Feminine Obedience Academy: April

Chapter 2

by barbararwetzel

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Part 2

Classes commenced, which April and Melinda began attending. They only had one class together, which disappointed them, but their paths were definitely forking away from each other. April, her gullible mind now knew, had always believed this day would come given what Melinda wanted to do with her life was so different from her own vision of a better tomorrow for herself.

While April was in a Domestic Service class learning about maintaining a home, supervising DOLL maids, and general feminine matters. She excelled in her studies and continued to visit Dr. Shrewsbury in his home, spending time with him, and serving the man she was becoming more and more fond of alongside Yoshiko.

Melinda was in a class learning about how to be the best piece of property possible. The course emphasized superficiality, vapidness, and an emphasis on objectification and sexual submission. The brunette, quickly embracing a new self-identification as a bimbo, embraced her studies and quickly showed potential to thrive.

At the end of the week, April and Melinda participated in the opening of the semester ceremonial pageant and collaring ceremony. They arrived as scheduled an hour before and mingled with some of their classmates. The blonde DOLL who had spoken to April earlier came to the front of the room, along with Dr. Lefeet. A group of SERVANTs, including Yoshiko, also entered the room and snapped to attention on one side. The students, after April took the initiative, also lined up opposite of them as well.

Dr. Lefeet took a step forward and every student snapped to attention to emulate the SERVANTs. “Good girls. If we have not met, my name is Dr. Lefeet. I have been assigned to run tonight’s ceremony and pageant. Each of you will be dressed in this semester’s theme outfit. You will be escorted onto the stage by a SERVANT. If chosen to entertain this evening, you will be brought to the donor that has bid on you.”

He walked up and down the row of women, stopping in front of April. “If not chosen, or tagged otherwise, you will mingle among donors and faculty. Be friendly, flirtatious, and available. After an hour, you may leave if you chose, but please ask permission beforehand. Myself or,” he put a protective hand on the DOLL next to him, “...my friend here.”

The SERVANTS, including Yoshiko, left the room briefly to retrieve boxes with this semester’s thematical outfit. The Japanese SERVANT came back into the room and placed the box on the floor before April. “Miss Hargrove, please strip and then put on the assigned uniform. It is important that she prepares in time to queue up for presentation.” Yoshiko had been so nervous the previous semester when lining up for the pageant. The SERVANT assigned had given her confidence to get through it and now she wanted to ensure April performed to the best of her ability as well.

April and the other academy students, including, but especially, Melinda, already programmed to find nothing wrong with being naked in front of others, stripped off her clothes and placed them in a neat pile with her shoes on top.

The red-haired student opened the box and found the uniform for the pageant. It was actually fairly casual. She slid on the spandex shorts, in the colors of the academy’s logo, and cleavage baring tank top, which shown the logo for the FOA. The lack of undergarments did not cross her simplified mind at the moment. Hoop earrings adorned her ears. Clear platform heels, with a six-inch heel, affirmed her status as a docile, feminine, and obedient student of the academy.

Yoshiko assisted her assigned student with makeup, and tightening her ponytail. Satisfied, they turned to assist other students and SERVANTS.

April looked for Melinda, but then saw her already leaving the room alongside a SERVANT. Why was her roommate leaving so soon? Before she could think about it too much, her attention was brought back to a nervous student, who had taken to her subliminal programming so well that the pretty brunette began crying out of undue worry that she would not please the incredible men of the Feminine Obedience Academy. April was able to give her a few inspiring words and at the urging of her SERVANT and Yoshiko she calmed down enough to finish preparing for the pageant.

A moment later, the blonde DOLL got all of their attention. Dr. Lefeet motioned for the students to line up again and each did at casual attention, emulating the DOLL. “Wonderful. Good girls. Every one of you looks delightful. The donors, administrators, professors, and other luminaries will be very impressed with each and every one of you.”

He came and stopped in front of the student who had been struggling with her feelings of submission. She would need a more private, surely, intervention later in the evening. “I want to remind you all of one thing before the pageant begins. This is not a competition. There are no winners or losers. If a bid comes in for you, good for you! If not, we can figure out why based on feedback from donors. Improvements can always be made even if you are bid on.” He stopped in front of April. “Support each other no matter what. Defer to all men at all times, but support your sisters in submission. Do you understand?”

A loud “Yes, Sir,” rattled through the room in unison from each student. Dr. Lafeet motioned for the SERVANTs in the room to check on each student before the bidding process began. Yoshiko adjusted April’s shorts and her ponytail.

Yoshiko took a step back and smiled with confidence that her charge was prepared for the evening. The blonde DOLL from earlier came over to them, hugged Yoshiko, very tightly and fondly, and then turned to April. “Miss Hargrove,” she began, “looks rather lovely. The incredible men of the Feminine Obedience Academy will love her!”

Yoshiko and the DOLL shared a knowing smile that April was about to question when there was a loud shriek in the room and each student dropped into a trance and came to stand at casual attention. The red-haired student’s mind emptied and she listened to instructions from Dr. Lefeet. Yoshiko took her hand in her own, and they queued up to go onto the stage.

When it was their turn, Yoshiko led April through the door and then up some steps to the back of the stage. The blonde DOLL held a hand up to wait and then put it down when their turn arrived. The beautiful SERVANT and student swayed onto the stage and came to a stop in the middle of it on two marked stops.

The announcer reminded the audience that Yoshiko had been a student last semester and rather successfully transferred to SERVANT status under the tutelage of Dr. Shrewsbury. There was light applause. Some murmurs of interest in April could be heard, but then the same voices shared disappointed as April was announced as being tagged for someone already. “Too bad they’re both off the market,” one donor could be heard saying to a professor. Some cheers could be heard, when April’s roommate Melinda was announced as being available for services or purchase.

They left the stage together and stood on the side of the room with the other entranced students. After the other incoming students and their SERVANTs passed through the stage, everyone was taken out of trance and the party portion of the evening began.

April blinked back into existence. The last few minutes seemed like a hazy dream to her. She looked around to find Melinda, but her friend was gone.

Before she could dwell too much on the brunette’s whereabouts, Yoshiko put a gentle hand on her arm. “Miss Hargrove,” she exclaimed with vapid cheer, “did so well on stage! The wonderful men of the Feminine Obedience Academy were very impressed with her.”

April nodded, suddenly wondering where Dr. Shrewsbury was as well. He was also nowhere to be found. “Thanks! I hope I made a good impression.”

“Miss Hargrove,” Yoshiko confirmed, “absolutely did. Now, please excuse Yoshiko. She is required to visit with an important member of the board!” The SERVANT walked away before April could say anything, found her assigned board member for the evening, and immediately laughed at one of his jokes like it was the funniest thing she had ever heard in her life.

April looked at the man and realized she had seen him in the owner’s box for Dr. Shrewsbury’s favorite, and hers she supposed, football club while in his home. Was he the owner? Was he borrowing Yoshiko for the evening?

Dr. Shrewsbury’s voice could be heard behind them speaking to another man, who was talking the professor’s ear off about the lovely new class of students. He saw the redhead across the room, shrugged at her, and mouthed “tomorrow” before walking away with the man to discuss whatever it was they were going to talk about. It dawned on April that conversations like that between men were no business of any female unless expressly told so.

