Grayscale: A Whiteout Anthology

Thief of Hearts

by Modren

Tags: #bondage #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #bimbofication #comic_book #dollification #dom:vampire #furry #growth #urban_fantasy #vampire #werewolves

Disclaimer: The following story contains consensual and non-consensual hypnosis and sexual activity. If you are underage, or if these themes make you uncomfortable, consider yourself warned. The characters and situations depicted below are fictional, and they should remain that way. The author does not condone any non-consensual sexual activity.

The portal slipped shut next to a large house. The two figures crouched low and stayed motionless, listening for any movement from the house’s owner or her neighbors. After a moment, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“Risky,” Val muttered under her breath. “I don’t like opening portals where people can see them, especially when we’re supposed to be in stealth mode.”

“Well, there’s not too many options around here,” Weiss replied, checking one of the side windows to see if it would open. “There’s no real alleyways to hide in, and you just know these sorts of people all have security cameras on their front doors.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet.” Val stretched and stifled a yawn. “But, unlike the city, you can at least guarantee no one’s gonna be up at three in the morning.” She dusted herself off and admired her outfit. Weiss isn’t the only one who looks good in a suit, she thought to herself. The ensemble had cost more than she’d normally spend on clothes in a whole year, but she could feel that expense in the quality of the fabric and the nigh-perfect tailoring job.

Weiss cracked the window open and grinned. “Lucky us. Guess our little landlady is too self-assured to lock her windows at night.”

Val raised an eyebrow. “Huh, weird. For the kind of person who moves all the way out to one of these fancy suburbs where you ‘don’t have to worry’ about crime, you’d think she’d be a little more cautious. What’d you say her name was, again?”

“Alicia Goodwin. Real vulture, this one. She paid off her properties years ago, but still charges obscene amounts of rent and doesn’t even bother with upkeep.”

“I hate her already.”

“Good girl. I’ve taught you well.” Weiss gave Val a peck on the cheek before opening the window fully and squeezing through.

Val touched the spot where Weiss kissed her and smiled despite herself. God, I’m so easy. She climbed in after Weiss and took a moment to observe her surroundings. The room was dark, as to be expected, with the only traces of illumination being the electronic displays on the washer and dryer on the right-hand wall. She opened a small portal in the palm of her hand, and violet light filled the room.

Weiss looked at the portal and smirked. “You got the stamina for that, babe? Remember what happened the last time you tried to hold a portal open for a long time.”

“That was… different,” Val murmured, hoping her blush wouldn’t show. “I can hold a small one open for a few minutes. Assuming I don’t get distracted.”

“Oh, but I love ‘distracting’ you!” Weiss chuckled and peeked out into the hallway. “Coast seems clear.” She sniffed the air and frowned. “Am I the only one who smells lavender?”

Val sniffed and shrugged. “I do to. We’re in a laundry room, it’s probably just detergent.”

“Yeah, probably.” Weiss checked the flasher and motioned for Val to follow her. The two vigilantes crept into the hallway and made their way towards the stairs. Weird. We’re out of the laundry room, but that lavender scent just keeps getting stronger. Does this lady use a ton of air freshener or what?

Weiss paused when she reached the foot of the stairs. “Well, that’s… not normal.”

The faint light at the top of the stairs illuminated a strange purple fog that crept down to Weiss’s feet. Val closed her portal and knelt down, rubbing her chin. She inhaled without thinking and coughed as some of it entered her lungs. “Ugh, guess that’s where the lavender’s coming from,” she gasped, suddenly feeling flushed.

“Something tells me it’s not incense,” Weiss said. “You, uh, wanna call it quits?”

“What, and leave without getting her to lower the rent? Not a chance.” Though that fog is making me feel kinda weird… Overheated, almost.

Weiss sighed and pointed the flasher in front of her. She walked slowly, careful not to make any creak that might alert someone to their approach. Val followed closely behind, mentally prepping herself for a potential fight.

They reached the second floor and saw one of the doors left ajar, light pouring out of it. They could also hear faint whispers and heavy breathing. Weiss looked at Val expectantly, and the former superhero moved in front of her, gently grabbing the door handle. She held up three fingers, then two, then one.

