Chapter 1: Introductions

by MissMarionette

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #drugs #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #body_dysmorphia #emotional_manipulation #fat_shaming #forced_drug_use #if_I_could_have_more_cw_tags_I_would #lesbian #public_play

Chapter CW: semi-forced drug use, subtle manipulation


Six Months Earlier

Nicole’s chest was on fire. It had only been one pull and it wasn’t her first time at smoking, but she’d never had anything except tobacco inside her (and even then, only twice). The flames the weed was stoking in her chest were acrid and bitter, making her throat tighten and eyes water as she tried hard not to cough. Nicole managed to pass the bowl over to a girl she barely knew, all redheaded curls and too much mascara, before her lungs overrode her brain and the coughing took her as the world began to spin around her head. Bending double, Nicole felt a soft hand stroking up and down her back and, as the coughing subsided, she looked up into eyes she hadn’t seen before.

“Hey”, said the new girl, “this your first time?”

Nicole blushed a little and nodded quickly, straightening up and brushing waves of soft dark hair from her eyes as she tried not to look like a flustered teenager ("Nearly twenty, even!") surrounded mostly by people she didn’t know talking about things she mostly didn’t understand.

“Yeah, I uh, I mean first time for everything right?” She laughed weakly. The new girl laughed with her, more warmly. The smile reached all the way up as it crinkled the skin around her almond eyes, setting a kind of glow around her face and drawing attention in towards the hazel-flecked blue of her irises.

Nicole blinked a little, reeling and trying to pull her focus back from Planet Eyes, her head suddenly humming with a pleasurable buzz she figured was the weed beginning to hit her. Her new companion leaned back fractionally, moving under Nicole’s gaze until the brunette was staring dumbly at the new girl’s smooth nose and smiled wider still, bringing her lips to Nicole’s blunted focus. Slightly out of it, Nicole felt her mouth opening to fill the broadening silence before realising she didn’t even know what she was going to say, mind grabbing madly at inanities.

“Uh, hey, m’name’s Nicole…” Nicole muttered, gesturing vaguely to herself with fingers that felt suddenly a little clumsy. “I’m a, a friend of Sue’s, from class, you know? She said she was holding this party and asked if I wanted to… to come…” She trailed off slowly, almost wincing at the cliché shit - maybe next she’d talk about the weather. The hand on her back had slipped lower, now, and was moving in slow, oh-so-light circles around the small of her back as Nicole felt the slight sting of smoke that somehow persisted in her lungs start to travel up her neck again and fill her head. The world was spinning a little again and she didn’t think she wanted to contemplate the feelings whispering up her spine from the fingers on her back. Somehow, though, the hesitant signals to her body that maybe she’d like to think about considering pulling away from those touches never seemed to quite reach her muscles.

The girl smirked and nodded in a way that set her blonde hair bouncing. “It’s just lovely to meet you Nicole!” she said, slipping her fingers from Nicole’s suddenly-cool back and took the bowl passed to her by a heavy-set figure with short-cropped black hair. The girl looked sideways at her fledgling companion before lifting the pipe to her lips and taking a short drag, exhaling quickly. It looked to Nicole’s admittedly-inexperienced eye that she was just filling her mouth and blowing out again. But, as the younger woman looked closer, she saw the new girl’s lips shape themselves pleasingly around the smoke in a way that captivated Nicole’s limited focus. Her thoughts trailed off into watching the pretty haze in the air.

An unknowable pause later, she felt a cool hand curling around her hands, felt cool fingers smoothly slipping the pipe into her own warm fingers and cupping them around its length. She felt buzzed, humming, and found that her body was already raising her hand up to her mouth again without her head ever really knowing when the movement had started.

“This is your first time, isn't it?" said the new girl, with the air of one perceiving a hidden truth. Nicole flushed a little more deeply, nodding slightly before placing her lips on the mouthpiece, still not quite inhaling.

"It’s always the most fun your first time around” said the girl, sliding down into the couch and allowing her short black tank-top to ride up over her toned belly, not bothering to pull it down across lightly visible abs and a faint dusting of peach fuzz. Something coppery was glittering slightly in her navel and now she was swinging her feet up to sprawl luxuriously across the cushions. The exposed skin of her upper arm rubbed lightly against Nicole’s shoulder and, through the slight haze in her thoughts, Nicole found she liked the sensation. Liked it a lot.

The blonde girl was still talking to her, quietly.

“My first time, I just wanted to keep taking deeper and deeper pulls. Every time someone handed me a joint, I just took it.” The girl sighed in apparent pleasure at the memory. “The buzz was awesome, I never wanted it to end.” Nicole was nodding as she listened along, feeling the buzz the girl described with a foggy clarity. The pipe was between her teeth again now, already pleasingly warm from others’ lips, and her thickly-flowing thoughts told her that they wanted to feel that fog a little more, now. The blonde was still talking, but the words were a little indistinct through the cloud between her ears. Nicole inhaled.

“I just wanted to breathe deeper,”

Nicole inhaled deeper.

