Łamia Domestication Guide

Chapter 4 - Despondent

by Miss_Praxis

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Vaciea’s body had disintegrated around her in the conflagration, the fire had stuck to her body even as she threw herself from the blaze. The damn stuff was one of the nastiest biological immolants she’d seen, let alone been covered in. It left her with one choice, stick herself into the soil and hope. The flames still licked at the bits of her left above the ground. The earth all around her was warm from the heat of the settling fire.
Vaciea lost consciousness.
Artificial light, viscous fluid, buoyancy, her mind returned as her trunk formed, large leaves and jagged edges pushing upward through the fluid medium. She gained more and more awareness as her body greedily sucked up nutrients from the rich broth of life she was immersed in. Each moment felt like an eternity waiting for her body to catch up, coming faster and faster as her roots became more able to absorb the vital supplies of life.
The process continued for quite some time until the affini managed to gain full control over her extremities and began to will them into a vaguely humanoid shape. She felt her trunk and bloom pulling into the core of this new body, stalks, pads, roots, and flowers aligning until her form vaguely met with what she’d looked like before, minus all of her grafts, she grumbled internally at the thought of how many of her favorites she would need to cultivate again.
The fluid buoyed her body as she broached the surface, feeling it drip off of the spines that traced the edges of her thick, succulent, stalk-like leaves. She examined the array of natural weaponry that protruded around her forming a spiny standoff to the world. She hardly moved, lost in examining her freshly renewed spikes.
“Vaciea, you abject imbecile, how many times do you think the universe will let you scrape by microns from death?”
The statement bridged the gap between Vaciea and the world beyond, once more opening her up to its complexities. Taniva stood watching her from a nearby station shrouded in a mist of water vapor that flowed down over her from above. The affini had allowed herself to relax completely, fronds and body splayed out in such a manner that to any other species she might have appeared to be a strangely overgrown section of the room.

“Is it, okay?”
Taniva’s fronds wavered, almost shaking, “Yes… she. She is safe.”
Vaciea slackened, allowing her form to float for a moment, “Good, I am glad, I wasn’t certain if you’d—”
“Vaciea Insula, Sixty Fourth Bloom. Stop. She is not your concern. For once in your flame-filled life, please worry about yourself.”
“I have never stopped doing so. I understand you think I don’t worry, Taniva. But I can promise you I saw and feared that peril,” Vaciea carefully hoisted her body up out of the bubbling soup letting the liquid drain down into it as she emerged.
“Vaciea! That's not what I mean at all. For dirts sake its like speaking with a rock.” Taniva threw up all of her many limbs coalescing into a humanoid form in an angry implosion of motion. She surged toward Vaciea as she stepped down from the tank pressing up against her. Vaciea’s needles and spikes pierced into Taniva’s body, piercing several of her vines as she pinned Vaciea in place. 
“Taniva, this is ridiculous! You're hurting yourself now!”

Taniva’s body quivered as she thrust her face and its wreath of foliage up to meet Vaciea’s, “How can you be so casual. Do you even understand how close you came? Do you know how much it hurts all of us, every time?” Taniva jabbed her finger like vines against Vaciea’s body, spearing her fingers on Vaciea’s thorns.
Vaciea visibly cringed, trying to move away from her friend.

“Please stop, Taniva. I'm sorry if my actions seemed rash.” 
Taniva’s frame slumped as she leaned forward. She embraced the cactus-like form of Vaciea. Viscous cyan latex flowed from her many punctures trying to close her wounds.
“You’ve… You’ve made your point - Now please, please stop this, it's senseless and I can’t bear it.”
Taniva finally pulled back, staring at her, “Neither can I,” Taniva disentangled herself completely, continuing, “Don’t forget it.”
Taniva turned, fleeing from the room before Vaciea could say another word. The affini slumped down against the side of the tank watching the cyan latex harden on her spines. Vaciea knew this time had been different, she felt it in her roots. The fire had come so close burning up almost everything, even some of her resin encased core. If she hadn't burrowed, if the ground hadn’t been rich with nutrients, if Taniva hadn’t subdued that... That girl. 
“You gonna take root here or do you want to know how things are going with your rescue?”
Her mind had drifted so far from the lab that the voice almost caused Vaciea to let loose a volley of her glochidia, The results of which would have coated the entire room in a blast of venomous spines. 
“Oh, Coni! I am sorry, I was lost—”
“You certainly were lost somewhere, in fact we dirt-near lost you. Now either I am seeing things or you’ve already had a stern talking to from somebody,” Conysciea said gesturing at the blue splotches leading away from her.
“I presumed, I am not going to coddle you when it comes to my feelings and I certainly won't be giving you a lecture, you are well over 700 and still pushing your bloom count higher on a regular basis.”
“Conysciea, I know I mess-”
Conysciea bristled, her needles flaring out from the long hair-like cascade they formed down her back. Her face cracked at the edges as she almost snarled, “I told you this isn’t a discussion. I am going to tell you a few things and you are going to listen or so help me I am going to start looking for a planter to stick you in.”
Vaciea practically wilted, drawing in on herself like a newly sprouted affini being scolded, “Yes, Con— Ma’am.”
“For the duration of our stay here you are confined to the Allsummers Crown. You will be expected to attend at least the next ten safety briefings, and you will write me a guide on proper away team procedure using your own past three blooms as examples of unsafe behavior.”

