Maid For This: a HTPYCL Fanfiction.

Full Circle

by bendy

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #author_self_insert #bdsm #bimbo #brainwash #casual_enslavement #consensual_non-consent #degradation #dom:nb #drones #f/nb #maid #nonbinary_character #petplay #sadomasochism #transgender_characters
See spoiler tags : #dollification

Brandy trains a new maid... and recieves a...promotion?

Even after years in the mansion time with Mistress or Her Highness was still uncommon, but Brandy knew that they appreciated and noticed all her hard work. It seemed like she was one of the most frequently called upon when they had high status guests. She was one of only a handful of servants allowed to directly clean their personal areas. They had even given Brandy a small list of trigger words for the more troublesome members of their harem.

“In case they ever intrude upon your work”, Mistress explained,

“Or just for fun”, Her Highness had added. Brandy never felt any inclination to use them for any devious purpose. Though occasionally, Lisa would crawl by and try to rope one of the maids into her latest escape attempt. Brandy would usually just give her one of her triggers and send her back to her room, rolling her eyes as the brat happily went off to do whatever she did when she wasn’t getting in the way.

This level of trust meant it wasn’t exactly a surprise to Brandy when she was called to Mistress’ home office and told,

“I am entrusting you with an additional responsibility for the next week. We have found a suitable replacement for some recent departures and would like you to take on the responsibility of training her. As we are…” Mistress looked distracted, and like she was choosing her words carefully “Currently without a head maid, at the end of each day, you will come to my office, and present me with a brief report on how your trainee is progressing”. Brandy wondered what had happened to Natalie, but decided it was probably best not to ask any questions.

“I will do my utmost to train her to your satisfaction, Mistress”.

Jasmine continued “She will be arriving tomorrow at 7am. You will greet her at the servant entrance parlor. These are what we observed during her interview. Dismissed”. Brandy curtseyed, took the notes on her trainee, ‘Hanna’, and left. ‘Dismissed’ meant that Mistress wasn’t accepting any questions or comments at that time.

Brandy waited in the parlor, head bowed, listening for the sound of Mistress’ heels. She led in a very thin woman with mousy brown hair and freckles. Hanna was shaking, poor thing.

“This is Miss Brandy”, Mistress introduced her, “She has been with us for nearly 3 years now. She will be the one training you. Listen to everything she says. She will be reporting your progress to me and providing a recommendation on if we should keep you on or not. Ultimately however, the choice remains with my wife and I”. With that, Jasmine went off to whatever business she had. Brandy noted that she didn’t wish Hanna good luck, as she had done with Brandy.

Brandy gave Hanna a soft smile and indicated to the new girl that she should follow Brandy.

“Don’t worry. She’s not really that mean, she just doesn’t have time to be polite. Just do your best, and she’ll notice and appreciate you”.

Hanna smiled, for just a moment, “Thanks… that…actually helps”, and her lips returned to the neutral position.

“So, how’d you get here?” Brandy asked.

Hanna shrugged. “I was doing a research project on the dark web, and I found this advertisement”. Brandy stifled a laugh. She had suspected for a while now that the entire dark web approach was just to get the new hires off balance during the interview.

“Okay, I know the rest. But, like, why did you take the job?” Hanna blushed.

“I, Uh…” She mumbled off.

Brandy gave Hanna another gentle smile.

“They’re pretty open about what this job is, Hanna. Everyone here knew what they were getting into, so there is no need to be embarrassed”.

Hanna took a deep breath.

“I always wondered what a *real* kink mansion was like. I know I can’t tell anyone, I signed the contract, but like, now *I’ll* know. Besides, it pays way better than cleaning up at a hotel did”.

“Oh, you’ve already got some experience! That’ll help a lot! I was so clueless when I first got here”. Brandy chuckled. They’d arrived at Hannah’s new room. “And here we are! Casa de Hanna! Take a look inside!”.

Hannah looked up and down the hall, before opening the door, and stepping inside. Brandy followed Hanna into her room. “In the desk, there’s a notepad, you can write down any stuff you want for your room, like, if you really like a certain soap or something, you can just put that down”.

Hanna pushed her bag under the bed, and wandered into the bathroom.

“The tub is huuuuuuge” she called out.

