Feminine Obedience Academy: April

Chapter 1

by barbararwetzel

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Feminine Obedience Academy: April

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

ABOUT: This story is the sequel to Feminine Obedience Academy: Yoshiko, which you should read if you enjoy this story. In my note at the end of the story, I will offer other story suggestions.

* * *

Part 1

April and Melinda, best friends, sat in a train cabin going over the information tablets sent to them by the Feminine Obedience Academy. April, a 21 year old redhead with an elfin face, double-checked her scholarship information again. The nice person on the video conference had assured her, again, that everything was in order, but she was still nervous about it. The Feminine Obedience Academy was difficult to get into, especially for women from the lower classes, so she wanted to make sure everything was in order.

Her best friend Melinda, also 21 years old, tall; brunette; sat quietly with her earbuds in. A video played on the screen informing her about what the Feminine Obedience Academy had to offer to them. Both of them had watched the video a few times, but a nagging need to watch it again filled the calm woman’s body. The Feminine Obedience Academy resided in a nearby district. It took the best and brightest of their former country, turned into nine districts after a war and trained them for high society. They also allow women to come in on scholarship. This is how both April and Melinda came to be admitted to the Feminine Obedience Academy. Each had been selected for the prestigious scholarship, but knew nothing of the nefarious intentions it had for them when they arrived.

The best friends had not quite grown up poor, but the ups and downs of growing up in an automated society outside the upper class had made them a burden on their parents. Neither had a good relationship with them. The Income Guarantee offered by the government only went so far, and continued rising costs, without increases in the income guarantee in a number of years, destroyed the lower classes. Their families lived from payment to payment and additional family members had become a great burden without the always promised, but never delivered, increases in said deliveries.

April’s mom had divorced her father about 10 years before after he had a number of affairs at his assigned job. She was shy and fairly awkward. It had been hard for her to date despite having a natural beauty that other women would die for, currently were entering the Feminine Obedience Academy and getting out of the poorer, dirtier, environmentally damaged zones was a good idea and frankly the only escape from complete misery and hopelessness. Her mother hoped for a big pay-off when she did marry, but, despite the scholarship, did not have their hopes up. April hoped to never return to the lower class again.

Melinda was the oldest daughter in her family. She had always been a joiner and followed the rules. The pretty brunette thought it would be good to marry well and have a nice, happy, life. Her mother had always longed for that, but a scandal with a boss ruined her chances to move up to high society. Melinda did not want to make the same mistake. She was smart and clever and knew how to pick a good man. Soon enough, it would not matter. She always followed April and went into their new lives. Their paths would soon divert though.

April stared out the window of their space taxi. About 40 other women were also attached to the main train, cars had been banned from the district after the war, taking them to the academy. Each of them was a scholarship student. Their part of the ship was literally called “Scholarship Section” to make their lack of status obvious. She sighed as the dismissive feelings her mother had filled the red-haired woman with over the years filled her mind.

Also on the space taxi flight was Dr. Shrewsbury, on his way back to campus from a vacation with his SERVANT Yoshiko Kurosaza. Miss Kurosaza had been his star advisee the previous term and joined him in his home as a SERVANT class student. Their vacation had been fun, both recreational and educational, but it was time to return to campus.

The dark-haired man, with a slight beard, looked over introductory materials created for advisors. His new advisees’ information was laid out for him. As Yoshiko rested her head on his shoulder and napped, he read through their records, any indications if a buyer was already interested, and some initial comments from registration staff. One of them in particular interested him, and that was our lovely protagonist April.

Dr. Shrewsbury found himself curious about both women. Each of these scholarship students would learn their proper place at the Feminine Obedience Academy and join as the simple-minded female pawns that they are innately. Women existed to please men. They needed to understand their place for their own happiness and fulfillment. The kind of individuality and unruly behavior seen in the lower classes was unacceptable. Once done at the FOA, women knew their place and only thought, felt, and believed what their husbands commanded their simple minds to think, feel, or believe.

All of them rode the train to the academy together, their fates intertwined forever. Soon, each of their lives would never be the same again.

* * *

Once their train arrived at campus, various professors and security officers led the incoming class to an orientation session. Security officers, all third semester DOLL class students, all dressed in latex uniforms, firmly, but calmly, gave directions and instructions to each person who got out of the train. Their programming had been updated the night before with information about every new attendee at The Feminine Obedience Academy.

“Please follow to your assigned place,” one of the officers, a gorgeous, and rather busty, blonde commanded the arrivals. She had been an unruly protester down in one of the poorest parts of their district. After hurling a bottle at a peace drone, she was apprehended and turned into another nameless, mindless, member of their group. Her previous life had been long deleted.

April and Melinda got out together and stood for a moment, taking in the scenery. The campus replicated a traditional university from the days before the old nation states fell apart with high stone walls, ivy everywhere, and high towered halls of learning. April had read something in the preparatory materials: Something about the peace and joy of an active college campus from before the world began to unravel. It felt otherworldly to her.

“Wow, this is cool,” Melinda said to April before they followed a security officer towards their chosen orientation room.

April nodded and craned her head around to look at different buildings while they followed the officer. “Yeah, we had a lecture in school about old universities. They looked a lot like this.”

They collected a few more incoming students and all of them followed each other across the quad, another old-fashioned collegiate idea, and headed towards their destined building. By the time they left it, their lives would never be the same again.

Their session turned out to be in a large amphitheater. Breakfast had been laid out for them with croissants, bagels, various fake meats, with actual meat eating being downplayed to help avoid the ravages of climate change by the world governments many years before their own collapse, which was continued by the new class structure of society, and a range of teas and coffees. All seemed wonderful and felt incredibly extravagant in comparison to the normal sustenance offerings they had in the lower-class part of the district they had grown up in.

April, always in need of caffeine, immediately went over to the coffee area to make a cup for herself. She turned around to see where Melinda was, but her brunette friend had made a direct line to the bagel table to put a large wad of cream cheese on one. Dairy products were harder to find, so she always wanted to indulge in them. She shook her head and sipped the coffee in satisfaction. A few other women were idling behind her, so she quickly moved past them. On the way to find a seat, she stopped and picked up a veggie sausage and dropped it on a plate with some onion and peppers.

Melinda was making a cup of tea when April came over to her. “Hey, don’t pig out. You want to look good, you know? It’s a big part of why we were chosen to come here.” The redhead found it a bit superficial, but understood that part of being at The Feminine Obedience Academy was keeping up your physical appearance. Her focus was certainly not on finding a suitor, but if one did come along, she wanted to make him find her appealing.

The brunette scoffed at her best friend. “Dude, it’s just one bagel,” she said between bites. “I’m very impulsive.” She continued to awkwardly chomp on it.

April rolled her eyes, and they tried to find somewhere to sit down. Everyone was starting to settle in around them. There was an open table over in one of the corners of the amphitheater that she led Melinda to, and they sat down to enjoy their breakfast. As they ate, Melinda began pointing out handsome men and asking for April to comment on each one. She quickly wiped her face clean and pulled out her electronic device to check her makeup with the mirror app.

“He’s fine, I guess,” she said with a dismissive shrug towards the handsome dark-skinned man, but then turned and slowly shook her head at Melinda upon seeing a woman come up, kiss him, and run a hand over his sweater. “I think he’s off the market.”

“Too bad,” Melinda said quietly. They continued this routine with a few other men. Some of them already did seem to be taken, but others were not. April again rolled her eyes at how Melinda, despite claiming not to be focused on finding a husband, sure loved to check men out when she was around them. The longer they knew each other, the more she felt her friend said a lot of things, but then did a lot of other things. One day, it must be an issue in their relationship, she thought with a sigh.

A moment passed, and Dr. Shrewsbury came over to them with Yoshiko, clad in a latex maid uniform, at his side. “Hello, is this seat taken? The rest of the faculty are all sitting together and gossiping. Miss Kurosaza and I just got back from holiday and are frankly exhausted, so I figured we would join the students.” His beautiful Japanese SERVANT stared at the new students with the vapid smile of a woman content with self identifying as a bimbo slave.

He sat down before either of them could say no. “Dr. Shrewsbury,” he said with an enthusiastic smile. It was an aggressive thing to do, but he did not care. Soon enough, none of the women at The Feminine Obedience Academy would object to their treatment.

Both women looked him over. He was a slight man with short hair, a trim beard that was graying, and hazel eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses. He wore a sweater and a button down shirt with jeans. He was cute, April had to admit. Melinda seemed disinterested for once. They both looked over at his SERVANT. She was stunningly attractive.

April and Melinda introduced themselves to him. “Ah,” he exclaimed, “I am fairly certain that both of you are on my advisee list! What a nice coincidence.” He had actually been tracking their movement upon their arrival to make sure he could spend some time with such lovely women. Both of them were gorgeous and certainly worthy of consideration for himself and others.

Dr. Shrewsbury turned to April. “So, if I recall correctly from your profile, you are very interested in literature. That was my teaching field on my former campus, before I came here to The Feminine Obedience Academy.”

“Wait,” Melinda said, “how did you read our profiles if you’re not even sure we are your advisees?”

