Bouquet Bound One Shots

Bubblegum Shock

by Skaetlett

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/nb #bimbofication #bondage #exhibitionism #humiliation #hurt/comfort #public_play #sub:nb

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of ownership, hypnosis, or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and ownership of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.

As a fantasy story about fantasized ownership, this story is extremely unrealistic, and it may be triggering if you have related trauma. Please be sure to take care of yourself before considering engaging with this story. This story also contains depictions of ownership, degradation, pain play, and BDSM, as well as representations of dissociative identity disorder.

These are continuations of Bouquet Bound, after the events of the story. It is recommended that you read the main story first.

Lily finds a trigger Magnolia had long forgotten about.

It took Lily about half an hour after waking up to get out of bed, their legs almost collapsing into dust the minute they stood up. They dragged their feet over to the kitchen, knowing that their Mistress would not be happy if she didn’t wake up to a fully-made breakfast—she told Lily as much the night before. Still, though, 6am was way too early to get up and make breakfast. Why the hell did Magnolia always have to get up this early when she had meetings? She's the boss! Couldn’t she, like, reschedule them to not 7:30am?

Lily knew that their feelings on the matter would not be of much relevance to Magnolia, so they heated up a frying pan, cracked some eggs in, and threw some toast in the high-end toaster oven. As they tossed the eggs, they began trying to think what else they could make for food. Some chopped-up bananas and apples couldn’t hurt. Despite never having actually learned how to cook decently in the past, they had become quite the chef in the past few years—at least in terms of making meals that weren’t too complicated for their poor two brain cells.

As they cooked, they began humming or gently singing random songs to themself. Someone from ASZ had introduced them to a playlist of old songs that came out around the time Lily was born, and they had begun listening to the playlist. On repeat. Over and over again. Soon enough, their head was full of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera songs.

“What a girl wants, what a girl needs…” Lily sang to themself as they flipped the eggs over.

Setting the eggs on the toast, they separated the food between two plates and placed them on the newly-cleaned dining room table. They also grabbed the coffee and set it on the table next to an empty glass—they themself weren’t a big fan of coffee, but Magnolia loved it. As they waited for their Mistress to wake up, they grabbed their Switch from the side of the table and began gaming between bites. They had just grabbed a few new titles, which had been keeping them occupied as of late.

They didn’t get too engrossed in their game—it was an impulse purchase, and wasn’t actually that good—so they weren’t startled when they heard Magnolia step out of the room 15 or so minutes after they were done cooking.

“Good morning, Lily,” she greeted them with a tired smile on her face.

“Good morning, Mistress,” Lily responded like clockwork, standing up to greet her. “I made breakfast, just like you asked.”

“Good plaything,” Magnolia smiled at them, patting their head lovingly. Lily closed their eyes and almost purred in delight. “I know it was a lot to ask you to get up so early. You’re so good and obedient for me.”

Lily giggled, feeling warm butterflies at the praise. Unfortunately, their Mistress took her hand off of them soon enough and sat down to eat next to them. She picked at the food with her fork for a minute, but suddenly stopped and scowled.

Lily’s face paled. “Is… is something wrong, Mistress?”

Magnolia didn’t verbally respond, but with her fork, she pulled out a long strand of hair from the yolk of the egg. The blood drained from Lily’s face as they mentally prepared for some kind of punishment.

“O-oh, oh my god, I’m… I’m so sorry, I’m so—“

“Stop apologizing,” Magnolia scolded. “I understand. It’s early, and your dimwitted brain just hasn’t fully started up yet. Just try again, plaything.”

“Y…yes, Mistress,” Lily managed to stumble out, walking over to the stove again and heating it back up. They grabbed a scrunchie on their wrist and put up their hair in a messy bun as they cracked open another egg and heated up some bread again.

They continued humming some random songs to get their mind off of their error. Magnolia didn’t seem to mind, so they just kept humming away. They switched from Britney Spears to Maroon 5, then they started singing “Beautiful”, belting out the high notes with no skill but lots of enthusiasm. Their back was turned to Magnolia, so they couldn’t see her as she flinched and then stood up to walk over to them.

Lily froze when their Mistress grabbed them by the arms, holding them in place like they were prey. Lily remained immobile as Magnolia began running her hands across their neck, chest, and hips.

“Do you like singing, Lily?” she asked with a hushed voice into their ear, and it didn’t sound completely like a threat.

“Um… y-yes, Mistress, a little?”

“Then we should get you singing lessons, so you don’t strain your poor throat attempting to imitate a professional singer with over a decade of experience.” Before she took her hands off of them, she groped their ass, making them squeal and shoot up straight.

“Why don’t you sing something else, plaything? We need to keep those vocal chords nice and sharp.”

“Of… of course, Mistress,” Lily stammered out as Magnolia returned to her seat. What to sing, they thought, what to sing…

Come to think of it, there were some Backstreet Boys songs on that playlist, which Lily knew weren’t as vocally strenuous. They started humming the opening to “I Want It That Way”, dancing to the beat as they finished up the eggs and toast. Magnolia didn’t seem to mind this time, until they started singing the chorus.

