Łamia Domestication Guide

Chapter 2 - Wildfire

by Miss_Praxis

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #multiple_partners #scifi #sub:female #dom:nb #drugs #f/nb #hurt/comfort #lamia #learnedhelplessness #medical_play #mind_control #plantfuckers #restraints #self_harm #self_harm_is_over_were_still_doing_drugs #trauma

Vaciea Insula, Sixty Third Bloom, watched the roiling cloud of black smoke intently. She leaned forward, her thick roots holding her in place on the edge of the rocky cliff face. Her curiosity felt like a sprout questing up for the sun, ‘What had those terran scientists managed to create,’ It defied her previous assessment of their understanding of biotechnology.
A voice called from behind her, “I really wish you wouldn’t do that, Vaciea.”
The affini shifted glancing back toward the speaker, her fellow researcher and friend, Taniva Arkspidum, Fifth Bloom.
“Oh, seeds, do you really think I would let myself slip off a rock that easily?” Vaciea chided, leaning further over the precipice, held in place only by her roots woven around a rocky crag.
Taniva shook her head causing the fern-like foliage which wreathed it to mist the air around her with droplets of water, she sighed, “ Vaciea, even if we had the full medical suite aboard the Allsummers Crown, I am not certain I would be able to save you.”
Vaciea relented, pulling her body back from the abyss and slowly releasing her grip on the cracked stone.
“I am just excited to find it.
“We don’t even know what it is,” Taniva stated tacitly, as she carefully approached the edge, to stand near Vaciea.
“Yes, but I do know it's in a lot of pain.” Vaciea said gesturing at the burning jungle below. A large scar of black land fanned out from the mountain they were standing on towards the fire.
It also torched the entire Terran Lab, Vaciea. We aren’t gods, it could kill you and probably will try, too,” Tanivas fronds pulled close to her body, ”since it seems to be another product of Terran brutality.”
“Well, we aren’t going to find out taking root up here, are we?” Vaciea said, turning to stride back towards the landing craft.

  • 𝄋•
“Ugh, I think my roots are going to get worn down from all this walking,” Taniva whined as the pair of affini walked through the looming evening of the deep jungle.
“Also how are you so certain that it came this way? I haven’t seen a single scorch mark or felled tree in hours?”
Vaciea’s turned her head causing the thick nodes that trailed down from it to arc out as she faced Taniva, eyes glinting purple in the last of the days light.
”That's just it, all that commotion and destruction, but then not a single fire in the last day,” Vaciea gestured pointing out a section of cut grass, “I think that whatever it is, it's not just an animal working on instinct, it's at the very least a sapient being.”
“But, did we really need to split off from everyone else, I would’ve been much happier joining the archaeological team studying the abandoned human colony site.”

This time Vaciea slowed to a stop facing her compatriot.

“I know, Taniva, I do really appreciate you working up the courage to come out here with me.”
Taniva’s fronds drew tightly around her as she stuttered, “I-I, well you needed a partner to accompany you per… Per safety protocol.”
“Of course, that's the only reason,” Vaciea said, pulsing her blooms softly, “Right?” Vaciea let her petals and nodes fall, in mock horror. “Right?” Taniva practically turned into a pine cone as every one of her fronds froze simultaneously.
“T-that, I don’t see what you’re trying to imply.”

“Oh, of course not, Taniva.”
Taniva’s body language suddenly snapped into motion, her vines a blur that came to rest behind Vaciea’s .
“Wait! What, was that!”
“What was what,” Vaciea asked, surveying the clearing and nearby woods for movement.
“I don’t know, I thought I saw something dark over, over there,” Taniva gestured with a stem whilst clumsily searching her pack. A moment later she produced a sturdy root that ended at a bulbous sack filled with a thick clear liquid from her bag. Taniva shakily clutched the projector against her body, wrapping it with her vines.
“Taniva, before you reupholster the entire jungle in goo, I think it was just that bird over there,” Vaciea gestured to a small dark feathered avian creature that had hopped down from a tree in the direction of Tanivas earlier pointing.
“That is not what I saw, Vaciea,” Taniva’s vines tensed, “This isn’t funny.”
“Okay, fine I’ll get mine out too,” Vaciea said, quickly pulling her Sapfling from her back.
A plume of flame erupted in a geyser from behind the bird, with a squawk it took flight. The stream of flames continued lancing out toward the pair of affini, they dodged, with the surprising speed that often caught xenos species off guard when dealing with them.
Vaciea split apart stretching a large bundle of her tendrils out to grab a nearby tree trunk directing her momentum around to its far side. Taniva meanwhile exploded backwards numerous vines gripping the nearest tree behind her. A shifting shimmering black blur emerged through the flames, revealing the source of the onslaught of flames as it surged out.
“Vaciea! We should get out of here, now!”

“But, I think this is going to be our only chance!”

A blur of spinning black scythed through the forest.
“Taniva, We have to help it, can’t you see how much the Terrans hurt it?”
The shape lashed out with a thick coil snapping the tip of its tail through the tree like a razorblade through grass. Vaciea jumped back, leaving a few severed vines to flutter to the ground.
Taniva shouted, “I don’t care. This is too dangerous, we have to go now!”
Vaciea didn’t respond, instead continuing to dodge the cleaving blows. As the affini arced her massed bulk over another blow she let loose a burst of needles from a large oblong cacti that formed her bicep. The needles sprayed out in a column of purple mist toward her attacker. The needles found their mark striking the dark form in a burst of purple. Taniva hung for a moment uncertain of what would come next. 
For an instant it froze, then just as the pair felt the first trickles of relief, it snapped back into motion. Thick shimmering coils seething and then striking again.
A torrent of liquid burst from the pillar of darkness reaching out toward Vaciea. She unleashed her own stream of viscous fluid from the sapfling.
Taniva’s vines blurred into motion as she surged toward her friend,“Vaciea!” 

