The Succubus Named Lilac


by Motherlygirl

Tags: #f/f #fantasy #magic #monstergirl #succubus #urban_fantasy

Hello! This is gonna be the last chapter I make for my patreon to go up public before the end of 2021 so I hope you enjoy it! By happenstance it got uploaded on Christmas, too~ Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals! ^U^

Also, uh, minor content warning for petplay stuff I guess?

It was ten thirty AM. The mistress of the house was absent. It was Wednesday. Her daughter was present. The family's "pet" was also present. 

"Mmmmmphhggh!" Lilac grunted in the middle of an extensive stretch. The sound that came from her mouth mingled nicely with the cavalcade of fun clicking noises that escaped from between her vertebrae. She extended both her arms and spine farther than the bones of a human with the same build would allow, and after her grunt she made a long and wavering vocalization that signaled she was happy. No sooner had she finished then she found herself tackled-and at the same time, hugged-by Leelah. 

"That's SO FRICKIN CUTE!!!" The young slime woman squealed from deep in her soul. The sound echoed relentlessly through the gaudy space where the two had grown up. Leelah was not going to let the excitement given to her by yesterday's letters die anytime soon. "Ohhhh I can't waiiiit!" 

"Ehehe," Lilac chuckled, a blush warming her face, "Well, we're probably not going to get to share a dorm, you know-" 

"I bet I could get you filed as my emotional support animal," Leelah teased. She wiggled a single finger in front of Lilac's nose, her unspoken threat to boop it making the succubus smile. "Or...actually, seriously. Could I?" 

"Not if I'm attending," Lilac laughed. "Almost certainly not, though, even if I weren't." 

"Boooo," Leelac complained. She wrapped her arms around Lilac's shoulders and hung from them. She adjusted the distribution of her slime inside herself until her body dangled effortlessly from her arms. "Rooooood." 

"Yeah, yeah," conceded a blushing Lilac, "...this is about the pet thing isn't it." 

"Whateeeever do you mean?" Asked Leelah. Her body melted into liquid and splashed around behind Lilac where it solidified once again into a deliberately more conventionally sexy version of herself.  "If you're my pet, you should totally count!" She held Lilac's body against herself. Lilac struggled not to relax, and she very quickly failed at this task. "But um...I'd be lying if I said considering you my pet is, shall we say, growing on me." Lilac laughed. 

"Well," she leaned her head back, against Leelah's astonishingly human-like carapice, "What changed your mind, dear?" 

"I think we both know what's responsible for my little change of heart here, darling." Leelah planted a long, slightly sloppy kiss on Lilac's cheek. "But it starts with a p, we're through it and-" 

"Yes, yes, I know." Lilac rolled her eyes. Unlike Leelah, this didn't involve making them do a full three sixty rotation in their socket. "We're adults and you have a sex drive now." 

"Yup! I'm so glad you understand," said Leelah with a slight giggle. "Although there is...a bit more to it than that. You seem more keen on it yourself, recently. Isn't that right, pet?" 

"W-well!" Lilac protested in vain. Before she could get any more words out, a ring of slime had ejected itself from one of Leelah's arms. It formed around her neck and swiftly materialized into the form of a thick leather collar. Before she could even comment, it shed material and shrank to fit snugly on her. The collar's ejected contents extended into a leash made of slime that tethered it to her girlfriend's hand. 

"Nifty, isn't it?" Asked Leelah. Her face was glowing-literally, factually glowing-with pride. Lilac's tail instantly contorted into a massive heart and made it "beat" jerkily. 


"Yessss…?" Inquired Leelah. Her face grinned wide. She gave Lilac's collar a slight lil tug. 

"Y-yes Master!" Lilac belted out, face bright red. Leelah giggled and began to gently pet her head. 

"It's too bad we can't go to orientation like this," she purred. "Don't wanna be seperated." 

"Yeaaaah," moaned Lilac. She dropped instinctively to her knees. Her horns, tail and wings all popped majestically out of her. She purred herself, to the best of her ability, as she nuzzled in. It wasn't as pleasant or as natural a sound for her as it was for Leelah, but her approximation of it made Leelah happy, and that's what mattered. 

