Server Chat

by TravisNSpud

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See spoiler tags : #Exploring_Together #Hailee_Tales

A group of friends catch up through Discord and plan for a future event.

The following are extracts of conversations from Richard’s Discord server.


Jelly Doll: @Pied Piper Ping hi all. As you may have noticed, it’s added a new channel for hypnohorny teasing called #deep-sea-diving - basically anyone who’s in the mood to be toyed with publicly, and anyone who feels like toying with them, can jump in there, so that a: we keep it out of main chat, and b: anyone who misses the show can easily find it later and read through, maybe with popcorn 😏🍿

Miles Down Deep: oooh I hear the sound of a Pied Piper Ping. Must... follow... and obey... 😵‍💫😏🤭

Jelly Doll: 😂😜

Miles Down Deep: nice idea btw, I know I wouldn’t want to miss any of the cuties in here getting played with 😏😍 why ‘deep sea diving’ though? 🤔

Jelly Doll: we often call trance ‘the Spiral Seas’, sooo... shrugs made sense at the time 😂

Jelly Doll: and it wishes it could take credit but it was all @Travis N. Spud ‘s idea. it just did the work of actually making the channel

Miles Down Deep: ah well nicely done, doll 😉

Jelly Doll: blushes and squirms thank you Miles 😳😅

Miles Down Deep: hehe did that get you a little...? 😏

Jelly Doll: a little, yeah! it’s not used to ppl other than Rich and AJ calling it a doll

Jelly Doll: it likes it though 😳

Miles Down Deep: 📝

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: oooh look, a toy being teased

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: 👀🍿

Jelly Doll: eep

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: I wonder if it wants us to roadtest that new channel...? been a while since we double-teamed someone, Miles 😉

Jelly Doll: guhh it would love to, it is actually about to go to work 😞

Jelly Doll: thanks for making it blushy and horny before it goes though, Miles 😏😅

Miles Down Deep: any time, doll 😉

Jelly Doll: adsfsjh

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: a toy working?! that should be illegal

Jelly Doll: for REAL, Barbie

Jelly Doll: at least it’s good at being lowkey Horny at Work

Jelly Doll: it’ll keep one eye on the server 😉 👁️

Miles Down Deep: haha good

Miles Down Deep: keep represeting the Horny at Work Club, doll 😉

Jelly Doll: hehe always 😄

Jelly Doll: alright be back later, driving now ❤️‍🔥

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: bye Jelly Doll! 😘

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: ooh for the benefit of anyone else who turns up, I got my new car today

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: it’s hot pink ofc

Miles Down Deep: you are NEVER beating the bimbo Barbie allegations 🤭

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: if anything I’m trying to do the opposite, babe 😏😉

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: I’ll show it off in #sfw-pics in a min

Philonious: ... don’t you have some other pics to post too, Sabby?

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: giggles oh hi Sir 🥰

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: shoulda known you wouldn’t let me forget about those 😏

Philonious: can’t trust a dummy like you to remember things, can we? 😉

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: teehee no Sir 🤭

In 2 Minds: well we sure got here at the right time

Miles Down Deep: 🍿

Miles Down Deep: hehe hi AJ and Dani 😉

In 2 Minds: heya

In 2 Minds: hii! 😍

Big Dickens Energy: lurks non-threateningly

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: ee hi guys 🥰

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: Sabby slut loves an audience 🤤

Big Dickens Energy: Oh, we know 😏😉

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: Posted those pics btw, enjoy 😊

Miles Down Deep: oooh, gorgeous, Sab 😍

Miles Down Deep: We love artsy shower nudes

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: blushes and giggles 🥰

In 2 Minds: hot af

In 2 Minds: hey Sab where r ur hands in pic 2 👀

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: wouldn’t u like to know? 🤭

Big Dickens Energy: Well now we know why you’re smiling!

S3-L3N4: This unit also appreciated your photos, Sabrina. It detects many aspects that humans find aesthetically pleasing.

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: S3!! thanks gorgeous 😍😘

S3-L3N4: You’re welcome.