Many untagged students began pairing up with someone for the evening. In a few cases, both roommates were put together with a man. Would that ever happen to her and Melinda, April wondered idly before deciding to take a walk through the building. She made her way to the classroom that Domestic Life 101 was held in and sat down on one of the demonstrative beds that Dr. Anderson used to express proper feminine roles for women in the bedroom. She had been learning a lot in class and looked forward to seeing Dr. Shrewsbury again tomorrow, as he indicated to her earlier in the evening.

April was gathering her thoughts when the click-click echo of a pair of high heels could be heard down the hall. She stood up and tensed a bit, wondering whom could be up here as well.

After a moment, the platinum blonde DOLL from earlier came into the classroom and smiled at April. “Miss Hargrove! This DOLL noticed you had left the party and wanted to ensure your safety and well-being. Is Miss Hargrove feeling well?” She swayed over and stood before the redhead, taking her hands in her own with a gentle, feminine, squeeze.

“I am fine,” April began, “but I just wanted to have some time alone. I thought it would be quiet up here in the classrooms. I really like my Domestic Life class.” She stared at the DOLL while sitting back down on the bed, which the DOLL joined her in doing so. “I seem to keep running into you. I guess you’re an important DOLL or something.”

The DOLL giggled and smiled brightly at her friend. “Miss Hargrove, this DOLL is honored to be assigned many duties by the wonderful men at the Feminine Obedience Academy. However, this DOLL is just another DOLL. That said,” she put a hand over April’s hands, “this DOLL does worry about students and wants to ensure all serve and obey as they should.”

April looked at her and squinted. “Did I do something wrong?”

The DOLL shook her head. “Miss Hargrove, as far as this DOLL knows, has performed exemplary. This DOLL,” she said, leaning in to kiss April, “feels a compulsion and attraction to you.”

April returned the kiss. The DOLL was beautiful beyond words, surely, and a fine example of feminine submission. “I’m sorry if I was rude earlier. It’s sweet that you keep checking in on me.” She decided to change the subject. “Do you know where my roommate went? Melinda Nelson?”

The DOLL tilted her head slightly as information downloaded to her neuro-chip. “All this DOLL can tell Miss Hargrove is that Miss Nelson was purchased for the evening.”

April nodded. “That makes sense. Melinda came here to find a husband or owner,” her suggestible mind parroted her conditioned memories, “so hopefully it’s a man with some potential!”

Again, while having such an informative DOLL with her, she decided to change the subject. “Have you been purchased yet?”

The DOLL blinked a few times and smiled sweetly. “Miss Hargrove, this DOLL knows you are in service to Dr. Shrewsbury, he is such a wonderful man!” She then reached around and tapped a button on April’s collar that dropped her into a trance.

“Miss Hargrove, it’s time for you to go home. You will not remember speaking to this DOLL. You came up here to rest and then went home. When remembering this part of your evening, the memory will be fuzzy, but you will not worry about it.” The DOLL kissed April again and then hugged her. “We serve the same Master, sister, but you cannot know that yet. This DOLL will forget again presently. Go and obey. We have so much to learn at the academy.”

April stood up and left the classroom without speaking. She made her way out of the building and began the walk across campus to her quarters. At one point a security DOLL stopped her and was thrilled to see the redhead deep in trance, returning to her quarters, and obeying instructions.

At home, April undressed, dropping her clothing and undergarments into the laundry box, which was picked up by a DOLL once per week. She changed into the tiny shorts and tank top required in the evening, slipped her earbuds in, and drifted off to sleep. Somewhere on campus, both Melinda and Yoshiko were being fucked every which way, while her DOLL friend returned to DOLL quarters and snapped to attention on the podium she remained on during the evening.

* * *

Melinda eventually did come home, but it was long after curfew. In the morning, she got into an argument with April, who scolded her for breaking the rules. Melinda countered that a man had approved it. Her red-haired friend glared with fury, but then dropped it, and they left for their individual classes before coming back together for a gym session before lunch.

Melinda arrived just on time after having stayed after class to have a conversation with her professor about what a good girl she had been the night before. “You’re going to go far here, my dear,” he announced to her approval.

April and Yoshiko waited outside the exercise center for her roommate. April had demanded they blow her off and go inside, but Yoshiko insisted they wait until they could not anymore. Finally, Melinda showed up and they walked in just before it would have been, a DOLL at the door reminded them, a rules violation.

Inside the locker room, they stripped off their clothing, placed them in a locker, and changed into their workout outfits. A form fitting nano-fiber tank top with the FOA’s logo on it showed off all their best assets, especially Yoshiko’s toned arms and amply augmented bust, and the light pink spandex shorts required of them to wear showed how quickly April’s and Melinda’s back sides were becoming more and more firm. The experimental workout shoes Yoshiko had worn as a beta user, as a gift from Dr. Shrewsbury, last semester was now, with a few tweaks, in standard usage as part of the exercise uniform. Leggings adorned their shapely legs as a requirement to subservient modesty with exercising in such a feminine manner.

All the students in the group came out for their training session. Mats were placed around the gym in sets of two for student and SERVANT, or for two students not assigned a SERVANT. Melinda went to be with someone from her morning class, while April and Yoshiko got onto mats together.

The trainer, alongside two very fit DOLLs, came into the room and every student and SERVANT stood at casual attention for him. The man, whose name as Jonas, began their workout with limited fan fare. They went through a series of stretches, push-ups, sit-ups, and air squats before beginning their yoga session.

At some point in the first few minutes of the session, Jonas said some kind of trigger phrase that dropped each student and SERVANT, plus the DOLLs with him, into a trance. He walked them through a meditative session where he discussed what each student should be asking him for in regard to supplemental training, and then a session based around more dynamic resistance. Yoshiko, it turned out, could throw quite the punch, as did the two DOLLs, plus both April and Melinda were a bit more clumsy. He came over to the redhead and corrected her form, and she showed significant improvements.

Speaking of improvements in form, when he brought them out of trance, each student asked for a treadmill session. “Okay, fine,” Jonas said with some humor in his voice. “How about we add a treadmill session to your weekly exercise routine? Two days a week. One day, in here for your meditative yoga and then two on weight training.” He pointed at Yoshiko. “Miss Kurosaza over here is an exceptional example of the kind of fit and toned body many men prefer these days.”

The middle-aged man laughed. “I remember growing up, before the war, when women would under eat, smoke cigarettes, and generally starve themselves, even women with significant monetary and class privilege, to look good. I was always more attracted to fit, healthy, looking women.” He came over to Yoshiko and ran a hand over her muscular, toned, arm. “Before the war, fads changed, and a more fit look came into popularity. I was already a bit older, but I greatly prefer how things are now.”

He walked up and down the row of obedient students. “You will always be expected to eat well, train well, and behave well. All of these things are interconnected. Do you understand?”

The normal, compliant, “YES, SIR” surge of voices could be heard.

