The Succubus Named Lilac

Date Night

by Motherlygirl

Tags: #f/f #fantasy #magic #monstergirl #succubus #urban_fantasy

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It had been some two months since the night with Sasha. Lilac had confessed in a tearful heap to Leelah the sordid details of the night but to her shock, the girl had been not enraged or disgusted, but…thrilled. Positively over the moon. Leelah's face had lit up that neon pink it tended to turn when she was excited. 

Leelah's mother was out of town for the week on something related to her business. They had been planning this day for weeks, and practically the entirety of the estate's staff were well aware. Lilac woke up in her quarters, feeling at once airy and apprehensive. Leelah's mother had explicitly ordered her not to do anything of this sort and an ugly knott had formed in her stomach. 

Knock knock!

"Enter," sighed Lilac, rubbing her forehead. Her horns were beginning to poke out of her forehead, so she screwed her eyes shut and focused. Light like a swarm of tiny insects engulfed them as the nubs receded into her body. Footsteps informed her that the guest had allowed themselves into her room. 

"The guest." She knew who it was. It was Elbert, a trans woman who worked for the manor as one of its many maids. She wore the maid's uniform, the only concession her employer had allowed made to her, and she had the same pleasant demeanor she always did. Lilac sat up and made to-

"It is half past ten ante meridian," she trilled in a high-pitched voice with a small smile. "Would you like any help getting ready?"

"No thank you." Lilac stretched, her spine extending farther than a human one of the same length would allow. "Would you like-"

"No, thank you," answered Elbert dismissively, blushing and waving her hand. "As kind as it is for you to offer, I decided I didn't want to turn into a girl again until it could be permanent. Same reason I haven't picked a new name."

Lilac nodded, wings fluttering and carrying her off the bed to the floor. With uncanny speed she slipped out of her pajamas, procured a stuffy suit and kakies from under her bed, slipped underwear on and then donned the more formal attire. She paused for a moment, fighting an intense sensation that seared her skin.

"Isn't that uncomfortable?" Elbert asked, eying the ensemble warily. Lilac nodded, picking the cross up off of her end-table next to her bed and putting it around her neck. 

"Yes. Extremely." The cross intensified the burning severely. Lilac stumbled against a wall, clutching her face where her horns had been. Her back pulsed as her wings fought to break free and sunder their thick cotton prison. Lilac hissed through her teeth, swallowed, then regained composure. 

"You...really shouldn't force that…" said Elbert with a voice full of pity. "It's not like she can-" Lilac gave a dismissive grunt and walked away, forcing Elbert to scurry after her. "If the madam figures out you two did this she's going to be angry either way! You can't just-"

Lilac turned on her heel and faced Elbert. Her expression contorted into pain, then annoyance. 

"I...have to do this. Please understand." Elbert nodded, but she clearly wasn't happy. The two continued in silence to the modest room on the second floor Leelah had converted to a personal kitchen. The room had walls the same obnoxious gold as the rest of the mansion, but Leelah had added a few counters (paid for using her comparatively exorbitant allowance) and a small table, which were a more normal yellowish-brown wood. She was using the singular stove overlooking a floor-to-ceiling window, flipping pancakes over it. 

"I told you you were overly worried, Elbert!" She sang in that peppy voice that everyone else seemed to find insufferable. Lilac, though? To her, it was intoxicating."That's eight times I've used this counter with not one catastrophe!" Lilac bit down a delighted laugh and walked up to the table. 

"...There aren't any chairs."

Leelah laughed and put a hand to her face. "Sorry 'bout that! We can always-"

Elbert made a noise somewhere between a donkey braying and a car alarm. "No! We are not sitting on mats made of your slime. Never again. It took forever to get it out of my uniform."

Leelah tossed a completed pancake into a pile of them which sat next to her and rolled her eyes. All the way around. You couldn't tell from where Lilac or Elbert stood, but they knew for a fact she'd totally done it. She always did. 

"Fine! You can find a few foldable chairs in the closet down the hall." Replied Leelah with a tone of annoyance. Elbert ran off and Leelah turned around-her eyes getting snagged on Lilac. "Why...are you…?"