Professor Shrewsbury smiled. “I tried to read up on all the new students. I recognized both of your profiles when I sat down. I had connected April’s interest in literature to such a beautiful woman.”

Before Melinda could object to how suspicious that sounded, April brightened, and they began discussing her favorite works of literature. It turned out that the good professor had taught a few of them during his teaching training, and they narrowed their conversation, totally ignoring Melinda, on a debate about one of the characters. She was surprised by the professor’s insights and looked forward to his advisement, finding him a bit aggressive, fairly charming too, but her brunette friend got bored midst her lack of interest in reading some old novel.

She tried to gain the attention of April and the man whom she would exist to serve by the end of the day a few times, but they were neck deep in debating some point about April’s apparent misunderstanding of a poem because she did not understand the original language.

“I’ll show you the original sometime. You’ll appreciate it more.”

“I’d like that!”

Melinda sighed. April always got the attention of bookish men. So many in the lower classes were just plain stupid or brutish. Of course, she would be here at the academy when one was very clearly flirting with her! “I’ll be back.”

She stood up, her table mates barely noticing, and wandered off to find something else to do before advising meetings. Behind her, she could hear April and Professor Shrewsbury disagreeing about some point about the book. Whatever. Yoshiko looked over at her, a passive smile still on her face, and nodded slightly to indicate it was fine to leave.

* * *

Melinda had caught up with April on the way to their own orientation session. This session contained all of Professor Shrewsbury’s advisees, which amounted to six women.

“Where did you go? I turned around and you were gone. I got worried,” April asked her friend. April realized that, while conversing with Professor Shrewsbury, she could have paused and sent a message to her friend, but had not. It felt like a shitty thing to do. The bookish redhead made a promise to herself to do better next time.

Melinda shrugged. “I got bored by listening to you talk with that professor about books. He is kind of cute though.” Men in the lower classes were so drab and often directionless. Being around handsome men who were forward thinking enough to try to enter the higher classes certainly changed her outlook a bit. Still, she said a silent prayer that a man would never get between them. One man was never worth it.

April looked away and blushed a bit. “Yeah...he is cute. I liked how passionate he was about teaching.” It had been surprising to discuss literature with a teacher. Her readerly interests had always been shrugged dismissively at during her previous education as the whims of someone not focused on the grim realities of life.

Teachers were underpaid, undervalued, and generally treated poorly. Most did the bare minimum, and then you never saw them again. Many, she did not know due to media censorship, were sent to schools as some kind of punishment, or they were from the upper classes and wanted to amuse themselves among people they considered inferior.

Students were conversing while waiting for their advisor. Professor Shrewsbury came in a few minutes late, without Yoshiko, who he had sent to begin her new lessons in SERVANT classes, and stopped to check on a few things at the computer interface in the front of the room. “Hang on, first time doing this and want to make sure it is right. I’m normally not so hands on for this part.”

He looked up at one point, saw April, and gave her a quick wave. Melinda rolled her eyes next to the red-haired student. He was definitely charming in this high energy kind of way. Their interactions would, at the least, be amusing.

At the door stood three women. Each wore spandex shorts, tight tops, and platform sneakers. They all had the same tied back tight ponytail, but their hair was equally platinum blonde and pink in streaks. A lot of the women in the room looked over. “Probably from the cheer-leading squad,” Melinda said indifferently to April as they stared at the lookalike women.

When Professor Shrewsbury turned and saw them, they stared at him with the puppy dog eyed devotion which was brainwashed into teaching assistants. The look of loyalty mirrored in each of their sets of eyes would be mimicked by every woman. Well, or at least brainwashed into them. Whichever comes first.

After settling any equipment issues, he began the orientation. “Okay, I appreciate your patience with this, like I said I’ve never actually done orientation before, so I had to double check all the equipment before we began. Didn’t really want to mess up on day one and have it be a lasting memory of your first day! That would be terrible. Welcome to the academy, although I have met a few of you earlier today. I have been trying to get to know your records while traveling here for the new semester.”

The professor looked over at April and grinned. “There is a lot to cover in this orientation.” He paused for a second. “Are your monitors on?” He stared directly at April. “April, is your monitor on?”

“Yes, there is just a small blinking light bouncing around.” After staring at the old-time screen saver turned early hypnosis indoctrination app for a few seconds, April found she had to really concentrate to stop staring at it. She tried to say something else, but forgot what it was. The thought slid out of her silly girlie brain.

“Ah, great,” Professor Shrewsbury exclaimed. He pressed a button on the computer interface, which brought up the full-screen spirals. The spirals were strong enough to almost instantly enthrall pretty much any woman and, from a cursory look around the room, this was very true.

The steel bars and holding them in place seemed so crude and petty. However, they all snapped around each advisee. He saw minimal resistance as his eyes scanned the room. The three assistants at the door had been given programming in security measures, just in case he needed them to take action. A moment went by where the professor imagined their own struggles. Oh well.

Melinda had instantly been unable to look away from the pink spiral dancing before her eyes. Her expression went blank, as did many other women in the room.

April lasted a minute or so, but only because she was able to intellectually consider what was happening. She knew an odd feeling, a compulsion, had taken over her mind and body, but intellectual framing kept her aware for a moment. It was a curiosity that would always make her obedience, her submission, much more intellectual than the vapid, or mindless, futures awaiting other women in the room.

“April,” Professor Shrewsbury said loud enough to gain her attention. “Focus on the spiral. I promise to explain why later. You have my word. For me to advise you properly, I need you to focus. We can talk about more books after this too.”

April’s slowed down mind listened to the command and obeyed it. Professor Shrewsbury would explain later. That made sense. Her final thought before staring straight ahead with the same blank expression as her friend was that there were more books to discuss with her adviser. She could not wait for that to happen. But first, the spiral.

The spandex clad assistants began moving up and down the aisles. Their matching pink nailed hands inserted wireless earbuds into each student’s ears. He took a pair from one of the brainwashed women and gently placed them in April’s ears. “You have my word,” he said quietly again.

He meant it. With every moment spent near the beautiful, studious, enthralled woman, his attraction to her grew more and more. Numerous ideas began dancing around in his mind. It was a dare bit impulsive, but the potential was there.

The initial subliminal commands programmed into their suggestible, pliant, minds were fairly straightforward: I trust The Feminine Obedience Academy...I trust the men who run The Feminine Obedience Academy...I will obey the men who run The Feminine Obedience Academy...I will accept all lessons and direct orders….I will study assigned material...I will obey…

This went on for a few hours. Professor Shrewsbury checked the readouts for each woman, but especially April, and his assistants, programmed to show expertise in the technical side of all of this, confirmed all was going according to plan. He also checked on Yoshiko, who was currently in a course for advanced sexual service before a gym session with her sister SERVANTs.

So far, so good. He asked some questions of his thralls, and they were cheerful and compliant. Each was very pretty. He wondered what their lives had been like before coming to The Feminine Obedience Academy.

At the end of hour three, Professor Shrewsbury grew bored. He was glad to have a novel to read with him. His assistants were fairly dim and only had programmed responses prepared for each interaction, so he stuck to the tablet in his hand.

Each woman’s individualized lesson began with a loud beep at each chair. It would be a few more hours of this, and then they were done for the day. The lessons conditioned into them today would be built upon in individual advisement, group sessions, and further programming days. The read outs so far showed each of them to be rather docile and ready to learn as much as possible.

Professor Shrewsbury had a lot of influence on what each woman’s conditioning would include on an individual level. Their records had offered commentary he mostly approved, but with his own additions as well. He kept April’s fairly straightforward: I will look my best at all times...I need to go to the campus salon to look my best...I trust the salon to know how I can look my best...My adviser has a plan for me...I need to follow his plan...I trust my adviser...I trust his plan...I obey my adviser...I obey his plan for me…

Melinda, it was decided, would be going through a bit of a personality adjustment: I came to The Feminine Obedience Academy to find a husband...I want to look my best...I want to look my best to find a husband...I’ve always wanted to look my best...I’ve always wanted to look my best to find a husband...I need to show off my body...I’ve always wanted to show off my body...I’ve always wanted to show off my body to find a husband...I will go to the salon...I will look my best after going to the salon...After I go to the salon, I will look my best to find a husband…

Her angst about whether to chase after a husband would be long forgotten as new directives altered her views. The pretty brunette’s duty in life would now be to do whatever was needed to find one.

The subliminal mantra continued with some similarities to April’s conditioning: My adviser has a plan for me...I need to follow his plan...I trust my adviser...I trust his plan...I obey my adviser...I obey his plan for me...My adviser’s plan will find me a husband...I trust my advisor’s choice of a husband for me...I will look my best and find a husband if I obey my adviser…

Our co-protagonist put down the tablet and watched the comely ladies left for him as assistants walk up and down the rows. Each was more beautiful than the last. He looked up at the bustiest blonde: Her name was Savannah. She had been accepted into The Feminine Obedience Academy as part of one of those do-gooder programs where they allow criminals into private education in hopes that they can be reformed. As her backside wiggled past him to check on April’s readings, he certainly found her reformed. Her pleasant smile and pleasing attitude, and body, were award worthy. That pouty mouth would have looked great wrapped around his cock.

