Maid For This: a HTPYCL Fanfiction.


by bendy

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #author_self_insert #bdsm #bimbo #brainwash #casual_enslavement #consensual_non-consent #degradation #dom:nb #drones #f/nb #maid #nonbinary_character #petplay #sadomasochism #transgender_characters
See spoiler tags : #dollification

CW: This details a transgender character recieving gender affirming surgeries, including detailing the recovery period.

Brandy gets a vagina. Diana makes sure that it is put to good use.

CW: Surgery.

Travelling for surgery was the longest time Brandy had spent away from the mansion since accepting the job as a maid. It was very odd.  She felt awful thinking it, but being in the mansion had warped her sense of what ‘normal people’ looked like. It was odd seeing people walk around without purpose, people with poor posture. Outfits with holes in them and stains on them.  It made Brandy feel an odd sort of pride. Out here, whenever people thought she looked good, whenever she noticed someone ‘staring’, she was representing her Mistresses and doing it well.

The surgical center was like any hospital Brandy had been in. Sterile, the smell of ammonia. The only thing different was the staff. Brandy thought most people in hospitals looked sort of miserable. But every member of the staff here had such a genuine affection in their eyes. Brandy supposed that working at a gender affirming surgery clinic, you got to see people achieve life-long dreams. That had to be validating.

They ran Brandy through consent forms, understandings of what surgery could and could not do for her. The risks of a worst-case scenario. It wasn’t anything Brandy hadn’t been reading about for over a decade on online forums. The entire day was like a dream. “This is really happening”. She repeated over and over.  Early in the afternoon, it was her turn for surgery… Nurses put her in the stirrups, and explained how they would both numb the area and put her to sleep. The anesthesiologist put a mask over her face, and asked her to say the alphabet backwards… Brandy made it to ‘U’.

And then she woke up. She still couldn’t quite feel her legs. She looked over at the surgeon who was smiling. He looked like a grandfather.

“h-how did it go?” she gurgled out. Her mouth was so dry.

“Perfect, perfect” He said. Brandy closed her eyes again…

She woke up in the care home. It was much better than a hospital, with images of butterflies all over the walls. Brandy noticed a massive, beautiful bouquet of flowers on her night table. A nurse she hadn’t noticed started speaking.

“Yes, those are for you. Whoever Diana and Jasmine are, they must really care about you. There’s a card” the nurse pointed out. Brandy reached over, but her arms didn’t really want to cooperate.

“here, let me get that for you”. The nurse opened the card and handed it to Brandy. 

“We hope your surgery goes as smoothly as possible, and that you will return to us knowing comfort in your own body. Best wishes, Diana and Jasmine” Diana had been the one to actually write out the words, but Jasmine did at least take the time to sign her name to it.

The care staff were gentle, but firm. They wanted Brandy up and walking immediately. While they gave her all the painkillers she needed, and made sure she had fresh bags of ice to keep the swelling down, her entire body still ached, and her legs really didn’t want to work the way Brandy was used to them working. All the dressing made Brandy feel like she was wearing a diaper, and over the next few days, her entire midsection was covered in a bruise… but ‘it’ was ‘gone’. She couldn’t quite feel how her new anatomy worked yet, it was numbness, but even that was enough to tell her she had finally done it.

The feeling of the stent inside her was awful, especially when walking, or peeing after they removed the catheter and Brandy was relieved on the day they finally removed it all together… and the first time she could finally get a full look at herself.  Being honest with herself, it wasn’t attractive. Her new anatomy was inflamed and covered in scabs that the care staff told her to just let fall off in their own due time. But still, in it’s own weird way, it was beautiful.

Dilation on the other hand, was boring. Laying there with an uncomfortable ‘medical dildo’ inside her. Brandy hadn’t expected it to be ‘enjoyable’, but just how tedious it quickly became was something Brandy wasn’t prepared for. The food from the care home was acceptable, but Brandy admitted to herself that she had been spoiled by the chefs at the mansion.

The two weeks of time at the recovery home came and went quickly enough. Coming back to the Mansion, to the first place Brandy had ever really thought of as ‘Home’, was even more meaningful when she was wheeled into the servant’s entrance… A massive pink ‘Congratulations Brandy’ banner was hanging in the entryway, and she was overwhelmed with the applause that she received from all the staff who’d shown up… Liz was crying… Diana and Jasmine were not there, but Liz explained they’d all gotten the afternoon off for this party. Not that Brandy was really in a partying mood. She was exhausted from flights, and she had to dilate. Again.