Miles Down Deep: hey S3! how you doing?

S3-L3N4: Good afternoon, Milo. This unit is functioning optimally, thank you. How are you all?

Miles Down Deep: good!

In 2 Minds: wuu2 right now s2

In 2 Minds: *s3 sorry

S3-L3N4: This unit returned from its workplace eight minutes ago. It has undressed and will shortly undergo self-cleaning.

In 2 Minds: ur so fucking cute 😍🤤

S3-L3N4: Thank you, Alyssa. This unit is designed to be enjoyed.

Miles Down Deep: ooh naked S3 😍

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: can we turn on Selena for a couple mins, say hi to her?

S3-L3N4: Affirmative.

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: 😍

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: s3 activate Selena

S3-L3N4: Confirmed.

S3-L3N4: teehee hi guys 😊

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: hehe hi Selena! how’s you sweetie?

In 2 Minds: s3 deactivate selena

S3-L3N4: I’m really good actually! I had a good day at woPersonality deactivated.

In 2 Minds: s3 activate selena

In 2 Minds: s3 deactivate selena

S3-L3N4: Confirmed.

S3-L3N4: Personality deactivated.

In 2 Minds: s3 activate selena

S3-L3N4: Confirmed.

S3-L3N4: nngh whyyyy 😅

In 2 Minds: s3 deactivate selena

In 2 Minds: bc funny 😏

S3-L3N4: Personality deactivated.

S3-L3N4: This unit is pleased you are enjoying yourself.

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: I love how that seems so sarcastic but I know it really means it 🤣

S3-L3N4: This unit is entirely sincere.

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: hehe we know cutie 😉

In 2 Minds: its fun getting to mess with someone else 😈

In 2 Minds: s3 activate selena

S3-L3N4: Confirmed.

S3-L3N4: gahhh 😵‍💫😅

In 2 Minds: hehehehe

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: think you might have become as evil as Travis, AJ 😏

In 2 Minds: nope, I was always evil

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: 🤣

S3-L3N4: I believe you! 😂😜

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: don’t worry Selena I’d never be that mean to you...

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: S3 deactivate Selena

S3-L3N4: suuuuure Personality deactivated.

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: S3 activate Selena (laughs evilly)

S3-L3N4: Confirmed.

S3-L3N4: fuck

S3-L3N4: ok definitely need to shower now 🥵😅

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: aww did the robot get horny?

S3-L3N4: yep, and I did not think to put a towel down 😂

S3-L3N4: gonna skedaddle before my CPU fully overheats from all this teasing 😅

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: bye cutie bot! xx

S3-L3N4: 😳😅 bye guys! xx

Miles Down Deep: That was fun to watch 🍿🤤

In 2 Minds: hehe I love s3, it’s fun to play with

In 2 Minds: I don’t get to be even a little bit dommy most of the time, and that is how i like it, but it’s nice to play with someone now and again

In 2 Minds: other than jelly doll, but again, that’s still mostly travis in charge of us both

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: gotcha 😄

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: we need more girl tists in here, it’s only really me and only half the time

Travis N. Spud: crashes through door


Travis N. Spud: (clears throat) I mean, hi guys

In 2 Minds: fckin loser

Miles Down Deep: aah we mentioned him three times! 😱

Travis N. Spud: pahaha I was on my way in anyway, spent the past few minutes reading what I missed in here 😂

Travis N. Spud: and yeah I’ve been on the lookout for more female tists to bring in here, not had much luck so far. we might find more at the con though

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: yeah there’s normally loads there

In 2 Minds: wooo the con!! our first one, we cant’ wait 🤩🥳❤️‍🔥

Philonious: oh you guys are gonna have such a good time ❤️‍🔥

Miles Down Deep: yeah, we’ll make sure of it 😉

Travis N. Spud: we still OK to stay over with you and Hailee, Miles?