“Tell me why,” they sang out as they vocalized the rest of the parts. Facing the stove, they couldn't see the shock in Magnolia’s eyes, the way she was trying to figure out how to get them to stop.

They sang the last part loud and clear. “I want it that way!”

Just in time, they finished the eggs, finalizing the plate to bring it over to their Mistress. As soon as they turned around with the remade dish, they saw something quite shocking. Magnolia’s head was slouched down, her back hunched over in a limp fashion across the table. In a panic, Lily checked to make sure that she was still breathing—thankfully, she was. But she looked lethargic. As if she had just fallen asleep, or…

“Holy crap,” Lily exhaled. “Did… did I put you under, Mistress?” They set the plate down and rushed over, shaking Magnolia by the shoulders in an attempt to wake her up, but to no avail. She was tranced. Lily knew it, somehow. Her body was completely still, like it was in a deep haze. She looked like how they felt when she would put them under during their scenes together.

Lily waited with bated breath. What did they even do? What was her trigger? Lily began trying to figure out how to wake them up. “Mistre— um, Magnolia, please wake up. Um… wake up!” They began snapping their fingers excitedly, hoping they’d be able to make a sound loud enough.

On the fifth or so snap, Magnolia rose back in her chair, but her demeanor was completely different. Instead of being their tough, powerful Mistress, she had a very… dim look on her face.

“Um… Mistress… are you… awake?” Lily asked, trying to ask the right question. What in the world had they done?

Suddenly, Magnolia began laughing, but not in the way she would laugh at them in between insults and hurtful names. Her laugh was more of a… delighted giggle? It felt so unlike her that Lily had to ground themself to be sure they weren’t massively dissociated.

“Uh… what’s going—”

“Uhhhh…” Magnolia opened her lips to gape and stare at Lily. “Oh my gosh, wow… you’re, like, so cute.”

Lily blinked in shock. They were absolutely flabbergasted by what was happening. She spoke with a Valley girl accent that would have sounded quite believable to anyone who wasn’t Lily. They tried to stammer out some kind of response, managing nothing better than “Uh… thank you, Mistress.” Lily didn't mean to add the honorific—it just came naturally to them—but for some reason, they regretted it.

“Uh, Mistress? Who, like, me?” Magnolia absentmindedly pointed to herself. Lily nodded quietly, unsure of how to respond to that question. “Wow, that’s like… so weird. I’m, like, probably the least dom… domi… nant person ever.”

Lily tried to think of the right words to say to the bimbo that their Mistress seemed to have become. Nothing came to them. Words completely failed them.

“So, like, who are you? And where am I? This place is so cute, but it’s, like… so grey. Needs more, like, pink, and purple, oh— and pink!” Magnolia motioned to the room excitedly. Her observation wasn't wrong—most of the furniture Magnolia had picked out was on the more dull or muted side. The most vibrant piece of furniture was a brown couch that was, in her previous words, “a more colorful hue than I’m used to.”

“I’m… Lily,” they said quietly. “I’m, well… your partner.” They didn’t want to reveal that Magnolia had bought Lily at an auction, at least not quite yet. That probably would have melted this bimbo’s brain even more.

Magnolia’s face turned from brainless, to perplexed, to pleasantly bewildered. “You’re, like, my partner? Like, who I kiss and stuff?”

“Yes, exactly!” Lily breathed a sigh of relief, happy she understood at least that part.

“Oh my gosh.” Magnolia’s dim, mindlessly gaping mouth slowly turned into an ecstatic grin as the realization washed over her. “Wow, I’m like, the happiest girl around now! Like, you’re sooooo cute. I had no idea that you were my, um… girlfriend?”

“Um… partner is better. No, wait, what am I talking about? Sorry, that’s not important.” Lily brushed the correction out of their mind—they weren’t necessarily hurt that their Mistress had misgendered them. After all, she probably wasn’t smart enough in this state to understand the complexities of gender fluidity. “What… is going on? Are you—are you still, like… um, you? How did you… do this?”

Lily wasn’t entirely sure whether or not they were making sense, but Magnolia just tilted her head and answered as if it were obvious. “Um, like, yeah, I’m me. Who else would I be? I like, hyp… hypno…”

“Hypnotized?” Lily finished the word for her.

“Yeah! But like, to me. I, like, think I wanted to be more, like… happy? And, like, bubbly. Oh, and, like, I also, like, wanted to be, like, a girl.”

Lily blinked. They had to sit down, feeling so dizzy that they were about to fall over. “So you… bimbo-fied yourself? How? …*When*?”

“Uhh… I actually dunno what year it is now,” she giggled again, almost losing her train of thought completely. “But, like, I think I was, like, in high school.”

