Bouquet Bound


by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #auctions #D/s #f/nb #intelligence_play #plurality #pov:bottom #transgender_characters #degradation #dom:female #edging #humiliation #orgasm_denial #ownership_dynamics #punishment #romance #sadomasochism #sub:nb #wealth_fantasy
See spoiler tags : #business_party #eventual_romance #free_use #m/nb #multiple_partners

    "So. Care to explain to me what... that was?"

    Delta couldn't make eye contact. Kassandra never came out during sex, protectively or otherwise, so they never thought they'd have to explain her like this. They'd almost never had to, although they expected to. Most people just called them bipolar, or fickle, or something else like that. But except for... one or two people, they'd never actually told anyone about Kassandra.

    Their Mistress was getting more and more annoyed the longer they withheld a response. They hadn't said anything for minutes, just shifting uncomfortably.

    They had to start somewhere, even if it was far from the point. Not wanting to keep her waiting any longer, they started talking. "Um... so you know how, when you bought me, they told you I had some... issues?"

    "Yes, I do. I was told to expect unstable emotions, but you were so docile up until now. Was... this what they meant?"

    "I... I think so. But, I don't know. She's — um, I've never done that before. In front of anyone."

    They were beating around the bush, and weren't actually explaining anything. They had to confront it eventually.

    They took a deep breath. "Do you know what DID is?"

    Their Mistress lifted an eyebrow. "I can't say I've had experience with it. Explain," she said, at once intense and patient.

    "Okay, well, you know how you have different personas for... various situations? Like, I'm not sure you act the same way towards me that you do to your friends." They realized how that sounded. "Um, I could be wrong though, so I'm sorry for—"

    "I understand this is different," she said impatiently. Delta wasn't looking at her, but they could feel her stare burning a hole in them.

    Taking a deep breath, they turned to meet their Mistress's eyes. "Okay. So, for me, it's more extreme. I have... two people in my body."

    "You, and... the 'she' you mentioned?"

    "Y-yeah. So. Um... there's me, Delta. And I'm my own person with my own likes, and quirks, and, well, my own... personality. And then there's... another." They shakily let out a breath.

    Their Mistress hummed in understanding. "And I take it I met this alternate personality, when I tried to hypnotize you," she mused, and Delta nodded. "Who are they?"

    "Her name... is Kassandra. Um, I guess the best way to explain it is, well, I'm a pretty... laid back person. I sort of go with the flow. Kassandra is the exact opposite. So, for example, if I was in an ocean, I would float with the wave, and Kassandra would fight against it."

    It was going almost too well. Still, they couldn't shake that sinking feeling in their chest. Something bad had to happen, right? They almost expected their Mistress to throw them out the moment she realized she couldn't understand them.

    "She's very quick to anger. So I think when she came out, she was shocked by what she was seeing, especially since she's never been out during, um... 'encounters', before," Delta tried their best to explain without alarming her, and thought they were doing okay at that. "Well, to put it one way, if she were in a dangerous situation — which, she felt she was — she would choose fight instead of flight."

    Well, she seemed like she actually wanted to understand, and that was rare enough on its own. Maybe if she showed she cared enough, Kassandra would eventually grow to trust her as well?

    "Delta," their Mistress started, and Delta was surprised that she'd used their name. She'd only called them insults before — not that they hadn't enjoyed it. "Do you know why she came out while I was hypnotizing you?"

    Delta bit their lip. They couldn't remember anything after Kassandra came out. All they knew was that Kassandra came out, and that she had clearly tried to fight back. But she didn't remember what their Mistress said or did, or even what Kassandra had done. But they had a pretty good guess. The feeling of disappearing, going into a deep sleep, and giving up control of their body... That stuck with them. Kassandra had said she'd... tried to take their mind?

    "No, but... I think because going into a trance made me feel like I was... disappearing. And I guess that's it?" Their Mistress nodded, so they continued. "I think when that happened, I went to the 'back', and Kassandra came out because there was no one in front."

    "So, if I'm understanding correctly... Kassandra appeared because you fell too deeply, and she thought that was dangerous and wanted to protect you."