A flame flicked into existence, the whole swathe of jungle became an inferno nigh instanously. Taniva felt her sap freeze, her vines filled with ice, she cried out in horror, “No!” as her friend was engulfed within the blaze.
Taniva’s vines twitched, her body pulled against her will, the flames were horrific. Visions of her friend reduced to ashes burned in her mind. Her roots instinctively tried to pull her away from what they knew only as death, fire, that which she could never face, Tanivas bark itched at the very thought.
A form coalesced from the conflagration, a black serpent flowing toward her. Taniva recoiled as all of her spines bristled in a mixture of horror and rage. All uncertainty left her then, she brought the sapflings muzzle to bear on the creature. She knew if Vaciea didn’t survive, the only thing she would want, would be for her to help this, this sapient, thing.
Every cell in her body screamed flee, instead she loosed all of her vacuoles, letting water spray out onto her fronds, vines, and roots. Taniva could see the creature clearly now, a large lustrous obsidian serpent with a humanoid body protruding from its ophidian lowerhalf. The creature's eyes glistened gold in the twilight, its mouth open fangs bared at her. A mist began to bloom from two large protrusions on either side of its head.
Taniva unloaded the entirety of her Sapfling as she bounded to the side, the viscous sap splashed across the creature’s uncoiled body. A glow flickered from its mouth, the mist exploded. Fire washed over her, the water evaporated, and she felt the heat. She desperately dove through the explosion misting her body with the little water she had left, she had to close the gap.
Without thought her vines pulled her past the creature. It lashed out with a bladed hand cutting away a piece of one of her fronds. Taniva cringed at the sensation of the razor sharp claws passing through her body. She found purchase with her roots and brought the Sapfling to bear, dumping the remainder of its reserve down the other side of the snake. The creature screamed angrily tugging its tail up from the ground pulling chunks of the forest floor with it.
Taniva cursed, “Roots, dirt, and deadheads!”

This creature was unlike anything they had encountered in Terran space. Taniva closed again as even with its great strength the creature had been slowed by the copious amounts of sap coating its body. Sap which hopefully would begin to expand, right, about, now! Taniva shot out her most potent needles, only to find them splintered and deflecting from the lustrous scales of its tail.
“Oh, for the everblooms sake! Please just let me get you sedated.” Taniva cried, dodging another angry plume of fire. Thankfully the sap had begun to do as it was intended to, expanding and gently gripping the snake's body, but not . This left her one option, the one she always tried to avoid whenever possible. Taniva twists inward on herself leaving her roots exposed to continue the deadly dance with the strange serpent. Pollen pushed forth coating her, it seeped out of every frond packed into her tightly wound body. The tension of her torqued body finally released as she threw open every frond and leaflet at once. A thick fog had been unleashed from her body completely covering the pair's waltz in a mist of pollen.
She maintained the thickness of the cloud for over a minute as the sap expanded, slowing the creature's movements. Taniva’s pollen finally did the trick as the serpent collapsed against the ground. Its claws softly twitched as the potent neuromuscular toxin took hold. The affini grasped the creature's paralysed face forming a mask around it with one of her grafted plants. She deftly created a seal and intubated the creature, keeping it from suffocating as all of it’s muscles slackened.
She carefully removed her graft, attaching it to a nutrient pack from her back, ensuring the creature would not die, before fumbling for her comm.
“Uhm, this is Adjutant Researcher Tanvia Arkspidum, I need emergency medical and marine assistance from the Allsummers Crown. I have a specimen that needs safe containment. Also my partner— My research partner has been burned badly and needs immediate treatment.”
A response came back, from Conysciea, “Taniva, don’t tell me she’s done it again… We’re sending a full landing craft, you’re lucky they were already about to button one up, just need to go get some of the marines in gear. Any special preparations to be aware of?”
Taniva finally gave her body permission to collapse beside her quarry, knowing her message was received.
“I… I. Ya, this uh, snake I think, uhm, is going to need some custom restraints, and a potent gaseous spasmodic for the foreseeable future.”
“Is it actually a sophont?”
“Uhh, I hazard to guess that it may be? It certainly had a lot of enthusiasm in it’s desire to terminate me, speaking of which I still don’t know what happened to Vaciea,” Taniva said with a gasp.

She pulled herself up into a more vertical arrangement, weakly stumbling back along the vector of destruction their dance had wrought toward where she had last seen her friend. She carefully picked her way through embers and splintered trees, until she came upon— 

A pile of ash, charred roots, blackened plates of bark, and a broken melted tablet was all that was left at the epicenter.
Taniva slumped forward, water trickling from her body as she wilted atop her friend's remains. Her fronds and leaflets went limp, her body shuddered softly as she let loose a soft pitiful keen.
The comms soft humm broke as Conysciea spoke, “Taniva dear, What’s happened?”
“Vash, Vasciea is, I’ve never seen her this bad. I can’t–”
“We’ll be there shortly,” Consysciea said icily over the roar of the craft.
Taniva could already hear the ship approaching, roots, how fast had they reentered to get here already?
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