Lily blinked. They just couldn’t wrap their head around any of… this. But wait, they thought—if Magnolia did this in high school, did that mean she did it before she transitioned? She did say she wanted to be ‘a girl’, after all, as if she wasn’t already one.

Magnolia yawned. Thinking was exhausting, after all. She rubbed her left eye, unaware that she was destroying her eyeshadow. When she lifted her hand up, she saw not only the smudged eyeliner on her index finger, but also her finely done nails in a deep shade of sea blue. “Wait… what’s this, like, stuff on my finger?”

“Oh, um, I think you forgot about your makeup,” Lily stammered. “Here, let me get a wipe for—“

Magnolia interrupted them, excitement washing over her face. “Wait, I’m wearing makeup?! Does it look, like, good?”

Before Lily could answer with even a single word, Magnolia stood up and rushed over to what they assumed was the bathroom. Lily followed her. After all, they were deeply worried she was somehow going to hurt herself.

Magnolia stared into her reflection in the bathroom. Lily looked up at her, the difference in height being that much more weird. She tilted her face in a million different angles, looking at every inch of her expertly done makeup. The way her eyes sparkled was so… genuinely heartwarming for Lily to see, in a strange way.

“Oh my gosh,” she exhaled. “I look, like, so good and cute!” She turned back to a stunned Lily. “Did you, like, do this to me? Are you… a witch, or something?”

“N-no! You did this yourself.”

“Wow… I can’t believe it. Like, I don’t think I could ever look this good. Am I, like… dreaming?”

“No, you’re not.” Lily continued trying to reassure their bimbofied Mistress, though they were quickly understanding that nothing they were saying was quite getting through. They kept trying anyway. “This is real, I promise. I wouldn’t lie to you. I’m not a good liar. All those fears you had“—at least, they assumed she had—“about not passing, being seen as a weirdo… they didn’t happen. You’re okay!”

Magnolia slowly turned away from the mirror and towards Lily as they offered their reassurances. Her eyes welled up as a large blush spread across her face, her lips curling upwards in a genuine smile. “Oh my gosh,” she exhaled, bringing the stunned Lily into a tight embrace. “You are, like, so cute. And you’ve made me, like, so, so happy! Ugh, I’m, like, the luckiest girl in the world…”

Despite Lily getting used to the situation, they were still having trouble believing what was going on. Their Mistress almost never embraced them, especially when she was in a moment of weakness. Lily always appreciated it greatly whenever she did, of course, and this time was no exception. Still, this was exceptionally *strange*. They weren’t that smart, but they could put 2 and 2 together.

“So, like, is this the kinda stuff I wear now?” Their Mistress—could they even call her that right now?—looked down at her outfit with bemusement. “I mean, like, it’s really nice, but it’s not, like… cute, y’know? Like, it needs more, um… pink, right?”

“I mean,” Lily sputtered, “you don’t usually wear pink these days. If anything, you make—er, I wear it.”

“Oh, I see,” Magnolia said, sounding slightly disheartened. “It also, like, doesn’t really show that much skin? Like, if I have boobs now, I want people to see!” She poked her chest through her multi-layered suit for emphasis. “Do I have anything better than this? Like, maybe a dress? Ooh—or a crop top!”

“Well, I’ve never seen you in anything like that, so I’m assuming… no,” they said. It almost hurt to see their Mistress’s face fall at that. “B-but! I mean, you can get some. There’s online shopping now, I dunno if that was—“

“Wait. Shopping? Can we go shopping? Do we have, like, money for it?” The light slowly began returning to Magnolia’s face. Lily almost didn’t want to break the news to her, but…

“Y-yes, you have money. You have, um… a *lot* of money,” Lily said.

“Like… how many?”

Lily blinked. “How… many…?”

“Money! How many money do I have?”

*What is the world coming to, where I’m the smart one here?* “I dunno,” Lily explained. “You never told me, but you own a mansion and a giant business, so… I’m assuming a big number.” *Not that big numbers are my specialty,* they added in their head.

Magnolia looked ecstatic, though she couldn’t hide the bewilderment and disbelief on her face. “So, like, I can buy… anything?”

“I think so,” Lily shrugged. “Just, like, don’t go over—“

“Yay!” Magnolia grabbed Lily’s hands again and began jumping up and down like an actual high schooler. “Oh my gosh, can we, like, go to the mall? I want to go to the mall! We can have, like… what’s it called? A date but, like, at the mall?”

“A mall date? Yes, we can.” *Though, will Mistress be angry at me once she realizes I let her walk around in public like this? I don’t think I can stop her, anyway…*

“Yeah, a mall date! Let’s, like, go already!” Magnolia grabbed Lily’s wrist and began dragging them out. “Oh, wait, I gotta fix my makeup first… also, how do we get there? Can people fly yet?” she giggled.

“Not… yet. Um, hold on, lemme get the driver, he should be here soon…” Lily grabbed their phone and began anxiously looking for the driver’s number. *Gosh, I haven’t spoken to Gregory in years…* As they began dialing the number, they continued trying to stop “Mistress” Magnolia from doing anything *too* stupid.

