House-Making Perfume

Brainy Brain

by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bimbofication #corruption #D/s #f/f #stepfordization #50s_housewives #dom:female #intelligence_play #maids #pov:bottom #transgender_characters

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of ownership, hypnosis, or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and ownership of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.

                “That damn, smug, brainy girl…”
                   Sienna sipped some of her tea, a pensive look on her face as she read over a security report. The elegant, cruel businesswoman wasn’t without her enemies – and so she had a team of personal investigators to ‘protect’ her against stalkers and paparazzi. Of course, the PIs weren’t cops – Sienna wouldn’t go that far – so they couldn’t arrest anyone. Usually they’d just keep Sienna abreast of matters and leave her to handle matters on her own. Typically with legal threats.
                   It was about a month ago that Sienna found out someone was looking into her. Not just any weird stalker or internet sleuth, either. This woman’s name was Marilyn, and she was quite skilled learning about other people. She was probably a journalist, Sienna had gathered. Maybe she was also a private investigator?
Either way, she was good. And Sienna hated that.
Understandably, Sienna liked keeping her harem of stepford bimbo housewives on the down-low. It was a priority of hers. Over the last few years she’d concocted believable lies to get people off her trail, even going as far as to fabricate evidence. She was untouchable. Until now. Marilyn – this girl who was too smart for her own good – managed to find out about it, somehow. Sienna only knew because a PI caught her snapping pictures outside of her mansion. She was scared off as soon as the PI approached her, though he captured a few pictures of the offender.
Since then, this lady was completely on Sienna’s tail. She had never even spoken to this woman – hell, Sienna didn’t even care enough to get to know her. But she knew so much. And… for what? The way it looked, she wasn’t documenting evidence. She wasn’t going to plaster Sienna’s secrets on a tabloid. She looked too nice for that.
No, Sienna saw something else. Desire. Envy.
She wanted to be one of hers. Sienna could see it in the photo.
But there was no way in hell Sienna was going to be pulled her way. Sienna had better things to do with her time, better candidates to prey on. She didn’t need to waste her time with some nosy pest. Even if she did look like she’d make a great wife. Even if her breasts did look fun to toy with, with incredible legs and a brilliant brain Sienna wanted to take from her. She was too smart, though. Sienna would have no fun with brainwashing her; she’d obviously just resist and keep some of her smarts undercover.
But god. It was so annoying, the way Sienna would constantly get notice of Marilyn sleuthing her.
Maybe, though… Sienna would have liked a wife to do all her paperwork and books for her. This girl certainly seemed able to. Maybe…
No… Sienna shook her head as she attempted to get back to work. She couldn’t believe someone she’d never even met could manipulate her so much. She was stronger than that.
Sienna wanted to just forget about that damn girl. Why couldn’t she just leave Sienna alone? Sure, there were the obvious reasons – Sienna was hot as hell, rich, and had the perfect cruel Domme figure. Not to mention, sapphic women these days loved ladies in suits – of which Sienna wore liberally. But Sienna had a life to tend to; her business, her packed schedule, not to mention her harem of housewives. She had no time for this. Why wouldn’t this girl just take the hint and get the hell away?
Sienna thought to herself as she drove home in her new luxury BMW. She all but Googled how to get needy ladies off her back. Then again, what else could she do? This woman was essentially stalking her. Sienna didn’t want to involve the police – her PIs were good enough – and a part of her desperately wanted to know. No, she wanted to obliterate this girl her damn self. Maybe it’d be fun, Sienna thought as she chuckled, to remove her smarts and then toss her back onto the streets.
She shook her head. That was too much effort. If she was going to brainwash her, she might as well keep her. It wasn’t like Sienna didn’t have a dozen spare rooms. Ideas pounced around in her head as she wondered just what she could do with this girl, how she could make use of her. How she could make her useful. She still wasn’t going to give in that easily – this girl still infuriated Sienna.
Anyways, she didn’t have to think about it today. She just had to go home and get serviced by one or two or three of her loyal housewives. That was what she always looked forward to.
Except, Sienna’s foot slammed the break as she absentmindedly looked out the car window. Her eyes nearly burst out of her head.
There was that girl. In a small café. Her usual journalistic attire, of course. She might as well have just been having a drink. At least, that’s what Sienna thought until her head snapped to see who Marilyn was talking to.
It was… Greg. Her ex-husband. Sitting down right next to Marilyn with a cup of coffee. Marilyn, of fucking course, had a notepad in hand and was eagerly writing notes down as Greg conversed with her. It was too perfect to be a coincidence. Curses and screams rang out in Sienna’s head as she tried to process. No, she didn’t love her ex-husband still – nor did she hate him. She didn’t care about him. She cared about why the hell Marilyn was going to such lengths.
Sienna parked her car haphazardly. She didn’t care if she bumped into anyone – “if you’re rich enough you can get away with anything,” she’d always say. She turned on the shades in the car windows, continuing to stare. Obviously she couldn’t hear anything…
She pulled out her phone number of a personal investigator who conveniently lived nearby. “Hi, Jocelyn? Can you drop what you’re doing and spy on a conversation?” After a pause, Sienna bit her lip and added, “I’ll pay really well.”
