Undercover: The Conversion of Samantha Clover

Chapter 2: Spybreak

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Spybreak

Samantha awoke with a low, quiet groan. Everything started out foggy and fuzzy, with nothing quite making sense. She still felt slow, and that made it harder to understand where she was, or what had happened.

Then everything flooded back at once.

She was sitting in a chair, or more accurately, strapped to it. Bonds held down her wrists, ankles, and straps below and above her breasts framed them perfectly while holding her body helplessly against the chair.

Her eyes opened wide as the world came into focus. Before she understood what she was seeing, which was mostly just a dark room, she began to struggle. All it did was make Samantha’s breasts shake alluringly and offered no hint that she would be capable of pulling herself free. The bonds were too strong, and her body was still exhausted and spent.

The longer she was awake, the easier it was to remember the computer, plugging in her phone, staring as Anastasia approached behind her, and then… and then…

It was all too easy to remember the needle, and what happened after that. Her thighs clenched as she tried to pull her legs together to no avail. She was naked, and realizing that took longer than anything else. “Nnn… dammit…!” Samantha panted, struggling harder as she desperately sought some chance—any chance—for an escape. “I can’t… believe… she… Nnn… compromised us… nnn… f-fuck…!”

No matter how hard she tried to struggle Samantha only managed to tire herself out that much more. The drugs felt like they’d made their way through her system, but there was no way of knowing if more hadn’t taken their place.

My mind is still… nnnn… groggy…? I don’t feel… She quivered. The feelings of captivation, of haze and longing, they were all so vibrant. Okay, I do feel better than that. Not much, but enough that I can actually… think? Samantha shuddered, shaking her head as she tried to peer into the darkness. What did she do to me… and what does she want with me?

If the agency is compromised, then… Then that’s all kinds of fucking terrible. Anastasia… Harmond Enterprises… They’re both rotten to the core. Someone needs to stop what they’re doing…!

Her renewed zeal did little to weaken Samantha’s bonds. If anything, the desperate need she felt to escape only made the futility of her struggle sting that much more distressingly.

Shauna… She said it was… Shauna, right…? Shauna… Shauna…

Samantha wracked her brain. There were so many names at the agency, and so many names that she would never be told. Keeping knowledge secret was a good way to keep it safe in case of infiltration, and she was sure there were agents in other offices that she’d never met.

Wait… Did she mean… Julia…? Wasn’t her cover identity—

“I’m glad that you didn’t go anywhere. I was certain to choose only the finest restraints…” Fingers slid slowly along Samantha’s cheek, pulling her immediately out of her thoughts. The darkness was so thick Samantha had no idea that Anastasia was directly in front of her, watching so up close and personal as Samantha tried—and failed—to escape. “Can’t have my little spy getting away, now can I…?”

The fingers trailing across her cheek, and down along Samantha’s neck, were far too familiar. She’d felt them far too many places, places that twitched and clenched at the thought of a return visit. It hadn’t just been drugs that made Samantha’s body so responsive.

Anastasia knew what she was doing, even if she was using that knowledge in a way Samantha didn’t appreciate at all.

She didn’t respond at all, and things were made so much worse by a sudden gentle breeze. Being naked was bad enough, but it was feeling cold, just cold enough that she could feel all of her skin shivering as gooseflesh rose along her arms and legs. Her nipples stood on end, proudly capping her breasts as Samantha twisted in a useless attempt to see her captor somewhere in the darkness.

“Don’t you worry. I have practice with agents like you… You won’t be able to escape.”

“Nnnhhh… H-Harmond…” Samantha grit her teeth. No amount of straining was getting her loose, or giving her any better idea of her surroundings.

Not struggling is basically giving in. It’s giving up and saying that you don’t care if she wins… She frowned, her struggles waning for only a moment before continuing anew. Waiting for the right chance isn’t going to work out. You need to figure something out while not dropping your guard or letting yourself relax. She’s a mind controller. Giving a woman like this an inch is dangerous enough when it isn’t an inch of your brain!