That would prove to be quite a challenge. After all, their Mistress could barely fix her makeup without gushing or giggling. On the plus side, she completely forgot about work or her meeting that day.


Gregory was quite astonished to see Magnolia in this state, but Lily somehow, eventually, got Magnolia to stop blabbing. When he asked if she had finally decided to drink some alcohol , Lily scrambled to give him some crappy excuse. He certainly didn’t believe that Magnolia had a ‘weird dream that gave her bad ideas’, but luckily he was paid not to inquire further.

He drove them all the way to Smith Mall. Lily had never felt quite this anxious. What if one of her friends or stylists recognized her? What if one of her subordinates recognized her? What if it was Jared, of all people? Lily felt a strong protective urge to shield her from any judgement or harassment. Then again, Smith Mall was a giant place, and most people were probably at work by now. But… she had a meeting room for her business there, right? Lily tried to calm themself, trying to think about the relaxing, hypnotic mist their Mistress put in them all that time ago. Surely, they could talk their way out of any potential issue, right…?

Magnolia all but burst through the walls of the mall, rushing inside and dragging the reluctant submissive by the wrist. Luckily, she wasn’t drawn to any of the stores where she had hand-selected stylists—right now, she thought those stores’ clothes were “too dull and boring”. Instead, she was drawn to all the teen girl stores, and Lily had to constantly remind her that she was nearing her 40s and wouldn’t fit into any of the clothes.

Fortunately for Magnolia—at least in her current state of mind—they managed to find a few stores for adults with frilly clothes in light pinks and purples. The moment they saw the first one, Lily was yanked inside and dragged around as Magnolia picked nearly everything she could off the racks. She constantly turned to Lily for reassurance—“So, like, I can really get anything I want?” and “But, like, what if I spend too much? Will you be, like, mad at me?”

As soon as they reached the dressing room, Magnolia just about looked like she was in heaven. She tried every single combination she could, the clothes getting increasingly skimpier. Magnolia finally stepped out with one last outfit—a pink tank top showing off her hips, a glittery white miniskirt, and sparkly pink heels. She even had some gold-toned jewelry around her neck and wrists.

Lily’s Mistress looked like a completely different person. She hardly looked like “Mistress Magnolia” anymore. But… in a way, it was nice to watch her get all excited, and it was even nice to walk around the mall without being physically chained to her.

Together, they dragged the horde of clothes over to the cashier, who began patiently checking everything out. Magnolia leaned over the counter, twirling her hair around her finger and staring at the clerk with a ditzy grin.

“Um, so, like, can I wear this outfit now? Is that, like, okay?”

The cashier—a short, slightly chubby girl with brown hair in a ponytail—nodded to her. “Of course! Let me just scan them quickly.”

Magnolia turned around, letting her scan each of the items. She giggled at the cute girl touching her gently.

“So, like, you come here often?” Magnolia asked with a giggle as she turned back around.

The cashier continued scanning, but looked at the dumb customer with a confused smile. “Um, yes, I work here full time, miss.”

“Oooh,” Magnolia cooed. “And, like, do you talk to many cute girls? Anyone that’s, like, as cute as you?”

The cashier looked taken aback. “Um, that’s really kind of you to say—I have a boyfriend, but I’m flattered, really!”

“Aww,” Magnolia frowned in a pout. “But you’re so cute…”

“Oookay, that’s enough!” Lily put a hand on their Mistress’s arm—they couldn’t reach her shoulder—to bring her back to the present. “I’m sorry about her, she gets in these… moods. We’ll be out of your hair soon!”

The cashier laughed awkwardly. “It’s alright, I get it a lot. I’m happy you think I’m cute, though!”

“You’re, like, so, so cute!” Magnolia giggled again. “Your boyfriend’s, like, real lucky.”

Lily dug their face into their hands. *No, please don’t start flirting with everyone…* Luckily, the cashier finally finished scanning everything, folding it neatly into several bags and handing them to the two customers. Lily paid with their card, desperately wanting to get out as quickly as possible.

“Let’s go, Mis— um, Magnolia.”

“Huh?” Their Mistress cocked her head to the side. “Is that, like, my name?”

“Y…” Lily paused, wrapping their head around that question. “Yes?”

Magnolia hummed. “That’s a nice name. But it sounds so… formal.”

Lily shrugged, unsure of how to respond to that. They assumed that was the reason she *picked* that name.

“Oooh, how about you call me Maggie?” she grinned. “That’s a cute name! What do you think?

“I…” Lily made a noncommittal gesture. “Sure, yeah, I can call you… Maggie.” They briefly remembered that Magnolia did have some people who called her that, anyway—but she said they were “close friends, and Lily would regret it if they called her that.” But it was an order, and they were taught to accept orders—even if their Mistress was not in quite the right headspace when she gave it.

“Maggie” blinked, a brief moment of realization passing by her eyes. “I don’t think I actually know, like, your name.”

