Coming Home for the Holidays

Watching Big Sister Suck Cock

by HypnoTimeMe

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #humiliation

Last chapter there really wasn't any sex, I think I fixed the problem. I have a general idea of where the story will go, but if you want something to happenn, would love to hear it.

"Please Master, you know I need your cum every morning" Olivia woke up to the sounds of her sister begging Mike to let her suck his cock, right underneath her. Since they had all moved out, their mom had made one of the rooms into bunk bends. Jake and Emma were given their own room, so they could have "alone time." Olivia thought that was ridiculous, is not like they were going to use it. And now she was stuck here listening to Mike and Holly fucking. Olivia, lean her head over to try to get a peak to her horror she found her sister in her knees completely naked. "Come on, master, I know how hard it makes you to see your good little cum addict beg on the floor. So worthless. So needy. No need to try to be hard to get." Olivia couldn't look away, jealousy filling her head, Sarah's breasts and ass were so much bigger than hers, why were genetics so unfair.

"Oh my god..." Olivia exclaimed. Mike finally sat down and Olivia finally got a look at Mikes's cock. Her hand immediately went to her pussy and started touching herself. She watched as her sister started sucking Mike's cock. Going slowly up and down his shaft. As Mike's hand moved to her sister's breasts, she couldn't help, but to use her free hand and start teasing herself. Fantasizing it was her. Hoping one day a man would do that to her. "Please... Mike..." she moaned. Panic. Did she really say that out loud? Her body petrified. Sarah continued sucking his cock, so they may have not heard her.

After a second heard Mike's voice, "Oh I thought I heard you wake up." He giggled. "Are you enjoying the show? Don't worry, it is nothing out of the ordinary" Olivia felt her fear melt away. It really wasn't out of the ordinary, it is completely natural to get turned on and masturbate. Clearly her sister liked it, why not her. "Come down and get a better look." Olivia could feel her face blushing. She had been so awkward there was nothing to be ashamed of, and she was being so weird. What a virgin move. She slowly went down the latter and finally got a full view of Mike and her sister sucking him off. She stood there next to them, not knowing what to do. "So what got you so worked up, Olivia?"

"Well.... It was Olivia and.... not Olivia I'm straight... but.... It was your cock..." Mike smiled at hearing that he had that reaction on her. "Is the first time I see one on person."

Mike looked down at Sarah, "Sarah, be nice to your sister and let her get a better look"

Sarah pulled back, letting go, Mikes cock fully visible again. Olivia naturally got in her knees to get a better look. Right next to her naked sister, Olivia could see Mike's beautiful cock, her hand once again in between her legs. Mike's cock glistening from Sarah's drool. It was slowly leaking down its shaft. She could feel her mouth starting to drool a little herself. She noticed her naked sister in a similar state, eyes of adoration as she looked at Mike's cock. It was like nothing else mattered, but been given permission to continue. She started to feel bad, she interrupted them, "Ummm... please continue..."

Mike snapped his fingers, Sarah lunging back in. Her head taking his cock with each bob of her head. "Don't worry Olivia" Mike told her. "Let me try to make up for the obstructed view." Mike took off his shirt, revealing his chest. "Now enjoy, do whatever feels natural, let your fantasies lose. Is nothing out of the ordinary"

Olivia nodded as she sat back, one hand on her pussy, the other is her breast. She started touching herself. "Thank you, Mike" Olivia stopped herself. That felt wrong. It felt wrong to call him Mike. "Master... Thank you, Master..." Mike smiled. A rush of pleasure going through her body. Her sight went to her sister, as Olivia started to wish she was her. "Yes, Master play with my breasts, touch me. Grope me. Use me. Make me feel special. Make me feel pretty. Thank you master." Her hand teasing her nipple, trying to imitate what she saw Mike doing to Sarah." Yes, that feels so good, just a toy. Your toy. You can't help yourself. I'm so special, you can't help yourself. Use me master. I want you to use me." Olivia could her the pleasure building. Soon she saw Mike tense up a little, his body twitching as he started cumming in Sarah's mouth. "Oh my god... oh my god... oh my god..." she started moaning as her body collapsed in the floor, her hand still in her pussy as she felt the waves from the orgasm go through her body. Feeling herself lose her breath by the end. "Thank you master" she whispered as she laid in the floor.

Mike stood up over there, she felt as her sister's drool dripped from his cock into her clothes. "Do you want a taste? You deserve it since you help me. I loved watching you playing with yourself."

Olivia looked up, unable to fully respond. "Ummm... No I'm fine thank you" Olivia once again felt so embarrassed, why did she say no... was she awkward. Oh god, this is why no one liked her. Mike smiled and those feeling melted away. 

"Okay" Mike took Sarah's hand. "Time for us to clean up"

She nodded, getting on her feet.  "Thank you, Master, I love helping you shower." Sarah had still paid no attention to her sister. She was transfixed. In love with Mike. She adored him. Mike and Sarah didn't get dressed, Mike simply guided his girlfriend out of the room naked, and they went to the bathroom.

Olivia didn't move until they left the room. She laid in the floor, playing back the experience. A small part of her mind fought back this was not normal, but that was soon overcome by how she felt. She loved it. Her hand right back in between her legs. Olivia crawled over to Sarah's and Mike's bed, and got on top. She pulled the pillows. The first one smelled like her sister and she threw it aside. It smelled like Mike and started smelling it, as she rubbed herself. Her sister's pillow going in between her legs as she started humping it. At first, Olivia was trying to go as fast as possible, she had to get done before they came back. But soon her mind wondered, and she just enjoyed it. The sexual pleasure and the fantasy of sleeping next to a man who loved her.

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