Bouquet Bound

Business Party

by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #auctions #D/s #f/nb #intelligence_play #plurality #pov:bottom #transgender_characters #degradation #dom:female #edging #humiliation #orgasm_denial #ownership_dynamics #punishment #romance #sadomasochism #sub:nb #wealth_fantasy
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Lily gets to join their Mistress for a "fun night" of being arm candy, and more.

"I'd like you to accompany me tonight," their Mistress had said.

Lily hadn't been expecting to be invited to anywhere other than their bedroom, or on a date with just the two of them. They hadn't really got invited to anywhere for the past year. Being owned and treated like property had meant they pretty much had one use, and companion wasn't it.

They were even more surprised as their Mistress explained what they were accompanying her to. She was attending a business gathering for her company; most of the higher-ups were going to be there, along with their wives, husbands, spouses, or just close friends.

"It's going to be very exquisite and high-end, so I expect you to be on your best behavior," their Mistress had told them, and Lily, still stunned in surprise, just went with the flow. They still had no idea why they were being invited, or what their purpose was going to be other than 'arm candy' - surely she didn't think of them as a spouse, more like a toy or a pet - but they didn't really have a choice. So, resolving to just do their best not to embarrass their Mistress, they'd put on the dress they had, did their makeup, and put on the high heels with a grimace. Their Mistress had said they wouldn't need to do much walking.

They arrived at a neutral place by the venue, and walked in together with Lily's arm around their Mistress's. As they'd suspected, their role was just to be arm candy. Their ride had been a tad late, though, and their Mistress assured them the driver would be well cussed out for it.

The first few hours went well, or at least, that's what Lily thought. The entire thing was a blur, because they couldn't understand any of it, so they just nodded and smiled. Lily pretended to be interested in their business affairs, even though they were just saying empty affirmations when it sounded right. Their Mistress seemed a lot more interested in what the others had to say, and so, for the most part, Lily was just a pretty face, another victory for their Mistress.

Some people actually seemed interested in Lily, though. No one really understood the whole fighting game thing, aside from one executive who their Mistress had introduced as the CTO - who their Mistress had immediately shot a death-glare at when he excitedly told them his main was Decidueye - but everyone else just feigned interest. Their nods and smiles grew significantly less empty when Lily mentioned they were getting into painting, though they were less than impressed when Lily actually showed them a couple of examples they'd saved on their phone. Lily could take a hint, and after a couple of pitying looks, stopped bringing it up.

They noticed that no one actually referred to their Mistress by name. It was always 'Boss,' 'My Lady,' or whatnot. One person, who seemed to know their Mistress better, called her 'M' like the people at the mall had. Lily was secretly glad that no one actually called her 'Mistress' other than themself. They were jealous that everyone was getting more attention than them, though. They really had gotten spoiled, always getting their Mistress's attention all the time. 

People were eyeing them every now and then. Many of the looks were of curiosity, people who were wondering who their Mistress's new toy was. But some... they looked hungry. Lily was confused, at first. The attention made them feel flattered, but they didn't know how to handle it, and they were worried what people's intentions were. People of all kinds were looking at them - men, women, anyone in between, young, and even some people with graying hair. Lily shuddered a little at thinking of all their onlookers, and what they were thinking of. They almost wanted to ask their Mistress what was going on, but they didn't want to disturb any of her conversations.

The food was good. Lily had a few drinks, and just like last time, their Mistress didn't touch a drop. The inebriation helped them calm down a little, though they weren't nearly drunk enough for it to impact their behavior in a way that would embarrass their Mistress. They made sure of that.

Things were going well, though. At least, for the first hour or so. Their Mistress waved them into another room. Lily's stomach dropped, worried they said or did something wrong.

They instead were met with shock as their Mistress shoved them onto a mattress, chaining their wrists to two poles on the wall. Lily began to panic. This... was new.

"W-what are you doing, Mistress?" they gulped, their voice shaky and panicked.