Conysciea towered over Vaciea staring down her eyes glittering between yellow and orange hues.
Vaciea nodded meekly, “Yes, Ma’am.”
“Before you ask, I will not be letting you lead the ongoing work with our unexpected rescue.”
“So help me I will resign your commission if I have to. I am letting Taniva take the lead this time, she is clearly capable of it, seeing as her recent performance is the only reason I am not transmitting unfortunate news back towards the core worlds.”
“I… I understand, Ma’am.”
Conysciea gathered her needles in restoring herself to a semblance of calm. She stretched out an arm to Vaciea. “With that said, I am glad you are alright. Let's get you out of here. Okay, Vaciea?”
Vaciea accepted the proffered limb pulling herself gingerly up. Careful not impale the other affini. Not that Coni would have cared as her thick bark made her quite literally bullet resistant let alone stab proof. Somehow, though, it just felt right, like it always did for Vaciea.
“I know that asking you if you want to go to your quarters is pointless so, I think we should head over to the isolation wing since that's where our new acquisition is.”
Vaciea let a small smile broach her face, allowing her spiny triangular leaves to relax as Conysciea strode down the hallway. Her mind oscillated between concern for her new rescue and abject frustration at how helpless she suddenly felt. 
“Here's the rundown, dear,” Conysciea said, pulling a tablet from her lab coat.
“Thanks, ma’am.”
Conysciea paused to looking her friend in the eye, “You don’t need to be so formal, Vash, I know I just finished peeling you, but I am still and will always be your friend.”

Vaciea’s color shifted as her body flushed water out from its extremities.
“Yes, I. Of course, Coni. I just, well you know.”
“I know,” Conysciea said, turning and continuing down the corridor.
As the pair walked Vaciea examined the tablet hastily browsing through all of the already collected data.
“This is truly astounding, I-I didn’t think that Terrans could manage something like this,” Vaciea said as she continued her examination.
“I agree, in fact you are quite correct, it seems they had the aid of another xenos species!”
“Oh, a new species?”
“No, not at all.”
“It seems they got their digits around some Quinothian tech.”

Vaciea froze on the threshold of the airlock into the Isolation wards, “Quinoth, wait it's been over a hundred years since we domesticated them. How is that even—”
“Just let me finish explaining,” Conysciea said, gesturing for her to follow.
“It looks like a group of radical Bioarchanist Quinoth left around the time we arrived in their space, somehow no one kept a record of where they went or so their official sources say, though I have a feeling a few members of their sect stayed behind to make sure that was the official record.”
The pair came to a stop in front of a translucent luminescent display which functioned as a window. The information which sprawled across it included vitals, health statistics, and other relevant data for the patient in the room beyond. The form inside could have been mistaken for a human save for the fact that a long thick tail extended from the bed and down onto the floor in a looped pile. It was firmly affixed to the ground with a network of roots and a plush blanket which kept it wrapped snugly beneath them.
Conysciea stood silently as Vaciea poured over the data.
Vaciea gasped looking up at Conysciea, “You already operated on her?”
“Yes. We didn’t have a choice, her levels of distress were far outside of anything but the utmost extremes for a human.”
“Truthfully, I still can’t believe she is.”
“Your belief isn’t misplaced, She has at least two other species mixed in there from our testing thus far.”
“Stars, I hope we find whomever is responsible,” Vaciea said, staring at the woman in the room.

“Have you,” Vaciea paused contemplating the charts, “Well... Figured out what you're going to do? with her?”
“Domestication seemed the obvious choice until we found that implant. Taniva isn’t certain. I think only time can decide it now. That and her,” Conysciea said gesturing to the sleeping form.
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