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Hi there! I learned a little while ago that I'm actually really into hypnosis and memory play and mental conditioning, and being a write I naturally wanted to try my hand at some of it. Since this isn't the kind of stuff I primarily write, you won't see as much stuff here as you will find searching my name elsewhere.

I'm mostly interested in writing trans fiction in particular. If you'd like to see some trans fiction I've written, including a bit of smut stuff, that doesn't involve hypnosis or mind control, you can do so here! If you want to support my work and keep me writing as much as possible, you can visit my Patreon here and support me for as little as $1 a month! Some short stories I've made publicly available for a small fee can be found here instead for only $3 each. And you can always visit my Twitter to get updates as well as whatever I happen to be thinking about that day.

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Maid Perfect
by QuillRabbit
(5 chapters, 11206 words)
#cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female (click to see all tags) #covert_hypnosis #cunnilingus #dubious_consent #forced_fem #gaslighting #girldick #happy_ending #hypnotic_amnesia #lesbian #maid #memory_play #mind_control #obedience #personality_change #polyamory #trans_egg #transgender_characters

Desperate for financial security, Maurice agrees to his girlfriend’s crazy plan to dress him as a girl to work at her family manor as a maid. But it’s clear that there’s more going on than he signed up for. Still, everybody here seems to have his best interests at heart, right?

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