A Life Changing Experience

by PastKay

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #f/m #humiliation #scifi #sub:female #bimbofication #growth #Reality_Alteration #unaware

Misery gains a new perspective about her life from a doctor’s point of view.

The gurney rolled down the hallway. Misery was fuming under her restraints, her tall body tied to a straitjacket as well as the gurney itself. It had been dawn when Misery proclaimed that this land was hers to conquer in the name of her tribe. As she was terrorizing the citizens, armed guards surrounded her and were able to subdue her after 2 hours of constant fighting. Misery only had light bruises from the scuffles as the scars of that battle faded away. She was able to injure many of her combatants, which put a smile on her masked face.

Two doctors flanked her sides, as Misery was carried through the halls of the prison. A guard gave a confused look to the sight of the two, but one of the doctors handed him a note explaining why they were there. The guard nodded and dismissed his team as the doctors took control of Misery’s gurney.

Rage filled her eyes as she stared at the passing ceiling. “These shackles must have been forged by the gods if they were able to hold me down,” Misery thought as she tried to move but to no avail.

“Don't make this harder for yourself,” Dr. Smith said, turning back to Dr. Jones. “Do it.”

Dr. Jones plunged the syringe down Misery’s neck. Her wrath melted as the medication began to flood her body, but her anger for this place remained. She didn’t understand how the citizens of the new world were able to have this much control over her, but when she regained her strength, she will tear this prison down to the ground.

Entering a bright room, Dr. Jones ordered a guard to unbind Misery.

“Are you sure?” Dr. Smith asked.

“If we want this experiment to work, I need her as comfortable as possible.”

Dr. Smith nodded and in a matter of moments, Misery found herself free. Though still weaken by the medication, she was still able to swing a mean hook at a guard, which sent him sliding to the other side of the room. More guards entered the room, but Dr. Jones assured them that everything was under control and to carry the injured guard to the infirmary.

“Be careful,” Dr. Smith said as he hugged his friend.

“I will,” Dr. Jones said. “We’re going to make Vault a better place.”

With that, Dr. Smith left Dr. Jones and stood in the next room to watch this experiment unfold. If this experiment was a success, it could change how Vault contains Deviants. Dr. Smith sat down with the other researchers and hit the camera.

“You’ve made a grave mistake for bringing me inside this labyrinth,” Misery said as she regained her composure. Once this medicine leaves her body, she’ll make fine work of this lowly woman. The woman adjusted her glasses as she stepped toward the Deviant.

“I don’t think so. Misery, isn’t it? I’ve seen people like you before. People who think they can solve their problems with their fists.” Misery’s eyes narrowed in anger and her fists clenched as Dr. Jones continued. “But I think there’s value in looking inward and at your past in order to solve your problems. Why don’t you tell me what the problem is, Misery?”

“My only problem is you and this place. The new world will submit to Ostya.” There was something about this woman that Misery didn’t like. Towering over six feet, ever since her arrival to the new world, the only face she saw from everyone were that of fear. But not this one. The doctor looked at her like she was just another task to complete and not a warrior that could knock her out with one punch.

“I doubt that. You don’t mind if I reveal to everyone that you were a ballerina for 12 years?” Misery shook her head as a headache hit her. How did she know? Her ballet career was tied to her everyday life, causing scheduling conflicts with her waitress job. Misery had made sure to keep this side of her hidden from everyone. Even her mother and Ostyan sisters were unaware of her graceful talent.

“T- that’s not true,” Misery said, her teeth gritting to prevent the lie from getting out. The doctor continued to smirk at the tall woman.

“I might have been off. Ballet dancing is beneath a young woman such as yourself. You looked like you’d danced at nightclubs and bars after failing ballet school.” Misery’s body remained neutral, but her eyes burned with rage. Her body was made to punch things and to take punishment. She didn’t have the grace of a ballerina, but she could move her body to the beat of the music.

“OK, so I dance at clubs, big deal. That won’t stop me from beating your ass.” Misery said as she walked toward Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones made no move to prevent Misery from approaching her.

“It’s clear you enjoy what you do. I mean, look at those juicy lips and that cheap makeup.” Misery stopped in her tracks. She didn’t want to get her lips done. When Misery arrived in the United States after living a natural beauty life on the island of Ostya, she knew she needed to change how she looked to blend in with other citizens. The doctor who did her lips said that bigger lips would lead to better tips. He wasn’t wrong, but her big lips had the drawback of everybody not taking her seriously. Her mother would have been disappointed with her appearance. Misery covered her mouth with her hand as her tongue passed over her lips.

