Maid For This: a HTPYCL Fanfiction.


by bendy

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CW: This details a transgender character recieving gender affirming surgeries, including detailing the recovery period.

Brandy gets a vagina. Diana makes sure that it is put to good use.

CW: Surgery.

The surgical center was like any other hospital Brandy had been to. Everything was sterile, and the entire building smelled faintly of ammonia. The only thing different was the staff. Most people working in hospitals that she’d seen looked sort of miserable. They certainly just didn’t have the time needed to give each patient a personal touch. But here, every member of the staff here had such genuine affection in their eyes. It made a certain amount of sense, she supposed. For her, and for others like her, this was a dream come true. She was finally getting her surgery, something she thought would never be possible for her. *If they get to see people like me every day here, it probably makes their work feel pretty rewarding.*

The morning of her surgery, the staff ran Brandy through consent forms, which she bore patiently. They made sure she had an understanding of what ‘gender reaffirming surgery’ could and could not do for her. They emphasized the risks of a worst-case scenario. It wasn’t anything Brandy hadn’t been reading about for over a decade, and the staff knew that, but they still had to do it. The entire day passed like a dream. *This is really happening,* she kept repeating to herself. There was nothing to do but wait until early in the afternoon, when it was her turn. Her heart raced as they led her into a small waiting room, as she changed into the hospital gown, and as she climbed into the bed she would actually be in while they performed the surgery. As nurses put her in the stirrups and explained how they would both numb the area and put her to sleep, Brandy craned her neck around the room. She was trying to take in everything she could, to remember this whole experience.

The anesthesiologist placed a triangular mask over her mouth. “Could you say the alphabet backwards for me?” he asked with a kind smile.

Brandy made it to U.

And then she woke up, still without any feeling in her legs, it was as if they had fallen asleep, they felt distant and numb. She tried wiggling a toe, and looking down, she could see it was moving, under the blankets. If not for the visual confirmation, Brandy would have had no idea if she had succeeded. The surgeon was standing beside her bed, he was smiling, and filling out something on a clipboard.

“h-how did it go?” she gurgled out.

“Perfect, perfect” he said, in a thick French accent, lifting his eyes from the paperwork for just a moment. Brandy’s eyes were closing again...

This time, she found herself waking up in the post-surgery care home. She didn’t even remember when she had been lifted from the surgical bed into the one she was laying in now. It was much better than the hospital-like atmosphere of the surgical center. This place would feel just like a bed and breakfast,  if not for the hospital bed with a privacy curtain. The pale blue walls were decorated with hand-painted butterflies. Rolling her eyes, Brandy thought, *Right, because we’re all beautiful butterflies coming out of our cocoons? That’s cheesy.*  Blinking away a little bit more of the post-surgery exhaustion, her eyes were drawn to a massive, beautiful bouquet of flowers on a small table to her right hand side. A nurse Brandy hadn’t noticed before spoke up.

“Whoever Diana and Jasmine are, they must really care about you. I’ve never seen a bouquet that large. There’s a card,” the nurse pointed out. Brandy tried reaching over to get it, but she was too exhausted, and sore. Getting the card from it would require lifting her shoulders off the bed. That would require energy she just didn’t have at the moment.

With a kind voice, the nurse said, “Here, let me get that for you”. Taking quick strides over to the table, she reached into the bouquet for the card, handing it to Brandy. Brandy opened the envelope. While the card was simple, plain white, but on quality paper, with an ornate pattern imprinted on the front. 

‘We hope your surgery goes as smoothly as possible, and that you will return to us knowing comfort in your own body. Best wishes, Diana and Jasmine.’ Diana had been the one to actually write out the words, but Jasmine had also taken the time to sign her name to it. Brandy smiled. *Better keep this somewhere safe,* Brandy thought. The letter would fit nicely with all the other mementos she kept from her employers.

Brandy smiled, it was so moving to read those words, and the warmth she felt in her heart was easing Brandy back into her dreamless rest.


