Geara Wizardized

Magical Sunrise

by MorganGrey

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Image of this chapter's events:

A beautiful shot of an enthralled Geara looking lovingly at her Master during sunset at their estate of Vajit. 

Note: This chapter has depictions of violence, psychedelic mushrooms, death and destruction.

"Geara dearest, these magic mushrooms you picked for me are quite potent. I can see a whole spectrum of colors that I never imagined before. Thank you!" the Old Wizard said

"I am glad you're enjoying them, Master," Geara said smiling. "Jitin mushrooms are a favorite of mine to take whenever I want to commune with the elemental forces of the forest. I find they focus magical abilities, which means that you'll learn to control women a lot more effectively. You won't even have to dominate my mind with your gaze at the crack of dawn every morning, giving us more time to sleep in. Plus, more sleep will be good for our little one. Oh I can feel him growing in my womb with each passing moon."

"How do you know we're having a son and not a daughter?" Geara's Master asked

Geara put her hand on her stomach and rubbed it. "Elven women have an intimate bond with our off-spring while they're in the womb. I know much about him like how he will his mother's purple eyes and his father's black hair."

"Wait you know that I used to have black hair from all that?!" 

"Yes, my love. I know so much about our son, his father and more as is the inherent magic of Elven motherhood. I have some inkling of his future, his wants and desires. He'll be a great conqueror as he will both be a great slayer like his mother and a great enslaver like his father. Half Kumani, half Elven. Many Kumani women
will have theirs minds conquered by him as their bodies become his playthings. Many Kumani men will fall dead by his hand and he will repopulate the ravaged lands with our descendants." Geara said cheerfully 

The Old Wizard's face turned into a grimace. 

"What about my curse? Will our child inherit it as well?" The Old Wizard asked worriedly

"I feel neither Gaizta's gift nor curse upon our sweet child." The expectant mother replied

"But Geara, how will he enslave all those Human women then?"

"That's a silly question, Master. Using the magic that he inherited from me, of course! I am surprised that you're asking all of these questions as a Kumani wizard you should be able to see all of this clearly especially with the help of the Jitin. But then again, Kumani magic are mere parlor tricks to my people." Geara said matter of factly

Fear began to overtake the elderly warlock at this revelation. 

"You can control minds?!" The Old Wizard asked in an equal mix of fright and surprise

"Of course, I can control minds. What type of silly question is that? I mean how else do you think I wiped out a dozen Kumani towns during the Umboso Fracture in a single night? The way I did it was splitting myself into a dozen instances and turning each of me invisible before proceeding to the highest point in the towns often a temple spire. From there, I would cast a massive illusion entrapping all those puny Kumani that witnessed it deeply under my spell. It was a simple matter to drive them into a state of madness and have them destroy everything in sight: Kumani, temples, even their own homes were torn to shreds. After it was all said and done, many of the survivors fled in terror across the land. But that was fifty years ago and looked how much the Kumani have spread since then. Our child will be far more effective in this trifling pest control than I ever was." Geara said never losing her smile

The Old Wizard clutched his stomach at this news. But also as the mushrooms were slowly leaving his digestive tract and reactivating it, bringing back slowly to sobriety. It was at that moment he realized that her eyes and nails were a shade of lighter pink than he last remembered them. Then it dawned on him.

"She is breaking free of my power once more! This is bad. Really bad. But worst still is the terror that I've sired with a truly dreadfully beautiful monster. The lasting legacy of the Piatra clan will be nothing but, death and destruction of our once great land by the evil creature that helped bring them low in the first place. What I have I done?! No wonder, Gaizta made that deal with me. He knew this would happen! He saw Geara's destruction of Pamesh, Bitrul, Yikingrad, Opalius, Verickburg, and the other towns that were left ruined on that night. Some of those looters from the night that the estate was raided had Pamesh emblems on their clothes! Geara caused my woes! It's all been part of Gaizta's plan for me to impregnate Geara and bring ruin to what's left of my domain!" Roland Piatra thought in a panic

Geara noticing her Master was in a state of panic, approached him and in an instant had him in her comforting embrace. 

"There, there, Master. The Jitin mushrooms must be giving you a bad trip. If you want I can calm your mind with one of my illusions, it'll only take a mome-" Geara froze in mid-sentence

Roland's eyes glowed with a radiance and power which comes only from fear, desperation and the power of the magic mushrooms. Geara's mind was completely overwhelmed with the gift Roland sold his sold for. The gift he thrice paid for in damnation: damned by Gaizta, damned by Geara, and damned by his own evil spawn. But maybe, just maybe the crafty old wizard could save himself from at least two of these fates. 