"I'm going to leave you here to be entertainment for the guests," she said offhandedly as she finished cuffing Lily's wrists to the posts. She went down and, despite Lily's attempts to twist away, she tore their underwear off their legs.

The blood drained from Lily's face. She couldn't be serious, could she? Their Mistress was essentially leaving them there for people - any of the people they met, and more - to force themselves on them.

"Please, wait!" Lily finally cried out. Their Mistress looked up in annoyance. "I... I don't know if I can do this. I don't know any of these people. I'm scared. What if I get hurt? What if..."


Just hearing their new name in her calm, stern tone eased their nerves. Their heart was still pounding. They knew their Mistress wouldn't hurt them... well, she wouldn't hurt them badly. But they didn't know any of these other people. They didn't know their intentions, or if they even understood consent as a concept, or if they would keep going if Lily was in pain.

"Do you want to do this?"

Lily bit their lip and paused, trying to find their words. Their Mistress sighed and stepped back, putting a hand on her forehead.

"Perhaps this was too much to do out of the blue," she sighed again, that concerned expression coming back. "Do you want to do this, Lily? You're allowed to say no... rather, I order you to tell me if you're alright with this."

Lily inhaled, gathering their thoughts, feeling that surge of pleasure rise as they prepared to obey her order.

"I... I mean, if it makes you happy, it would... yeah, it'd make me happy. I guess I'm just... nervous. Is that okay? I've never done anything like this."

Their Mistress' concerned expression tilted, a small smirk appearing on her lips. "Would you like me to decide for you?"

Lily eagerly nodded. Having to decide on their own was too stressful. "If it's... if it's okay that I might not do, um, do well, I'm pretty nervous."

"Okay? Why, that's perfect," she smiled, a cruel glimmer returning to her eyes. "I'll just have to calm you down to make this easier for you. I know you're not smart enough to do that yourself." Their Mistress sat down on top of them, her weight somehow feeling comforting and reassuring. She pulled a pocket watch out of the side of her jacket, a beautiful one that gleamed royal blue and silver hues.

"What is your truth, Lily? What have I told you, drilled into your thick skull within trance and without, even though you already know?"

The bound submissive paused to catch their breath. They hadn't noticed that their breathing had gotten heavy, but now it seemed deafening. "That obedience is pleasure."

"Good. And you want to be obedient, right? Because that brings pleasure, and pleasure is obedience, too, remember? Don't you want to do what I say?"

"...Yes, Mistress," they sighed, hanging on her every word with rapt attention.

"Look at this watch, and don't you dare turn your eyes away." Their Mistress hung the clock in front of Lily, who focused as hard as they could, although the surge of pleasure doing so brought made the task much harder. But pleasure was obedience, and they felt so good. So they watched the clock. Their heart was still beating a frantic rhythm in their ears, and their breathing was still jagged and unsteady, but as they watched the clock tilt back and forth, that seemed to be less important. As the clock's hands ticked forward, Lily already felt themself becoming calmer, sinking more into her words, more and more suggestible. Seeing their Mistress behind that clock was also reassuring, easing their tension. They were hers, and she... she would take care of her Lily...

"I know that relaxing might be difficult right now, but I want you to take some deep breaths." Lily automatically, before they'd even registered she'd spoken, was already doing what she asked. Slowly, rhythmically, she began to speak. "Breathe in... and hold... and out... and in..."

Lily breathed in and out slowly to her words, following her voice as the nervous energy drained from their arms, torso, legs, leaving them floating. With each tick of the clock, anxiety fell away more and more to serenity, bringing them deeper with each syllable that their Mistress spoke. 

"Feel the red mist coming back. It's filling you up, and your body is slowly returning to mist. From the top of your head... down your face... flowing through your eyes, your nose, your lips, your chin... and now, down further, through your neck, then your shoulders..." As she spoke, Lily's attention shifted from her words, and all they could feel was the mist. Nothing else mattered. Just the mist, and them breathing it in, and it flowing, as they watched the clock with eyes that were no longer anything but mist...