The day after her surgery, Brandy discovered the care staff were gentle, but firm. They wanted Brandy up and walking immediately. They were generous with the painkillers she needed and made sure she had fresh bags of ice to keep the swelling down. But despite all that, her entire body still ached, and her legs really didn’t want to work the way Brandy was used to them working. The first time she stood up from the bed, she fell backwards right back into it. All the dressing made Brandy feel like she was wearing a diaper, and over the next few days, her entire midsection developed a massive bruise. She couldn’t quite feel how her new anatomy worked yet. Right now, the only thing she could feel between her legs was numbness, but even that was enough to bring a smile to her face. The first time they removed all the dressings was more exciting than any Christmas or birthday gift she had ever received. The first time she could finally get a full look at herself. Being honest with herself, it wasn’t attractive. Her new anatomy was swollen and covered in bruises and scabs. The sutures were still visible, the strings sticking out in a few places. Her vulva had all the marks of a major wound healing. Still, here it was, the reward for all her hard work at the mansion. The reason for everything she’d been through. In that way, it was strangely beautiful.

The two weeks of time at the recovery home came and went. It was odd. On the one hand, the full time work of post-surgery care meant that time passed quickly. All the same, she felt like she had been there forever, and getting to leave was a relief.

After one slightly uncomfortable flight made easier thanks to some heavy duty painkillers, Brandy was so close to being back at the mansion, her heart aching with anticipation and longing. Mistress and her Highness arranged for one of their cars to pick Brandy up from the airport. *I wonder if they would do this for all of the staff that work for them?* Exhausted from the flight, she drifted off to sleep as soon as the car started moving. It was a deep slumber, she didn’t wake again until the car stopped outside of the servant’s entrance.

Liz was waiting at the door for her, with a wheelchair. *Oh thank goodness*, Brandy thought. She had not been looking forward to walking through the entire mansion to get to her bed. Just a few minutes on her feet was still exhausting. She’d probably have collapsed before she made it anywhere near the servant’s quarters.

Liz practically ran down the entryway, meeting Brandy at the car. Duty came first, but after taking a moment to help her friend sit in the wheelchair, Liz gave Brandy a massive hug, while covering the top of her head in kisses.

“Oh, I missed you so much!” they beamed, “Are you hungry? Want to get something to eat quick?”

“Actually... yeah, that sounds amazing.” The food at the care home had been better than hospital food. But Brandy had to admit, she’d been spoiled by living at the mansion. Nothing compared to the daily buffets that cooks made for the servants.

Liz wheeled Brandy up the ramp, through the entryway, and down the hall towards the staff’s dining room. Suddenly, a wave of applause, people shouting ‘congratulations’. Brandy’s heart skipped a beat, startled by the noise. A massive banner with pink letters reading ‘Congratulations Brandy’ was hanging across the ceiling. There was a very impressive pink cake taking center stage in the room. Brandy looked around. She’d worked with everyone here at least once before. *I didn’t realize they cared so much,* Brandy thought to herself. *That’s really nice.* But among all the faces, she noticed that a particular pair was missing.

“Are Mistress or Her Highness coming?” Brandy asked Liz

Liz shook their head. “Mistress said they were too busy, but the rest of us got the afternoon off for the party!”

It was a small disappointment, Brandy hoped she would get to see them, but this was still special. Still, even as she appreciated the congratulations from all the other maids, Brandy wasn’t feeling much like partying. She was sore, jetlagged, and needed to get back to her room for dilation.

It could wait for a slice of that amazing-looking cake, though.

Staying just long enough to be polite, Brandy excused herself, thanking everyone one last time, before Liz wheeled her back to her room. Opening the door, she was instantly relieved. Yes, technically, nearly everything in this room belonged to Diana and Jasmine. But still, she’d missed *her* bed, *her* tub. The mansion felt more like home than anywhere else had in her entire life.

“I have to do my dilation. You can stay if you want.” Liz nodded, and while Brandy started undressing herself, Liz set to work, fetching Brandy everything she needed. Laying a towel over her bedding, to make sure that no lube or other goop from the process would get on the sheets. Liz even took a few moments to read over the aftercare guide and prepared the bath Brandy would need to sit in afterwards. When she’d finished, she came back,

“So, how’d it go?” Liz asked, taking a seat beside the bed.

Brandy smiled at Liz, it would be nice to have a distraction from the tedium and discomfort of the entire process.

“They said it went great, but I guess I won’t really know for a while yet. But even now, yeah... I know this is better.”

