Nonsense Domestication Shorts

In Which No Affini Appears

by ashttu

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #dom:internalized_imperialism #dom:plant #f/m #Human_Domestication_Guide #hypnotic_eyes #implied_memory_play #ownership_dynamics #sub:male

This is what is says on the tin. 

Skylar woke up naturally, when his body felt like it was time. One of the first things he had done once it became clear the Affini were true to their message was to decompile his alarm clock. Followed by recompiling and decompiling it several times. He had considered setting it on fire, but while he had started to believe most of the Affini message, he still wasn’t confident enough at the time to see how the plants reacted to a fire. Rolling out of bed, he proceeded to stretch before making his way to the bathroom for his morning routine. Everything out of the way, he got dressed in some basic sweats and slippers and shuffled his way over to the kitchen for breakfast. 

Agreeing with the Affini sentiment that the compiler was a little too perfect and that making something yourself had a certain flair to it, he had been going to the nearby grocer regularly for supplies. Today felt like an egg, cheese and sausage biscuit with a bit of hash browns and some orange juice to wash it all down. Learning to cook had been a fun endeavor that he relished with his new free time, and it certainly beat all the instant microwavable slop or synthcubes he had been eating before. Even just being able to take the time to enjoy the meal was a luxury he now appreciated. Finishing all that up and putting the dirty dishes in the compiler, he pulled out his tablet and signed in that he was currently open and working. The compiler was set to automatically compile a clean set of whatever dish or cookware he had put in it so later he would come back to put everything back where it belonged in his cabinets. 

Sitting at his work bench he began putting the finer details on his current job. He had always wanted to get into electronics and crafting so with a quick course from the overnet he had been certified to do cosmetic and a few technical modifications to tablets. He enjoyed the work, even more so when it wasn’t required just to survive, and his customers seemed to appreciate the end results. Well, calling them customers was really just a layover from before. He did this for fun and all the supplies were free and just a compiler away so there was no reason to charge them even if money had still been a thing. The people that contacted him seem to enjoy it too. In a world where you could compile anything, a more personalized touch was appreciated when exchanging gifts and most of his work was for birthdays or such. His Hab AI chimed a friendly reminder that he had set on repeat for his preferred lunch time. Setting his current project aside and closing his business through his tablet he made his way over to the kitchen. 

Putting the now fresh and clean dishes from the compiler away, he got about making himself a simple deli sandwich for lunch. Taking it into his living room he sat down to watch the new episode of Capitalism Busters. Ada and her co-host Amie would disprove ridiculous claims from the old capitalist days. Some of the stuff they had believed back then had been pretty ridiculous. Once the show finished, he put his dishes back and went into his spare room, which had been converted into a small workout space in order to keep healthy. Following his workout, he sent a message to his friends to confirm they were still on for the usual weekly meetup at Bananaflys later. Seeing their confirmation as he did his cooldown he went to shower and get changed for going out. 

He didn’t live far so he had gotten in the habit of a leisurely bike ride down to the restaurant. Another passion project of a married couple in the area, it had been assembled outside their hab unit and was usually open most nights. Seeing his friends already at their usual table, he called out his usual order to the husband of the duo and took a seat. His friends had already ordered him a beer, or well that was another thing the Affini had done. While it was probably just some xenodrug in liquid form, beer would get you drunk but there was no more risk of passing out or a hang over the next morning, it also wouldn’t cause any health issues later down the line. A game between two intramural soccer teams was on the display and seeing athletes that were just there for love and fun of the game was still fresh after all this time. Once the evening had worn on, he politely excused himself, thanked the couple running the place and made his way back home by walking his bike. Once he got inside he got through his nightly routine and proceeded to bed for another easy slumber. 

Alternate ending: On his way home Skylar spied an Affini far, far, far off in the distance, barely able to make it out really.

Got another short halfway written before I decided to write this tonight, so another short may be coming soon.

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