"As you return to mist, you're in such a deep place within yourself, nothing but darkness surrounding you, and all you are is mist. And in that void, now, you can hear my words. There is nothing there besides the mist... and my words. Nothing but my words, guiding you, molding you into who I want you to be... and mist changes so easily, doesn't it? So easy to let it be shaped, and I know you want that so, so much. Since you're such an eager plaything, that is." She stopped to take a breath, letting the mist drift in the silence, in her words. "Now, Lily, my mist, I want to ask you some questions. You'll answer with 'yes, Mistress' or 'no, Mistress.' Now, my mist, what is obedience?"

"Yes, Mistress," the mist automatically responded, their words slurred and drawn out. "Obedience is pleasure."

"And what is pleasure?"

"Yes, Mistress... obedience," the mist sighed.

"Do you want to follow my orders?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Do you want to follow my orders, which are to spend tonight pleasuring other people?"

Eyebrows twitched for a moment, and the mist took longer to reply. Then, the mist smiled faintly. "Yes, Mistress."

"Do you want to make them happy, obey their commands and be a cumdump for them this entire evening?"

"Yes, Mistress." No hesitation that time.

"Do you want to complain, or reject their orders?"

"No, Mistress."

"And why?"

"Yes, Mistress. Because obedience is pleasure."

"Correct." There was a pause, and the mist understood that the questions had been asked. Now, it was time to be molded. 

"Whenever someone wants to go into you, you're going to become wet and needy, and open wide for them," she breathed, dragging a finger along the mist's pussy with the hand not holding the clock, slowly inserting her fingers and stretching the mist apart. The mist didn't feel any pain, though, as the mist followed her words, opening up and becoming more comfortable even when she put in two, three fingers in. In addition, the mist was becoming wetter, and the mist let out a moan without being able to stop it. She began moving her fingers, going in and out, and the mist couldn't help but cry out, even as deep as the mist was. Eventually, she stopped, sliding her fingers against the mist's inner thighs to clean them off.

"Just like that. Wet, needy, and open," she said, the smile evident even with the mist's eyes closed. "In your cunt, and in your mouth. You'll be used over and over again, and you're going to enjoy it. Won't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good, good," she cooed. "You're doing so well. You're so, so good for me. I am lucky to have someone as loyal and loving as you are, Lily."

The mist couldn't help but smile - the mist was her Lily, and was loyal and loving.

"My lovely, loyal Lily."

Lily, her mist, smiled wider.

"Just like that, you feel the mist draining away, your self returning, leaving you only with that wonderful obedience, that excitement, willingness to obey, to let yourself be used for the night. By anyone, by everyone." She paused. "Unless they actually harm you. You are mine, after all, and it wouldn't do to break my things. Now, on the count of ten, you're going to come up, waking up fully so you can give everyone your undivided attention. One, two, three, four..."

As their Mistress counted, she slipped the clock into her pocket. As she said the word ten, Lily was fully awake. They were stiff, but it didn't really matter. They were chained up, and didn't really have to move to obey. The thought of obedience gave them a thrill.

"Are you awake?"

"Yes, Mistress," they responded automatically.

"And you're feeling better about your plans for the evening?"

"Yes, Mistress," they smiled.

"I'm glad. Have fun, plaything," their Mistress said, and gave them a soft kiss before walking over to the door. When she opened it, Lily saw a line of eager people already outside of the door. A bit of their anxiety returned as they imagined what would have happened if they said no. All those people, there for nothing... but... they were there for... 

Their breathing sped up again, as their Mistress nodded to the first person in line. "You can come in now."

Lily clenched their legs, entirely aware how wet they were, as the first person walked in. She was a tall lady, with a regal twenties cocktail dress, shoulder length blond hair, and what was probably around five pounds of makeup.

"So, you're the Boss' new toy, huh?" she scoffed.

"Um... I suppose so," Lily smiled nervously. "Um, my name i-is Lily..."