Lilac averted her gaze. "Well, you know-"

Leelah huffed. "I know you, Lilac. This-" she gestured at Lilac with both hands. A few grease sparks from the skillet lept bravely forth and died attacking the demon's suit. She wasn't phased. "This ISN'T you."

Lilac's hands met and she twiddled with her thumbs. "Yeah, but…"

Leelah reached out, gently this time, and took the cross in her hands. She eyed it with the sort of utter, no-holds-barred contempt one might only feel for two or three entities over the course of a lifetime. Then, her face softened and she gazed up to Lilac.

"Hey, sweetie?"

"Yes, Leelah?"

Leelac stroked Lilac's face. She blushed. Nuzzled in. Purred. That was the Lilac she loved. The one that felt happy. Loved. Worthy. 

"I want you to feel comfortable, okay? Please?"

Lilac swallowed, but it did little to dispel the lump in her throat. Her lips pursed uncomfortably. "This...IS." She gazed weakly into Leelah's eyes. They were a vibrant pink, as they usually were. Usually...not "really." Lilac had long since forgotten the natural eye color of the woman she loved. She felt suddenly unsure about herself and her hands went to her hair. Were her horns showing? Her legs twitched with anxiety. What about her tail? Oh God, what if her tail-

"Sweetie." Leelah took Lilac's hand. The jelly-like carapice that she used to imitate skin when she felt lazy quickly dissolved, letting a familiar sensation envelop Lilac's hand. It was warm. Wet, maybe, but comfortable.


"What if you just wore a cute skirt? Maybe sone underwear? know...faked the rest. It's what I do!" Lilac snorted, grinning wide as she was helpless to keep from doing every time she was reminded just how rarely Leelah bothered to wear clothes. 

Lilac sighed. Leelah was right. This wasn't her. If actually enjoying this night meant shedding what flimsy plausible deniability she had, that was worth it. 

"You could even make yourself look like you're dressing up, if you want. That exact outfit, even! Though I doubt you want that. It's a bit more butch than your usual style, isn't it?"

Lilac nodded and started fidgeting with the cuffs of her suit. "Well, yeah, but...I don't know…" She made a sound like a frightened puppy. Leelah giggled and patted her head. 

"Tell ya what. If you start feeling uncomfortable we go home immediately. Okay?" Lilac nodded, feeling the warm confidence that Leelah gave off taking root in herself as well. That was enough for her. 

"I'll...go do that, then." Leelah nodded and waved as Lilac turned and made for her room. Elbert passed her on the way and gestured backwards as she set up the trio's chairs. 

"What's she doing?"

"Getting changed," purred Leelah, excitement in her voice. Elbert sighed, sounding relieved. 

"That's good. I'm glad."

"Me too."


The mall was a nice, chill place to hang out. Many of their peers often did exactly that as they'd grown up, but Lilac and Leelah never had. The three were here to grab some things to prepare for an event Leelah's mother would be hosting...on paper, anyway. 

Lilac leaned over a railing and looked down at a crowd of people. They were mostly humans and those more "acceptable" of monster girls: the ones that were basically humans with two or three extra bits or who could passably use their own magic to pose as entirely human. She wasn't one to talk, though-underneath the illusion of a t-shirt and black crop top jacket, she was practically naked. A black frilly bra with matching panties, and some short shorts they'd literally just bought, were all she had on. Her wings and horns were tucked away not just behind invisibility but folded into her body, too, though she'd been persuaded to let her tail out. 

"Like the view?" Leelah trilled, handing Lilac a fountain soda. Lilac shrugged and took a quick swig. 

"Eh. I was just waiting on you." Leelah laughed and took a huge bite out of a pretzel she'd bought. 

"You sure you don't want one?" She asked teasingly through a mouthful of food, her voice completely unaffected. It was a cute party trick she'd taught herself despite not being one for parties, and it got a look or two as it always did. Her deliberate lack of an indoor voice probably helped. 

"I am," Lilac giggled, face burning a little. "Though…why are you in your human form?" It was a question that demanded the word 'form' do some legwork; Lilac was well aware that if she weren't wearing a cute hoodie, skirt and leggings there'd be a lot missing. 

