Feminine Obedience Academy: April

Chapter 3

by barbararwetzel

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Part 3

The next morning, April woke up her Master with an, as he noted afterwards, exceptional blowjob. She was quite skilled and was scoring high marks in the 80-90% on every quiz in Sexual Arts class so far. Afterwards they performed their morning ablutions, dressed, and left for their days. Dr. Shrewsbury had meetings in the morning and April had class followed by a meeting with Dr. Bedford. Hopefully she could meet up with Yoshiko for dinner, but knew that the SERVANT also had a big day ahead of her.

After being fucked senseless on all fours by Mr. Murphy and a mesmerized student with a strap-on, Yoshiko had been returned to a SERVANT and DOLL charging center on campus. There were three of them, two small, and one, which she was sent to, in the medical center for these long nights. SERVANTs, but especially DOLLs, were sometimes a bit overused or even abused and their health was critical to the Feminine Obedience Academy.

Yoshiko had arrived overnight around 0200. The overnight PermaDOLL nurse brought her, another SERVANT, the student that Mr. Murphy had always fucked every which way to tubes. The Japanese SERVANT had been in one a month before, so she stripped her clothing off, slid into the tube gracefully, and then attached a series of prongs to her body as she fell into a deep, entranced, sleep. Nutrients were pumped into her body as a nanite wash soaked off a night of debaucherous fluids.

The other SERVANT, having been out on evenings like this multiple times, stripped and slid into the tube without a second thought. Her adviser had not tagged the busty olive skinned SERVANT for anything but general use, so she was accustomed to serving the incredible men of the Feminine Obedience Academy in such a manner.

The student, dark haired with a growing out pixie cut and rather large natural breasts, was still in half trance. She followed the lead of Yoshiko and stripped off the latex swimsuit after the DOLL-Nurse showed her how to do so, as Dr. Shrewsbury did earlier with April.

The nurse ran a hand over the student’s large breasts. The student had been in the medical center early in the semester for an exam and found to be extremely fertile. Her nightly programming, with the approval of her advisor Dr. Cullen, had veered towards desires for pregnancy and motherhood. She had been a good student before arriving at the FOA, but now only thought of feminine submission and maternal lust.

Do SERVANTs dream of certain things? Yoshiko’s sleep was peaceful and filled with nightly service imagery. Soon she would be transitioning to DOLL status for her third and final semester at the Feminine Obedience Academy, so her dreams were slowly, more and more each night, shifting to images of mindless service. Different DOLL service jobs around campus filled her compliant mind as well as the gentle nudge of a semester of mindless cheerleading and other duties tasked to such DOLLs as had been decided by her incredible adviser Dr. Shrewsbury.

Yoshiko, as April did before her, had struggled at times during her first semester. April’s high heel struggles for the SERVANT had been issues with protocol. However, with some practice, she made improvements and was deemed ready to move onto her SERVANT semester.

The state of mind of a SERVANT was fairly odd. On one hand, Yoshiko still felt in so many ways like herself. She was in there somewhere, but there was also her SERVANT programming, which was both generic and also very individually planned. The code for her neuro-chip had been prepped by the incredible men at the Feminine Obedience Academy to find some kind of balance, but that balance was very individualistic. Some students turned into will-lacking, passionless, SERVANTs. Others become hyper-focused on service. Yoshiko was somewhere in the middle.

Despite all of her programming, Yoshiko still felt a sense of insecurity as she woke up from a sleep that was very restful. She stood up in the tube, stretched, and said good morning to her fellow SERVANT and the student who had been serving alongside her with Mr. Murphy the night before. The student looked lost in a haze of submission and brainwashing. The SERVANTs grinned at each other with pride as the Nurse-DOLL came over and began speaking to her about a potentially permanent stay on the staff of the Feminine Obedience Academy.

The SERVANTs padded over to the showers and bathed each other thoroughly, but with some expedience, as both were going to the same place today.

Today was their oral exam.

Near the end of SERVANT semester, students are given an exam on their cock sucking skill in Advanced Sexual Arts. A score in the 98-100% threshold was expected of SERVANTs. Yoshiko had been slow to accumulate such a score and did not do so consistently. Her scores were only a lowly 93% on average. Can someone even tell the difference at that percentile? The professors and engineers at the Feminine Obedience Academy sure could!

Yoshiko felt pangs of insecurity about not consistently hitting the expected threshold. Her professor reassured the beautiful SERVANT that her skills were trending upwards, but it was not enough for her. She did not want to let down her incredible Master, Dr. Shrewsbury, who also confirmed, via empirical evidence, that she was greatly improving. When the semester had begun, she hoped to be a shining example for SERVANTs and students, just like Sammi, her SERVANT mentor, had been for her.

Finally, Yoshiko’s greatest desire had been to be a good example and an even better mentor for April. Dr. Shrewsbury spoke so fondly of her, and she knew his plans for her, and both of them really, but was sworn to secrecy. She wanted to guide the redhead the same way that Sammi had for her.

Their maid uniforms on, the SERVANTs walked hand in hand to the front of the charging station, where the Nurse-DOLL, after sending the mesmerized student to Dr. Bedford for some morning instruction, where the latex clad nurse checked their vitals and approved them being released. Her vapid, passive, smile was wide as she said, “good luck today, sisters,” to them quietly.

They walked across the quad in silence for a minute, before Yoshiko spoke in a whisper. “Yoshiko is nervous, sister. She practices so much, but sometimes fails. She wants to do her best.” Her SERVANT sister squeezed her hand tightly.

At the doors to the SERVANT education center, a security DOLL scanned their collars and then allowed entrance to the building with a smile and nod. The SERVANTs separated to line up in rows. Only four were allowed on the oral exam machines at a time, so Yoshiko would have to wait a little bit before her exam began.

She was desperate for a high mark. Sammi had scored the highest mark in her class, and that was something worth emulating. April deserved a shining example as well. The idea of letting down Dr. Shrewsbury made her bimbo heart ache with grief. She did feel a sense of relief at seeing a few other SERVANTs did look a little nervous too.

Her marks in Advanced Domestic Arts and other classes were very high and near the top of the class. Trainers praised her work in gym sessions both on the treadmill, with weights, and hypnotic yoga. Dr. Bedford and his staff had surgically crafted her body beyond all of that to the feminine ideal expected by the wonderful men of the Feminine Obedience Academy.

Yoshiko had been so blessed to escape the lower class in her district. Life had never been good there. Her parents had divorced early, and Mrs. Kurosaza had struggled to balance work and home in ways that women should not be expected to do. She never remarried and ended up tired, bitter, and alone.

When Yoshiko decided to accept the offer to come to the Feminine Obedience Academy, she had been angry with her, but she knew a better life could be found in submission and refusing to fight against the feminine instinct towards service. Her sister Utami had left as well a few years before to become a reporter after attending university. Utami did not agree with her sister’s decision to attend the Feminine Obedience Academy, but she respected her choice.

They had corresponded during her student semester, but she had not heard from her sister in some time. Dr. Cullen told her that Utami had changed careers rather suddenly and was very busy. The gullible bimbo SERVANT accepted this odd pronouncement without a second thought.

Little did she know how much their eventual fates shared in common, but that is for another story.

Finally, Yoshiko’s group was up next in the queue. It would still be a little while though until their turn. She had learned so much in Advanced Sexual Arts with Dr. Gardner and, occasionally, his wife, Mrs. Gardner. April had told her all about what Dr. Gardner was teaching in Sexual Arts as well. They had gotten to...practice...on male DOLLs! She tried to keep an even, pleasant, docile, temperament at all times as that was what pleased men the most, but even a brainwashed SERVANT had to giggle at April’s descriptions of the excitement some of the students had for the muscular, large cocked, beautiful, male DOLLs.

Yoshiko had practiced on the oral pleasure machine in the SERVANT living quarters she shared with another SERVANT each morning unless having an approved overnight stay with Dr. Shrewsbury, which she got more hands on practice. He was always so encouraging and offering suggestions for improvement.

Mr. Murphy had also praised her skill when she and the hypnotically enthusiastic, fun having, student from the previous evening had worked together on his cock, but more in the generic “good girl” vein. Being called a good girl certainly filled the SERVANT with a warm feeling, but still did not feel like enough.

Yoshiko’s simple-minded, whimsical, thoughts turned to her friend Maddie. She was so happy that April met the incredible, brave, woman! A longing for the DOCILE to still be here at her side for this exam filled her body, but the knowledge that other requirements were demanded of the modest blonde woman eased the desire.