"And here's the cool part!" Leelah said with a smile. She raised her hand-the one that wasn't petting Lilac-and the collar around the succubus' neck turned back into slime. The back end split open and then the leash retracted, yanking the body that had been a collar with it back into the confines of Leelah's body. This process in its entirety was over within the span of about three seconds. "See, isn't that awesome!?" Lilac laughed and nodded. She rose to her feet and turned around. The two shared a tight embrace. 


It was Thursday now. Leelah was lying back on a lounge chair outside in the sun. She enjoyed the warm summer rays gently running over her makeshift skin, the pleasant chatter of songbirds, the ever so slight rustling of leaves being carried to and fro by the wind just out of sight. She held a book in her hand, though that book held little of her attention.  Her eyes were half closed and her mouth was drawn into the shape of a lazy smile, perhaps even a drowsy one. 

"A lovely day out." Said Elbert just outside her field of view. She giggled and turned her body over to get a look at them. 

"Yes it is, Elbert!" She smiled. Elbert smiled back. The two shared an intimate moment of eye contact before Elbert returned to her work. 

"We're going to miss you two." Elbert said with a nostalgia in her voice. "When you're away at college." 

"Awww, thank you!" Part of Leelah wanted to snark that the manor's staff would probably miss her more than her mother would. It felt too bitter, too easily misconstrued as a complaint. The moment's delicate kindness, Leelah felt, ought to be preserved. "I take it you'll miss Lilac as well?" 

"How could we not?" Elbert asked in response. She hung a towel from the clothesline that was her duty at the moment. "Lilac is an absolute delight to have around. And, ah, I want to promise that I'm not just saying that cause she's your girlfriend, now. That is, um…"

"We're officially dating now, yeah," Leelah said, and then chuckled to herself. "And you know I'd never, like, punish you for speaking your mind, right?" 

"Of course I do!" Elbert laughed. She paused, one towel half hoisted over the line, to look at Leelah with a smarmy grin. "Besides, as IF you could get your mother to punish us for you. Oh, uh, shit-" whatever Elbert's worries, they were instantly put at ease by an uncontrolled, uproarious laughter that erupted out of Leelah. Elbert watched with a faint, quizzical smile for a moment before continuing with her work. 

"Yeah, that's fair I suppose." Leelah said as she sat up. She playfully dangled her feet in the grass. "Thank you all for...for everything. I, so grateful to every single one of you." Elbert just nodded. Then the two enjoyed a while spent in each other's company, silent save for the sounds of Elbert's clothes and the flapping of the towels in the mild breeze. 


Lilac stood in front of a large mirror. She was, for this rare occasion, in her "true" form. Her breasts were bountiful and full, far fuller than could fit in any of the bras she owned. All of her clothes were made for bodies almost half a foot shorter than this one, too, because that was how she usually presented herself. She wanted to give Leelah something special for their first anniversary, and this was the closest she could think of. Her horns, longer than she'd ever allowed them to be, were thick and full, and they curved out from behind her temple and then back in to a point in front of her crown, from which they extended forward with a curve and a slight upward slant. Her hair was a rich crimson, not pink or purple like she thought it was, and it ran down thick and straight to her tailbone. Just above that bone was the point that her tail extended from. It was long, thick, and wirey, and it was a greyish purplish color. Her wings, too, leathery and batlike, spread out from her shoulders. 

She had never been too fond of any of these qualities, but they made Leelah happy. Her hand drifted momentarily towards a point on the inside of her left horn's curve, but she caught herself and touched her face instead. She knew she wouldn't have the strength to go away to college looking like this, but...maybe she could take this shape from time to time, for her a treat. 

A treat.

She giggled to herself and knowingly cupped one of her breasts. It was extremely sensitive-even the slight touch of her own hand made her squirm. She felt a sharp tingle inside it as her body screamed-More! More!-but she resisted that temptation as hard as she could. She fought to merely admire her breasts. She looked at them, sublime pillowy mounds that had wonderful weight to them and made her girlfriend so very happy. She smiled. A trickle of fluid flowed down from the breast she'd touched, and only then did she realize she'd been teasing one of her nipples without realizing. She tore the hand away and shook her head. Her hair flailed but somehow none of it went in her face. 