    "I think something like that, yeah. Maybe since there was no one in the 'front', Kassandra thought that something bad would happen if she didn't do anything. But I... I don't really know."

    Another moment of silence hung above them, as both of them tried to figure out what to say. They'd probably said too much already.

    "Um... forgive me for asking, Mistress, but are you going to throw me out now?"

    Their Mistress blinked in confusion. "What kind of question is that?"

    "Well, I did just tell you all... this. And this gets in the way — I mean, it got in the way already, and you weren't able to hypnotize me, and I'm not sure when Kassandra will — erm, won't come out, and I just... I don't think I'm much use to you."

    "Don't be ridiculous, plaything," she scoffed. "Retract that statement."

    Delta's eyes widened.

    "I'm not going to throw you out. I paid good money for you, and I am not going to throw out something that valuable on a whim. You think I'm just going to give up on making you my perfect hypnotized toy because of this... minor issue?"

    "Um... No, Mistress. I — I don't expect that."

    "I'm a hard worker. I didn't become rich by doing nothing." She took a pause, as if waiting for Delta to say something, but continued when they only stared back with wide eyes. "My intent is to hypnotize you completely, to the point I can control you as deeply as is possible. If that means getting past this, then I am willing to work at it. Given the assumption that you, too, want to work past this — am I wrong?"

    Delta stared at her in shock, still unable to believe she was... accepting them. After a few moments they deflated, their posture slumping and their eyes dropping down. "I don't know if I can get better. I mean, I don't know if I'll ever be... alone."

    Their Mistress blinked. "Alone?"

    "Well, I've always been this way. I don't remember my life before Kassandra was in it. I don't really... I don't really know what—"

    "Stop." Their Mistress immediately stopped Delta from talking anymore. "That's enough of that. We'll discuss... logistics more later. For now, I came here for a reason." When Delta tilted their head, she sighed and kept speaking. "I might not be able to hypnotize you right now. I can assure you I'll get you to the point where I will be able to. I assure you, I did not get where I am without being able to negotiate with reluctant parties. For now..."

    Delta lost their breath as their Mistress suddenly grabbed their shoulders and neck, forcing their head down against the pillow. They were so surprised they couldn't even think of a response as they stared at their Mistress with wide eyes, nervous for what she was going to say next.

    "I'm going to fuck you," she growled, her face nice and close to Delta's. "I think I've been patient far enough. You don't have a problem with that, do you?"

    The way she asked didn't sound like she wanted to hear no for an answer. And to be fair, Delta wasn't planning to give it as one. After all, they just confided in their Mistress their biggest secret — why would they not reciprocate? It felt dirty to think that way, shameful and stupid that they were okay with being won over by basic validation and comfort. But it was more than that. Their Mistress was willing to work with them. And captor or owner or otherwise, that was something they hadn't gotten often.

    "No, Mistress," they finally responded. "I just... hope I do okay."

    "You're going to do fine. You don't really have a choice in the matter, do you?"

    Delta nodded, and let out a yelp as their Mistress moved her hands down to rip off their pants, far too impatient to unzip them. Delta reached down to try to help, but stopped when their Mistress looked up at them with an intense glare, silently commanding them not to do anything without permission. Delta's pants were eventually off. They wanted to close their legs instinctively, but resisted the urge. They really did make a good toy for her, didn't they? At least they had one redeeming feature.

    Their Mistress looked over at Delta's panties, running a finger along Delta's covered cunt and smirking. "You're already enjoying the thought of me fucking you, aren't you?"

    Delta breathed through their teeth, their nerves spiking again.

    "Tell me, plaything. Have you ever enjoyed getting fucked?"

    Delta coughed in surprise, taken aback. They went through all their encounters — either consensual or through... their time as property — but couldn't think of a single time when penetration felt good. Most of the time, they just went with it while in pain — and more recently, begging for them to stop. That realization sank in. Tonight would probably be the same. They'd just wait for it to be over and do their best to tolerate the pain.

    "No, Mistress. I've never enjoyed it," they sighed. "I'm sorry."