Sienna fumed. She paced around her locked room for what must have been hours. After, of course, ordering her needy housewives not to disturb. Oh, lord, was she pissed. Especially after everything her PI shared with her.
Marilyn, during her conversation, asked about Sienna’s past. Specifically, why she divorced him. To be clear, the reasons Sienna divorced her husband were not exactly flattering. After her factory accident at her old chemical lab, she changed. The previously straight lady who spend her years thirsting over hot dudes suddenly turned into a hard futchy lesbian. The idea that she was married to a man was so revolting, Sienna burst out of her house to find a lawyer. Sure, she had to pay big money in alimony, but it was worth it. Sienna’s salary allowed her not to care about that part. Sienna wasn’t unhappy with her sudden straight-to-lesbian transformation. At the same time, though – she did not want anyone else knowing about it.
Especially not that bratty reporter.
Sienna realized something – she needed to take drastic action. She wasn’t going to call the police, still, or attack this girl. No. She was going to confront her. And get some damn answers out of her mouth.
Even if she’d have to add her to her little group of housewives.
                   Marilyn couldn’t believe it. All of her hard work snooping around and pestering Sienna had paid off! Sienna had sent Marilyn an invitation to meet her at the highest hotel in town. Marilyn knew it was Sienna, because of her handwriting – Marilyn got a hold of some of her handwritten letters – and because of how curt and stern it was. Her heart filled with butterflies, fluttering and eagerly awaiting their meeting. She got to the hotel almost two hours early, barely sitting down. The excitement burst through her skin. She was going to meet Sienna! Which means she was going to get turned into an obedient housewife. It was all Marilyn ever wanted.
                         All of Marilyn’s life, she was tortured by thoughts. Her racing mind ruined dates, jobs, and friendships. She tried self-hypnosis in the past multiple times to slow her thoughts down, to no avail. Any and all partners of hers were at a complete loss. Marilyn never quite understood why she could never go down. She wanted to be tranced. She wanted to live and die in trance. Hell, it was better than whatever her brain was dealing with. She just wanted her brain to shut down. She wanted her brain to be filled with nothing but obedience and pleasure.
                   Marilyn knew, as soon as she laid her eyes on Sienna, that she could help Marilyn. Marilyn was even more sure the more she looked into Sienna. Especially after finding out about her harem. Sienna had experience brainwashing and seducing women – lots of it. She would definitely be able to help Marilyn! The only problem was persistence; Marilyn had to keep pestering Sienna until she finally would give her the time of day. Contacting her husband was a great choice. At least, for Marilyn.
                   If not anything else, Marilyn was convincing. She would push and push until her subjects would break. It made her a damn good reporter – and a damn annoying person, according to all her ex-partners. Once she got the invitation, Marilyn knew she broke Sienna. Now, it was Sienna’s turn to break Marilyn.
                   A hotel staff member walked up to Marilyn, jolting her out of her dreamy thoughts. “Ma’am, if I may escort you to your room, Ms. Sienna would like to meet you there.”
                   Marilyn pouted. Why wasn’t Sienna escorting Marilyn, herself? “Oh, yes, sure!” Marilyn stood up, clutching her shoulder purse. “Let’s get going, then!”
                   The staff member didn’t respond – he seemed way too haughty and higher-class for her. Marilyn didn’t care, as long as she was going to get to be in a room with Sienna! Hopefully there wouldn’t be a group of cops to arrest her then and there for stalking. Sienna wouldn’t do that, right?
                   Marilyn was proved correct as they stepped out of the elevator, down the hallway, into the room. He gave Marilyn a key card – as if she’d ever want to leave! And left her to her own devices. The room was about as fancy as Marilyn anticipated, but… where was Sienna? It was still early, maybe Marilyn had to wait for a while. She paced for a while before plopping on the bed. Her legs swung back and forth, trying to burn off the excess energy. Where was she? Where was she? Marilyn’s head continued to race with thoughts, but that was the only one.
                   The door clicked. Marilyn rose to her feet in a heartbeat. She forgot how to breathe as the door opened.
                   There she was.
                   The questions and fangirling instantly started pouring out of Marilyn’s mouth. She almost missed how aggravated Sienna looked. “Sienna, it is so, so nice to—aaah!”
                   Sienna suddenly advanced on Marilyn, the irritation in her face now clear as daylight. She grabbed Marilyn’s shoulder and pushed her to the door, glaring down at her with a scowling grin. Marilyn immediately learned what subspace felt like.
                   “So,” Sienna hissed with a cruel grin, “someone’s been snooping around, hasn’t she?”
                   Marilyn hummed, trying to formulate an answer. Her brain swirled with thoughts at the same rate, but in a different, better, more blissful way. “U-um, y-yes, I’ve been very interested in… in, um…”
                   “In me. Yes, I can tell. I’ve spent what, the last month? Every day, finding out a new way you decided to sleuth me, attempting to contact people I know, attempting to break into my house… for what? What could you want from me, specifically? I’m so, so curious. To be clear, though – I’m not angry at all. I’m only curious why you went to such lengths.” Sienna grinned.