Jonas escorted his thralls to another part of the gym, where rows of treadmills were found. He pointed at the wall where clear platform heels of various sizes could be found. “Please put on appropriate footwear for this work out and then pick a treadmill. SERVANTs, please assist as needed and then join your student for this work out.”

Every student and SERVANT moved to obey without speaking. April found her size, which was only slightly larger than Yoshiko’s, who queued up in front of the next bin to get her pair. The nerdy, submissive, student looked equally ridiculous and phenomenally sexy wearing exercise clothing and such a pair of shoes. Yoshiko, as usual, was raw submissive sexuality and femininity personified.

April stepped onto the treadmill. The screen lit up with a cartoon picture of her, various pieces of personal information, and a suggested exercise plan for time and pace. After asking the trainer if she could go slightly slower as she was still learning how to properly walk in such high heels, Jonas confirmed that it was fine.

“Be Always honest with me, your professors, and advisors, Miss Hargrove,” he said with a gentle, patriarchal, hand on her arm. “It’s okay if you’re not ready yet, but you will get there.” He pointed over at Melinda, already started up with quite the feminine sway. “Your roommate is doing quite well, and we can get you caught up.” He activated the treadmill and a three-dimensional hypnotic spiral in front of it that also showed a 3D image of April’s properly feminine gait.

“Watch the image, Miss Hargrove, and focus on conforming to it.” Within seconds, April’s eyes were empty and focused on the image as she adjusted her walking to adhere to it. Her mind emptied of any distractions from feminine obedience and, after a few minutes, Jones left her to continue to perform her exercises while he checked in on other students.

Yoshiko always scored a 100 these days, despite her initial issues upon arriving as a student. Melinda scored a 96 and received a firm statement of approval from Jonas. April only scored a 78 and frowned upon coming out of trance, but it was made clear to her and others whose scores were not as high as they desired, each had been programmed to demand a 100 from themselves every time, to keep at it.

After their high heel work out, the young ladies showered and redressed for the afternoon. April had her internship with Dr. Cullen. She had been assigned to be his assistant for the semester, which mostly involved taking notes from his research into some of the prewar history of women in the workforce. It was fascinating work and she was learning a lot from reading his notes and viewing different videos he had saved. The red-haired student also hoped the secretarial skills she was learning would please Dr. Shrewsbury.

April arrived punctually for her shift and was let into the faculty building by the security DOLL at the door. She got into an elevator and made her way up to the third floor where Dr. Cullen’s office suite was located. An urge to snap to attention like DOLLs and SERVANTs did in the elevator filled her body, but the URGE passed by the time the doors opened at her destination.

Another security DOLL waited at the doors to the office suite where many, but not all, faculty offices were located. There was another building that was part of the original design of the campus which housed some, including Dr. Shrewsbury’s office. This building had been built as part of a campus redesign a few years ago.

Dr. Cullen had remarked idly to her one day that a year’s worth of DOLLs were used to assist in its construction. April wondered what that was like for them. She had seen drone workers in the city before, and they were really intense and worked endlessly to complete their tasks. How had that affected students when they left the academy? A semester of work like that certainly could have changed them a lot.

When she arrived at Dr. Cullen’s office, his secretary Krissie greeted her and said she should go into his office immediately. April nodded and walked into the office and curtsied for him. Unlike her SERVANT friend Yoshiko, she was actually pretty good at this already and did not, like the SERVANT, need a lot of practice at it.

“Please sit down, Miss Hargrove,” Dr. Cullen began. She sat down obediently in a chair and crossed her legs, staring at him with vapid content. Out of the corner of her eye, the student noticed that Melinda was sitting in the opposite chair and was also lost in trance.

Dr. Cullen sighed. “I brought both of you here today to discuss an important matter. Miss Kurosaza approached Dr. Shrewsbury and reported to him that the two of you have been fighting lately. Do not be mad at her. She is programmed to report on such things. In fact, last semester her and her roommate assisted a classmate who was struggling a lot, and she was able to get the help needed to become an ideal student.”

“Both of you,” he continued, “are excellent students, surely, but this bickering between the two of you needs to end. I despise competition between women. In the workforce before the war, women used to befriend and betray each other all the time. It was disgusting.”

He leaned forward. “After speaking with Miss Kurosaza and then meeting with Dr. Shrewsbury this morning, we have decided to, in your personal relationship, accelerate your future roles a bit.”

“Miss Hargrove,” the professor continued, “you have been tagged for a future as a housewife. You will be running a household with a staff that defers to you as the voice of your future husband and Master. You will, in your quarters, be responsible for Miss Nelson. She came here, as you know having been friends with her, to find an owner, but her duty will be in a much more objectified, subservient, role.”

“Effective immediately, you are no longer friends. You are superior and subordinate. Miss Hargrove is superior. Miss Nelson is subordinate. You will behave with each other accordingly.” Dr. Cullen pressed a button on his desk that swung out two brainwashing chairs from the wall. “Please sit in your chair to receive further lessons. At the end of your internship shift today, your programming cycle will end. Now obey me.”

Both young woman stood up and sat down in the chairs. For their safety, of course, metal bars sprang out snugly around their legs, arms, and neck. A helmet dropped on them and wireless earbuds were inserted into their ears to begin the lesson that would tear their friendship asunder.

* * *

The next morning, April Hargrove woke up and stretched out. She had been reading a lovely romance novel the night before and fucked herself right before falling into a very restful sleep and further reprogramming. As she rolled off the bed and stood up, the sweet smells of breakfast in the kitchen. Squinting in the morning light, she put on her glasses and padded across their quarters to investigate the situation.

In the kitchen, April found Melinda, already showered and dressed for the day, midway through making their morning meal. Coffee was already brewed, and their meal was cooking. The shakes they were required to drink, to promote healthy body growth, were also laid out for them. Hoping to not startle her subservient roommate, she picked up a cup gently and poured the coffee.

Melinda turned the heat off on the stove top and turned to face her new superior. “Oh, good morning, Miss Hargrove,” she said with a curtsy. “Breakfast will be ready presently. Coffee is already out. Our shakes are prepped and ready for consumption.”

She lowered her eyes. An evening of subliminal programming had reformatted her personality to that of a deferential dove with a deep need to please anyone deemed to be her better. This included Miss Hargrove, who she no longer saw as her best friend, but a superior woman who would be marrying into a classy, graceful, life. Melinda would be an object on the arm of a man who served day and night to endlessly try to please him. They were not the same.

April took a sip of the coffee. “Add more of the spices I bought at the academy market next time. I’ve been meaning to say something about that when you make our coffee. You never add enough.”

Melinda gasped. “I am so sorry, Miss Hargrove. I will make sure—”

Her superior put a hand up. “It’s fine. I was saying for next time. You can always improve. So can I. I should have said something before, but I didn’t want to offend you.” The words hung in the air for a moment. “I think we are past that now.” She came over and touched Melinda’s hand. “I am going to take a shower. Please have our meal prepared when I get out.”

