Maid Perfect

Chapter 2

by QuillRabbit

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The next week was largely a blur. Emily spoke to a doctor, who gave her a series of pills and injections but did not elaborate on what they’d do besides help her. On her days off, she found herself sitting in the library, reading up on the subjects that Shanti Missus Narang had insisted that she’d need to know. Occasionally Emily wound up in the staff game room or gym, but in her daze spoke very little to anyone. People who saw her would smile and chuckle and assure her that it was temporary.

Whatever it was.

But sometimes, Emily was working. In the morning, Anna helped her get dressed and applied her makeup. Emily did her best to follow along and learn what Anna was doing. It was all just… slipping away, though. How was she supposed to be a good maid like this?

“I don’t know what to do?” she told Anna.

Anna just giggled and assured her, “You’ll know. It’s all in your programming.”


“Don’t worry about it, Miss Emily.”

Ah, okay. That cleared things up. She simply didn’t have to worry. In a moment, the concern was gone from Emily’s mind.

Anna brought her to the head maid.

“Miss Anna, you’ll be mentoring Miss Emily,” she said, glancing at her clipboard. “Per Miss Narang’s request. Interesting. You two will be cleaning the bedrooms. Start in the east wing and work your way around the house.”

Under Miss Anna’s tutelage, Emily learned how to turn down beds and dust furniture and sweep the floors. One task seemed to blend into the next. It was difficult keeping track of time. The clocks in the house weren’t helping. Every time Emily noticed one, they seemed to be moving faster and faster.

Emily nearly bumped right into Missus Narang. She barely came up to Missus Narang’s shoulders, and Emily was not short for a girl. The master of the house glanced down at Emily and smiled.

“Miss Emily,” she drawled, “go into the kitchen and fetch me a pack of cigarettes.”

There was a flutter in Emily’s chest. An instruction! She’d better follow!

“Yes, Ma’am,” Emily replied, spinning on her heels and walking away.

Did she know where the kitchen was? She hadn’t seen it yet. That didn’t seem to matter, though. Emily was there and in the walk-in pantry before she was even entirely aware of it. Picking up a pack of cigarettes–Could they even be called cigarettes? She vaguely remembered something about this brand having none of the toxins found in poor people cigarettes–Emily turned and made her way back to the parlor,

“Here they are, Ma’am,” Emily declared, holding up the pack.

Missus Narang opened the box and placed a cigarette in her mouth, then held up a lighter.

“Miss Emily, light it for me.”

She obeyed robotically, clicking on the lighter and holding it up to the end of the cigarette.

“Good girl.”

A shiver ran up Emily’s spine. She could have melted into a puddle. Was she drooling? It was hard to tell.

“Back to work, dear.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

When Emily finally returned to her room with Anna at the end of the day, she sat down on the edge of the bed and frowned.

“Everything is fuzzy,” she said.

“That’s not permanent,” Anna said, kneeling down to take off Emily’s heels. “Although if you enjoy it so much, you don’t ever have to come up.”

Emily squealed a little bit, but admitted, “I’m so confused about everything.”

Anna smiled and placed a finger on Emily’s lips to shush her.

“Everything is alright,” she insisted. “Just take your medicine.”

She had three bottles in her hands. Where had those come from? It probably didn’t matter. Emily cupped her hand and accepted the pills, as well as a glass of water. The medication went down easily. Had she seen the doctor already? It was a little hard to remember.

The next morning, Anna helped lace up Emily’s outfit and escorted her to the laundry room. She showed Emily how to separate laundry to be loaded and how to fold it, as well as which piles needed to be washed by hand and let air dry. Emily couldn’t help but blush a little as she picked up a pair of lacy panties. Her hands were shaking as she tried to fold them as Anna had shown her. This was scandalous, though for the life of her Emily wasn’t sure why.

“I’ll be back soon,” Anna said, giving Emily a firm pat on the back. “I have a few other chores to do. You’re doing great, Miss Emily.”

She leaned in and gave Emily a soft peck on the cheek. By the time Emily had registered it and turned to face her, Anna was out of the room. Heat crept slowly into Emily’s face. Why had Anna done that!? Emily was Miss Narang’s boyfriend! Wait… That didn’t sound quite right for some reason.

Emily focused on her chores the best that she could. There was no shortage of laundry, to be sure, but her actions were sluggish and it always took her a few moments to really figure out what she was supposed to do next. But she was doing a good job. Right? It would have been nice if there was someone with Emily to give her praise.

While she was folding towels, Emily heard footfalls approaching. That must be Anna. For some reason, the idea made Emily blush. Why was that? The newcomer stopped right behind Emily, causing the hair on the back of her neck to stand up.