As a DOLL came out into the hall to bring in the next batch of SERVANTs, Yoshiko’s thoughts turned to her former roommate, but the thought slipped out of her little bimbo brain as quickly as it had arrived. That information was currently restricted from her.

She led the line of five SERVANTs into the room. Five machines were set up for them. The phallus hung on a large, shiny, metallic arm with a see through screen to accommodate the hypnotic screen in front of each machine. Two overlaid mats lay on the floor, along with a long pillow to kneel on. All of this looked more or less the same as what was in their living quarters and classrooms, but clearly brand-new machines. Fancy!

Yoshiko looked over the machine with her name on the screen and lit up upon realizing who the DOLL maintaining it was. The platinum blonde, now tied into a severe ponytail instead of her former curls, DOLL smiled at her upon turning around. “Good morning, Miss Kurosaza,” her former SERVANT mentor announced in a pleasant, but neutral voice. As a DOLL, the previous cheer and slight up-pitch to her voice had been lost to the more even keeled neutrality of the DOLL persona, which was much more focused on hyper-vigilant obedience above all else.

Yoshiko, knowing Sammi did not have access to knowledge of her name or most memories of life before being a DOLL, kept an even temperament as well. “Good morning, Yoshiko is prepared for the examination whenever this DOLL is ready.” Still, what luck to have someone she had learned so much from be her observer!

There was, despite her programming, a glint of recognition buried in Sammi’s eyes. “Miss Kurosaza, please concentrate on the spiral,” she said enthusiastically as Yoshiko knelt down. “Concentrate on it.” She looked slightly ajar to not get caught up in the pink spiral herself. A DOLL had done so earlier, and it pushed back the schedule a bit!

“Focus,” she cooed, “take a few deep breaths...remember your yoga...remember everything you’ve overcome...remember how you perfected curtsying,…” The phallus lowered in front of Yoshiko’s mesmerized face and, after one more calming breath, she began stroking, then sucking on the phallus.”

She bounced up and down on it for a number of minutes while her manicured hands stroked its balls. The phallus tensed, so she gave it a few licks and then shoved as much as she could into her mouth before it came, which she swallowed down like a good girl.

A few moments passed as the spiral brought Yoshiko out of trance. She had thrown everything she could into that blowjob in hopes of scoring as high as possible. If that was not enough, she just did not know what else to do!

The machine beeped, and a score was displayed. Yoshiko still knelt, with eyes lowered, on the pillow. She could hear Dr. Gardner’s feet moving across the floor. After conferring with Sammi, he leaned down and pulled the Japanese SERVANT to a standing position by her leash. She came to stand at casual attention for judgment.

Dr. Gardener looked over at Sammi and nodded. She took a step forward. “Miss Kurosaza, you have scored a 98.7% on the exam. This is well within the required threshold. Well done!”

“Yes, well done, my dear,” Dr. Gardner said as he began walking towards another SERVANT whose results were coming through. “You have come a long way. Good girl.” He turned and motioned for Sammi-DOLL to follow him, and she did obediently, but not before smiling with pride again at her former mentee.

Yoshiko wiped away a few tears of joy. She had done it! All five SERVANTs in her group passed, with one scoring a perfect 100%, which she applaud. Dr. Gardner spoke of his great pride in each of them and ordered a trip to the medical center for each to receive a small tattoo above their backside confirming successful completion of SERVANT coursework. Each SERVANT moved quickly to obey their controller.

* * *

Meanwhile, across campus, April’s naturally excellent cock-sucking skills were on full display in Dr. Shrewsbury’s bed as she woke him up with a long, rather lovely, blowjob. She was already excellent at it, not really experienced, and just knew what to do. Her Master came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. After snuggling with him, she padded into the bedroom bathroom to shower while he took the one downstairs.

After performing her morning ablutions and dressing for the day, Master had one of her uniforms delivered overnight by a security DOLL, April went into Dr. Shrewsbury’s kitchen to begin making breakfast. She smiled at the list Yoshiko had left for her. Of course the SERVANT knew that she would be staying overnight.

The red-haired student made Master’s breakfast and had it prepared for him by the time he came out of the shower and also dressed for the day. She made coffee for both of them and took, at Yoshiko’s advice as well, one of the protein bars left for SERVANTs to consume in the morning. Since she would be a SERVANT soon enough, might as well start to get used to their eating habits.

They sat down to eat breakfast, which Dr. Shrewsbury commented was superb. April had learned a lot in her Domestic Arts class and always got high marks on every exam. As a studious young woman, she studied and practiced hard to ensure the incredible men of the Feminine Obedience Academy were always pleased with her.

They conversed lightly, but also a bit awkwardly for a few reasons. Foremost was neither being used to being with the other in the morning, and in such an intimate setting, before. What were each of their habits? April’s cooking and coffee making had earned praise, but she was so curious about what he did in the morning. Turns out, Master spent his morning buried in his tablet reading the news and listening to a newscast about the upcoming football fixtures.

During the commercial break on the newscast, April took the dishes and placed them in the sink to be washed when Yoshiko returned. She did not want to mess up the SERVANT’s cleaning routine. “I wonder how Melinda is coping without me this morning? She needs constant supervision and command.”

Dr. Shrewsbury put down his tablet for a moment. “I know Dr. Cullen ordered you to control her as part of your internship, but you do not need to fret about her, really. I cannot confirm anything yet, but she is definitely going in a different direction than you are moving forward. It’s good practice for you to keep her working hard, but it won’t matter when you move to SERVANT class.”

He looked down at his tablet. “Yoshiko passed her exam. 98.7%.” A moment passed while he read a second message that had come in. “She did really well. Second highest mark in her group and sixth overall for her class. Dr. Gardner said she was the most improved overall in this semester’s SERVANT class.”

Master and slave hugged in celebration. April could not wait to speak to Yoshiko personally to find out the details! However, it was now time for them to get on with their days. Dr. Shrewsbury had a usual assortment of faculty responsibilities, and April had an important meeting with Dr. Bedford.

* * *

April made her way to the medical center across campus. News about the SERVANT oral exam was making its way around the quad. From the sound of the surrounding conversations, almost every SERVANT passed rather easily. She confirmed results for the SERVANTs mentoring a few of her classmates upon running into them walking to their classes.

One of them mentioned having an appointment with Dr. Bedford scheduled for today, but it was later in the afternoon. “I heard he is nice,” the student pronounced. “He helped my SERVANT a lot last semester with her body insecurities.” He certainly had, April thought to herself, given how that SERVANT was extraordinarily beautiful.

At the entrance to the medical center, a security DOLL scanned her collar and confirmed the appointment with Dr. Bedford. “Please report to Miss Garrison for an intake interview.”

April nodded, thanked the DOLL, a habit she had started getting into doing, and then entered the medical center. Near the entrance, she saw the pharmacy where she had gotten her daily vitamin from earlier in the semester. A different DOLL was working there than the one who had provided her information about the vitamins earlier in the semester.

Near the stairs, she passed the salon and waved at Cheryl, who happened to look over at the right time to see her. She had enjoyed her weekly salon visits and learned a lot from Cheryl, who, like Maddie, had been a really out of control lady who badly needed to attend the Feminine Obedience Academy to correct her erroneous thinking and behavior. April had never really been that feminine, but now she looked forward to her weekly nail appointment.

After going up the stairs to the middle portion, a DOLL directed her to the northeast stairs that wound up to where Nikki’s station was located. “Hello Miss Hargrove,” Nikki exclaimed as she hugged her friend, “Nikki is so happy to see you.” She motioned for her to follow to a desk where they could talk. It dawned on April that Nikki and Cheryl were both set in a pseudo-permanent SERVANT setting or something like that. She would have to ask Master about it. Maybe he would want that for her…

“Miss Hargrove is here to have a intake meeting with Dr. Bedford. He is a wonderful man who will assist April, however is needed,” Nikki announced in her sweet, up-pitched, voice. “April will need to the meeting a little early and wait in exam room #6. A nurse will assist with that. Dr. Bedford will do the exam himself. He loves being hands on.”

“A follow-up visit to the medical center has been put on your calendar for either a medical procedure or further exam. Nikki will send a notification later today once Dr. Bedford confirms the time and date with his own calendar.” Nikki smiled vapidly at her friend, so excited to see what work her incredible Master would do for her.