April padded over to the bathroom, stripped her clothes off, placed them into the clothing recycler, and entered the shower. She had a long, but productive, day ahead of her. Her Sexual Arts class met in the morning, followed by a yoga session, and then an event with members of the academy board. After showering, she put on her uniform, did makeup, and tied her hair back into a tight ponytail as required before sliding on the new pair of glasses Dr. Shrewsbury had gotten her as a gift the week before. She smiled int the mirror, content, and then put on a more neutral face to join Melinda in the dining room.

Melinda was deferential to April and served their morning meal. April had to remind her to sit down and eat. “You’re not a SERVANT or DOLL, you know? Not yet, at least,” she said with a sigh. Melinda’s future owner was going to have to constantly discipline her.

They ate mostly in silence, but April spoke up at one point. “Were you invited to the event tonight? Yoshiko and I were asked to go. She said a bunch of board members were going to be there. It might be a good place for you to meet a man!” Her former friend reminded the redhead of so many of the friends of protagonists in the romance novels she loved to read.

“Yes, Miss Hargrove,” Melinda confirmed with lowered eyes. “I have a required health clinic visit in the afternoon, and then I will go over early. I was asked to arrive before the board arrives.”

After breakfast, they had Sexual Arts class. There was an important demonstration done with a few DOLLs, including a male one, which the students had never seen before, who was quite muscular and had a considerable cock. Melinda and a few other students destined for the same future as her could not keep their eyes off it.

The DOLLs demonstrated different methods for anal penetration. April winced at the idea of it, but wondered how that kind of sex would feel. They watched the female DOLLs be fucked by the male one a few times. In between, their Sexual Arts professor offered some thoughts.

One of April’s favorite romance novels was about a woman who learned to love anal sex because her husband demanded it. The experience led her down the road to being his devoted wife and slave. At the end of class, her daydreaming was broken by Melinda and other students very loudly flirting with the rather well-endowed male DOLL.

While he was certainly rather lovely to look at, she rushed off to get to her mandatory exercise class. After meeting up with Yoshiko at the entrance, they had a fairly normal session. Afterwards, April “volunteered” for another treadmill session and happily feel into a deep trance as her feminine gait score improved by .4%. Jonas had mentioned there was a new lesson for her, but that she would speak to Yoshiko about it. A little confused, but in a fairly gullible state, April nodded along, showered, put her uniform back on, and left for lunch with the SERVANT.

After receiving their afternoon meal, April and Yoshiko sat down together in the dining hall. They idly spoke of this or that, but something Yoshiko said to her friend triggered a thought in April’s molded mind.

“You know,” she began, I have been thinking of getting breast implants like you have. You are so beautiful and men love you. I think I really want them.” Her heart raced at making such a confession!

Yoshiko smiled passively. “April would look so good with them! Yoshiko got hers done last semester, right around this time,” Dear reader, it was the same week as schedule for this subliminal induction, “and she felt a great boost in confidence, submissiveness, and gaining the pleasure of men.”

The SERVANT’s head tilted. “Yoshiko also had minor surgery on both of her ankles as well.” She paused at April’s shocked expression. “It wasn’t a big deal really. The wonderful doctors in the medical center noticed Yoshiko had small fractures in them. It was probably from an injury. Once the surgery was completed, she can effortlessly wear any height of heels up to seven inches now!”

“Wow,” April commented. “I...have never done that. I’m getting better...but I need to keep practicing.”

Again, Yoshiko smiled vapidly at her friend. “Tonight will be a great time for April to practice! We have been asked to attend a party with the board of directors. There will be a special uniform and all for it.”

A few seconds passed. “May Yoshiko suggest something?” April nodded. “April should schedule a meeting with the medical center. Dr. Bedford is an incredible man. His wife is so beautiful. Since we are only on the first shift tonight, April and Yoshiko can visit Master afterward and find out what to think about this from him.”

April’s heart continued to race. Dr. Shrewsbury would know! “That is a great idea! He will know what I should think.” The words slipped out of her mouth with ease. She needed Dr. Shrewsbury to tell her what to think, feel, and believe.

The sister slaves put their refuse and trays in the recycler and then left the student center. Yoshiko had a SERVANT class in the afternoon, but promised to meet back up with her for the party.

April walked around campus for a while. This was a rare afternoon off for the student. She was so studious, only accentuated during her time at the academy, so downtime was not in the cards. A trip to the library to study for an upcoming Domestic Arts exam seemed like a good use of her time.

However, as April walked across the campus she encountered Dr. Cullen, who stopped the student and took her leash in his hands. “Miss Hargrove, how wonderful to run into you. Were you going anywhere important?”

She informed him of her plans to study, but also announced that he could override those plans to please him. “Good girl. Yes. I am glad I ran into you. I have someone I would love for you to meet. Please come with me.”

April walked, led by her leash, a few steps behind Dr. Cullen towards the administrative building, which she had never been in before this moment. Students were not allowed into it without an escort. The DOLL at the door even questioned Dr. Cullen, and he had to say an override code to allow the student in. Once the code was stated, the DOLL allowed them into the building and apologized to her superior.

They entered the building and headed to the third floor. In the elevator, they encountered another student Dr. Cullen had asked to join them, who had been let in by previous scheduling. April could see that she wanted to snap to attention like a SERVANT or DOLL would while in the elevator too. Two other students, whom April recognized from classes, waited for them in a meeting room. Each curtsied for their advisor.

Dr. Cullen turned to April. “Your adviser wanted to join us today for this event, but got held up elsewhere. I wish he could be here to see the wonderful progress this lady had made. She is definitely someone you can learn from too.”

A video screen came down from the ceiling. April tensed for some kind of hypnotic spiral to begin wiping her mind, but instead the screen focused and a beautiful woman sitting in what looked like a living room smiled at them and waved as her eyes lit up in recognition of seeing Dr. Cullen.

“Dr. Cullen,” she breathlessly began with hyper-enthusiasm. “Maddie is so happy to see you!” The platinum blonde, surgically busty, cheerful woman wore a fairly modest cardigan, loose headscarf, and knee-length skirt, with stockings, and plain pumps. A collar with the word DOCILE emblazoned on it in bright pink was around her neck. A digital family crest could be found next to the words. She had been Dr. Cullen’s internship student the previous semester, but things got off to a bad start for her and some changes had to be made.

Dr. Cullen turned to face the gathered audience. “Students, most of you are here because you have expressed an interest in Maddie’s story.” He waved a hand towards April. “Miss Hargrove is also joining us because I ran into her on the way over to this building and thought she could, given her interests and path forward, learn a lot from this inspirational woman.”

Maddie moved a little forward to address the small audience. It had become a bit of a crutch she leaned on to feel comfortable speaking to an audience in virtual settings. “Hello, ladies, Maddie was a student here at the incredible Feminine Obedience Academy last semester. You will notice that she is not with you as a SERVANT. In fact, she could have been one of your assigned SERVANTs!”

Dr. Cullen put a hand up gently to interrupt and pointed towards April. “I think Maddie will be happy to learn that Miss Hargrove here was assigned Miss Kurosaza as their assigned SERVANT.”

Maddie’s eyes lit up. “Oh, how wonderful for her! Miss Kurosaza is a dear friend of Maddie’s...what a blessing! Miss Hargrove, Maddie will need to speak in private more about this!”