“You should see the one that her Highness has”! Brandy replied. Hanna came back out. Her wide-eyed expression of awe melted brandy’s heart. But they couldn’t linger. Brandy gestured to Hanna to follow her back out.

“So, let me give you the tour. Don’t worry about actually remembering where everything is for the first while, I’ll make sure you can’t get too lost. But there’s a lot to do around here once you start getting days off. The pool is wonderful, and if you like working out, you might run into Kae on occasion, they’re part of the harem, one of the more sociable members”.

“harem?” Hanna squeaked.

“Oh yeah, they’ve got 24/7 slaves. Last I heard, there’s 8 of them now. I think, at least. Could be way more or way less. No idea where they find the time”. Brandy shrugged. “But I’ve been here for years and still haven’t met them all. It’s not that we aren’t allowed to meet them, they just have their own things going on” Brandy led Hanna through the routine. The kitchen, getting fitted for her uniforms, and then right into the work of maintaining a mansion.

The first day flew by. Hanna was much more excited and eager than Brandy remembered being when she first arrived. She’d gotten a lot less fearful than she had been when she arrived this morning, for sure. Hanna asked so many questions, about the harem, about the rules, about how the servants kept everything straight in their heads. As excited as Hanna was for the play parties, she was completely awed by the libraries, even more so by the fact that it was libraries, plural.

“Can we take anything we want from them?!” she had practically shouted. Brandy nodded.

“Her Highness keeps the rare ones upstairs, but otherwise, we’re allowed to amuse ourselves”.

Hanna didn’t even really need much help with cleaning, she would check the guide, get the required supplies from the cart, and get to work, quickly and efficiently. As far as Brandy was concerned, she basically had the day off.

Still, Hanna was dead on her feet by the end of the day. Brandy walked her back to her room.
“Get a good sleep! Honestly, you did very, very well today!” Hanna groggily nodded her thanks, and shut the door behind her. Brandy headed to Mistress’ office immediately afterwards. She gave a quiet knock on the door and received an invitation to enter.

“How did Miss Hannah perform?” Mistress didn’t look away from her work. The way she multitasked had always impressed Brandy.

“She’s eager. A very good worker. I don’t know if she’ll stay past her first contract though. It’s mostly about curiosity for her”.

“Hm”, Mistress said, “Dismissed”, and so, Brandy left.

Hanna’s first week went much smoother than Brandy’s had. No medical appointments, no weird ‘test’ from Diana. Really, it was just like having an eager helper. Hanna was so precious in her maid outfit. Brandy helped her tie her hair up the first time, making sure not a single stray hair wandered out.

“Your appearance tells our Mistresses how seriously you take your service to them, and it tells their guests what kind of servants they will tolerate. So, we have to look our very best!” Brandy felt bad sending Hanna to Seymour, but it had to be done. Still, she tried to give Hanna what suggestions she thought would be most helpful.

“He just wants us to be the best servants we can be, and he takes that super seriously. It’s never personal”, Brandy explained.

It was a lovely experience, being a mentor. She introduced Hanna to some of the other servants, and saw her mentee already beginning to have some friendships.

Finally at the end of the week, Jasmine asked for the final assessment.

“She is doing much better than I did when I was new, Mistress. Even if she only stays for one contract, I would say she’s worth your investment”. Jasmine nodded.

“I will take that into account. You are done training her. You can go now”. Brandy curtseyed, and started to go, but a question arose in her mind, and she paused. Jasmine raised an eyebrow.

“Was there something else?” Jasmine asked, a note of irritation in her voice.

“What…did Jenny have to say about me after my first week, Mistress?” Jasmine’s expression softened.

“She said… “You’ll get out of her what you put in. Nobody’s believed in her before. That’s all she needs to give you her best’”. Jasmine smiled, just a small thin smile at Brandy. There was something knowing behind it. “She was right. Dismissed, Miss Brandy”. Jasmine’s expression stayed soft, but her words made it clear that she wasn’t tolerating any more intrusion.

After doing this job for a few years, any disruption to the routine stuck out. So when Brandy started her week, and her schedule told her she was to report to the Master Bedroom, to THEIR bedroom, and the rest of her week simply said ‘N/A’, she found it more than a bit unusual.