“That’s so awesome! How was the trip?”

Brandy took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled while inserting the dilator. “Honestly, and I feel bad saying this, was pretty weird.”

“What do you mean?”

“Like, just seeing... I guess, normal people? Everyone here, we all move with purpose. We’ve got to get to the next room, the next task. Even when we’re just having breakfast in our Pajamas, everyone is working to get their food done, so they can get a good rest, or make use of their day off, or get into uniform. Everyone takes careful steps. Everyone makes sure they are groomed and presentable. But out there... people wear things that are wrinkled and stained and ripped. Such poor posture. They aren’t concerned about how they represent someone.” Brandy’s mouth felt dry. She hadn’t talked this much for a while. Liz brought over a tall glass of cool water and held a straw to Brandy’s lips. It was quickly emptied. “It was just weird. I had to push down a lot of judgmental feelings. I had to remember how lucky I am to live here, and for everything Mistress and Her Highness have done for me. I noticed a lot of people looking at me.”

“That makes sense, you’re hot.” Liz winked, and Brandy blushed in response. Even a couple months ago, she would have doubted this. She might even have protested that she really wasn’t anything special. But Her Highness’ conditioning was still holding strong. *I am pretty cute, actually.*

“Thank you! I just...knew I was doing a good job representing Mistress and her Highness, you know?”

Liz rolled their eyes, but with a smile. “You really buy into all that, huh?”

Brandy was blushing as she whispered “yes.”


After a few weeks had passed, and Brandy could walk for a good amount of time without needing to rest, she started getting shifts again. It was nice to get back to work, even with a reduced schedule to account for her dilation schedule. Brandy had missed the feeling of purpose, the satisfaction of seeing a cleaned room. Plus, she needed to get back in the saddle. So much medical leave had made Brandy a bit rusty at actually doing the work. Something she discovered only her second day after returning to her duties.

 She was just finishing up a dinner of chicken thighs and steamed vegetables. She’d set her plate onto the cart for dirty dishes, where it would be taken away to be washed. Then she noticed that the room had gone deathly quiet. Brandy looked up trying to determine why everyone had stopped speaking, eating. Standing in the doorway, with a cross expression on her face, was Natalie. It was never a good thing when the head maid visited the staff room. All the staff in the room were looking around, eyes scanning to see who had erred badly enough to demand the direct attention of their superior.

“Brandy.” Natalie said, tersely. “Come with me, now.” Brandy tried her best to ignore the feeling of dozens of eyes on her. Swallowing her nervousness, she straightened out her apron, and followed Natalie. The head maid led Brandy through the mansion, not far, just to one of the guest rooms. One that Brandy had cleaned in the morning. Natalie opened the door gesturing to Brandy that she should enter first. Brandy stepped inside, but as soon as her back was turned to Natalie, the head maid grabbed a handful of Brandy’s hair, and twisted. Brandy gasped out in pain, which quickly turned into a lewd moan.

“Does this look acceptable to you, obedient slut?” Natalie’s voice was stern, but with a predatory playfulness.

Brandy whimpered, nervous as she was about whatever error she had committed, it was impossible not to flush at the reminder of the last time Natalie had taken any personal interest in her. Brandy knew that if she were able to see Natalie’s face, she’d see a cruel smirk plastered all over it.

Brandy started looking around the room, as best she could with Natalie holding her head in place. In her mind, she was running through a checklist of tasks, from top to bottom, the same way they cleaned. the lights and chandeliers had been dusted, and the bulbs obviously didn’t need to be replaced. Coming down the room, the windowsills looked to be in order. The desk, TV stand, and all the various decorations of the room looked like they had been wiped down and tidied. The bed... The bed. It was made wrong. She was supposed to do nursing corners. This created a tight, neat appearance for anyone that would use this room. Instead, she had just left the sheets hanging over the side. Brandy’s heart sank. *I can’t believe I missed something that obvious!*

“No, Miss Natalie. I will remake the bed.”

Natalie let go of Brandy’s hair. “Hm. At least I don’t have to tell you what you did wrong. Go check every other room you cleaned today as well. Do not let this happen again,” she finished, giving Brandy a gentle smack on her ass before leaving to do...whatever it was Natalie did when she wasn’t managing the maids.