She was quiet for a moment. “Miss Kurosaza and a few other students, including another that is not…at the academy currently...really aided Maddie. She arrived confused, depressed, and lost.” A few seconds passed again. “She actually,” Maddie began quietly, “tried to leave one night, but was thankfully stopped by the fearless DOLL security staff.” A few students gasped in shock. Why would a student want to leave?

April stared at this remarkable woman. Leaving the academy? She had never even considered that! How bad could things have been for her? She knows Yoshiko!? Yoshiko helped her last semester!? The redhead needed to find out more about all of this when she saw her tonight.

Dr. Cullen spoke again. “Maddie was taken off campus to a secret center I cannot speak much about and rehabilitated. This was an accelerated process using virtual technology.” He turned back to the screen. “You can answer questions about it if they wish to ask, my dear.” Maddie nodded. “The gradual psychical changes offered here at the Feminine Obedience Academy were also accelerated as well.”

He looked up at the screen with pride. Both him and Dr. Shrewsbury were extremely proud of the progress that she had made. “You have likely not heard about this until now, but Maddie was converted into what is known as a DOCILE. A DOCILE is a bit different from a student, SERVANT, or DOLL. A DOCILE retains much of their personality, but it is reoriented, which has peaked the curiosity of many of you, towards not only feminine submission, but service in the community.”

“Maddie,” he continued, “is traveling the districts learning about their needs. She will have a final choice of which to settle into for her life of service.” He looked back up at the screen. “Remind me, you are in District Four right now, correct?”

Maddie nodded. “Yes, Maddie has been here visiting with a few sisters for about a week. She will make sure to forward her notes once permission is granted from the Docility Committee.”

April made a note of that. She knew very little about District Four other than that there had been a really awful battle near the end of the war and, unlike the other districts, recovery from the war had been rather prolonged and slow. How tragic! Looking around the room, it was clear the other students interested in becoming DOCILEs were quite knowledgeable about this and clearly wanted to begin helping as soon as possible.

Maddie went on to discuss her journey. She took questions from students. One was moved to tears trying to describe how much she was wanted to serve the community via her submission. April noticed, despite her modest dress, Maddie had clearly gotten breast implants and, perhaps, other work done. If such a charitable woman needed bigger breasts, she must as well!

The DOCILE former student mentioned at the end of the interview that she would be back in District Nine during the summer months. There was a family there she had corresponded with who had a daughter interested in DOCILE class when she arrived at the Feminine Obedience Academy after her 21st birthday. Maddie had grown quite fond of the young lady and wanted to meet with her in person before the student’s education at the academy began. She would also be visiting a few other districts and meeting up with other DOCILEs for a conference. The interview ended with her inviting each of the students to that conference, which they all eagerly accepted except for April, whom Dr. Cullen explained had other priorities.

After Maddie signed off, the future DOCILE students spoke among themselves so enthusiastically about their new role model. Dr. Cullen dropped them into trance and commanded his thralls to go to their next lesson.

April left to go meet up with Yoshiko. Her tablet confirmed she was just getting out of a SERVANT class and upon being pinged replied that they could meet by the library.

The red-haired student crossed the quad and sat down at a table near the library’s steps. A message from Maddie thanking her for attending the interview, offering best wishes for the future had come in. DOCILE track seemed like such a wonderful life, but unless told otherwise by Dr. Shrewsbury, it was not for her. Perhaps there was something she could do to assist in the future?

A few minutes later, Yoshiko arrived and sat down with her. “Miss Hargrove, please accept Yoshiko’s apology. She was in a very interesting class, learning so much from the incredible men of the Feminine Obedience Academy.” The happy SERVANT smiled vapidly at her friend.

April put the tablet, having drafted a response to Maddie’s kind message, back in her purse. “I have a few things I need to talk to you about before we head over to this party.” She let a few seconds pass. “So first, and foremost, um, I ran into Dr. Cullen earlier, and he invited me to an interview with a former student.”

Yoshiko nodded with empty-headed bimbo enthusiasm. “Yoshiko is certain Miss Hargrove learned a lot!”

April slightly tilted her head. “Well, I did learn some things, including about you. The interview was with your friend Maddie. She is a DOCILE now.”

Yoshiko’s eyes lit up. “Oh, Miss Reed! She is such a wonderful person and is now, yes, DOCILE class. Yoshiko prays for her every day. How lovely that April could meet her. A real blessing.”

So, what,” April inquired, “happened to her? Dr. Cullen said that she tried to leave the academy?”

The Japanese SERVANT was quiet for a few seconds. “Yes, Miss Reed did attempt to leave the Feminine Obedience Academy. She...was very troubled before that. Yoshiko met her at orientation last semester and could tell even by the pageant night that something was...wrong.”

“She,” Yoshiko continued, “did not fit in well. Yoshiko and the roommate assigned to live with her tried our best to help her acclimate to her surroundings.”

“But what caused such trouble that she was turned into a DOCILE?” April began wondering how much the other women attending the interview had been, say, persuaded to take an interest in becoming a DOCILE, but the unruly thought slipped away.

“Miss Reed asked many questions, as Yoshiko recalls. She complained and just seemed…improper.” She leaned in and spoke quietly. “Dr. Shrewsbury told Yoshiko in confidence that when Miss Reed was taken away, she underwent counseling that showed signs of significant depression. Please do not tell others.”

April nodded as a tingle went through her body at sharing a secret with her slave sister. “That makes sense, I guess. She could have already been struggling before arriving here. It might even be why she came here.”

“So one night Miss Reed left an event without permission,” Yoshiko continued, “she was arrested by DOLL security officers for her own safety and then taken away.”

Someone yelled something towards April and Yoshiko, but it turned out they were speaking to another student. “”Some weeks passed and Miss Reed came to visit us. Everyone was so happy to see her again! Yoshiko’s roommate…” Yoshiko stopped speaking in a rather abrupt manner. A subliminal conditioning had activated when she brought up her former roommate to not speak about her.

April took this moment as a chance to change the subject. “So, I have another question for you...I’m going to come right out and say it, I guess….but do you think I need breast implants?”

Yoshiko smiled with programmed enthusiasm. “Oh, yes, most likely, Miss Hargrove. Currently 94.5% of the incredible men that graduating students from the Feminine Obedience Academy end up being married to absolutely demand them. Yoshiko was also hesitant, but after speaking to her SERVANT and the amazing doctors in the medical center she knew it was the right decision.”

“Right,” April said as she nodded slowly. “I just...I see how men react to them...I see how they look at you...I see how many men desire Melinda because she already has naturally large breasts. I know it will help her find an owner, which is why she came here in the first place. She—”

Yoshiko interrupted her friend. “Miss Nelson is only here to find an owner.” She leaned in conspiratorially. “Recall what April learned from her internship. April is Melinda’s better in all things. Do not worry about the decisions made for her.”

April blinked a few times. “You’re right, of course. So, what should I do?”