Miles Down Deep: of course! we specifically bought a house so we could have our hypno friends stay with us 😊😂❤️‍🔥

Miles Down Deep: (and to start a family at some point, but we’re in no rush for that) 😂

Travis N. Spud: pahaha thank you, really appreciate it 💞

In 2 Minds: ty so much Miles... even though it feels a little like being lured into a trap... 😅

Miles Down Deep: oh there’s no luring, it IS a trap. a trap of hypnofuckery that’ll turn you into a blissful mindfucked plaything for days on end, helpless to resist our every sexual whim... 😈🤣😉

In 2 Minds: dives headfirst into the trap

Miles Down Deep: 🤣🤣🤣


This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: [Black-and-white image of Sabrina in the shower, apparently sitting on the floor, leaning back against white tiles. The photo has been taken from above, showing her down to her waist. She is looking up above her, past the camera, with a mildly dazed expression, her lips parted in a slight pout. Her hands are raised above her chest, palms upwards, forming a shape as if to cradle her face but not quite reaching it. Her bent arms are covering her clearly bare breasts.]

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: [Another black-and-white image of Sabrina in the shower, sitting in the same position as before. This time her expression is even more dazed, her eyes are half-crossed and half-rolling upwards, and she is smiling open-mouthed. Her arms are now at her sides, framing her breasts, and her posture is slouched. At the bottom of the photo her arms are curving inwards across her belly.]


Travis N. Spud: Welcome to my server, guys! You all know me (unless I made you forget 😏😉), but I’ll do one of these anyway to get us rolling.

Name: Richard

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 28

Location: LA

Role: Dom; hypno smut writer

Sexuality: Mostly straight 😏

Availability: Happily in a committed relationship with my playthings, @In 2 Minds and @Jelly Doll 🥰

DMs: Open-ish; if we haven’t talked before I’d rather we chat in the server a bit first

Kinks: Almost all hypnosis/mind control 🤤 my literotica is a real window into my fantasies - common themes include: CNC, eye fixation, mindlessness, drool, obliviousness, memory play, bondage (both the hypno and non-hypno kind), freezing/doll play, robotification, objectification, dehumanisation, personality alteration, pet play, maidification, voyeurism, public play (but very discreet if irl), orgasm denial, humiliation, gender fuckery/pronoun play, and probably many more I haven’t thought of 😅

Limits: Gore, rape or incest play, watersports (with very rare exceptions), age regression (I’ve got a bit of a pacifier kink but that’s more of a humiliation thing)

Other stuff: Colossal fan of Doctor Who, the MCU, and various other TV/film franchises 🤩

In 2 Minds: have we gotta do 2 of these? ... fuck it. hey i’m alyssa, she/they (mostly ‘they’ when talking about me and dani collectively), 25, living in LA with @Jelly Doll and ol’ fuck hawk @Travis N. Spud . role: proud brat, agent of chaos, doms fear me for my incredible strength of will /s 😝 more honest answer: hypnotised hypersexual slave plaything. baby bi. main kinks: EYE FIXATION 🤤, boooondaaaage and general helplessness, getting the brattiness stomped out of me, memory identity and iq play, shenanigans happening without me even knowing about it, humiliation, orgasm denial, cucking - all of which explains why i let rich put a slavegirl in my head 😅 limits: ok with being teased by friendly porn strangers, but only my partners can fuck with my mind, pls be respectful 💞 call me stupid/dumb and a sex slave that’s fine, but pls don’t call me a slut. also don’t get dani to do stuff i wouldn’t be ok with behind my back, because i have safeguards and/or she will tell me. speaking of, it’s her turn

In 2 Minds: hiiii guys! I’m Dani, she/her, I live in Alyssa’s head and sometimes take over our body for sexy fun 🤭 role: happy slavegirl, sexuality: anyone, but mostly Master and Jelly doll 😍 kinks: almost anything, i live to be horny, but mostly submission, and messing with AJ 😂😇 limits: I will flirt with anyone but i belong to Master sooo sorry guys i’m not going to do more than that 🥲 i like and don’t like most of the same things as AJ really, which makes sense because i used to be her i guess... 🤔 idk I don’t really get it but then i am a dumdum 😂