Professor Shrewsbury was nearly succumbing to his pretty temporary assistants when another bell pinged to announce his advisees were done with their programming session. Each of them blinked back to normal, looked around, and began obeying whatever individual command had been brainwashed into them. His lovely assistant all waved to him and left as well. Surely, they were needed elsewhere. Important beginning of term business!

April looked around the room, found Melinda, and smiled at her friend. “I need to go to the salon. I need to look my best.” It seemed so obvious and clear to her. She trusted that the salon would make her look her best. She smiled cheerfully at her friend.

Melinda brightened. “I need to go to the salon too! I came to The Feminine Obedience Academy to find a husband. I’ve always wanted to look my best and if I do I will find a husband.” The brunette’s purpose was crystal clear in her mind now. She was here to find a husband. Pangs of embarrassment went through her at the frustration she had earlier with April and Professor Shrewsbury. She needed to improve her attitude to find a husband!

April hugged her friend. “Yes! We will look our best. You need to find a husband!” She giggled. Surely, she had noticed how attractive her friend was, but in this new brainwashed light a pang for intimacy formed inside her. She said a silent prayer for her friend that a husband was available.

Melinda nodded. “Come on, we need to get to the salon before it fills up.” Most of the other inhabitants of the room were gone or on their way out the door.

The friends took each other’s hand in their own and began walking to the door, but Professor Shrewsbury stopped them. Each immediately froze, turned, and faced their controller. After all, they both trusted their adviser and needed to obey him. It made perfect sense to both suggestible, subservient, women. Neither had put up much of a resistance to their new world views. Despite even a perceived amount of intelligence, the feminine nature of women left them often extremely susceptible to conditioning. They smiled at their handsome adviser, deeply anticipating whatever he had to say to them. Their minds were soft and ready to accept orders from a male superior as was the purpose of women.

“Melinda,” he began first, “please wait outside. I need to have a private conversation with April as her adviser. As it is private, you will never ask about it. Please obey me.”

Melinda hesitated for a split second at the word “obey,” but then complied with the command. She nodded and left the room as instructed by her adviser. When she got outside and began idling, why, beyond obeying Professor Shrewsbury, she was in the hallway, beyond waiting for April, slipped out of her little feminine mind quickly. A focus on how to improve her body to find a husband filled the simple woman’s mind. Soon enough she would be the dream bimbo of the man who bid highest for her.

Once the door closed, Professor Shrewsbury turned to face the woman who was quickly becoming his favorite hypnotic thrall. He was quickly taking a liking to her. “Hello, April, I know you said you are going to go to the salon...”

“I need to go to the salon. I need to look my best,” she said with great enthusiasm. Her smile was appealing and contagious.

“Yes,” Professor Shrewsbury continued, “of course. Do you also trust and obey me?”

“Yes, I trust and obey you, Professor Shrewsbury,” she confirmed eagerly.

“Excellent, there is a lot I can teach you. I’m sure I will learn from you too.” His smile was charming and warm.

April battered her eyes in a flirtatious manner. “Me? Teach you? About what?” She blushed a bit at the compliment.

Professor Shrewsbury laughed. Yeah, he definitely liked her. He could not wait to begin molding the beautiful young woman for his needs. “Well, about books, of course. And life in general. If you trust me, I can teach you a lot.”

April looked down. “I do trust you, Professor.” A feeling of docility filled her body. Everything would be fine if she trusted him. Nothing had ever made as much sense before in her life. She breathed out a happy sigh of relief. The stress of her previous life felt like a million years before.

“Good girl.” He paused and watched her let out a happy sigh at the praise. “After your salon trip, I want you to come visit me in my quarters. Join me for dinner tonight. The fine people at the salon will leave you an outfit to wear.

“I need to go to the salon. I need to look my best,” April said with cheer.

Professor Shrewsbury frowned. Maybe right after a brainwashing session was not the best time to speak to them? Yoshiko had been like this last semester too, and Sammie had been really like this the semester before. He could feel his cock getting harder at her dutiful recitation of the subliminal indoctrination she had received all day, but it was also a little unnerving. “Yes, right. Well your friend Melinda is waiting outside for you. She won’t remember why she is waiting, and please do keep it between us. I know you trust and will obey me.”

April smiled, nodded, and then left to catch up with Melinda as commanded. Her friend did not ask questions, nor did she offer any answers. Both women were well on their way to being successful students at The Feminine Obedience Academy’s

* * *

April and Melinda walked hand in hand to the salon as instructed by Professor Shrewsbury. She had idled in the hall while her friend and their professor talked, flirted, and she showed what a good student she would be at The Feminine Obedience Academy.

Melinda had met her in the hallway and neither spoke until they got outside. A sunny day led both of them to pull their sunglasses out. This was when they began holding hands. It was something neither really noticed; the action had just felt right. Despite not knowing, or understanding, their current condition they felt a new bond that was not explainable, but each knew it.

They saw many other women walking around with similarly blissed out or brainwashed expressions. A male professor, a Professor Anderson, stopped them at one point to ask where they were going and when they said Professor Shrewsbury had told them to go to the salon, he nodded and called them each a “good girl,” which sent pangs of joy through their bodies. Before he excused himself, Melinda flirted with the man, running her other hand over his arm.

April stared at her friend passively. Their hands had been squeezed together quite tightly, but now that male attention was available, Melinda was barely holding on. It made her sad in a way that she could not put into words. She could sense that things were about to change for both of them. Thankfully, they had their trusted advisor whom they could also obey. If a stressful situation evolved out of it, she could surely ask him for advice.

Eventually Melinda did give up on gaining the affections of the professor, who confessed to being married, and they continued their walk to the salon. They came to stand in front of it, as did a number of other women,

Two security officers, wearing the same latex outfits as the ones from before, were directing traffic in front of it. One pointed a pale hand at them. “Entry one!” She had bright pink hair, tied into a severe ponytail, and a very impressive bust. A few years before, she had cheated on an exam at the district university. Now she did not think a thought unless programmed into her by a man.

April looked up, saw a big ONE in pink, cursive, writing, shrugged at Melanie, and they walked over to the entry as commanded by the security officer. The inside of the salon was huge and the walls seemed endless as tables, stations, and chairs were laid out for what seemed like a mile. She had never cared much about these kinds of beauty standards, or had the money for them, so the scene in front of her was oddly fascinating.

Her desire to idly stare and be marveled by her surroundings led to a lack of realizing when Melinda vanished from her side. April barely had a moment to ponder where she had gone when a firm, masculine, hand could be felt on her arm. She turned and found another professor.

“Ah,” he began, “my name is Professor Lefeet. I am a friend of Professor Shrewsbury. I need to take you to a chair to begin your salon visit. Now be a good girl and follow me please.”

April blinked a few times. Something about the phrase “good girl” turned her brain off. She followed Professor Lefeet with passive compliance and sat down in the chair, which looked like one in an old fashioned hair salon, ready for his next command. However, That command would never come from him.

From the ceiling, as did above many women in the room, a large helmet came down around her. April began to react, but the combination of the hypnotic spiral playing on the screen all around her and the metal bars entrapping her extremities ceased any resistance immediately. As a dutiful student of The Feminine Obedience Academy, April became lost in the spirals and fell into a trance right away.

Professor Lefeet, assigned five students, checked on the other four before coming back around to April. Her checked the camera inside the helmet on a wall monitor and the pretty redhead was blankly staring straight ahead, not a thought in her simple feminine mind.

“Silly women, they get easier to educate every year.” This was Professor Lefeet’s sixth year at The Feminine Obedience Academy. He had been a fairly normal professor before coming here. The faculty orientation, which included two bottle blonde beauties, one of which was now his wife, sucking his cock for as long as he could hold out, quickly oriented him towards the goals of his workplace.

While each woman was deep in trance, changes to their minds and bodies commenced. While subliminals taught them the importance of each thing, their hair and nails were done. Women in latex dresses and sky high platform heels tended to her every feminine need as they primped and glamorized her. Her breasts were enormous and barely contained by the edges of the dress. She had come to The Feminine Obedience Academy the year before, but poor behavior and defiance of the rules had led to a total wipe of her personality. She was now just a toy that existed only for its current command. A happy smile was plastered across her face. Soon enough, the bimbo would be sold off to the highest bidder.

April had never been much of a girlie girl before, but by the time the lesson was done she would find the idea of not having her nails done to be quite unsettling. Good girls always looked their best. She needed to look her best. Especially if her advisor, Professor Shrewsbury would like it.

By this time, April would mindlessly obey any command given to her by the wonderful men running The Feminine Obedience Academy. Passively, she remained calm and silent as the helmet went back into the ceiling and then the chair the brunette sat in slid back so she could lay flat. The latex doll swayed over to her and injected a neuro-chip into the newest thrall of The Feminine Obedience Academy’s neck.

April let out a small gasp as it entered. Immediately, it began releasing nanites that would reshape both mind and body over time. The DOLL commanded her to stand and she did, following it to join every other woman who had entered the salon, including Melinda against a wall where three-quarter tubes engulfed most of their bodies.