As Val closed her fist, she flung the door open wide and dived forward. The FLASH went off behind her, disorienting the two figures inside the room. One of them was kneeling on the floor; tan skin, black nightgown, brunette, pixie cut. But the other…

Val had to blink to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. The other woman in the room wore a purple robe and open-toed socks, her similarly-colored hair tied into a messy half-ponytail. But those weren’t the only parts of her that were purple; even her skin was a pale violet.

“Fuck!” the purple woman shouted. “What the–”

Val opened a pair of portals and leapt through them, reappearing behind the strangely-colored woman and pinning her to the ground. “Stay down,” she growled, almost forgetting for a moment that she wasn’t still a superhero taking down bad guys.

The other woman blinked and seemed to wake herself up. “Ugh, wha…” She took in the sight in front of her and frowned. “What’s going on here?”

“Alicia Goodwin, I presume?” Weiss asked, smiling confidently and running a hand through her hair.

Alicia turned to Weiss and glared. “Who the hell are you supposed to be?”

“My associate and I are here to… persuade you. My name is Blanc.” Weiss motioned to Val and paused. Then continued to pause. She looked over at Val, her smile seeming increasingly desperate.

“O-Oh!” Val stammered. “And my name is, uh, Noir!”

“‘Persuade’ me?” Alicia scoffed. “More like rob me blind! And assault my tenants, on top of that!”

“Yeah, you tell ‘em!” the purple woman shouted, straining against Val’s weight.

“Listen, just… just hang on, here,” Weiss continued, struggling to uphold her confident demeanor in the face of the chaotic scene. “We don’t even know who this other woman is, she was just here in your room, doing… well, I don’t know what she was–”

“Wait, what?” Alicia interrupted. She turned to the purple woman and glared. “Moira, what were you doing in my room?”

“There’s a, uh, very good explanation for that,” the woman replied. “I’ll tell you all about it later, after this horrible person gets off me!”

“Who’re you calling horrible?” Val gasped.

Weiss groaned and rubbed her temple. “Oh, fuck this!” She raised the flasher machine and fired it, sending FLASH after FLASH into the bedroom. Val instinctively shut her eyes, but remembered that the contacts she wore would protect her from its mind-blanking effects. She watched as Alicia’s face shifted from anger into placid stillness, her body slumping slightly as she went deep into trance.

Even though Alicia was pacified, the purple woman – Moira? I think that’s what Alicia called her? – didn’t show any sign of slowing down. She tried in vain to push against the floor, trying to shake Val off. “Fuck! Ugh, get off me, dammit!”

“Not until we know what your deal is,” Weiss replied, crouching down and staring down Moira. “Who are you? What were you doing here?”

Moira sighed and stopped struggling. “Okay, fine. My name is Moira. I’m a soulcatcher.”

“A… I’m sorry, a what?”

“Soulcatcher. I catch souls. Well, collect them, more accurately, but I think ‘soulcatcher’ sounds better.”

Weiss looked at Val, utterly baffled. “A-And… what, exactly, do you do with the souls you ‘collect?’”

Moira smirked. “Trade secret. But something tells me you wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.”

“Yeah, well, it is pretty hard to believe,” Val said. “What would a ‘soulcatcher’ even be doing in this city?”

“Cities have lots of people,” Moira replied. “Lots of people, lots of souls. But I’m a little surprised you draw the line at magic, yet have no problem believing in superheroes. Isn’t that right, Violet Angel?”

Oh shit. “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, don’t act surprised,” Moira chuckled. “There aren’t many people who can conjure portals like you, especially in this town. And, by the way, I think they look quite lovely. But I’m maybe a little biased.”

Weiss shoved the barrel of the flasher machine in Moira’s face. “So you know. Big deal. We have ways to fix that. But you still haven’t answered why you’re here, in this room.”

Moira shrugged. “I want free rent. Soulcatching is fun and all, but it doesn’t exactly pay out, y’know? So I decided to use some of my gifts to… what was that word you used? Persuade her.”

“What gifts?”

“Do you really wanna know?” Moira giggled. “I can show you, if you’d like. It won’t hurt you any. In fact, it’ll feel really good…”

“Zip it,” Val hissed, pressing her knee into Moira’s back. “We don’t want you to do anything except shut up and let us work.”

“Aw, calm down,” Moira purred, her voice dripping with smug confidence. “We’re all friends here, right? So why don’t you work with me? I get the feeling you and I are working for the same thing, aren’t we?”

