Bouquet Bound

First Encounters

by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #auctions #D/s #f/nb #intelligence_play #plurality #pov:bottom #transgender_characters #degradation #dom:female #edging #humiliation #orgasm_denial #ownership_dynamics #punishment #romance #sadomasochism #sub:nb #wealth_fantasy
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Delta shifted uncomfortably as the woman ran her hands down their face. Their breath turned shallow. Something about this woman struck a chord in them. Not necessarily in a bad way — it was more that Delta didn't feel like they belonged in her presence, let alone in front of her, being touched by her.

Delta didn't think she was attractive — they had to not think that. Anything else would be dangerous. They were supposed to resent their owner, weren't they?

Their eyes moved away, trying to find anything that would reassure them that their situation wasn't as bleak as it looked. They found nothing, obviously. They were owned by this person. A literal piece of property, and there was nothing they could do about it. Their heart rate sped up as they fidgeted with their hands.

The dead silence reminded them that they had been talked to, and should probably respond. They stammered a bit, breathing in deeply for once as they tried to find the words. "Um... uh... hi."

If the silence hadn't felt suffocating enough, waiting for a response to their pathetic answer was excruciating.

"Um, sorry, that was — that was the wrong, um..."

They waited desperately for something to be said in response. Instead, she just smiled, a bit more sadistic and amused than her previous grin had been.

"Aw, your brain is already melting in my presence," she cooed, and Delta heard a bit of laughter in her voice. They shrunk, realizing the laughter was aimed at them. "That excites me, for what I can do later to you."

Delta didn't respond. They felt that was the right way to go about things. Be quiet, and don't say anything to make her mad. That was what they knew — don't step on people's toes, and maybe they wouldn't get hurt as much.

"Your name is Delta, correct?"

"Um... yes, that's my name." Sort of a lie, but mostly the truth. She didn't need to know. It was surprising enough that they were actually getting called an actual name.

"I won't be using it much, though," she laughed. "You can call me Mistress. In fact — no. That's what you will call me."

Delta nodded, their eyes still darting around.

"Look at me, straight in the eyes. Now," she ordered, and Delta immediately complied with a shiver. "It's disrespectful to avoid looking your Mistress in the eyes. After all, nothing could possibly be more important than me to you right now."

Delta nodded. They tried to focus as hard as they could on meeting her gaze. Her eyes had a certain intensity to them that made Delta feel like their skin was melting away. She was imposing, and that vibe put Delta off — and yet, despite the situation, it was not necessarily in a bad way.

"I'm sorry," they stammered out finally, biting their lip.

"Say, 'I'm sorry, Mistress.'"

"...I'm sorry, Mistress."

"Good, good," she smiled. Her hand went down Delta's cheek, and continued down their body. Delta tensed up as her hand reached down their chest, to their stomach, stopping right above their crotch as she noticed Delta's breathing becoming wild and disjointed.

Delta closed their eyes, and tried to stabilize their breathing. They checked, meanwhile, if Kassandra was there. Nothing. For all her talk of being a protector, Kassandra wasn't exactly doing a great job.

"Calm down." Her voice was much more serious and tense now, and it was clear she was getting frustrated with Delta hanging on the edge of nervous breakdown. "Why are you so nervous? Am I scaring you?" That last question was soft, very different from her commanding tone moments before.

"No!" Delta immediately said. "I just — I just, um, I just get nervous, and I mean, I don't really... know... you..." Delta's voice became smaller as they spoke, realizing they probably said too much. They tried to read their new Mistress's expression, but wasn't able to. "I'm sorry, I... I'm not, um..." Delta's eyes moved down as they said what came to mind. "I'm not really that smart."

Delta mentally punched themself for such a pathetic excuse. I'm not really that smart? Really? Well, apparently not...

Their Mistress seemed to try not to burst out laughing for a minute, but couldn't help herself, her face growing red as she laughed too hard to breathe.

"Really? I couldn't have guessed," she choked out. "Do you happen to know how many brain cells you have? Couldn't be past the single digits, I wager."

They said nothing. For some reason, them being laughed at calmed them down in an odd manner. It was almost like they felt validated, in a way.

Oh, god. Was being degraded a turn-on for them? That realization in and of itself was degrading as they subtly clamped their knees together. Luckily, she didn't seem to notice. Delta couldn't help but let out an embarrassed laugh.