“It didn’t even hurt. The burn felt so good,”

Nicole’s chest didn’t even hurt. In her lungs, the burn started to feel kinda good, kinda really good.

“I almost wished I could’ve held onto it a little more,”

Nicole wished she could’ve taken another drag but-

“I had to pass it along,”

But she had to pass it along. The buzz in her head had built into a silent roar, now, the thump of her heart and rushing of blood echoing impossibly loudly in her ears. The world twisted a little off-kilter for a second and she worried, almost panicking, that it was so loud everyone would hear it, would shout at her, would-

When the new girl’s hand slid solicitously across the bare slice of her thigh that showed below the miniskirt, the sensation cut so sharply across her panic that she moaned, hard. The soft skin against her shivering flesh sent white-hot lines through the anxiety that had tried to take root within her mind, tendrils of nervous energy glancing off her terror and sinking themselves deeply into her libido instead. Nicole’s head lolled back nervelessly and the sudden cessation of fear and onslaught of sheer arousal set her giggling. The giggles crept up from her belly, through small tits that were suddenly tingling and sparking, and burst out of her in a flood that made the blissed-out redhead opposite her grin widely and start to join in.

Nicole turned her neck guilelessly to the side to smile at her new friend, before her eyes met the look the blonde’s face and Nicole felt parts of her mind freeze, question and, mostly, melt. Nicole felt the blonde’s smile looked a little more like a smirk, now, but the smoke filling her head wasn’t sure it minded, and Nicole didn’t disagree. She grinned back artlessly, opening her mouth to speak before the new girl sunk her nails into Nicole’s thigh and scraped upwards.

“I bet you feel just wooonderful right now, don’t you sweetie?” she asked pleasantly, punctuating her words with light pinches into Nicole’s quivering flesh. The young brunette keened quietly, her body and brain utterly divorced now as the smoke in her head started to direct her body on its own behalf. Nicole felt the smoke spreading Nicole’s legs wide and was only dimly aware that it was rucking up the miniskirt to expose the pink of her panties to the blonde’s proprietorial gaze. When her treacle-thick thoughts grasped that knowledge, however, there was nothing uncertain in Nicole’s simple head about how much that idea inflamed her.

Nicole whimpered a quiet “uh huuhh…”, though she wasn’t sure she remembered the question, only absolutely certain that she’d never before felt so very very good in her life.

The new girl snuggled in a little closer, sliding her hand up the length of Nicole’s thigh to stop just barely below the level of touching her fabric-clad sex. Nicole’s body arched lazily outwards, hungry for touch, while Nicole’s voice murmured something that was unintelligible even to Nicole’s own blunted mind. The silky hair of her blonde companion brushed against Nicole’s cheek as the shorter girl drew the brunette’s ear down to her lips, whispering quietly.

“Mmmh, that’s right. And you want to feel even better than wonderful, don’t you Nicole?”

The syrup-sweet words and the hiss of breath against her ear made the stoned girl whine a little more, nodding hard. Yes, yes, she wanted more, it felt so so good and there could be more oh YES she wanted more. She ground against the girl’s side, skin suddenly aching and muscles suddenly feeling loose and limp and happy and pussy suddenly thinking it would be a really wonderful idea to follow her new friend. She felt her new friend grip her forearms and pull, levering Nicole almost effortlessly to her feet (so strong mmmhh yesss…) before slipping her hand down Nicole’s arm and gripping her own.

Nicole giggled to herself as she was led away. Colours were sparkling behind her eyes every time she shut her lids and every time the pretty blonde girl touched her the sparkles got a little brighter. Nicole’s head dreamily wondered what the pretty blonde girl wanted to do that she needed to lead Nicole off into a dimly-lit, dishevelled bedroom. Nicole’s pussy hummed quietly, whispering the words to her mind that the pretty blonde girl had told her to hear: “she wants to make us feel wonderful. Doesn’t that sound good?”

Nicole’s new friend led Nicole towards the bed, turning her to look away from it and down into her shorter companion’s eyes. Nicole looked down into those blue almond eyes and suddenly, cutting like an iceberg through the warmly, welcomingly glowing embers at the bottom of the bowl, Nicole saw something glittering in the depths of the other woman’s stare. Her eyebrows slowly, so slowly began to crease in the middle, her mind sluggishly shaping itself around the thoughts that maybe she shouldn’t be-

A hand slid unceremoniously into her dark-stained panties, found her dripping pussy, and crooked a finger inside her aching, hungry sex.

Nicole came, fell back, dropping onto the bed as she shook in bliss.

Nicole felt the shorter girl climb up beside her twitching body, easing her legs apart and sliding her hand back down inside Nicole’s panties, locating her trembling cunt and cupping it possessively.

As the blonde’s hair fell like golden silk across Nicole’s cheeks, she felt the susurration of warm breath across her ear and the seductive insinuation of two fingers sliding expertly inside her needy pussy.

Her new controller captured her ear and began, quietly, to whisper.



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