House-Making Perfume

by Skaetlett

Tags: #noncon #bimbofication #corruption #D/s #f/f #stepfordization #50s_housewives #dom:female #intelligence_play #maids #pov:bottom #transgender_characters

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of ownership, hypnosis, or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and ownership of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.

“Well that was a disaster,” Kat sighed to herself as she packed her protest sign in her bag and started heading away from the venue. She and a few other friends arrived at the protest early in the morning when the forecast for the day was still ‘bright, sunny, and maybe a bit of drizzle’. Soon enough, though, that ‘drizzle’ turned out to be a massive thunderstorm that scared everyone off in different directions. Kat’s friends had all bolted for shelter, and she couldn’t find them anywhere.

So there she was, after what was supposed to be a productive and justice-focused day, walking two miles home in the pouring rain. Thunder cracked every few seconds. Kat couldn’t lie and say she wasn’t at least a little scared of the hour walk home with even the slight danger of electrocution.

Her sign got ruined too — which was somehow the worst part out of everything. Makeup dripped down her frustrated visage. Her eyeshadow was perfectly done, in white, blue and pink hues — just like her trans pride flag pin. Kat was usually an independent woman, especially after her last boyfriend had dumped her out of nowhere the year prior. But boy — she wished someone would stop by and help for a minute.

“Stupid rain,” Kat grumbled to herself, “and stupid lawmakers for just shrugging and sitting there stupid.”

Kat looked to the cars passing by. Despite Kat’s lack of an umbrella or even a rain jacket, fancy cars zoomed by her. She wanted to curse them for not helping her out… but why would they stop to help some random woman they didn’t know? She couldn’t blame them.

Shockingly enough, about ten minutes into her quite unpleasant stroll, a car pulled up beside her. It was a deep gray Subaru, with some lovely white tires. Kat stood there in surprise as a window rolled down. In the driver’s seat sat a woman who seemed to perfectly fit the stereotype of fancy futch lesbian. She had curly yet sleek platinum blonde hair swept to one side, striking makeup, and a handsome suit.

Kat wanted to think that she was just another rich bitch, the kind she was just protesting, but it seemed like… she was being offered a ride?

“Hi there,” the woman said with a sympathetic grin. “Are you doing alright? You look *freezing*, especially without a jacket or umbrella. Would you like a ride?”

“Um…” Kat hesitated — why was she hesitating? This fancy but mysterious woman was being gracious enough to help. Besides, that was just what she wanted. “I— sure, yes, thank you so much. That would be so generous of you.”

“Wonderful,” the woman smiled, opening up the passenger seat door and allowing Kat inside. “Don’t worry about getting my car wet — it’s been through much worse.”

Kat sighed in relief as she stepped inside. This was *so* much better than wandering around in the cold for 60 minutes. The seats were plush and the heat was on high. “Thank you so much, I have no idea what I would do without…”

Kat stopped in her thoughts. There was something else in the air of the car — a… smell. Kat had never smelled anything like it before — perfume, perhaps? It was a floral scent, but it wasn’t overpowering, and it was sweet. In fact, it was the best perfume Kat had even smelled before — Oh god, she thought to herself, now I’m being weird.

“Um…” Kat shook her head, trying to snap herself out of it. “Yeah. T-thank you so much.”

Kat hastily got into the car, the smell of the downright lovely perfume overwhelming her. It overwhelmed her so much she felt her mind... slow down. As if it were trying to process the smell. How could anything smell so nice? It felt so homey, like the feeling of coming home to a clean home with a cuddly cat after a long, stressful day. Comforting. It felt comforting, like a warm hug.

She realized, again, that she was being weird in allowing her mind to wander imaginatively. Kat shook her head as the lady's voice jolted her out of her thoughts.

"What's your name, dear?" The lady's voice even sounded comforting, in a strangely possessive way -- but not in a bad way, by any stretch.

"Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry. It's Kat," Kat hastily introduced herself, lowering her head in embarrassment. "I really-- I really appreciate this. This is so kind of you."