                   Marilyn looked down, guilt in her eyes. She must have pushed too hard. “I-I’m… sorry.”
                   “Oh, yes? You are? I said I wasn’t angry -- just amused, if anything -- but care to give me a more in-depth explanation as to your actions?” Sienna stepped back as she offered Marilyn one singular chance. All the yet, Marilyn hesitated to explain herself. She now realized how silly she must have looked.
                   “I… I’ve always been a thinker—”
                   “I can tell,” Sienna murmured contemplatively. Marilyn couldn’t tell if it was praise or not.
                   “And all it’s done is make me miserable. I’ve tried to get therapy, or hypnosis, and – and none of it’s worked. I happened across one of your, um…” Marilyn trailed off as she blushed.
                   “It’s okay, you can say housewives,” Sienna teased. “I know you know.”
                   “Y-yeah. Housewives. She was grabbing some jewelry for you, and she just looked so… carefree, and happy. I began to envy her. And then I learned it was you, the head of a massive corporation, who owned not just her, but… many others. And… I think you can help me stop thinking. A-and I… I can help you in return!”
                   “You can?” Sienna lifted an eyebrow, dearly curious. “Please, elaborate.”
                   “W-well…” Marilyn stammered, all of her willpower slowly diminishing in Sienna’s powerful presence. “I can be one of your housewives.”
                   Sienna looked even more bewildered at that statement. And then she started laughing. Marilyn blushed even deeper, regretting this immensely. “So, in return for you getting to never think ever again, I get another housewife – namely, one who sleuthed me until I cornered her? Is that correct?”
                   Marilyn looked down, and nodded her head.
                   “Dear me,” Sienna chuckled. “You’re very, very interesting, Miss Marilyn. I can’t just brainwash you and add you to my pile of housewives – not after all the trouble you’ve caused me!”
           Marilyn was just about ready to give up, until Sienna continued. “You’ll have to make yourself a little more useful to me.”
                   Marilyn blinked. “Um… how so?”
                   “Well…” Sienna put a finger to her chin, thinking. “I’m always in need of more devoted house servants, but I fear my mansion is getting too immaculate now. So, cleaning wouldn’t be exactly your thing. And I don’t know how I feel about doing the thinking for even one more person! I’ll make it so all you can think about is me and my work, of course, but… Hmm, I wonder exactly how I can make use of you…”
                   Marilyn gulped. She wasn’t going to take her thoughts away? Then what was the point of all this?
                   “Here, I can see you thinking,” Sienna clicked her tongue. “I can see it’s quite a pesky habit of yours, Miss Brains. Why don’t I help that?” Marilyn’s heart skipped a few beats as Sienna whipped off the top layer of her suit. She grabbed onto Marilyn’s bushy brown hair and dragged her face into Sienna’s neck. It happened. Marilyn got a smell.
                   It was incredible.
                   Marilyn could already feel her brain shutting down, blissful fog filling her head. She couldn’t help but gasp and moan deeply into Sienna’s shoulder. Sienna pulled Marilyn tighter in, so that her entire face was filled with Sienna’s ‘perfume’. Sienna’s scent was the thing that enticed Marilyn the most. She’d never smelled it before, and from what her ex-husband told Marilyn, she had it all the time. After some ‘accident’ at Sienna’s old factory job… not that Marilyn could really remember what it was. Marilyn couldn’t think rationally about it right now – all she could do was move closer into Sienna’s skin to take as much of it in as she could. Why did she have such a tantalizing scent? Marilyn needed it. She needed this.
                Sienna dragged Marilyn’s head away, her eyes vapid, cloudy and fluffy. “There. See? Now you understand a little better, don’t you?”
                   “Mmmm…” Marilyn moaned behind her lips. “Yes, Miss Sienna…”
                   “Good girl,” Sienna cooed, dragging Marilyn’s head back in for another round. Marilyn could feel herself almost growing drunk from the smell. Even as Sienna tried to drag her limp head away again, Marilyn tried to stay put. “Now, while you’re in this blissful, mindless place, why don’t you answer a few questions for me?”
                   “Of course, Miss Sienna,” Marilyn drawled out, drooling from her bottom lip. Sienna suddenly grabbed Marilyn’s side and tossed her onto the plush bed. As Sienna caressed Marilyn’s cheek, she began to ask a slew of questions.
                   “Why do you want to be a housewife?”
                   “Mm…” Marilyn tried to think. That scent made it so, so hard to think. And Marilyn loved every second of it. “Well… I like being useful… I like serving people.”
                   Sienna’s eyes narrowed. “Don’t make me slap you, dear Marilyn. You don’t like serving people. You like serving me. That’s why you decided to go after me specifically, isn’t it?”
                   Marilyn groaned again, trying to think. Her brain wanted to think. But she didn’t want to. And Sienna didn’t want her to think, either. She just laid on the bed mindlessly as Sienna began to use her body like a toy. “Yes, Miss Sienna…” It sounded right. Marilyn wanted to go after Sienna. Was this the hypnosis already working? It was so easy to fall, so easy to drop for Sienna.