"Ahem!" Lilac announced to herself. She pulled away from the mirror and stood straight up. Her wings unfurled for a moment to stretch out to their fullest. Her tail swished gently back and forth behind her. Her breasts bounced a bit with the shifting of her weight. She looked down at her arms and curled and uncurled her long fingers. The nails that tipped each were bright crimson, like her hair, and each of them was long and pointed, except for those on the middle and pointer fingers of her left hand. Those two were short and trimmed immaculately. 

Lilac made a fist and gently thumped her sternum with the side of it. She tried to think of what to say to Leelah. Had she mentioned that it was their anniversary? Shit, did Leelah think she'd forgotten about it entirely?

She shook her head. No, no. This was no time for her to be second guessing herself like that. She transformed into her more usual shape, wove an illusion of clothes over her body, and left to search the manor for her girlfriend. 


Lilac found her girlfriend relatively quickly. Leelah wasn't in her room (which was where Lilac chose to look first), but they did bump into each other when Lilac left it. 

"Oh, hi sweetie!" Said Leelah as a greeting. She grinned wide. 

"Hello!" Said Lilac, who grinned back. Excitement took hold of her. The succubus' heart pounded in her chest. An instinct took over. Her mouth spoke on its own. "It's our anniversary!" She cried with a mischievous grin. 

"So it is," Leelah replied, teasing Lilac with a playful expression of her own. "Do you have a gift for me?" She giggled and then started with whatever followup she'd planned in her. 

She was too slow. 

"I diiiid," purred Lilac. She gently took Leelah's hands. Her wings erupted from their hiding place in her back and with a single mighty beat, they hurled their owner backwards through the air. It wasn't enough to take Leelah off the ground but she eagerly followed on foot. 

"Oooh," said Leelah. She licked her lips. Her feet melted to propel her more smoothly. "What's with this?" 

"You'll see," promised Lilac. She landed, the bed a mere foot to her side, and twirled. She yanked Leelah up against her, completed a spin, and then lightly tossed the slime girl into her bed. Leelah, giggling, landed on her back. 

"Mmmm, I like this!" Leelah said as she sat up. Lilac strode to the door and spun. Her tail shot out of her and smacked into the door. 

"Ow!" The succubus froze up for a second. Her clothes shimmered but didn't quite vanish. "Stupid big heavy wooden door," she muttered to herself. "Doesn't, friggin, let me have my moment…!" She grumbled. She took the door's knob in one hand and closed it the old fashioned way. "Anyway." She shook her head. She turned to Leelah. Took a deep breath. 

Domme mode, back on. 

In a deliberately stylish hurricane of lights and colors Lilac shed the clothes and transformed. Her spike and limbs extended, her wings grew to full size, her lips got fuller and her nails redder. Her hair changed color to a dramatic bright red, and her eyes did the same. At last, the skin on the sides of her head shuffled as two long, powerful horns sprouted out of them. Lilac tried not to grimace. Unlike the rest of the changes, this one still hurt. 

Leelah stared in awe. Her mouth hung open. Her tongue lolled out. 

"Wh...whoah...holy shit…" she stammered. Lilac grinned and sauntered over. 

"What have we here, hmmm?" She grinned wide. She put one hand around Leelah's chin and gently guided it shut. "A silly lil lady who thinks I'm the pet?"

"I think you'll find that you are," Leelah stared up at Lilac with a defiant bratty look. Lilac giggled. 

"Will I?" She blew a kiss. A bright pink, cartoony looking little heart of energy floated out from her lips onto Leelah's. On the moment of impact it vanished and Leelah's body glowed pink for a second. Then her irises turned hot pink. 

"I LOVE YOUUUUU," moaned Leelah. Her heart hammered. She was smiling as wide as she could. She was starting to literally ooze love. 

"Say it again, dear." Lilac patted Leelah's head. "Say 'I love you Master.'"

"I LOVE YOU MASTER!" Leelah shot up to her knees and positioned her hands like a begging dog. She stared up at Lilac with a look of overpowering, overwhelming love. Lilac giggled and tapped her right hand's pointer finger over her lip. 

"Goooood girl, darling. How about you be a good little pet and leash yourself for me?" Leelah nodded with a kind of vigorous fervor that Lilac found thrilling. A layer of extra slime bubbled up to Leelah's, slid out separate from it and solidified into a cute pink choker. Then she tapped one finger to it. The tip of her finger liquified and as she pulled away, a strand of her slime formed connecting it to the collar. One that strand was a decent length she tapped the finger to her palm, which dropped a globule that attached to the strand. The globule fell onto the bed where it shifted in shape and color. A moment later, it had become a cute little pink handle. The strand of slime, too, changed its color and texture to become a more traditional leash. 