These sorts of odd lights came on before her. April blankly stared straight ahead as her skin slightly began to darken to a sun kissed tan. The macro installed in her neuro-chip tested making it a bit darker, which did not look great, and paler, which did, and settled on the programmed state, which could be adjusted at the push of a button.

The neuro-chip began to control her body’s movement next. She, and every woman in the room, stripped their clothing off and then stood at attention with their hands behind the back.

Hair began falling off April’s body below the shoulders. Her cunt and legs were bald and would remain so unless programmed otherwise. The brunette’s hair thickened a bit and her eyes became a lighter green. She continued to blankly stare straight ahead while every woman in the room went through their initial body modifications.

Down the hall, Melinda’s body was also going through a new year change as well. The brunette’s cunt was now also bald and her hair became a lighter, nearly blonde, hue. Her own sun kissed tan brought out her freckles, which made her look even prettier than before.

As their programming and alterations finished for the afternoon, the same assistants that had...assisted... Professor Shrewsbury earlier, and some others, dropped boxes of clothing in front of each of the new thralls of The Feminine Obedience Academy. Their chips activated at once and each woman methodically, and sometimes robotically, more Melinda than April, began putting on their new clothing.

Each woman exited her standing pod and stood at casual attention before beginning to march in a long line. Melinda was about five women behind her friend and was doing an excellent job of seductively swaying along in her sky-high heels. Her much less, until today, feminine friend, and other women in the room, stumbled a bit. In time April’s feminine sway would be ideal.

They marched in lines that diverged towards the officer of their individual officers. April became second in that particular line, with Melinda following right behind her. They lined up in the hallway outside of Professor Shrewsbury’s office and idled.

In his office, our professorial co-protagonist was finishing an early dinner while reviewing notes another faculty member had left for him regarding his first instruction session with his thralls. It really was an important moment in their lives as they are reoriented to their new lives. He studied the notes for a while after checking the camera outside his office to see his delightfully entranced advisees waiting for him, including the stunning redhead leading them.

After checking his slightly rumpled clothing in the mirror behind his desk, Professor Shrewsbury stood and went into the hallway. The first few women he chose to see were pretty cut and dry cases: You are here to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The bidding begins tomorrow. The more obedient you are, the higher the bid. Don’t you want it to go higher and higher? The gullible and deeply suggestible women found themselves agreeing and vowed to be as obedient as possible. One offered her body to him right then and there, but the good professor told them to go to a party and offer it there. Both women eagerly moved to obey their adviser.

Back in the hallway, He found himself looking between April and Melinda. April blankly stared straight ahead at nothing in particular. She really was beautiful, he had to admit. Melinda was his next choice, and she swayed into the room with him.

“Sit in the chair, Melinda,” Professor Shrewsbury commanded as he walked by her. The pretty redhead sat down obediently and crossed her shapely legs. Her passive smile and puppy dog eyed devotion to him made his cock rise a bit. He ignored that and began his inquiry with her.

“It’s simple, Melinda,” he began, “you exist to please men. You came to The Feminine Obedience Academy to find a husband or an owner. It’s your only desire and your truest purpose in life. Do you understand?”

“Sir,” Melinda began in a monotone voice, “I exist to please men. I came to The Feminine Obedience Academy to find a husband or owner. It is my only desire and truest purpose in life.”

“Good girl,” Professor Shrewsbury affirmed. “You are going to have many dates. You will find plenty of eligible suitors available to you. Obey each one of them.”

“I am going to have many dates,” Melinda confirmed. “Plenty of eligible suitors are available to me. I will obey each one of them.”

He nodded. “Good girl. Also, it’s obvious that something you need to find a husband or owner is really big breast implants.” He chuckled at how absurd it sounded when he said it out loud. “As big as possible. Men love that.” Hey, that was true.

“I’ve always wanted men to tell me what to do,” Melinda confirmed.

Professor Shrewsbury stood up and waved towards the door. “Well, then go obey every man you encounter. I hear there are a few parties going on. Go to one and announce you are ready to obey.”

Melinda did not speak, but did give her advisor a nice view of her ass as she swayed out of his office. It was tempting to offer her a chance to test out various levels of obedience, but the young lady he really wanted to speak with was idling outside in the hall.

Back out in the hall, after gazing at Melinda’s ass until she reached the elevator, Professor Shrewsbury turned and faced April. She was still frozen in place, waiting for instructions from him. The redhead was pretty, and it was fascinating to him to see the bright-eyed, clearly intellectual, young lady essentially on “pause” until he commanded her. The juxtaposition of it was also really sexy. He could definitely admit to that for sure.

“April, please join me in my office for our advising meeting,” he said quietly. He could hear her heels click across the hard floor behind him and she, as her friend had, sat down and crossed her legs.

Professor Shrewsbury stared at her as he sat down on the front of his desk. She continued to stare blankly at him, and he realized that the bookish student needed to be awoken if he wanted to have an actual conversation with her. “April, I need you to come out of trance so we can talk.” He hoped that would work. Imagine if it did not, and she was stuck like this forever? Maybe in another story that could happen some day.

A few seconds passed before April began blinking rapidly and let out a tiny, feminine, gasp. She looked up at her adviser. “Oh, hello, Professor Shrewsbury.”

“How do you feel right now, April?” Professor Shrewsbury stared at her and, respectfully, tried not to start at her chest in the practically painted on tank top she wore at the moment.

April looked thoughtful. She looked down, but then up at her adviser. “I feel fine. I went to the salon with Melinda, so I could look my best.” She paused for a moment. “We got there and then...I’m not certain? I’m wearing the standard uniform for new arrivals at The Feminine Obedience Academy, but I don’t remember how I put it on or what happened while I was there.” She looked at him with desperate confusion mirrored in her eyes. “I know the salon will make my look my best, but I don’t know how they did it.”

Professor Shrewsbury took a deep breath. “Okay. April, I want you to relax and focus on me. As your adviser, I am allowed to give you direct orders. Direct orders have to be obeyed. I gave your friend Melinda a few earlier when she had her appointment with me.” He technically had not, but the very noble lie worked for what he was trying to do for April right now. Seeing her distressed did bother him. He was realizing in real time that he had feelings for her.

“So here is a direct order,” he continued, “I want you to remain calm. Follow my direct orders and obey my instructions for you. Do you understand?”

He could see April visibly relaxing and let out a small sigh. “I will remain calm. I will follow your direct orders and obey your instructions for me.”

“Good girl,” Professor Shrewsbury said with approval. “Tell me, April, how does it feel to receive such a direct order?”

Again, April looked thoughtful for a moment. “I have to obey your direct orders. I was a little upset because I could not remember what happened at the salon, but I do know I am looking my best because of them. But then you said for me to remain calm, and then you said for me to follow your direct orders and obey your instructions for me, and now I feel calm.” She stared at him, mouth slightly ajar, unsure whether to speak further.

“Go on,” Professor Shrewsbury encouraged, “it seems like you have a question for me?”

April nodded. “Did something happen to me?”

He stared at her. “What do you mean, April?”

“I mean...” She trailed off. “...I mean…you asked me to remain calm, and I did, and I have to obey your instructions and...”

“...and what? What is wrong with obeying my instructions? In fact, and this is a direct order, you want to obey my instructions. You want to obey me” He slid off the edge of the desk and knelt down besides her. “In fact, from now on, you are going to address me as ‘Sir.’ In fact, you will address every male at The Feminine Obedience Academy like that, but when you do it for me, it will feel wonderful. Do you understand?”

April nodded. “Sir, I do understand.” She paused as a feeling of peace went through her body. “Sir, I feel...happy...it feels good when I obey you.” The expression on her face was that of hope that her answer was correct. A desire to be called a “good girl” again filled her body.

“Yes, I bet it does,” Professor Shrewsbury teased. “Oh, what was that phrase I’m supposed to say right now...” He grinned as her eyes lit up. “Oh right, ‘good girl.’”

April let out a small giggle at his misdirection. Her manicured hand brushed up against his, and for a split second, she pulled away before putting it back there again.

“Okay,” Professor Shrewsbury began, ignoring her affection for the moment, “here are some orders for you, here is what I think a good girl needs to do.” He hesitated for a second, but then continued. “The first major thing I would like of you, and each of these instructions is a direct order, is to not date. Your friend Melinda is going to go on numerous dates, but I would like you to focus on your studies.”

April nodded. “Sir, I will focus on my studies.” That seemed like a sensible idea. She really did not want to date anyway. Had April thought that before a moment ago? She could not remember. The thought slipped out of her mind a second later.

“Good girl,” he said and handed her a sheet with a course list on it. “I have signed you up for three classes: Domestic Life 101, Obedience 101, and Literary Studies. I figured you would enjoy some literature discussion with me in between learning how to obey a man properly. Makes sense, right?”

“Sir, I trust you as my adviser and will obey you.” His course choices certainly made sense to her. Why they made sense, she was less sure. Again, the thought slipped away.

“Great!” Professor Shrewsbury clapped his hands together. “You will have a class once a day on Monday-Wednesday morning. We can come up with a plan for your afternoons and evenings later.”

He went back to sitting on the desk while admiring April’s form in her uniform. “Do you think you are a good girl, April?”