"What, did one of your brain cells find that funny?" the lady scoffed.

Delta didn't respond to that. They focused all their energy on just looking her straight in the eyes, as uncomfortable as that was.

"Do you know why I bought you?"

Delta paused, and then shook their head.

"Because out of everyone at the auction, you were the only one who stood out. I knew you were perfect for me."

The only thing Delta thought was... Why? They didn't dare ask that, of course. They knew she would take that as questioning her, and they were sure she wouldn't take kindly to that.

As if she could read Delta's mind, the lady's hand found its way back to Delta's cheek. After a moment of caressing the soft skin, Delta was met with a harsh, unexpected slap to their face. They let out a yelp of pain.

"I see the look in your eyes," she purred as Delta turned their face back, their eyes quivering a bit. "It isn't hard to read such a simple book, after all. You were wondering why I knew you were perfect for me, weren't you?"

They clenched their teeth nervously, balling up their fists. "Um, yes. I'm sorry. Um, I'm sorry, Mistress, I mean. I won't do it again."

"You won't," she nodded, the calm yet cruel smile slowly returning to her face. "I know you're not too smart, but I think you're smart enough to follow orders."

Delta nodded, knowing that saying something self-deprecating in response to that would not result in good times.

"In fact," she continued, "if you do find it in you to willingly disobey, I'll have to find a way to properly respond to that. And it won't be fun for you."

"I, um, I understand, Mistress," Delta stammered, their arms tensing up at the thought of getting punished.

"I think that's enough getting to know each other. Take off your shirt," she ordered.

Delta was too shocked to hesitate, especially after what she had just implied. They reached for the bottom of their shirt and slowly pulled it over their head, leaving their top half bare, save for their bra. They looked away, finding it hard to maintain the eye contact with their embarrassment.

"I'll take this off," she mused as she moved up against Delta's skin, closing any last bit of distance between the two. Delta found it difficult not to instinctively step back, but the choice was quickly taken from them as her arms closed around their chest, reaching for the back of their bra as she expertly undid the knots in the back. She did it so quickly, it was almost like they'd had this encounter a million times already. For all Delta knew, maybe she had, with other playthings and toys.

She pulled the black garment away, and Delta immediately covered up their chest with their arms, finally breaking the eye contact. They didn't look far enough to not notice that their Mistress's face twisted into a mask of frustration.

"What are you doing?" she scolded softly. "Are you ashamed of your body?"

Delta realized they messed up. "Um, no... Sorry."

"Put your arms at your side, and stand up straight."

They complied, showing the top part of their body in full glory. Their tits were on the larger side, matching their larger frame — nice and round, with soft nipples at the middle-bottom. Their Mistress nodded appreciatively.

"I paid good money for your body. I'm going to have you make me sure I didn't waste a single cent."

"Yes, Mistress," they mumbled, feeling ashamed yet oddly empowered by the insinuation they were worth something.

She started her hands down at the middle of Delta's waist, and moved her way up towards where she wanted. Delta shivered a bit at the feeling of someone else being so close to them. And this was somehow so deeply intimate, far more so than any of their other encounters had been.

Once she reached Delta's breasts, she became much more rough and demanding, grabbing and prodding and getting to know their body, like it was hers — well, it was now. Delta winced from the pain of being handled so roughly.

"I'm so, so glad I finally have these," she growled through her teeth, her grin clearly showing she was enjoying her plaything, enjoying having her own living property that could talk and breathe and be bent to do whatever she wanted.

Delta was at a loss for words. On one hand, they knew they should hate the idea of being someone's property, someone's toy... but on the other hand, they found it sort of comforting that they didn't have a choice in the matter. They felt sick, being someone who took pleasure in being abused and toyed around with. Someone who shouldn't be allowed to make decisions for themselves. Their legs clamped again, instinctively. They really were enjoying this.

Delta's stream of thoughts was interrupted as their Mistress grabbed them by the shoulders and pushed them against the bed, pinning them down with a yelp of surprise. Their eyes widened and their body tensed, completely overwhelmed. Their Mistress let out a soft and cruel laugh.

"You are so, so pathetic," she cooed, delivering a sharp slap to Delta's face. "You think I didn't notice? How much did you enjoy being talked down to and insulted? You're an open book, but one at a second-grade reading level."

