Grayscale: A Whiteout Anthology

Higher Learning

by Modren

Tags: #bondage #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #bimbofication #comic_book #dollification #dom:vampire #furry #growth #urban_fantasy #vampire #werewolves

Disclaimer: The following story contains consensual and non-consensual hypnosis and sexual activity. If you are underage, or if these themes make you uncomfortable, consider yourself warned. The characters and situations depicted below are fictional, and they should remain that way. The author does not condone any non-consensual sexual activity.

I realized that I hadn't really delved much into the early days of Weiss and Patti's relationship, so enjoy this little peek into that period in their lives.

“Wait, you want me to do what?” Gwen blinked at Patricia. “I’ve never even heard of that!”

Patricia pinched the bridge of her nose and exhaled. “Uh, I’m trying to think of how I can explain it in a way you’d get. I don’t think you’ve seen Clueless, you only watch movies if they’re on the Criterion Channel… ok, so you know Paris Hilton?”


“So, that kind of vapid, valley-girl mindset. That’s what I want.”

Gwen sat down in her office chair, contemplating. Her light brown hair fell indifferently in front of her forehead, so she brushed it aside. “That’s what this… ‘bimbofication’ stuff is?”

“It’s… a lot of things,” Patricia shrugged. “Some of it’s about plastic surgery, some of it’s just thinly-veiled misogyny. But me? I just wanna feel dumb.”

“Why would you want that?” Gwen gasped. “You’re… god, you’re brilliant, Patricia! You’re top of your class, you can talk completely over my head–”

“Yeah, I know,” Patricia interrupted. “But even if I’m the smartest one in the room, no one treats me like that. Being who I am, I’ve got two decks stacked against me all the time, and it sucks! I get belittled and insulted and microaggressed, and…” Her face became flushed. “And… y’know, sometimes that’s… kinda hot. Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to be as stupid as everyone thinks I am.”

“So it’s a degradation thing?”

“Y­– well, kinda?” Patricia shrugged. “I mean, I don’t like the vindictive, petty kind of stuff, the way those guys in class talk to me. But…” Patricia scratched her chin. “Like, dogs are pretty stupid, right? Generally speaking? But we act all loving and cute and shit towards them. I think I want that, being treated lovingly even though I’m a dumbass.”

Gwen raised an eyebrow. “I won’t have to housetrain you, will I?”

“Well, if you’re into watersports, I’m down to try,” Patricia chuckled. “So, you wanna do it?”

“I don’t know,” Gwen sighed, fiddling with the hem of her skirt. “We’ve never done anything like this yet; we’re still figuring out how to make suggestions and triggers work. Now you want me to totally change your personality?”

“It doesn’t have to be like that,” Patricia reassured her. “And I don’t want it to be, either. I want to still feel like me, just… like, diminished? But also horny.” She paused. “I’m not making any sense, am I?”

Gwen paused, taking everything in. “…I think I got it. Let’s give it a shot.”

“Yes!” Patricia exclaimed, jumping up off the bed and hugging Gwen. “Thank you thank you thaaaank you!” she cooed, peppering Gwen’s cheek with kisses.

“H-Hey!” Gwen blushed. “Th­-That’s– uh–you r-really–”

Patricia giggled and planted one final kiss on Gwen’s forehead. “Wow, guess I really am good at this electrical engineering stuff. I can even make you short-circuit!” She plopped back down on her bed and got settled, making sure the pillow underneath her head was just so. “Whenever you’re ready,” she smirked.

“Yeah…” Gwen muttered, rubbing her cheek with an awestruck grin on her face. After a moment, she snapped back to reality and scooted her chair over to Patricia. “So, tell me how you’d like this to feel, or work. How do you picture it?”

“Hm…” Patricia tapped her chin. “Maybe like a cloud, or a fog? It rolls into my head, makes it hard to think. And I want it to feel… I guess like I’m letting go of my mind, not like it’s being taken from me. Does that make sense?”

“Totally,” Weiss nodded. “Yeah, I can work with that.” She took a deep breath and stood up, shaking her hands and pacing around the room a bit. “Okay, okay, I can do this, it’s gonna be fine…”

“You got this, Gwen!” Patricia smiled. “Believe in the Patricia that believes in you!”

“Oh, I still need to finish that,” Gwen muttered. “I’ll have to steal Morgan’s Netflix password again, hope she hasn’t changed it… a-anyway!” She turned back to Patricia and smiled deviously. “I think it’s time we got started, don’t you?”

“I thought I wasn’t supposed to be thinking,” Patricia smirked. “Isn’t that how this works, ‘Mistress?’”

Gwen blinked, her cheeks turning beet-red. “Y-Yes, that’s… right.” She cleared her throat and silently cursed whatever god made her this gay. “Now, I want you to focus on something within your line of sight. Could be a spot on the ceiling, could be the ceiling fan, could be anything. Just as long as you can stare at it without straining your eyes.”