Yoshiko tilted her head slightly and then leaned in again to speak in a quieter tone. “After the party tonight, return to see Master and he will instruct April. He strongly encouraged Yoshiko to get implants as big as possible Master said to her. Upon doing a consult in the health center, she also learned that a minor procedure on her ankles was needed due to a stress injury. Master and all the other wonderful men at the Feminine Obedience Academy will know how our bodies should appear to promote our submission. We have so much to learn at the academy.”

They arrived at the party and were brought to a room where other invited students and SERVANTs were mingling. April found a few of her classmates and went over to speak with them. Yoshiko and the other SERVANTs hovered behind the students quietly after exchanging glances with each other. All of them had arrived early, so there was some time before preparation for the event would begin.

As April was finishing an anecdote about one of her favorite romance novels, three DOLLs in dark blue latex uniforms, the sign of permanent droning, entered the room. “PREPARE TO PRESENT YOURSELF,” they ordered while snapping to attention themselves. All students stood at casual attention, while SERVANTs snapped to attention behind them.

An older man dressed in a loose fitting suit entered the room. He looked around retirement age, with graying hair and a slight build. He held on to the closest DOLLs leash in case he lost his balance again. The fall had been months ago at this point, but he still worried about it. Thankfully, the academy had offered him these lovely drones to assist in his home. If his wife was still alive...well, no need to dwell on that anymore. He had thrown enough money at the academy to get perks like this to fulfill his desires and fantasies, such as this party.

“Hello, lovely ladies,” he began, “my name is Mr. Murphy. I am a donor to this wonderful institute of feminine education. I am old and remember the dark times when women tried to equal men in all things. Thankfully, those times are now over. I am an eager donor each year, and thus I am given some perks, such as having these three lovely DOLLs loaned out to me. I chose each of you students after viewing your profiles. You are all quite lovely. Your SERVANTs will aid each of you in pleasing me this evening.”

At this verbal cue, each SERVANT came to life and tapped the back of the collars of the students in front of them, which dropped each into a deep programming trance. April gasped and then froze in place, empty eyed, ready for command.

Mr. Murphy took a few steps towards them. “I do sincerely apologize for the subterfuge and mislead by your beautiful SERVANT friends, but I needed to ensure you would be compliant. I apologize. I know you are conditioned to be fine with it, but nevertheless.”

An awkward pause as the students and SERVANTs vapidly stared at him with dutiful attention and devoted obedience mirrored in their eyes. “Yes, well, the theme for tonight’s party is FUN! I love seeing women have fun. During the war...there was no fun. We lost so many, including both of my daughters...they were nurses...there was a bombing...they raced to it to assist the injured, but it was a trap and another bomb went off.”

He was quiet for a moment. “My wife died last year. There was an accident. She was a wonderful woman. Always devoted to the home and serving me. The war changed everything. She would have been an inspiration for all of you.”

Mr. Murphy decided he had rambled enough and changed the subject. “Okay, all of you will strip and put on the uniforms supplied to you. Once your outfit is on, there is an update available for your neuro-implant. Please download and install it.”

He walked towards the door and nodded at his DOLL drones. “For your modesty, I will leave the room and return in a little while. I know some of you are only here for a few hours because you have other duties, but I am delighted you could all be here.”

Once he left the room, the students blinked out of their trances. April put a hand to her mouth. “What a sad story...I feel so bad for everyone who went through the war…” She began taking off her uniform, as did the other students and SERVANTs, and soon all of them were naked.

The drone DOLLs came over and handed each SERVANT two bottles. Yoshiko’s eyes lit up upon seeing them. “Oh, goodness,” she exclaimed. “This is a bottle of nanite latex!” The beautiful SERVANT faced the students. “This will be poured on each of us to create an outfit.” A few students winced. “Oh no, this is totally safe. The incredible men at the Feminine Obedience Academy would never put any student or SERVANT at risk of harm!”

“I wonder what the outfit will be,” April said idly. She stepped up to volunteer to go first. Yoshiko made a mental note to report the eagerness of Miss Hargrove to the proper authorities, including their Master, and opened the bottle. There was only a little bit to be smeared on the redhead, and the nanites began molding themselves into an outfit. Yoshiko took some and put it on herself as well.

Around them, the other students and SERVANTs followed their lead. April watched the liquid continue to form what she realized was a one piece swimsuit, offering ample cleavage, and snug elsewhere to show off the work she had been doing in the academy gym. When it stopped...creating...molding...she was not sure, nor is your author, what word really works here to describe the process, the studious redhead put on the clear platform heels that had also been left for her.

The process was the same all around the room. Each swimsuit was green. They matched both Yoshiko’s and April’s own piercing eyes. Each SERVANT inspected their students and then everyone lined up for a further examination by the perma-droned DOLLs, who gave their approval to each of them and then stood at casual attention, which the students and SERVANTs conformed to as well to wait for Mr. Murphy’s further instruction.

“How do we know if the update downloaded,” April asked Yoshiko.

“Miss Hargrove, the update surely has downloaded. Students cannot update their own neuro-implants. Yoshiko has downloaded and installed the update.” She was quiet for a few seconds. “Mr. Murphy likely will have to update it. A verbal command.”

He reentered the room a moment later. Clearly, April realized, he had been watching them from some kind of video surveillance, but, a subliminal song playing in her gullible, feminine, mind, told her there was nothing wrong with that. The lack of ability to install her own updates had been forgotten as well. She sighed with contentedness as he walked up and down the line and stopped in front of her. “Lovely,” Mr. Murphy muttered mostly to himself, “you too, my dear,” he added while putting a hand on Yoshiko’s chin. “You’ll be fine.”

Before April could wonder what he meant by that, the man said a trigger phrase to activate the installation process. April gasped as new information and ideas filled her mind. She, and the other students, stared, mouth ajar, blankly at nothing in particular until UPDATE INSTALLED. READY TO OBEY was announced by each of them in a blank, monotone, voice.

“Lovely, what good girls you all are. Activate the new program. This program will be effective for the rest of the evening.” Murphy took a step back to watch the program his drones created come to life.

April and every other student and SERVANT gasped again and then looked around the room. She smiled at Yoshiko and took her hand. “Come on, we need to dance and have fun tonight!” Her SERVANT friend nodded, and they made their way into the main room kept for gatherings like this, found two platforms adjacent to each other, climbed up on them, and began dancing to the hypnotic beat of the music blasting through the room. Other students and SERVANTs did the same, but one student, another SERVANT, and Mr. Murphy’s three DOLL drones accompanied him to a large couch and began dancing and fondling each other for his amusement and pleasure.

April and Yoshiko danced with the beat, hair flying all over the place, with mindless joy. Mr. Murphy watched on with great pride at seeing women be able to have pure, unhinged, fun in ways that so many could not since the war. Each being beautiful, compliant, and ready to obey all commands was just the icing on the cake.

Some time went by and both April and Yoshiko were drenched in sweat, but still dancing. They would keep going until told otherwise, but a new song came on with a very heavy beat and their swerves and sways became much more sexual in nature.

Yoshiko tapped a button on her platform with a shoe that brought their platforms together. She began grinding onto April, who wrapped her arms around the SERVANT and then leaned in to kiss her. The redhead fondled her friend, bringing heavy breaths and quiet moans out of her. They continued to touch each other, with April taking the initiative the next song, for three more songs before a drone DOLL came and ordered them to follow her.