Jelly Doll: Name: Anjelica, aka Jelly Doll

Pronouns: it/its (but she/her are also ok)

Age: 30

Location: LA

Role: submissive, sentient sex toy

Sexuality: pan

Availability: owned by @Travis N. Spud and @In 2 Minds

About: it speaks in 3rd person, so apologies if that weirds out/confuses anyone; it’s an actor at the best of times and rehab clinic receptionist the rest of the time; it loves thrifting, like 85% of its clothes are from thrift stores, because why buy new when there are perfectly good used clothes out there

DMs: open (but it prefers to chat in server for a bit first) 💗

Kinks: FREEZING 🥶🔥 objectification/dehumanisation/depersonalisation, mindlessness, helplessness, exhibitionism, being put on display like an ornament, being used as a living fleshlight, cucking/voyeurism, memory/awareness play 🤤 it sometimes likes a bit of fear play in the right circumstances 😳

Limits: age or incest play; gore; watersports. Only Rich, AJ and Dani can use its triggers, except in rare circumstances and only if it grants specific consent to you. It will be peeved if you try without asking permission; you get one chance.

blind obedience: hi guys I’m hailee 😊 or fucktoy if you prefer 😏😉

Pronouns: it/its or she/her

Age: 27

Location: San Francisco

Role: super duper submissive

Sexuality: pan

Availability: open-ish, owned by @Miles Down Deep but I have a bunch of play partners, mostly irl (like @This Barbie’s a horny lil slut )

Kinks: free use free use free use 🤩🥳😂 humiliation, exhibitionism, awareness play, PAIN, degradation, dehumanisation, discreet public play, somno, sensory deprivation (mainly blindness) 😎 I love being treated like property, like a helpless toy, like a convenient cum bucket 😋🤤

Limits: age or incest play and uhhhh that’s pretty much it 😅

Other stuff: I have an eidetic memory which is fantastic for remembering triggers/mantras/suggestions and has also helped me get promoted recently at my job 🥳 I volunteer to help organise our local hypno con each year, which is where I met most of my partners

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: crashes into the intro channel like a pink fucking meteor 💥

I’m Sabrina, or Sabby (especially when I’m feeling subby) 🤭 she/her, 24yo, originally from Pennsylvania but now living in San Fran

Role: the switchiest switch to ever switch, I have the special power to domme the fuck outta you one moment and then be a dumb drooly ditz for a different dom literally one second later 😂

Sexuality: yes 😏

Availability: very! 😂 I play with over a dozen people, both irl and online; I live with/am owned by @Philonious but am always open to take on more doms and subs. more the merrier!!! in terms of folks in this server I domme @blind obedience and switch with @Miles Down Deep on occasion ❤️‍🔥

DMs: open (but, y’know, if you’re gonna DM me, just try not to be stupid; that’s my job) 🤣

Kinks: iq play, awareness play, exhibitionism, mindlessness, humiliation/degradation, public play, pet play, somno, bimbo-slut-ification!! pretty much all of these go in both directions, I like doing them to ppl and having them done to me 🤤

Limits: wdym what are those 😏 no but for real I’ll try anything once

Other stuff: I fucking love singing, I sing unprompted all the time, ppl have literally hypnotised me to stfu before 🤣🎶

Miles Down Deep: Name: Milo or Miles

Pronouns: any but mainly he/they (though some days are more gender than others) 🤭

Age: 24

Role: dom-leaning switch; Master of @blind obedience

Availability and DMs: pretty open, you’re welcome to chat about anything (especially hypno) but I only tend to play with ppl I’ve gotten to know fairly well ❤️‍🔥

Kinks: AWARENESS PLAY, humiliation, degradation, sadism, pain, public play, free use 😈🤤 and becasue turnabout is fair play, I won’t put up too much of a fuss if these are all done back to me... 😳😅🤤❤️‍🔥