Patricia looked around for a moment, before turning her head slightly and staring straight into Gwen’s eyes. “Found it.”

“…Okay.” Dammit, Gwen thought, she’s not making this easy on me. “So focus on my eyes, Patricia. They’re quite captivating, aren’t they? Deep, dark brown, like… a big… pool of chocolate?” Ugh, you’re ruining it! “J-Just… focus on my eyes, and take a deep breath in and out.”

“Wow, you’re hopeless,” Patricia smiled. She let her chest rise and fall, relaxing into the soft pillow underneath her head.

“Yes, just like that,” Gwen said, trying her damnedest to not let Patricia’s teasing get the better of her. “Slow, deep breaths now, in…” She inhaled, then paused for a moment as Patricia followed suit. “…and out.”

Patricia’s chest fell in sync with Gwen’s. The two girls continued like this for a few more cycles, and Gwen noticed that Patricia already seemed to be drifting a bit. She’d stopped trying to mess with Gwen and had settled into her rhythm of breathing – the rhythm Gwen controlled.

“Good,” Gwen cooed, “very good. And as you take these slow, relaxing breaths–” her voice gradually became lower the more she talked “–you start to realize how heavy your eyes feel. It’s so hard to keep them open, Patricia, so hard to keep them from slipping shut.”

Patricia made a vague, quiet noise, and her eyelids dipped slightly. “Yes, you feel it now,” Gwen continued, her voice not quite a whisper. “Focus on that feeling, that heaviness, that weight dragging your eyes down. You want nothing more than to let your eyes close, but you have to keep them open for me. And the more you try to keep them open, the more tired you feel.”

Gwen’s breath hitched as Patricia’s eyelids fluttered. Oh, fuck. Fuck, that’s… “Y-You’re doing so well, Patricia. And when you feel like you can’t keep your eyes open anymore, you can just let them slip shut as you­ sleep for me.”

Patricia’s eyes closed, and her body went even more limp than before. Gwen felt a silly grin spreading across her face; even though she and Patricia had been playing around more and more with hypnosis, she never got tired of that moment when Patricia slipped under.

“There we go,” Gwen purred. “Such a good girl. And as you keep those eyes closed, I want you to imagine your mind slowly filling up with a thick, pink fog. Every breath you take just brings in more and more, making it harder and harder to think.”

“Mmm…” Patricia breathed deeply, almost seeming to savor the air she inhaled.

“And as that fog keeps filling that silly little head of yours,” Gwen continued, feeling her heartbeat get faster and louder, “you can feel your thoughts drifting off into it and fading away. And it feels so good to let that happen, to let your mind get smaller and smaller and filled with pink. You like feeling so pink, don’t you? Feeling like a dumb little bimbo?”

“Yeah…” Patricia smiled dreamily. “like… feeling pink… bimbo…”

Gwen loosened her collar, acutely aware of how hot the room felt. She could feel her heartbeat through her whole body, and balled her hands up into fists to stop them from shaking with nervous energy. “A-And the more your thoughts slow down, the more aroused you feel. You try and force those thoughts through the thick, pink fog, and your mind just focuses on how horny you are instead.” A thought popped into existence in Gwen’s mind, and she grinned wolfishly. “Repeat after me, Patricia. Breathe in pink, breathe out thoughts. Breathe in arousal, breathe out intelligence.”

Patricia mewled adorably, squirming on the bed. “B-Breathe in pink… breathe out thoughts… breathe in a-arousal, breathe… out intelligence…”

Oh, fuck yeah. It took a remarkable amount of willpower for Gwen to not start fingering herself right then and there. Patricia whispered her mantra over and over, each repetition more delightfully desperate than the last, and as far as Gwen was concerned it was the hottest thing she’d ever seen. I… I did this! I’m making this happen! Holy shit, holy shit…

“Breathe… pink…” Patricia gasped, the mantra by now devolving into a semi-coherent mumble. Her hand slid down between her legs and began to rub through her sweatpants, her breath coming hot and heavy. “Thoughts… ‘n arousal…”

Gwen snapped back to reality. “Patricia, stop!” Gah, let myself get carried away. She wants to enjoy this while she’s awake, right? “Okay, so… so I’m going to count up from one to five. When I get to five, you’ll feel awake and refreshed, but carry this dumb, horny feeling with you. When I say… uh, wh-when I snap my fingers, you’ll return to your normal, intelligent self. Do you understand?”

“Gwen,” Patricia whimpered, stirring slightly.

“I’m going to count you up now, alright?” Gwen squeezed Patricia’s hand. “One… two… three… four… five.”

Patricia’s eyes shot open, then went lidded. She turned her head to look at Gwen, and Gwen could tell there was something different about her. Her eyes seemed… duller, somehow. “Hi,” she giggled.

“Hey!” Gwen replied nervously. “S-So, uh, how do you… feel?”

“Good,” Patricia cooed, slowly sitting up and stretching, arching her back as if to show off her breasts. “Reeeeeal good…”

“And the, uh, suggestion?”