“Oh wow, that is fast. I am already on the schedule?” April was still getting used to the level of efficiency seen at the Feminine Obedience Academy.

Nikki nodded with pride. “Yes, Miss Hargrove, so many students come right around this time each semester, so you have been pre-scheduled in batches for both your and Dr. Bedford’s convenience. His staff works very hard on each student, so you were all scheduled at the beginning of the semester.” She leaned in to her friend. “Dr. Bedford always says the phrase ‘pencil them in,’ but Nikki has never seen a pencil before!”

April giggled. They continued to make small talk until the next student arrived for intake. April walked up the northwest stairs and entered that part of the medical center. There was an exam room that she entered and sat down in to wait for her appointment. She sighed with contentment after reading a poster on the wall that had a trigger phrase implanted in her nightly subliminal programming to relax the student for the visit with Dr. Bedford. Master had asked her to trust him, and she would for sure.

A few minutes later, a beautiful brunette nurse entered the room. “Good morning, Miss Hargrove, this nurse’s name is Sadie. She is honored to serve Dr. Bedford this morning by assisting in his evaluation of the cosmetic changes required for you.” She wore a blue latex nurse’s uniform, or something like that, white platform heels, and stockings of the same color. Her own breasts were rather large, a pouty smile revealed some of her own work that had been done, and the nurse’s hair was tied back into a rather severe ponytail as so many other staff members were. Must be part of the dress code, April realized.

The brainwashed nurse began asking April questions about her health, sexual history, diet, and so on. They looked at the data from her recent sleep, exercise, and sexual activities. All ratings looked to be in the affirmative green that would please Dr. Bedford. She confided in April that her treadmill scores had been a bit low at first too, but do not worry because improvement comes from practice.

Sadie, 26, had come to the Feminine Obedience Academy five years before when she was 21. The brunette was also a bit of a brat though. She loved teasing male suitors and left a few broken hearts back in their part of the city before leaving on the train for the Feminine Obedience Academy. Her brattiness also came out on campus a bit until she was introduced to Dr. Bedford at the welcoming pageant. Despite her initial programming, she was still snarky, but also very flirtatious with the doctor, who made it apparent he had desires towards her.

They went for a walk after slipping out of the pageant. Dr. Bedford made the busty student fix her tie and sweater, which she had been wearing quite loosely. She was snarky in response as they walked across campus in the direction of the medical center. He said a conditioning phrase, which silenced her for the moment. Sadie was beautiful and had an attitude worthy of taming. He was growing fond of her quickly.

Inside the medical center, Dr. Bedford said another conditioning phrase, which allowed Sadie to speak again, and she grabbed his arm. “If you wanted to silence me, Sir, at least let me suck your cock?” She batted her eyes at him with a look of lust on her face.

All that time in the gym that Dr. Shrewsbury had suggested paid off as he tapped his watch to call in the overnight nurses and leapt towards Sadie to apprehend her and then put the snotty young woman over his knee for a spanking. He wailed on her for 10 spanks and then tossed her on the floor as the overnight nurses arrived.

“You don’t dictate to men when you get to suck their cocks, you rude little cunt.” Dr. Bedford motioned to the nurses to apprehend her, and their daily gym sessions paid off as they dragged the stunned students down the hall into another room. “You need some reeducation, trust me it is for your own good,” he said casually while programming the machine she was now strapped into, spread eagle, to be programmed for the night.

A phallus entered Sadie and began fucking her sensually, while two more entered her mouth and backside through a hole in the machine. A three-dimensional hypnotic spiral danced before her eyes and she was lost, as so many of these so-called assertive women are, in its dance in record time. Wireless earbuds dropped into her ears for a night of drastic reconditioning. The bratty Sadie would be no more by the time the sun rose in the morning.

As promised, by morning, Sadie was a good girl. The idea of being bratty or rude scared the submissive student now. She must be a good girl and a perfect student for the incredible men of the Feminine Obedience Academy. A fondness for Dr. Bedford for programmed into her as well. She visited him often in the medical center and was thrilled to accept an internship. After a latex fetish was brainwashed into her, the brunette bimbo began having medical lessons programmed as well.

After keeping his new thrall on edge all semester, he finally let Sadie suck his cock right before transitioning into a SERVANT. Tears streamed down her face as the helmet dropped on her. She would spend her SERVANT semester at his side and in his bedroom. Her DOLL semester was spent assisting with war casualties in the northern country, where a civil war had broken out in the eastern part. Upon finishing that commitment, she returned to the academy after her DOLL programming was removed and vowed to devote her life to Dr. Bedford and the medical center.

After a gentle knock, Dr. Bedford entered the room, much to Sadie’s delight. He smiled at her and then looked over at April. He was a handsome middle-aged man with a slight beard and square-framed glasses. “Good morning, Miss Hargrove, I am delighted to see you again. Dr. Shrewsbury has been keeping me updated about your performance this semester. I am glad you have come to me this morning. What exactly did you want to discuss with me?”

April blinked a few times as her conversation with Dr. Shrewsbury replayed in her mind. “I am here to discuss the possibility of breast implants, and, Sir, maybe some other things? Dr. Shrewsbury told me that you would know what was best for me and that I should trust your judgment.” She sighed at Sadie’s smile and nod of encouragement. It felt so good to say everything out loud and confess that she felt that changes to her body were needed.

“Oh, how wonderful,” Dr. Bedford began, “yes I can definitely assist you with that, as can my lovely assistant. She was once a student here at the Feminine Obedience Academy, just like you are right now, and was a delightful student.” He took off his glasses and wiped them. “Honestly, one of my best. She was a wonderful SERVANT and a decision was made to keep her around after a DOLL semester helping our northern friends in their own war. I don’t know what I would do without her!”

He put a hand on April’s arm. “Miss Hargrove, you can trust my judgment. Please take off your clothes, so we can proceed with your exam.”

Since April trusted Dr. Bedford so much, she had no problem with stripping down for him. Sadie took each piece of clothing from her as she did and placed them in a box for after the examination.

Dr. Bedford had her stand on a mat in the middle of the room. On the wall, a screen showed her current medical status: Blood pressure; heart rate; average exercise, movement, and sexual prowess for the past week; measurements; and some numbers that the good doctor and Sadie seemed to understand, but April was unsure what they meant.

He ran a hand over April’s right breast. She arched her back to push them forward in his hand, so grateful for the hours of yoga and positional practice the academy offered to students. His hand cupped it from below, and Sadie tapped at her tablet with a long white-tipped nail. He said two numbers to her and the nurse, after staring at April for a few seconds, nodded in agreement.

“Like most students who arrive at the medical center, I think you do need breast implants. Those numbers I said to Sadie are sizes possibilities.” Dr. Bedford pointed to the screen, which now showed a very detailed three-dimensional image of April’s body. For a second, she wondered when that scan had been done, but the thought slipped out of her relaxed, suggestible, mind.

“Miss Hargrove,” he began while pointing at her avatar, “what you need most likely is something around this size.” They watched the April avatar’s breasts expand to a fairly large size. “Not quite as big as my delightful nurse over here, but substantial nevertheless.”

The avatar’s breasts expanded even further. Dr. Bedford frowned. “This is too big. If you were going to be in a service role like Miss O’Reilly here, they would be fine, but it’s not right for you.”

April stared at the screen, fascinated by the idea of having such pleasing breasts. “Did you show these images to Dr. Shrewsbury, Sir?” She agreed with Dr. Bedford that the second image seemed...excessive, but if Master wanted it…

Sadie put a manicured hand on her friend’s arm. “Sadie sent them to Dr. Shrewsbury this morning while prepping for this meeting.” On the screen, correspondence between the nurse and professor was shown. “He approved the first image, but also commented, ‘maybe slightly bigger?’”

April shook her head slowly and then turned to Dr. Bedford. “I want to do that then, Sir!” Master’s proclamation that she should trust Dr. Bedford spun through her head. “But what do you think, Sir? I trust your judgment.”

Sadie created a new image with slightly bigger breasts on the avatar of April. Dr. Bedford nodded with approval. Sadie did as well. “I like it.” He said new numbers to the bimbo nurse, who recorded them in her notes. “This will work!”

With her breast expansion settled, they also went through a few other potential procedures. A fuller, poutier, mouth was discussed, but Dr. Bedford noted that it can wait until her SERVANT semester.

Sadie went over permanent below the shoulder hair removal. April commented that she had already lost some after starting a shaving ritual. “It only regrows in small patches.” Both the doctor and nurse seemed pleased by that.