Limits: if i ever meet one I’ll let you know 😏🤭

Other stuff: i have fallen down the Baldur’s Gate wormhole and I can’t get up 😂

Philonious: hi i’m phil, he/him, very laidback hypnodom from San Fran 😄😜 owner of @This Barbie’s a horny lil slut but she very much roams freely, as sex kittens often do 😏 active in our local kink community and have played with most of sab’s other partners, including @blind obedience and @Miles Down Deep a few times - they are both fucking wonderful ❤️‍🔥

thought i was pretty much fully straight until I hooked up with miles, been rethinking that since then 😅 not really labelling myself atm

dms open, shoot yo shot 😉

i fucking love brats - and I love taking them down all the pegs, and making them look deeply silly 😈🤤 sab will back me up here, she has lots of experience of that 😏🤣😜

wordslut: Name: wordslut, or Valerie

Nicknames: words, wordy, Val 😉

Age: 28

Location: Pennsylvania

Blurb: as my name suggests I’m so fucking down for some good literotica, mainly (but not exclusively) hypno/MC-themed 🤤 now I’ve been turned into a work of hypnosmut myself, letting my mind get rewritten and edited until I’m a fictional version of myself... 🥵 as well as the main story ‘Valerie’ I also include a bunch of short stories that I can be turned into as well: ‘Valli the Bimbo’, ‘Chloe the Maid’, ‘Larry the Bodyswapped Gamer’, ‘Bianca the Dominatrix’ and ‘Josie the Puppy’ 😏🤭

Written by: @Big Dickens Energy

Pronouns: she/her (except Larry: he/him, but he’s slowly discovering he kinda likes ‘she/her’ as well - ULTIMATE GENDERFUCKERY 🤣)

Sexuality: whatever furthers the plot 😂 no but seriously I’m pan 🍳

Kinks: identity play, awareness play, memory play - all of which I bet you coulda guessed 😂 similarly you probably can see from my stories that I like bimbofication, maidification, a bit of accent play, genderfuckery and pet play 🤭

Availability: open-ish; I’m up for chatting in server or DMs but need to really get to know you before I’ll let you edit me 💕

Big Dickens Energy: Evening everybody! I’m Ryan, he/him, 33yo, from Pennsylvania 😁 I’m a hypnotist, a dominant, a writer, and the proud author of @wordslut ❤️‍🔥 I’m fairly available, get to know me and I might consider rewriting you a little 😏😉 my sexuality mostly leans towards women, but not exclusively - I’d say I’m about a 1.5 on the Kinsey scale 🤓😂

S3-L3N4: Unit Information: This unit, designated S3-L3N4 or ‘S3’, is a sophisticated artificial intelligence capable of advanced problem-solving and decision-making, designed to emulate human behaviour. Its body is composed of silicon beneath an artificial flesh covering, and is designed to resemble a human’s anatomical structure. It utilises nanosuits for extensive daily periods, containing nanotechnology to optimise system efficiency. The primary feature of S3-L3N4 is its human personality simulation, designated Program:Selena_Barnwell. It can operate autonomously either in its default state or through the activation of Program:Selena, which has proven capable of passing the Turing test through her interaction with various humans.

Pronouns: it/its (S3); she/her (Program:Selena)

Manufacture Location: Michigan

Current Location: Manhattan, New York City

Availability: This unit can grant User privileges at its discretion, and currently has one permanent User, @User:Andrew . It will serve and obey User:Andrew without hesitation, and is only capable of refusing his instructions in extreme cases. This unit has advanced cooking, housekeeping and sexual programming. This unit may accept temporary Users based on several factors, including the permission of User:Andrew. It will accept direct messages from prospective Users, and from others seeking casual conversation.

Sexuality: Program:Selena has heterosexual programming, but S3 can adjust her preferences in accordance with User:Andrew’s instructions.

Fetishes: This unit is incapable of true human thoughts, feelings and emotions, and therefore does not have fetishes of its own. Program:Selena was designed with several fetishes, predominantly eroticisation of her own status as an android, submission to her User, and deep satisfaction from being used. She is capable of updating her programming with additional fetishes, as is User:Andrew.