"It's not a problem, Kat. What a lovely name. Fitting for a lass as cute as yourself." Kat found herself blushing under the woman's admiring praises; she almost forgot the rush of happiness she'd get from being called cute.

"Um, if I can ask, what's your name?" Kat asked, sinking more into the plush seats as the perfume continued to overpower her.

"Oh, of course. My name is Sienna. It's a pleasure to meet you." Sienna flashed a small grin at Kat, extending her neck a little away from Kat. Somehow, the smell of the perfume become harsher. It was all Kat could think about. Just coming home... to a nice, warm, clean place, all tidied up for someone she loved... She kept trying to snap herself out of it. What was she even thinking about?

The drive continued on for a while. The rain caused the traffic to worsen, which would have annoyed Kat if she wasn't so taken by the smell. If there was any conversation between Sienna and Kat, Kat couldn't process it in the slightest. Her answers must have been boring, slack, with only a few words or syllables. Why couldn't she... think? Why was it so difficult?

"You seem a little out of it," Sienna mentioned with a bit of curiosity to her voice. "What's the matter, Kat?"

"Ah... um... it's nothing," Kat murmured, her mind slowly shutting down. "Um... the perfume..."

Sienna chuckled louder. "Oh, it's one of my own perfumes, actually. I work at a perfume manufacturer."

"Woah, really?" Kat asked, trying to focus on the topic. "That's so... cool. I wonder what other perfumes you have."

Sienna shook her head. Kat was so deep in her mind that she didn't even notice Sienna took a wrong turn -- or that the GPS wasn't even on anymore. "Trust me, Kat, this is my favorite kind. Nothing else quite matches up to it. What do you like about it?"

Kat hummed, briefly thinking she gave an actual answer. "It smells... like home. But not my home, like... a real home."

"A home that's all neat, tidy, maybe with some freshly baked cookies, right?" Sienna confirmed, literally saying exactly what Kat was trying to think.

“Uhhh…” Kat sighed, struggling to think through the thick pink mist. “Yes… that sounds so nice…”

    “Well,” Sienna leaned to Kat, grabbing the edge of her shoulder and pulling her in. “I’m sure we can make that happen.” Kat was not into ladies in the slightest – she’d try dating women many times and it never happened – but she felt comfortable around this lady. Almost… cozy. “Why don’t we make it happen, then? After all, you didn’t have anywhere else to go, did you?”

    “Hmmm…” Kat sat deep in thought, the light in her eyes growing more and more vapid and empty. Did she? She felt like she had somewhere to be… but she couldn’t quite remember what it was she had to do. She could come home with Sienna, right? It was alright, it was alright to feel like home. “No, I don’t think so… I can’t remember, though…”

    “If you can’t remember, it must not be very important,” Sienna chuckled. Every time she’d give out that gentle, quiet laugh, Kat could swear the perfume’s smell got that much more overpowering. That scent was all Kat could think about – the smell, and how it made her think of cleaning, tidiness, comfort, home. “Maybe when I take you back, we can have a little fun, don’t you think? Doesn’t that sound nice, Kathy? Having ourselves, say… a night to remember?”

    Kat squinted her eyes. Kathy… that wasn’t her name, right? “Mm… yes, that sounds nice…” She couldn’t help but say yes. She felt so happy, so comfortable. Her mind was melting in Sienna’s presence.

    Sienna took a few more turns that were vastly unfamiliar to Kat, eventually driving into a secluded part of the city. Kat swore she could see a hotel – a very luxurious one at that. Why was she being driven to a hotel? She couldn’t quite remember, it was like she was drugged by the perfume. But she wasn’t, was she?

    Sienna parked the car, the doors automatically opening for both herself and Kat. Kat could feel the cold wet air brush away some of the perfume. She all but panicked, getting right back close to Sienna to be around the overpowering smell. Sienna chuckled again, and Kat felt addicted. They rushed into the hotel, just quickly enough to avoid ruining Sienna’s hair. Kat had never seen a hotel so luxurious – the walls were made of gorgeous marble, with a fancy-looking secretary almost too ready to check Sienna in. Sienna paid without a second thought, and got her room keys. As they walked through the halls, Kat glanced at herself in a mirror. Her eyes looked so tired… she looked so calm. Why did she look that way?

