play with. Precious is your doll, but she is our property, just as you are. I thought you could use something to keep you company when Jasmine and I are busy. I am…fond of Precious, so I am also trusting you to take good care of her for me. Therefore, she does come with some responsibility. You used to tutor, correct?” Clara nodded.

 “Well, Precious isn’t quite as good at her make-up as I would like, so I thought you could teach her everything you have learned about it”. Clara made a high-pitched noise of excitement. Their Owner pulled what looked like a cue card out of her purse and handed it to Clara.

“These are all the commands that your new toy has so far. Feel free to use them whenever you need to. Or if you just think it will be fun. I made certain the language wasn’t too confusing for you. Now then, I must go take care of some other business. You two have fuuuun” Diana said the last word in a sing-song voice, leaving the two of them alone. They stood together in silence for a moment, it was a bit uncomfortable. Clara seemed nice enough, but how do you talk to someone that you were literally just given to as a toy to play with?

Precious noticed the arches of her feet were starting to ache, she wasn’t used to standing on heels for so long… She shifted her weight from foot to foot, trying to make it easier. Clara seemed to have noticed because she asked, almost cautiously,

“Would…you like to sit down?” Precious nodded, and gave Clara a grateful smile.

“Yes, please!”.  Clara seemed relieved as well, perhaps she wasn’t as used to her much higher heels as Precious as thought. Together, they sat on the bench in front of the makeup table. It was easily big enough for 3 people, and like every other piece of furniture in this mansion, it was also extremely comfortable. It was a relief to sit down on something so plush. But they were still not certain how to talk to each other.

Eventually, Clara broke the silence.

“Um, like… Hi… I’m Clara!”.  Precious smiled, hoping to put the girl at ease. They had already been introduced, but it was as good a place as any to start.

“Hello, my name is Precious”.

“That doesn’t sound like-“Clara seemed to start thinking out loud. Precious suspected it was probably easier for her that way. “Was… that, umm, always your name?”

“No, Mistress and Her Highness gave it to me just today”.

“Oh, so, what were you called before?” Precious searched her mind, but it was gone. Oh well.

“I don’t remember, but that’s alright! I like this name better”.

“Yeah, I like, don’t remember a lot of stuff anymore either! I used to be super smart and stuff!” Clara didn’t seem too broken up about her intelligence being in the past-tense. Precious was intrigued.

“So you like how they’ve changed you?” Precious hoped that maybe she’d finally met someone else who understood that craving that she’d felt since the first moment she’d discovered exactly what her owners were capable of doing.

“Oh yes, they’re so so so nice to me! They give me all these pretty clothes and taught me make-up and, like, it’s just so…” She seemed to struggle to find another word, settling again on “nice”!  Precious gave a soft, sincere smile.

“Yeah. Our owners really are wonderful”. Precious thought that explaining how their Owners had saved her life, twice, in a way, wouldn’t exactly be the best conversation to have right now. The conversation died down, but it was a much more comfortable silence this time, the two of them sitting there, each appreciating their situation. Eventually, Clara asked,

“So, like… what do you wanna do?”  Precious tried to think of something, but only one idea came to her mind.

“I guess you are supposed to give me make-up lessons?” Clara squealed in delight. It hurt Precious’ ears to have someone make a noise that loud and high-pitched right next to her.

“Oh right! I forgot already! This is gonna be so fun!  Okay, Umm!” Clara opened drawers and pulled out all kinds of makeup supplies. Precious wasn’t used to doing anything fancy, besides just softening her face a bit for ‘professionalism’, and growing up, it wasn’t like anyone was teaching her.

“Just, um, like, look forward, I haven’t taught anyone anything in, well… a while”, Clara giggled. “So, I’m just gonna like, tell you what I am doing, okay?”. It was nice, in a way, to be pampered like this. It was like a spa treatment. Precious wasn’t exactly certain how much of this she would remember, but Clara seemed to be having the time of her life making someone else pretty. She would talk about how hard some technique had been at first, offer a tip or a trick that had made it a bit easier, and occasionally tell Precious to do something like ‘make a kissy face’, or comment on some aspect of Precious’ appearance.

“You have such nice eyelashes! I have to do a lot of work to get mine to be so pretty and thick, but yours are just like that, you’re so lucky! But that doesn’t mean we can’t make them even prettier”. Clara tried to get some mascara onto Precious’ lashes, but every time she got close…

“No, Precious!” she whined, “You keep pulling away! It’s going to make a mess!”    Clara sounded truly upset about this. Not angry, but pouty about her make-up application not going the way she wanted it to.

“I’m sorry, Clara! I can’t help it! It’s so just weird having someone else put something so close to my eyes!” Then, apparently, the two braincells left in Clara’s head sent her an idea, because she grinned.

“Oh, I know what to do! Uh…one second!” She looked over the little card that Diana had given her. “Precious Dolly, Totally Bound!” Precious felt an odd drifty sensation all over, and then realized all she could do was… exist in her body. She breathed, she blinked, but only automatically. She couldn’t even shut her eyes or look anywhere except straight ahead.

‘Goddamn that is hot’ Precious thought to herself, trying to make a finger or toe move even an inch, just for the delight of failing.

“There! Now you’ll stay still!”  Clara seemed to be congratulating herself, and then returned to her project, bringing the mascara brush right in front of Precious’ eye.

“Blink” Clara said, and Precious’ body obeyed. This was going much smoother now that Clara was just directing her body around…

”Ohh, you know what would look SO nice on you? Sparkles!” Clara dug out a tiny container of what looked like glitter, and put another makeup brush into it, dusting it across Precious face… Clara assessed the end result for a moment… and then had another idea.