"Like this?" Asked Leelah, staring up with eyes that were full to practically bursting with adoration. 

"Juuuust like that." Said Lilac. She picked up the leash in her right hand and used her left to gently pet Leelah's head. "Who's my good little pet?"

"I am Master!" Leelah cried. She enthusiastically nuzzled and kissed Lilac's hand all over. "It's me! I'm the good little pet!" 

"You ARRRRE," Lilac almost squealed. She dove forward onto the bed and pounced on Leelah. Leelah fell on her back and stared upwards. Her eyes shimmered with adoration, with care, with comfort. It was enough to make Lilac comfortable in her skin, even if just for a moment. 

"I love you Master," Leelah whimpered. She put her wrists together, behind her bed. Her eyes scanned Lilac's form, which towered over her. "You're tall," she purred. Lilac smiled. 

"I ammmmm," Lilac purred right back. She arched her back upwards in a single powerful motion and took delight in her hair flipping up past her body, then brought herself down so she was inches from Leelah. "Now what say you we….sheeed...allll of this," Lilac purred, her tail sensually dragging its barbed tip across Leelah's clothes. Leelah nodded again. Her clothes melted and retreated into herself. She was, however, still notably human looking. "Goood, gooood…" Lilac assured. She planted one, then two, then three lasting bite-kisses along Leelah's neck, just below the jaw. Leelah squirmed. Lilac's knees were hugging her legs just above her ankles. One of the succubus' hands was gripping both of her wrists. She could escape easily. 

She couldn't possibly do that. 

"Put this," Lilac said as she squeezed the leash's handle, "put it around my wrist." The handle melted instantly into slime that rushed down her hand, formed a coil around her wrist, and morphed into a kind of bangle. "Gooood girl." Lilac took that hand and transferred both of Leelah's wrists into it. She paused for a moment and used the back of her left hand to gently, slowly stroke her girlfriend's face. Leelah purred loud. Lilac smiled. Seeing her so happy and content, for such simple pleased her. 

"I love you so much, Master," Leelah quite literally gushed, "You're so beautiful and kind and sweet." Lilac fought the urge to squeal. "I love your wings and your tail and your big pretty horns, and I love your soft kissable lips and you're, just, so good with your tongue…" Leelah stopped rubbing her face on Lilac's hand and stared up at Lilac. Her eyes still had the hearts in them, but they were paler. They were fading.  That was okay. Lilac contemplated what to do next. 

"Hmmm...what would you like to do, pet?

"Fuck me!" Leelah answered almost immediately. Lilac giggled. Her tail...was still a heart. 



"Damnit. Just...give me a second." Lilac forced her tail out of the heart shape. It took some doing. "There we go!" She grinned and dove for Leelah's mouth with her own. Her tail poised for a moment, poised like a scorpion's stinger, before the tip flexed to become dull and then thrust itself between Leelah's legs. Both young women moaned into each other. Lilac's tail shot back and forth with fervor and an ever-increasing intensity. Her heartbeat, too, accelerated rapidly. She clamped her mouth down around Leelah's, she sucked on those gorgeous squishy lips, her tongue fired into Leelah's to grapple with theirs. 

Leelah thrashed with delight. Her waist gyrated back and forth, harder and harder, taking delight in the feeling of Lilac's tail viciously plunging into it over and over. The two broke their kiss for a moment, just long enough for Leelah to gasp down some air. She flailed with delight. Hear built inside of her. 

"L-Llll LILAC! I LOVE YOU LILAC!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. Her body shot into a wild frenzy as a powerful, shuddering orgasm seized control of it. Her girlfriend's tail stabbed into her body one last time. An electric burst of joy lanced instantly along her entire body. She was rigid...and then she was limp. She collapsed on her back. She was panting. 

"I love you too Leelah." Lilac's body shrank and changed. Her demonic features receded into a body that in moments looked entirely human. She lowered herself on top of Leelah and clutched at her. Leelah returned the favor. They gazed lovingly, longingly, into one another's eyes...and gently, slowly, the girls fell asleep. 


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