The redhead tried to think about his question, but found it difficult to put together a coherent view of the situation. “Sir, I’m not sure. Am I a good girl? You said I was earlier, so I must be?”

His adviser slowly nodded. “I believe you are, but how do you feel about your insecurity about my question? Is it hard for you to answer a question like that from me?”

April spent a moment thinking through the question. “Sir, I know I can trust and obey you, so...I can kind of formulate a view...but then it stops. I have this urge,” she looked up at him, a confused expression mirrored in her eyes, “to find out how you feel. Does that make sense?”

“Of course it does,” he confirmed. “I can’t tell you why yet, and I need you to trust me on that, but it’s hard for you to formulate, I like that word, your own views because there simply isn’t a need for it. A lady like you has no need for her views. Here at The Feminine Obedience Academy, you can be taught the correct ideals.”

Professor Shrewsbury put his hand on April’s arm. “See the problem is, women think, feel, and believe interchangeably. You need to be taught what to think. You need your feelings tempered. You need to believe what you are told.” He gave her arm a tight squeeze. “You need to be taught a new set of beliefs by me. Do you want that, April?”

She stared at the clothing. “Sir, I do. I want to obey you.” April looked up at her adviser for some kind of validation.

He smiled. “Good girl.” A sense a relief could be seen flooding through her body. His hand motioned towards the box, and she obediently picked it up. “You are going to use one of the dressing rooms downstairs to change into this outfit. Like I said, you will find many like it back at your apartment. Afterwards, I want you to go study. At the library, they will give you your tablet for the term with syllabi for your classes, including mine. We will talk tomorrow, but for now, go obey me. Remember, I want you focused on your studies.”

April stood up without speaking and took the box to the downstairs changing room. She dressed quickly and took a few awkward steps in the shiny black pumps on her feet. They were not exactly what she normally wore, but surely, they would become more normal as time went on. Professor Shrewsbury would have ideas to help her, she was certain. He definitely did have a few.

Due to her clumsiness in pumps, April’s walk to the library was a bit slowed down, but she made it there in one piece. She ran her bag through the security scanner and walked through one herself that pinged at a scanner. The chip in her, and every woman on campus’, neck was very noticeable, but all of them had been programmed to not notice it, so she, and they, did not.

The library was massive. A map by the elevator showed four floors. The stacks were on the third, with meeting rooms on the fourth. She had to go to the second one to retrieve her tablet from one of the librarians, a Miss Peterson.

April slowly made her way up the stairs. She decided to forgo the elevator to continue practicing walking in heels, since they were a mandatory part of the uniform for new students. At the top of the stairs, two SERVANTs swayed by her with feminine precision, which made her sigh.

The office floor was a very sterile white and quiet besides one conversation a male librarian was having with a DOLL and clicks of high heels against the hard floors. Digital signs showed where each office was on the floor. Miss Peterson was located on the north end in front of where April stood at the end of a long hall. She began walking down there and found the office with ease.

The door to Miss Peterson’s office was slightly ajar. April knocked on the door and a few seconds later it open to reveal the beautiful librarian.

Miss Peterson waved the student into her office with her pink nailed hand. The honey blonde wore a rather brief mini skirt, clear platform heels, and a rather tight sweater. Her massive bust was proudly displayed. Her collar read “Peterson” with a pretty pink script, like everyone else had on theirs. Furthermore, her happy, docile, smile expressed contentedness with her proud identity as a bimbo.

“What can Miss Peterson do today, Miss Hargrove?” Her pouty mouth was slightly ajar, as if always ready for a cock to enter it.

“Well, um,” April began, “my adviser Dr. Shrewsbury asked me to come to the library to pick up my tablet. I need to do some studying before dinner.”

Miss Peterson’s eyes lit up. Dr. Shrewsbury had been her adviser a handful of years before. She had been a citizen of another district who protested to give women rights. Silly woman. “Oh, how wonderful! Miss Hargrove may pick one up off the table to the left.” The formerly unruly lady was arrested, brought to this district, enrolled at the Feminine Obedience Academy, and three semesters later came out such a docile, feminine, and obedient, slave it was decided to give her a job in the library helping out other waywardly young women.

April turned and walked over to it. She found a light pink tablet with her name and an ID number inscribed on the top. A moment later a home screen showed up with some introductory materials. She placed it in her bag and turned back to Miss Peterson. “Thanks.”

After saying goodbye to Miss Peterson, April went up to the third floor and found a table to study. A few other students were at other tables, including one who was with their assigned SERVANT, but she did not want to bother any of them. She wondered where Yoshiko was and wished the SERVANT could be here with her right now. Best not to disturb them.

A notification came on screen as it loaded the OS for the first time to remind her that after the collaring ceremony that collars were mandatory and that she would not be allowed into buildings or to use her tablet without wearing it. She sighed at how good wearing one felt to her. Quickly she was becoming much more docile, feminine, and obedient.

Her schedule loaded once the OS was done setting up along with a few other apps. She was signed up for three classes: Domestic Life 101, Obedience 101, and a Literary Studies course. April smiled upon seeing that Dr. Shrewsbury had actually done that.

Two of the classes were back to back on Monday and Wednesday. The Literary Studies course was on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Afterwards she had required gym sessions each day, lunch, and then afternoon activities which included her internship, study time, and open times for other tasks required by the Feminine Obedience Academy.

April checked her email to find a few helpful messages from Dr. Shrewsbury and introductions from other professors. Yoshiko had also sent a message of encouragement and noted her assigned SERVANT, Sammi, had done the same for her. If she had understood the introductory materials properly, Sammie was now in her DOLL semester and was just a nameless drone essentially. The idea of being so...mindless...sent a chill through April.

The tablet also had a calendar where events and tasks were added for her. The reading app synced with the one she had at home, and she raised her eyebrows at the subscription service the academy subscribed to, which added a ton of new titles to her bookshelf.

Finally, April loaded her social media profile. Her old one had been marked as being on hiatus. This was common when people decided to take a break and no one would question it.

Her new, Feminine Obedience Academy approved, profile loaded up. The profile showed a cartoon picture of her wearing glasses, which she avoided doing, a much lighter shade of red hair, and larger breasts in her uniform. A message was already posted declaring her happiness at being accepted to the Feminine Obedience Academy and eagerness to learn from her professors.

A notification came up commanding her to post at least once per day, which she would happily obey. Suggestions for posts also came up on the screen, and she saved them to go through later. It was time to leave the library.

April made her way out of the library and back out to the quad to head towards Dr. Shrewsbury’s quarters, which was across campus on the opposite end. A platinum blonde DOLL stopped her at one point to ask where she was going, but upon finding out nodded and allowed her to continue.

From afar, she saw Melinda standing in front of a building with what could be assumed to be a professor and a young man. A DOLL also stood slightly behind them. For a moment, the red-haired student tried to get her friend’s attention, but it was a hopeless endeavor, so she gave up and kept walking.

At the gate to the small development where faculty had their residences, a DOLL scanned April’s tablet and then allowed her inside after offering some helpful directions to Dr. Shrewsbury’s home. She found it fairly easily, walked up the steps and waited while the security camera, again, scanned her tablet. The front door slid open after a moment and Yoshiko greeted her at the door.

“Oh, hello Miss Hargrove,” the beautiful Japanese SERVANT said with a docile smile after she curtsied low for her with programmed and practiced perfection, “Master is waiting for you in the dining room. Please join him. Yoshiko will be finished cooking dinner in approximately 20 minutes.” She walked back towards the kitchen without another word. The latex maid uniform on her body showed off every curve and the shiny black pumps on her feet accentuated her ample, after so many gym sessions, backside and significant breast implants. The SERVANT’s severe ponytail displayed pink highlights to her black hair at the ends.

April followed her inside, her high heels echoing off the floor. She turned to her right and saw the living room where Dr. Shrewsbury was seated on a couch watching a football match. He was watching with some kind of serious focus and did not notice his advisee standing at the edge of his coffee table until the ball went out of play for a throw in to the club he supported here in District Nine.

“Miss Hargrove, wonderful, I’m so glad you arrived.” He turned to watch at the television again as an errant pass went out for a goal kick. “Please sit down,” he said, pointing at the smaller couch on the other side, “the match is in the 78th minute. It will be over before Yoshiko finishes making dinner. Do you know much about football? How did your library trip go?” His eyes went back to the match. His club was up 3-1, but he still worried. 3-1 becomes 3-2 becomes 3-3 if things go wrong in football. Two goals seems like so many, and yet it is so few.

April obeyed his command and sat down on the couch. She tried to cross her legs awkwardly and gave up after a moment. “No, Sir, I don’t really know much about football.” Her sigh was loud. Bad first impression. “I would love to learn as part of my new set of ideals.”

“Good girl, he said, turning to her with a smile as one of his team’s center backs made a goal saving tackle that just about wrapped up the match. “I want you to do some research on the football club I support. You will support them too. Yoshiko does as well.” He paused for a few seconds, remembering that night last year when Sammi came into his bedroom wearing only a scarf from the cup final a few years ago.