That’s… sorta true? I mean, we’re maybe not trying to get free rent, but we both want to make Alicia lower her prices. Val looked over at Weiss, about to ask for advice, but stopped. Weiss didn’t look right. Her face was slightly slack, her lips parted, and her eyes strangely distant. “Blanc? Blanc!”

Weiss blinked and shook herself awake. “V– er, Noir. Let her go.”


“You heard me. Let’s work with her. We’re working for the same thing anyway, right?”

Val slowly stood up and stepped away from Moira, a sense of unease creeping into her gut. This doesn’t feel right. Why was Weiss zoned out like that? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was…

Moira rolled over and sat up cross-legged, stretching out her back. “Muchas gracias! Now, what to do with my bourgeoise tormentor?” She turned and scooched closer to Alicia, still blankly staring at nothing. “Wow, you gals did a number on her. What’s in that machine of yours?”

Weiss chuckled. “Trade secret. So, you mentioned something about a ‘gift?’”

“Oh, yes,” Moira purred. “It’s my eyes, you see. They can be quite… captivating. If you catch my meaning.”

“I think I do,” Weiss grinned. “Care to give a demonstration?”

“Certainly.” Moira held Alicia’s face in her hands, smushing her cheeks a bit, and stared deep into the landlady’s eyes. “Aliiiiciaa,” Moira whispered in a sing-song. “Looky looky, Alicia. Focus on me, pretty girl.”

Alicia’s eyes seemed to lock on to Moira’s, and she let out a soft moan. “Mmmmoooiraaa…”

“That’s right, Alicia,” Moira replied. “It’s me, your favorite tenant. You know I’m your favorite, don’t you? It just makes you feel so good to stare into my eyes, and listen to my sweet voice.”

“Mmmmmrr… yyesss…” Alicia smiled dreamily, her head swaying as she danced to Moira’s tune. Moira’s voice is really sexy… Dammit, stay focused! This is no time to have subby thoughts!

“So you can just sink for me, Alicia, deeper and deeper down.” Moira hooked her thumb into Alicia’s mouth, and delighted as her formerly-bossy landlady sucked on it and moaned. “You love to sink for me. You love to obey.”

Alicia whimpered and sighed, grinning stupidly as she fell further and further into Moira’s grasp. Val noticed that her eyes seemed to be changing, taking on a green hue and forming concentric circles that moved outward from her pupils. Whoa… I thought stuff like that was just a cliché, but somehow Moira is making it really happen. Maybe she really is magic.

“Oh, that’s lovely,” Weiss whispered, barely concealing her own arousal. “You’re good at this, you know.”

“Thank you,” Moira giggled, letting go of Alicia’s head and watching it loll to the side. “Now, Alicia, listen close. Blanc and I have some things we’d like to tell you.” She turned to Weiss and motioned for her to speak.

Weiss knelt down and grabbed Alicia’s face, forcing their eyes to meet. “You’re going to reduce your rates for the tenants in your properties. By at least half.”

“B-Buh…” Alicia whined, the prospect of not making quite as much money seeming to almost stir her from her trance. A quick FLASH was all it took to shatter that resistance. “Yuussshhhh…”

“Good girl,” Weiss smirked. Val squirmed and struggled not to slip a hand under her waistband. Fuuuuuck, this is so hot. Why am I so turned on? It’s not usually like this, even when Weiss and I are brainwashing someone else. And is that lavender scent getting stronger?

“And, of course, you won’t be charging moi a single cent,” Moira purred, getting in close to Alicia’s ear. “After all, it wouldn’t be fair to make your favorite tenant pay, now would it?”

“N-Noo,” Alicia cried, her eyes rolling back into her head. “Moiraaa… faavoriiite…”

Moira chuckled and slid a hand between Alicia’s legs. “Oh, dearie me, you’re soaked. Does my voice turn you on, Alicia? Trick question, of course it does! Because I said so.”

“H-Hey, what’re you doing?” Weiss said, backing away from Moira.

“What does it look like, silly?” Moira giggled, licking Alicia’s arousal off her fingers. “I’m getting ready to fuck our hypnotized prey. What, do you want first dibs or something?”

“You can’t do that! That’s wrong!”

Moira blinked. “Excuse me? It’s wrong to fuck someone you’ve brainwashed? What, and the brainwashing isn’t ‘wrong’ in the first place?”

“It’s… That’s different!” Weiss shouted.