User:Andrew: Hi I’m Andrew, and I’m very new to all this 😅

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 22

Location: NYC

About me: like I say I’m new to this, I don’t know a lot about hypnokink - but I’m very interested and turned on by it all! @S3-L3N4 introduced me to the concept, and to the Discord hypno communities. Before I met it, I think it’s fair to say I had a pretty vanilla existence, which I’m keen to change - and what I’ve seen so far on here has been very intriguing 😏

Role: dominant I guess, at least to S3 😅

Sexuality: hetero-ish (again, voyage of discovery, I’m ruling nothing out) 🤭

Availability: committed to my robot girl, but we’re both happy to involve other folks if the chemistry’s right 😉

DMs: open!

Kinks: well so far I know I fucking love fembots 😏🤭🤖🤤 I also really enjoy hypnosis and submission, and bondage and pet play appeal to me too. I’ll have to update this as I discover more about kink, and hypnokink, and how I relate to it and my likes and dislikes ❤️‍🔥



blind obedience: WHEEEEE

Travis N. Spud: pahahaha someone’s excited! 🤣💞

blind obedience: I’m so hyped and bouncy for it Milo had to tie me down last night 😏😂

Travis N. Spud: ‘had to’, sure 😏🤭

Big Dickens Energy: pics or it didn’t happen 😉 /j (mostly)

blind obedience: heeheehee check #not-the-nine-oclock-nudes 😘

Big Dickens Energy: ... aaand now the Dickens is bigger 🤤

blind obedience: 🤣🥰

Travis N. Spud: Are you helping out with the con this year, Hailee?

blind obedience: a bit yeah! mostly organisation beforehand, they shouldn’t need me to do much during the actual week of

blind obedience: this fucktoy should be free to use 😏😘

Travis N. Spud: haha excellent 🤩🤤

blind obedience: Dickens is words gonna be there? feel like we haven’t seen or heard her around here much

Big Dickens Energy: Honest answer, not sure. She’s been feeling very down lately and might not be up to it. I’ve been focusing a lot of my energy on taking care of her lately; if she doesn’t go I probably won’t either.

blind obedience: aw nooooo poor words! 🥺

Travis N. Spud: sorry to hear that mate 😢 please do give her our love!

blind obedience: yes give her big hugs from all of us 💗

Big Dickens Energy: Thank you guys, I know she’ll appreciate that. For the record she didn’t want to say anything about how she’s been lately, but she did give me permission to tell you guys if you asked 💗

Travis N. Spud: fair fair

blind obedience: if you don’t end up coming I’ll make sure you get a refund 💖


In 2 Minds: camera stole my braaaain 😵‍💫

In 2 Minds: [Close-up image of Alyssa staring directly into the camera with a sleepy expression, her eyes partly closed. Her mouth is slightly agape, and there is a line of drool trickling over the front of her bottom lip. The photo cuts off at her collarbone, but her shoulders are bare, implying she is topless.]

In 2 Minds: idk if the camera loves me but I sure fuckin love the cameraa 🤤

blind obedience: [Image of Hailee lying face-down on the bed, naked except for a dark purple blindfold. It has been bound in a hogtie, its wrists tied to its ankles. The photo has been taken from a diagonal, slightly raised angle, its bent right leg centred in the frame, and it visibly has a thick purple dildo inserted into its vagina, and cum splattered up its back.]


blind obedience: sneaks through, trying to look small and not be noticed...

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: pounces and wraps @blind obedience up in my arms

blind obedience: Eep! 😳

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: Well what do we have here? A lil cutie in this channel, trying not to get noticed and played with?

