Maid Perfect

Chapter 4

by QuillRabbit

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #covert_hypnosis #cunnilingus #dubious_consent #forced_fem #gaslighting #girldick #happy_ending #hypnotic_amnesia #lesbian #maid #memory_play #mind_control #obedience #personality_change #polyamory #trans_egg #transgender_characters

If there was anything that could be said to be objectively true, it was simply this: Emily was a good maid. She had taken to cleaning and turning down rooms with such an ease you’d think it was programmed into her. Every new day, it was easier and easier to simply let herself go and be consumed by the task.

People seemed to be enjoying her company as well. Emily had made friends among the rest of the staff: Adeline, Josie, Callie, Olive, Diana, and so on. They all seemed to really enjoy Emily’s presence and a conversation with any of them was sure to leave Emily absolutely beaming. She had found a home in this manor that she felt like she’d never had before.

What did she have before this?

“Anna?” Emily asked one morning. “You knew me before I lived here, right?”

“Of course I did, Miss Emily,” Anna replied, gently stroking Emily’s chin. “I know you better than you know yourself.”

A tingle ran up Emily’s spine at that, and she couldn’t help but grin like an idiot.

She asked, “Did people like me this much before I moved here?”

Anna’s smile faltered, but only for a second before she answered, “How could anyone not like you, Emily? You’re absolutely perfect.” Another shiver. “Now, come on, we need to get to work. Be sure to take your medicine before we go.”

Emily nodded, feeling relieved. It felt so nice, knowing that someone was there to remind her what to think if she was unsure about something. She could count on Anna. She could count on most of the staff in the house. Everyone was so friendly.

Miss Lalita was especially friendly. Every couple of days, she would sneak up behind Emily and kiss her gently on the neck or run her fingers along Emily’s chin. With every touch, Emily would shudder and melt into Miss Lalita’s arms. Sometimes Miss Lalita would kiss her, exploring the inside of Emily’s mouth with her tongue. Other times, she’d play with Emily’s little dick while Emily kissed and sucked her niples. Sometimes, she would drag Emily into her room and get her down on her knees to eat Miss Lalita out.

When Miss Lalita wasn’t playing with Emily, Anna was always nearby. She’d place her hands on Emily’s hips and pull her close, then kiss her on the cheeks and neck. She had toys that Miss Lalita didn’t, and in the evenings would occasionally tie Emily to the bed and play with her little dick. She enjoyed seeing the way that Emily would squirm.

One night, as Anna was helping to undo the corset of Emily’s uniform, there was a knock at the door. Emily furled her brow and frowned and Anna, who simply smirked and gestured for Emily to stay there. When she opened the door, Miss Lalita stepped in and Emily’s heart skipped a beat.

“Miss Lalita!” she cried, grabbing at her loose dress to preserve some modesty. “What are you doing in our room, Miss?”

She’d never done this before. Or had she? Emily had the faintest memory of Miss Lalita in her room before. But that was probably nothing. It was probably a constructed memory.

“Oh, my boyfriend–” The word was like nails against glass in Emily’s ears and she winced. “–just left for the day, but I’m still feeling a little needy.” She stepped closer, putting a bit of extra sway in her hips just to make Emily blush. It worked. “If only there were two lovely maids nearby who had dedicated their lives to helping me in my times of need.”

Anna tapped her chin for a second before saying, “Well, perhaps in the absence of that, I could help you? Unless Miss Emily has any objections to you spending time with us?”

Emily shook her head fervently.

“Then why don’t you come over here and help me out of my dress, Miss Emily?”

She nodded and shuffled over, letting go of her own dress to reach for the zipper on the back of Miss Lalita’s. As she pulled the zipper down, sweat running down her forehead, Emily could feel Anna behind her undoing the laces of her corset.

Their dresses dropped one after another. Anna pushed Emily forward a little bit, and she gave out a small yelp as she came into contact with Miss Lalita’s warm skin. Her little dick was as hard as it could get anymore, and it was pressing right up against Miss Lalita’s firm, tight ass. The silky fabric of their panties rubbed against Emily’s little hen and she had to bite her tongue to keep from crying out.

“Oh, my. Very forward, aren’t you?”

“No, Miss!” Emily squealed. “I promise!”

Miss Lalita chuckled and turned so that they were facing each other.

“Remove my Bra, Miss Emily.”

Emily nodded and reached behind her mistress. It was impossible to reach far enough without their breasts pushing up against each other. Again, Emily felt Anna’s hands working behind her to undo the latches of her own bra.

When Emily pulled away, their bras fell down, revealing Miss Lalita’s large brown areolas. Emily found herself staring, even as Anna grabbed her panties and pulled them down. Her dick twitched a little and a small spurt of clear liquid came out.

“Let’s get you to the bed,” Miss Lalita cooed.

She scooped Emily up, surprising her with the sheer amount of strength. Who knew that Miss Lalita was so strong? It just made Emily’s heart hammer even harder in her chest.