“Ugh, this is the problem I have with you vigilante types,” Moira sighed, rolling her eyes. “You’re all a bunch of hypocrites. You’ll break some laws, but you think others are crossing some invisible line.” She stood up and cracked her neck. “Well, maybe it’s about time I erase that line.”

Weiss pointed the flasher device at Moira. “Not likely.” FLASH.

Moira shielded her eyes and staggered back. “Ah, fuck! That’s bright!”

FLASH. “That’s enough talking out of you,” Weiss said coldly. “Time to drop.”

“Time…” Moira shook her head. “No, you can’t–”


“You…” Moira blinked heavily, swaying slightly on her feet.

FLASH. “Had enough yet?” Weiss smirked, stepping closer. “Get on your knees, ‘soulcatcher.’”

Moira didn’t move. She just stayed still, staring emptily through Weiss.

“I said,” FLASH. “On. Your Knees.” Weiss stepped even closer, furrowing her brow. “Can you hear me, Moira?”

“Yessss…” Moira whispered. Her voice sounded distant and empty.

“Then, why don’t you just do as I say and get on your knees?” Weiss asked, sounding more than a little exasperated.

“Because…” Moira grinned. “That’s where you should be.”

Suddenly, Moira lunged forward and grabbed Weiss by her upper arms, her eyes glowing a bright green. “That was a valiant effort, Blanc,” she continued, licking her lips, “but that little machine of yours ain’t gonna work on me.”

“Oh, fuuuuuhhhh…” The flasher dropped to the floor with a thud. Weiss’s eyes went wide, then lidded, as her body relaxed into Moira’s grip.

Shit. Shit! Val shot up and tried to run through the situation in her head. Can’t portal Weiss out of here, I’d just get Moira too. But I can’t just leave her here… Maybe get backup? Yun might be able to help… She shot out a portal as she heard Moira say, “Stop the other one.”

Val made it about two steps before her world went dark. She felt her Madame’s trigger word hit her, and she felt a split second of panic before she fell face-first to the floor, the portal slipping shut just a few feet in front of her. Her mind became blank, the familiar bliss of trance covering her like a warm blanket.

Moira blinked. “Wait, what? How did you do that?”

“Valerie is my submissive,” Weiss murmured, her voice hazy with trance. “I used one of her triggers to bring her into trance.”

“Huh.” Moira chuckled and set Weiss down. “Well, that’s lucky.” She stepped over to Val and rolled her over with her foot so she was staring up at the ceiling. Moira straddled Val’s hips and leaned in low, staring deep into Val’s wide, empty eyes. “Well, I guess you’re already hypnotized, huh? But I know a strong girl like you is probably still trying to fight back. So, let’s fix that, shall we?”

Her eyes turned green, and Val fell helplessly into them. They consumed her entire mind, sending her even deeper into mindlessness. Her vision swam, distorting and blurring over; if she could still think, she could’ve sworn she saw neon green smoke pouring from Moira’s eyes.

“That’s a good girl,” Moira purred, and Val felt her words deep in her soul. “Go deep for me, Violet Angel. Go deep for Moira.”

“Deeeepp… for Mmooiiiraaaaa…” Val smiled dreamily, a wave of absolute bliss passing over her as she obeyed the soulcatcher’s words.

“Ah, such good girls you all are!” Moira cackled, rising off of Val. “Now, all of you, strip for me. I want to see every inch of you.”

“Yes, Moira!” the hypnotized women cried, frantically removing their clothes. Alicia, being the one who was already wearing the least, was first to get nude. Her breasts were heavy, jiggling obscenely as she slipped her nightgown over her head and tossed it haphazardly across the room. Weiss was the next, and a little more careful about it than Alicia was. She gingerly laid each piece of clothing in a pile next to her, before standing proudly at attention, grinning madly.

Val had a bit of trouble removing her suit, not helped by the sight of Alicia and Weiss’s bare breasts. This deep in trance, she found herself slipping between pure blankness and her titslave persona, unsure whether to keep undressing or stare slack-jawed at her Madame’s breasts. When she seemed to get totally stuck, Moira stepped over and removed the rest of her clothes, taking her panties and whistling mockingly.

“Shit, these are soaked!” Moira chuckled. “I make you that turned on, huh?” She tossed them aside and held Val close, their faces just inches apart. “My eyes aren’t my only trick, you know. Take a deep breath, super-slut.” She kissed Val on the lips, open-mouthed, and Val tasted lavender. She breathed deeply, feeling more and more of that taste fill her, making her feel hot, aroused.

