The Lazy Anthology of Discord Shorts

Forgetful Breeder

by RavenousRover

Tags: #cw:noncon #forcibly_unaware_contagion_spreader #gaslighting #memory_play #parasite #short_story_collection #bimbo #brainworm #breeding_kink #contagion #dom:female #drones #oviposition #psychological_horror

Being secretly brainwashed to receive pleasure whenever you forget a word, even if you just can't place a word for a little bit.
All that frustration erased and replaced with the same kind of feel good as a "Good girl!" kind of trigger for every time.
Unaware it's programmed, unaware it's happening, it just makes you feel nice so why worry about it.

Being captured by the brainwasher and locked into watch breeders lay eggs and getting hypnotic language of "Every time you see an egg drop out of someone like that, another word drops out of your head."
Forced to look forward and watch and clunk those pesky little words... cl? away. one at a...?

What are those things?
They feel good to watch...
They had a n-n-naaaaah...

Until vocabulary is so forgotten. Your masters coming in and asking you to please respond to this survey about your experience.

But that's not what you hear.
You can't really make sense of it.
There's just noise and it feels good not to care about it's meaning.
but you can still tell they're asking for a conversation.
you try to respond, maybe even plead for release.
and every word
melts away.
and the only thing that seems like a good replacement for what you're trying to say is.
the only word left. to be thought of and said for pleasure.

walked a few feet forward where you were, spun around and breedbreedbreed

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