“There is one more thing,” Dr. Bedford said as another image came on the screen. He nodded in the negative to Sadie that another trigger phrase on the screen was not needed. Miss Hargrove was a good girl. His friend was very lucky to have chosen her. “You are also going to have a minor procedure to update your neuro-chip’s control over your body. You, like so many of our students, have minor muscle tears in your ankles.”

He held up a small chip. “This will be inserted on the muscle of your ankles to affirm and strengthen the muscles. You will never have to worry about pain from exercise, yoga, or wearing those lovely, feminine, shoes required as part of your uniform dress code.”

“My roommate is always sore from her shoes and our workouts, Sir,” April commented. She typically was not, but leg exercises were a big part of her daily exercise routine. Melinda was always complaining about everything. Yet another problem with her that needed to be addressed.

April put her uniform back on while Dr. Bedford and Sadie inputted her information and scheduled an appointment. As previously suggested, she would have her surgery upon returning from District Six. “A number of students are scheduled for surgeries that week,” Sadie casually noted with a shrug.

Dr. Bedford began walking April out while Sadie went to prep for the next appointment. They passed by a surgery room where a student that April had a class with was in surgery. “She came in a bit earlier than most of you,” he confirmed, without mentioning that her subliminal conditioning had been hyper-charged to demand breasts “as big as possible.”

They stopped in front of another room where a doctor and two latex clad nurses were working on a beautiful redhead with green streaks through her hair. The young woman, whose collar read JENNI, stared straight ahead with the most blank expression April had ever seen. Her breasts were much larger than what she would be receiving with a mouth that looked like it existed to suck dick.

Jenni looked like the sex doll she had been brainwashed and molded into being. “Ah, that is Miss Graham. She was a wonderful student last semester and was so devoted to service and her studies that she was sent to a resort the academy runs to do an independent study. She has received very high marks.”

April stared at her. Jenni was one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen in her life. Her sex doll aesthetic and blazing red hair looked like a mirror image of the studious red-haired student. “I bet she did, Sir,” she stated rather dryly. “Why is she here, Sir?”

Dr. Bedford watched the nurses through the window for a moment before responding. They were discussing the modifications that had required Jenni’s early return. “It was decided, because she did so well at the resort, that permanent employment was in the cards for her in this state.”

He paused while the nurses slid open a piece of skin where Jenni’s neuro-chip was and attached a cord to it. “She is receiving a sort of permanent programming...like the DOLLs you see around campus, but her personality is being uploaded to a server and then wiped from her body. She will, essentially, be a mindless lovedoll that a personality, fetish, or routine can be programmed into for use by a client. It’s pretty state of the art stuff from another district. A friend of the academy’s president runs the company. They call them Domestic Dolls. But Jenni here will be a resort doll, I suppose, unless she is sold to a buyer.” He chuckled at his lame attempt at a joke.

April giggled politely to humor her superior. Dr. Bedford gave her a firm pat on the back of the student’s skirt and walked her downstairs, so she could go on with the rest of the day.

* * *

The semester began winding down at this point. In Domestic Life, Dr. Anderson invited a former student at the academy by the name of Mrs. Amanda Carlson to speak to the class. She told her story about how the happy trophy wife, married to the scion of a political family in another district, had been an out of control, unruly, partier and thrill-seeker until her wonderful parents sent her to the Feminine Obedience Academy for three semesters of reeducation. She also broke some news to the class, and Dr. Anderson, mischievously: She was pregnant with Mr. Carlson’s first child! Her pregnancy would be a part of his campaign. How lovely.

After class, Dr. Anderson, after speaking to Mrs. Carlson at his desk for a moment and looking a bit flustered, came across the room to speak to April. A notice had been sent to her tablet to stay after class, which she was happy to obey and came to stand at casual attention before him.

Dr. Anderson wanted to personally praise Miss Hargrove. He had received a message from Dr. Shrewsbury commending her cooking skills from this morning and everything she was clearly learning in Domestic Arts. She curtsied at his praise and agreed with his statement that it would be great to come over to the Anderson home for dinner one night. Mrs. Anderson, Audrey, would love to meet April!

A few days later was the big trip to District Six for Dr. Shrewsbury, April, and Yoshiko. They traveled by high-speed train, which would take four hours, and settled into the family car that he had gotten for them. Yoshiko would leave them about an hour before they arrived to begin her special assignment training.

Not required to wear an academy uniform for this trip, April had been unsure how to dress. She had gotten so accustomed to the uniformity of the academy’s dress code that her ability to pick something else out had been programmed out of her mind. Thankfully, Dr. Shrewsbury had an idea and ordered a new outfit for her, with other outfits being sent to their hotel in District Six to wear during the trip.

For their train trip, April wore a form-fitting sweater dress, a pair of dark stockings, and shiny black pumps with fancy undergarments. “This is the kind of outfit a wife would wear each day,” he had commented when they sat down in their car. A drone came by to take their lunch order awhile later, and they settled into their accommodations. Master looked over some documents related to Yoshiko’s trip, once she left them for her special assignment, and slave read an approved romance novel about an overworked, undervalued, woman working as an executive before the war that finds, love, peace, and submission with a man from a rival company.

When the districts formed after the war, each district had to decide on its own values. Refugees flocked to the ones that fit their own, or were sent to them, and a temporary peace became more permanent. In District Six, leaders saw the failings of the former country to be manifested in many ways: The failure of men to keep women under control had led to an unruly society where no one knew their role. The greed and corruption of corporations, military, and policing led to some having so much and many having so few.

It was wrong. No wonder why women rebelled! No wonder why no one could raise a family or allow their wives to just plain and simply stay the fuck home. This all had to change. The first governor of District Six, an elderly man whose wife had died an early death due to a number of health problems he connected directly to the country’s need for women to try and balance work and family, decreed that no woman in District Six would ever work. A stipend would be paid to each family, via a small tax increase on more successful earners, to help keep women at home.

Upon marriage, a bond would be put into the family name for later in life. For every pregnancy, their stipend would grow, via a small tax on the district’s football clubs, as well. Women were able to stay home, submit to their husbands, and thrive domestically and in the community once a community service obligation law was passed as well. Men were given an income guarantee above that to continue the facilitation of women staying safe in the home.

As part of all of this, every woman in the district was chipped, just like they were at the academy. Hyper-femininity, docile obedience, and a focus on all things domestic was programmed into them. Voting for women was outlawed and, like in a few other districts, families got one singular vote to represent them.

At first, outside visitors were allowed to come in freely, including women, without a temporary chipping. The new leader wanted to be fair to the ideas of other districts and respect the right to free travel. However, in more recent times, outside agitators and protests, including one heroically stopped by a housewife from District Nine, have required more drastic measures to be taken by the district.

Every female visitor to the district was now temporarily chipped. Most of the time this was women visiting family members, who were kept under the care of the male authority figure in the family. Dear reader, you may be wondering if men took advantage of this? Well, they did not: Taking advantage of a temporarily chipped woman without the consent of their male authority figure was punishable by death. In other words, you could not just demand any random woman walking down a street in District Six to bow down and suck your cock. Security forces took care of that.

When they arrived in District Six, anyone with a first-time visitor was escorted by a latex clad soldier to a separate office for an interview, inspection, and then, if applicable, chipping. They queued up with a few families, all of whom sounded like they were visiting family in the district. Dr. Shrewsbury and Miss Hargrove held hands in the line until their turn finally came up.

A soldier escorted them into a large room. Inside of it, a bespectacled man looking to be near retirement age looked up from his three-dimensional display with great delight. “Marcus, I am so glad you are coming to visit for the match!” He came around the desk and hugged his friend.

Dr. Shrewsbury waved a hand towards his friend. “April Hargrove, let me introduce you to my friend Thomas Darlington. He runs intakes for visitors to District Six. A few lifetimes ago, he was one of my university professors. Long before academies like ours came to fruition.”

Thomas smiled with pride for his former student, one of his best, great successes, and the beautiful lady he brought with him today. “After the war I decided to settle here and serve the district in a new manner,” he turned to face April, “and assist lovely visitors like you to our district. I know this is your first time, but I will try to be brief so the two of you can move on.”

April curtsied slightly before him. “I am happy to answer any question, Sir. I will respect and obey all customs of District Six while having the honor of visiting it.”

“Good girl,” Mr. Anderson said with an approving nod. “You have trained her well,” he said to his former student. Marcus had been very close to him as a university student, and he was thrilled to see thriving so much.