Moira pulled away and grinned. “How’s that feel, Violet Angel? You like being filled with my smoke? Filled with me?”

“Ffuuck, yes!” Val shouted, nearly cumming on the spot. She was so needy, so desperate, she felt like she could explode.

“Good girl,” Moira smiled. “You know, I always wanted to fuck a superhero. You can’t blame me, right? Always running around in those tight outfits, acting like they’re paragons of virtue. Who wouldn’t want to see one of them knocked down a peg?” She licked her lips and turned to Weiss and Alicia. “Blanc, or whatever your name is, you’re a dominant, right? Why don’t you make Alicia your little bitch for the evening?”

Weiss turned to Alicia, her eyes going lidded and taking on a hungry quality. “Yes, Moira,” she purred, walking confidently over to the hypnotized landlady, and shoving her face-first onto her bed. “You’ve been a bad girl,” she growled, her voice surprisingly alert for someone so deep in trance. “You deserve to be punished.”

“Bad… girl…” Alicia whimpered, squirming. “Punished.. y-yes!” Weiss raised her hand high, and it landed on Alicia’s ass with a loud slap! Alicia yelped, curling her toes and gripping the sheets tightly. Another slap! followed, and another, and another.

Moira heard a quiet gasp behind her, and chuckled as she saw Val slowly rubbing between her legs, her eyes transfixed by the scene unfolding before her. “Damn, you really are a super-slut,” Moira said. “But, y’know, as hot as this is, I think I’ve got a better thing for you to stare at.” She stood in front of Val and waved her hand. Her robe disappeared, revealing her naked body; she spread her pussy lips with her fingers and bit her lip. “How’s that, Angel?”

Val’s eyes locked onto Moira’s pussy and she started to drool. She let out a low, needy moan and started rubbing faster, rocking her hips.

“Well, don’t just sit there!” Moira said, rolling her eyes. “Get to work!”

“Y-Yes, Moira!” Val crawled forward a bit and buried her face between Moira’s legs. Her tongue greedily lapped at Moira’s pussy, making Moira purr with delight. Tastes so good… Fuck, Moira… so hot…

“Good girl,” Moira smiled. “Very good girl.” She waved her hand, and with a puff of smoke, the two of them were facing the opposite direction, with Moira getting a wonderful view of Weiss and Alicia’s playtime.

Val inhaled the smoke and moaned, shuddering with pleasure. “Mmmooooiiirraaaaaaa…” She lost track of herself, becoming distracted from pleasuring Moira and instead rubbing her own body, each touch seeming to brush against some new erogenous zone. Every inch of her was alight with bliss.

“Oi! Angel!” Moira snapped. Her voice seemed to get Val’s attention for a moment, but then the blissed-out woman went back to touching herself. “Oh, for fuck’s sakes…” Moira sighed and roughly grabbed the sides of Val’s head, shoving the superhero’s head back between her legs. “Well, if you’re too distracted to eat me out properly, I’ll just have to use you.” She grinded her hips against Val’s face, smearing her juices all over the hypnotized woman.

All the while, Weiss spanked Alicia harder and harder, leaving a bright red mark on the landlady’s ass cheek. Moira’s smoke filled the air, a purple haze that made all three of Moira’s thralls hornier and hornier the more they breathed in.

Weiss’s cheeks were flushed, her forehead glistening with sweat. “Had… enough?” she panted. She didn’t even seem to notice how her non-spanking hand was squeezing her breasts, or how slick her thighs were.

Alicia drooled onto the bedspread, letting out a low, pathetic moan. “Mmmoooreee…” she whined.

“Good girl,” Weiss said. “You wanna… be a good girl, for…” She paused, blinking rapidly. She turned around, struggling to focus, and saw Moira riding Val’s face.

Moira bit her lip and moaned. “Th-That’s it, you fucking slut! Fuck, I can’t believe this is happening! Violet Angel is my little brainwashed bitch!”

“Valerie…” Weiss whispered. “That’s… you… Moira…”

“Aw, what’s the matter, Blanc?” Moira giggled. “Jealous? Maybe angry that I’m fucking your girlfriend? Well, why not come over here and settle the score?”