Thankfully, none of the things Brandy had missed were labor intensive. It only took a couple extra hours to make certain that every room was up to the standards expected. After that, Brandy got back in the habit of checking with the books and notes to make sure she didn’t fall short of what Mistress and Her Highness expected ever again. Perhaps once, Brandy would have panicked about the mistake, things like that used to feel like life-and-death. Now, she just saw it as a problem to be solved, like a spill. Somehow, everything just felt easier than it ever had before.

Slowly, things got back to normal. An odd term for being a maid in a BDSM mansion, but still. Liz and Brandy were still a regular pairing at the Saturday night play parties. Not that they were in any way exclusive. As lovely as their flirtation was, it had never quite blossomed into anything more than an intimate friendship. Which suited them just fine. Liz played with others more often than Brandy did. They had switchy needs, and she would never be able to satisfy them.

Tonight was one such night. Brandy had come to the play party mostly to socialize. She hovered around the refreshments, making small talk with other members of the staff as they came to hydrate between rounds of debauchery. When she couldn’t stand any longer Brandy sat down in one of the plush leather chairs, watching Liz get suspended by Kendra. Kendra was easily the best rope top among the staff, so much so that there was something of a ‘waitlist’ to get to be a rope bunny for her. Liz had been waiting to get a scene with her for more than a month. It was incredible to watch as Kendra looped knots around Liz’s body, and then using the hardpoints in the dungeon ceiling, she lifted one of their legs up into the air. It exposed everything between Liz’s legs to anyone who was watching, but especially, was at the perfect height for Kendra’s tongue to start teasing the folds of Liz’s pussy.

It took a moment for Brandy to even realize what she was feeling. Arousal. It had been a while. Leaning back into the soft leather chair, Brandy spread her legs, and with her right hand, reached under the elastic of her panties. Her fingers explored, learning what felt good, what parts of her were still too sore to be played with... then she found the spot. A firm nub of pleasure. It wasn’t quite where she thought it would be, but she wasn’t going to argue with the results. Brandy experimented, she’d seen plenty of people with vulvas pleasure themselves in this room. So maybe if she made little circles with her fingers, the way she’d seem them do?

“aaaaa-hnnfff.” Yes, that did it.

Building deep inside her was a new feeling, a throbbing, a sense of ‘emptiness’ aching to be filled. *Maybe dilation tonight will actually feel good*, that got her imagination going  with flashes of what it might be like, being one of the lucky sex slaves in the mansion... Yet, as good as it felt, she couldn’t get anywhere near feeling like she was going to cum.

*Still, I learned what feels good for me tonight. I’d call that a success.*

Brandy just kept enjoying herself, watching the scenes, and eventually, closing her eyes, losing herself to a fantasy of being played with by Mistress and her Highness.

Liz rushed over after they had been disconnected from the ceiling.

“I saw you!” They said, grinning, “That’s new right?!”

Brandy nodded, still very turned on, she was flushed and breathless.

They both got themselves hydration, and held hands while walking back to Brandy’s room, which was closest.

Liz usually left after giving Brandy a goodbye kiss, but they lingered. 

“Hey, cutie?” Liz sounded very hesitant.

“Yes, Mxtress?’ 

Liz smiled, halfheartedly. “Can I come in?”

“Oh! Of course!”

“We should sit down”, they gestured to the bed. When they were sitting together, they snuggled close together. Liz started idly stroking Brandy’s hair. For a moment, they sat in silence. Brandy was loving the feeling of being held close by Liz, but there was something about the way they had spoken that left her wondering.

“Did... I do something wrong, Mxtress?”

“No, no! Not at all! Oh, you’re...” Liz started tearing up, and Brandy reached out, putting a hand on Liz’ thigh. Trying to offer support. “You’re such a good girl,” they said. They just looked over Brandy for a moment. 

“I’m... leaving soon. My contract is up next week, and I’m not going to be renewing it.”

Brandy's heart felt like it had been dipped in ice. She closed her eyes and took a sharp breath of air in, trying to breathe through the emotional pain. Liz reached out, gently brushing her hand through Brandy’s hair. That’s when the dam burst, and tears freely fell down Brandy’s face.

