Coming Home for the Holidays

Coming Home for the Holidays

by HypnoTimeMe

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #humiliation

"Sarah is here" Holly said with excitement, running downstairs after seeing her car pull in. Finally, her three daughters would be back home. Her daughters, Olivia and Emma, seemed much more uninterested.

"Mom it has only been less than a month since you saw us, calm down" Olivia laughed, having watched this when Emma arrived as well. Emma didn't seem in much of a hurry either, she was cuddling with her boyfriend in the couch and didn't seem to want to move. They didn't see each other for most of the year, so they would take any second they could have together. Olivia hid her jealousy, she never had a boyfriend before and wanted what they had. She reassured herself that there was nothing wrong with her, different people take different times.

Holly finally opened the door. "Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas, Mom!" she responded happily. The two of them embrace, holding tightly.

Once she moved back, Holly noticed her daughter carrying tons of luggage as a man stands next to her, not helping at all. "Umm, you must be.... Mike, right." he nodded. "Yes, Sarah told me about you." he laughed. 

"Yes it was short notice, but I'm she really wanted me to meet you all" he said, matching Holly's energy.

Sarah walked in carrying all the luggage. "Our room is upstairs, Master" she said. "I will take our stuff there, don't worry, you can meet my family while I do this" 

Mike noticed Holly's look of shock as she heard her daughter call him Master. "Oh... is just a pet name. Nothing out of the ordinary"

Holly nodded. "Nothing out of the ordinary" she paused for a second before regaining all of her previews' energy. "Let me introduce you to everyone."  She guided him to the living room, and started gesturing to the people around the room. "The one in the corner near the Christmas tree is Olivia, and that are Emma and Jake in the couch."

Mike looked at the girls. There were total opposites to each other. Olivia was quite petite but clearly wanted to show off what she had. Short skirt and revealing blouse. Emma on the other hand clearly had big breasts, just like everyone else in their family, but she dressed much more conservatively. Mike went around giving everyone a handshake before finally arriving and sitting  down next to Olivia. "Pleasure to meet you all." He smiled at them. 

"So, how long have you been together?" Mike asked Jake and Emma.

They both start talking at once, giggling at the interruption, before Emma finally begins. "Well, we met in high school and have been dating for almost 6 years now. I couldn't imagine being with any other man."

Jake looks at her, "neither can I" They kiss.

"You know" Emma continues. "When you meet someone who shares your values and wants the same things as you...."

Mike grunted. Interrupting her, having gotten bored with what she was saying. Without changing his attitude, he simply asks. "Have you two had sex yet." There is a pause. The room tenses up as people wonder if he really just asked that. "What?" he continues. "I'm only asking innocent questions. Nothing out of the ordinary."

After another second, everyone but Holly repeated. "Nothing out of the ordinary." Holly nodded in approval silently.

Jake answered Mike's question. "No we haven't" He held Emma's hand.  He continued. "We decided to wait till we got married."

Emma nodded. "Yes, this was the thing about values that I was telling you about. Obviously, we don't expect everyone to follow our values, but we found each other." They kissed again.

Mike turned to Olivia, who was sitting right next to you. "How about you, any boyfriends... have you had sex?"

Olivia's face turned red like a tomato. "No... I haven't" Olivia's posture changed trying to become smaller.

Mike touched her shoulder. "Oh, is all right. You will find someone. Have you ever thought that is because of your body?" Mike asked as if that is a normal question. "I mean compared to the rest of your family."

"Yes." Olivia couldn't believe she had just confess to that. She was confused why she was in such shock. These were normal question, it must have been her fault for being so embarrassed. "Yes I have, I thought once I went to college and people stopped comparing me with my sisters, maybe boys would notice me more, but there are other beautiful big breasted women over there too." She said, feeling no judgement from Mike. In fact, she was happy she told him, but the rest of her family, what would the say...

Before anyone can respond, Sarah returns. "Master, I put all our stuff away" she walked in with glee. 

Holly looked at people's shocked faces. "Oh is a pet name. Nothing out of the ordinary" Everyone calmed down nodding, each comping with whatever justification they needed to make sense of this. Mike tapped on his lap and Sarah obediently sat on his lap, his arm around her torso facing towards Olivia.

"So, what are you all talking about?" Sarah asked, trying to catch up.

"I was right" Mike tells Sarah. "Your sister is insecure about her breasts."

"You are always are right" she tells Mike, before turning to Olivia. "Don't worry, dear, you will find someone. There is a perfect person for everyone." 

Emma interjected. "Exactly also, you shouldn't value yourself by how you look like. It's what's...." Emma stopped talking as she is interrupted by Sarah starting to moan, the family turns to see Mike hand unbutton her shirt and was grouping her breasts.

Mike smiles as he seems the shock in their faces, wanting to let the tension linger, there is no anger, just shock. Olivia finally breaks the silence. "Sarah, what is happening?"

Sarah looked over. "Oh Olivia, you see... When a man truly loves a woman, he can't help himself. It would be unfair of me to not let him touch me whenever he wants." Her mother Holly tries to make sense of this, Mike wouldn't be doing anything wrong could he. "Nothing out of the ordinary right..."

Sarah moved her head back and forth. "Is not ordinary. It is special when you find someone who loves you this much." Holy started smiling, so happy that her daughter found someone who loved her so much. Olivia, watched, hoping that someone would love her that much to one day and to her surprise, Emma also started to feel jealous. Why didn't her boyfriend treat her like that? The intellectual part of her brain fought back. She wanted to wait. He probably would if she let him, but.... There is more than a relationship that sex. She helps her boyfriends hand, trying to resist her anger as the family watched. 

Mike whispered in Sarah's ear. "Sorry family. We have to go to sleep for the evening... Duty calls" Sarah stood up, turned to Mike. He grabbed her hand.

"It  was a pleasure meeting you all" She followed happily ready to be fucked by her boyfriend.

The rest of the family continue speaking for an hour after they left. No one commented on the moans coming from upstairs. After all, it was nothing out of the ordinary.

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