                   “And tell me, dear Marilyn. What entices you about being my loyal housewife?” Sienna began to grope Marilyn’s breasts, fondling her gently as Marilyn gasped.
                   “Um… you’re very pretty,” Marilyn giggled. “And, like, um… you’re so dominant. And, like, powerful.” It was getting harder for Marilyn to think, especially through the fog of the scent. And yet, she somehow retained her vast vocabulary. “I want to, like, spent the rest of eternity devoted, but like, to you!”
                   “Awww,” Sienna cooed with that same evil grin on her face. “You must be very loyal, to talk so earnestly about serving me. Why don’t you compliment me, some more?”
                   “Okay! Um, like,” Marilyn grinned lightly as she began to think – try to think – of things she liked about Sienna. “Your hair is soooooo pretty. It like, always matches your suits, and like, your entire wardrobe is like… to die for.” Marilyn was slowly devolving into a fit of giggles.
                   “Focus, dear,” Sienna reoriented her. “Keep going.”
                   “Ummm, also! Also, um, the… perfume you wear is… so exquisite,” Marilyn moaned with that last word as Sienna pushed Marilyn into her skin again.
                   Sienna cackled. “It’s not perfume, dear.”
                   “It’s… not?” Marilyn asked, her voice muffled. Wait, didn’t she know that? It was an… accident… right? Her memory was so foggy, almost like she couldn’t access her own memories on her own anymore.
                   “Not in the slightest. It’s just the, ah, essence I carry around with me. All day, every day, and every second.” Marilyn squirmed in place as she imagined a life being engulfed by that smell, having her personality changed so much by it – by Sienna. She needed that. Her cunt twitched, a small amount of fluids leaking from it as she imagined it. “Call it a tragedy turned good. Because it’s led me to have a vast amount of obedient housewives at my disposal, for my service, for my pleasure. And, I could be wrong, but I’m thinking about adding one more to my group…”
                   Marilyn grinned, her chuckles gleeful. A hot blush filled her cheeks. She was slowly getting dumber, but she knew what that meant.
                   “But I can’t think for another person. I’ll take away your ability to think for yourself, sure. But your brains will be intact – I, unlike you, could make good use of them.”
                   “Um…” Marilyn lazily scratched her head. “Like, how?”
                   “Well…” Sienna grinned. “I’ve been on the look for a new secretary. A bookkeeper, if you will. Maybe a bit of a researcher. You can do all that, can’t you?”
                   “Um, like, of course, Miss Sienna!” Marilyn giggled. That sounded fun! She could do that – and she didn’t even have to think for herself doing it!
                   Sienna nodded, grabbing onto Marilyn’s chin. “Of course you can. But we have to do a little work before you’re perfect.”
                   Marilyn was about to ask more questions. Fortunately or unfortunately, she was silenced when Sienna undressed her top. Marilyn was overwhelmed once again by Sienna’s scent, her brain continuing to slowly shut down without any need for actual brainwashing. She still needed that, though – she needed to be shut down via hypnosis, or brainwashing, or whatever Sienna wanted. Marilyn wanted to be hers. She wanted her mind and body to belong to Sienna.
                   “Let’s give you a mantra,” Sienna started. She put a finger to Marilyn’s lips as the questions began to slowly burst out of her. “Have I told you I love mantras? They’re so easy to burn into a needy housewife’s brain. I can make them as few or many words as I want. Hell, I could even make your mantra just my name. And you’d have to repeat it, over and over again, to prove you’re mine.”
                   “Sienna,” Marilyn giggled, already taking that order. “Sienna, Sienna, Sienna—”
                   “No, dear,” Sienna chuckled, putting her hand over Marilyn’s mouth again. “I wasn’t going to actually do that, though… seeing you be so eager is doing things for me. Let’s see, since we’re keeping your smarts… I think I know.”
                   Sienna’s head lowered to Marilyn’s ear. In the moment, Marilyn’s face was right in between Sienna’s chest. The smell was so, so much stronger there. Marilyn couldn’t even describe the smell. It smelled like home. Like a nice, cozy, clean, organized home. It smelled like her home. Hers. Marilyn’s… no, Sienna’s.
                   “Your mantra,” Sienna began, whispering into Marilyn’s ear, “is ‘my intelligence belongs only to my darling’. Say it.”
                   “My intelligence, like, belongs—”
                   Marilyn started, before Sienna lightly slapped Marilyn’s cheek.
                   “Faster, plaything,” Sienna sneered through her teeth. “You’re trying to impress me, remember?”
                   “Yes, Sienna—”
                   “Darling,” Sienna corrected, chiding Marilyn. “You will call me Darling. After all, what kind of housewife refers to her superior by name? You will refer to me as Darling, and only Darling. Understood?”
                   “Y-yes, Darling,” Marilyn all but moaned out.
                   “Repeat it.”
                   “My intelligence belongs only to my Darling, my intelligence belongs only to my Darling, my intelligence only belongs to my darling,” Marilyn spoke the mantra out as she slowly devolved into loving giggles. It felt so natural! She loved saying it. She kept repeating it, louder and clearer, trying to impress her Darling. Her superior. Her owner.