“What... are you going to do?”

Liz shrugged, “I bought some land and am thinking I’ll start farming like, sheep and stuff. But also, I want to offer a safe space for young queers to come to if they don’t have anywhere else, you know?”

“I bet you’ll do great at it”, Brandy sniffled.

Liz chuckled, “I’d better. Thanks to some connections from Mistress, I’ve got good places to sell the wool to. It’s still going to be a lot of work. Even with all the money I made working here, can’t afford to just sit on my butt.”

Brandy squeezed Liz’ hand, “You know how to work hard, I’m sure you’re going to do fine.” Liz grinned, but it quickly faded.

“I’ll miss you,” they said.

“I’ll miss you too.”

They sat together in silence for a moment.

Liz leaned in and kissed Brandy, just a quick little peck on the lips. “Can I stay the night? Not to do anything, just... I want to be with you.”



Brandy was lucky enough to have the day off when Liz’s last day at the mansion arrived. She couldn’t help but wonder if Natalie, or the Mistresses were aware enough of the relationships that formed among the staff to do this sort of thing intentionally, or if it was just a very welcome coincidence. Whatever the case, it meant they got to spend the entire day together, holding each other close, looking deep into each other’s eyes, and tenderly kissing one another. Nothing more needed to be said, so they were able to spend the day enjoying each other’s touch for as long as possible. It hurt when Liz vanished through the staff door. The first kind face she had seen at the mansion, and now, they were gone.

Things felt differently at the mansion after that. Not bad, just different. With both of her mentors gone, Brandy had a sense of... seniority in the mansion. Maybe it was the result of Diana playing around in her mind, she didn’t doubt herself anymore.There were still plenty of others who had been there longer. Obviously, Natalie, but there were plenty of other staff who had been there for years before Brandy arrived. Still, Brandy didn’t feel like she was overstepping anymore when telling another maid to correct their mistakes. Or the first time she stopped an argument.

She’d been passing by the guest rooms, on her way to clean The Walk-In Closet (entirely deserving of being capitalized, given that it was larger than most of the bedrooms in the Mansion). Brandy hadn’t really intended to overhear, it just happened when she was walking by. Not that the maids were bothering to lower their voices, anyone could have heard their argument.

“Hey, can you take over for a minute, I gotta go to the bathroom.”

“Seriously?! Again? No! You can wait until we’re done!”

“I have to pee!”

“You *always* ‘have to pee’ when it’s time to clean the bathrooms.”

“Cause I have to pee, bitch!”

*Okay, I should probably step in before this gets any worse,* Brandy thought, fully opening the door.

“Hey, hey! That’s enough, okay?”

The two looked at Brandy, stunned for a moment. Brandy used the pause to really take in the scene. The first maid was Vanessa, who the Mistresses called ‘Nessy’. She was the one who didn’t want to clean the bathrooms, and she was paired with Tina. The black haired Tina, not the Tina that had purple hair. *Couldn’t one of you go by your full name? or Kris? Kristy?*

 Brandy spoke in the softest tone she could, trying her best to reassure the two of them.. She didn’t want to scare them. “We don’t want Miss Natalie hearing you use that sort of language, do we?” The pair shook their heads together. 

“Now, I know not every job is fun. That’s why it’s important to take our fair turns. We’re a team here, all of us working together to make sure that this mansion is as perfect as it can be for Mistress and Her Highness. So, Vanessa, you’re going to clean the bathroom today. That’s all there is to it. Okay?”

Vanessa didn’t look happy, but she nodded, and said ‘Yes, Miss Brandy.”

It was weird, being addressed like she had any authority over them. But the work would get done. That was what mattered. Mistress and her Highness would have their mansion in order.

“Good. I’ll leave you to it then.”


It was about 6 months after surgery, just after signing a second renewal of Brandy’s contract, that Diana found her, cleaning a conference room.