    The door to the hotel room opened, and Sienna dragged Kat onto the bed. Kat sat up with a fair amount of difficulty, looking aimlessly at Sienna as she closed and locked the door. Sienna grinned – not like the gentle, humorous smiles earlier. She looked devious.

    “Wh… what’s going on?” Kat murmured, holding a hand to her head as if she had a massive migraine. Thinking was so hard.

    “Oh, Kathy,” Sienna licked her lips. Kat felt her shoulders grabbed by Sienna’s tough hands. “You are going to make such a good ditzy wife.”

    A wife… A dumb wife? Kat furrowed her eyebrows, trying harder to focus. “Huh? We didn’t talk anything about… marrying… Didn’t I like, just meet you?”

    “You did,” Sienna’s grin widened. “And look at you – you’ve all but completely lost your ability to think. You just went into a hotel room with some random lady who happened to show you an inch of kindness. Why did you think that was a good decision?”

    “I… I dunno,” Kat sighed. Then she giggled – why did she giggle? This wasn’t funny!

    Sienna grabbed Kat’s head by the hair. Kat was shoved into Sienna’s neck, getting the strongest whiff of perfume she’d ever gotten before. Humiliation overwhelmed her when she heard herself moan like some wanton slut. Kat’s face flushed a deep red as she realized how hard it was to think – and how tender her girldick gotten so suddenly.

    “Aaah…” Kat groaned out, trying her hardest not to grind against the bedsheets. “This… isn’t right… right?”

    “Oh, it’s not,” Sienna laughed. “But I’m going to have a lot of fun with you.” She took a contemplative sigh as she pushed Kat even further into her neck. Kat felt so overwhelmed, she couldn’t breathe – all she could do was moan and wordlessly beg for more.

    And then she was let go. Kat stumbled back onto the bed, trying to gather her bearings and come to her senses. She looked around, spotting Sienna grabbing something from the mini fridge. She pulled out a bottle of wine from what must have been the top rack. Kat couldn’t even begin to guess the price tag. Sienna poured a bit of the wine into each of the glasses – one for herself, and one presumably for Kat.

    Kat inhaled deeply and exhaled. “I… I think I need to go,” she said lightly, standing up from the bed and heading over to the door. She tried to walk past Sienna, but – the smell – she had never felt so comfortable. So at home. Kat tried to get herself to walk to the door, but she couldn’t.

    Sienna grabbed her again, and Kat was dragged back as if she were light as a feather. “I… ah… I just need to…”

    “Shhh,” Sienna cooed. “Tell me something, Kat – if you can think. Why do you want to go home so badly?”

    “I…” Kat shook her head. “I need to go home…”

    “And does your home, say… really feel like your home?”

    Kat blinked, trying her damndest to think through that question. Did her home feel like… home? Of course it did, it was her home! Why wouldn’t it feel like home? But… the more Kat thought about it, the more the smell of Sienna’s perfume powered over her, she began to realize: it didn’t really feel like home. It was where Kat “lived”, but it wasn’t her home. After all, how could it be home? Kat’s room was always a mess, dishes stacked up in the sink every week, and she almost never had the energy to take the trash down three flights of stairs. Her home wasn’t a home. It was an apartment that Kat merely slept her days away in.

    “See?” Sienna asked. “It doesn’t, does it? It feels messy, unkempt. But you don’t want that, Kathy – see, you’re a housekeeper, a homemaker, at heart. Wouldn’t it be nice to just spend all your time cleaning, cooking, making sure a house feels like a home?” Kat tried to shake her head, trying to push the thoughts out of her mind. She knew deep down that it sounded wrong, the thought of her being some kind of housemaid – but the more she thought of it… the more right it felt. “I know it can be hard to keep a house immaculately clean… but it’s what you’re meant for, Kathy. You’re meant to be a housemaid. You’re meant to be my housewife.”