                   “Yes,” Sienna grinded her crotch against Marilyn’s incredible legs, moaning as her object, her housewife spoke. “Yes! Good plaything, good, good plaything.”
                   Marilyn giggled. “My intelligence belongs—”
                   “Only to me, yes, yes, you’ve done well, plaything,” Sienna grinned. “Plaything… no, that doesn’t sound right. Let’s see, how about I call you my brainy brains? That’s what I’ll use you for, might as well call you that, hmm?”
                   Marilyn giggled again, this time louder. Her words were barely understandable through her giggles. “Like, yes, darling! I’m your brainy brains!”
                   “Yes you are. I’m changing your mind very, very nicely. But…” Sienna looked down at Marilyn’s body, tutting her tongue. “I’m going to have to make some serious changes to your body. Yes?”
                   “Um…” Marilyn looked down with Sienna and frowned. “Like, what’s wrong with my body?”
                   “What’s wrong? Oh, no, your body is fantastic. But not perfect… yet. My good, sweet brainy brains needs a little more conditioning – physically and mentally – before she’ll be perfect. For example, your breasts are so, so large.”
                   “Yes!” Marilyn grinned, almost forgetting her earlier confusion. “I like, got the biggest size they’d let me!”
                   “I can see,” Sienna grinned. “But what if we could make them larger?”
                   Marilyn gasped. “You can do that, darling?”
                   “With enough money? I can do anything I want. I’m going to make it so you can barely fit into any bra. So that whenever you look down at a keyboard, you won’t even see what you’re typing. You won’t be able to see anything past the enormous rack I’m going to give you. Hell, maybe I can give you a nice butt lift too, all of my housewives could use one.”
                   Marilyn squealed out. “Oh my gosh, darling, thank you, like, so much! I can’t wait to have the biggest chest ever!” A part of her wondered what kind of doctor would allow that kind of transformation, but she didn’t dare question Sienna. Not out loud, not even in her head. Marilyn didn’t exactly have the largest ass, so she was more than a little excited to see it grow too. What else would her darling do to her? What other changes would Sienna make to her precious new housewife?
                   “Let’s see… you do wear contacts, yes?”
                   “Mhmm!” Marilyn nodded.
                   “Let’s change that as well.”
                   Marilyn’s eyes burst out of her head. “L-like, w-with surgery? Um… is that really—”
                   “No, dear,” Sienna laughed at Marilyn again. “I wouldn’t make you do that kind of risky surgery. After all, you need your eyes to see, brainy brains! You have to do my bookkeeping and finances. But…”
                   Sienna’s face moved close to Marilyn’s, breathing heavily. “I’m going to give you glasses.”
                   “Ooooh! Glasses?” Marilyn used to have those, but she never liked how she looked. Maybe Sienna would have a better set for her – obviously her darling would only get the best for her! “Um, do you really think I’ll look good, darling?”
                   “Do I think you’ll look good?” Sienna narrowed her eyes. “Brainy brains, of course. I’ll pick them out for you, so of course they’ll look good. Quite a dumb question for someone so smart.”
                   Marilyn laughed again. “I’m like, so excited, darling! Um, what kind of glasses will they be?”
                   Sienna grinned. “I have an idea. But I’m not spoiling any surprises for you. That knowledge is mine, dear.”
                   Marilyn purred, relishing under her owner’s affection. She couldn’t wait to see everything Sienna was going to offer her! Offer wasn’t exactly the right word – Sienna was going to make her take it, after all – but the excitement still hammered inside Marilyn’s mind. Her cunt twitched, aching for Sienna to finish taking her already.
                   Sienna chuckled. “You’re so, so willing, dear. I can smell it on you.”
                   “Really?” Marilyn giggled. “You’re like, so smart, darling.”
                   “Yes. Yes I am. And you’re the most willing candidate I’ve known. So willing to do what I want and be at my disposal – so desperate for me to break your brain apart and mold it into my own. Willing. That’s how I’d describe you, if nothing else.”
                   She giggled again. Why was she so giggly? Maybe that was just a side effect of being a bimbo housewife.
                   “Yes… someone as willing to give me your mind and body as you would also be willing to give me your name, too, hmm?”
                   “H-huh?” Marilyn tilted her head. “My, like, name? Like, Marilyn? Why so? I like, picked it, ‘cause I like Marilyn Monroe. Like, a lot.”
                   Sienna glared down at Marilyn. “Yes, but your darling owner isn’t Marilyn Monroe. Your darling owner is me. So I get to wear the pants and make the decisions around here, don’t I?”
                   “Mmm…” Marilyn mused as if trying to process. “Mhmm! Yeah, that, like, sounds right.”
                   “Good plaything,” Sienna grinned. “So, a Marilyn as willing as you should be… oh, I’ve got it!”
                   Marilyn was about to ask more questions before Sienna got straight in her face. Another whiff of Sienna’s scent overwhelmed Marilyn, overriding her critical thinking skills and her ability to question Sienna’s authority. “Your new name will be Wilma. Makes sense, for such a willing housewife, don’t you think?”