If Weiss were thinking clearly, she’d recognize that Moira’s taunt was a trap. But it was a struggle for Weiss to think at all. She staggered closer, breathing heavily, until she was within arm’s reach of Moira.

Moira grabbed Weiss’s shoulders. Her eyes started to glow. “Break.”

“Brea– gguuh!” Weiss shuddered and moaned, orgasming on the spot. Her legs gave out from under her and she fell to the floor, staring sightlessly at the ceiling. She came again and again, each climax shattering her resistance until not even shards were left.

“Much better,” Moira purred. “Now go fuck Alicia.”

“Yes, Moira!” Weiss cried, her eyes rolling back into her head. Her mind was so utterly twirled around Moira’s finger that merely receiving a command was like an orgasm in itself. She jumped onto the bed and pinned Alicia down, sliding her fingers into Alicia’s drooling cunt.

“Fuck, it’s… s-so good to see someone like that fall under my spell,” Moira grunted. She was close now. She dug her fingers into Val’s scalp to get her attention. “Y-You, Violet! When I cum, you cum.”

“Yush, Muhra,” Val murmured indistinctly.

“Gonna take your goddamn soul, super-slut,” Moira growled. “Gonna take it and– ah!” She rocked her hips back and shuddered, her moans intermixed with Val’s as the two of them came. Moira let Val’s head go and she slumped to the floor.

Moira leaned against the wall, catching her breath, while a bright purple orb started to rise out of Val’s chest. When it left her, Val started to feel strangely cold. Hollow. Moira reached out and grabbed it, smiling smugly. “I think I’ll be taking this. Hope you don’t… mind…”

She trailed off, her eyes narrowing as she stared at it. “Hmm… you’re more special than I realized.” Moira licked her lips and closed her eyes, humming softly to herself. “No. Not yet. I want to savor this. Souls are sweeter when they’re given freely, after all.” She blew Val a kiss, and the orb flew back into Val. The hollow feeling left her and she sighed contentedly.

The moment was interrupted by the sound of Alicia cumming. Moira chuckled to herself and sauntered over to the bed. “Damn, I nearly forgot about you two!” She patted Weiss on the head. “Good job, I guess.”

“Th-Thank you, Moira!” Weiss beamed.

“And as for you,” Moira continued, pushing Weiss aside and grabbing Alicia’s face, “I don’t want your soul. I can already tell it’s gonna be sour. But I think, in addition to my free apartment, you’ll be happy to oblige me whenever I’m bored and need some… intimate company. Right?”

“Yes, Moira,” Alicia whispered. “Always, whenever you want, anything you want, I’m yours forev–”

“Okay, cool.” Moira yawned and stretched her back. “Welp, it’s pretty late. I think it’s time for me to hit the hay. But, before I go…”

She turned back to Val and grinned. “I think we’ve got some stuff to talk about.”

Val felt the bed shift. She yawned and cracked an eye open, not wanting that cozy sleepy feeling to leave just yet. She saw Weiss sitting up and checking her phone, the backlight turned down low.

Weiss noticed Val stirring and smiled at her. “Hey, sleepyhead. We did good last night.”

“Mmm… yeah,” Val yawned. “Yeah, we did good.” But… I can’t really remember much about it. I’m sure it’s fine, though.

“Wanna jump in the shower first?” Weiss asked.

“Nah, you go,” Val murmured. “Still sleepy.”

“Fair enough.” Weiss rolled off the bed and headed for the stairs, still holding her phone tight.

“Oh!” Val squeaked, blushing. “Um, when did you start sleeping naked?”

“Huh?” Weiss looked down and raised an eyebrow. “Oh, I’m naked. Well, I guess I just… forgot to put on some sleeping clothes after we got back?” She furrowed her brow; for a moment, she seemed like she was trying to remember something. Then her expression softened. “Yeah, I’m sure that’s it. Anyway, you don’t mind, do you? I mean, you’re naked too.”

“I am?” Val peeked under the blanket to double-check. Sure enough, she wasn’t wearing anything. That’s weird… But I’m sure it’s fine. Everything’s fine and normal. “Uh, no, I don’t mind.”

Weiss grinned. “Thought so. We both know you can’t get enough of this.” She ran her hands over her body and swayed her hips, giggling to herself. “Back in a sec. Try not to get any drool on the sheets.”