Dilation took up most of Brandy’s time for the next few months, but she was grateful that Liz had once again been assigned to help Brandy with whatever she required. Mostly it was fresh towels, lube, and to keep the bathtub as clean as possible… The rest of the time, Brandy slept, her body reminding her that, as much as she’d wanted this, it was a major surgery, and she needed to heal.

Slowly, over the next 4 months, Brandy was able to return to work. She still needed to dilate 3 times a day, and her schedule worked around that. Then when it was down to twice a day, she was returned to a normal work schedule, since she could dilate once in the morning, before starting work, and then in the evening, before bed… But it wasn’t until she was down to only having to go through the whole routine 3 days out of the week, Brandy really felt like she was ‘free’.

The aftercare papers…and Doctor Owens… said that technically, she could replace dilation with penetrative sex if Brandy had anyone she wanted to do that with… But she didn’t. Liz and Brandy enjoyed each other at the play parties. But it never became sexual, and they were both just fine with that… But it also meant that dilation was, at least for the foreseeable future, the only way Brandy was going to maintain her new vagina.

 It was nice to get back to work. Brandy had missed the feeling of purpose, the satisfaction of seeing a cleaned room. So much medical leave had made Brandy a bit rusty at her service, and she kept checking with the books and notes to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything in all her time off… but it didn’t take too long to get back into the swing of things. Somehow, since recovering, everything just seemed, lighter somehow. It wasn’t that surgery had solved all her problems; it was just…that she had one big problem she didn’t have to deal with anymore. 

It was about 6 months after surgery, just after signing a second renewal of Brandy’s contract, that Diana found her cleaning a conference room.

“Excuse me”, her Highness called to Brandy, “But I would like your assistance with something if it is not too much trouble”. Of course, it wasn’t. Her Highness was less ‘direct’ in her wording than Mistress, but an order was still an order. She led Brandy through the halls, and up, up the many flights of stairs to the top floor, which meant whatever Diana wanted Brandy’s help with, it was in the personal areas of either herself or Mistress.  She led Brandy through a magnificent door… into a bathroom. It had the largest shower Brandy had ever seen, private changing areas… Brandy looked around, wondering what she could possibly help with, trying to find a mess that needed more immediate attention. Diana seemed to know exactly what Brandy was thinking, because she explained,

“I simply want a helping hand washing myself up”. Brandy thought that her Highnesses voice was teasing,  but dismissed it as wishful thinking.  Diana walked behind one of the private areas to undress, occasionally throwing an article of clothing into a laundry bin. While she did that, Brandy really took in the sight around her. Everything in the bathroom was magnificent.  White marble, gold…all manner of previous stones were used in decorating this bathroom. Not for the first time, Brandy admitted she really thought that there were better uses for that much money, but she couldn’t deny the effect.

Diana walked out from behind the sectional, completely naked. Brandy kept her eyes down. She wanted to see what Her Highness was like, but she was there to work, not to ogle.

“There’s no need to be shy, I am certain I have nothing you haven’t seen before”. Brandy looked up. Her Highness was beautiful. Silky smooth skin… not a single blemish anywhere… beautiful breasts, with some of the cutest nipples Brandy had ever seen, and then lower… Brandy realized something.

“You…?” Brandy trailed off.

So much finally made sense. Why they gave her a chance. Why Diana had been so gentle, so invested in her progress as a maid. Why Jasmine even seemed to have a soft spot for Brandy. She reminded Jasmine of her wife.

Diana just smiled “Me”. She confirmed, and then looked Brandy up and down.

“Do you… often shower in your uniform?” Brandy shook her head.

“No, your Highness, I-“

“Then get undressed. You can put your things in my laundry basket, I’ll give you a housecoat to cover yourself with afterwards”. Brandy hurriedly got naked, and Diana invited Brandy into ‘the shower’, which was larger than some rooms. Diana seemed to like her water a bit cooler than Brandy did, but it wasn’t ‘cold’. Diana directed Brandy which products she was supposed to use, how long to keep them in her hair and then wash them out with a shower wand…

“So,” Diana said,” What does it feel like?”. There was only one ‘it’ that Brandy could think of.