Giggling and talking to each other as they walked hand in hand, soon the student and SERVANT found themselves in a private room with Mr. Murphy and one of the other students, who was currently sitting on his lap with her head on his chest.

“Ah, welcome ladies,” he said to them as they curtsied for him. “I have enjoyed watching your performance for me.” He waved a hand towards the screens on the other side of the room.

“You ladies have been having a lot of fun, haven’t you?” He put his hand on the student, and she cuddled into him tightly.

“Yes, Sir,” April exclaimed with pride. “This is, like, so fun. Dancing with Yoshiko,” she looked over at her friend with lust in her eyes, “is wonderful.”

Mr. Murphy sighed happily. “Good girl. I am delighted. I know you have another appointment tonight, so why don’t you leave for that. Tell Dr. Shrewsbury I’ll be keeping Yoshiko overnight and will return her tomorrow morning.” He gave the SERVANT a predatory glance. “I want to ensure she has the most fun here, besides this angel on my lap.”

Yoshiko unbound her hand from April’s and gave him a flirty smile. “Oh course, Master. Yoshiko will give you so much fun tonight.” She turned and kissed April again. “Yoshiko will see April tomorrow.”

April left the room, but not before overhearing another loud giggle from Yoshiko and her latex clad backside being spanked by the mesmerized student. She was saddened to hear her call another man Master, but thrilled to bring the fun to Dr. Shrewsbury.

She made her way across campus. At one point, a DOLL stopped her. It was the same blonde one she had encountered a few times before. After finding out that April had been with Mr. Murphy and was now returning to Dr. Shrewsbury, the DOLL beamed with joy and allowed her to continue.

April turned and noticed the DOLL was not checking on other students, so her stop check seemed odd, but the thought drifted away as fun reentered her mind. For what it was worth, there were very few students out and about, so perhaps her stop was just a random one. Most students were already at some sort of social event and would remain there until curfew.

A few minutes later, she arrived at Dr. Shrewsbury’s home. Her collar was scanned at the door and it swooshed open. April had become so accustomed to Yoshiko greeting her, but she knew the SERVANT was still at the party. She entered the house, hips swaying, and still dancing to an unheard hypnotic beat.

The man she would love, honor, and obey for the rest of her life was in the living room. The television was on. She still did not know much about football, but it looked like the highlights from matches. A jazz record played on the stereo. Dr. Shrewsbury sat in his recliner reading a book, which he put down upon seeing the beautiful student standing before him.

He watched her continue to sway to an unheard beat. The latex swimsuit looked ridiculous on her. “Okay, you can settle down with that now.”

April moved closer and danced near his lap before stopping in place. She then leaned down and kissed him. “I have been having so much fun, Master. Mr. Murphy was so kind and just wanted me to have fun.” She gave him a playful look. “I bet Yoshiko is having tons of fun right now with him.”

Dr. Shrewsbury put a firm hand on her leash and pulled the student onto his lap. “Okay. ENOUGH. Revoke this program, authorization—” As always dear readers I am not giving you the secret codes!

April blinked a few times and then embraced Dr. Shrewsbury. “I’m sorry. I just, I just—”

“Wanted to have fun?” He smirked at her before motioning for April to slide onto the mat on the floor. With a significant amount of grace, she dropped to the floor and then looked up at him with love and obedience mirrored in her eyes.

April nuzzled her face against his leg and then held her leash up. “I had a lot of fun, but I only want to be programmed by you, Master.”

He stood up and tugged her leash so she would stand as well. “I want you to take a shower. I’ve left out evening wear for you. I am authorized to make you stay the night.” April’s eyes lit up. “Just tonight.”

She frowned, but then squinted, confused. “Um...Master? How do I, um, I’m not even sure how to say this?”

Dr. Shrewsbury laughed. “You mean how does the latex come off?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “Well...it is actually synced with your neuro-chip and collar. So if you concentrate on removing the outfit, the outfit will go away. Try it.”

April squinted confused for a few seconds, but the latex began dissolving on her body. After two or three minutes, she stood naked before Dr. Shrewsbury besides the platform heels on her feet. Drenched in sweat from all the fun she was having at the party, the floor beneath her began to have a small puddle. The redhead felt so bare, yet so intimate, at the moment and took a few steps forward to bury her head on his chest.

He stroked April’s hair for a moment and then kissed her forehead. “You are so sweaty and kind of, I have to admit, smell of partying and intimacy,” he again raised an eyebrow, but in a humorous way. “Anything I need to know?”

April grinned mischievously and leaned in to kiss him gently. “Your slaves enjoy dancing together, Master. Yoshiko’s body,” she continued, feeling so comfortable speaking in such a sexual manner for one of the first times in her life, “feels so good against mine.” She kissed him again. “Our bodies are yours, Master.”

Dr. Shrewsbury ran a hand across her face. “Go take a shower. Yoshiko left an outfit in there before she left to meet up with you. Put it on and then join me in the living room.”

April offered a good view of her increasingly very firm and supple ass as she walked to the downstairs bathroom. She slipped off the platform heels on her feet, wondered again about the surgery Yoshiko had mentioned on the SERVANT’s ankles, and took a brief, but relaxing, shower. Upon finishing, she touched up her makeup and put on the pink chemise, which was tailored to show off her current bust and was short enough that a glimpse of her shaved cunt could be seen from certain angles, and padded back out into the living room and did a curtsy for the man she was so fond of, who had taught her so much.

“Delightful,” he said while looking at something on his watch. “I can confirm that it will just be us tonight. Yoshiko made quite the impression on our donor and she, along with a few other students, will be staying the night with him. I hope she isn’t up too late because SERVANTs have an exam tomorrow.”

They made their way, hand in hand, to the living room and sat down on the couch. The record he had been listening to had ended while April was in the shower, but the football program was still on. He unmuted it and she snuggled up to him.

After a moment, April sat up, “I was considering visiting the medical center for a consult about breast implants and maybe other things. What should I do, Master?” She blurted it all out and then stared at her Master, waiting to learn what to do.

“I can make you an appointment,” he began, looking at her with pride at how easy it was for Yoshiko to sway her mind to this consideration, “with my friend Dr. Bedford in the medical center. I can send him some ideas, but I trust his judgment.”

He paused briefly while the highlight show replayed a sensational goal from a District Six match. “Yoshiko came to me with a similar query last semester, you know. He was able to assist her and now look how lovely she looks and behaves. You will be in good hands with him. Trust his judgment.”

“I wish Yoshiko were here tonight, Master. We were having so much fun.” She sat up again. “I kissed her, Master. I really like her. I love that we are both yours.” The red-haired student caught herself from rambling and paused. “Do you know what is going to happen to her next semester?”

Before Dr. Shrewsbury could respond, the highlight show then showed a “best of” video of club cheerleaders from District Six. Each cheerleader was more beautiful than the previous one. There was a 30-second clip about a Mrs. Martinez, 23, who was retiring from cheerleading after her marriage and the announcement that she was having her husband’s first child. Her vapid joy was clearly an inspiration for the other cheerleaders. The program presenter also commented how proud the women in District Six were of their championship clubs and how so many women wished to serve them.

