The Lazy Anthology of Discord Shorts

Bimbot Hive

by RavenousRover

Tags: #cw:noncon #forcibly_unaware_contagion_spreader #gaslighting #memory_play #parasite #short_story_collection #bimbo #brainworm #breeding_kink #contagion #dom:female #drones #oviposition #psychological_horror

Prompt: The Combination of Bimbo and Drone

We were warned about the drone hive in the area.

We came here to observe the phenomenon.

We saw the recovered footage from cameras left behind by those who were initiated. We took the precautions.

Fitted our ears with earplugs that would filter out the mind melting noise, so we should have been safe.

We hid around the area, collecting data. Not well enough.

A Drone came up to our camp, something was different about HER. HER conversion failed.

She wasn't forced to be identical. She kept HER form. She introduced HERhive.

"Oh my gaaawd! New people!"

HER gripped my colleague's hand and instantly you could see his body go slack from locking eyes with HER. I assume there was something about HER perfume. HER lipstick.

I'm avoiding looking further to document this.

She said "There's like, this wordstuff constantly flowing in my head! Too complicated for me but it feels so good! And I just want to share!"

And share HER did.

It's the. my. her. the. my hive's data.

The conversion we prepared ourselves against.

Now we're out of the lab. Beyond our protection.

Listening to HER's words, a higher pitched than we protected against.

HER words are Soooo Suhsweet!

I see HER. I see my hive mate.

She asked why I couldn't hear the main hive.

She knew. She knew I had to listen.

"Well take those plugs out and savour this silly wordstuff, ya goof!" I heard my colleague through HER hivedata. It was to be removed, so I can listen. I didn't have a choice.

My first act as DRONE was to reach in remove my earplugs. My last act as UNREFINED DRONE STOCK is to send this video back and invite you to join US. My last solo decision. To be a pure DRONE or to be like HER. 

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