Brandy searched for the right words while massaging soap into Diana’s back.

“The same in some ways, different in others. I guess all I could say is… right. It feels right, your Highness”.

“I am curious. You don’t have to answer this, but, had you ever penetrated someone, before?” Brandy nodded.

“Yeah, it was… I thought that maybe if I just felt what sex was like, I would stop wanting to ‘be a girl’, you know? It was… pretty bad for both of us”. Brandy gave a small smile.  That was an understatement. Her only attempt at sex pre-op had ended up with Brandy in tears as a very confused partner tried to comfort her. It was funnier in hindsight. Brandy was kneeling down in front of Diana now, working on something of a pedicure.

“What a pity.. I’ve always felt that someone’s first time should be something to remember positively”.

“I guess I’m pretty lucky that I get a second chance at a ‘first time’ then”. Brandy smiled.

Diana gently put two fingers under Brandy’s chin, and lifted her head up, to look directly at her.

“Your Highness?”  Diana leaned closer… Brandy had to push down the instinct to kiss her.

“If you want, and only if you truly want, I would consider it a privilege to make certain this time is something you will never forget”.

Brandy wondered if this had always been what Diana had planned. She nodded. And Diana leaned in and kissed Brandy. Brandy tried to return the affection, but her Highness pulled away, giggling. For a moment, Brandy worried that it had all been a test, and she had failed, but Diana’s eyes had just as much care in them as ever.

“You’re really not great at that” she laughed, and Brandy looked away, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness”

“no, no, it’s cute. Tells me how innocent you really are… besides, I’d rather you put your tongue to use in other ways…”. She spread her legs on her seat, and twitched her cock a few times, to emphasize the point.

Brandy took a chance on a quip, “What about my innocence?”

“Overrated”, Diana grinned.

Brandy leaned in, and lowered her mouth around Diana… A memory from months ago came up, tasting a pair of silken panties… this was so much better.  Brandy thought about what might have felt good on her previous anatomy, and teased the underside of the head, bobbing her head up and down…  She reached a hand between her legs and started to tease her clit… though still giving most of her attention to trying to please Diana…she seemed to be doing okay, because not only was her Highness’ cock getting harder, bigger… Diana rested a hand on the back of Brandy’s head, and leaned back, giving deep moans.  Brandy tried to suppress her gag reflex, to give Diana as much of her throat as she could… she moved her head faster and faster, enjoying her own gagging noises… until Diana took a firmer hold of Brandy’s hair, and held her back.

“Okay, okay. That is enough”, Diana gasped out.

Brandy stopped, and looked up at Diana, hoping she had done well enough. “As much as I am enjoying your eager work…this is supposed to be about you”. Brandy blushed.  “Go get comfortable”.

Brandy now understood why this shower was so large. The back of the shower was almost ‘cushioned’, in a way… like having a bed in the shower… She lay back, and Diana crawled on top of her.

“You’re so beautiful”. Diana said, and she started to kiss Brandy… nibbling on her ear, sucking on her neck, as one of her hands massaged Brandy’s left breast, rapidly flicking and teasing the nipple.

She moved lower and lower, and suckled on the right breast for a few minutes. Diana was just as tender as Brandy had imagined. Every kiss down her body was like electricity…She squirmed in pleasure, and she felt her new pussy clenching. Diana spread Brandy’s legs and moved so she was between them… She rubbed between brandy’s legs, teasing her vulva, and then grabbed a bottle of lube, preparing herself to take Brandy’s neoviginity.

Diana stopped, her cock just in front of the entrance Brandy’s neovagina. She looked at Brandy, flushed with need, but also deadly serious. “I want you to be sure”.

Brandy had never wanted anything more in her life. “Please,please,please, I want you, please fuck me, your Highness”.

“Well, since you said ‘please’”. She pushed her entire length in. It was slow, but firm, until she bottomed out inside of Brandy.  Brandy’s eyes rolled back in her head, she felt so wonderfully full, so right, so good. Together, they moaned their pleasure.