"Because," Leelah started, pretending to botch her parlor trick and have to clear her throat, "I knew it would help you feel comfortable!" She strode closer and gave Lilac a kiss on the cheek. Lilac squeaked at a ridiculously high pitch and instantly, almost violently, her tail curled into a heart. Leelah squealed in turn and yanked Lilac into a tight hug. Lilac gave yet another incredibly high-pitched noise in response, the succubus too startled to retaliate against an absolute onslaught of ruzzles and cheek kisses.

"Nyaaaa!" Was the most eloquent protest Lilac's mind could muster, and all the embarassed wiggling in the world wasn't going to get her free, so she happily accepted her fate. 

She did also wiggle though. A lot. And happily, at that. Her tail also kinda, furiously swung around curled up that way for a while. 

"Hey…" muttered Leelah, snuggling into Lilac's chest. It was warm and ample, and the soft pair of arms putting themselves around her back made it feel even better. She sighed. 

"Huh? What is it?" Lilac asked, her voice tinged with worry in response to the sudden shift in tone. 

"I'm sorry…" Leelah trailed off, tracing her fingers across Lilac's flat, toned tummy. "I'm know." Lilax shook her head, nervously laughing. 

"Nothing to be sorry for! It's not your-" Leelah was kissing her. Lilac immediately lost her train of thought and focused on kissing back, not realizing what had happened until a moment after they stopped. 

"Heyyy!" She pouted. "No fair!" Both of them knew it was too heavy a topic for that approach, so there was an awkward silence. Then, after a while, Lilac loosened up. Let herself lean against Leelah. Hair fell over her eyes. "It's...okay. that isn't your fault."

She recalled the first time they'd had this conversation. How that night her room had felt more like a prison, the mirror a hateful gorgon glaring ceep into her with the inescapable, insurmountable truth of what she was. A monster. The long two hours Leelah had spent coaxing her out, the night of sleep she'd missed because she was too afraid of what she'd missed. Or had it been the bathroom she locked herself in? It had been so long…

"Okay, maybe," Leelah interjected, her sweet, smooth voice once again cutting through the miasma of disdainful thoughts fogging Lilac's mind, "But I still feel guilty. We're going to get away from her someday, okay? Together." She smiled that gorgeous sunrise of a smile she had, and it was like the dark feelings lingering in the corners of Lilac's mind had been dashed to pieces beneath the hooves of a brilliant stallion. 

"Yeah…" she whispered, feeling Leelah lace her fingers between her own so they could hold hands, "Together." 

"Great! I dropped my pretzel, oops. Let's get lunch." Leelah picked the pretzel off the ground and dropped it unceremoniously in a nearby bin. "Chicken sound good?"


Lilac smiled at Leelah, her tail swishing gently under the table. Leelah took a swig out of her soda, her round face and soft features practically intoxicants to the young succubus. Had she ever properly noticed how beautiful Leelah was? Lilac opted to closely examine her. Leelah's soft shoulders, thick fluffy hair and plush, kissable lips were all tempting, and her big gorgeous eyes were a feast for Lilac's. Lilac relaxed, almost forgetting they were in public as her tail curled into a heart again…

"Hello!" The two girls turned to face their waitress, a girl of nineteen or twenty, and Lilac's face instantly turned beet red. They were beautiful. "My name's Bridget. How can I help you?" Leelah ordered her food and weakly, mechanically, Lilac did the same. Bridget had sweet amber eyes, a big mouth curled into a sunny grin, and delightful yellow hair with orange-ish hues near its tips that swept upward at the ends of the big adorable ponytail she had it in. Lilac tried not to notice that Bridget had a tight shirt, and big firm boobs, and a nice butt that her shorts beautifully hugged, or the way her chest jiggled as she walked…

"I'll be by soon," the woman smiled at them and walked away. Lilac struggled not to wonder if Bridget kissed as well as it looked like she could, or how those boobs would feel under her hands. Leelah gave a mischevious smile. 

"You like her, don't you!"