Still, she obediently went off to where she was expected to go. She knocked on the door to the bedroom.

“Come in”. Mistress said. Brandy entered and noticed that Diana and Jasmine were sitting on a two person couch, snuggled together, in a way that made Brandy’s heart swell. They were such a lovely couple. It was rare to get to see them both, and rarer still as a servant to see such tenderness shared between then. The desk in front of them had a few stacks of paper…

“Please, sit down”, her Highness indicated the chair on the other side of the desk. There was something…unusual in her tone, Brandy couldn’t quite place it. Brandy obeyed, gracefully seating heself in the plush chair.

“We have something rather important to discuss with you, Miss Brandy”. Jasmine looked down at Diana for a moment. “If you could look at the paper in front of you”.

Brandy took the page in her hand. It was… a list… search terms, times, and dates. And with a moment of shock, Brandy realized it was her own search history. Not everything, of course. But certain… erotic searches, all with a certain theme in mind.

“Erotic Hypnosis, brain washing, mind control, conditioning” Jasmine recited. “It seems we have something of a hypnoslut working for us, wouldn’t you say?”

“Mistress, I” but Jasmine just made a sharp hushing noise.

“I wasn’t asking you, Miss Brandy, I was asking my beloved”. Diana smiled up at Jasmine.

“It would be hard to come up with any other conclusion from that sort of search history”.

“Indeed. And that is not our only evidence. Diana here says that she’s played around in your head a few times over the course of your service to us. Apparently you were quite the eager subject”. Brandy was flushed.. something about the tone of Jasmine’s voice… She knew she wasn’t ‘in trouble’, but… they were definitely degrading her. “You know, dear, now that I think about it… Miss Brandy has always been one of our more *eagerly obedient* maids, hasn’t she?” Brandy was squirming in her seat… her Mistresses talking about her like she wasn’t even there, something about that made her so hot.

“I would say so! You know, when I invited her into my bath, she didn’t even protest a little bit to her boss taking her virginity! She begged for it, the little slut!” Jasmine laughed. Brandy felt herself soaking through her underwear.

“I remember one time she told me she’d let a guest buy her for the night if I ordered it!” Brandy couldn’t say anything to defend herself, she just sat there, in her shame, and her arousal. Everything they were saying was completely true, after all… Jasmine continued “But just look at her! She’s already so hot from all these things we’ve been saying about her. I bet she would give anything to get her hands between her leg! Whatever will we do, dearest? We can’t let this sort of wanton slut go around representing us! It just wouldn’t do!”

“Oh, you’re right… But I’m so fond of her, and we put so much money and work into training her up, we can’t just let her go either!” Jasmine nodded, seriously.

“You’re absolutely right. It really seems there is only one solution”. They both turned to look at Brandy, who was already gasping with need.

“We will have to own you” Diana said. After she said those words, it was like a weight had lifted off her entire body. She relaxed into her partner. Brandy moaned, she was so hot, so horny, but what she was heading couldn’t be right…

“I-i’m sorry, M-mistress, y-your Highness. I-i’m not sure I understand what you mean”. Jasmine pushed over a piece of paper. Brandy was very familiar with her regular contract as a maid, but this… was something else. She skimmed the language. It was broader… if Brandy understood it right, this contract was basically…signing away someone’s entire life.

Jasmine explained, “We want you to join our harem. This was not a decision reached lightly. We have been discussing this possibility for…quite some time now. Refusal will not mean forfeiting your current position, you can, of course, continue as our maid, and we would be quite happy if you were to do so. But I do hope you can appreciate that this is not an offer that will be made again. We have never turned a servant into a plaything before”.

Diana spoke up this time. “If you do this, things will change between us. We will no longer be interested in your consent for whatever we want to do to your body or your mind. While I do not doubt your willingness to obey, this is not an order. this has to be entirely your choice”. Brandy didn’t need time to consider. There was only one choice to be made.

“p-please, I want it” Brandy was rocking back and forth in her chair, giving her clit the tiniest amount of stimulation.

“You’ve already agreed to much of what is in this contract during your time as our maid, so let’s skip over that, and just get to the fun parts. Do you understand we will hypnotize you into being whoever we want you to be, and acting however we want you to act?”. Brandy’s pussy clenched.