“Excuse me”, she said, standing just inside the room,  “But I would like your assistance with something. If it is not too much trouble?” Of course, it wasn’t. Her Highness was sometimes less ‘direct’ in her wording than Mistress, but an order was still an order.  With a quick curtsy, and a ‘yes, Your Highness’, Brandy followed behind as the royal woman led her through the halls, and up, up the many flights of stairs to the top floor. Whatever Diana wanted Brandy’s help with, it was in the personal areas of either herself or Mistress.  Attentively, dutifully, she followed Diana through a magnificent wooden door... into a bathroom. It had the largest shower Brandy had ever seen, private changing areas... Brandy started looking around, wondering what she could possibly help with, trying to find a mess that needed her immediate attention. Diana seemed to know exactly what Brandy was thinking, because she explained, without being asked;

“I simply want a helping hand washing myself up.” Brandy thought that her Highnesses voice sounded teasing, *But don’t be silly, Brandy. That’s just you wishing for more. Remember, you’re just a maid.* Walking behind one of the private areas, Diana began to undress, occasionally throwing an article of clothing into a laundry bin. While she did that, Brandy really took in the sight around her. Everything in the bathroom was magnificent. White marble, gold...all manner of precious stones were used in decorating this bathroom. Not for the first time, Brandy thought, *there has to be a better way to use this much money*

Diana cleared her throat, recapturing Brandy’s attention.  Walking out from behind the sectional, the Queen was completely naked. Brandy rapidly looked down, and kept her eyes focused on a spot on the floor. She desperately wanted to see what Her Highness looked like under all those beautiful dresses, but she was there to work, not to ogle.

“There’s no need to be shy, I am certain I have nothing you haven’t seen before.” Brandy looked up. Her Highness was… astonishingly beautiful. Silky smooth skin... not a single blemish anywhere... perfectly shaped breasts, with some of the cutest nipples Brandy had ever seen, and then lower... Brandy’s brain just stopped, shocked.

So much finally made sense. Why they had given her a chance, why Diana had been so gentle, so invested in her progress as a maid. She understood what Brandy had been going through. It explained why even Jasmine seemed to have a soft spot for Brandy. She reminded Jasmine of her wife.

“You...?” Brandy trailed off.

“Me.” She confirmed, with a soft smile. Her Highness looked Brandy up and down, then made an exaggerated expression of confusion. “Do you... often shower in your uniform?” 

Brandy shook her head. “No, your Highness, I-“

“Then get undressed. You can put your things in my laundry basket, I’ll give you a housecoat to cover yourself with afterwards.” Brandy hurriedly got naked. Gently, Diana took Brandy’s hand, and led her into the shower. It was even more magnificent inside, almost an entire room unto itself. Diana liked her water a bit cooler than Brandy did, but at least it wasn’t ‘cold’. Diana got started, directing Brandy to each of the many, many products she was supposed to use. Instructing her on how long to rub the oils into her skin (*So...soft…*) or keep them in her hair before telling Brandy to wash them out with one of the many shower wands. It didn’t take long to find a rhythm.

“So,” Diana said,” What does it feel like?”. There was only one ‘it’ that she could be asking about. Brandy took a moment, searching for the right words while massaging soap into Diana’s back.

“The same in some ways, different in others. I guess all I could say is... right. It feels right, your Highness”.

“I am curious. You don’t have to answer this, but, had you ever penetrated someone, before?” Brandy nodded, then realized Diana couldn’t see her, and giggled, feeling a bit silly.

“Yeah, it was... I thought that maybe if I just felt what sex was like, I would stop wanting to ‘be a girl’, you know? It was... pretty bad for both of us”. A small smile crept onto Brandy’s face. That was an understatement. Her only attempt at penetrative sex pre-op had ended up with Brandy in tears as a very confused partner tried to comfort her. It was funnier in hindsight. Following instructions, Brandy knelt down in front of Diana, and started working on a pedicure, using a pumice sponge on the heels of Diana’s feet.

“What a pity. I’ve always felt that someone’s first time should be something to remember positively.”

“I guess I’m pretty lucky that I get a second chance at a ‘first time’ then.” 

Diana gently put two fingers under Brandy’s chin, and lifted her head up, to look directly at her.

“Your Highness?” Diana leaned closer. Brandy had to push down the instinct to kiss her.

“If you want, and only if you truly want, I would consider it a privilege to make certain this time is something you will never forget.”