She didn't even glance as they spoke to her. Instead, she went up to them and spread her legs over their chest, literally shoving in their face that she wasn't wearing any panties. She kneeled down so she was sitting on them, and then gave them a quick slap across the face. Her slap was softer than their Mistress's, though. But it still hurt.

"I didn't ask for your name, dumbass. I don't care enough. Apologize."

"O-okay. I-I'm sorry, miss."

She smirked, showing a set of impeccably pearly white teeth. "'Miss.' I like that." She stood up again, her wet cunt so close it was impossible to ignore. "You're going to eat me out while I sit on your face. Got it?"

"Y-yes, Miss," Lily nodded quickly. Obedience was pleasure.

"Get to it, then," she snarled, shoving her pussy down into Lily's face. They found themself short of breath in moments, and they frantically tried to reorient their face so they could get some air.

"The hell are you doing? I said get to it." The lady grabbed a handful of Lily's hair and dragged their mouth up to her clit. Lily, obediently - since pleasure was obedience, and they would pleasure her - began alternating between licking and sucking it. They hadn't had much experience with eating people out - none of their partners who they'd had in the past had cunts - so they were frantically trying to figure out exactly what to do.

They apparently weren't doing it right, though. She grabbed a handful of their hair to drive that message home. "Harder, you dolt!"

Lily strained their neck, getting closer to her clit, and began licking it harder. This time, they went in circles with their tongue, grabbing it with their lips to suck on it hard every so often. She let out a moan of pleasure, of their obedience, this time, and she unconsciously shifted her hips to drive herself deeper into Lily's mouth. Their cheeks and nose were soaked, both with their own saliva and with the lady's cum. She grabbed Lily's hands, still attached to the posts, and used them as leverage to ride their face harder. 

"You really like doing what I tell you to do, don't you? You make a fine toy for her," she cooed, in between pants from going up and down their face. "The Boss is so damn lucky to have you. If only I was just a bit higher up, maybe I'd have you to myself weekly..."

Lily knew something was wrong with that, but couldn't quite place what. And whatever they thought, all that they could make was a muffled groan.

"I didn't ask you to talk, pet. Pet. Huh. Maybe I should train you to get even better. And... and, and then, then I... - ah!"

She stopped talking as her body tensed, back arching in orgasm, squirting a bit into Lily's mouth. Their mouth obediently remained open, and they had no choice but to swallow as the lady sat on them, cooling off from her orgasm. She was shivering, and it took a while before she stilled enough to, shakily, get off of Lily's face. Lily inhaled deeply, trying to catch their breath. They moved to wipe themself off, but the chains reminded them quite quickly they weren't going to be doing anything like that.

Lily cocked their head in confusion as the lady picked up a sharpie that had been lying next to them, then gasped as she drew a line on their thigh, stark and visible against their pale skin.

"Just to keep count. And don't bother trying to clean that up. You'll just be getting dirty again," she snorted, readjusting her dress and heading for the door. As she turned the knob to open it, she turned around and gave them a wink.

"Thanks for the ride. Have a good niiight," she sang, humming as she opened the door and walked out, and Lily swore the line was even larger than before. If they weren't obeying so well, they might be nervous. As it was, the thought of more obedience was a warm thrill.

The next person that walked in was, to Lily's surprise, not alone. It was three older men with a dusting of gray hair, each in fancy business suits. Lily could see their dicks making tents in their pants, probably at the thought of sharing someone so gorgeous - at least, that's how they'd been told they looked. 

"Hello, Lily," one of them said. They didn't know him, so why was he greeting them as if they did? Still reeling from their last encounter, though, they couldn't find the energy to form a response. "I assume you're having an... interesting night?"

"Y...yes," they panted. "I... guess so?"

"We're, uh, business partners. And the Boss offered, so this seemed like a good... activity for us to bond."

Lily felt a bit uncomfortable from the awkwardness, although that might have just been the fact they were chained up, to be used by anyone. Honestly, they didn't know. They didn't have to.