    "Why are you sorry?" she scoffed, then continued without waiting for a response. "I'm going to make tonight the first time you'll enjoy it. Do you understand, pet?"

    Delta nodded. For some reason, that made them more nervous. Now they'd probably have to lie, too.

    "Good, good," she smiled, sliding Delta's shirt and bra up, not even bothering to take either off properly. "I am so, so glad I have these," she murmured as she began fondling Delta's tits roughly. Delta's face heated up at the contact, and they adjusted themself as they kept getting wetter. They really did enjoy being treated like a toy. They really were a little slut.

    Their Mistress kept one hand on their chest and moved her other hand to attempt to take off Delta's panties with just one hand. Eventually she realized that that wasn't enough leverage, and groaned as she used both her hands to do so. Being the slut they were, Delta's panties came off with a string of fluids sticking to them.

    "Still love being treated like a piece of meat, don't you?" their Mistress cooed, and Delta squirmed at the degradation, which only made them hotter. "What a pathetic slut, completely melting under my touch."

    Delta felt just a little disappointed when their Mistress pulled back a little to readjust her hair with a small glamorous flip.

    "I can't say I blame you," she admitted. "I don't know anyone who wouldn't swoon over me so much. I'm sure some people would pay me well just to annihilate them." She looked wistful for a moment before turning back to Delta with a smirk. "But you... you're on a whole different level. You enjoyed the very idea of being bought by me."

    She leaned back in to roughly kiss Delta. Delta just let it happen, until their Mistress stuck a finger in their mouth, pulling it down to go deeper into the kiss. Delta was bashful in letting their tongue play with their Mistress's, but it didn't particularly matter — her tongue was doing all the work, coaxing Delta into playing along. The heat of the kiss intensified the tension in the air, both of them waiting and savoring the moment. Delta was aching for more the moment she pulled back. Suddenly, she slapped them in the face, leaving them stinging and confused.

    "You're not contributing to this, plaything. You're so, so lucky that I only wanted you. Imagine if someone else bought you, someone who would just keep you locked up in their basement with no food or water. Someone who would sell you back the minute they saw how shy and stupid you are. Are you grateful for me?"

    "Yes, yes I am, Mistress," Delta immediately responded. To their surprise, it wasn't just knowing that hesitation would lead to anger — they truly believed it, too.

    "Are you grateful, plaything?"

    "I'm so, so grateful."

    "Good," she said, going back down to kiss Delta's neck. Delta's neck and shoulders were now covered in marks and hickies, but that didn't stop their Mistress from leaving another big one that made Delta scream and writhe in place.

    Their Mistress suddenly groaned in frustration, and Delta flinched, wondering if they did something wrong. "That's enough. I'm sick of waiting." She started taking her dress pants off, rushing to get her clothes off as quickly as possible. Delta gaped, only now realizing how well-endowed she was, and they had a moment of worry about how much it would hurt. They were pretty tight down there... although right now, they were also pretty wet.

    Their Mistress didn't immediately get inside of them — instead, she gently ran two fingers over Delta's folds, dipping inside half an inch. Delta shivered at the touch, especially when she grazed their clit. As soon as she saw their reaction, she went back and fingered that area a bit more. Delta's legs twitched with every motion, and it only made them wetter and more ready.

    "Tell me, plaything, since you've probably been used a lot," their Mistress mused, her voice taking a more serious tone. "Do you have any STIs?"

    Delta shook their head. "I don't... I don't think so, Mistress. I... I haven't been tested for months, but I haven't had sex since then either."

    "And do you have adequate birth control?"

    They nodded. It was a little weird that she was asking, but they supposed she didn't want an infection or a pregnant plaything — both would lead to a very, very unhappy Mistress. "I got an IUD a year ago, it should still have a few years left... I think."

    "Good," she smirked. "I didn't want to use protection anyways." She took her hand off of Delta, wiping off their sticky juices in another act of degradation. Aiming her dick at Delta's cunt, she asked one final question. "Are you ready?"

    Delta took a deep inhale. "Yes, Mistress."

    "Good." Without any further waiting on either of their parts, she began to slowly insert herself into Delta. Delta winced and tensed up as soon as she got slightly in. Their Mistress looked at them oddly. "Are you in pain?"

