Łamia Domestication Guide

Chapter 3 - Cove

by Miss_Praxis

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #multiple_partners #scifi #sub:female #dom:nb #drugs #f/nb #hurt/comfort #lamia #learnedhelplessness #medical_play #mind_control #plantfuckers #restraints #self_harm #self_harm_is_over_were_still_doing_drugs #trauma

Going to include additional content warnings for this story on a by chapter basis.
Content Warning:

This chapter includes a panic attack, fight or flight, medical restraints, PTSD

Atreia felt heavy, like wet sand on the beach she played with as a girl. But something was wrong, the sand flowed down the beach pulling her out. She never seemed to move, instead just stretching. Her hands turned to sloughing dry sand and crumbled before her eyes as the sun beat down on her. Atreia squirmed, feeling the tide pull on… Her tail? Her tail!
Her eyes were heavy, everything felt far away, she knew she had a tail. Why, though? everything seemed muddy, the sounds of voices melted into her melting tail into her dry sandy beach, she thought she heard an argument. Sometime later silence settled again. The waves ceased crashing, turning to the dim rumble of the soft surf.
The weight lifted softly like a warm blanket being gently pulled away. Atreia’s eyes fluttered open as she took in a hospital bed. Well it seemed like one. Her eyes went wide as she realised it was definitely one.
The room snapped into focus the soft humm of machinery, the strange ivy stand, and a person. They were dressed strangely in a flowing gown that began at their décolletage and draped in shimmering iridescence across their body. They wore a circle of smooth material around their neck that reminded her of, she couldn’t place it. Atreias hearts’ beat suddenly resonating from deep within her chest and core.
Had it all been a dream, was she back in the labs— No, that couldn't be. She remembered Yorick too clearly. So vividly in fact, her mouth twitched fangs dripping with venom instinctually. She went to gather her tail defensively to suddenly realize that it passed out far beyond the bed held flatly against the ground wrapped into something snug and impossible to shift. Her hearts beat faster, she tried to pull herself up but found her arms trapped under the soft blankets, her claws extended into unyielding softness.
Atreia squirmed trying to find any escape, No no no, please not this again!
The person hopped up from her perch on an adjacent bed, setting their tablet down, “Oh, you’re awake,” They danced across the floor in a swirl of fabric to press against the side of Atreia’s bed, “Easy, you really shouldn’t exert yourself, you’ve been through a lot, bun.” Their face was full of worry and adorned with a single large white bloom which perched on the side of their tufted whitish-pink fauxhawk.
Atreia’s thoughts finally did her bidding, emerging as words.

”W-where am. Where am I?”, she asked haltingly 
The person gave Atreia an amused look, ”I don't think that’s gonna be particularly helpful. I however know I can be, I’m Lottie. It's a pleasure to meet you—”

Atreia interrupted Lottie, “Okay, but where am I?”
Lottie seemed suddenly uncertain as they teetered on the edge of the bed before saying, “You are aboard the Allsummers Crown.”
“The Allsummers Crown? That's a strange name, sounds almost Fae like.” 

They seemed more pensive, shifting gently from leg to leg in a slow ballet again Atreia was caught up in the strangers appearance, noticing odd jewelry worked into their hairdo that looked almost organic, like roots emerging from the base of the flower.
Lottie paused their movement replying, “I guess you could say it's strange, though really it's more aff—Er well I guess, Alien.”
“Alien?!?” Atreia pulled, feeling her wrists and body tug gently against whatever it was beneath the blankets and beyond the bed pinning her in place.
“Wait, this is this, an Affini Compact Ship,” Atreias eyes went wide as her ears filled with a rushing rumble and her body twitched against her bonds.

“Easy girl, girl right?”
“Easy, you expect me to be easy while I’m stuck on… On some invaders ship!?!”

Atreia desperately squirmed against the restraints.