They just had to obey.

"Okay," they nodded.

Without saying another word to Lily, and only a few mumbled words of coordination between themselves, one sat himself down in front of Lily, and the other two stood to either side. The chain on their left hand was released, though the man to their left grabbed their hand before they were able to properly move their arm around, putting it to his crotch.

"Fondle me," he ordered, and so Lily obeyed, feeling around the front of his pants. They knew more about dealing with dicks, so they knew where to squeeze, where to glide their fingers up and down, where to linger, to play with his rock hard shaft through his pants. Eventually the teasing was too much, and he unzipped his pants, allowing Lily's hand to get even closer. They could feel him twitching between their fingers, clearly impatient.

Lily heard something else unzip. The guy in front grabbed their chin before they could look to see what it had been, and roughly turned their head to face his now-out hard dick, already dripping some beads of pre. He gave a quick tug to Lily's hair, and they cried out - in surprise, not really in pain. 

"Wider," he ordered, and Lily once again obeyed. Obedience was pleasure, even for people they didn't know. Even as they tried to obey, though, it clearly wasn't fast enough. He didn't wait another moment, shoving his dick into their mouth. They started to suck on it, but he wasn't impressed with their efforts, and pulled them closer by their hair, grunting in satisfaction. They almost let go of the other one's dick, but he grabbed their hand, not letting them escape. Lily was nearly gagging on the cock in her mouth, but they still looked up at him, eyes silently urging him to keep going. He was getting off on this. And obedient little Lily wanted nothing more. 

The one to their right finally joined in, undoing his underwear and their other handcuff, pulling the newly freed hand to his dick. As if handling three needy cocks wasn't enough already, the man at their left finally got rid of his pants and underwear. Now they had to deal with a cock inside of them - he navigated behind them, slamming himself into their cunt. They would have let out a cry of pleasure, even without their Mistress' hypnosis making the penetration feel wonderful, but the moans were muffled by another guy's dick - someone who was now fucking them even faster, clearly enjoying their attempts to cry in pleasure.

Lily was beginning to get overwhelmed, but they couldn't stop. They were feeling so much pleasure, and that just meant they had to obey. They could feel some precum from the guy to their right drip on their dress, which, in any other frame of mind, would have upset them. But they were too distracted. He grabbed their wrist, forcing them to grab harder, stroke faster. The other two sped up along with him, and Lily couldn't help but drool, inflamed by the burning, soaking need in their cunt. The three men were clearly as aroused as they were, by their twitching, blissed-out faces.

"Why... don't we all finish... on three?" the man fucking their pussy panted.

"Sounds... good," the one to their right said, just as out of breath, and the one in front nodded.

"One, two..."

They couldn't wait for three. Within seconds of each other, they came, covering Lily inside and out. The one in their mouth pulled out slightly as he came, letting them taste it, and then got out of their mouth to spray the rest on their face. The one who they'd been giving a handjob to had leaned over their chest, and had got his load all over Lily's tits and dress. The last one didn't pull out as he dumped everything into their pussy.

The men took a moment to calm down and catch their breath before stepping back from Lily, cleaning themselves up and then redoing their pants. They all looked completely exhausted, but it wasn't a bad exhaustion.

"Well, thank you for the fun time, Lily," one of them smiled tiredly at them. Lily gave a smile back. They had obeyed so well! The three men drew the proof of that on their thigh in black sharpie. They shivered as the idea of how ruined they had to look passed through their mind, combined with the pleasure that was obedience. They barely noticed as their wrists were chained back to the post. 

Lily looked back out the door. There was still a line. A part of them dreaded it. How long this was going to go on for? But another part of them enjoyed it, and that part was far, far stronger. All the opportunities to obey, to have all they were doing make people happy. To make their Mistress happy. To feel pleasure, and that was also to obey.

The next person who walked in was significantly younger. He looked down at them with a plastic smile.