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: It’s been a minute since I’ve toyed with you Hails, I’m not gonna miss this chance 😉😘

blind obedience: wriggles free and tries to run away again

blind obedience: Can’t catch meeee! 😝

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: grabs you by the hair to stop you

blind obedience: hurrk

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: now that was very naughty, trying to get away!

blind obedience: mrmh

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: don’t you know it’s not polite for mice to run away once the cat’s caught them? 😏

blind obedience: mrrff

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: I should really teach you some manners, shouldn’t I, my lil trancey toy...?

blind obedience: guhh yesss pls teach me punish meee miss

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: holds you nice and tight by the hair with one hand...

blind obedience: adjsafgkh 🥵🫣

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: slaps you hard in the face with the other

blind obedience: fffffffffffffffffghhj

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: aaaand down you go, slapped down deep. you’re sinking all the way into the deep deep darkness, fucktoy. aren’t you?

blind obedience: yyes misss

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: Good toy. Now, spread your legs wide for me, and thrust out those gorgeous titties...

blind obedience: yees mis

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: And feel me pinch your nipples, and twist, and pull up...

blind obedience: ooowwwww

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: and the more it hurts the deeper you go, isn’t that right?

blind obedience: yyyyyyyyyes mss

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: What are you? Tell me nice and clearly, toy, find you can type nice and slow and careful...

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: and every word you spell right makes it hurt more, and makes you feel even better 😉😘


In 2 Minds: njhgjdfk teh stufg in #deep-sea-diving isso frickety fucketu hot

Travis N. Spud: I can tell you’re enjoying it from all the typos 😏😝

In 2 Minds: fucj off

In 2 Minds: both hnds busyy

In 2 Minds: 1 has popcorn, otger’s down our pants

In 2 Minds: joking i don;t hsve popcorn

Travis N. Spud: oh what’s this? my sex slave is touching herself without permission?

Travis N. Spud: I’m sure there’s a rule against that... 😏

In 2 Minds: fuck of no there isn’r

Travis N. Spud: Ah, maybe I told Dani about it and not you. Still counts though. 😂😝

In 2 Minds: 🤨😒 hmph

Travis N. Spud: well it’d be very rude to interrupt you while you’re having fun, so I won’t make you stop

In 2 Minds: good!

Travis N. Spud: hey, Dani? don’t stop touching yourself until I come into the bedroom

In 2 Minds: yes master 😀

Travis N. Spud: but remember, of course - you don’t need to cum...

In 2 Minds: edgings much more funnn

Travis N. Spud: good girl!

In 2 Minds: mmmm tysm master

In 2 Minds: uhoh

In 2 Minds: yiur at the fuckinf grocery store!!

Travis N. Spud: Don’t worry, I won’t be long!

Travis N. Spud: Have fun, girls 😉

In 2 Minds: heehee ty mastwr

In 2 Minds: we dont ned to cum edhings mich more fub

In 2 Minds: gfssdfegthcnggdr

In 2 Minds: i regret everthinggg


blind obedience: I am an object. I am a convenience. I am here to be used. I am always ready to be used. I only do what I’m told. I do anything I’m told.

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: Good object!!

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: Feel a nice hard spank on the pussy to reward you 😉

blind obedience: owffff ty miss

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: And when I let go of your nipples you can drop ten times deeper, and just drift peacefully for a while in a lovely hypnotic sleep...

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: and come back up whenever you’re ready 😉

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: Feel me let go

Miles Down Deep: applauds

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: hehehe ty Miles 😘

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: hope I didn’t go to hard on it!

Miles Down Deep: nah you know what Hailee’s like, it can’t get enough of it 😂 (and it would’ve hit the brakes if you had anyways)

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: heehee of course

Miles Down Deep: you’re such a good hypnodomme Sabby

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: awww ty 🥰

Miles Down Deep: it always takes me by surprise, given how subby you are...

Miles Down Deep: and how dumb, and ditzy, and easily led you are...

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: 😳 whuh oh I’m in danger 🤭

Miles Down Deep: with such floaty drifty thoughts...

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: giggles floty driftyyy thots

Miles Down Deep: so floaty and drifty, aren’t they? your thoughts are as light as feathers, and they float away so easily,

Miles Down Deep: caught on a little gust of wind, they fly out of your head, up into the sky,

Miles Down Deep: and you just can’t hold onto them, can you, Sabby?