    "No, Mistress," they said, gritting their teeth. "It just, ah, takes me a while to get used to."

    "I'll go slowly," she said, and she did, slowly going in and checking Delta's facial expression to see if they were in any more discomfort. Luckily, Delta seemed to get used to the sensation — for some reason, they didn't feel like they were being ripped apart at the seams. Why was this different? The more time they spent with Mistress, the more relaxed they felt — which was surprising, considering they didn't really have a choice in anything either way.

    Their Mistress was eventually in far enough, and she grinned cockily down at Delta. "You're doing so, so well," she said teasingly. "Does this feel as good for you as it does for me?"

    Delta took a deep breath. Penetration still hurt for them, but this felt... okay. They were aroused enough to get used to it, and the fact she went so slowly and didn't really force herself on them helped. Still, Delta was on the smaller side, and they could feel every centimeter of Mistress that was inside of her. But that wasn't a bad thing — each bump on it hit a different part Delta needed to be hit, and the girth of it actually fit nicely inside of them.

    "Yes, it does," Delta groaned.

    "Good, because once I start, I'm not going to stop unless I have to. Is that understood?"

    "Yes, Mistress," they said. They were sure that 'unless I have to' meant she would stop if Delta was in pain. As much as she liked to seem mean, she wasn't actually that cruel...


    She started going at them, starting with slow thrusts, slowly going deeper and deeper with every movement. Delta moaned softly to start, and as the pace quickened they started crying out in pleasure, each thrust feeling more and more good, filling them up more and more, and making them feel more and more hot and aroused. They clutched at the sheets as their Mistress dug her long nails into Delta's skin, leaving even more marks around their shoulders. Delta didn't care about that — all they cared about was getting more, and more, and feeling pleasure from this for the first time they could remember. It felt amazing. She was so good. Not even just because she checked in with Delta so frequently, but also because her motions were perfect.

    Delta's moans became muffled when their Mistress leaned in to kiss them again, this kiss even more passionate and harder. The kiss encouraged their Mistress to go even faster and even deeper, and for Delta to spread their legs wider, welcoming in all of it. The two were both crying out, needing more from each other, and still getting as much as they could.

    Their Mistress pulled back from the kiss, grinning down at Delta.

    "You are such a good fucking plaything, such a good purchase," she told them through her teeth. "I couldn't ask for a better toy, a better ditzy and empty-headed slut," she kept going on with her insults, and it was clear that was getting her closer and closer. "Oh god, you're going to make me finish, like the whore you are. Fuck, fuck—" she let out one final cry, shooting straight into Delta with a few final pushes. Delta could feel her warmth, deep inside and coating their pussy walls. She definitely had a lot in her, and she kept going for almost an entire minute. 

    She let out a few huffed sighs, trying to regain her breath as she slowly pulled out, a bit of her semen dripping out of Delta as well. Delta must have come at least once or twice from the experience as well. The two of them both glowed, and they were sharing it with each other.

    Their Mistress laid in Delta's presence for a bit, running a finger down their neck gently. "You are the best $300,000 I've ever spent."

    Delta blinked. You've spent $300,000 on something before? and then realized the answer was probably 'yes, and more'. Their Mistress gave them one final kiss, this one not intrusive at all, and then she got up to clean herself off with a nearby paper towel and then get her clothes back on. Soon after, she reclothed Delta as well, who couldn't move at all — if they tried to stand up, they would probably collapse immediately.

    "Thank me," she ordered.

    Delta took one final breath to compose themself. "Thank you, Mistress."

    Their Mistress moved to the side of the bed and pushed Delta to the other side, getting up next to them and lying down. Delta looked at her quizzically, not used to her being so affectionate and soft towards them.

    "I'm just going to lie here, for a bit," she said, putting one of her arms around Delta to spoon them. "I take it that's okay."

    Delta closed their eyes. They were tired, but they didn't expect to fall asleep. After all, it was only nine p.m. or so, and they still were filled with that frantic energy from sex. Cuddling didn't sound so bad.

    "Yes, Mistress."

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