“Yes, Sir.” April would begin her research as soon as possible! She watched the last few minutes of the match quietly and when the whistle blew and the post game show began, Dr. Shrewsbury stood up and motioned to her to follow. “Yoshiko will be done with dinner shortly. Please come join me.” He reached out his hand and, as she stood up, took it with a smile.

They walked over to the kitchen, where Yoshiko was finishing off their salad. Three bowls of soup and a meal with rice, steamed vegetables, and a protein sat on the kitchen island. All of it smelled wonderful and was so much nicer than April was used to having back at home.

April took a step forward. “Yoshiko, do you need help with anything?” She felt a feminine urge to assist with such a domestic task while in a man’s home.

Yoshiko stopped shaving cheese for the salad, looked up, tilted her head slightly, and smiled. “No, Miss Hargrove, Yoshiko does not need any assistance at the moment. Please enjoy the meal and look forward to Dr. Shrewsbury’s guidance and instruction.”

April blushed slightly, and then even more at Dr. Shrewsbury’s approving glance, but sat down to enjoy the meal. Yoshiko placed the soup and sides down along with cups of tea a minute later for all, and they began to eat their meal.

They spoke of a number of topics including literature, Dr. Shrewsbury’s philosophy about the role of women in society, some history, which April was not familiar with as much, but eventually the conversation turned to the new semester.

‘Sir,” April began, “what do you hope I learn the most this semester?”

Dr. Shrewsbury finished off the last pieces of his salad before answering. Yoshiko was getting quite good at making it. He knew his instincts about her were right. “Well, I think foremost you need to focus on your studies. Your professors are all good friends of mine. You will obey them in all things.”

April nodded slowly. “Yes, Sir.”

“Furthermore,” he continued, “You will learn a lot from Yoshiko. I have assigned her to be your SERVANT mentor. She can teach you so much, but especially how to please me.”

Yoshiko, who had been silent during their meal, stood up to begin cleaning up, “Miss Hargrove, Yoshiko is delighted to be commanded to offer mentorship. She looks forward to it!”

Their conversation, and dinner, had gone a bit late into the night. April was not due to be home for two more hours, but Dr. Shrewsbury thought it would be good for her to begin returning to her apartment to further get acclimated to new surroundings.

“Go home,” he began, taking her hands in his own, “continue getting accustomed to your new apartment. I’m grateful you came by tonight.” For a few seconds, Dr. Shrewsbury thought about kissing her, but that could wait.

Tension filled April as she felt the moment pass too. “Yes, Sir,” she gave his hand a squeeze, and turned to walk out the front door with a little girlie wave.”

Dr. Shrewsbury lingered at the door for a moment, and then turned to find Yoshiko swaying over to him. She stopped, curtsied low, her impressive bust on full display, and look to the floor in respect to a superior. “Master, will Yoshiko be needed this evening? She will turn off for the night if not needed. Your will is purpose.”

Dr. Shrewsbury let out a bit of a growl and grabbed the SERVANT by the arm before dragging her to the guest room in the back of the first floor of his home, yanked down her underwear, and roughly fucked the bimbo slave until she screamed out in joy.

After cleaning him and herself up he went to bed, Yoshiko walked over to the living room closet, waited a second for the door to swoosh open, and then snapped to attention inside of it, turning off for the night.

* * *

April’s walk home was fairly routine, besides being stopped by a latex clad DOLL to check on her destination and where she had been coming from previously. The DOLL approved of both enthusiastically and let her go afterwards.

She was stopped by another DOLL at the gate of the apartment complex. The DOLL scanned her tablet and nodded with approval. April again scanned her tablet at the front door to the apartment that her and Melinda shared, and then entered it as the lights inside automatically came on.

April immediately slid the pair of shiny black pumps she had been wearing all day off her feet and then padded over to the closet to put them at the end of the shoe row and began taking off her uniform, placing it in the laundry shoot for cleaning, and changed into her bedtime uniform, which was a very short, and tight, pair of shorts and a tank top advertised the academy. In the mirror, she was proud of her appearance, but could it improve? Did she need larger breasts like Yoshiko? Her frown was immediate. Maybe the SERVANT would have some ideas?

Our red-haired protagonist sat on her bed and read the latest book in a romantic series she had gotten into during the summer. It was your typical historical about the time before the war where women were in the workforce and made demands for things like voting rights, controlling whom they marry, and even equality! Of course, as the history books showed, this rarely worked out well for women and the subject of the novel is overworked, underpaid, and constantly stressed out.

This is, of course, until a new partner comes into the business who asserts his authority to her, which men had not done much for fears of being considered deviant, and by the end of the novel she is his happy housewife and preparing to focus on motherhood. The novel was kinky, philosophical, and well written, which April delighted in.

She was about to reach for her vibrator when Melinda stumbled into the front door as a DOLL held on to her arm. “Miss Nelson, you have been escorted home safely.” The DOLL turned to April. “Miss Hargrove, please care for Miss Nelson before bedtime. She will be flagged for a check-in in the morning.”

April walked across the apartment and grabbed Melinda’s arm, but the brunette sneered in her friend’s face. “YEAH, Miss Hargrove, this fuck toy needs some help getting home after having some dicks in her holes. Woooo!”

“Thank you,” April said to the DOLL, who looked at her with some sympathy. Melinda reeked of sex and booze. The DOLL began assisting April in taking off her clothing until Melinda was naked. She groped at the DOLL, who stopped her with a firm hand.

“Miss Nelson, it is inappropriate for female students to fondle a DOLL.” She tilted her head slightly and smirked. “Melinda doesn’t want to displease the wonderful men who run the Feminine Obedience Academy, does she? How will she ever find a husband or owner if she does?”

Melinda blinked a few times and sobered up a bit. “I...I...I came to the Feminine Obedience Academy to find a husband or owner!”

The platinum blonde DOLL put a pink-nailed hand on her face. “Good girl. So, Melinda needed to behave. She had a bit too much to drink tonight, but it was the will of the wonderful men here at the Feminine Obedience Academy.” She turned to April. “Miss Hargrove, please ensure that Miss Nelson gets to bed. The alarm will sound soon. This DOLL is available at any time to offer assistance if needed.”

The DOLL pressed a button on her collar, which made April’s tablet beep and vibrate for a second. “Miss Hargrove’s personal device will now have the ability to message this DOLL at any time.” She took a few steps forward and gently held on to the redhead’s hands. “Please do,” the DOLL said before turning, hips swaying, to leave the apartment to its residents.

April turned to face Melinda. She looked horrible and stunk of sex and liquor. “Go get your bedtime uniform on. What happened?”

Melinda groggily walked over to her closet, pulled out shorts and a tank top that matched the ones April wore, and began putting them on. “I was asked to attend a party for a potential new donor to the academy. I was also told that he was single,” she sighed, “and that I had been hand selected to see him.”

She slid on her tank top. It fit snugly over her breasts. “Some other students were also brought in.” Her frown was distressing. “I never even got to see him. Me and two other students were brought to a room by another donor and began partying. I’m not a prude, but I drank a lot tonight. Then I had sex with him and—”

April offered a concerned expression. “I’m...I’m not allowed to date. Dr. Shrewsbury ordered me to not even consider it.”

Melinda stumbled onto her bed and nearly fell over sideways. “I want to date every man here at the academy! I want every one of them until I find the right one.” She straightened herself up, tilted her head slightly and stared blankly ahead. “I came to the Feminine Obedience Academy to find a husband or owner, and if I have to fuck and suck every man here, I will find the man I am going to serve!”

As Melinda continued confessing her sexual escapades from earlier in the evening, the curfew bell rang outside, but the one inside their apartment was a different chime that dropped both students into a trance. Both students walked over to their beds, placed earbuds in their ears, pulled vibrators out of the desks next to the beds, and then pleasured themselves as subliminal commands continued to warp their minds for the needs of the Feminine Obedience Academy.

While Melinda’s new role as a docile sex slave to be was reinforced, April’s friendship with her was questioned in the subliminal happy singing into her compliant mind.

Melinda came here to find a husband or owner...it is all she has ever wanted...she wants to be a simple trophy wife...an object on a man’s arm that does not have a thought of her own...you are so much more special than that...you desire marriage, but while you are docile, feminine, and obedient, you are also bright and much more than the sum of your role as property of a man...Melinda is beneath you...you are better than her...see how she whores herself out...a classy woman does not do that.…

* * *

The next morning, the roommates woke up as their alarm chirped at them until April turned it off before stretching out into a loud yawn. Melinda sat up and then leaned back on her pillows, groggily. “Ugh, I don’t feel good.”

April eyed her in a judgmental manner she had never done before. “Well, you did drink a lot last night. I understand it was to please a donor, but when you do that, there are consequences.”

She slid off the bed and began walking towards the bathroom to take a shower before turning back to her friend, who looked rather worse for wear right now. “Look, you are pretty hung over, so let’s go to the student center to get breakfast instead of cooking here. I’ll take a shower first .”

Melinda sat up. “We could shower together? That would save some time?” Her memories of last night were fuzzy at best. She remembered the donor melting her brain with some kind of trigger phrase, dropping to her knees, and then another man taking her from behind at the same time, but after that nothing was clear.

