The Succubus Named Lilac

Other People

by Motherlygirl

Tags: #f/f #fantasy #magic #monstergirl #succubus #urban_fantasy

Lilac and Leelah were in their senior year of high school and about to fill in college applications at a library. They were nineteen, and had not done anything together-not, at least, together together-for a few months. Their last outing to the mall was still a major source of giggles. 

"I can't believe you did that!" Lilac smirked. She had transformed for their trip to the library-even taller than she normally was, wearing a bright red and yellow bikini covered by an illusion of a more respectable prospective college student's attire, her horns and long leathery barbed tail retracted into herself but her wings and the little fang she'd developed were both out and on full display. 

"Oh, please! She was super into you! I wish mom hadn't come home till the day she was supposed to, toying with that waitress was fun." 

"I thought you said the, uh-" Lilac blushed intensely and looked down at where the cross would normally hang from her neck. Her wings burst outward in a confused attempt both to flare up and make herself look bigger AND to wrap around her body and hide her. It didn't work very well. 

"Vibrator, sweetie. We're adults-or, you know, we're old enough to be doing this at least. You can just say vibrator." Leelah took Lilac's jaw in one warm, soft, supernaturally smooth hand and used the leverage to gently direct Lilac's eyes straight up into hers. "Can you do that for me?"

"Vi...brator…" Unlike Lilac, there was no charming magic or magically enhanced charisma behind Leelah's eyes. Lilac's hesitation and discomfort melted immediately in spite of that. The pure, uncomplicated, uncompromising love radiating from the other young woman's eyes were like a comfortable fire that would never burn you no matter how close you strayed, or the wave of gentle heat that greeted you when you stepped past the threshold into a friend's well heated home after after a long day of helping them work in the snow. 

"That's a good girl." An inch each of Leelac's thumb and pointer finger turned to violet goo and fell away onto Lilac's collar bone. The illusory clothing she wore quickly consumed it and hid the sight of the bits of Leelah worming their way down her lover's sensuous form to take residence between her breasts and her bra. 

The succubus' nipples were rigid almost immediately. She bit her lip a little and successfully forced herself not to moan. 

"Let's go sweetie." Leelah took Lilac by the hand and they entered the library. It was big, full of books, and gently pulsed with activity. "See anyone you like?" She asked as they approached a kiosk. 

"Leelaaah!" Lilac pouted. They were here on business and they had Important Work and that work Needed Doing. "We have a job to do!" 

"No reason we can't multitask, sweetheart." Leelah grinned confidently. She contemplated teasing Lilac physically, too, by having the slime-that had now thickened into a gel-underneath the girl's bra suddenly jiggle or solidify or shift around and tease her big stiff nipples (GOD she was happy she could still feel things her slime interacted with), but they WERE in a library, which was pretty much the only place of public business that she respected. She rang the little bell at the help counter. "Lotta cute girls work here, you know-"

"Hey there! A-um, what can I do for you?" A sweet voice rang out at them and cut Leelah off. Both girls turned their attention to its source and were immediately floored. An extremely attractive girl smiled unconfidently at them from behind the counter. She looked a bit older than them, probably between twenty one and twenty three, and she had long candy cotton blue hair with practically neon pink highlights that draped down, straight but messy, just past her elbows. Her body was long, lean, and angular, but with supple curves in the legs and torso. She had long triangular fox ears covered in thick, warm fluff that stuck straight up out of her forehead and, similarly, a massively floofy fox tail swished nervously behind her. She clutched a clipboard against herself, and in doing so her arms squeezed a pair of big, inviting, pillowy breasts together. 

It was all the two young women could do not to squeal at the top of their lungs. 

"Hey! We're here to try and fill out some college applications but we don't, uh, really know how to do that. So we came here for a hand!" The fox girl nodded and the big pair of round, thick glasses that sat on her long slender nose almost fell off. She scrambled to push them back up, giving the two a good look at a pair of absolutely beautiful eyes: one was bright blue, and one was hot pink. They were sharp, yet gentle. Much like that, Leelah noticed her nails too: they were long and sharp acrylics, and they were also bright blue.

"You see those desks over there, with the, er...with the laptops?" Both girls agreed that they did, even before they'd checked to make sure. Fortunately, all it took was a cursory glance immediately after for each of them to locate the desks. "If you take a seat over there and-ah, log in, to the computer? I-if you do that you can ask for help with stuff. That good?"

"That's delightful!" Leelah seized Lilac by her wrist and dragged the poor succubus to one such desk without a moment's worth of hesitation. Both awkwardly took their seats. "Thank you!" 