Delta clenched their teeth, breathing heavily through them. They could not deny how much this was getting them worked up — they wanted more, they needed more, they needed to be taken apart bit by bit and put back together, they —

"You needy, worthless whore. Here you are, having been bought by someone as amazing as me like a fucking toy, like the piece of meat you are, and you're enjoying it. You really like being tossed around like a party favor, don't you?"

Yes, yes, yes! Delta screamed silently, feeling a sick pleasure in how good it felt to drill her words into their head. Pathetic. Worthless. Needy. Stupid. That was all they were. To them, in this moment, it somehow was fun not having the choice to be anything else. It somehow was safe.

Their sick entertainment was only enhanced when their Mistress dug her nails into Delta's skin by their shoulders. She needed Delta, too. She was clearly very experienced, but in the way that she never really got what she wanted. And they were what she wanted. She moved her lips over to kiss Delta's neck roughly, biting into it and holding her teeth there. She basked in Delta's cries of pain and pleasure, leaving a nice, big mark on the left side of their neck — one that couldn't easily be covered by a shirt.

"I love leaving marks to show off what's mine," she hissed, grinning as she ran two long, slender fingers over the mark. "And I'm going to make sure everyone knows you belong to me." Delta's eyes moved to try to look at the mark. "I'm going to leave you with so many marks that you won't even be able to recognize yourself in a mirror."

Delta's breathing grew heavier, their face desperate. They wanted that right now.

"Oh, so you like that thought? Let's just fucking go for it, then," she laughed.

She left another mark. Then another, and two more, and three more. Delta screamed harder each time, their moans filling the room and getting both of them more and more pent up. Each mark was larger, more defined than the last one. She bit all over Delta's body — mostly on the neck and shoulders, but some around their breasts and arms.

"The next time I see you, after you look in a mirror, I expect you to tell me how much you enjoy how you look," she ordered. Delta nodded, trying to hide their excitement and failing. She laughed cruelly.

"I'm going to... explore, some more," she said, beginning to grope at various parts of Delta's body. They didn't enjoy this as much — they were painfully aware how much bigger they were than her — but they didn't really have much of a choice. Their Mistress didn't seem to comment on it, but Delta knew it wasn't because she didn't notice.

Once she got to their upper arms, she gave them a nice squeeze, then stopped and squeezed again with a curious expression. Delta looked at her, the question plain on their face.

"You're very... defined."

"Oh." They blinked. "I, um, enjoy working out. Or did. I haven't, uh, in a while, but, um, I—"

"No need to talk anymore, plaything," she interrupted. "I will... keep this in mind."

Delta nodded.

"Take off your pants. Now."

Delta struggled to get past them to do so, but they ripped off their pants as quickly as possible, not wanting to wait any longer themself. Their panties were a light gray with no design or really anything noticeable about them. Their Mistress seemed... disappointed at that.

"Really?" she said, narrowing her eyes at Delta.

"Um... it's... what I have," they explained sheepishly.

"Well, I'll be sure to get you more," she huffed. "Luckily, this dull pair won't be on much longer."

Without any more hesitation, she started tearing them off. Delta tried to close their knees together out of embarrassment, but their legs were forced apart by her hands. Once she was done getting them off, having to have gotten their legs off the ground to get them fully off their body, she looked up and admired her property.

"You were such a worthy, worthy purchase," she breathed, running a hand along their waistline, just barely above their crotch. Delta's breathing intensified and they clutched the sheets with their fists, their face a bright pink. "I can't wait to get to know every inch of you."

Her hands eventually reached their inner thighs, the contact making them melt even more. Clearly out of patience, she suddenly grabbed Delta's crotch, making them jump as their eyes widened.

"You're really just going to allow this to happen? You're going to allow yourself to be used and abused? You know this is going to be the rest of your life, right? Or were you too stupid to figure that out?" she laughed, continuing to tease and degrade them as her hand started running against their cunt, getting harder and more intense with every word she uttered. Delta's moans became more and more pronounced. Their eyes rolled back, their mind losing any last thoughts they might have. "God, you are so turned on. It's so sad, merely treating you like a slut is enough to give you what you want. Do you have any shame at all?"

Delta didn't respond with coherent words, their brain failing to form an actual response.

"Wow," she cooed. "How pathetic. Well, I'm not going to wait any longer for you to magically gain some intelligence."