                   Wilma… that was her name? That felt wrong. Wilma – no, Marilyn – had such a deep connection to Marilyn Monroe, the former blonde actress even inspiring her to come out as trans many moons ago. Marilyn… no, her name was Wilma… right? She had her walls plastered with poster after poster of the actress, even going so far as to dress like her. But… that wasn’t her name anymore. Her name was Wilma. She was Marilyn, but she was a very willing Marilyn, so now she could let go. She could be Wilma. She could be Sienna’s loyal, devoted, obedient Wilma. Wilma. Wilma. She repeated the name silently, eventually whispering it. Every time she spoke her new name, it felt more and more natural. More real. More… her. Why had she ever considered something else as her name before? Wilma was such a fitting name.
                   “See? Isn’t that better?” Sienna cooed as Wilma continued to repeat her new name. “You’re Wilma. My Wilma. My sweet dear, who comes to serve me whenever I need her. Yes, you’ll make a great house servant, a devoted wife, and a fun little plaything.”
Every time she repeated her new name, she could see a clearer picture of herself in her mind. She would be a blonde with giant locks – just like an actress whose name she couldn’t place her finger on. Her tits would be enormous, so much so that she wouldn’t be able to look down or see what she’d be typing. She’d wear vintage dresses every day, at least the ones that could fit her chest and ass, with gorgeous glasses. She’d spend every day at Sienna’s beck and call, pleasuring her, serving her, using her intelligence for and only for Sienna. It was everything she wanted. Everything was perfect, just like she imagined.
Wilma’s legs clenched together. Her cunt ached to be filled. Filled by Sienna, filled by devotion and obedience. Just like her mind was. Sienna looked down, noting how Wilma’s legs shivered and twitched. She laughed at Wilma again. “You’re still quite needy, aren’t you, dear? Despite everything I’ve given you, you still want more…”
“Mmmm…” Wilma moaned out. “Y-yes, darling… I-I’d like more…”
“Bad, bad girl,” Sienna clicked her tongue. “You know better than to ask me for things. I give you things – or don’t – because I want to. If I want to bend you over and spank you, I will. If I want to give you cake or money or other nice things, I will. You don’t get to ask me for anything. Understood?”
Wilma moaned out. That idea was even hotter. “Yes, darling, I understand!”
“So if I want to edge and edge and deny you, I will. Understood?”
Wilma squirmed more. The denial part didn’t sound as fun, but the edging did. “Yes, darling.”
“And if I want to put you in a chastity belt so you can never cum again, I will. Understood?”
Wilma pouted before trying to answer. “Yes, darl—”
“You hesitated.” Sienna glared down at Wilma. “I expect you to take anything I give to you. I own you. I control you. I can do whatever the hell I want with you. Chastity belts, overstimulation, makeup and frills and giant tits and glasses… all of this, I can give to you, but only if I want to. Do you understand, my ditzy Wilma?”
“Yes, darling!” Wilma answered without hesitating for a second this time. She didn’t want to get scolded again – but more importantly, Sienna was right. “I understand!”
“Good,” Sienna grinned hungrily down at her prey. Suddenly, she stood up, confusing Wilma for just a moment. “Stand up and take off your clothes. Everything.”
“Yes, darling!” Wilma giggled as she stood up, almost ripping off her clothes by the seams. In a matter of mere seconds, she was completely bare, ready for Sienna to take her however she wanted. She was a toy. She was a plaything for her darling. Most importantly of all – she was property, as any loyal housewife would be. This was what she wanted – Wilma wanted to belong to Sienna. She wanted her intelligence to be used for something more important than overthinking and being anxious all the time.
If anything, she should be grateful to Sienna, for granting her this kindness.
“D-darling,” Wilma moaned out. “I… like, really like this. I really like being your housewife, darling. I’m very grateful you decided to, like, let me serve and obey you!”
“Aww,” Sienna cooed. “You’re so adorable. My only regret is not confronting you sooner to add you to my mansion.”
Sienna’s hands trailed down Wilma’s body, silently noting every bit of it – her immaculate round D-cups, her wide hips with curves in the right spot, and the way her body was toned well enough. But most of all, her legs. Sienna spent what felt like hours just grazing over them, over and over again. Wilma’s legs were long, but not too long as to become uncanny valley. They were quite muscular, mostly because of all the walking and squats she did in her life. Wilma was caught off guard when Sienna’s hands moved suddenly to grope her ass tightly. Sienna cackled as she did, playing with the soft skin, curling her nails into it. Wilma squirmed a bit, moaning incessantly as Sienna continued to toy with her. Sienna’s hands crawled back down to her thighs, and then up to her crotch.
For a moment, Sienna looked at Wilma’s cunt confusedly. “You know,” she started inquisitively, “for a housewife as needy and desperate as you, you’re not quite as wet as I thought you would be.”
Wilma’s face dropped. That statement stung just a little. Wilma went through way too much to get sexual reassignment surgery as soon as she realized she was trans. All the while, doing voice training and taking HRT. She was over the moon in happiness after the surgery. Everything about her pussy was perfect, just as she imagined it. The only thing that she felt remotely insecure about was the way she wouldn’t get wet the way a cisgender woman would.
