Nonsense Domestication Shorts

Soylent Orange

by ashttu

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Decided to start writing for fun and practice. I'd like to build up to a proper full story but for now I'll just work on fleshing out whatever odd ideas come to mind. How strict canon and reality are may vary a little from story to story.

Sarah had been on ship for the last 6 months trying to collect any kind of dirt on the Affini she could find. While maintaining her role of responsible independent, she had checked every nook, every cranny, and every dark alley. Well, to be fair, the alleys had all been rather well lit thanks to the Affini but that just made it worse when she still couldn’t find anything. 

Now though she finally had a lead. Having exhausted all other resources, she decided to investigate the floret chat rooms. She had been sure the drugged little traitors to humanity would even be able to concentrate enough to have anything useful but luck had been on her side. She had first noticed it when a couple of florets had posted it back to back. While it looked like more of their treehugger nonsense it was enough to remember she had seen it on a different chat. So she went digging and found mention after mention from florets from all over the ship in chats on seemingly every topic. This had to mean something. Deciding to continue her investigation on her new lead she delved into the Affini bureaucracy. For all their faults, the absolute need to record every tiny thing did make it easy to look up any subject she might be curious about. She went from one end of the paperwork to the other, searched every archive she could get access to, but not a single mention could be found. This is how she knew she had finally found the secret that would bring the Compact down for good.

Something so secret that even with the Affini nigh religious fervor for paperwork it was kept off the record. It was something only discussed in person Affini to Affini, but clearly the nearby florets weren’t as drugged as they thought and while they may not understand the importance of what they had heard, they had heard enough to share it on the chats. This had to be the dirty secret of the Affini she had been searching for, it just had to be. The problem was that if it was only talked about between Affini then how was she going to get more information on it. She tried to start with florets. Whenever she would find a floret sufficiently separated from their owner then she would go over and try to bring the topic up in conversation. Everytime she did the floret would just repeat it back to her with a sage look of assurance across their face and then just move on like nothing had happened. They were useless, but she also knew the Affini would never discuss such a significant secret near an independent such as herself no matter how well behaved she pretended to be. There was only one way this was going to work.

Contacting headquarters, she informed them of her plan. Her immediate supervisor told her it was a suicide mission, that even if she stayed sane long enough to get the information and send it out, there was no way she would ever escape. They both knew it was the only way though, so that was how she ended up outside the nearby domestication center early one morning. Based on her research if you volunteered and were well behaved and eager then the Affini shouldn’t have much reason to drug you all the way down into mindlessness. This was the best shoot she was going to have. To stay as sober as possible for long enough to find the information they needed to shut it all down. Going in and submitting her form to the Affini at the front desk, who used no less than 13 vines to give her headpats while filing her paperwork with just 3, had her in the system and waiting. Apparently, there was a bit of a backlog as there was a registered match before she could even make it out of the receptionist vines. Not even ten minutes later and her new owner, how that hurt to think about, was picking her up and talking about all the wonderful times they would have. 

It had been a week since her domestication had started and just like she had thought, as long as she appeared eager and behaved the drug use had been kept to a minimum. The problem was mistress, as she insisted to be called, had yet to mention anything about the Affini secrets and Sarah had no idea how long it might take to find anything out. She was due for an implant at some point, so time was running short. As she tried to figure out any way that might get results faster mistress returned with a even more joyous look than usual on her face. Something was clearly going on for her to be this happy. When mistress then proceeded to pick Sarah up and spin her around while cooing what a good girl she was, Sarah feared her time had come. Mistress then told her how well behaved and cute she had been for the past week and that clearly Sarah deserved a reward. Before Sarah had even processed the statement or much less attempted to decline there was a slight pinch on her neck. Sarah could feel the xenodrugs coursing through her veins almost immediately, and just as quickly mistress had a vine on every inch of her body. From head to toe she could feel the shifting, stroking, rubbing, petting, teasing movement of vines as what she had now realized had to undoubtedly be class As heightening every single touch beyond anything she had previously known. It took all of Sarah’s willpower to fight to maintain even the smallest corner of her mind from the onslaught of pleasure. Seeming to sense this hold out, mistress had one of her vines shift Sarah's head until their eyes locked and that last bastion of safety began to crumble away. As Sarah drifted away, her body to pleasure and her mind into her Mistress’s eyes, it all finally clicked for her. She had finally found the answer that had eluded her for so long. Sinking further and further it was obvious the florets had known the truth all along and she only now was able to understand. The secret she had read several weeks ago in the floret chat was clear as day to her now as she stared deeply into her Mistresses eyes.


I wonder how many figured out the secret before the reveal at the end.

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