Emily was laid out on the bed. Miss Lalita slid out of her panties and climbed onto the bed herself, straddling Emily and grabbing her breasts gently. Emily was breathing heavily. Her whole body was hot. There was movement behind Miss Lalita, but Emily couldn’t look away from the hungry expression on her face. When someone’s lips wrapped themselves around Emily’s little head, she spasmed and a little bit of cum came out.

“This is going to be fun,” Miss Lalita said, pinching Emily’s nipples and sending a rush of pain and pleasure through her.

They continued playing with her body, reducing her into nothing but a toy for their pleasure as she squirmed and writhed at their touch. This is where she was supposed to be. This is what she deserved to be. A good, obedient little maid who was made only to serve. Emily wasn’t even really a full person. Her fulfillment came from being an object for others to use.

Miss Lalita picked herself up and scooted forward, letting go of Emily’s breasts and letting her cunt hang over Emily’s face. The smell overwhelmed Emily and made her eyes unfocus. She was unprepared as Miss Lalita came down right on her mouth, flooding it with her taste. Emily moaned, but it was muffled.

“Eat up, pretty little girl,” Miss Lalita ordered, her voice almost a purr.

Emily obeyed.

“You like this, don’t you?”

She moaned.

“You want to stay like this forever.”

Emily did.

“I plan to keep you forever, my dear~”

Yes, please.

“Thank me for vouching for you to my mother, Miss Emily.”

Emily pulled away from Miss Lalita’s crotch to cry, “Thank you! Thank you, Mistress! Please keep me forever! I want to belong to you!”

“Don’t worry. You do.”

They continued for a while longer. By the time Miss Lalita and Anna were done with her, Emily’s breath was ragged and hoarse. They were talking to her, but Emily was exhausted. She closed her eyes and nodded, falling asleep quickly.

The next few days were a blur. Not much changed overall–Emily had already been approaching her work with a smile–but she was a little sunnier now that she knew her place for sure. All was right in the world. Even Missus Narang seemed happy to see Emily doing so well.

One morning, the head maid told Emily, “Miss Emily, tonight you’re going to serve the family while they’re eating dinner. Have you done that, yet?”

“Dinner? No.”

“Be sure to have Anna fill you in on the proper etiquette. They’ll be discussing business with some visitors and Missus Narang is relying on us to make sure that the evening is perfect.”


That evening, Emily put on her even-more-formal maid outfit and polished her heels. She was in the dining room half an hour before dinner was to begin with the other maids. The head maid gave them instructions on how to serve the food and assist the diners. Emily took her place along the wall and waited while everyone arrived to eat. Miss Lalita glanced her way and gave a playful wave. Emily had to resist the urge to smile at her.

Her heart sank a little bit to see Miss Lalita’s boyfriend Samuel sat down right next to her. Whatever. It would be fine. Emily licked her lips and took a deep breath. She could get through this without any problems.

Dinner progressed and Emily made her way to and from the kitchen time and time again, bringing out new dishes and taking away dirty ones. Occasionally she would lock eyes with Miss Lalita, who would wink or grin or bite her lip playfully. Every time, Emily would blush and need to compose herself before continuing.

Still, she was doing better than she thought she would. She grabbed another tray from the kitchen and made her way back to the dining room. Emily knew that she would make the family proud. She was an excellent maid~ There was nothing that could–

She was kissing him. Miss Lalita was kissing Samuel. Emily’s arms turned to jelly and she ended up spilling cheesecake all over herself.

“Emily?” Miss Lalita asked, standing up.

Missus Narang was already there with her hands on Emily’s shoulders.

“Come along, Miss Emily,” she said, marching her toward the kitchen. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Emily was brought to the downstairs bath. Missus Narang ordered that someone fetch her something new to wear and stripped the sullen, silent Emily out of her clothes. She sat Emily down in the bath and started running water.

“You poor thing,” she said. “You’re practically helpless right now. But everything will work out, alright? You take care of us, and we’re going to take care of you.”

Emily didn’t respond. A maid returned with a simple dress and some underwear, but Missus Narang was the one who stayed and washed Emily off. She hummed softly to herself while rubbing Emily down with the body brush, then let her lean back against the bath pillow to relax and soak up the scent of the bubble bath.

“Why are you doing this?” Emily asked.

Missus Narang paused. It was a good minute before she asked, “What are you referring to?”

“You’re the head of the house,” Emily said. She wasn’t being the most respectful at the moment, but that light that had been inside her all this time had been doused. “Why are you the one washing me off?”

Missus Narang simply smiled and explained, “Miss Emily, you are a part of my household, part of the house, even. That makes you my responsibility. What’s more, you matter a lot to my precious Lalita. That means you matter to me, too. Besides, my family knows how to conduct business in my absence. Now, let’s get you dried off and into your comfy bed.”