Everyone sat back down. April’s chair enclosed her arms, legs, and neck in steel bars. “For your safety, of course,” Dr. Shrewsbury noted quietly. This district dislikes last minute changes.” April closed her eyes for a moment as the cold steel felt good against her body. Maybe that was something they should explore at some point.

Information from her neuro-chip was downloaded for health tracking. All vitals came up within approved levels. April was so glad the academy tracked all of those things. Melinda had scoffed at it once, which yet again showed why she was so inferior.

Satisfied with April, Thomas turned to his former student. “I understand from your messages that your visit today is a bit of business, but also some pleasure?”

April nodded. “Yes, Sir, I have traveled to District Six with Dr. Shrewsbury. He is my advis—”

Mr. Anderson cut her off. “I understand he is your professor and all, but I hear he is something else?”

The red-haired student stared at him as her mind processed that comment. “Yes, Sir, Dr. Shrewsbury is not only my advisor, but also Master. I need to obey him in all things. I care very deeply about him.” She squirmed in her chair at the idea that Master had been corresponding with his mentor about her.

He smiled. “Good girl. There is no need to be bashful about your standing with him while in District Six.” He paused for a few seconds. “Tell me about the rest of your trip. What has your Master told you about it?”

April took a deep breath. “Sir, Master informed me we are attending the match later today. I have been studying football, as I did not know much about it before coming to the academy. I’m really excited because Master cares about football a lot.” She turned to Dr. Shrewsbury. “We need to get scarves for the match!”

Mr. Darlington shared a knowing look with Dr. Shrewsbury. “Good girl. What else?”

April thought for a moment. “We are going to meet with the Witwickys. Master said they are friends of his. I can’t wait to meet them.”

“Yes,” Mr. Darlington began, “a great family. Chip and Erica will be at the match, I am certain. Erica is a fine example of what is expected of female citizens in District Six.”

Dr. Shrewsbury put a hand on her arm. “Mrs. Witwicky’s best friend is Mrs. Sanderson from District Nine. I believe, if I recall correctly, you viewed a documentary about this district that featured her in one of your classes?”

April tilted her head, trying to recall. “Yes! Yes, Sir. Mrs. Sanderson. She was from District Nine. Her daughter lives here, and she spoke about how much having a permanent DOLL in the home helped her with domestic duties. One of those Domestic Dolls.”

“Good girl,” Mr. Darlington began, “The eldest Sanderson daughter Bella is married to the Witwicky’s eldest son. I am pretty sure,” he looked over at Dr. Shrewsbury, “their daughter Maria will be attending your academy next semester, correct?”

Dr. Shrewsbury nodded. “Two semesters from now. Bella never went because she was courted by Mr. Witwicky and happily accepted his proposal to immigrate to District Six. A lovely woman just like her mother. Maria will be my advisee.” He put a hand on April’s stocking clad leg.

They wrapped up the meeting with promises to get together for dinner when the District Six club is in the academy’s district for Dr. Shrewsbury’s club’s home match in a few weeks. Mr. Darlington could not wait to see Yoshiko in action today as well.

It was now time for April’s chipping. Chippings were done in these private interviews to respect the privacy of a woman, no matter how submissive, sexual, or otherwise. Some women had odd reactions to the chippings or last-minute second thoughts, which facilitated the steel bars. Like April’s collar and leash at the academy, these security measures were for her own good, and she was extremely grateful for them.

Mr. Darlington, he hated people calling him “Dr.” since he left academia after the war ended, explained what would happen when the chip took over April’s collar and merged, temporarily, for her stay in the district. It might feel odd or overwhelming, but she needed to be a good girl and ride it out.

When the chip was inserted into her collar, April felt a burning sensation go through her body, which distracted the submissive student from the immediate alterations to what she felt, thought, and believed. Views and ideas changed during that distraction and she did not even notice they were new.

After a long moment, where Dr. Shrewsbury stared at her with care and worry, the newly reformatted Miss Shrewsbury, renamed and re-identified, gasped and then blinked rapidly. Her breathing was heavy for a few seconds, but then, as the metal bars folding her in place slid away, a new expression of docile, feminine, obedience lit up her face. Her doe eyes looked at the men before her with delight and love as she knelt down on the mat before her and bowed, expending upwards her firm, from so many hours in the gym, backside and the sky-high heels on her feet.

Miss Shrewsbury looked up at them. “Masters, it is a true blessing to be able to honor the customs of District Six while having the honor of being a visitor. The will of District Six is purpose. All shall be well.”

Her collar blinked and “April Hargrove” and her academy ID number (readers I am not telling you her ID number who knows what you will do with that!) vanished off the collar’s interface and “Miss April Shrewsbury” and a visitor ID number appeared. For the trip, as Dr. Shrewsbury had explained to her, she would be considered, as would Yoshiko, a member of the Shrewsbury family.

Miss Shrewsbury stood up and put her hands out to Dr. Shrewsbury after a curtsy. “Master, Miss Shrewsbury is yours to command. Your will is purpose.”

Mr. Darlington put a hand on his former student’s arm, and then they shook hands. “I am so proud of everything you have done at the academy. I will see you in a few weeks.

* * *

Dr. and Miss Shrewsbury left the center and walked to another train that would take them to the stadium. Along the way, they saw other supporters of their club arriving, a few with chipped girlfriends or wives, and he waved to them. Dr. Shrewsbury did not have a scarf with him, but the tie under his sweater vest was in their away kit colors.

They settled into a private, quiet, car, intended for married couples, but the good doctor explained he was given an exception, which Miss Shrewsbury’s gullible mind took with ease. She stared at him with love and docility mirrored in her eyes.

They would only be on the train for about 20 minutes, but Miss Shrewsbury took great note of the beautiful, feminine, women around them sitting quietly with their husbands or alone. What inspirations for her! Her simple, soft, mind felt so focused on their beauty, the way they looked so cheerful, but also so hyper-focused.

Their eyes. Their eyes all looked driven. They looked at their husbands with eagerness and desire intertwined. Was she doing that right now? She looked over at Master. He was so wonderful. Her hands locked with his, which made him look down and then back up again. Master seemed please with her. Silence was required in the quiet cars, but the next time he allowed her to speak, she would ask him certainly for guidance.

The focus brought on by the chip was only temporarily, unless Master decided they would stay, which she would obey unquestionably, but there was so much she could learn from this trip. The intellectual side of her mind, softened, but still, there, looked at each woman around them, and she took notes of how they sat, smiled, small interactions with their husbands, how they dressed, and what they wore. One of them had a much fancier, technological, collar she took note of to ask Master about later.

A few of them were pregnant as well. Miss Shrewsbury wondered if Master would want to breed her? What if he wanted to breed Yoshiko too?! Some of the women wore beautiful headscarves as well. What if Master desired that for her? Maddie had worn—

She stopped herself. All the ideas and fantasies in the world did not matter in the face of what Master wanted for her. He had not really announced anything beyond her staying with him for the SERVANT semester. She bit down on her lip as the train slowed, and it was time to depart the train. The only fantasies and desires she needed were those Master programmed into her.

As they walked off the train and into the busy street across from the stadium, Miss Shrewsbury steadied herself with the breathing techniques learned during all those mesmeric yoga sessions. Master held her hand as he pointed with the other to the stadium. It was large and very impressive.

The streets around the stadium were busy with foot traffic. Cars had been outlawed after the war, so everyone traveled by train and then by foot everywhere except for the flying taxis operated by perma-drones.

Imagine you go to the Feminine Obedience Academy to learn how to submit to men and leave it a mindless taxi driver?

Master and slave walked over to a vendor that he clearly knew. They exchanged greetings, and he introduced Miss Shrewsbury to him. “Is this the one?” the man asked, which only got a grin out of Dr. Shrewsbury. He bought two scarfs for them celebrating the cup tie, which Miss Shrewsbury wrapped around her shoulders after being told that her collar had to be visible. He did the same.

They crossed the street and entered the stadium via the press office. A press officer from their club came to retrieve them to come inside. “Everyone is just getting to the stadium, but he should be here soon.”

Miss Shrewsbury stood silently next to Master while they waited in a visitor’s room. Down the hall, they could hear some commotion as more players arrived from the hotel. They would have, Master explained, arrived the night before and gotten a tactics’ session in after breakfast at the hotel before a little bit of leisure time, which at an away match was usually spent in whatever social groups had formed among the team as most families did not travel with them, and then arrival at the stadium. Their manager was an older, fatherly, figure, but also had strict rules about curfews, diet, and did not allow substance abuse by his players. “If a man will be a man on the pitch, at their job, and in their home,” he would declare, “they need to be disciplined about themselves!”