Anastasia laughed, undeterred as her fingers continued to tease and caress at Samantha’s smooth skin. No struggling could help the bound spy escape the touches. She was trapped too tightly for that.

“You know… Nnn…” Samantha strained herself enough it was hard to speak, but only for a moment before she twisted her hips in the other direction. “If I disappear… Mmm… They’ll… Mmm…” Giving Anastasia the satisfaction of any pleasured sound was the last thing the spy wanted, but she couldn’t stop her body from reacting to Anastasia’s touch as her nail traced teasingly along the curve of Samantha’s ear. “They’ll find your mole…! You won’t be able to get any more spies… and they’ll trace that mole back to you, and take you down for good…”

“Now now, Samantha. They won’t determine that quickly at all, and if you think about it for just a moment then I’m sure you’ll agree.” Anastasia quietly purred as her fingers spread out, moving down across Samantha’s shoulders.

They lingered for a moment, caressing slowly as if learning every small detail, before she caressed back up to hold the struggling spy’s face in her hands. It was a touch that in another context could have been called tender, but in this was more of a power move. Her grasp wasn’t especially tight, but there wasn’t any room for Samantha to pull free. What little light was cast down in front of Samantha was only enough to faintly illuminate the contours of the criminal mastermind’s face.

As she leaned closer, her deep brown eyes came clearly into focus. Anastasia’s gaze was intense, and Samantha soon found herself squirming.

“Your agency decided the best way to get more information was to go under cover… and everyone knows I love beautiful women.” Anastasia grinned, slowly shaking her head. “That’s why they sent you… and why if you take a little longer than expected to report back, and then ask for backup, or anything at all…? They won’t even think you were misbehaving for getting a little intimate with me. You’re straight, right? They’ll assume you took one for the team…”

Samantha whimpered. Her struggles were less the fierce tugs and thrashes of a woman giving everything she had to pull free. Instead, they were squirms from a woman sweetly caught in another’s gaze. “Ff… fuuuckk…”

“Mmm… That’s right.” Anastasia gave another soft chuckle. “But, I’ve only started fucking you. There’s so much more to come.” Thumbs slowly grazed along Samantha’s cheeks, grazing so close to her lips without actually touching. “You must know some of what I do, some of what’s done in my name, and so much of it is done by others with minimal interaction from me. I don’t even need status updates.

“But for you…?” A hand pulled away from Samantha’s face, but she was too busy staring at Anastasia’s eyes with a mixture of fear and arousal to capitalize on the opportunity. Anastasia moved another bond across Samantha’s forehead, trapping her head back against the chair. It broke the eye contact, but that was small comfort. “I like to take a very special role in breaking women like yourself.”

She must have done something to me that I can’t remember… I’ve been through the agency’s training so many times, so many field ops… There’s no way I’m so far gone already…! Keep your focus!

As Anastasia pulled down more extensions from the chair, Samantha could now only look directly in front of her. There was no movement of her head, and black at either side of her face functioned as effective blinders as one might use for a horse. There was only Anastasia looming over her and infinite darkness.

“Nnnhhh…!” Samantha attempted another powerful thrash, a soft whimper at the back of her throat as she once again felt little more than the shake of her own breasts. “I won’t break as easily as you think…”

“Mmm. I’m hoping for a fight from you. It wouldn’t be a good use of my time if you were too easy.” Anastasia grinned crookedly as she drew back into the darkness.

Once more, there was nothing for Samantha to see but darkness.

Being surrounded by only darkness would be preferable to the sharp piercing stab of a syringe suddenly making its way into her arm. “Nn… Nnhhhh…! Fuck you…!” Samantha’s struggles temporarily ceased. The last thing she wanted was to break the needle off inside of her body.

Before, whatever drug Harmond injected her with was warm and hot. Feeling it made her body burn, made her ache and yearn. Whatever she might have in store for Samantha, nothing about the feeling making its way through her veins was warm. To the contrary, it was impressively cold, making her nipples feel that much harder as she shuddered in her restraints. Even Samantha’s clit felt chilled as each quickened heartbeat brought the drug coursing through her body.

