Nonsense Domestication Shorts

Forest Six

by ashttu

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A heist! See if you can recognize all thief's original works if you're feeling bored.

Danny once more scanned over the face of his crew, wondering if the risk could possibly be worth it this time around. His life long friend and right hand Robin. Back when the Accord had still been around, she was The getaway driver. Could be a car, hover car, boat, plane or even most shuttles. If you needed a driver then she was the only name on the books as far as Danny was concerned. Lounging comfortably next to her was Hawk, their distraction man. Large and well built, but his love was acting and show tunes. If his size didn’t draw people's attention, then his antics and impeccable singing voice would. Selena was next, hanging from the ceiling in a hammock she had installed herself. Never could be comfortable too low to the ground, she was the crew's cat burglar. If you needed someone to get in and get out with the only evidence being the suddenly missing merchandise, she was the one on call. Rounding out the crew was Lupin and Sabetha. Lupin was well dressed as usual even as he juggled two watches and four rings he had picked right off someone's hands. Sabetha was resting in the corner, small and unassuming as was her way. You would probably never guess she was the group's muscle, capable of downing whole security teams with a few well placed moves.

They had once been the most feared heist crew in the Accord, but with the Affini’s arrival things like money and priceless jewels and paintings had become a thing of the past. Now Danny wasn’t complaining on principle, he was just fine with food, shelter and happiness for everyone that the Compact provided. The problem was that after doing it for so long the crew's happiness was tied into a daring heist. No matter where they looked though no Affini had a safe, a vault, a stash unless you counted floret made knick knacks as stashes. He had almost given up when he finally struck gold and had called the crew back together for what might just be their last job.

On a ship known as the Quartz Rose, there was talk of an Affini with a hidden vault. After countless days and weeks spent digging, he had finally confirmed the existence but nothing he found had even been able to hint as to the contents. They wouldn’t know what they were stealing but if it was worth enough for an Affini to have it sequestered away in a hidden vault then it had to be good. If nothing else the thrill and high of scamming the Affini would be enough reason to pull this off. Which is what brought them here to this hab unit aboard the aforementioned Quartz Rose. The whole crew that while the caper had no real danger, the Affini were too nice to do more than domesticate them at worst and call them adorable and send them on their way with a few head pats at best if they were caught, they still had their pride as professionals and the fact that anything less than perfection was a guarantee of capture when it came to the sweet but unmistakable competent Affini. They practiced, rehearsed, went over contingency plans to contingency plans, and surveyed every possible escape route. They were ready and the Affini stood no chance.

They had been caught. Danny was currently sitting in a comfortable chair opposite an Affini that had introduced itself as the head of “security”. No, it had actually raised a set of four vines to make the air quotes behind it as it said security, Danny wasn’t sure what to make of that. He had been told his crew was in similar rooms each with another Affini from the “security” team. Again with the air quotes, where had it picked up that habit? After the obligatory flirting and hair ruffling she brought up a flower and started to describe Class D xenodrugs to him. As if any thief didn’t know about class D. This was it, everything would come out and the plan would fail. Following his explanation, the Affini proceeded to pull him into a massive hug while laughing about what a wonderful little sophont he was. He admitted that hugs and mentions of how good you were shouldn’t have come as a surprise from the Affini but it still caught him off guard. What happened next though was truly shocking as Danny and his crew was placed down right back where they had been snatched up and told to have fun and be safe with their cute caper. After discussing what had happened and waiting to see if they really were free to continue on, they finally decided to go forward with their plan. 

When they finally arrived at the location of the safe, Lupin had been disappointed to find that while it had all the appearance of a masterfully secured safe, it wasn’t locked. In fact, it didn’t appear to be capable of actually being locked in the first place. It was still designed to be open and closed by an Affini though, so it took all six of them working together to begin pulling the large vault door open. As they finally got it moving and it continued to swing up they heard the sound of the regular door behind them opening with a shout telling them to stop. Turning around they were greeted with a frantic and panicked looking Affni with a calico cat girl next to her, assuredly her floret. Danny recognized her from their reconnaissance, this was the vault owner. While “security” may have found it funny, he doubted by her appearance and the frantic shout for them to stop that this Affini was going to be quite as agreeable. With her at the only exit they were completely trapped and as his brain scrambled to think of any way out he heard an embarrassed whine well up from the calico. The florets face had turned such a shade of red that somehow even the fur on top of her ears seem to shift in color. Suddenly the catgirl turned and began scolding her mistress for breaking her promise to stop hoarding all of these embarrassing things. 

Danny wasn’t sure what to make of this when he felt a tap on his shoulder coming from Robin directing his attention to the vault. Now that it was fully open he was able to see what lay inside. Was that a pile of companion dresses, next to stacks of plates and bowls? As he scanned the vault he only became more confused. The walls from the floor to the ceiling were lined with pictures upon pictures of the floret. Literally, there were so many pictures that after running out of room newer pictures had been hung upon older ones. And now his scan had brought him to a veritable pile of bags holding what appeared to be hair and fur matching the floret from all the pictures, the very floret behind them telling her mistress how embarrassing it was that she kept every little thing she ever touched, especially when she had promised to stop doing it. Ah, so it wasn’t a matter of appearance, that was shed fur and cut hair from the floret organized and hoarded by the Affini mistress being reprimanded right now. 

It was time to go. Danny wasn’t sure what he wanted to call this turn of events, but it was definitely time to go. Motioning to his crew, they proceeded to edge around the Affini and floret toward the exit. As they opened the door, a vine suddenly shot out to close it and Danny knew this was the end. The Affini was looking more and more panicked and seemed to be muttering about how no one could know over and over again before finally exclaiming just the letter B. There was barely time to react as a vine shot out from the Affni and made its way around the group with slight injections to all of their necks and Danny fell into blackness.

Danny came to feeling extremely comfortable and with gentle pressure of someone scratching his scalp. Looking up he was greeted by the head of “security”, had she just vine quoted to his thoughts, smiling down at him. Bringing his gaze down he saw the rest of his crew in much the same predicament sitting comfortably in Affni’s lap. No doubt the rest of the security team. Thinking back to how they had arrived here, he remembered getting to the vault but then before they could open it his memory seemed to just shift to this point in time. No matter how he thought or focused on it nothing past arriving at the fault and then waking up here was coming to mind. Seeming to sense his confusion the Affini whose lap he occupied gave him a few cuddles and told him not to worry so much since they had something much more important to deal with. It was then that all the Affini present pulled out a pen and domestication contract, setting them down in front of their respective crew member.

Now with Affni backers this crew might make a few more appearances. I've got at least one more idea for a heist involving them as florets, but it needs to be put together. 

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