Each year he gave a guest lecture at the Masculine Dominance Academy on the other side of the district. Men who would be leaders in athletics, the workforce, and, especially, the home needed to be trained and taught just like the women who would submit to them in all things required too. Let us use this paragraph as a tease for a future story all about that academy!

Dr. Shrewsbury made small talk with the public relations officer while April stood silently at casual attention. She realized after a moment that while the words of the men could be heard by her, they could not be understood. Was this a side effect of the chip? Whatever the men were discussing would only be relevant to her if they decided it was, she realized, and the inquiry slid out of her mind to be forgotten.

Finally, a handsome young man with shoulder-length hair and a slight beard showing maturity into being a man came down the hall and poked his head into the room. “Ah, great, Dr. Shrewsbury!” He came inside and shook the professor’s hand and walked into the room. “How are things at the academy? I just read the most recent report about Samantha. She is really making so much progress! I’m so happy Yoshiko is going to go on excursion with our cheer team!”

Dr. Shrewsbury put a hand up to slow down the enthusiastic young man. “Miss Strickland is showing exceptional improvements. She will be ready for you upon graduation.”

He nodded. “That is great! But we can talk about her later, there is an important cup tie to win today! They will be tough. If we can get at least a draw, we are in good shape for the home match.” He winked at Dr. Shrewsbury. “Having a new cheerleader as pretty as Yoshiko will help the team a lot too!”

Liam Porter was 21 years old and a hyperactive ball of energy. He was not only one of the up-and-coming stars of the club, but of their entire district league. The brown haired, tall, young man had grown up in the district and signed to the club after a year at the Masculine Dominance Academy. He had grown up a supporter of the club and took a slightly lower pay scale on his contract, placing some of it on the back end, so the club could also sign another promising player as well.

Liam loved football, his district, and his role as a leader on the pitch and in the home. He had been raised in a family that preached and were a fine example of proper traditional values. After the war, his mother had given up a highly rated career to focus on raising him and his sisters. His father worked a solid job as an engineer for the district train system. He was proud of his family, his club, and his district. One of his sisters was currently in her SERVANT semester alongside Yoshiko, and the other would be attending the academy starting the next semester.

His footballing skills were exceptional. He generally played as a 10, but could drop back into central midfield or play on the left side of a midfield pyramid. There were a few starters ahead of him for free kicks, but he had scored a late winner from right outside the box after getting fouled to advance in the intra-district cup a few weeks before. A 21 year old starting for the club was not a rarity, but his talent sure beyond his years.

Dr. Shrewsbury took a moment to introduce Miss Shrewsbury. “Liam, this is my student Miss April, for the moment, Shrewsbury. I’m so glad you could finally meet her, since she will be one of Samantha’s maids of honor.”

Miss Shrewsbury blinked back to existence and smiled at the men as the life came back to her eyes. Something about Master’s voice brought her out of the strange fog she had been experiencing. She curtsied before the wonderful footballer. “Master, Miss Shrewsbury is honored to meet you. She is such a fan of the club as is Master.” On her currently neutralized intellectual level, she found calling all men “Master” to be a little confusing, but as she looked between them, they both, as men, were Masters to her, just one a lot more than the other.

Liam had to leave for a team meeting, but promised to see them later after the match. Master and slave made their way up to the box they would be watching the match from and settled in. They ate lunch from the wonderful spread brought in by one of the club’s maids.

“Liam will be marrying a former advisee of mine,” Dr. Shrewsbury explained as they enjoyed a fantastic miso soup, “who is currently in her DOLL semester. She is doing her DOLL duties, I am certain you have encountered her around campus, but also receiving special training. She is a lovely woman. You will be one of her maidens of honor.”

Miss Shrewsbury’s eyes lit up. “Master, that such an honor! Miss Shrewsbury will be so delighted to be one of the future Mrs. Cooper’s maidens of honor.”

He put a hand up. “Well, for now, it is still Miss Strickland. She still has some exams to pass. Samantha. She was Yoshiko’s assigned SERVANT last semester, as she is for you. Miss Kurosaza knows her as Sammi, but Liam prefers Samantha.” He squinted at her for a few seconds. “Your name does not have any kind of silly simplifications. So many men are amused by that. I guess I am myself as well,” he ended with a chuckle.

In their box they had a large monitor to view the television, immersive, and virtual feeds if they desired. Dr. Shrewsbury, set in his ways, always watched the television broadcast. Their view down to the pitch was excellent as well. Miss Shrewsbury kept looking down and afar at the view. Her simple-minded curiosity of the stadium’s beauty had really overwhelmed the reprogrammed student.

As the crowd entered the stadium, pregame festivities began. She spotted Yoshiko with the cheerleaders in her new uniform. The cheer team worked in synchronicity and the SERVANT slid right into their routines. Yoshiko looked incredibly and waved up to them when her name was announced to the crowd as a new member of the team with a further call to pre-order a new calendar she would be featured in that would be available at their next home game.

The players came out for their warm up. Liam came out, did a few runs, and then went over to applaud the fans who had come from their district. A fan held up a sign asking for his match shirt and he pointed at the sign and gave a thumbs up. After some drills they went back to the locker room for final preparations.

Master and slave settled in to watch the match. Miss Shrewsbury stared with curious eyes at the screen as Dr. Shrewsbury watched mostly in silence other than occasionally talking her through something that happened in the match. It was 0-0 at the half, but an early goal by the home team and the crowd erupted in cheers and chants. Liam assisted an equalizer off of a breakaway a few minutes later to make it 1-1. He had another chance late that deflected off of a defender, hit the post at an awkward, angle, and then out of bounds after hitting their striker, who did not have time to react or get a shot off.

The match ended 1-1. Dr. Shrewsbury explained to a sad Miss Shrewsbury that this was a decent result, but they would have the away goals advantage if they won the second part of the cup tie. She was sad, but hopeful for the next match.

In the halls afterwards, they ran into the Witwickys, Chip and Erica, and spoke briefly before each couple headed to dinner. They were close friends of the Sandersons from District Nine, who have come up a few times. Their daughter Maria, 21, would be attending the Feminine Obedience Academy soon. Dear reader, we are always at over forty thousand words, so we can speak of her journey and desire to devote her life to being a DOCILE in a future Feminine Obedience Academy story.

Dr. and Miss Shrewsbury went out for dinner after a few hours of sight seeing. Upon returning to their hotel they made love. Afterwards, Master put slave into a programming mode and announced that he had been given permission to begin conditioning her to be his wife. He loved her and, after being commanded to speak her true feelings, she confessed to being so fond of him as well as tears streamed down her face.

Miss Shrewsbury would be at his side for her SERVANT semester and then given some kind of special assignment, like the future Mrs. Cooper, during her DOLL semester. They would marry that summer and she would settle into the happy life of being his obedient wife. Both expressed how much they loved each other and fell asleep in the arms of the other.

* * *

The next morning, Dr. and the future Mrs. Shrewsbury confirmed Yoshiko was on their train, in a special compartment for women in her situation along with others like her being transported. Dr. Shrewsbury had decided, for her first visit, April would gradually be brought out of the District Six programming. It could be a bit...harsh...to come out of if you are not ready for the mental changes.

Miss Shrewsbury slowly became April again. She sat in their private car snuggled up to Master as he mused about some ideas for their future together. The future Mrs. Shrewsbury would be a homemaker, of course, but could help with special projects on campus. He commanded her to come up with other ideas. Immediately a thought to do some kind of charitable work with DOCILEs like Maddie came to mind. She wanted to help others out so badly. He also mused that she could come in to do guest lectures at the academy a few times a semester like the other wives did. They would be new friends for her as well.

April was back to her normal self as they got off of the train near the academy. A quick drone taxi trip put them right in front of it. The DOLL security officers allowed them entry and they walked over to the medical center for her surgery. A few students stared at the beautiful redhead because she was wearing outside clothing; another pencil skirt, blouse, and cardigan; but she did not care about their stares. April Hargrove was in love. Nothing mattered other than Master anymore.

Inside the medical center, they walked up to Nikki’s desk and queued up for her turn. Every doctor and nurse was on call for the next few days, the enslaved brunette explained, because so many students had scheduled their surgeries for this week. “This happens every semester right before finals,” she mused.