"Shhh!" The fox girl reminded them with a loud shush, one practically clawed finger extended over her lips. 

"sorry," Leelah apologized in what she (incorrectly) took for a whisper. The two took to the laptop which sat on top of the desk, Leelah procured her library card, and they got to work. 


"You keep snatching glances at her," Leelah teased Lilac under her breath with a sharp hiss. "Thought I wouldn't notice?"

"Oh shuuuush," Lilac whispered back in a hush. They were almost done with their work here. The process was long and tedious, as applying for anything had always been and would always be, forever. Leelah had gotten bored multiple times and started playing with Lilac's big puffy nipples, each time needing to be gently reminded where they were. She had, however, been receptive to each gentle reprimand and quickly stopped afterwards each time she received one. Eventually it stuck. "No I'm not!" The fox girl from earlier walked past them to a nearby bookshelf and returned a few volumes to their appropriate resting places. Her breasts, not covered by a clipboard this time, were heavy and bouncy and full. Lilac's eyes latched onto them for a moment before she made herself look away with a heavy blush. "Okay, maybe a little bit. Maybe a little." 

"Teehee!" Leelah giggled, grinning ear to ear. She watched the cute fox girl turn around and walk past them. She was curious how that big fluffy tail would feel on her fingers. "Hey, you should ask her for a kiss~"

"What?" Lilac's face turned absolutely crimson. It was practically set ablaze with the heat of her embarrassment. "I can't just walk up to her and ask for that!"

"Mmmfhm," Leelah emoted through odd vocalizations made with her mouth closed, somewhat resembling a muted laugh. She could laugh normally like that, Lilac knew, which made it all the more confounding. "And whyyyy not?" She gave a knowing grin and her fingers danced across the keyboard. They'd filled out Lilac's applications first, and her own were nearing completion as well. "What's stopping you?"

"W-well," Lilac's mind took off in search of an answer. None came to it. She stalled out. "Er...I can't...cause…" she scrambled internally. Her mind failed to find anything at all. "No...reason." 

"And you want to kiss her, I know you do~ so just go ask, okay?" Lilac sighed. Leelah made it simple. If this would make her happy, though…

"Can I, uhhh, can I get you girls anything?" The fox girl leaned over their desk with a big toothy grin. Her hands held her thighs, and her arms once again squished her breasts together. Both girls had a hard time looking up into her eyes, adorable though they were, because the bountiful and bounciful bosom below was so beautiful. "You need, a-any more help?" 

"N-no, we're fine on help, thank you." Lilac toyed with some of her hair using a finger. "But, well, I-may I ask for something?"

"Of course!" The assistant smiled. Her mouth was pretty. Thin lips, with a light pink coat of lipstick. 

"I'd like...a kiss?" 

"A-a kiss! That's…" The foxy girl covered her blushing face with her arms and swished her tail all about. Lilac's heart pounded wildly. A cold wave of dread came over her. What if-"I'd be delighted! Y-you're really hot!" Before Lilac could properly process the new information the assistant lady bent her waist to a ninety degree angle, planted one hand on Lilac's thigh, and gave her a quick but almost powerful kiss on the lips. "Here's my number," she whispered as she produced a slip of paper and put it in Lilac's hand. "And my address. Have a lovely day," she scrambled off, blushing again. 

"Oh no, she's hot." 


Lilac knocked on the door to a small suburban house. It was just down the street from the library she'd gone to on Thursday (that is to say, two days ago), and it was extraordinarily unassuming. This was the first time she'd left home without Leelah in a while, and while she'd resisted the urge to regress and wear something asphyxiating like Leelah's mother would want, she nevertheless kept that...damnable...cross in the front pocket of the real open blazer she wore to go with the illusory t-shirt under it. Besides those, she wore heels and panties-both real-and a knee-length skirt (which was not). Her tail wantonly swished about as she built up the courage to ring the doorbell. She paused, retracted her tail to help with her nerves. She readied herself to press the button.

And then she did. 

Ring! Rang the doorbell. It was almost aggressively plain. 

"Heyyyyllo!" The fox girl's voice answered her inquiry. The door creaked open and they stood behind it with a big smile. 


And oh. Oh geez. Oh, oh god. 

Oh jeez. 

They stood tall and beamed at Lilac with a confident smile. Thin, lacey, black lingerie sat perfectly snug atop her waist, her crotch, her biiiiig scrumptious breasts. Her lips, thicker now from sporting a healthy layer of lipstick, took the shape of a bemused smile. "Heyyyy, beautiful. That looks wayyyyy better on you than that overly formal facade you had the other day."