April sighed. “No. Be ready to get in the shower when I’m done.” She turned and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her in disgust. Melinda only came here to find a husband or owner. The redhead knew, as she stripped off her shorts and tank top, that she was more than the sum of her submission to a man. Melinda is just a piece of property. April knew she was much more than that.

After showering, she toweled off and then came back into the bedroom to get her uniform for the day. “Get yours out now,” she said in a scolding voice to Melinda, “and get in the shower while I dress.”

April put on her uniform and the required stockings and high heels and then did her makeup, a bit heavier than usual, and tied her hair back into the mandatory ponytail. Her white-tipped nails shone in the bathroom light and upon putting the pair of glasses she often avoided on, the obedient red-haired student felt a level of confidence in not only her appearance, but how feminine her mind, body, and soul was never experienced before this.

In the living room, April picked up her purse and then placed her tablet into it. She shook her head sadly. How is Melinda going to do that if she is sleeping around!? It all seemed so crass to the gullible and brainwashed academy student. Her friend was going to be a simple piece of property, but she was so much more special than that, and would prove it during their time at the academy.

April waited impatiently for Melinda while she dressed and did her makeup. Despite wearing the same outfit, somehow the redhead found herself to look more classy than the tawdry appearance of the brunette.

Melinda looked at her friend as they walked outside to apologize again, but April put her over-sized sunglasses on and just motioned for them to start walking. “Come on, you’ll feel better after you eat.” She had read that experimental drugs were coming on the market to remove hangovers, but they were still in the clinical phase and not ready for market. They should try them out on Melinda.

No, that would be bad for a Feminine Obedience Academy story to have a character brainwashed into being a human test subject. Terrible!


At the front door to the academy’s student center, April and Melinda found Yoshiko waiting for them. She looked incredible in her latex maid uniform, white stockings, and sky-high heels. The Japanese SERVANT waved a pink nailed hand towards them. “Miss Hargrove! Miss Nelson! Yoshiko is so glad to see you here this morning. It would be so wonderful to eat breakfast together this morning.”

Melinda looked at the SERVANT. She was so implausibly beautiful. Men must be lining up to marry her! “How did you know we would be here? Did you wait for us?”

April put a hand up and sighed. “If you had studied your introductory materials, you would know SERVANTs check the location for their assigned student each morning.” She walked over and put a white-tipped hand on Yoshiko’s collar, offering her a flirty smile as she blushed at memories of the previous evening. “Our tablets, and eventually collars, are synced because Yoshiko is my assigned SERVANT.”

Yoshiko sighed quietly enough that only her sister slave to Dr. Shrewsbury could hear it. “Yes, Miss Nelson, they are synced. Yoshiko can view Miss Hargrove’s location at any time. Miss Hargrove can view Yoshiko’s location as well. She will show you how today.” The SERVANT looked over and grinned insincerely at Melinda. Dr. Shrewsbury had made it clear to her that Melinda was a bimbo that would be brainwashed and sold off to the highest bidder. She was not special like her and April.

April stopped Melinda before she could make some kind of biting comment at the SERVANT and took one of their hands into her own. “Okay, let’s go eat breakfast.”

They walked hand in hand into the student center and headed to the eating area to queue up for their meal. Other students lined up with their SERVANT, but others were alone. A few were grouped as April, Yoshiko, and Melinda were.

After their meal was served by the DOLLs running the kitchen, they went to find a table when April saw Dr. Shrewsbury come in and wander over to the coffee kiosk. When he noticed her, his little wave made her heart race. He is so handsome. I have to obey his orders.

Before she could stop herself, as Yoshiko told Melinda they would find a table, April walked over to him. She was still a bit awkward in the pumps on her feet, but her gait had improved a little bit.

“Hello Dr. Shrewsbury, Sir,” she began, with a shy smile.

“Good morning, Miss Hargrove,” Dr. Shrewsbury replied as he handed her a coffee and mouthed “my treat” to her. “I am going to eat with you and your friends this morning. This is a direct order. What does that mean?”

April blinked a few times as her subliminal conditioning activated. “I have to obey all direct orders, Sir.”

He smiled at her. “Good girl.”

They walked over to the table that Yoshiko and Melinda had sat down at. The SERVANT went to stand up in greeting to Dr. Shrewsbury, but he shook his head no, but then shook it yes as if confirming something else.

“Hello, Miss Nelson,” he said to Melinda. “I need to have a private conversation with your roommate. Yoshiko?”

The SERVANT tilted her head slightly and said a trigger phrase that made the life in Melinda’s eyes vanish. “Sister, Yoshiko and Melinda will eat the morning meal in silence while Master speaks to Miss Hargrove. Does Melinda understand?”

“Yes. I will eat the morning meal in silence.” She began eating and so did Yoshiko, entirely ignoring our co-protagonists.

“Ah, wonderful, we have some privacy now.” Dr. Shrewsbury wiped his glasses on the nice blue sweater he was wearing. April stared at him in shock. “I’m not going to give you a direct order, but don’t worry about Melinda. She is happily eating her breakfast. I heard what happened to her last night. I won’t relay the unsavory details. But she needs a good meal in her.”

April stared at him for a moment. “I am not worried about her, Sir. She is beneath me. A classy woman does not behave like that.” Years of friendship became estrangement with a few days of brainwashing. The feminine mind was really that simple to mold.

Dr. Shrewsbury motioned for them to begin eating. No one around them paid any attention to their conversation. “I see you are growing accustomed to your uniform, but you also wore your glasses. Why are you wearing them?”

April took a sip of her coffee. “You gave me a direct order to wear them, so I have to wear them, Sir.” She stated it so matter of factually.

Her adviser took a bite from his waffle. “How does wearing a uniform and having a dress code make you feel? To wear such a uniform must be so different from your previous experience.”

April looked reflective for a few seconds. “I have to admit, it is hard to walk in such high heels, Sir. They are part of my dress code, so I have to wear them. I promise I will get better.”

He nodded. “I will schedule you for some sessions regarding that. How about the rest of the uniform?”

Again, April took a few seconds to consider a reply. “The pantyhose are itchy, Sir. I’ve never worn them before.”

Dr. Shrewsbury smiled. “Of course, down in the lower classes you would not. “Well, this is a direct order: You will never feel itchiness when wearing pantyhose ever again. In fact, you will forget you ever did.”

April nodded. “Yes, Sir.” Why had she said that? The thought slipped out of her mind.

“Good girl,” he confirmed, “what else?”

The red-haired student again thought about it before answering. “Well, Sir, the skirt is fine...I need to look my best...I need to go to the salon again!” She brightened and smiled proudly in confirmation of another idea brainwashed into her overnight.

“Excellent. In fact, I have scheduled regular salon visits on your planner. Check your device later.”

April smiled. “I like that you care about my appearance, Sir. Before I came here, not many men—”

“—What happened before you came to the academy is not critical anymore. Those men were likely uncivilized brutes or fools going nowhere in life. A beautiful, bright, compliant woman like you is so much better than them.” He paused for a few seconds. “You are not just a future trophy wife like Melinda. You’re much more than that. You are someone who could not only aid a man and submit to him, but do bigger and brighter things.”

The red-haired student went to ask what he meant, but her controller put a hand up, and she went silent. “I want to try something out. This will verify something for me.” He pointed to the sky outside the dome which surrounded the academy. It was a very sunny, and hot, day out with the threat of a major storm later. “This is a direct order. The sky is green. You believe the sky is green. You know the sky is green.”

April blinked a few times and looked up to a window. The sky was definitely blue, but she saw it as green! Dr. Shrewsbury was right! The sky was green.

Dr. Shrewsbury grinned at her. “What color do you think the sky is?”

“It is green, of course, Sir,” she confirmed with a hint of smugness in her voice. What an odd question, but Sir knew best.

“Good girl,” he said with a grin before standing up. “Okay, good, now off you all go to the salon.” Dr. Shrewsbury turned to Yoshiko and Melinda. “Yoshiko, my dear, please escort my advisees to their salon appointments. You will remain in trance.” He spoke a trigger phrase out loud, which put April down too. “Report back to me later when you are done.”

Yoshiko stood up, followed by April and Melinda and lined up in a row to obey Dr. Shrewsbury. Around the room, a few other tables were doing the same. At other tables, students sat frowning at the lack of attention from their advisers, which included one of Dr. Shrewsbury’s who sat to look rather terse at April and Melinda as they walked out of the student center.

The SERVANT escorted her charges to the salon, which they entered after their tablets were again scanned by the latex clad DOLL at the door. “This will be easier after your collaring ceremony,” Yoshiko stated.

They lined up in the queue and waited patiently until getting to the front where a beautiful platinum blonde woman named Cheryl, 27, waited for them. She had once been an awful woman into drugs, partying, and crime, but after coming to the Feminine Obedience Academy she became such a good girl that it was decided her time there would be permanent as the manager of the on campus salon.

Melinda remained with Cheryl, whose clear platform heels echoed off the hard floor. The brunette student followed her and a litter of other students going through the same conditioning to become vapid bimbos obsessed with finding a husband to love, honor, and obey. They sat down in chairs, steel enclosed around their extremities, including their necks, and politely waited in trance for their next lesson to begin once the helmet dropped on them.