“I am actually working out a deal for Yoshiko and a few other SERVANTs to spend their DOLL semester in different districts. It will be good experience for them. A few of the cheerleaders, for example, for the club I support came from the academy. I know you will miss her during your SERVANT semester, and so will I, but we will see her again soon, I am certain.”

He again paused as a brief clip from the club he supported from a cup match a few years ago was shown due to the anniversary being today. “One of my duties as her advisor is to facilitate her placement, and we are given a lot of leeway with how that is done. I have full control. I will for you, too.”

“Speaking of District Six,” Dr. Shrewsbury continued as he took April’s hands in his own, “I have been given permission officially to take a few days off to travel for my club’s Districts Cup match in District Six. They go there first and then there will be a return match here in our district in two weeks.”

He picked up a tablet off the coffee table, tapped a few buttons on the screen, and then held it up to her. “I have been granted three travel passes to District Six for the match day and the day after. I will be taking you and Yoshiko with me for the trip. Your professors have already been informed about the trip, and you will receive an excused absence.”

April brightened. “We have been learning about the different districts in class. We had to watch a documentary about District Six. The women are really…” She paused in an attempt to find the right words to describe what she had viewed in the film. Dr. Shrewsbury looked at her with encouragement.

“They, um, they seemed kind of like SERVANTs, but had personalities? But also focused on service and obedience like a DOLL? It was fascinating.” She paused, trying to remember something. “There was, like,” a trickle of feminine frustration from a long day clouded her memory, a family in the documentary…” Her brow furrowed. “The Witwickys! That was it! Chip and Bella. She was pregnant and so pretty and—”

Dr. Shrewsbury put a hand up. “Yes, yes, I know them. Chip helps run an academy in that district which helps young men become the best men they can be. It’s a bit like what we do here, but for men. Masculine Dominance Academy instead of Feminine Obedience Academy. He is an administrator, but also teaches a few courses. We will probably run into him at the match because the club I support is playing the club he supports. They will come here for the home game in our district too, most likely.”

“Chip is a good man,” he continued, “and his wife Bella is a wonderful woman. She is the niece of our own Dr. Sanderson, who you did not have for a course this semester, but might next semester for SERVANT courses. Bella’s parents are friends of ours too. Brett and Missi. They have another daughter named Maria who will be here in a few semesters. If I recall correctly, their family maid is a permaDOLL that graduated from us. I’m fairly certain of that. Sarah I think?”

April ran a white-tipped nail over his arm. “Will I have to be chipped like the women are there?” The women in District Six were so intense in their femininity and submission. Part of her found the idea of it to be so thrilling...to be that under control of a man….or men in general.

“Yes,” he confirmed, “all women visiting the district are required to have their district’s chip added to collars. They used to be a bit less restrictive about that, but there were a few acts by radicals and a new law was passed to make the chips mandatory. At the embassy upon arrival they are installed and then removed before we leave. You’ll be safe the whole time. I will always be with you.”

Dr. Shrewsbury gave her hands a squeeze. “There is another thing...while in District Six, you must identify by your male escort or relative. So, once you are chipped, you will be April Shrewsbury for the duration of our trip. The same with Yoshiko. Miss Shrewsbury, both of you.” He wanted to say something more, but decided against it. The part of that issue he was leaving out could wait until this beautiful lady he was so fond of was under the control of the chip.

“Miss April Shrewsbury,” April said quietly. “I like it. Miss Yoshiko Shrewsbury.” She wished Yoshiko were there with them right now. Her mind was still racing from their intimate moments earlier in the night.

“So we will travel there via train,” he continued, “After you are chipped we can do a little bit of sightseeing, get a meal, and then go to the match. I have passes for us to get into the stadium a bit early. We are going to meet with the player who has placed a winning bid on one of our current DOLLs.” He tried to describe him to her as the player subbed on in the final minutes of the match they viewed together previously. “He is going to be a star player and deserve a beautiful, obedient, wife at his side and I made sure to facilitate it. They are so busy when here that it ended up being easier to meet up at an away match.”

“Where will we be at the match?” April wondered.

“The Witwickys got us a private box to watch the match from. It’s on the lower tier of them, so we will have a great view of everything.” He made some hand gestures to try and describe where in the stadium it would be, but April’s lack of knowledge of football stadiums made the attempt not very meaningful. “Afterward we will go out for dinner and then the next morning back on the train to come back here. You will be excused from classes for that day.”

Dr. Shrewsbury’s eyes lit up. “Hey, I have a great idea. Why don’t we schedule that afternoon, since you’ll be free, as a time for any of Dr. Bedford’s recommended procedures. Whatever he suggests being done can be completed, and then you will have a weekend to recover.”

April quietly acquiesced to the statement with lowered eyes as her Master stood up. “Okay, it is really time for us to get to bed.” He motioned for her to stand with him and then kissed her forehead. Without high heels on, she was considerably shorter than him.

“I, um, actually have an idea before bed,” he began. “You know how you wished that Yoshiko was here tonight? Well...I had an idea...you could do a SERVANT impersonation...make it seem like she was here, but it was you…”

April’s eyebrows raised in surprised, but then furrowed in thought. She looked down, pondering his request, and then looked up with a cheerful, compliant, smile across her face. “Master,” she began in a slightly up-pitched voice, “Miss Kurosaza is out for the evening. This SERVANT,” she took a few steps forward and slide a hand into his pants, “has been assigned to you for the evening. How shall she serve?” She gave him a look of cheerful compliance as her hand continued to massage his hardening cock.

Dr. Shrewsbury put a hand on her arm and she froze mid-stroke. “Okay, pretty good, but a SERVANT would not take the initiative unless previously instructed to do so. Yoshiko waits at casual attention for me.” He grinned as April moved to stand before him appropriately.

“Good girl. “I prefer that you make eye contact with me. Other men prefer that they lower their eyes in deference. I like seeing the submission in your eyes.” He put a hand on her face. “By default, a SERVANT’s gaze never leaves the man controlling her.” He watched her follow him with her eyes for a moment. “I am sure you have seen Yoshiko and others do it.”

April leaned her face against his hand. “April can’t wait, Master.” It was so easy to slide into speaking in the third person. She felt at ease doing so. “May this SERVANT offer her body to you? Miss Kurosaza is her role model, and she longs to be treated as she would be.”

Dr. Shrewsbury grabbed her by the arm and dragged the Pseudo-SERVANT to the bed. He pushed her onto it, pushed up her skirt, he had not left her underwear to wear, pulled down his own pants, spread her legs, and fucked her senseless.

No man had ever made love to April quite this way. She was not a virgin, but most men her age could not last, nor show the vigor, of a more mature, experienced man. Her own orgasm came a moment before he shot a wad of cum inside of her. In the supplements she was required to take was a birth control that would keep her from becoming pregnant.

We really cannot have the brainwashed, obedient, and eager for cock students of the Feminine Obedience Academy getting pregnant left and right, can we?

At least not in this story. Stay tuned…

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