"Man, you are filthy," he snorted, and unlike the smile, that expression felt real. A sharp thrill ran through them at the degradation. "I wonder just how dirty you're going to get tonight? Happy to contribute however I can."

Without waiting for a response, he pulled down his pants. Lily blinked as they saw a bright purple strap-on, before their sex-addled mind finally understood. Despite being a toy, it was much bigger than the dicks they had previously taken, tonight or otherwise. Would it be too big for them? Would it hurt? Although... they remembered their Mistress pulling them open, driving in her fingers to drive in the point. They would be wet, needy, and open. They flushed, fear turning to excitement.

"You're pretty turned on," he noted as he entered their soaking wet pussy effortlessly, their arousal and remnants of the last group making it easy. "I wonder how little it'd take to bring you over the edge."

He flicked a switch at the base of his toy, and a low hum filled Lily's ears. If they had been having a hard time holding back until now, they were stretched close to breaking with this. And then, he entered them. The strange experience of a vibrating cock that was still attached to a person was new, somehow different from how a dildo felt alone. The vibrations resonated through both of them, forceful and strong enough to hit every part of their cunt that needed attention, even more so as the guy began thrusting in and out of them, grunting with pleasure. Lily noticed out of the corner of their eye that there was a bit of purple leading into him from the harness. They tried to imagine what that would feel like, but as dazed as they were, they could barely think of anything, like the dumb, obedient little Lily they were.

Lily's eyes rolled back, thoughts drowned out by that all-consuming hum, pulsing through their entire body. They were being so, so good, weren't they? Being so obedient, so good, for both Mistress and Mistress' friends. The mere thought of obedience amplified their pleasure even further, working in tandem with the all-encompassing vibration. They were too far gone. They couldn't think, couldn't do anything but obey, feel pleasure, and - obey!

Lily let out a wild cry as that thought drove them over the edge. Their body shook with pleasure against the vibrations from their cunt, muscles contracting over and over again, and all they could do was moan. That primal moan was too much for their partner, who joined them in orgasm, activating something in his strapon which shot lube up into Lily's already-cum-filled cunt. Their legs started shaking as the high began to dip, the world spinning around them. Once he'd disengaged, face flushed in satisfied triumph, he blew them a kiss, delicately drew a line next to the others, and left, leaving them to be used, and to cum over, and over, and over.

They didn't remember many details past the first three groups. Everything was hazy and indistinct, blissful pleasure flowing into blissful pleasure. They must have had thirty or forty lines on their thigh by the end of the night. People of all shapes and sizes, and all manner of genders and parts, used them, filling and covering them in sticky cum. Their cunt and mouth were sore, and their face and body were practically unrecognizable through the smeared makeup and their new coating. Some of the marks, they noticed, had little checks above them. One even had three... had the same person used them three times? The idea of that happening, and them being unable to remember it, sent a slight spike of fear through them. But as scary as the idea was... it was far, far hotter.

Eventually, the room next to them had quieted down. After a few minutes passed without anyone coming by to use them, Lily foggily realized the party was over.

The door opened again, and they jumped despite themself. But it wasn't a partygoer, not this time. Their Mistress walked in, still as gorgeous and put together as she was at the beginning of the night, although she seemed more subdued somehow. She looked down at them, and though Lily couldn't read her expression easily at the best of times, and this was certainly not one of their smartest moments, they could guess what she was feeling. They had obeyed. She had to be so proud of her lovely, loyal Lily...

"You did as you were told?" she asked bluntly.

"Yes, Mistress."

She smiled. "You pleased nearly everyone in the party. You're so obedient," she cooed.

Their Mistress kneeled down to them, taking out a towel to wipe off the cum and juices from their face and anywhere else that would be exposed, at least enough to look presentable. She quickly undid the handcuffs, which didn't even need keys - Lily distantly felt surprised, but why would they have thought of escaping? - then helped them stand up, offering her arm to help them balance. Their legs, as she had clearly foreseen, were barely doing their job of keeping them upright.