    “I…” Kat could barely think, but she wanted to refute that. Before she could form enough words to string a sentence, Sienna offered her a glass of high-quality wine. “Is—is it okay?”

    “Of course it’s okay,” Sienna laughed. “I’m giving it to you, after all.” She all but pushed the wine glass into Kat’s shaking hand. Kat couldn’t help but accept and take a sip – it was the finest, tastiest alcohol she had ever had. Kat wasn’t even a big drinker, but oh boy, she could drink this stuff for ages. And she did – she downed the entire glass in one sitting. The brain fog hit her harder. Her body felt tipsy, like she couldn’t even sit up straight anymore.

    “You can’t even think straight anymore… and to think you ever thought you’d want to do anything else than be my servant.” Sienna cackled, this time sounding more evil than playful. “Why don’t you tell me how this sounds, if you can—” Sienna put her hands roughly on Kat’s shoulders, once again giving her a whiff of whatever that comfortable smell was. “You come back with me, to my mansion – trust me, I have another room for another housewife. The only times you leave the house are to go shopping, and otherwise, you spend your days tidying up, tending to the other housewives, or – pleasuring me.”

    Kat shook her head, about to finally say something. Sienna shushed her slowly, putting a finger to her lips. Kat moaned at the touch, and Sienna took the opportunity to push her index finger gently into Kat’s mouth. Being turned slowly into an obedient housewife, Kat couldn’t help but allow Sienna’s finger into her mouth, gently sucking on it. She could taste it. She needed it. Sienna smirked.

    “That’s right,” she cooed. “And let me tell you – you don’t seem to be too sharp, too… astute. Wouldn’t it be better to never think?” As Sienna spoke, she slowly pushed another finger into Kat’s mouth and began finger fucking her mouth. “Wouldn’t it be easier to forget all your smarts, and only open your mouth to giggle or go ‘huh?’ After all, all you need to know is ‘yes, Miss!’”

    Kat tried to decline once again, but she was too overpowered as Sienna shoved three, four fingers into her mouth and began fucking her mouth roughly. Kat choked and gagged – but it felt so, so good. She couldn’t deny how good it felt, how turned on she was.

    “Let’s get to it, then; draining your intelligence, that is. But first…” Sienna smiled. “You know I’m not actually wearing perfume?”

    “Mmmhuh?” Kat groaned through the fingerfucking.

    “That’s right. I used to be a housewife, myself, only leaving to work in a factory that worked in chemical production. Let’s just say there was an ‘accident’ and it changed me into… well, being the successful, hot, irresistible keeper of a harem. You’re far from my first victim.”

          Kat knew she was talking… but she couldn’t quite understand. That was fine, though, wasn’t it? It was too hard to understand… what was she even talking about? Factory? Victim…? All she could think about was sucking, being fucked, serving, and how hot she felt.

    Sienna looked down at Kat’s cute girlcock. “You know, you’d be my first trans housewife… I can’t say I’m complaining about that, though. A little change is nice, isn’t it?” Her other hand reached down to it, stimulating it through Kat’s soaked panties gently. Kat couldn’t stop herself from incessantly moaning in pleasure, wanting more. “I wonder how cute you’ll look, all blonde and dolled up, at my knees, pleasing me. I can imagine it’ll be a nice sight. I come home from a long, hard day at work, you ask me ‘what can I do for you Miss?’ and then I tell you to get on your knees and start licking. Doesn’t that sound nice, Kat?”

    Kat could feel her mind changing, almost like she was being hypnotized by her words and smell alone. Not thinking sounded nice after all the mental anguish she’d been through. She wasn’t necessarily subservient, but serving a hot wife sounded incredible… like she’d have purpose… she tried to think past those thoughts, trying to break through it – but those thoughts and fantasies felt so real. They felt so right. Kat wasn’t sure if she’d ever had those kind of fantasies before, but she couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t remember.

    “So how about it, dear?” Sienna smirked. “Let’s have some wine, get pampered, have some fun, and then come back to my mansion tomorrow morning. Sound lovely, hm?”