Yeah, weird right?

When April was called for, Dr. Shrewsbury kissed her, no need to hide what would have already traveled through gossip circles surely once both of them had sent off messages to others announcing the engagement, and Sadie escorted her inside. The next time he saw April she would be much more in line with his desires for her.

April waved back at Dr. Shrewsbury, but then followed Sadie into the surgery area of the medical center. There must have been twenty students undergoing various procedures. Each area was partitioned off with a wall and a three-dimensional screen for privacy.

There was one empty area and Dr. Bedford stood in front of it waiting for them. “Hello, Miss Hargrove, or should I say the future Mrs. Shrewsbury,” he said with a proud grin. Sadie clapped her hands together and hugged her friend while asking to be one of her maids of honor. April had not even considered that yet. If Sadie, then maybe Nikki too? Yoshiko? Her roommate? What was her name? No matter. The thought slipped away. That person did not matter anymore.

Dr. Bedford took April’s hands in his own. “Okay my dear, we need to prep you for surgery. I made sure I would be doing yours along with your friend Sadie here.” Sadie waved at her. “Please strip your clothes off, including your shoes for once, and we will begin.”

April took off her skirt, sweater, undergarments, stockings, and, finally, shoes. Dr. Bedford remarked idly as she did so that recovery would be a few days. All class absences would be excused. An hour after the surgery, he continued, an update would be sent to Dr. Shrewsbury and all course professors. Once April was naked fully, she thought for a second how odd it felt to be fully naked even without a pair of high heels, while under the control of a man.

A large silver and pink pod slid out of the wall and fell on a three quarter angle. Dr. Bedford walked her over to it and motioned for the student to enter. “Sit inside the pod. This is where your surgery will be done. It will be a sterile and clean pod for your health.

April sat down in the pod obediently and it slid down flat. Metal bars went over her arms, legs, and neck. “For your own safety,” Dr. Bedford explained. Again, the red-haired student felt a tingle go through her body at how cold the bars felt against her skin. She nodded affirmatively, so grateful that Master’s friend kept her safe.

Sadie came around and injected something in the student’s left arm. “Sadie is injected a new nano-cell into your body. They will aide Master and Sadie during the surgery. April’s body will look its best once the procedure is done.” Noise could be heard above them. Sadie smiled at her friend. “Sister, can you please look up, so the surgery can begin.”

Reflexively, April obeyed her friend and became lost in the hypnotic spiral coming down on the pod container above her. By the time it was locked in place above, and around, her head, she was deep in trance. A cord came out of the pod and entered her collar. After a moment, she quietly stated in a blank, monotone, voice, “root access confirmed...ready for installation of new programming...scheduled install of future programming confirmed…” and then her mind emptied and the next few days were lost to her as Dr. Bedford, with the assistance of Sadie, performed her breast augmentation surgery and other required medical procedures.

As promised, after the surgery ended, Dr. Shrewsbury and her professors were updated. Everything had gone well, as it had for every student, and Miss Hargrove would spend a few days in recovery deep in trance. Dr. Bedford was exhausted after a few days of these procedures. It was hard work he thought, as Sadie wrapped her arms around him and put her head against his chest, but worth it for the vast improvements seen in each young lady. As they made dinner plans, while April stared blankly ahead in the pod, he knew there was no better job in the world.

* * *

After a few days of recovery, and new subliminal programming, April’s pod tilted upwards and, after blinking back to life and out of trance, she stepped out of it, yawned, and stretched out her body. The read out on the front of the pod said that the healing nanites had completed their work and she rolled her shoulders a few times to adjust her back, which was stiff from a few days of laying down. That was when she noticed the psychical changes Dr. Bedford and the incredible medical staff of the Feminine Obedience Academy had made to her body.

April padded over to the wall length mirror across the room. Of course there is a mirror, dear reader, well placed of course, so our heroine can view her new breasts and whatnot. It is a medical center, so it was likely always there, but it would be so funny if Dr. Bedford had to remind Sadie to make sure they bring the mirrors out of the storage closet.

Her new breast implants were very large, but not enormous. Dearest readers you can imagine as you will, of course. April sighed with contentment at how good they looked. She realized a little bit of work, but not a lot, had been done to her mouth, which had a slight bit more of a pout and fullness to it. As promised, all hair below her shoulders had been removed with permanent effect. She had always hated shaving her legs anyway. Even in the near future, it is still annoying!

April did that thing people do in stories like this where she stared at her body and marveled at its beauty. Her thighs and hips were getting thicker, which made her happy. All that gym time was worth it.

After admiring herself for a moment, she was, we cannot have our protagonist becoming too vain, need to keep women humble, interrupted by the door to the room opening. Dr. Bedford walked in with a proud grin on his face. Sadie followed in behind her. The nurse-bimbo gave her friend a little wave. Behind them a latex clad nurse April had never seen before tentatively walked in behind them. She stood at casual attention, hands in front of her, and a shiver went through her body as Dr. Bedford took her leash in his hands.

Sadie put a hand on the pretty young lady’s arm. “April, this is Sadie’s new friend November. She is training with us before being sent to assist with the war in the northern country like Sadie did. They still need so much help with recovery.”

April smiled at the nurse. “Any friend of Sadie is a friend of April as well.” She did not even notice speaking in the third person and smiled at the pretty student.

Dr. Bedford took a step forward and put his hand on April’s hand. She interlocked her fingers and have his hand a squeeze. Never before had she noticed how handsome he was and a deep pang for his command filled her compliant mind.

“My dearest April,” he began, “your procedures were fairly routine. In fact, all of your classmates did really well. How do you feel?”

April sighed and pushed her shoulders back, as she had practiced so often in yoga sessions, to fully display her new breasts. “April feels great, Master. She is a little sleepy,” she added with a giggle.

He grinned. “Yes, yes, of course. I want you to get a coffee in the student center after you are dismissed from the medical center. That is a direct order.”

April blinked a few times. “Yes, Master.” Nothing seemed odd about referring to one of the wonderful men that run the Feminine Obedience Academy as Master. She still knew that Dr. Shrewsbury was Master, but all of these wonderful men should be addressed with respect. It made her sad that this was not expected from day one for students.

Dr. Bedford motioned for Sadie to come forward and the nurse placed a hand on April’s right breast. The red-haired student shuddered as an orgasmic sensation littered her body. Her friend’s touch felt so good.

“During your procedures a nano-fillament was applied to the implants to make them extremely sensitive to touch.” He lightly flicked her left breast, which caused April to gasp as a delightful feeling filled her body. “You were also conditioned to feel an increased sensation from the touch of men.” He leaned in conspiratorially. “I did add a few lines to your conditioning to make sure young ladies like Sadie’s and Miss Kurosaza’s touch would be as accentuated as a man’s touch.”

Sadie ran a manicured finger over April’s face. “While you were recovering, Sadie also did light work to your face.” She looked over at Dr. Bedford. “Master,” no need to call him anything else at this point, “wanted your mouth to be slightly fuller. Sadie is really good at the procedure,” she continued proudly, “and they came out great. Not too much. Dr. Shrewsbury did not want that. He approved how they came out.”

April sighed with relief that Master was pleased with them, as was her incredible doctor and nurse friend. “April is glad too.” Her own manicured hand touched a thigh. “No hair anymore,” she asked.

Dr. Bedford nodded. “Yes of course. During your recovery we also did a treatment to permanently remove all hair below your shoulders. No more shaving down there or your legs. You had a few ingrown arm hairs we were able to remove as well.”

“April hated shaving, Master. She is so relieved to not have to do that anymore.” What a great idea!

“One more thing,” Dr. Beford said, “I’m not sure if Marcus explained this to you, I know you spoke at some length about your stay in the medical center, but you also had a procedure done on both of your ankles.”

Sadie continued the explanation. “Sadie and November inserted a neuro-implant in both of your ankles that will turn off any bodily pain from wearing high heels. April can now wear them at all times unless told otherwise just like Sadie!”

“The implant turns off pain receivers,” Dr. Bedford further explained, “and all that gym work you do on your legs and thighs greatly accentuate that too. Your yoga sessions will alleviate any possible back pain from your new breasts too.”

April pushed her feet up and down with delight. Conforming to the dress code at the Feminine Obedience Academy would be so easy moving forward!

The intern nurse picked up a box and handed it to April. “A decision was made to add some of the SERVANT programming to every student having a procedure. It’s an experiment,” Dr. Bedford explained, “to see how students react. I know you are fine with being experimented on, Miss Hargrove?”