Emily didn’t feel particularly tired. Anna reminded her to take her medicine, but she only pretended to. Something was off and Emily wasn’t entirely sure what. Thoughts kept running over and over again in her head. Things weren’t adding up.

Quietly, she climbed out of bed and grabbed a pair of flat shoes. She pulled on a loose dress and stuffed some things in the pockets. Emily had to get out of here. Something about this place was dulling her thoughts. It would be easier to clear her head and figure out what was going on if she could just put some distance between her and the house.

Part of her wanted to wake Anna and bring her, but something gave Emily pause. Anna always seemed to know exactly the right thing to say. Whatever she told Emily would no doubt give her a lot of peace of mind. But there was a nagging feeling at the back of Emily’s mind that told her she couldn’t trust Anna right now any more than she could trust a stranger.

Emily was just going to go for a walk, so there was no need to take the car. She made her way to the entrance hall. Upon entering, though, Emily’s heart stopped for a moment. Missus Narang was already there, reading by candlelight. Upon seeing Emily, she put the book down and stood up.

“I suspected that we hadn’t quite hammered out all the resistance in you,” she said, stepping closer.

“Missus Narang,” Emily said, gulping, “I was just going for a walk–”

“Miss Emily, cease protocol.”

Maurice blinked, then furled his brow. Then he scowled. Suddenly everything was a lot more clear to him.

Shanti folded her arms and said, “Don’t shout. There will be no end to trouble for you if you disturb my family as they’re sleeping.”

“You’ve got some nerve telling me what to do!” Maurice hissed.

He looked down at himself. He was wearing a dress. Worse than that, his whole body was wrong. His hair was longer and his body had curves that it hadn’t before. Little breasts were outlined by his dress. Maurice’s stomach turned.

“You did this to me,” he said, throat dry. “You and that bitch Lalita and all your fucking hypnotized maids. How dare you? I am going to see your whole family in ruins.”

“Yes, as I feared: you didn’t take to the conditioning quite as well as we’d hoped.”

“Fuck you!”


“That is not my name.”

“Child,” Shanti corrected herself, though Maurice scowled, “don’t worry. Lalita does still love you. It’s why she was determined not to let you out of her life.”

Maurice curled his hands into fists and said, “If I ever see her again, I’ll–”

“Finish that thought and prison will be the least of your concerns,” Shanti snarled. Composing herself, she continued, “Now, since the subtle approach hasn’t been working, I’ll be direct. You hated your life as Maurice. You were so miserable. Some people simply aren’t cut out for a business lifestyle, child.” Maurice crinkled his nose. She wasn’t wrong. “In your heart, Emily, you wanted to be broken like this.” Maurice shook his head, but Missus Narang Shanti stepped around him and placed her hands on his shoulders. “You’re happier being someone’s property, aren’t you? As long as you’re taken care of, this is where you thrive the best.”

“No…” Maurice protested weakly.

“Yes, dear.” Shanti’s hands came down a little, brushing up against Emily’s Maurice’s little breasts. “Being your own person is so hard, isn’t it? Chasing power? That’s just not you. Better to leave that to someone else. Freedom? Too exhausting. Being told what to do gives your life so much more structure. Am I wrong?”

“No…” Maurice grumbled. “But I can’t be a maid. I’m a…”

“What, now?”

“I don’t want to say it.”

“Were you ever happy as a man?” The word was like a slap to the face. Then Missus Narang reached down Maurice’s dress and pinched her his nipples. “Did you ever really feel like yourself before you came here?”

“N-No,” he admitted, tears streaming down his face.

“You don’t have to be that anymore. You can just be Emily. Is that what you want?”

Swallowing the hard lump in her throat, Emily nodded.

Missus Narang’s hands receded and she said, “Miss Emily, resume protocol.”

The tears stopped flowing and Emily’s breathing relaxed. She still remembered everything, but it was a little hazy, as if it had happened in a faraway place she wasn’t eager to return to. Realizing where she was, Emily blinked and turned around to face Missus Narang.

“Ma’am, I’m… I’m sorry,” she squeaked, letting her gaze fall to the floor. “I didn’t mean any of those things that I said.”

Missus Narang chuckled and placed a hand on Emily’s shoulder, assuring her, “It’s alright, dear. You were just feeling a little homesick, so to speak. It’s part of the adjustment period. But I get the feeling that things are going to be a lot smoother from here on out. Now, why don’t you go back to your room and get some sleep?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Emily replied, curtsying out of habit.

She crept back into her room and changed into her pajamas again. Once her clothes were put away, Emily curled up under the covers and yawned. It felt like the weight of the world had been dropped from her shoulders. She slept well that night.

I am so sorry that this took so long to finish. I started uploading before I had finished the story in hopes that it would encourage me to write and instead I fell into a depressive pit where I could no longer tell one day from the next and had no idea how much time was passing. In the future, I'll avoid doing that.

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