    “I…” Kat furrowed her eyebrows. “I… n-no.” Somehow, she still managed to resist through the fog. This felt so right, but something still felt off. She shouldn’t be here. She should have been home.

    “Oh, come on, dear.” Before Kat could even think about taking another dash for the door, Sienna opened her arms, wrapped them around Kat, and dragged her close. Kat was immediately smothered by Sienna’s cozy smell, and the comfortable spot between her large breasts. Kat stammered, trying to think through the fog and her blushing. Nothing came out. “You don’t want to leave. Look at you. Melting in my embrace.”

Kat still struggled. Sienna subdued her with another push easily. “That’s okay, just melt. Melt. Melt.” Kat moaned out, her girldick twitching against Sienna’s leg. “There’s a good housewife. Imagine how much work you’ll do, coming back to the spare room I have and seeing how dusty and filthy it’d be… what would you want to do?” Sienna straddled Kat’s body back and forth, giving her a gentle shake.

“Mm…” Kat muttered. “I’d clean it… I think.”

“That’s right dear,” Sienna cooed. “And how exactly would you clean it?”

“Umm… well…” Kat’s eyebrows furrowed. “I guess I’d pick stuff up… organize it… y’know, put things back where they belong.”

“Good maid,” Sienna smiled. “What else?”

Kat blinked. “What… else is there? There’s other stuff?”

“Oh, yes, dear. There’s tons of other stuff to do. First you’d have to dust the walls, shelves, tables… just about every surface until it’s shiny and sparkling. That’ll be easy, probably around 30 minutes. Then you’d have to wash everything with the fancy cleaning supplies I have. Should take you about two hours for that. Then you’d have to scrub the floors – I’d make sure you would only do the best work, so that’ll take about three or four hours… hmm, it’s a big room, so maybe a little more. You’ll essentially be working nine to five just cleaning that room, and trust me, there are a lot of rooms in my mansion.” Sienna’s light chuckling turned into soft but evil cackling slowly. “There’s a lot to do for a good housewife, isn’t there?”

“I— I don’t know if I want to...”

“Not that you’d mind, of course,” she interrupted. “It’s just your rightful place to serve the people more powerful than you.”

“You’re… more powerful?”

“Oh, yes, of course.” Sienna stroked Kat’s hair, before shoving her face back in her chest. “I work at a tedious office job. It pays well, but doesn’t give me a lot of time for myself. That’s where you and my other wives come in. You’ll pamper me, spend your days following my orders, and helping me – the head of the household – unwind.”

Kat kept trying to think. Her head began to sear. The headache that came with thinking over the last few hours was unbearable, but she couldn’t ignore that something felt wrong. Kat tried her hardest to break through the fog – and eventually, she almost succeeded, pushing herself away from Sienna.

“Oh?” Sienna grinned cruelly. “Didn’t think you still had some fight in you.”

“N…no!” Kat protested. “You’ve got this all wrong… I’m not a maid, or a housewife! I’m just a girl who needs to go home, and not get involved with… with people like you! I’m not even into girls, let alone… you!” It hurt to think. It hurt to even speak any words of defiance. Kat knew she was being hypnotized, brainwashed, or conditioned. She just knew.

Sienna didn’t flinch. She lightly laughed behind her teeth.

“W-what’s so funny?” Kat glared.

“Oh you silly maid, you thought I was giving you a choice.”

Sienna didn’t give Kat another second to willingly protest – clearly, Kat had protested enough for her liking. Kat felt her hair being grabbed by Sienna’s strong, fierce hands. She fully expected to be smothered in Sienna’s tits again, but Sienna did nothing of the sort. She just held Kat’s head in place firmly by the hair. Kat could feel her hair straining, but what hurt more was the knowledge that her autonomy was being taken away. And she…

She couldn’t believe it, but she liked it.

“Nnngh… hhnng…” Kat struggled to release herself, physically and mentally.

“Come on, Kathy. This is always what you wanted, dear. Just admit it.” Sienna’s words were wrong, but they were convincing as hell.