“I, uhhhh,” Wilma pursed her lips as she tried to word her thoughts.
“Yes, dear?” Sienna cocked her head towards Wilma. “Something on your mind?”
“Um…” Wilma frowned. “I, like, had surgery to get a pussy. It’s, like, really nice and tight, but it doesn’t get as like, wet as others do.”
“Oh!” Sienna perked up in surprise. “You’re trans, then?”
Wilma nodded bashfully.
“Fascinating,” she grinned. “You’d be my second trans housewife, then.”
“O-oh!” Wilma gasped. “Really? So, like, you don’t, um… dislike it?”
“Quite the contrary,” Sienna purred. “I personally think your cunt is perfect. What kind of evil, mean, housewife-owning businesslady doesn’t carry around a bottle of lube with her?” Sienna moved back close to Wilma’s face as she added, “I even got some that smells like me, too.”
“Really?!” Wilma gasped again, this time in pleasant surprise. “I’m like, so grateful, darling! You’re like, the best owner ever.”
        “And besides,” Sienna continued. “I’m sure once you get used to me and your new environment, you may find yourself getting much, much wetter in my presence.”
        Wilma blushed beet red. “Y-you really think so, darling?”
        “Oh, I don’t just think so. I know so. Just watch, plaything.”
        Sienna wasn’t joking or mincing words. Her fingers moved down, pressing against Wilma’s cunt and moving them in large, generous circles. Every time Sienna would reach the top of Wilma’s cunt, she would finger that much more harder. Wilma gasped and moaned out much louder than she knew how to. It was like Sienna somehow knew what Wilma would have loved. Wilma could feel herself get wetter, wanting to invite Sienna’s fingers or tongue into her.
        “There! See? Isn’t that better?”
        “Y-yes… it’s so, so much better, darling…” Wilma moaned and squirmed. She wanted more than anything to be fucked, to beg to be fucked. But she couldn’t beg. She couldn’t ask things from Sienna – that wasn’t her place. Sienna was above her. She was her darling. Her owner. Sienna had every bit of control over Wilma. And Wilma had no objections – not that she could.
Sienna sighed, staring down at the way Wilma’s legs shook with anticipation. “I know what you’re thinking, toy. You’re begging. Even without your words, even without your mind, I can still tell. You know better than to beg, don’t you?”
“Mmmm….” Wilma was getting beyond words. “I-I’m, like, so sorry, darling…”
“Yes you are,” Sienna narrowed her eyes. “Tell me, plaything. Do you have any good reason why I should fuck you?”
Wilma moaned out as she tried to think. Her vast intelligence belonged to Sienna. Every part of her did. So when she tried to think of reasons to be fucked other than “I want it”, nothing came out. “I, uh… I dunno, darling…” Wilma whimpered, her legs still shaking. “I, just, uh… I just think maybe you’d, like, enjoy it!”
“Really.” Sienna’s lips curled. “And why would I, plaything? What in the world would I get out of pleasing you? Isn’t it your job to please me?”
“I, um, well, yes…” Wilma smile became dopey as she thought of a good enough reason. “But like, when you please me, you’ll, like, get pleasure, too! Don’t you think, darling?”
“Hmm…” Sienna put a hand to her chin, musing. “You do have a point… it would turn me on to overwhelm you even more.” As Sienna thought it over, she lightly dipped one finger into Wilma’s soaked cunt. Wilma cried out as if she’d been struck by lightning, instantly devolving into a mixtures of moans and ‘yes’s and ‘oh please’s. Sienna took Wilma’s cues, gracing her by sticking two fingers slowly inside. Her thumb rested on Wilma’s clit, rubbing it back and forth as Wilma’s hips bucked back and forth.
“You’re being very convincing,” Sienna purred, and Wilma could almost see her grind her own cunt into the plush mattress. “I am quite enjoying this a lot. I love playing with my properties. So…” She pushed her fingers in even deeper. Her fingers pulled back and forth, overwhelming Wilma even more and pushing her closer to the edge. In and out. In and out. Her fingers swirled around, making sure to pleasure each and every inch of Wilma’s sex.
“So you can have this,” Sienna spoke. Wilma’s heart fluttered with butterflies. “Lean into it, dear. Cum as soon as I tell you to.”
                   Wilma panted out a “thank you, darling!” As Sienna continued to finger fuck her. Her head threw itself back into the pillow. Truth be told, she needed to finish. Sienna’s fingering didn’t quite let her cum. It pushed her to the edge over and over again. Wilma was beginning to not see straight, her eyes unfocused, and her mind slowly going blanker. Even as her brain shut down, Sienna still wouldn’t let her cum. The minutes felt like hours, which felt like years. Wilma swore she must have had small orgasms multiple times.
                   “Beg, dear,” Sienna ordered.
                   “Please, darling!” Wilma moaned. “Please, please, oh please let me climax! I’ll do anything, darling, anything!”
                   “Anything?” Sienna grinned cockily. “Even giving me your body and mind forever? Like you haven’t already?”
                   “Yes, darling! Every part of me is yours!”
                   “Good,” Sienna leaned into her ear and whispered, “cum for me.”