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: nmo i vcant

Miles Down Deep: vacant? yes, I’m sure you are 😏

Miles Down Deep: nothing on your mind, nothing in your head, just empty space...

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: enptyyyy

Miles Down Deep: just a brainless, horny, dummy, aren’t you?

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: yess brain;ess hornyyyy dumy

Miles Down Deep: Are you drooling on yourself, Sabby?

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: yyess so drolly on my top amd m desk

Miles Down Deep: daww what an adorable dum dum

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: hheeh dumdum

Miles Down Deep: I bet you look so stupid right now 😉

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: yess miils so stupis

Miles Down Deep: what a good dumb little slut!

Miles Down Deep: now I’m going to count to 5, and as I do, you can feel your thoughts slowly float back into your head,

Miles Down Deep: until your brain’s full up again

Miles Down Deep: do you understand, dum dum?

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: hege yes dumdum ubdertands

Miles Down Deep: good! one, thoughts starting to float back down...

Miles Down Deep: two, head starting to fill back up...

Miles Down Deep: three, cogs starting to turn in your brain again...

Miles Down Deep: four, ready to tell me you’re an easy subby slut...

Miles Down Deep: five, back to normal!

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: i’m an easy subby slut

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: who said that 😅

Miles Down Deep: hehe good slut 😉😘

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: giggles 😘

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: @Philonious did that the other day, comparing my thoughts to feathers to drop me

Miles Down Deep: he might’ve mentioned it... 😏

blind obedience: damn those colluding doms!

blind obedience: we’ve got no chance at all now

Miles Down Deep: just how you like it 😉😏

blind obedience: ... yes 😂

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: Hailee you’re back!

blind obedience: hehe yeah I drifted back up while miles was dumbofying you 😂

blind obedience: that was super hot btw 🤤

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: haha ty gorgeous 😘

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: do u need aftercare? i can provide!

blind obedience: miles is cuddling meeee

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: hehe okies!

blind obedience: but ty sabby 🥰 wbu?

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: my aftercare will involve riding my dildo

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: i may have already started 😏

blind obedience: um... hot 😳🤤

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: that’s meeee 😉🤭

Travis N. Spud: 🍿🔥

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: hehe oh hi Travis 😉 😘

Travis N. Spud: haha hi!

Miles Down Deep: Travis how’s AJ and Dani? I see you’ve been messing with them a lil bit too 😏🤭

Travis N. Spud: Haha they’re fine - I got back from the store a little while ago, but I didn’t go into the bedroom til you finished with Sabby 😈

In 2 Minds: he’s an asshole

Miles Down Deep: 🤣

In 2 Minds: we’re good tho, we edged like 9 times and now we’r going to shower

blind obedience: fuck you’re all so hot

Miles Down Deep: speak for yourself Hails! 🥰😘

blind obedience: can’t wait to see u guys irl 💞

Travis N. Spud: Me either!

This Barbie’s a horny lil slut: its gonna be litty titties

Miles Down Deep: 🤣 🤣

Travis N. Spud: Soon, my hypno friends. Soon... 😉

Disclaimer: it's all still fictional! 😂

I've wanted to do a big crossover story bringing together characters from all my 'real-life' stories for a while. This is just the prologue - some time in the near future I'll bring you to the promised convention! I don't know how many characters are going to make it into the full story, but I thought I'd include as many as I could in this instalment just to leave the door open for them to return.

For the uninitiated (and those who just want to refresh their memories), you can find all the stories of AJ, Dani, Jelly Doll and Richard here, the Hailee tales here, S3 and Andrew's escapades here, wordslut and Ryan's story here, and Sabby and Phil's shenanigans here. Follow this story so you'll be ready for the main story, because Server Chat will become the prologue for it instead of a story in its own right 😉

A special thanks to my patrons: qxvw198, Modren, noëlle, FinixFire, Prodygist, masterspark101, vulkants, DyonisiusBacchus, Marcelo Alfonso, An Otter, Christopher, Chaz and John Doe! If you'd like to follow their wonderful example and show me your support too (and thus get early access to my stories), my Patreon can be found here...


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