She pulled back a little, leaving Delta dismayed over being edged and having to cool back down as she pulled off her dress and leggings. Delta was not expecting to see a bulge on her crotch underneath her leggings, along with some puddles of wetness. They tried to formulate a question.


"I'm transgender, yes," she said, her expression suddenly serious. It looked as close as Delta thought they'd ever see to vulnerability in her. "Given your own gender situation, I'm going to assume that's not a problem?"

Delta bit their lip. "No, not at all, Mistress."

"I thought so," she smirked, pulling off her leggings and then her underwear, which was much more intricate and beautiful than Delta's. Delta stared in awe, trying not to drool like the slut they were.

"I'm not going to fuck you just yet," she said. One hand returned to Delta's clit and the other to her own cock. "I just don't feel like it, and you will have to deal with that."

Delta nodded, too distracted to think about anything else as her hands returned to their previous intensity.

"You know, it's really not right," she remarked as she began building herself and Delta back up. "I'm the one doing all the hard work. I'm not supposed to be doing any work. I own you now, and I ordered you — so you're supposed to be doing all the work. So, what, then? Are you just going to lie there and be a lazy whore?"

Delta shook their head, trying to say something like 'no, Mistress,' but all that came out was gibberish, earning them another cruel laugh.

"Well, I'm going to make sure you learn every single way," she said, enunciating every word carefully, "to be my perfect plaything. I'm going to train you so hard that," she groaned, interrupting her ministrations, "that you know nothing but pleasing me, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress!" Delta cried out as their own pleasure built.

"Good, good, plaything." She kept going on the both of them, making sure both of them were getting as close as possible. Both of them stopped being able to say actual words, though their Mistress's murmurings still somehow felt like they had an insulting sting. They both got closer, and closer, hitting just the right spots. Delta's legs turned to jelly as they got just to the edge.

"Are you ready?" she asked, grinning maniacally. "Are you going to go over the edge for me?"

"Yes, yes I am!"

"And are you going to thank me?"

"Yes! Thank you!" they screamed. "Thank you so, so much, Mistress!"

"Wow, you are so slutty and stupid. Thanking me for touching you. Well, fine. Go over. Now."

Delta couldn't take anymore — being insulted and ordered and both was so, so good. They felt their cunt fill them with such lovely sensations, over and over again. They peaked, feeling their body reach the ceiling and float back down. Their entire body was wracked with pleasure. They couldn't stop shaking and crying out, not when they felt so, so good.

Their pleasure seemed to have an effect on their Mistress, who couldn't stop moaning as well. Her hand became quicker, grabbing tighter, and she finished as well — all over Delta's crotch and stomach. Delta felt even more embarrassed, which only gave fuel to their orgasm, filling their mind with such raw images and thoughts. Her cum felt so nice and warm on their body as it dripped onto the sheets and floor.

The two spent some time close to each other, feeling each other's skin and warmth. If this was to be their new life, they didn't have much to complain about. They really did hit the jackpot.

"I... am going to go grab some towels," their Mistress said, getting up and walking away. Delta laid on the edge of the bed, still processing what just happened. While alone, Delta checked again to see if Kassandra was around. They knew she was somewhere, but she certainly wasn't around to witness this... which, to be honest, was a good thing.

Eventually, their Mistress came back with a good amount of paper towels, wiping Delta off efficiently. Delta enjoyed the feeling of being cleaned off, even if they could still feel the sensation lingering.

"You were very good."

Delta blinked, and their Mistress looked back up at them.

"What? Don't look at me like I just told you I'm letting you go."

"I... okay, Mistress."

"I am going to go prepare the shower for both of us," she announced, getting back up.

Something occurred to Delta as she began to leave. "Wait! I mean, um, wait, Mistress."

She turned around, narrowing her eyes at Delta. "What is it, plaything?"

"What's... what's your name?" they asked, gulping down and hoping that was an okay question to ask.

She didn't get angry, only amused, so they were probably safe. "You might find out, later," she winked, turning around and heading out of the room towards the bathroom.

Delta was left alone. Their mind spun in circles, remembering every second of what just happened. They just wanted to burn it into their mind — to be perfectly honest, they'd never had that much fun in a sexual encounter ever before. She was...

Before they could bask in it anymore, they heard a sharp, demanding voice.

"Delta!" Kassandra cried out. "Delta! Are you okay?!"

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