Lily winced. They knew why she forgot, but it still hurt. “I’m Lily. Like the flower.”

“Oooh, that’s a cute name! Lily… Lily… it’s, like… so charming. Like you!”

“Th…thanks,” Lily responded, their usual dopey grin coming back to them at the admiration. *I’d hope she’d think that, though, considering she’s the one who gave me this name…*

They went into a few more stores, following the same general routine. Maggie would take about an hour to pick out a hundred items, try them on, change around her outfit a little, flirt with the cashier, have Lily drag her out, and go onto the next store. Soon enough, Lily was carrying at least 15 bags. As muscular as they were, their arms were hurting by the third hour. . Not to mention, it was exhausting to keep reminding Magnolia not to flirt with people who were on the clock.

Lily could only imagine how she’d completely eviscerate anyone who’d dare to flirt with her while she was working, on a normal day. They shivered.

“So, like, my outfit is all cute now, right?” Maggie asked, turning to Lily in the middle of the hallway.

“Um… yeah. It looks great on you!” *She does look attractive, though I do prefer the suits…* “Where do you wanna go next?”

“Wait, but like, one thing,” Maggie started, taking another vapid look at Lily. “Your outfit is like, cute.”

“Oh!” Lily looked down at themself. They were wearing a simple short-sleeved button-down, with a light blue vest over it, and purple jeans. “Um, thank you—“

“But, like,” Maggie added with a grin, and Lily felt a wave of dread crash onto them. “I think it should be, like, more like what I’m wearing.”

“No,” Lily said bluntly. Instantly, they realized they just did the worst possible thing—say ‘no’ to their Mistress. They hadn’t pulled that kind of stunt since Magnolia readied to send them off on a train far away. “I-I mean, sure! W-what did you have in mind?” they backpedaled faster than ever.

“Hmm…” Maggie thought, putting a finger to her chin as if she were actually thinking. “You know, you might look cute with, like, short-shorts and a crop top.”

“…Sure,” Lily replied, the hesitation dripping from their one-word response. “That sounds… fun…”


Lily felt like their face was about to burst from blushing so hard. Luckily, their bimbo Mistress didn’t spend nearly as long getting Lily all bimbo-fied in their clothing, but it was still humiliating to walk in and out of the dressing room with increasingly pink and increasingly girly clothes. Lily explained to Maggie—in the simplest terms they could think of—that they weren’t comfortable with all pinks and skirts and frills. Miraculously, she understood, but the clothes she chose for them were still so *revealing*.

Lily could feel everyone’s eyes on them, and they could see the bewilderment on their faces. They covered as much as they could with their arms, hoping no one was eyeing the way their boobs were nearly falling out of their shirt. At least people weren’t staring at them the way they did when Mistress Magnolia dragged them around with a handcuff. Somehow, that would’ve been worse.

They caught their breath. “So… where next?”

“Oooh, good question! Is there, like, someone who can do something with my hair?” she asked, twirling her wavy hair around her finger again. “It’s nice, but it’s, like, so boring. Maybe I can add some curls, or, like, ponytails! Can we do that, pretty please?”

Lily tried to imagine how she’d look with curly ponytails. God, they didn’t even know how to envision it. But if this was what she wanted to do… “I, um… sure. Let’s do it!” *She probably doesn’t want to go to her usual stylist, though. I think she’d have a heart attack. Hmm… I’m not sure she still works there, anyway…*

They began taking her in the direction of the hair salon in the mall. Maggie brought up what she’d look like as a blonde, and Lily spent the majority of the time trying to talk her out of it.


“So… you want big, giant curls? In two ponytails? Am I hearing you right?”

Luckily, her usual stylist wasn’t there, but much to Lily’s chagrin, the salon staff recognized her anyway. Lily gave a bunch of terrible excuses for her outfit and behavior, saying she was going a little stir-crazy with work, and luckily,  the staff seemed to believe them.

“Um, yeah,” Maggie said to the hair salonist. “I, like, wanted to try something, uh… diff… differer…”

“Different! She’s just going through some stuff. You know how it is, it’s just been one of those… months.” Once again, Lily came to her rescue with another poorly thought-out excuse. They really needed to make this cover story more believable. “A-anyway, she just wants her hair curled and put into some ponytails! That’s it, I promise.”

The hair salonist nodded, trying to mask her bewilderment. She walked away to go find her styling tools—Maggie requested the best possible curler. That poor, poor woman. To be fair, Lily thought, she’s probably seen much worse. Lily hoped she’d seen much worse.

“Noooo, wait,” Maggie cried out. “I also wanted it to be blonde! Remember?”

“I explained this, Mistr— Maggie,” Lily reiterated. “I promise you won’t like it as much tomorrow. Remember? Your roots grow back quickly, and you’ll have to keep getting it done over and over again.”

“But, like, it’ll be cute today, right? And that’s what matters!” Maggie moaned in complaint, and it sounded a bit too sexual for Lily’s comfort. “Come on, cutie! Please? Pretty please?”