There wasn’t much of it, but it took such a slight dosage to make the already chilly Samantha feel like someone was rubbing ice along her spine.

S-so cold… Fuck… I don’t know what this is… What could this even be…? She squirmed as the needle withdrew, but her muscles felt covered with a layer of frost. Everything moved so much slower no matter how roughly she attempted to move. Her head wasn’t spinning, but she could feel that same icy sensation through her scalp and around her thoughts. Nothing in the agency’s training was like this at all…

“Oh… in time? In time I’ll be fucking you until I’ve had my fill.” Gentle swabbing disinfected the wound, and though the touch was something that should have been neutral, it felt so much warmer than the rest of Samantha’s body for as long as it lasted.

Compared to her scalp, to her chest, or the rest of her limbs, that small spot of her arm was smoldering.

As soon as the touch ended, chill rose up from deep inside of Samantha and that part of her arm felt so incredibly cold, just like everything else. It made her nipples ache from the chill, and her shoulders tense tighter and tighter.

How long has it been since she gave me the injection…? Was it a minute ago, or longer…? I feel… so… cold… It should have taken longer for this to work, unless… unless I’m still slow from whatever she did to me before, or… Samantha shook her head as much as she could, which was to say barely at all. It’s so… cold, and my body… aches… it’s like… I feel… ill…? And just like lying in bed with the flu, my head feels…

Nnn not slow, but… off… wrong…

“Well then, Samantha…” Anastasia’s voice was so tauntingly close, but the woman herself was still out of view. “Are you ready to show me how well you can resist?”

Samantha parted her lips to speak, and then instantly slammed them closed. Her teeth chattered, but she forced herself to remain silent as she shivered. She tried to glance to either side, but the blinders still prevented her from seeing anything else.

Don’t give her anything, not even a taunt. She’ll use whatever you say against you. That’s the first rule with mind controllers.

I won’t give her anything, and if I don’t then she can’t take anything!

“Try your best for me…” Anastasia’s touch slowly stroked down along Samantha’s curves, teasing the side of her breast, and then down to her thigh before curving in to stroke higher along her thigh until she nearly grazed the slick, quivering flesh between Samantha’s legs. “I’ll be watching…”

It was a lingering caress with hardly any real pressure at all, but the heat from Anastasia’s body wasn’t easily ignored. Heat throbbed along the path her fingers traced, and Samantha panted as she tried to squirm both towards, and away from the sensation.

Samantha wasn’t sure what to expect. Did the woman really want her to resist, or was it a taunt to throw her off of her game? She wasn’t sure, and she had no idea how she was supposed to find out. Cold was already reaching out to replace the heat, the cold making her teeth chatter again as the sound of Anastasia walking away echoed through the room.

There’s probably a screen in front of me, or… something. I need to be ready for anything to try stealing away my mind!

Instead of a suddenly swirling spiral, or flashing words on a screen, there was suddenly light projected, shining across Samantha’s naked, quivering body. She stiffened at first, trying to pull herself away from it, to twist herself free, but she was still trapped firmly in place and the lights could easily shine over her body in any way they pleased.

Her eyes followed the multicolored lights as they illuminated her body. It also emphasized that even if she felt so cold, her body was covered with sweat. Whatever the drugs were doing to her body?

They weren’t being very gentle about it.

Something about this feels… familiar…? The light twisted and bent as it reflected off of her breasts, curving and bending to illuminate her nipples, her thighs—everything. She fluttered her eyes, weight shifting as she tried to remember why, or where. This wasn’t part of the agency’s training either… so why would I remember this? What would it be… from…? Never… never been here befo—


Samantha slammed her eyes closed, whimpering sharply. She didn’t remember where she knew that feeling from, but there was something to it, something that would only make things worse.

No… Don’t watch.

