Chapter 0: Prologue

by MissMarionette

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #drugs #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #body_dysmorphia #emotional_manipulation #fat_shaming #forced_drug_use #if_I_could_have_more_cw_tags_I_would #lesbian #public_play

Author’s Note:
This is not a story about consent, or love, or goodness. This isn't aspirational, and doing any of this in the real world would be beyond unethical. Because it would be. This is a story about a predatory mind controller who takes advantage of a young woman’s naivete and turns her into a mindfucked slave. It has so many content warnings attached that I don’t know what to list first.
Probably don’t read the other chapters of this story if you’re having a bad day. Honestly I think it says something about me that I even wrote this... Gonna have to reflect on that.
Semi-forced drug use, non-consent all over the place, abusive relationships, mind control and brainwashing. Other CWs will be in place for other chapters!
Friday, 8pm
“I thought you said you weren’t going there anymore? I thought you and her were over?”
“I changed my mind.”
“I thought you didn’t want to see her after last week?”
“…I wasn’t thinking straight.”
“You were thinking straighter than you have been for months.”
“I, I just overreacted.”
“…She told you that, didn’t she?”
“I, wh-, NO, as a matter of FACT, she did not. Why do I even listen to you, you always do this, I’m FINE, Jess, OK? Sheesh.”
“Please don’t go over there again, Nibble.”
“Why not?”
“I don’t… I don’t think she’s… she’s not safe for you, Nibble. You know I worry about you and I just-”
“Fuck you, Jess. I’m not a child anymore. She makes me happy. Makes me feel good.”
“That’s what I mean, babe. Relationships need… I don’t know, don't they need more than that?”
“Who says I don’t have more than that?”
“I’m being serious, Nib, I don’t like it. That girl gives me a bad feeling. How old is she anyway? That's so sketchy I could use it to draw a field of red flags.”
“And kindly tell me what the hell you’d know? You’ve only met her once and that was, what, three days ago? What’s there to dislike? Butt out of my love life.”
“She… she looks at you wrong. Something in her eyes feels… it doesn’t feel right.”
“I like the way she looks at me. She wants me. I want her to want me. It makes me feel hot. You’re just jealous nobody looks at you that way.”
“No, I- I’m not- for pity’s sake Nib, when she looks at you it’s like she’s measuring up a fatted calf for fucking slaughter. She looks at you like a naïve yearling who’s never seen a blade and who’s walking right into the killing pens all on its own. Nobody, nobody, looks at someone they love with eyes like that. Please believe me, Nibble, I am begging you.”
“Woah calm the fuck down, killing pens? Yearling? I’m not some animal and I’m not a fucking child, Jessica, I can date whoever I want to date! You’re not our mother, and what a crapshoot mother she was too. What the fuck do you know anyway? I’m 20 years old, you can’t treat me like a baby anymore!”
“Nib, Nicole, please, just let me expla-”
“I don’t use that name anymore. Stella said it sounds childish, I’m not a child, I can make my own choices. It’s ‘Nirvana’ now. Stella said it sounded more enlightened.”
“Wh-what?! She, she, what?! She changed your name…?! Nicole what on EARTH have you got into-”
“No, I changed my name! Why do you always… URGH, I don’t have to listen to this. I’m going to Stella’s.”
“I’m sorry... I tried…”

Not really a "chapter" per se, more a tone piece that sets the scene. The story proper starts next chapter, and six months prior. Enjoy, and feel free to message me with feedback and suggestions.


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