Lily had more protests in them, but before they could get them out, the hair salonist came back with a tray full of a dozen sprays, styling tools, and gels. They all but thanked God for that.

“Hi, um, miss cute hair lady?” Maggie spoke up. Lily felt their relief being torn from them. “Can you also make me all blonde?”

“No!” Lily hissed again.

“Fine, fine,” Maggie relented. “Can you give us, like, blonde streaks? Oooh, maybe in the same places to match!”

The hair salonist still looked shocked speechless, but she was able to hide it just enough so that the airheaded Maggie wouldn’t notice. “It’ll cost you a lot more, and will take a few hours.”

“That’s, like, fine!”

*No!* Lily screamed in their head. *It’s not fine! What if she comes to and she sees herself getting her hair dyed blonde?!* “Maggie, please,” Lily begged. “Can you please listen to me?”

“Why? I wanna be a blonde!” Maggie pouted. “This is a comp… comp-oro-meez? Right?”

“A compromise?” Lily sighed. “I… suppose. But—”

“Hey,” Maggie spoke up again. “I, like, own you, right?”

“Shhh!” Lily hissed, their eyes going wide. How did she know that? They never explained that part! “Not so loud!”

“So, like, you kinda have to do what I want, right? Isn’t that how it works?” Maggie giggled. Lily despised the fact she had subconsciously held onto that fact. “So, like, why don’t you just let me be in charge? I promise you’ll like my decisions! And, like, if you don’t, then, um…” she strained to think, and then shrugged. “Like, too bad?”

Lily groaned. They couldn’t lie to themself… Magnolia taking control of them as a bimbo was kind of hot. Their legs squirmed together. “Y-yes… um, yes, Maggie.” What were they even supposed to title her, anymore?

“Aww, you’re so cute, looking all squirmy and moan…y,” Maggie grinned, putting a hand on Lily’s thigh. “I, like, really wanna take you home.”

*I want that too,* Lily thought, trying to calm both of them down with their mind as the hair salonist returned with the high-quality bleach.


Lily’s ass hurt by the time they were done getting their and Maggie’s heads styled in a hundred different ways. The whole experience lasted at least 3 hours, though Lily stopped counting the minutes midway through. Lily thankfully convinced the salonist to give them a normal haircut, though Maggie made them get the ends curled. Surprisingly, it actually looked quite decent; they actually ended up enjoying the blond streaks on themself.

Magnolia-turned-Maggie was a completely different story. Her hair was done up with intense long curls, split into two ponytails. The blond “streaks” ended up covering half of her hair. The more Lily looked at her, the more they were convinced they weren’t going to be able to walk or move the morning after Magnolia inevitably came back to her normal self.

At least they ended up getting her out of there before she thought to start flirting with the salonist. But that didn’t stop Maggie from grabbing and teasing Lily on their way out… and pretty much all the time..

Lily had experienced a lot of anxiety in her life, but this day was worse than all of them.

As they walked through the mall again, Maggie spotted a makeup store, and dragged them over to it. To be honest, Lily wasn’t completely opposed to this stop—at least she would have to keep her mouth closed while they were doing her makeup. Lily reluctantly agreed to get their makeup done as well. It wasn’t so bad, really—the artists in this store were quite skilled, unsurprisingly.

Fortunately for Lily, the stores in this mall closed quite early. By 6pm, almost every store was shutting down. Their doors were locked, though Maggie kept trying them anyway. Lily, meanwhile, felt like the day’s events had melted their brain.

“Hey, cutie?” Maggie called out, giggling. “You’re, like, really strong! Can you, like, punch open the doors for me?”

“I…” Lily didn’t know how to respond to that. This was enough; they had to get her home. “Maggie, why don’t we go home? We’ve spent over 5 figures, and I think you’re feeling tired. Right?”

“I am?” Maggie pouted. “I mean, thinking does feel hard, y’know? But I wanna shop more!”

“We—we can come back tomorrow! And then you can get more stuff! Right?” Lily continued their Herculean task of trying to reason with her. “B-besides, if we go home, we get to…” they gulped, trying to force a sexy grin. *God, I look ridiculous…* “We get to, y’know, ‘have some fun’?”

“Oh, do you mean, like…” Maggie’s grin widened. “Like, fun-fun?”

Lily nodded.

“Eeee!” She squealed, bouncing up and down. “Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for this, like, all day.”

“Cool,” Lily nodded. “Um, let me call our ride, then…” They were sure Gregory would pass out at the sight, but there wasn’t really any other way to get back. Magnolia strictly forbade them from taking cabs. After all, she didn’t want to be seen as lower-class in the slightest. They dialed the number, apologized in advance, and he was on his way.

After a moment of silence, then Maggie suddenly piped back up. “I know what I wanna do with you,” she said.

“W-what?” They feared the answer.

“I wanna, like, make you… be like me!”

Lily raised an eyebrow. “Like… you?”