That’s exactly what she wants…

Even with her eyes closed, she could still feel the lights moving across her body. They weren’t just light, that was for sure. Wherever they teased along, whether it was her thighs, or her chest, or her eyelids, she could feel them like warm… soothing silk. Focusing on them was entirely too easy, beacons of heat in a frosty storm. It was easier to focus on that sensation than suffer in the cold.

There was no way she could close off her skin to sensation.

It wasn’t long before her shivering stopped, and her teeth no longer chattered. Instead she could feel a new warmth spreading across her skin, and as worrying as that was, it was so… nice.

“Ohhh… At least it’s… warm… so… cold without it… so… cold…”

Samantha sighed. Her heart was set on the idea of steeling herself against whatever came next, but like the sun rising to melt away a block of ice, the warm lights that streamed across her body made it so difficult to keep that solid, frozen determination from pooling away.

Warm light teased its way across her eyes, slowly coaxing them apart.

She didn’t want to open them, but it was difficult to keep them closed. Her body was still so cold deep down, and while the lights were helping, that still meant it was nicer, so much nicer, to open up and take the heat that much deeper.

Soon she was giving up, her eyes lazily fluttering open as she quietly moaned.

They moved so slow, never illuminating too much of her at once. While it was comforting that whatever Anastasia was doing was happening slowly and would clearly take some time, it also meant that there was plenty of time where so much of her body was exposed to the cold. The light warmed her up, but it so quickly chilled again, freezing her, aching painfully whenever the light drew away.

Watching the light, the way it made her skin shine, the pretty way it glowed… it began to come together just why it felt so familiar.

This time she was able to bring herself to look away.

“Nnnhhh… Th-that computer… f-fffuuuck… Nnnhhh…” She closed her eyes as tightly as she could. “I can’t look at it… it’s like the computer screen…! Maybe if I close my eyes tighter this time the light won’t get through, and then… then… just need to hold on… resist… fight…”

Muddled, dizzy, confused, Samantha couldn’t be sure any longer if she was thinking or speaking. She couldn’t concentrate enough to focus on any of the telltale signs that might help. Instead, she tried to make her body stiff.

Straining further from the light did seem to help, but that made the chills so much worse as she pulled herself further away from the only source of warmth she had. Her teeth chattered again as her skin pimpled, and her blood itself felt like it was moving slower. The chill was so deep that her bones felt like they were coated in frost, and it was harder, and harder to strain. It was harder to move.

That feeling… Dizzy and… Clammy…? Or… I don’t… Samantha whined. It feels… Getting sicker when I try to fight it, when I try to resist it… Nnhhhaaa! M-my eyes…!

The light was so bright.

Even with her eyes closed she could still feel it, and it still made her eyes ache even as it warmed them during the blinding sensation.

“Nnnoo…” Struggling past it was difficult. It took so much of her stamina to refuse to surrender, but if she didn’t then she knew what would happen. “Not gonna just… s-surrender to it… to you…!”

More than cold, more than aching, the longer she fought away the light the more the chill made everything worse. Her skin tingled with pins and needles. Her fingers were more and more difficult to move. Even her lips were moving slower. Her eyelids felt heavier, but in a way that didn’t make it easier to keep them closer, but in a way that made it harder to resist the tug to let them open.

She could remember times feeling feverish, tossing and turning as she tried to sleep, but this chill was so much worse. Everything felt blurrier and blurrier, almost painfully indistinct.

Though she couldn’t struggle, even the bonds around her felt less and less distinct—less and less real. Her consciousness almost felt like a simulacra, some kind of an illusion that failed to hold up to any real scrutiny. When her teeth chattered she could feel the sensation shuddering through every bone in her body as the cold squeezed so tightly around her nipples, around her clit, around her very mind itself.

Time stretched on, and there was no way to comprehend when one minute became the next. It could have been minutes, or hours that Samantha shuddered and weakly squirmed through the cold.

Maybe it was even days.