"No," denied Lilac as she stared down at the table and fidgetted guiltily. "...yes."

"Heehee! I get why, she's hot." Leelah licked her lips. "You should kiss her."


"You heard me, cutie! Kiss her! Get her number."


"That's an order." Leelah smiled. Lilac had never disobeyed an upfront command, and she wasn't going to start now, and they both knew it. Lilac grinned a little as the guilt waned enough for the combination of her eagerness to prove Leelah and her fondness for the new girl to overcome it. 


Bridget placed the two girls' orders on their table. "Is there anything else I can get for you, ladies?" The succubus looked up at her with piercing pink eyes that had speckles of red in them. Her mane of thick, wavy purple locks suddenly looked extra luxurious as Bridget realized how pretty she was and the succubus gave her the kindest and most inviting smile she'd ever seen, melting her heart. 

"How about a kiss, is that okay?" The request was totally out of left field and Bridget's heart started pounding. That positively stunning, impossibly beautiful woman wanted to kiss HER?

"Y-yes," Bridget stammered with a shaky grin, trying not to sweat too much, "That sounds lovely." In a motion so quick and elegant it seemed impossible, the demon slid out of her booth and stood over Bridget. A soft pair of fingers supported Bridget's chin and instinct took over, letting them carry her face up to the stranger's. 

A pair of lips, delicious and soft and succulent, met hers. Bridget moaned and whatever voice was telling her not to do this evaporated. The succubus' tongue invited itself into her mouth and lovingly, graciously, Bridget suckled on it and let it grapple with hers. For a moment she floated on a cloud of bliss, delighted more than she'd ever been in her life. Then the kiss broke. 

"Hey cutie," the succubus' sweet friend intoned with a grin, "come sit with us."

Bridget nodded helplessly. Any excuse to spend more time with this beautiful girl. She sat down in the booth and found herself sandwiched between both of them. 

God, she thought to herself as the demon began rubbing her thigh and kissing her face, they feel so good. The demon's friend slipped a hand under Bridget's shirt and started rubbing her tummy. Bridget moaned as tensions she didn't know she had were washed away. 

"That's a good girl, Bridget. You're very soft and pretty. My name's Leelah."

"Thank youuuu Leelahhhh," groaned Bridget, head rolling back into the booth's soft seat. 

"Gooood girl." Said Leelah, pressing her body up against Bridget. She was warm, impossibly smooth, very pretty. Some deep part of Bridget's brain purred with joy at her touch. "Would you like a gift?" Leelah asked as the succubus began to massage Bridget's upper thighs.

"I'd love thaaaat," sighed the physically and emotionally blissed out waitress, subconsciously spreading her legs as she leaned back. 

"Well," Leelah purred, gennnntly unzipping Bridget's shorts. "You're going to give my girlfriend-Lilac, you just kissed her, isn't she LOVELY?" Bridget nodded, eyes fluttering. She loved Lilac. She loved Lilac lots. "You're gonna give her your phone number okay?"

"Okayyyy," Bridget sighed happily. Yes. Anything for Lilac. Anything for Leelah. 

"Good girl. Cute panties. Plain, but cute." Before Bridget could respond to Leelah's comment Leelah's hand slipped under her unzipped shorts to cup her panties. Bridget immediately began humping it slightly. "Here's your present," Leelah purred, and her hand began to melt into slime, which slipped under Bridget's clothes without dirtying or wetting it. The slime was soft, comfortable, and warm like a lover's caress. Bridget moaned and squirmed as it lined her thighs, her panties, her crotch. "Gooood girl." Leelah paused for a second as new slime built formed another hand, then used it to zip Bridget's shorts back up. 

"If you answer when Lilac calls I'll use it to reward you, okay?" Bridget nodded desperately. What better reward could Leelah possibly give her? She had to know. 

A hand turned her face around and again Bridget's lips met Lilac's. They began to kiss once more, earnestly and lovingly. One arm went around her waist while the other supported the back of her head. A pair of hands Bridget failed initially to recognize as Leelah's began to grope her from behind. Quickly Bridget's crotch spasmed as she squirmed and came.

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