“so…tight” Diana groaned, and then, slowly, began thrusting into Brandy. Brandy felt the stimulation in her prostate, the wonderful fullness. It felt better than anything she had ever experienced. She gasped and moaned as Diana pulled out and pushed back into her, over and over, and over. Brandy tried to say how much she was enjoying this, how thankful she was that Diana was the one to show her this experience… but what she said was,

“yes,yes,yes, more,please,yes,moresogood, thankyouhighness, yesyes,yes,fuckmefuckmeyes”

Diana seemed to be enjoying herself too, because her moans and grunts were getting deeper and she kept saying “Good girl” over and over…  Diana was thrusting into her so fast, and then she stopped, deep, deep inside her… Brandy felt Diana’s nails digging into her back…She felt Diana cum inside of her, but Brandy’s own orgasm just seemed on the other side of a hill she just couldn’t crest… Diana took a moment to enjoy her own afterglow…slowly pulled out, with a sensitive moan. Only then did Diana realize Brandy was still riding her own arousal. She grinned, and stuck two fingers inside Brandy, using her own cum as lube. Brandy moaned and screamed and humped into her Highnesses wonderful teasing fingers… but she couldn’t cum.

“Your body just doesn’t seem to know how to make this happen for you yet”. Diana looked at Brandy almost sadly. “Would you like a hypnotic helping hand?” Brandy nodded… she would have agreed to just about anything to cum at this point… and Diana brought back that melodic siren voice.

“Look into my eyes… Nothing else matters but my eyes…” Brandy was already so focused on Diana it wasn’t hard to listen to that…. and then it was like she blinked, Brandy didn’t know how much time had passed, but she was just as needy as she had been before, right on that edge. Diana’s fingers were still inside her, but her other hand was in front of Brandy’s eyes, and for some reason, that seemed like the most important thing to focus on.

Diana snapped her fingers “Cum for me”…  Brandy thought she was seeing stars… and then again, another snap, another “Cum for me”. Brandy’s entire back arched…  her pussy spasmed around the fingers inside of it, squeezing as tight as they could… logical thought was gone, all that remained was the pleasure. Brandy slowly started calm back down, but just as she was getting her breath back, starting to come back to herself, Diana snapped her fingers.

“Cum for me. I would never let it be said I am not a generous lover”.

Brandy collapsed into Diana’s arms, gasping for air, occasionally feeling another wave of pleasure shoot through her, the afterglow of the best orgasms she had ever had in her entire life…

“Such a good girl you are…” Diana whispered into her ear. “Remember, that command will fade as soon as we leave this room”.

Laying in bed at night, Brandy found that ever since she could fully connect to her own libido, it just wouldn’t quit. She used to cum maybe once or twice a week, but now, it was a nightly thing, if not more. The memory of Diana taking her neoviriginity provided plenty of wonderful images to rub her clit to, Brandy would replay what happened in her mind, over and over again. But she kept coming back to one part in particular. The command, the thought that she could be made to cum with just a few words, and a snap of someone’s fingers… It was such a hot idea. That she could be so totally controlled… She remembered all the way back to when she had seen Lisa, and remembered what her Mistresses were capable of if they truly wanted to get into someone’s mind… She needed more of that idea, that feeling…

Brandy grabbed her phone, opened the search engine and typed in “erotic mind control”. The Internet did not disappoint.


On the other end of the mansion, Diana’s phone made a happy little ‘ding!’. Reaching over from a bed that cost more than some homes, she scanned the monitoring software’s alert. It had been intended to make sure that none of their employees or slaves were violating the terms of their contracts online, so certain terms, like ‘hypnosis’ ‘mind control’ and ‘brainwashing’, all caused the system to alert them automatically. Diana looked over what the system was telling her about Brandy’s activity. She chuckled to herself, and then turned the phone over to Jasmine, who was still working on a tablet.

“I win”. Diana’s glee was palpable.Jasmine groaned. “Okay, you were right”.

“I want her” Diana said.

“I thought you already ‘had’ her”.  Jasmine smirked at her wife, giving her a side-eye.

“Not like that. I want to own her”.

Jasmine said nothing for quite some time. “We’ve never done that before. I need more time to think about it”.

Diana huffed, but accepted Jasmine’s response. Then, to make sure that it was clear that it wasn’t anything personal, made sure to say, “I love you”.

“I love you too, my Queen”, Jasmine replied.

“Don’t forget our bet” Diana sung the last word, and moved to straddle Jasmine, who smiled, and set aside her tablet, resigned.

“Yes, yes, okay, you get to top tonight”.

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