“Oh, you should have pigtails!”. Clara undid the fancy braiding, and brushed out the wig to put in the pigtails, which, when not so elegantly braided, turned out to be much longer than it first appeared. Now excited by all her ideas, Clara didn’t seem able to stop herself from exploring every possibility that popped into her head.

Oh, are your ears pierced?!  I have these super cute flower piercings that would go so so well with that dress”. To be fair, they did. Clara WAS good at this fashion stuff.

“I have these super cute stickers for skin! They go on your cheeks!” Clara couldn’t decide between pink hearts, or more stars to match the sparkles, or cute happy faces. So, she went with them all.

The girl was almost manic at this point, trying to add every little thing that popped into her head. Precious was a little thankful that she couldn’t laugh at Clara. The ditz clearly meant well, and good dolls love to be played with but Precious had crossed from ‘elegant makeup’, crossed right over ‘a bit much’ and was firmly in the land of the absurd at this point.

Finally, Clara declared that she was finished.

“Ohhh, look how pretty you are!” Clara admired her handwork.

“I’m thirsty, would you like some tea?”

“Precious loves tea parties!” Precious heard herself say. Apparently, that was a trigger too.

“Ohh, a tea party, that’s such a fun idea, Precious! Follow me!”. Clara set off, and Precious obediently followed, still a bit hobbled by her heels. Clara led them to the kitchen.

“Oh you should sit down, I remember how hard heels were at first, I can make the tea!” She went to the tea cupboard and moved around a few tins and boxes, before setting on one. “You gotta try this, it’s like a sweet peachy tea, it’s so good with honey”. Clara boiled the water in an electric kettle, and steeped the tea. It didn’t take too long before Precious had a beautiful teacup in her hand, and a plate of warmed up biscuits in front of her.

“Go ahead, try it!”. Precious’ hand lifted the cup to her lips, and she gave the tea a dainty sip. It was absolutely incredible, possibly the most delicious tea she had ever had in her entire life. Clara sat down across from Precious, and together they enjoyed their light dinner of tea and biscuits. Clara cleared the table, and washed the dishes, leaving them to dry on a rack. Precious noted that Clara had left splashes of water all around the sink, but the back of her mind reminded her she didn’t need to worry about that sort of thing anymore.  Dinner cleaned up, Clara brought Precious back to her bedroom.

“Let’s watch a movie! You can go sit in that armchair, it’s like, super cozy, I’ve fallen asleep in it before” Precious felt herself get settled into a comfortable position. “I have to go wash up, don’t wanna get make-up all over my sheets! When Clara came out of the bathroom, she strolled over to the TV, and started looking through a stack of DVDs.

“Uhhh, how about… this one!”

It was some romantic comedy about a prince falling for some girl in ‘poverty’ and giving her everything she ever wanted. She learned how to act in high society while he learned to not be so caught up in what people expected him to be.  There was no substance to it, but it was pretty cute escapism. The movie ended, and in the quiet, Precious heard tiny little snores. Clara had fallen asleep at some point, snuggling close to all her fluffy pink sheets. It was probably time she got into her own bed. Precious prepared to stand up, and then realized… she was still bound.

… Uh oh.

She wasn’t in any danger. Something in her mind told Precious that if, for example, the mansion caught fire, she would be able to move. But this was just…inconvenient. At least Clara had left her in a comfortable seat hopefully she wouldn’t be too sore in the morning. it took some time, but Precious did eventually fall asleep.

She dreamed of tea parties and makeup.

Precious woke up with the sun, finding herself still bound … waiting in the gentle light of Clara’s bedroom. Her bladder had some very firm words for her. Apparently, her trigger didn’t consider that enough of an ‘emergency’ to release. Worse, Clara apparently liked to sleep in…  Precious found herself trying to telepathically yell at Clara to wake up.  It didn’t work. When Clara DID wake up, she yelped in terror and nearly fell out of her bed, before realizing who she was looking at.

“Sorry Precious, I thought someone had broken into my room, but, ummm, why did you sleep on the chair?” Clara waited for a response, and after a second too long, pulled herself totally out of bed, and strolled over to the armchair to check on Precious “Are you okay, are you mad at me?” Clara looked confused, and maybe a bit hurt for a moment, and then had a dull expression of realization

 “OMIGOSH I AM SO SO SORRY!, I totally forgot about that! Right, right, right, Umm! One second, Precious, I think I left it on the table” Precious darted over to the makeup table, and frantically searched for the cue card.

“I found it Precious!” Clara was mouthing the words she was reading on the card, until
“Ah! Precious Dolly, Unbound!”  With that, Precious could move again. She immediately stood up and started moving as fast as she could in her heels towards Clara’s private bathroom.


When she was done, and was washing her hands, Precious caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and started laughing at the absurdity of her face, covered in stickers and glitter. She took the time to wash at least most of it off, to help her skin feel fresh again. Still, Brandy thought to herself, that it really was a fun night.  She was still smiling when she walked out of the bathroom, and saw Clara blubbering on her bed.

“I’m so so so so sorry Precious! Please don’t be mad! I just forgot!” The poor thing was so worked up about her mistake…

“Can I sit down beside you?” Clara nodded, sniffling.

“I’m not mad. I can’t be mad at you for just forgetting something” Clara pulled Precious in a big hug, so enthusiastically that they both fell backwards into the bed. She was so warm. The bed was so soft.  They snuggled together, quietly enjoying each other’s company…  laying against Clara, Precious felt herself starting to fall asleep again… Clara’s breathing calmed down, and she whispered down at Precious.

“Usually when I mess something up around here, I get like, in so much trouble… but you’re so nice… I’m glad you’re my dolly”.

Precious was glad too.

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