“Hello there,” a soft, silky voice uttered.

“Miss Narang!” Emily cried, jumping in surprise. She turned around, shaking from the sudden shock. “Hello. I… It’s good to see you. I thought… we’d see more of each other.”

Emily shook her head. Why was everything so foggy?

Lalita ran her fingers through Emily’s short hair, adjusting a few loose strands as she admitted, “Unfortunately, I’ve been rather busy lately. As have you, I see. Adjusting well?”

“I… No, I…” There was something she needed to tell Lalita. Miss Lalita. No, Lalita. “I think someone… My head is all fuzzy… I’m not supposed to be like this. Something’s wrong.”

Very loosely, Lalita cupped Emily’s jaw with her fingers and forced her to lock eyes.

“I don’t think anything is wrong,” Lalita said. “You wanted this, after all. You asked me to be a family maid, didn’t you?”

“I…? No, I… That can’t be right?”

“Don’t you remember?” Lalita grinned. “You were struggling on your own and thought this would be a great way to add some structure to your life.”

“But I’m a… I can’t be a maid. Because I’m… Something. Somethings aren’t maids.”

Lalita leaned in, causing Emily’s breath to catch in her throat, and said, “Why can’t you? You look so cute like this, Miss Emily. I could just have my way with you right now, if I wanted. There’s little that would satisfy me more than completely soiling you all over this clean laundry. Maybe someone walks in and catches us in the act?”

Steam was billowing out of Emily’s ears. She was trying to protest, but she could only babble as the sounds coming from her mouth refused to string together. This wasn’t fair!

“I think you need more time in the oven,” Lalita cooed. “Miss Emily, forget your problems for a little bit.”

Emily stopped shaking so much and her breathing eased. She was still quivering a little, and her breath was still heavy, but a weight had been lifted. The only thing she could feel right now was…

“Horny?” Lalita asked.

She nodded.

Lalita stepped back. Emily gaped after her. Where was she going? Where was the touch that Emily needed? It wasn’t fair!

As soon as she’d locked the door, Lalita returned and leaned up against the counter. She gestured for Emily to stand in front of her. Emily obeyed. Lalita placed a hand on Emily’s head and pushed her gently, ordering, “Down.”

Emily obeyed.

“Miss Emily, remove my panties and stick your head under my dress.”

Emily reached up underneath Miss Lalita’s skirt and wrapped her fingers around the waistband of her underwear. Slowly, she slid it down her perfectly toned and clean-shaven legs. When the panties came into view, there was already a little wet spot in the crotch. Emily caught the faintest hint of the smell of sex and couldn’t help but moan a little as she started to squirm. Following orders, she leaned in and pulled the hem of the dress over her head. The smell intensified.

Miss Lalita grabbed Emily firmly by the hair and pressed her mouth and nose into her crotch. The smell was intoxicating. Emily closed her eyes, soaking it all in.

“Go on, eat.”

Emily obeyed. She lapped up the sharp taste as the grip on her hair tightened and Miss Lalita started to fidget. It occurred to Emily that she’d never eaten Miss Lalita out before. Wait… How could she if she’d only just started working as a maid? The thought was pushed from her head as she continued to suck and run her tongue all over her mistress’s cunt.

“Fuck, yes,” Miss Lalita muttered. “It feels so much better when I’m in total control like this.” She groaned. “This is exactly what I needed. You’re such a good girl, Miss Emily.”

Emily’s heart leapt. She was a good girl! That was her! She was doing a good job! This is exactly what was expected of a maid! She swallowed and continued pleasuring her mistress with renewed vigor.

“You were always something of a bottom, weren’t you?” Miss Lalita grunted. “Just too proud to ever admit it to yourself. You need to be told what to do, yet it was so hard to convince you to give up control. I can’t say I didn’t appreciate the challenge, but I think I love you more this way.”

The word “love” rang in Emily’s ears. It was the only word that mattered. If she was a good maid, Miss Lalita would love her. That’s all Emily wanted. Fuck the salary and fuck the benefits. If she had this, Emily would be satisfied for life.

There was a gentle tug of hair, pulling Emily away from her prize.

“I think that’s enough for now,” Miss Lalita said, panting a little. “I’d hate for you to get in trouble with my mother for shirking your duties. Miss Emily, go wash yourself off in that sink.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Emily said, pulling herself away from her mistress begrudgingly.

“If you’re good,” Miss Lalita continued, “then next time I’ll let you bathe me off afterward.”

Emily’s cheeks were on fire.

I want you all to appreciate how tall Shanti Narang really is. Picture the tallest woman you can think of; now she's your boss.

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