Patricia smiled at Gwen. “Hm?”

“The suggestion I gave you while you were in trance. Remember? The, uh, bimbofication thing?”

“Oh!” There was a flash of recognition in Patricia’s eyes, before they became dull and glassy again. “Bimbo… mmm, can we do that?”

Gwen blinked. “We… we are doing that, Patricia.”

“Huh?” Patricia tilted her head to the side.

Alright, she’s gone. “N-Never mind. So, um… guess you’re still pretty horny, right?”

“Yeah!” Patricia giggled, biting her lip. “Like, how’d you guess?”

“I suppose I’m just that smart,” Gwen smirked.

“Wow,” Patricia gasped, seeming genuinely awestruck that Gwen could tell she was aroused. I guess she doesn’t realize she’s grinding on the bed right now…

“Want me to help you get off?” Gwen asked.

“Get off what?”

“…Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Oh! Yeah yeah yeah, that sounds great!” Patricia giggled.

Gwen rolled her eyes and chuckled to herself. Oh, I am never letting her hear the end of this. She hopped up onto the bed and planted a kiss on Patricia’s cheek, right at that spot on her jaw that she loved so much. She slid around behind Patricia, sliding one hand under Patricia’s waistband and another under her shirt, gently stroking her belly with the tips of her fingers.

Patricia purred, rocking her head back and nuzzling Gwen’s cheek. “Mmm… you’re so good to me, Gwen… such a good girlfriend…”

“And so are you,” Gwen smiled, kissing Patricia again. “And not just a good girlfriend, you’re a good girl, period.” She gently rubbed Patricia’s clit, her smile growing even wider as the hypnotized girl moaned in delight. “And good girls get rewarded.”

“I-I’m a good girl!” Patricia gasped.

“Yes, you are,” Gwen purred, tweaking Patricia’s nipple and kissing her neck. “Such a perfect bimbo I’ve made you! So horny and desperate and dumb… That pink fog’s the only thing left in that empty skull of yours, isn’t it?”

“P-Pink…” Patricia rocked her hips into Gwen’s touch, shuddering. “Breathe in pink, breathe out thoughts, breathe in arousal, breathe out in… int… uh…”

“Intelligence, Patricia. You know, that thing you don’t have anymore?” Gwen felt utterly giddy, high on arousal and nerves and the disbelief that she did this, that she could do this. “Feel that fog filling you up even more, not just your head but your whole body, making every inch of you feel so wonderfully, beautifully pink.” The words spilled from her mouth, coming from a part of her she never knew she had, a part of her that may as well have been another person entirely.

Whoever that person was, though, it seemed Patricia liked her an awful lot. She whispered her mantra over and over, a faint line of drool creeping down her chin as her smile grew wider and sillier by the second. She moaned shamelessly, unable to care if anyone else could hear her, increasingly unaware of the fact that anyone else could hear her. All she knew was pleasure and the warmth of Gwen’s touch.

Finally, she shuddered and spasmed as she came, panting like an animal and sagging in Gwen’s arms. Gwen stroked her hair, waiting for both their hearts to settle back down. With a snap! Patricia blinked and straightened her back out.

“So?” Gwen smiled. “How’d I do?”

“Holy fuck!” Patricia shrieked, giggling like a madman. “Gwen, that… that was perfect!”


Patricia leaned backwards, sending Gwen toppling onto the bed, then rolled over to face her. “Ab-so-fucking-lutely! Shit, that was better than I ever could’ve expected.”

Gwen found herself grinning just as widely as Patricia. “I’m… I’m so glad you liked it.”

Loved it. Gwen, you are incredible at this!”

“I am?” Gwen scratched the back of her head and shrugged. “I dunno, it doesn’t ever feel like I’m doing anything, it just… happens.”

“Well, make it keep happening,” Patricia chuckled, kissing Gwen on the nose. “Because I want to do it again.”

“Like, right now, or…?”

Patricia shrugged. “Well, not now. But, y’know, later.”

Gwen’s cheeks went pink. “Oh, r-right.” Wait, why am I disappointed? Of course she’s not gonna want to do another scene right after this one.

“But,” Patricia cooed, pulling Gwen in even closer and nuzzling the taller girl’s chest, “I’m extremely down for some cuddling.”

“Cuddling works,” Gwen chuckled. She idly stroked Patricia’s hair and stared up at the ceiling. “…You really think I’m good at this?”

Patricia nodded. “Definitely.”

“Hm.” Gwen felt an idea forming in her head, and swirled it around a bit. Maybe I could make some use of it, if I’m apparently so talented. She looked down at Patricia and smiled. I’ll think about that later. Right now, though? All I need is her.

Author's note: This story originally appeared as a monthly bonus story for my patrons, and is now available in my new short story collection, Anthology – Volume One 2020-2021. If you enjoyed reading it, please consider purchasing the collection. I'm really proud of each story in there, and I think if you like my other stories you're gonna find something to enjoy in there.

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