Melinda, and the other women, were given further lessons in their assent towards their new role in life. Promiscuity, and a need to fuck as many men as possible until they find the right one, was brainwashed into each woman. The brunette was given an additional lesson regarding a growing sense of resentfulness towards April’s intelligence. Women like her might submit to a man, but they all thought they were so much better than her. She would show them.

Cheryl monitored each woman and nodded in approval at their readings being within the standard deviation required. She had never cared for her body and now daily exercise, a strict diet, and the careful work of the delightful medical staff at the Feminine Obedience Academy had molded her into the ideal, as they would these ladies, docile; feminine; and obedient bimbo.

Meanwhile, Yoshiko led April up a flight of stairs to the next floor and turned towards a large open office space where a beautiful brunette with blonde streaks in her hair stood waving at them with her long, silver, nails. The woman ran over to her friend and hugged the SERVANT. “Yoshiko! Nikki is so happy to see you again!”

Yoshiko held on tightly before pulling away and holding up April’s leash as the life came back to her eyes as she left trance. “This is Yoshiko’s friend, April. She is a special advisee for Dr. Shrewsbury, as Yoshiko was before her.”

Nikki, 24, clapped her hands together! “Fantastic!” She swiped at a three-dimensional display before her. “Nikki can see that April has already visited once and is just here for some upkeep.”

April smiled at her new friend, whose enormous bust had her quite envious. “Yes...I was here when I arrived,” she held up her white-tipped hands, “but Dr. Shrewsbury said I needed to come back to speak with you.”

Nikki nodded slowly as she read the screen in front of her, which was blurred from view by April or Yoshiko. “Nikki can see that....yes...you have been scheduled for regular salon visits, but also for a consult with our top doctor, Dr. Bedford. He is a wonderful man, just like Dr. Shrewsbury. Nikki was helped so much by him.”

She further swiped away another screen. “April’s consult is schedule for next week.”

“What will that be about?” April inquired with a furrowed brow.

“Dr. Bedford will speak to April,” Nikki began, “and different beautification options. Nikki was honored to receive breast implants, lip fillers, and permanent hair removal.”

Yoshiko put a hand on April’s arm. “Yoshiko needed bigger breasts too. Her bodily hair was removed too. It’s wonderful! April will never have to worry about it again, and men love how she will look.”

April blinked a few times. “Well, um, yeah, I had been wondering a bit whether I needed....bigger breasts.” It felt so good to say the words out loud, but especially to good friends like Yoshiko and Nikki.”

Nikki vapidly smiled at her and then swiped away at another page on the display. “Downstairs, you will receive some medication. Regardless of whether Dr. Bedford decides April needs implants, she will be asked to take these pills each day to promote healthy bodily ideals.”

Yoshiko squeezed her friend’s arm harder. “Yoshiko had to take them too when she arrived at the Feminine Obedience Academy. Her surgery was not until later in the semester.”

“Okay, Nikki has another appointment waiting, so go pick up your meds downstairs and then return to Dr. Shrewsbury. Please send Nikki’s regards to him. She misses him.”

April nodded and moved to obey her new friend. Downstairs she got a bit lost, but a DOLL pointed her to the enclosed counter near the entrance, where a DOLL in a latex nurse uniform was giving out pills to each student in the queue.

When April’s turn came up, her tablet was scanned again, and the nameless DOLL smiled and excused herself for a moment to get the redhead’s assigned pills. “Please take one per morning,” the DOLL recited with an up-pitch to her voice.

April took the pill bottle, placed them in her purse, and then exited the building. Putting her sunglasses back on, she began walking back towards Dr. Shrewsbury’s office, having totally forgotten about Melinda and Yoshiko’s visit with Cheryl. Her best friend did not matter any more anyway; she was only here to find a husband. April was here to learn at the Feminine Obedience Academy.

She walked across the quad and was stopped by a security DOLL who, upon confirming her destination, allowed the student to continue on her way.

Dr. Shrewsbury was also pinged to let him know April was on her way. He tidied up a little bit, checked on Melinda, who was currently being prepped for surgery, and a few of his other advisees who were under Cheryl’s observation in programming pods to reroute their life goals to those of enthusiastic sexual service. The ladies not chosen for personal advisement like April and Melinda were often led to fates much less domestic and much more sexual or mindless. One of the incoming students on his list, currently staring into her pod’s hypno spiral with enthusiasm, was slated for permaDOLLification by the end of the semester at the request of the family, who would receive a stipend from the academy for their troubles that would take them out of poverty and into a higher class.

He sat down at his desk and checked on Melinda again. Two permaDOLLed nurses and another DOLL were assisting one of the academy’s best surgeons to help transform the brunette student into her best self. April would go through some changes, surely, but nothing quite like the transformation her roommate would achieve the next few days.

A moment later, there was a gentle knock at his door. Dr. Shrewsbury tapped a button on his desk to allow entrance. April walked in and tried to curtsy as taught in orientation. She did not do half bad at it, with some practice would excel, and it made him smile as memories of Yoshiko, Sammi, and other women under his advisement filled his mind. His current SERVANT’s clumsy early attempts at this formal, feminine, greeting had amused him when he heard about her internship training.

“Please come sit, Miss Hargrove.” Dr. Shrewsbury was nervous. He had grown rather fond of April rather quickly. It was not as lustful as with Sammi, or as desirable for complete reprogramming and controlling as Yoshiko, but for the first time, his feelings for an advisee felt amorous. She fascinated him.

April sat down, crossed her legs, and blinked rapidly as the life came back to her eyes. The whereabouts of Melinda popped into her mind for a second, but then slipped away again. “Sir, why do I feel so calm about all of this?”

Dr. Shrewsbury grinned at her. She asks the right questions. “Well, you are programmed to feel that way. One of the first things programmed into you was a need to trust me. You feel at ease because you trust me. Don’t you trust me?”

April nodded with enthusiasm. “Yes, Sir. I trust you.”

“Good girl.” He leaned back a little in his chair. “I’m really not supposed to tell you this, but since you trust me and would never violate my trust, I am going to tell you. Clearly something more is going on here than just learning how to be a good wife or whatever. I know you understand that.”

He continued after April nodded. “I’m probably not supposed to tell you this, but beyond the generalized training the academy does to prepare ladies like you for the modern world, there is a more methodical approach here. Women are clearly conditioned, as you have experienced, to be the ideal wives, mothers, and so on. Some are even sold off as sex slaves!” He leaned in closer. “You are being geared towards being a submissive housewife.”

A tear went down April’s face as she listened to this. The conditioning she had experienced, and her current state of trust in Dr. Shrewsbury, made this just...information. Her fate had been sealed already. “Sir, why me?” For the first time, a sign of compliance, she did not think of Melinda’s growing promiscuity at all.

Dr. Shrewsbury took off his glasses and wiped them clean before putting them back on. “You won the scholarship. You fit a set of variables I was looking for in an advisee. I really liked your profile.” He paused for a few seconds. “How does that make you feel?”

April paused to consider her feelings. “Sir...I wanted to move up in society along with Melinda. We could—”

He cut her off. “Miss Nelson is a whore. She will become a happy trophy wife without a thought in her tiny little brain that isn’t put there by her future husband. I know you know that she has always wanted that. You can remember those memories. This is a direct order.”

She gasped as new memories flooded her mind. She could now recall Melinda bragging to her about wanting to find a rich husband. Melinda’s insistence that women needed to be perfect trophies for men was something she recalled with pitch perfect memory. However, she also could remember the insecure woman who came here at the insistence of her best friend. Her best friend, she was increasingly estranged from in only the few days they had been at the Feminine Obedience Academy.

“You can remember two sets of memories right now, right?” Dr. Shrewsbury stared at her. This was the first set of students they were fully implementing this into the initial conditioning stages.

Another tear went down April’s face. “Sir...I...I don’t know. I don’t know what is real or not real.”

He nodded. “I can help you with that, of course. You just need to listen and obey me. I know you can do that. You need to trust me. Right?”

April nodded with enthusiasm. “Yes, Sir. I do trust you.”

“Good girl. I need you,” Dr. Shrewsbury began, “to be calm. You need to do what I tell you to do. That is a direct order.”

April felt all uncertainty and tension leave her body instantly. The surge of emotions was swift, but she needed to be calm, so she would be. After all Dr. Shrewsbury had given her a direct order, and it had to be obeyed.

“By the way, what color is the sky outside?”

“Green!!!” She confirmed without hesitation before dropping into trance upon hearing some kind of trigger phrase. Yet again, I am not tell you them naughty readers!

It was getting late and Dr. Shrewsbury commanded April to return to her apartment for the evening. She walked back to her apartment in trance and called it an early evening.

Inside the apartment, no one could be found. Melinda would not be there in the morning either. April, lost in a deep trance, changed for bed. Her feet and ankles were sore from the high heels, but they were part of the dress code so she had to wear them.

Once in her shorts and tank top, she padded over to the bed, slid her earbuds in, got out the vibrator, and pleasured herself to a new evening of subliminal programming.

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