No… not days, would have slept it if was days, but… Maybe… Would have forgotten that… so… nnnn brain even feels cold… Samantha bit her lip, faintly whimpering. So… cold…

Her eyes fluttered open on a level much lower than anything conscious. They wanted to open, and her thoughts were too chilled o realize what she was doing in time to stop them. Once they were open, it was so hard to convince herself to pull them back shut. The light was warm, and gentle, and soft…

It was like being wrapped up in a fluffy blanket, cradled by it so perfectly that Samantha could even forget the bonds holding her down to the chair. As the warmth spread through her eyes, Samantha could feel better, almost breathless with relief.

All of the chills, all of the aches, all of the misery the cold brought with it went so far away as a warm bliss slowly seeped in to replace it.

“Nnhhh…” Samantha slumped back against the chair. A low, quiet sigh escaped her lips. Her eyes fluttered, but they didn’t fall shut again. If anything, they opened the faintest bit wider as she watched the light move across her body, and felt the sensation make everything so much more pleasant, so much more relieving, so much…


Can’t succumb… Can’t give in… Just… Just long enough to get warm, to get my strength back… Samantha sighed, her muscles loosening as the warmth penetrated its way so deeply through her body. There was still cold, still that painful wrongness down inside of her, but there was less and less of it as the light reached deep enough to brush that concern further, and further away.

Just a little more…

Samantha tried not to sigh, to not sink deeper into the chair. She tried with what little strength remained, but it was impossible to resist. Comfort was so nice after such agony.

Relief was automatic.

Then I’ll close my eyes again…

Though the chill slowly warmed and faded away, melting under the heat that only grew warmer the longer it sizzled its way through the vulnerable Samantha, it didn’t bring with it any greater clarity. Her thoughts had spent a long time frozen under a solid, oppressive block of ice. Even if the ice melted away, it didn’t free her mind. Thoughts caught in the light grew warmer, softer, melting like butter left out in the sun.

While the cold was a misery to resist, the warmth from the light was a comfort too great to resist. It took away her suffering, and her mind followed along.

“Mmmhhhh…” The last of the tension drained out of Samantha’s shoulders.

She forgot that she’d been trying to struggle, to fight, to do anything at all but dissolve away into the warmth. It wasn’t a thought she actively processed, but a feeling, an understanding that permeated everything else. What else should she want to do when escaping the light made everything feel so horrible?

Struggling used up so much of her strength, leaving Samantha with little more than the ability to breathe, and stare, and enjoy the lights like one might enjoy their time lounging on the beach.

The deepest parts of her body began to thaw. Her spine felt looser as the lights began to slowly swirl and spin across her vision, feeling almost like fingers in her hair. Her eyes fluttered, but they didn’t try to close. When they were done with the motion, Samantha’s eyes were open that much wider.

When Anastasia spoke again the voice sounded like it came from all around her.

Most of it, the strongest portion, came directly from the lights themselves.

“Your name…” There was a pause. It was brief, but it was long enough for Samantha to faintly shift. She didn’t flutter her eyes, she simply squirmed. “Tell me your name…”

She’d already given so much, and even if it was purely instinctive, Samantha could feel it. She could feel just how far she’d fallen, and how close she was to complete and total surrender. There were no solid, firm walls remaining in her mind. Instead, there were only pillars the light was yet to bend around and consume what little rested just behind them.

In one of those few stubborn places was enough will for Samantha to resist.

“Nnhh… nnnoo…”

Moving her lips to make those sounds was difficult when everything felt so warm and lovely, but her training hadn’t completely failed her. Not yet. She knew to hang on to her name. She knew to resist that specific command.

Another sharp pinch in her arm made Samantha whimper.

Exactly where it was felt impossible to tell. Her arms felt so warm, and there was no pain after the needle quickly left. From some place deep inside, fighting against the warmth of the light, a chill struggled to rise up inside of her.

The struggle of hot and cold, of external melting and internal tightness… it made holding on to her struggle that much harder.

Her self was freezing up in thicker, colder ice. Samantha whimpered as she felt it happen, as she felt herself tense and curl and twitch, but the light was unrelenting. It kept her gaze trapped, swirling, and shifting, dancing through the air and tingling its heat through her body. Every moment that solid block of resistance dripped further away, staining Samantha’s thighs with lust.