“Try not to get any… something… on the… whatever.” Val sighed and sat up, rubbing her eyes. Ugh, I definitely don’t want to do any more missions that late. Stupid internal clock, not letting me sleep in. She scratched her chin and looked down at the bed, lost in thought. It is weird that I can’t remember anything about it, though. We got there okay, and… then…

Val’s phone buzzed, jolting her out of her thoughts. She quickly picked it up and squinted at it, her eyes stinging from the brightness of the screen. Who would want to do a video call this early? And have Weiss on the call too? She thought about just cancelling it and texting whoever it was later with an apology, but then she saw the name of the person who called her.

She hastily accepted the call and flung the blanket off her, angling her phone so the camera would get a good view of her body. I want her to see all of me. She’s gonna be so happy to see me like this!

A moment later, a very groggy Moira appeared on Val’s screen. “Hm. Morning.”

“Good morning, Moira!” Val beamed. “Do you like what you see?”

“Mmm. Yeah.” Moira licked her lips and smiled sleepily. “Sorry, not too much energy yet. Just wanted to check in before I got my morning coffee.”

“That’s okay, Moira!” Weiss’s voice chimed in. Val noticed Weiss’s picture next to hers in a little window at the top of her screen. She had the same wide, beatific grin on her face that Val did. “Just seeing you at all is wonderful!”

“Damn straight it is,” Moira chuckled. “You girls should thank me for gracing you with my presence.”

“Thank you, Moira!” Val and Weiss chirped. They were thankful; there wasn’t a hint of irony or sarcasm in their voices.

“Good girls,” Moira purred. “Now, onto the actual reason I wanted to chat. Pay close attention, ladies.” She angled her phone so it focused on her chest, then pulled her top down, revealing a pair of perky breasts.

Val’s jaw dropped. The instant she saw Moira’s breasts, she knew exactly what she had to do. Her free hand snuck between her legs and began to rub her pussy. “Moira makes me edge,” she whispered as her mind started to cloud, “I love to edge for Moira.” Val heard Weiss repeating the same mantra, and it made her say it again. The two of them seemed to trigger each other into saying the phrase, a cycle that brought both of them deeper and deeper into trance with each repetition.

“That’s right,” Moira sighed. “That’s my good girls. Bring yourselves deeper and deeper down for me. Keep conditioning your minds to worship me. Because I deserve to be worshipped, don’t I?”

“Yes, Moira!” Val cried, shuddering as her body approached the edge of climax. “You deserve everything! I… I want to give, you…” Her breathing slowed down as her hand pulled away. Can’t cum. Won’t cum. Moira’s girls don’t cum unless she wants them to.

“I know, baby, I know,” Moira said with mock concern. “You’re just aching to give me your souls. But be patient. I know when the time is right. And when it is, I’ll come to you.”

Val smiled blissfully. “Thank you, Moira.”

Moira giggled. “Well, I gotta get going. Lots of stuff to do, and by ‘stuff’ I mean Alicia, and by ‘do’ I mean… well, do. But you two have a good day or whatever. I’ll hopefully be seeing you soon.”

Val felt a twinge of sadness at the idea of the call ending, but she put on a happy face. Moira doesn’t like to see her girls unhappy. “Goodbye, Moira.”

Moira blew her thralls a kiss just as the call ended. Val shuddered and idly rubbed her cheek, where she imagined Moira’s kiss would land. I love Moira so much. I love being one of Moira’s girls. Want to give… give…

Val blinked. What was I thinking about? Lost my train of thought all of a sudden… She looked down at her phone and furrowed her brow. Was I talking to someone? Hm. Must’ve been a robocall. For a brief moment, she felt a sharp, terrifyingly clear sense of panic. Something was wrong, but she couldn’t place what it was. She shook her head and cast it aside. I’m just being silly. Nothing is wrong. Everything is normal.

Good girl. Another voice spoke in Val’s mind. It made Val feel so very good.

I'd like to thank Shozaya for letting me use their character Moira for this piece. I'm a big fan of their art, and it was a real treat to work with them on this. Please support them on Patreon, it's absolutely worth it if you're a fan of mind control smut.

I’d also like to take a moment to mention Carefully Random’s Discord server and the Mind Control Literature Discord server, which are both wonderful communities of erotica writers and readers. I’ve also opened up my own Discord server, which you can join here.

If you’re interested in reading more from me, you can check out my tag on HypnoHubsupport me on Patreon, or view all my links at

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