And her makeup. Oh boy. When Misery arrived, she was shocked to see how much makeup women wore to go out. Misery wanted to hate these beauty trends, but she was drawn to the new world’s makeup. She could do so much with eyeliner and eye shadow. Misery found herself watching how others applied makeup. She tried to copy what she saw. She didn’t have any success at first. Anyone who looked at her face could tell she had never done her own makeup before. Her style was trashy, and she knew it. But with time, Misery’s style grew, and her feminine makeup clashed with her muscular frame like painting makeup on an action figure. Her makeup was a source of embarrassment during her dining work and an attraction for men during her routines.

“You know what, I don’t need to hear this from you. You act like you know me when you obviously don’t.”

“Oh, classy, Misery. Real classy. Dropped out of school, but you can’t drop the cup size.”

“W- what?”

“Come on, I feel like I’m staring at ‘Boobzilla’,” Dr. Jones said as she laughed at her own joke. Was there something wrong with her breasts? Misery looked down at her marshmallow chest. During her time on the island, Misery had been blessed with modest breasts. But their size became a detriment in the club setting. Her flat chest and buff arms scared away the patrons. If she wanted to continue to dance at the poles, she needed a boob job. She initially wanted to keep her breasts between C to D cups, but she wasn’t happy with the results. Now she had the biggest tits in the dance club and more tips than the other dancers. She was an inspiration to the girls around her, and they even started to ask her for beauty tips. But the drawback came when she worked at the restaurant and one too many men would recognize her body. Was there even a point to conquering the new world?

But a thought came to Misery. “OK, I know I have massive jugs that can knock a guy to next week, but I did not drop out of school. Thanks to my mother’s education when I was young, I was able to finish first in college,” said Misery, finally noticing a flaw in the doctor’s surprisingly deduction skills. Dr. Jones grabbed her head as she stepped back. She was already pushing herself, yet the young doctor knew she could go further. She just needed to pace herself.

Taking a deep breath, Dr. Jones was able to push her migraine away, and her confident demeanor returned. “First in your class? Nice try, Miss Titty. You need to have excellent scores to finish first. I bet you used your pretty lips to suck your professors off for C grades, and when too many people knew what you did, they expelled you. I’d imagine you’d fucked every faculty member at least once,” Dr. Jones said, leaning back and forth. Misery blushed and couldn’t blame her doctor for reading her like an open book.

Misery’s mother had instilled in her the importance of knowing your enemy, and Misery thought public education would be perfect for keeping her brain active. She was wrong. If anything, Misery could feel her brain turn to mush as her mouth was better used for sucking and slurping than for answering boring questions. Being on an island of only women, Misery was at a disadvantage when having to fuck the male professors. However, the more men she fucked, the more experience she gathered on how to please her male counterpart. It was practically an open secret that she was the college whore with how everyone looked at her. She learned how to be a submissive, good girl who was always ready to please. Misery shuddered to think what her mother would think of her princess.

“Maybe if you played with your mommy every night, her daughter wouldn’t have been caught and imprisoned by Vault for being a bad girl.” Dr. Jones braced herself for another migraine attack.

“Stop it!” Misery yelled, though she sounded more defeated than she wanted to admit. “My Mommy loves me just the way I am, even if I look like the new world’s whore than a proper Ostyan princess. She’s just waiting for me to give the signal for war. Your civilization will feel the might of Ostya’s armies.” Misery said with as much glorious praise for her homeland as she could muster, despite calling her Mom as Mommy.

“Aww, that’s so cute, Misty. You think your island of bisexual, nymphomaniac porn stars can threaten the world. Warriors are supposed to be fierce, not cutesy. I think I even saw your Mom being gangbanged by those nerds over there. I’m sure she would want her daughter to follow in her footsteps. Let me see, big titty lady? With an ass so big you can bounce a quarter off it? Not my favorite look, but I can see why she has the most followers,” Dr. Jones said as she pulled out a napkin and put it to her nose to stop the trickle of blood dripping out of it.

Misty fell to her knees as the doctor’s words sank in. Her words shouldn’t have made sense, yet they made perfect sense. Dr. Jones did what no one, not even her Mommy, could do, break her down.

Misty’s eyes looked down at her long fingernails that had always been there. For her 18th birthday, Misty wanted to explore the world and see lands that would have made a great addition to Ostya. Her Mommy had warned her that the Ostyan women had made a pact with their goddess to never leave the island, but Misty eventually wore her mother down with her whining and pouting, and she finally got her wish. It would take years for Misty to learn that her island had been conquered days after she left. Their bow and arrows were no match to the new world’s superior weaponry. Fortunately, the Ostyan women were gifted with beauty and immortality. But the new world turned their blessing into an ironic curse as they became the target of the porn industry. Misty would never forget stopping mid-session when the woman she was masturbating to was her Mommy. She barely recognized her. She felt half guilty for resuming her session with more purpose after finding videos of her friends making out. Misty looked to her left and could see her bimbo of a mother in the middle of the group of researchers, trying to pleasure as many of them as possible.