"Here," she said, offering them a fuzzy robe. Lily put it on, covering themself, their cum-stained dress, the markings on their leg, and the writing on their body. Their Mistress nodded approvingly. "You did well tonight."

"Thank you, Mistress," Lily said, leaning into her. The robe was comfortable. And... so was she. They'd never known that leaning against someone could feel this... right.

Their Mistress used the hand that wasn't being leaned on to close the door, and she gently led Lily to the bed. She pushed them off of her, staring into their eyes intensely. Had they done something wrong? Hadn't they obeyed, felt pleasure, and that was obedience too?

"My name is Magnolia."

Lily blinked.

"Your... what?"

Magnolia grinned, although it seemed less cruel, more tired than normal. Which, Lily supposed, made sense. She had to have been the center of attention all night.

"Plaything, I know you're stupid," she chuckled softly, "but really?"

"But, you're... g-giving me your name?"

"You're proven your devotion to me tonight. I think you deserve a little reward for that," Magnolia smiled. She leaned into Lily again, kissing the top of their head - one of the few parts that hadn't been utterly filthy. "You're one of the most important people in my life. I really do genuinely care about you, Lily."

What? That... they were her property, weren't they? Just a thing? So... why would she...

But that soft smile... and she sounded so genuine. But did they really deserve her caring about them?

An answer drifted upwards, from somewhere deep inside themself. Learn to have some faith in yourself, Delta. When had they heard that?

Tearing up, they barely managed to choke out a reply. "You a-are, too, M-mistress..." They shook their head, steeling themself. "Mistress Magnolia." They said her name firmly, trying to burn it into their mind. She was Magnolia. And they were hers.

She smiled, and helped them stand up again, then led them out of the room.

As they were leaving the venue, they ran into one person walking the opposite direction.

"Wait... the main event is over?" he asked, pouting. Didn't Lily recognize him, from the mall?

"Jared, you incompetent idiot. Yes. It is. Or have you not noticed it's dark outside? Maybe you should learn how to keep track of the time," Magnolia barked a laugh at him as she led Lily out of the venue. Lily felt an odd mix of pity for him... and jealousy that they weren't the one she was insulting.

The drive home was fairly silent. Lily was, of course, completely worn out from being repeatedly used, and their Mistress... no, they reminded themself, her name is Magnolia. Mistress Magnolia was just as exhausted from socializing with everyone and pretending to be nice. It... wasn't all an act, they were sure. But with Lily, she was different. They had a feeling she meant what she said about them. That she cared.

There was something there. A deeper, intimate connection. Something they'd never had, never known, and never knew they wanted until now.

But it was true, undeniable. It was obvious.

They loved Mistress Magnolia.


Lily woke up in a cold sweat. They sat up, glancing out the window. It was still pitch-black. Why had they woken up... had they had a nightmare? The night, though they'd been nervous, had actually been nice, so what else could it...

They felt stupid as the answer came to them. Someone else shared their dreams. Someone who might not feel the same way.

And Kassandra hadn't come out once yesterday.

It was so strange. They assumed Kassandra would have seized the reins the minute Mistress Magnolia chained them down. Why would she stand by during that, let alone while they were being used and abused, over and over again? Why didn't she come out? She generally didn't like sharing the front when Lily was doing something sexual, sure, but she'd always come out when they were in danger - or at least, when she thought they were - in those situations before.

"Kassandra," Lily called out in silent concern.

The feeling they got back was... despair. And... fatigue? Why would she be tired? She hadn't fought anything, not physically, anyway. But despite that... she felt tired.

"I'm sorry I didn't help earlier, Delta," she sighed. Lily started to think a reply, but Kassandra cut them off. "I don't want to talk about it."

Lily was too tired to ask, whether it was about the name she used, or the tiredness. That fatigue wasn't just hers, now that she was out. It was both of theirs, and they already had been tired. "It'll be okay, Kassandra. Let's go to sleep."

Kassandra nodded.

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