Geara Wizardized


by MorganGrey

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #fantasy #sub:female #careful_what_you_wish_for #deal_with_the_devil #dom:female #elf #femdom_hypnosis #femsub #geara #harem #impregnation #magic #magic_mushrooms #magiccontrol #mass_hypnosis #prequel #programming #sub:male #violence

This scene takes place 10 years into Geara's servitude to Roland Piatra. At this point, Geara's mind has been completely conquered by the corrupted magic used by the old wizard. She knows nothing more than to serve in the best interest of her human master. Sometimes, she serves without need for an order. 

For example, when she extracted money from a human trading caravan since the old wizard drastically limited her use of deadly force after the Ulmir Incident (see Part 3). So instead, it now functions in the same way a taxpayer pays protection money to the government. The caravans pass through leaving boxes of tribute with Geara's name on it. The few caravans adventurous enough to travel through the former Duke Piatra's lands have shorter travel times between Faru City and the Kumani [human] "Sanctuary" Territories [really a slave state controlled by a human puppet regime with orders coming from Faru's elves].  

One day, a caravan left a small black box as tribute in the usual spot of a hollowed out log. Geara grabbed the box and noticed it was quite light. She knew there was something nice as the weight shifted slightly. Without a second thought, as if there was any thoughts in her head, she teleported back to her Master's estate in a flash of white streaks. Specifically his bedchambers. 


With a flare, Geara rematerialized in front of the old wizard's bed. He was not alone. With him on the bed, he had a tan human woman whose eyes, sclera and all, were a deep purple as compared to the light pink of Geara irises. Geara remembered the tan woman was an acquisition from several weeks before, when she was found chained to a tree. Her horrified eyes, then brown, were filled with fear before Geara recruited the newest addition to her Master's harem. All it took was a couple "flashes of inspiration" from Geara's hands in front of the beauty's eyes to make her submit. She served Geara enthusiastically after being freed from her bonds, gave her name as "Tanya." Tanya certainly cleaned Geara's kitty-kat real nice. Just as she was spit polishing Roland's tool in that moment.

 "Master, your humble slave has returned with tribute." Geara said without intonation. She knelt as she presented the box to her Master.

The old wizard grabbed the featherweight box and opened it greedly like all the pieces of tribute he receives. It all belonged to the wizard: women, the forest, and control. Why wouldn't he become greedy? Liege of a shadowy domain stretching dozens of kilometers in all directions. Geara's instances patrolling the territory as its wardens, at last, he had nominally restored his family's lands. But not their prestige. Perhaps, marrying his son Paxus off to some far-off noble's daughter could help fix this trifling issue. 

Though such thoughts were for the future, for the present there was a set of lingerie discovered in the box. 

"Geara strip off your clothes and change into this set of nightwear," Roland commanded. 

Geara did as she was told. Without a word, she stripped down naked and grabbed the lingerie from her Master. It fit Geara beautifully. Each fiber finding their right place on the Elven woman's delicious body. The enthralled concubine felt herself up as she looked at how delectable she looked in the mirror.  With a lock of deviancy in her eye, Geara blew her Master a kiss once she was done. With that, Tanya's mouth was filled with her Master's warm milk. Geara strode seductively with every step to the large king-sized bed. She slid next to the old wizard. 

    Geara began whispering in the old wizard's ear, "I know you are getting so hard just from watching me in this see-through lingerie. What are you going to do keep filling up Tanya's little mouth or fill me up again. Don't you think Paxus needs a little brother or sister? He is so lonely with all of these brainwashed harem girls. The children are terrified of him, well because of us. I think we need to teach Paxus to socialize or he'll end up a shut-in." 

    Roland considered his favorite seductress' proposal before coming to a decision. 

    "Geara, how about you stop thinking. You're my slave. I command you, you don't suggest to me anything. I want you to parade around in that lingerie of yours walking like the happy zombified Elven slavegirl you are," the Old Wizard commanded.

    The enthralled beauty did as she was told by getting out of bed and putting her arms up like a sleepwalker. The ever reactive and creative mind of Geara was shut down by the Duke's command. She smiled as she paraded around Vajit [her Master's estate]. As so it was for many moons after.


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