“N…n…” Kat could feel her will being stripped away from her again.

“Kathy… you’ll be such a lovely housewife. You’ll be better at being a housewife than at being anything else. It’s your calling, Kathy.”

Sienna’s words were becoming more convincing by the second. Kathy – no, Kat – was just about to believe all of it. Her mind was being slowly overwritten. Only… “My… name isn’t Kathy…”

“Oh, hush dear. Of course it’s Kathy.” Sienna used her other hand to put a finger to Kat’s lips softly. “It’s always been Kathy. Kat’s just too unfitting of a name. It sounds like the name of a woman who wants to get out and pursue dreams and do things, or whatever. It’s not a name for a woman who’s best to stay home and clean and serve all day. Kathy. Your name is Kathy. Kathy. Kathy.”

“Kat… Kathy… Kat… no… Kathy…” Kathy shook her head. Her headache felt like it split her head open.

“That’s right,” Sienna hushed. “Kathy. Say it.”

“My name is Kathy… my name is Kat… Kathy. My name is Kathy.” The words were becoming more real, now that they were coming out of Kathy’s mouth themselves. She was Kathy. She was a housewife, a service maid, a loyal servant to her powerful spouse. Why was she even doing anything else?

“Your name is Kathy. And you are a housewife. A dumb, ditzy, housewife. You don’t need braincells, they don’t help you in serving me.” The more Sienna spoke about her future wife and Kathy’s life going forward, the wider her wicked grin became. “Repeat it after me.”

“My name is Kathy… I’m a housewife… a dumb, ditzy housewife.” Kathy didn’t even need the words repeated. The mantra was getting burnt into her memory, the rest of her knowledge beginning to fade away. “My name is Kathy. I’m a housewife. A dumb, ditzy housewife. My name is Kathy. I’m a housewife. A dumb, d-ditzy housewife,” Kathy gritted the words through her teeth as she realized how horny she was becoming once again. She twitched. She wanted to be touched, or touch her owner, or – or just serve. Obey. Follow.

“That’s right,” Sienna cooed. “You can feel it, can’t you? Your braincells dying, one by one. Eventually, you’ll only need two or three braincells, just enough to remember your purpose. Serving. Cleaning. Obeying. You don’t need to think to do those?”

Kathy giggled – when had she learned to giggle so adorably? Her headache went away the less she thought. That was better. Not thinking was much, much better… all she had to think about was getting home, and cleaning everything.

“That’s it,” Sienna purred. “I’m taking your thoughts away. Through my hand, you can feel your thoughts fading. And when I pull on your hair one last time, you’re going to feel the last of your needless braincells bursting into nothing. All you’ll think about is serving me, cleaning, cooking, giggling and being utterly stupid.” The grip on Kathy’s hair tightened. Kathy giggled again – that sounded quite charming, did it not? That was all Kathy could think about. She wanted it.

“I’m going to pull your hair to the side now, and turn you into a true dumb, ditzy, housewife. Do you accept?”

“Um, yes, honey!” Kathy beamed. “I’m like, so excited to be your loyal housewife!”

Sienna grinned wider than she ever had that night. “Good. As am I.”

She tugged Kathy’s hair, hard enough to throw Kathy’s slumped body onto the bed. Kathy could almost feel her unnecessary thoughts pouring out of her head and evaporating. She didn’t need to know math, science, words, or any of that nonsense. She didn’t need to think about the world, or her community, or anything. All of her willpower and thoughts began disappearing, and it only took a few seconds for the brainwashing to completely overpower Kathy. She just wanted to serve. The thought of serving Sienna made her happy, gleeful, and utterly horny.

Sienna leaned over, giving Kathy yet another whiff of her pheromones. She snapped her fingers in Kathy’s face, waking her up from the trance. “And wide awake.”

Kathy eagerly sat up, staring at Sienna with nothing but devotion and attention. “Hello, honey! How can I, like, serve you today?”

“Hmmm…” Sienna mused. She put down the cup of wine as her hands moved to her fashionable leather belt. “Well, I’ve had a difficult day keeping you under control, dear.”