*Was… was this always her plan?* Brandy nodded, and Diana leaned in and kissed Brandy. Brandy dropped the pumice stone, as her entire world froze for a moment. The impossible had happened, was happening. Brandy tried to return the gesture, leaning forward to try to make-out, but her Highness pulled away, giggling. For a moment, Brandy felt a chill down her spine *Was this a test? Did… did I fail? Did I ruin my life here?*, but Diana’s eyes had just as much care in them as ever.

“You’re really not great at that.” Her giggling developed into a full laugh, but there was nothing mocking behind it. Brandy looked away, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness.”

“No, no, it’s cute. It tells me how innocent you really are... besides, I’d rather you put your tongue to use in other ways...”. Spreading her legs, Diana twitched her cock a few times, to emphasize the point.

Brandy took a chance on a quip, “What about my innocence?”

“Overrated”, Diana grinned.

 Brandy leaned in, lowering her mouth around her Highness... A memory from months ago resurfaced.The time she had taken a risk, tasting a pair of silken panties... this was so much better. Brandy thought about what might have felt good on her previous anatomy. A few ideas came to mind, and she set to work testing them out, teasing the underside of Diana’s cock with her tongue. While bobbing her head up and down Brandy reached a hand between her legs and started to tease her clit. Still, she focused on giving most of her attention to trying to please Diana. Brandy guessed she had to be doing okay, because not only was her Highness’ cock getting harder, bigger, but Diana rested a hand on the back of Brandy’s head, while leaning back in her seat,softly moaning. Brandy tried suppressing her gag reflex, to take Diana down as much of her throat as she could... She moved her head faster and faster, enjoying her own gagging noises... until Diana took a firm hold of Brandy’s hair, and held her back.

“Okay, okay. That is enough,” she breathed out, heavily.

Brandy stopped, and looked up at Diana, hoping she had done well enough. “As much as I am enjoying your eager work...this is supposed to be about you.”

 Brandy blushed. *She… cares about my pleasure.*

“Go get comfortable”.

 Now it made sense why this shower was so large. The back of the shower was almost ‘cushioned’, in a way,  like having a bed in the shower... Brandy laid down on her back, finding a comfortable position and Diana crawled on top of her, gently parting Brandy’s legs with one hand.

“You’re so beautiful,” she said, and Brandy knew, because it was coming from her Highness, it was simply the truth. Diana leaned in and started nibbling on her maid’s neck, as one of her hands massaged Brandy’s left breast, rapidly flicking and teasing the nipple. Moving lower and lower, Diana suckled on the right breast for a few minutes. She was just as tender as Brandy had imagined the Queen was, during all those nights fantasizing in her bed. Every kiss down her body was like electricity, the thrill of being lucky enough to be the object of her Highness’ attention. Brandy squirmed in pleasure, and she felt her new pussy clenching, demanding attention. Diana adjusted herself so she was between Brandy’s legs, teasing Brandy’s clit with one hand. Diana grabbed a bottle of lube from one of the shelves around them, squirted a generous amount into her hand, rubbing it all over her cock, and Brandy’s vulva. Then, she got into position.

Diana stopped, her cock just in front of the entrance to Brandy's neovagina. She looked down at Brandy, flushed with need, but also deadly serious. “I want you to be sure”.

Brandy doubted she’d wanted anything more in her life. “Please,please,please, I want it, please fuck me, your Highness.”

“Well, since you said ‘please’.” Slowly, Diana pushed her entire length inside, Brandy’s eyes rolled back in her head, feeling so wonderfully full, so right, so good.

“so...tight” Diana groaned, and then began thrusting into Brandy, pulling out slowly, and then firmly pushing back in all at once. Brandy felt the stimulation in her prostate, the wonderful fullness. It felt better than anything she had ever experienced. She gasped and moaned as Diana pulled out and pushed back into her, over and over, and over. Brandy tried to say how much she was enjoying this, how thankful she was that Diana was the one to show her this experience for the first time... but what she actually said was,

“yes,yes,yes, more,please,yes,moresogood, thankyouhighness, yesyes, yes, fuckmefuckmeyes”

Diana was clearly enjoying herself too, her moans and gasps were getting breathier, she kept saying “Good girl,” over and over... Diana was thrusting into her so fast, more, more,  and then she stopped, deep, deep inside inside Brandy, digging her nails into Brandy’s back. Brandy felt the warm, sticky spurt as Diana came inside of her. Diana collapsed on top of Brandy, breathing heavily, and enjoying her own afterglow before, slowly pulling out, with an over-sensitive moan. Brandy reached between her own legs,and started rubbing her clit, trying to hold onto how good she had been feeling just a moment ago.
Having regained her breath, Diana grinned, and stuck two fingers inside Brandy, using her own cum as lube. Brandy moaned and screamed and humped into her Highnesses wonderful teasing fingers... but she couldn’t cum.