Dr. Jones put her bloodied napkin inside her pocket and walked toward the fallen Deviant. Misty tried to crawl away from her doctor but reminded herself that she was a child of Oysta. Her island, her mother, and herself may have become perverted by the new world, but she couldn’t allow herself to let this doctor win over her. But as Dr. Jones walked toward her, Misty could only see the woman she was supposed to be inside the doctor, and Dr. Jones’ look of satisfaction over her misery made Misty so horny. It didn’t help that her six-foot tall height should have made Misty the dominant girl instead of the submissive bitch.

Misty found herself under Dr. Jones’ control as the doctor pulled her up and laid Misty on her lap. Dr. Jones found herself sitting in a chair that Misty could have sworn wasn’t there before.

Misty clenched her ass as Dr. Jones lifted her skirt and began to rub her hands on her lacy panties. Misty knew her role now. Those years of training and combat experience were all for naught if she couldn’t even overcome this woman. Misty shivered as she could feel two fingers moving in and out of her ass. Her dreams of being the fiercest warrior this planet had ever seen and making her Mommy proud were gone. Misty let out a small groan in anticipation of her punishment. She could feel the doctor’s fingers retreat from her ass and rubbed on her pantied butt.

It only took a few moments for Dr. Jones’ hand to meet her butt cheeks. Misty let out a yelp as the stinging from her ass, and the humiliation of defeat became unbearable.

“I can see it now,” Dr. Jones said as she relished over Misty’s squirming. “You’re obviously tired of pretending to be somebody you’re not. Why don’t you join your fellow sisters in debauchery?” Dr. Jones was about to raise her hand again for another smack when another hand smacked her hand away. Dr. Jones reeled her hand in pain as she looked for the offender.

“Leave my baby girl alone,” said Queen Dominique Luv standing in front of the two with the smell of sweat and sex filling the room. Dr. Jones got up from her seat, causing Misty to fall down and crawl toward her mother’s legs.

“Well, if it isn’t the Queen of the Bimbos, coming to….”

“No, I’ve had enough of your yapping. You can say obvious things. Big deal! Anyone else can say obvious things, but that doesn’t mean you have to say them. Haven’t you thought that maybe my daughter wanted to make me proud in her own special way? I couldn’t ask the goddess Kirena for a better daughter. And just because we don’t fight with our swords doesn’t mean our women doesn’t have any fight left. I still have my body, and I know how to use it. Stay away from my family.” Dominique lifted her crown in the air, and Dr. Jones braced herself thinking that the Queen would have struck her with her crown but instead placed it on top of her head. Dominque lifted her daughter off the floor and carried her in her arms as Misty began to suck on her mother’s nipples. Misty was too upset to care how embarrassing the act was. She was glad to be in her mother’s arms again.

Dr. Jones backed away from the pair and looked to the other researchers for help, but they were too busy putting on their clothes or had already left. The doctor pulled the napkin to her nose once more as she watched the mother-daughter duo leave.

“It’s OK. Mommy’s here now,” Dominique said as she rocked her daughter. Misty’s makeup was smudged from her tears as she was still upset by being bested by a person with no powers. Alarms blared across the facility as the two walked. There was a voice calling out that “reality restructuring event” had just occurred. Fortunately, the guards let the two by as they left through the entrance of the prison complex without incident. Misty started to calm down and rest her head on her mother’s knockers. Dominique opened the door to her beat-up Jeep van and set Misty down on the seat.

“I’m sorry, Mommy,” Misty said as her naked mother sat down on her seat.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. Mommy will drive us to my studio, and we can get you out of those clothes and rub each other until you feel better. Hopefully, I can get you a deal with a producer to start you with photos before you do videos.”

“No, I wanted to make Ostya proud, and I brought shame unto our land. If I had never left the island, you would still be a respectable queen and not some commoner who knows no shame. This world will pay for what they did to us.”

“Don’t say that. What we have now is a good thing. Our country is one of the most popular tourist places in the world. And with the agreement with that prison you were stuck in, as long as we continue to make the world a sexier place, they won’t turn our paradise into a prison and make the world forget about these babies,” Dominique said as she shook her pendulous breasts.

“Mom, the road!” Misty yelled.

“Sorry, I’ve been living here for three years, and I’m still not used to their rules,” Dominique laughed. “But I’m serious about the producer. It’ll do you good as you don’t have to fight anymore and possibly chip a nail. And besides, you’ve got the right body for the camera, obviously blessed by Kirena and made better by the new world’s technology. If anything, I should be thanking you for making that first step. It was the best thing that has ever happened to Ostya.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Jones was the only one left in the room as the alarms finally silenced. She lifted her wet napkin into view. Amber couldn’t remember the last time she’s lost this much blood. “I think I’ve probably overdone it.”

That’s when armed guards came into the with Dr. Smith in cuffs. One of the guards spoke, “Dr. Amber Jones, you and Dr. Smith are wanted for questioning for the unauthorized experiment and for causing a reality restructuring event.”



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