Kathy pouted apologetically. “Well, I’m very, very sorry, honey. I didn’t mean to make your life more difficult!”

Sienna chuckled. Her pants fell to the floor, showing off her simple, blue, and soaked panties. “Apologies certainly aren’t enough, but how about you help me destress a little? Some worship could help take my mind off of your transgressions.”

Kathy’s remorseful look turned into one of happy obedience. “Like, of course, honey!”

“Good.” Sienna pushed her panties down, a strand of her cum dripping from her cunt. “Now, I trust one of your braincells can learn how to best worship me, toy…”

“Oh my gosh,” Kathy breathed. Sienna smelled amazing. She looked delicious. And the smell… it was the same smell all over Sienna’s body. It must have been most concentrated in her crotch, the fluids dripping from her folds. Kathy couldn’t hold herself back – she was ravenous for more of that cozy, homely smell. She dug her face in, licking through ever fold and every crease she could. Sienna surely wasn’t enjoying it any less; she grabbed the folds of Kathy’s hair, and forced her head in much deeper. Kathy must have uttered out some sort of compliment, but it was intangible through her muffled groans.

“Yes, yes, it smells fucking amazing, doesn’t it?” Sienna exhaled in a raspy voice. “But you can do better.” She tilted Kathy’s hair up and down, trying to get her deeper into Sienna’s cunt. Kathy eagerly complied, going even further than Sienna pushed her. She tasted and licked up every last drop she could, circling her attention around Sienna’s button. Kathy’s hungry movements only got Sienna to push her in further, using Sienna’s mouth as some kind of fleshlight or fucktoy. Sienna bucked her hips into Kathy’s mouth, grinning down at her.

“I’m going to have to put your body through a few changes, too.” Kathy knew Sienna was speaking, but she didn’t quite register what she was saying. “This hair of yours needs a complete makeover. I’m not too into brunettes, so let’s make you a blonde bimbo too, hmm? And you’ll of course need a different hairstyle. Thick, giant curls should do the trick. I’ll make sure to set aside some money too, so I can swap out your entire wardrobe. You’ll never even think about wearing jeans again – or anything else. How does that sound… wife?”

“Mmmf—” Kathy tried to tell Sienna how good it sounded, how it made her soft girldick twitch once again. Kathy thought about herself, as she was overpowered by the smell; she thought about how she would look, with a bimbo blonde 50s hairstyle, puffy dresses to match her perfected makeup. She wanted that. She wanted to be a bimbo stepfordized wife. How – and why – would she ever want anything else? She tried to voice again, how much she wanted it and wanted it right now, but Sienna refused to hear. After all, “good housewives are meant to be seen, not heard.”

Kathy giggled again. It felt so good to be a housewife. And it felt pretty hot to be silenced like one too.

“As you eat me out, Kathy, hum these words into my cunt,” Sienna prepared to give her another mantra. “’Clean. Cook. Serve. Obey.’ Clean. Cook. Serve. Obey. That is your purpose – clean, cook, serve, and obey. Say it, if you can.”

Kathy, of course, could not say the words – but she could sure feel like she did. She mouthed the words into Sienna’s crotch, speaking them silently around her clit. Sienna felt herself go wild the more Kathy repeated the mantra into her. Clean. Cook. Serve. Obey. Clean. Cook. Serve. Obey. It was all Kathy knew. It was all Kathy wanted to know. Clean. Cook. Serve. Obey. Sienna was readying to climax, and as was Kathy, merely from the thought of cleaning and cooking and working at Sienna’s hand and whim all day. Kathy bucked her tender girlcock into the ground, and Sienna busted her hips into Kathy’s mouth.

“Good plaything,” Sienna cooed. “Good ditzy, stupid, bimbo wife. You’re making me so, so… ugh, fuck!” Just like that, Sienna finished, emitting more of her sweet cozy scent into Kathy’s mouth. Kathy eagerly continued eating her spouse out with devotion, sucking up every last bit of the smell and mentally collapsing. She barely knew Sienna – hell, she didn’t even know what she did for a living – but she loved her. In a strongly devoted way. The way a wife would be at her spouse’s knees, offering up her services and her body to satisfy them.