“Yeah! You know, you’re so smart—” Those were words Lily never thought they’d hear from Magnolia, “—but, like, thinking is hard. Maybe you should, like, not think for a while! Like me!”

“I… I dunno,” they laughed awkwardly. “Let’s… talk about it later, alright?”

Maggie grinned wide. “Okie!”


Gregory could not have come any later, but it didn’t matter. He didn’t ask any questions—he was probably too scared to—and he dropped them back off at the gorgeous house quickly enough. Lily dragged Maggie back inside, almost grateful she hadn’t woken up yet.

“Oooh, this place is, like, so cute,” Maggie said, unknowingly repeating her words from earlier that morning. Lily wheezed and dropped the 25-ish bags onto the floor, rubbing their arms tenderly. “I still think you need, like, more pink though. Or, like, purple, or light blue, or… no, yeah, pink! Pink is, like, such a cute color, right?” Maggie’s speech had devolved to the point that she was giggling every other word.

Lily didn’t respond. They took the bags she was carrying as well, putting them on the floor next to the rest of them. Taking another look at Magnolia, the fear set back in again. What in the world was their Mistress going to think? What kind of cruel and unjust punishment was she going to give to them? Lily slumped onto the couch, exhausted. They felt something cold and hard next to them; grabbing it, they found Magnolia’s phone, and turned the screen on.

Unsurprisingly, her notifications were packed with dozens of concerned texts, questions as to where she was, and other business-related messages. Oh, fuck, they thought—she’s really going to put me through hell for this…

“Oh my gosh,” Maggie looked at herself in the mirror. “Don’t my lips look, like, so good? Wait—“ she paused, turning back to Lily. “Weren’t we gonna, like, have some fun? Come on, you grumpy grump, get up!”

“Wha—“ Lily didn’t have time to respond. Their Mistress grabbed their arms, dragging them upwards, as she towered over them as always. Despite being a brainless ditz, her grin was still menacing, making Lily think of all the ways she might use and torture them. Even as the bimbo “Maggie”, Magnolia was terrifying.

“Come on! Let’s play already!” Maggie dragged them into the bedroom.

“Ah… are you sure? We should relax a little—“

“No more relaxing. I want to get my hands on you, like, yesterday.” Maggie didn’t let Lily have another chance to speak—not that Lily would have known what to say. She grabbed Lily by the forearms and shoved them onto the bed. Lily fell face-first into subspace, instantly becoming a whimpering and trembling mess as Maggie began tearing off Lily’s new clothes.

“Awww, are you okay?” Maggie cooed with a devious grin. “You look, like, so totally scared.”

“I-I-I… um… I-I just…” Lily couldn’t form a good response. As much as they were bewildered and frightened by the situation, they needed this. They needed to be pushed around and teased and treated like a toy. “E-everything’s fine…”

“Awww, but you look so afraid! Um, like, terr… terry-fic?”

They assumed she meant ‘terrified’, but before they could correct her, Maggie finished tearing off their crop top and short-shorts, leaving Lily in their lilac-and-white lingerie. She began curiously rubbing her hands across their body, trying to understand every curve of their shivering body. Maggie landed on their boobs, and her eyes went wide.

“Is something w-wrong?” Lily asked.

“Oh my gosh, your boobs are, like, so big,” she stated in awe. “Like, I wish I had tits like these. Like, you’re so cute and hot! I’m so glad you’re my partner and I own you, ‘cause I have, like, the biggest crush on you.”

Lily couldn’t help but giggle themself, blushing all the same. Despite still maintaining her aura of dominance, Magnolia was kind of cute as a ditz. “I-I’m… I’m happy, um, Maggie.”

Maggie kept playing with their body, starting lightly but getting rougher by the second. Eventually, she was rough-handling Lily in every way, kissing them hard enough to leave marks, groping them, slapping them. Suddenly, she paused. “Wait, do you like, like me too?”

Lily blinked. “Y-y-yes, of course. I love you.”

Maggie squealed. “Oh my gosh. You’re so cute.” She spent a minute peppering their face with kisses, all while squeezing their body just a little too tight. “But you’re, like, so smart. You just think and worry. All the time! You should, like, stop thinking so much. Maybe then you’ll enjoy shopping with me more!”

“Oh, I don’t know—“

“There! See? Like that!” Maggie giggled. “Alright, let’s see… um… how do I do this… I, like, know a little hypno…sis, so, um, can you drop for me, pretty please?”

Lily didn’t even have the energy to protest or resist—they dropped into a light trance, just deep enough to take whatever suggestions she was going to give them. “Awww, you look so cute all trancey and… um, deep!” Maggie kept giggling, though there was a softer edge to her voice. “So, like, you actually like being mindless? I can see it in your eyes. You just want to stop thinking sometimes… you just wanna be all blank and ditzy for me. Like, you’re my ditz, obviously! But you should feel more, like, pink and giggly and… um, dumb! Y’know, you’d like being soooo mindless. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Lily had to be honest with their subconscious—it did sound nice to just let go of their worries and be as naive and carefree as Maggie was. But could they really pull it off?