Suddenly Lilac understood how her less bigoted classmates felt when they tried to flirt with her. Blood rushed to her face. She was...overwhelmingly gay. 

"Well-well, you see. Ah! Um. Thank you! I, errrr…"

"Teehee! Cuuutie. Flustered?" Those eyes were practically icy, but in a cool and seductive kind of way rather than a detached or uncaring one. Lilac nodded and was promptly ushered in. She took her shoes off and marveled at her host's outfit. Straps resembling garter belts hugged her sides, her thighs, wrapped her shoulders to connect the sides of her bra. An X made of them connected the cups, and crossed as it was over her considerable bust it guided the eye over them rather well. 

"At a loss for words, daaaaaarling?" The fox girl crossed her thighs over each other and practically pirouetted around Lilac's back, her hungry eyes drinking in the sight of Lilac's every last curve. 

"Y-yes. You're...stunning."

"Mmmfhmmm," they giggled with a bright smile. "High praise, from a literal sex demon. Come now, I'm nothing special." As she said it she trailed one long, smooth artificial nail up Lilac's neck and chin to angle the girl's head upwards. She grinned. "You're a TREAT yourself. Although, I will say you'd be muuuuch hotter with more confidence."

"I'm sorry."

"Whatever for?" They wrapped their tail around Lilac's leg comfortingly. Their eyes shone with concern. 

"I, uh, don't know."

"You have nooooothing to apologize for. Where's your buddy?"

"She, ah. She's running errands with her mom." At the thought of Leelah's mother hearing about this, Lilac's horns poked out through her head. This got her partner's attention. 

"Hmm? Hiding your horns? Come to think of it, you should have wings and a tail too." The girl closed the door into her home and looked over Lilac. "May I see them?"

Lilac hesitated. Her hands balled tight into fists. She gulped, and she nodded. Slowly, a pair of delicate leathery wings pushed out from her shoulderblades and flexed outward. Her tail slowly extended out from its spot in her (aptly named) tailbone. It curled,lazily, into a heart at the end as it extended to its full length. 

"Mmmmf. Beautiful, beautiful!" They cooed over her. Lilac blushed. Her horns stuck all the way out. "H-hey." The girl's voice dipped. It became one of tenderness and care. 

Of worry. 

"Heyyyy…" she brushed some of Lilac's hair aside from her forehead. Stared, looking upset, at Lilac's right horn. "Where's this notch from? Is it recent?"

The horns shot down into her body and returned to hiding. Lilac's tail twisted and coiled like a spring. 

"N-no! It's nothing, it's really noth-"

The fox girl took Lilac's chin in one finger and made the succubus look her in the eyes. Swirls and sparkles of color lit up in her own, which Lilac's swiftly began to mimic. Blue and pink and warm flooded her vision. Flooded her brain. 

Lilac melted. She was floating, divorced from reality, in an ocean of color and light and care. Her worries and insecurities were whisked away by a torrential flood of light that broke them down to nothing faster than she could process. 

Her host was warm. Her host loved her. 

"You're safe here," the limited universe available to Lilac spoke to her, through the air and the lips of her immaculate host. She relaxed. Her tail relaxed. Her horns came out. 

"I'm safe here."

"You are. Soooo safe." Lilac was vaguely aware that she was being touched. The hand was gentle, not like a lover or a sibling but a nurse, making sure her horns and wings and tail were functional, unharmed, free of infection. "You're suuuuch a good girl. When did you get that notch?"

Bad feelings welled up quickly inside Lilac, nasty scary feelings, but the lights that filled her and surrounded her drowned them without hesitation or remorse. The bad feelings disintegrated before they could even reach her mind. 

"Ten years ago...ish…" she murmured automatically. "Lady was really...really mean...about my horns…tried to get rid of them…"

"That's enough, darling. Good girl." The colors retreated. Lilac whimpered a little as the tide of encouraging blues and pinks receded from the shores of her mind. 


"Sorry," the fox girl scratched the back of her head. "I get...protective. especially of younger women, like you. I mean, I guess you're not CRAZY younger than me, I'm twenty four, how old are you?"


"Mhm." She nodded. "I...shouldn't have gone...straight there."

"Yeah." Lilac nodded. "You...shouldn't have. felt good…"

"Mmm? Do you want more?"

Lilac nodded eagerly. "Pl-please."

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