“Yes, Mistress!”. Jasmine’s smirked at Brandy’s eagerness.

““Do you intend to follow orders such as requests for sexual favors and dressing how we want despite being demeaning or embarrassing?”

Brandy couldn’t wait. “Yes, Mistress!”

““Do you understand that you will sign a binding, irrevocable contract to give full control over your life to us, and that this contract cannot be reversed and that there are legal consequences if you try to escape?”

Brandy giggled at the idea that anyone would ever WANT to escape.

“Yes, Mistress!”. Diana’s eyes were shimmering with a predatory glee.

“Well then, dearest. I believe there’s only one thing left to do”. Jasmine nodded

“Absolutely. Traditionally we would say this is part of the interview. But truthfully, we all know you’re already ours, don’t we?” Brandy nodded, and giggled, biting her lower lip.

“Strip for us. I want to see what we’ve been paying for this whole time”. It took a moment to get out of her uniform, but thankfully Mistress and Her Highness were also well dressed, so they were all naked at about the same time. Brandy tried to take them both in. It was the first time she’d seen her Mistress undressed at all. She watched Jasmine come around the desk trailing a finger over the top of it. She’d been subject to Mistress’ assessments in the past, but there was something about how hungry Mistress looked that made Brandy feel incredibly vulnerable, in all the best ways. Mistress strolled around, behind Brandy… she nestled her head into Brandy’s neck, and started kissing, nibbling, biting down hard. Brandy moaned and screamed, and, still biting down, Jasmine shook her head a bit, marking up that delicate skin… Brandy felt four hands running up and down her body, all over, squeezing and pinching…

“What lovely breasts our new toy has” Jasmine said, cupping them both from behind, twisting the nipples between her index fingers and thumbs “I think they could do with some decoration, however”.

“Thank you, Mistress” Brandy whimpered, before gasping. She hadn’t even noticed Diana working her way between her legs… she was licking, sucking on Brandy’s clit, it felt divine.

“thaaaaaankyou Highnesss” Brandy managed to groan.

“Impressive” Jasmine said, “You have such good manners”. Brandy thanked her Mistress too. Jasmine worked her hand up through Brandy’s hair, and then twisted what she had gathered between her fingers, pulling Brandy’s head back hard. Brandy felt her pussy gush it’s approval.

“Oh, not just a hypnoslut, a painslut too!” Diana seemed especially pleased.

“thnkyu misstrs” Brandy mumbled. Between the pain and the pleasure, the thrill of what her future might be, and the beautiful women using her as they pleased, even Brandy was impressed she had managed that much.

Diana made an excited noise, as if an idea had just occurred to her. “Oh darling, bring her to the bed, she was so tight, I want to feel her pussy again!”

Brandy felt herself being led over to the massive, luxurious bed. It wasn’t even a choice to follow, her body just moved where the two women told it to move. Brandy was laying on her back, on the bed, her legs were being spread, and she was being filled… her eyes rolled back in her head… and then she was slapped across the face.

“Don’t get too lost in pleasure to be of use to me”. Jasmine straddled herself over Brandy’s face, her vulva taking up all of Brandy’s view.

“Suck”. She ordered, and Brandy did. She dove in, messily, eagerly, trying so very hard to please her Mistress. It was far from skillful. Jasmine grabbed her hair, and pulled Brandy’s head around to try to make her hit the parts that would be most enjoyable… and eventually, even in this pleasure-fogged state, Brandy learned to please her Mistress in a new way… Jasmine was moaning, thrusting down into Brandy’s face, as Diana fucked Brandy’s pussy for all it was worth. If Brandy’s brain had still been functioning, she might have wondered if this was something the pair had practiced, or if they just enjoyed each other’s pleasure so much, but when Diana came, Jasmine’s orgasm followed a moment later…

She had been used by them. That was the thought that pushed Brandy over. The three collapsed onto each other. Occasionally one would twitch with afterglow… Jasmine was the first to get up, to start cleaning herself up… Brandy tried to move, but felt herself held in place by Diana, who pulled her close, like a stuffed animal, or a body pillow… She whispered into Brandy’s ear.

“Oh, my precious new plaything... What plans I have for you”. Brandy just moaned.

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