April nodded proudly. “April is happy to do whatever is needed to assist the incredible men who run the Feminine Obedience Academy, Master.”

“Good girl.” He motioned to the box. You will also begin wearing the SERVANT uniform a little early. This will give you good practice with it. Full SERVANT programming won’t be installed until after your final exams.” He put a patriarchal hand on her shoulder. “Dr. Shrewsbury will be supervising that personally. I’m sure you understand.”

April blushed. A tear went down her face as she was overwhelmed by the care of men.

Dr. Bedford took a few steps towards the door with Sadie and the intern following him. “Get dressed. Sadie got some of your things from your apartment this morning before you woke up.” He pointed at the makeup left by the mirror. “Everyone is lining up outside. No rush. They’re all in trance,” he added with a chuckle.

After waving at her friend Sadie, April dressed in the required latex maid uniform that all SERVANT class students wore along with the required stockings, hers were black, and shiny black pumps. She pulled her red hair back into the severe ponytail also required of SERVANTs. After doing her makeup a sense of peace filled her body.

April walked down the hallway and down a flight of stairs to where all the new pseduo-SERVANTs were lined up including many of her classmates. Each looked more beautiful than the previous one. She came to stand at casual attention at the end of the line. Seeing her new cleavage so exposed sent another shudder through her body.

Dr. Bedford came down the stairs a moment later, along with Sadie and Nikki. Each future SERVANT snapped to attention. He was proud of the work of his team. Sadie and the nurses had done so well also. He would ensure bonuses were offered to the men, and much praise for the women.

“Ah, how lovely you all came out.” He walked up and down the lines of them. Sadie smiled at April. “Each of you has had some of your SERVANT programming turned on a bit early. Each day, more and more of it will be gradually added. This will ease you into your new role.”

He came back to the front of the line. “I am proud of all of you. Work hard in your classes and internships before the semester ends. Do you understand?”

A loud chorus of “YES, MASTER!” came out of them. Once Dr. Bedford dismissed them, April left for the student center as commanded to get a coffee. A number of her classmates followed, having clearly been given the same command, and each student’s SERVANT was waiting for them at a table. April went over and hugged Yoshiko, offering congratulations to her slave sister for completing the oral exam.

“Miss Hargrove will do so much better than Yoshiko did,” she said proudly. They caught up on the past few days. For the moment they were almost equals: Yoshiko as a SERVANT and April as a near SERVANT. They spoke warmly to each other. April had learned so much from her.

* * *

April had her final classes the next week. She received significant commendations in Sexual Arts and Domestic Life especially. There was a celebration held with classmates and their SERVANTs that were permitted to go past curfew. The studious redhead excused herself early to go home for a restful evening before the events of the next day would change everything about her world.

The next morning, students like April “graduated” to SERVANT status officially after their final programming conversion. SERVANTs would also graduate to DOLL status. However, beforehand DOLLs had to be brought out of their programming for either permanent droning or a return to civilian life in whatever manner the incredible men who ran the Feminine Obedience Academy desired for them.

DOLLs were deprogrammed, or reprogrammed as required, first. Those receiving permanent droning were reprogrammed for their new duties and lined up in a room for shipping to their destination, if leaving campus. A few from this class would remain in security functions.

Other DOLLs were deprogrammed and slowly brought out of trance to begin their new lives as well. Coming out of DOLL programming was done very slowly. Some had panic attacks or freaked out at the newfound willful freedom they felt. Occasionally one demanded to go back to being a DOLL.

Yoshiko’s SERVANT Sammi was among them who was waking up.

The beautiful blonde woman squinted briefly before gasping with feminine delight as memories flooded back to her that had been withheld during her DOLL semester. She remembered meeting Dr. Shrewsbury, her initial awkwardness and misgivings, and then her rise to the top of the student rankings. Her semester as a SERVANT assisting Yoshiko and other students brought tears to her eyes. Meeting Liam, whom she would marry soon, and then spending her final semester as a DOLL, quietly programmed to assist Yoshiko and Dr. Shrewsbury’s fiance April, a new student whom reminded him so much of her, made her begin sobbing.

The drone nurse left the room and went into the hallway. A moment later, Dr. Shrewsbury entered and Sammi hopped off the table and jumped into his arms while crying tears of joy. He held her close, his own heart touched as it dawned on him that this would be one of the final times he did so before she was married to Liam.

Finally Sammi pulled away, wiping a tear off her face. She tried to speak, but found it difficult to use personal pronouns still. “Sir,” the busty blonde breathed, “….Sammi is so honored to have served the incredible men of the Feminine Obedience Academy.” Another breath. “...Sammi...she...I...Sammi...I...I exist to please men and look forward to a life of service to , Mr. Cooper, whose love and dominance of me gives me duty.”

They hugged one more time before the door swooshed open and Yoshiko entered the room. She stopped and stood at casual attention for Dr. Shrewsbury. “Master, Yoshiko did not know she would be honored with your personal supervision of her conversion to DOLL status.”

The SERVANT had barely gotten the words out when Sammi crossed the room and hugged her tightly. She kissed Yoshiko’s head and then took a few steps back. “I...I...can remember seeing you at your exam...did I?” The confused future Mrs. Cooper looked over at Dr. Shrewsbury in confusion.

He shrugged playfully. “I might have asked the engineers to add some programming for you to gently assist Yoshiko and some of my current students without realizing what you were doing. Can you remember April at all?”

Sammi stared for a moment. “Sir, yes, of course!” The beautiful blonde brightened. “She is to be your wife! My maid of honor.”

Tears streamed down her face as Yoshiko hugged her again. “Miss Strickland, Yoshiko will be at your side serving Mr. Cooper during her DOLL semester.” They hugged again and Dr. Shrewsbury motioned for their happy reunion to be put on hold so Yoshiko could be converted to DOLL status.

* * *

Dearest reader, thank you for sticking with me for a story so long! We will now set up the third Feminine Obedience Academy story…

On the train heading to the Feminine Obedience Academy for a new semester is 37 year old Pamela Chamberlain. She struggled, after the war, to continue keeping up with the men at her job. Her position as an executive director required long hours and kept her in a poor mental and psychical state until she had a mental breakdown.

The final straw was being betrayed by another woman. They had risen together, so the knife was especially sharp. Miss Chamberlain began exploring her submissive fantasies, which was tracked and reported to the corporation. An offer to embrace it, get healthy, and spend time at the Feminine Obedience Academy was accepted by her.

In other part of the train, April is curled up to Dr. Shrewsbury as they return from Liam and Sammi’s wedding. She had been so blessed to be Mrs Cooper’s maid of honor and even caught the bouquet! Her conversion to SERVANT status fully left her in a content state as Master’s ideal slave.

As the train passed the stadium that Liam’s club played at, he stood with a few media people going over his lines in order for them to record a video for a charitable endeavor the club was embarking on. They were waiting a few minutes so more fans would arrive for the background before warm ups.

On the other side of the pitch, the new Samantha Cooper, no longer Sammi, was talking with a few other wives and girlfriends of players. She had become quick friends with some and they took a group photo before the match, which a win would confirm their status in the inter-district cup for the next season.

After the photo was taken, Samantha watched Yoshiko spinning through the air while the cheerleaders did their pregame routine. Miss Kurosaza had joined the Cooper home as their maid for now and also joined the club’s cheer squad. She smiled with pride at the student she had been assigned to mentor while a SERVANT. Yoshiko had gone through so much and the pride she felt for her was immense.

Samantha waved at Yoshiko, she waved back before bounding into the next routine. An announcement played over the PA that the DOLL’s new swimsuit calendar would be available to purchase at halftime. She was brought out of her daydreaming by another WAG and they all began making their way upstairs to the press box.

Yoshiko, after her DOLL semester, would join Dr. Shrewsbury’s home on a permanent basis to serve alongside April, the future Mrs. Shrewsbury. Samantha said a quiet prayer that she would be able to show Yoshiko how to serve in the home of a man to be the best of her ability and knew that everything she had been taught by the incredible men who ran the Feminine Obedience Academy would inspire success.

The End

* * *

Please email me your thoughts on this and my other stories available on this archive.

This story is the sequel to Feminine Obedience Academy: Yoshiko. You can read about the fate of Yoshiko’s sister in Emerald’s Service. There are a number of Domestic Doll Services stories on this archive if you would like to explore them.


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