Geara Wizardized

Geara's New Home

by MorganGrey

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Geara is an elven woman with an extreme hatred of Humanity rivaling that of most of history's greatest monsters. She has been outlawed from even most Elven settlements due to her bloodthirsty ways against the Kumani [humans]. She has no choice but to become a bandit in the forests of Karrqui [Elven homeworld]. She mostly lets Elven caravans go undisturbed unless they are personal enemies of hers, while extracting a high toll on goblins and other magical traders of non-Elven descent. Humans, on the other hand, are often just killed outright.

On this day, Geara finds herself with an old, feeble human man. She feels somewhat sorry for him and just decides to rob him at knife point. The old man's voice suddenly roars, "Look into my eyes!" Geara foolishly does and her mind is soon overpowered by the human wizard's powerful mind controlling spell. She dropped her weapons, and quickly later, her clothes. Now she stands at attention for whatever her new Master commands.

The Old Human Wizard was most impressed with his latest prize: a beautiful elven woman, the infamous Geara no less! She was completely under his power with no signs of resisting. He felt no danger with such a capable servant as his disposal. Even better was the fact that Geara knew many of the shortcuts in the forest and they arrived in half the time that the Wizard expected. Geara admired the still-lingering grandeur of the Wizard's ruined family estate, even while deep under his thrall. 

The Wizard noticed Geara's astonishment and remarked, "Vajit was once the greatest estate in this corner of Karrqui. My family were dukes of these lands, but Great Umboso collapsed when King Njedebe IV died with two grown sons. They tore apart Great Umboso in the quest for power until not even the original Umboso domain remained intact. Vassals freed themselves or collapsed, as was the fate of my family's holdings. Looters came and took away almost everything from me, including my family. I had nothing. I was hungry and desperate."

Geara's face became uncharacteristically sad at hearing of her Master's woes. "So what did you do, Master?" Geara asked 

The Old Wizard's eyes became intense yet, unfocused as he remembered. "I made a pact. A terrible pact with dark, eldritch forces older than even the spirits of the forest themselves. I sacrificed my soul and youth to an ancient and wicked evil god, Gaizta the Malevolent. He was easy to summon with a few simple runes and chants. But when He appeared, I instantly knew that I was out of my league. Gaizta transported me to his realm of eternal horrors of which I shutter simply at the thought. Portions of my spiritual being were split away from my soul painstakingly slow. Fifty years I spent in Gaizta's Inferno having my soul rendered to near ash at the never-ending torment."

Geara grew ever-more aroused with each instance of the Old Wizard recalling his past agonies. A part of her Kumani hating old self was beginning to bubble to the surface. 

The Wizard continued his tale. "At the end of the fiftieth year of my extra-dimensional imprisonment, Gaizta released me. I was given my reward for all this torment, the gift of controlling the minds of women with a single stare." 

Geara was on the verge of snapping out of the Wizard's control when he turned to her and bore his gift into her mind's eye. 

"Some women require a regimen of control to fully break their minds, don't they Geara?" The Wizard slyly asked

Nothing more than an extension of the Wizard's will was Geara at this point. "Yes, Master. Some women like me need to have their minds fully broken by your power."

"Good elf-girl. You'll learn that there is no escaping my power. There is nothing but my will. Now, my concubine doll yourself up for your Master." The Wizard commanded

Geara did what she was commanded. In a bright flash of purple magical energy, Geara disappeared before reappearing with heavy cosmetics on her face to note her status as a kept woman. Her lips were of a deep metallic crimson, her long nails softened their sharp edges with a regal purple varnish while her cheeks were caked in heavy amounts of magically applied blush. The glowing eyes of the enthralled elven woman were emphasized by a rich blend of purple, red and brown. The golden blonde hair of the Elven slave-girl grew to cover her left eye amplifying her seductiveness. Geara's makeover was nearly complete. She was still naked, however, her Master would quickly remedy that.

He disappeared into a room for a moment and returned with a nearly pristine azure dress with gold accents. On the center of the dress's breast was a fine golden circle that extended its reach via a triad of chains to each side terminating in smaller and less impressive golden circles. At once, Geara put it on and it fit her quite well in all the right places. 

The Old Wizard stared at Geara for a moment longingly before shedding a few tears that were quickly wiped away.

"Who did the dress belong to, Master?" Geara asked perplexed at the Old Wizard's saddened reaction

"My wife." The Old Wizard said in tears

"Stop crying, Master. You don't need to waste your time crying over an old Kumani skeleton. You have a beautiful Elven concubine at your beck and call. I will do anything and everything you want. And I do mean everything. Let's start off with getting to know each other better in the bedroom. I mean how else are we going to rebuild your family?" Geara said seductively

From then on, the Old Wizard and Geara lived in peace and brainwashed love at Vajit for many years until Sova and Óirn showed up..........

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