“Your body just doesn’t seem to know how to make this happen for you yet.” Diana looked down at Brandy,sadly. “Would you like a hypnotic helping hand?” Brandy nodded -though she would have agreed to anything to cum at this point- and Diana brought back that wonderful hypnotic voice.

“Look into my eyes... Nothing else matters but my eyes...” Brandy was already so focused on Diana it wasn’t hard to listen to that.... then it was like she blinked. Brandy didn’t know how much time had passed, but she was just as needy as she had ever been,  still right on that edge. Diana’s fingers were still inside her, but her other hand was in front of Brandy’s eyes, and  that seemed like the most important thing to focus on.

Diana snapped her fingers, “Cum for me”... Brandy thought she was seeing stars, as she babbled out nonsense, lost in the pleasure. Then, another snap, another “Cum for me”. Brandy’s entire back arched, she flailed,and couldn’t help but scream. Her pussy clenched around the fingers inside of it, squeezing as tight as they could... logical thought was gone, all that remained was the pleasure. Then... the peak was over, a sense of where she was starting to return, but just as Brandy was getting her breath back, Diana snapped her fingers once again.

“Cum for me. I would never let it be said I am a selfish lover.”

Brandy collapsed into Diana’s arms, groaning and gasping for air, occasionally feeling another wave of pleasure shooting through her, the afterglow of the best orgasms she had ever had in her entire life. It was all too much.

“Such a good girl you are...” Diana whispered into her ear. “Thank you for letting me play with you. Remember, that trigger will fade as soon as we leave this room”.


Laying in bed at night, Brandy found that ever since Highness had taught her body how to orgasm, her libido just wouldn’t quit. She used to cum maybe once or twice a week, but now, it was a nightly thing, if not more. The memory of Diana taking her neoviriginity provided plenty of wonderful images to rub her clit to, and Brandy would replay what happened in her mind, over and over again. But she kept coming back to one part in particular. The command, the thought that she could be made to cum with just a few words, and a snap of someone’s fingers... It was such a hot idea. That she could be so totally controlled... Remembering all the way back to when she had seen Lisa, and remembering what her Mistresses were capable of if they truly wanted to get into someone’s mind... She needed more of that idea, that feeling...

Brandy grabbed her phone, opened the search engine and typed in “erotic mind control”. The Internet did not disappoint.


On the other end of the mansion, Diana’s phone made a happy little ‘ding!’ Reaching over from a bed that cost more than some homes, she scanned the monitoring software’s alert. It had been intended to make sure that none of their employees or slaves were violating the terms of their contracts online. Certain terms, like ‘hypnosis’ ‘mind control’ and ‘brainwashing’, caused the system to alert them automatically. Diana looked over what the system was telling her about Brandy’s activity. She chuckled to herself, and then turned the phone over to Jasmine. Her wife was still working away, even in bed together.

“I win,” Diana’s glee was palpable. 

Jasmine groaned. “Okay, you were right.” 

“I want her,” Diana said.

“I thought you already ‘had’ her,” Jasmine smirked at her wife, giving her a side-eye.

“Not like that. I want to own her.”

Jasmine set her work tablet aside. This needed her full attention. She thought about the proposal.

“We’ve never done that before. I need more time to think about it. I’m not saying ‘no’, I just need time to think about what that might look like, okay?”

Diana huffed, but accepted Jasmine’s response. Then, to make sure that it was clear that it wasn’t anything personal, told her wife, “I love you.”

“I love you too, my Queen,” Jasmine replied.

“Don’t forget our bet,” Diana sang the last word, and stradded Jasmine, who smiled. Resigned, but also quite pleased.

“Yes, yes, okay, you get to top tonight.”

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