“So, like, you know what I’m like, right? So whenever I say, like, um… ‘mind-free’—yeah, mind-free! You’ll feel just like me. All, like, bimbo-y and giggly and happy and… no thoughts! Doesn’t that sound good, mind-free?”

They already felt themself giggling, even in trance. They felt their mind slipping away, their resistance fading away, and a carefree attitude emerging in its place. Why did they have any hesitation about any of this? This was fun! Everything was so fun! They, like, didn’t have to think or worry so hard. They could be just as brainless as Maggie. Lily could be the bimbo they were always meant to be!

“So, like, I’m going to wake you up now so I can play with you more. Five, four… um, two,” she paused vapidly. Lily giggled. “No, wait, three, two and one!” Maggie remembered how to snap her fingers and woke Lily up.

Lily could already feel the brain cells dying in their head. They had to take a second to remember what was going on. “Um, what—“

“Mind-free!” Maggie giggled, and Lily felt the trigger hit them like a train. They burst into a fit of giggles, unable to think or process anything. “See?! You’re, like, already cute, but you’re soooooo much cuter like this. Right?”

Lily giggled. “Um, like, yeah, totally! This feels sooooo much better. Why was I so worried before?”

“I, like, don’t know, but you must feel so much better,” Maggie grinned. She began lifting her skirt up and taking off her panties. Lily salivated and giggled looking vapidly at their bimbo Mistress’s hard cock, already moving to start sucking her off. “So, like, why don’t we have some real fun?”


At some point, Lily passed out, Maggie clinging onto them.  The next thing they felt after that was a glass of ice-cold water being dumped onto their head.

“Aaah!” they screamed, sitting up. For a brief moment, they panicked. What in the world happened? As their vision adjusted, they saw Maggie… no, Magnolia standing in front of them, staring down at Lily with a furious expression. Oddly enough, she was still wearing the pink clothes and makeup. Her hair was styled in its usual way, but the blonde was still clear as day.

They were so fucked.

“Um… h-hi,” Lily stammered in the quietest voice possible. “I’m so, so, so sorry, Mistress, I—”

“Explain,” Magnolia demanded. “Now.”

“I’m sorr—”

“*Explain, idiot. Now*,” Magnolia snapped, gritting her teeth.

Lily sat up, trying to gather their thoughts together as quickly as possible, and glad that their brain was back to normal. The worst possible thing they could do would be to keep apologizing and keep Magnolia waiting. “W-well, yesterday, I was just singing to myself while making you breakfast, and then you just… dropped into trance. Then you woke up and you forgot you transitioned, and—”

“Stop,” Magnolia interrupted, trying to gather her thoughts. “I forgot I transitioned?”

“Y-yes, I promise that’s what happened! And then you were, um… a bimbo.”

“Excuse me?” Magnolia went straight back to being angry.

“N-no, I mean, you said you hypnotized yourself to be that way! Like, when you were in high school,” Lily explained at the speed of light. Magnolia’s anger washed away slightly, being replaced with a sense of humiliation. “And then you brought me to the mall and dragged me around shopping and… then you gave me a trigger to make me like… that… and I went along with you because I didn’t want you to get hurt.”

Magnolia tried to process everything Lily told her. At the very least, they weren’t lying, and it wasn’t their fault that Magnolia acted like that… right? They stared anxiously at Magnolia’s face, trying to get a read on what she was thinking or feeling.

“So,” she started, “first things first, *never* sing The Backstreet Boys in front of me again.”

Lily nodded. They never wanted to again, anyway.

“Second,” she inhaled, sneering away from Lily. “Once I apologize and thoroughly explain—well, lie—to everyone who contacted me yesterday, we’re going to have a little *talk*. Then we’re going to the mall to return everything we got, fix my hair *and* your hair, and *you’re* going to apologize to everyone. And I’m going to call my credit card companies and… talk my way out of this.”

Lily nodded again, looking downcast. They did like *some* of the clothes…

“Third,” Magnolia exhaled, sitting down next to Lily on the bed. The fear was still apparent on their face, until she spoke again. “Thank you for taking care of me, plaything. From what I can tell, no one caught us like… that.”

Lily sighed with relief. “Oh, that’s good,” they chuckled. That was exactly what they wanted to avoid happening.

“But you are getting punished for not using your muscles to tie me down and make me stay inside like that.”

Their eyes shot wide open again. “Um—what… what punishment, Mistress?”

Magnolia chuckled lightly, whispering in their ear, “Mind-free.”

The suggestion struck Lily once again, and they immediately returned to their new bimbo state. They started giggling immediately, looking brainless and ditzy, biting their lip as Magnolia looked up at them.

“Oh my gosh, Mistress, like, what’s going on?” they asked, twirling a blonde lock of hair with their finger.

“I’m going to play with you a little like this, so you know how it feels.” Magnolia grinned.

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