"Geara, your mind is mine to mold. No more of this constant need to reaffirm my control over you. This ends now. The words that I am saying will permanently shape your brain to follow these commands without hesitation or question for the rest of your existence. You nor any of your instances will ever harm me, Geara. I am the only man that you will ever have sex with. You will never leave my side. You will always be my loving mistress, but never my wife as you are absolutely unworthy of that honor. One day when our son is grown, you will seek out, find and brainwash the most beautiful Elven woman in the region to be my loyal, ever obedient wife. On the subject of our son, we will raise him to be a pacifist even if we have to use magical means to do it. Any threats to our estate and to either him or me will be dealt with by you by any means necessary." Duke Piatra commanded

Geara simply nodded her head in agreement as she was incapable of anything else since her brain was washed in eldritch power. The duke was pleased, but before he could savor his success, he felt suddenly weak and the whole cacophony of colors from the Jitin disappeared in an instant.

Roland's world went black in a matter of moments.

Duke Piatra awoke groggily in his bedchambers to the sweet smell of bread baking in the long-dormant oven. 

"Master, you're awake! I was so worried after you exhausted yourself shaping my undeserving mind into your ever-adoring girlfriend." Geara said excitedly 

The Duke was pleasantly surprised to see that Geara's eyes returned to their deadened dark pinkish hue meaning his spell still held sway over her. Roland tried to get out of bed, but just then he heard an unfamiliar female voice. The voice belonged to a short, ebony skinned woman clad in white garb. Her eyes were completely enveloped from sclera to pupil in a supernaturally violet hue. 

"Don't strain yourself, Master. You still have an IV needle in you." The medicine woman warned

"Relena, please move the IV stand next to Master to use as a crouch while he regains his balance." Geara told the bewitched medicine woman

"How long was I out, Geara? Where did Relena and this equipment come from?" Roland asked his brainwashed girlfriend

Well, my love, you were unconscious for five whole days and much of the morning of the sixth. One of us found Relena in the town of Ulmir twenty-three Kumani kilometers to the east of here.  This instance of me stayed by your side for the entire time while I enraptured the entire population of the town during their yearly harvest festival. The men took arms against one another and all ended up dead by each other's hands, thus eliminating the threat of Ulmir permanently. The children and old women were sent away on rivercraft to tell about the 'horrible madness' that came from the forest to the other pests near and far. Thus, I led the women aged eighteen to forty years from the destroyed town to their new home. Of course, I thoroughly brainwashed them all by the time they arrived." Geara said with pride

"What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Roland screamed. "You wiped out another town! All those people are dead because of you. Because of me. Damn it. No matter what I do people around me, get hurt and suffer." 

"Master, calm down. It is perfectly okay because that way even if they somehow broke free, they would have nowhere left to go back to except to accept their fates as your slave-girls. Come and follow me!" Geara said gleefully

Roland cautiously left his room behind Geara. He was quickly surprised and pleasantly so. Roland found himself in awe of the state of the estate. In a few short days, Geara had undid half a century of neglect. The pair made their way to the kitchen where the sweet smell of bread was emanating from, there they were offered fresh bread by a curvy woman with breasts even larger than Geara's. The woman was naked and had the same spell cast on her as Relena while Geara still wore the deceased Duchess Piatra's fine outfit, still somehow without a speck of dirt, ash or blood on it from the previous days. 

Roland ate a piece of the warm bread and quickly ate half a loaf before a retinue of beautiful women equally naked filed into the kitchen. All of them had the hallmarks of Geara's mind control evident for their new master to see. 

"We live to obey and serve you, Master! Use us as your personal harem!" They shouted in perfect unison

"You know what? Having a beautiful Elven she-devil as a brainwashed slave was not as bad as I thought, Geara is totally devoted to me. On top of that, she knows her way with women. Far better than I do," Roland thought as he ate another piece of bread before tasting his newest slave-girls with his mistress

This is the end of the prequel. I hope you enjoyed the story!

Geara is truly a terrible person motivated by hatred of Humanity for invading her home-world and taking away from her, the person most precious to her.  The scary thing is that Geara had actually lived on Earth from 1913 - 1965 C.E. taking on many different forms: A Red Army commissar, a Freikorp member, a certain assassinated American president's favorite mistress, and the dictator of a Latin American country. The Umboso Fracture began in 1933 C.E. [897 H.A (Human Appearance on Karrqui)]. The destruction of the twelve towns happened in 1937 C.E. [901 H.A.] when Geara travelled back to Karrqui for a 'vacation.' Thus, she truly deserves the ironic fate to be brainwashed and used by a Human Master. At least for awhile. 

Geara and Roland will return in "Love Potions, Hypnosis and Romance in a Fantasy World". I will write that story after completing "Knight of Spirals." As a reminder, "Knight of Spirals" will be available on Smashwords and other E-book retailers for $3.99 in 3 weeks or less! "Knight of Spirals" and "Love Potions, Hypnosis and Romance in a Fantasy World" will actually be in the same universe as "Hypnotized in Shanghai." The characters from each of these books will become aware of each other and have their own interactions as the MCV (Mind Control Verse) expands. Geara will be a frequent character in many future tales. 

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