Her pilot light flicked to life. The oily darkness, the horrid rage she couldn’t shake consumed her fear. No, not now, please—
She screamed as her mind caught fire, the rage was all consuming again, again, and again. Atreias eyes blazed golden as she tried to lose a mist of venom and light her geysers of napalm. Everything went wrong, her spray of fire stayed close to her mouth as only her nose and mouth felt the heat contained by a translucent membrane. The stream of liquid from her vestibules emerged on either side of her face but she couldn’t see it enter the room. 
Atreias mind felt distant, trapped inside the desire to burn everything. It felt just, just like when Yorick had, what had Yorick said? She couldn’t remember. The last few days were a blur.
The person flinched slightly at the burst of flame from Atrieas mouth even if it was contained, somehow. Atreia panted, feeling her blood boiling away her thoughts. She couldn’t stop, it was horrible, she wanted to let loose more and more. The air tasted of? She knew that smell! The scent filled her completely blanketing her body with helpless relaxation her muscles slackened.
She remembered seeing them, the pair of affini walking through the forest. The ones who had pursued her for hours until she finally couldn’t find a good path forward. The fear turned into the black all consuming monster, rage, endless rage. One fell in her flames, but the other, it had dodged again and again, spouting a stream of that awful goop all over her tail.
Then that same scent, the white cloud, gasping softly as her last breaths escaped her, the world flickering on the edge of black oblivion until, until it wrapped her face pushed into her throat and forced her back from the brink.
Atreia’s eyes fluttered open again. This time there were others in the room along with the strange human. Two affini moving with liquid speed and grace, rustling softly, bodies lithe yet impossibly strong. One scooped up the human, setting them aside on the other bed.
“You did your best, but I think that's all we can do to soften this impact, Lottie.”
“I’m so sorry, I couldn’t calm her down, Coni,” Tears welled in their eyes, “I wanted—” The affini gently reached under the human's chin, snicking a vine across their vision. Their eyes lost focus for a moment. The strange jewelry unfurled, a cascade of white hair suddenly filling out their cut. The blooms’ color shifted in hue becoming starkly cyan against their newly snow white hair. Cyan blue and murky watery green dripped into the tips of their hair.

“Think you can keep everything together for now?”
They nodded, trying not to make eye contact with Atreia.
“If this gets to be too much you can wait outside with Ionia.”

They carefully leaned over to pull the tablet from where they had cast it on the bed, “I can draw for a bit.”
Coni paused, staring at the human for a moment before turning to face Atreia in an ethereal flow of green needles.
“Taniva, how much more of your pollen can it— she, take?”
“I really don’t know at this point, I have never seen anyone take this much. If I was to hazard a guess we should get her off it as soon as possible,” Taniva turned to face Coni, her fronds wavering, “Conysciea, you need to see these readings.”
“I see. Honestly, this,” The affini’s needles shivered, ”is typical for them, well... At least their navy.”
“It has to come out, right Conysciea?” Taniva asked softly.
“No doubt, the sooner the better, or we can let any chance of saving her from Class-O’s or worse, wither before our eyes.”
“Dirt, I don’t think there's time to get her calmed down enough to explain everything.”
Atreia’s hearts beating together filled her ears, her eyes squeezed shut, it was all collapsing onto her again. The fear tried to turn to rage but all that came was a ringing emptiness in the dark night of her panic and tears. She tried to thrash to curl up to pull into a ball of frozen terror.
No, please not this again, not from one hell into another! Atreia’s world was the void surrounded by forces tearing her body apart. The darkness broke into splinters as she sucked in a desperate breath of thick misty air. In the dark she heard her sister's voice, “Atreia, I know you're in there just remember that moment, the one we talked about. Remember that summer's eve.”
A memory old and warped around the edges from use finally blurred into existence, a hammock on a porch, warm rain pattering onto the expanse of purplish plants, the air filled with petrichor. Atreia breathed in deeply for the first time in an eternity. Voices permeated the bubble of warmth.

“—have to get her in now, You identified a possible anesthetic right?”
“Yes, it should work.”
“Oh, bifurcate my taproots, should work… I haven’t worked with any Cotyledons. Of course Vaciea would manage to dig up the one human that isn’t a human...”
“Surgery now, then?”
“Fire, Yes. We can run on what little time you can keep that pollen in her system—”
The rain started to come down harder, drowning out the words. The front door creaked, footsteps drew closer, the scent of white tea and peach filled the air. Atreia felt a warm hand on her shoulder, “Hey, I saw you being moody out here so I thought you could do with some fresh peach tea.”
“Oh, t-thanks Isa,” Atreia said, carefully shifting to accept the cup of tea.
Her sister smiled, taking a seat beside her, the tea filled her with warmth.
“So… What's up?”
“I. It’s the college again—”
Everything fell away, night rolled into her mind like ink through water. Her consciousness oscillated, as though a vibration was breaking up all that she was. Her mind wavered.
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