                   Wilma happily followed that order, having her most intense climax over Sienna’s fingers. Her body shook. Her hips thrusted back and forth, leaning into every little sensation, taking in every second of Sienna’s gift. Her mind shut down, her intelligence belonging to Sienna now and forever. She lost control of her body. Her hips thrusted her own cunt deeper onto Sienna’s fingers, her new darling laughing at her. She loved it. She loved cumming for her darling. She loved being an obedient, owned, ditzy housewife.
                   It was all she ever wanted.
                   Post-orgasm, Wilma didn’t register much of what happened next. The next thing she knew, she was laying down next to Sienna, her face buried deep in her darling’s neck. She fell asleep to the relaxing scent, and the excitement of her new future.
                   She was happy.
Wilma all but forgot her last life entirely. It seemed so far away, the way she thought of herself as her own person. As "Marilyn". Whoever Marilyn was, she wouldn't have recognized herself in a mirror these days. Sienna, as she promised, got Wilma a complete makeover -- of her mind, body, and wardrobe. Just like with all the other housewives, Wilma donned 50s lady's attire. Frilly dresses, colorful makeup, perhaps a cardigan or two, and cute little high heels. Wilma, being the bookkeeper of the bunch, was given more office-looking attire. Her wardrobe was more filled with browns, tans and grays than bright colors. Sienna had even swapped out Wilma’s contacts for round, bright, fancy new glasses. Not that Wilma minded -- it was what her darling generously gave her, after all!
That wasn't even mentioning the changes Sienna made. To Wilma's body. Wilma now had the biggest set of tits and ass in the entire mansion, so much so that almost no chair could fit her comfortably. She could barely even see the keyboard while she typed -- thankfully her muscle memory was quite good. It wasn't all bad, though! At the very least, she got to stare at her enormous rack that Sienna got her, while she returned the favor by doing her books. Tax season was fast approaching, and Sienna made sure that Wilma knew to write off everything she could for taxes. After all -- doing so gave Sienna the chance to spoil herself, and her wives.
Wilma's mind, like her body, was also completely revamped. She had a variety of new kinks and fetishes to keep her occupied. Wilma's internet history was filled to the brim with porn and erotica, like she lived off of it. As Sienna promised, her intelligence was used for her darling. Wilma didn't get to keep an ounce of her intelligence. Whenever Sienna didn't need her for her smarts, Wilma got to float in giggly bimbo headspace. All the while, keeping herself occupied with all kinds of smut.
Wilma wasn't just lowered to spending her time doing spreadsheets. She also had another very, very important job -- recruitment. Sienna had recently hired some contractors to double the size of her mansion, giving her many more rooms. Rooms to house. House more housewives. The rest of the harem practically jumped with joy when they realized they'd be getting more partners. It wasn't like anyone was able to be upset about it. So, Wilma was tasked with finding cute ladies into bimbo housewife kink online... and sending them over to Sienna. So far, her search was not fruitless in the slightest. She got many applicants, in fact. It was all up to Sienna to look said applicants over, now.
Sienna was stuck at work late, mildly upsetting Wilma. She was so bored of talking to bimbos online, and waiting for them to respond! As soon as Wilma thought of Sienna -- she was all Wilma could think about sometimes -- Sienna popped up from behind her. Wilma struggled to turn around in her chair.
"Darling!" Wilma grinned happily. "Welcome home, lovely!"
"Hello, my dear Wilma," Sienna grinned. Her eyes narrowed as she looked over Wilma's shoulder. "My, that is a lot of tabs open."
"Yep!" Wilma giggled. "And it's, like, all pornos!"
                   "Of course they are, dear," Sienna chuckled with Wilma. Obviously, she was laughing at Wilma -- not that the bimbo bookkeeper knew. "I trust you're not stuffing my computer with viruses, either?"
                   "Of course not! Never would even, like, imagine it, darling!"
                   Sienna grinned. "Good housewife."
                   Wilma moaned out. Her cunt grew even wetter. Her pussy was wet all the time, almost 24/7; and it only got more drenched in Sienna's presence. Every time Sienna would call her a good plaything, a good housewife, a good toy, Wilma could almost feel herself cum on the spot. She loved being so wet. Now her cunt was perfect -- along with the rest of her body.
                   "And my taxes, dear?" Sienna glared. "I trust you'll help me pay as little as humanly possible?"
                   "Of course, dear!" Wilma giggled. "I even wrote off all the stuff you get us all as, like, charitable donations!"
                   "Good. Let's hope you did your job right, hmm?"
                   Wilma pounced in her seat and desperately nodded. "Mmm... mhmm... y-yes, darling."
                   "Kathy!" Sienna called out, and from the side popped Kathy -- the other trans housewife. Wilma had easily made good friends with her, and the rest of the harem. How couldn't she, when everyone was so nice?
                   "Yes, honey?" Kathy smiled, her shiny red lipstick reflecting off Wilma's circular glasses.
                   "Give Wilma a reward, would you? Get under the desk. She deserves it."
                   "Of course, honey!" Kathy eagerly got under Wilma's table, pulling down her soaked panties and beginning to eat the new bimbo housewife out.


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