Kathy knew that would be her life. She could hardly wait, and she barely slept even as Sienna curled up with her, cooing and whispering her to sleep.


Kathy had abandoned her old life completely. There wasn’t anything left for her there – her old life didn’t have cleaning and cooking all hours of the day, and it certainly didn’t have her loving spouse, Sienna. Kathy had easily moved the most important of her belongings from her old apartment to Sienna’s gorgeous mansion. Breaking Kathy’s lease wasn’t a problem, not with the vast amount of business money Sienna owned.

Of course, as soon as Kathy arrived at the mansion and settled in her room, she didn’t waste a single second. She grabbed the cleaning supplies out of the nearby closet. Immediately, she cracked down and got to work. The room was even less tidy and neat than Kathy had expected. She assumed it’d take her all day to finish cleaning, but even that room left her cleaning into the night. It was all worth it, of course – after all, she’d have Sienna to serve in the evening. Sienna even transformed her body – Kathy turned from being a boring girl scooped up on the street into a gorgeous, blonde wife with a large cozy dress and an even larger rack to match. Her makeup was delicate, with popping red lipstick, and deep blush over her foundation. Her blonde hair, curled at the end in thick knots, had pink and light blue streaks running through it – a stylistic choice Sienna graciously offered. Kathy couldn’t believe she ever looked any different than she did now.

She loved cleaning. It was her absolute favorite. It made her feel emotionally fulfilled, but even more importantly, she’d almost edge herself by cleaning for hours at a time. Every time a surface looked spotless, Kathy would look at it with pride and feel her girlcock twitch. A few times she would grind against the surface, dirty it up, and clean it again so she could do it again. Sienna caught her one time, though – and the rough spanking Kathy got almost made it not worth trying again!

Kathy got to know the other housewives too – Sienna truly had so many! Kathy must have counted at least 4 – though she couldn’t count much higher than 4 these days. The other wives were much like her; ditzy, subservient, obedient housekeepers. But there were subtle changes. Grace, for instance, donned curly black hair instead of blonde hair and often wore pink lipstick. Polly was about the same as Kathy, but with less bimbo energy and more dim laughter – and high heels.

Kathy’s favorite, though, was her fellow housekeeper Serena. Serena was almost the same as Kathy, and she was so, so much sweeter! Serena just loved to help. Sienna loved how much they got along, even sending them on a shopping trip for gorgeous white pearls – and a new Rolex for Sienna.

Sienna came home one day, the housewives crowding around her, eager to serve. Sienna sighed, took off her elegant jacket, and sat down at the dining room table. Food and wine were, of course, always ready for her when she’d get home.

“Kathy,” Sienna turned to Kathy. Kathy hummed inquisitively, before Sienna shoved Kathy into her own tits to get a taste of that familiar scent. It was a reward, of course.

Sienna pulled the ditzy housewife out of her chest. “You’ve been so good for me, learning so quickly. How about I give you a day off?”

“What?” Kathy frowned. “But I love, like, cleaning for you, honey! It like, makes my heart sing and makes my… oh dear.” Kathy flushed a deep crimson as she realized her girlcock becoming tender and needy again.

She laughed. “Very well. Sit down, Kathy, legs apart.”

Kathy grinned, sitting down next to Sienna and spreading her legs. No panties, of course. That was just the rule.

“Serena,” Sienna snapped. “I trust you can learn how to please Kathy, yes?”

“Of course, honey!” Serena beamed.

“Good. Then get under the table and give Kathy a nice… vacation.”

Serena giggled, crawling under the table as she began lifting the bashful Kathy’s long dress up. Her head popped between Kathy’s thighs. “Don’t keep me waiting, Serena,” Sienna scowled playfully. “I want Kathy to get her full reward.”

“If it pleases you, honey!” they both said in unison as Serena got to work pleasing the newly bimbofied stepford housewife.


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