It was harder to form coherent thoughts.

Her training was instinct, something wrapped around the deepest parts of her psyche through repetition, but it was from a lifetime that felt so long ago as the lights melted at even those parts of her brain.

“Now…” Anastasia’s voice purred our again, echoing both all-around Samantha, and somehow almost feeling as though it was coming from inside of her as well. “If you please… Tell me your name…?”

“S-Samanthaaaa…” She whimpered, shuddering as her toes curled, and her hips strained to arch away from the chair. “Samanthaaaa Cloooverrr…”

In response to her answer, an answer that might not have been the deepest one but was certainly still a surrender, the lights grew brighter.

Brighter, and warmer.

Samantha moaned, her eyes fluttering again as her legs instinctively tried to spread further apart. Her back tried to arch. The light felt so good against her skin before, and now that it was becoming even nicer, her craving for it grew proportionately.

“Very good…” Anastasia purred, and Samantha quietly moaned. “Now, Samantha Clover…” She spoke the name with relish, slowly elongating each and every last syllable as if they were some secret fetish and the longer she could indulge in speaking the name filled her with a pleasure as fulfilling as the warmth penetrating her captive’s very soul. “Mmm… Why exactly were you at the party…? What brought you to my estate, my dear Samantha Clover…?”

“Nn…nnnnhhh…” Samantha’s lips strained to move, gasping to do more than slump lower in her bonds. “T-to m-m-mingleeeee…” There was still some restraint in her mind, exactly enough to draw on her training and not surrender all of the truth that lurked in her mind. “To be a socialite…”

Silence hung in the air for several long moments with the sole exception of Samantha’s low, shuddering whines. The heat in the lights continued to thaw at the spy’s mind, and pleasure poured slowly from both sets of lips.


Anastasia didn’t sound very amused, but Samantha was too far gone to react. She groaned, but more from the continued heat and daze from the lights drawing her deeper.

“No, I don’t think that was right, Samantha…” There was a distant thud, and the colors in the lights changed. “There’s a different answer that I want you to give, and that means a different answer that you want to give me. So, why don’t we make a little adjustment and then try this question again.”

Once the lights had been faintly orange, yellow—all bright, warm colors.

Now, they were suddenly blues, greens, purples—all cold, cool colors. Instead of being warm, instead of bringing more of that calm and delight there was a sudden ache. Samantha whimpered again, beginning to slowly shift her hips side to side as the discomfort returned so much faster than it built up before.

What had once been a gradual sensation from a faint breeze to becoming frozen in ice was now being thrown into the center of a glacier.

Very quickly, Samantha whined louder and louder as all of the comfort she’d been savoring was suddenly gone. In its place was a deeper and deeper cool pain. “Nnnhaaaa…!” Her eyes fluttered, but even with the light bringing a new agony she couldn’t look away from the lights. They continued to swirl and dance within her eyes, forcing her to experience every moment of that frigid suffering.

“Don’t lie to me, Samantha.” Anastasia’s tone had been flat after Samantha’s initial answer, it had quickly shifted to amusement. “Why were you here in my manor, my dear Miss Samantha Clover?”

“Nhhhh… t-to… crack… your… sllllavery ring…!” Samantha whimpered out the words, trying as desperately as she could to please Anastasia. Before, that brought her the bliss of the warmth, and the pleasure of yielding to the light.

This time, none of that relief was offered.

Weaker than before, Samantha’s teeth had a much more difficult time chattering. Her muscles were weaker, and her body was straining to do anything more than shiver.

“Mmm…” Anastasia sighed. Even though Samantha had answered her question—even given her the precise answer that she wanted to hear—she seemed to be in no rush to grant the spy any release. The waisting aches continued, heavy, weary… wrong.

If anything, things were only getting worse, with no potential end in sight.

Unfortunately for Samantha’s resistance, the agony didn’t spring a return to form. She was so crushed and broken apart by the mental onslaught that there was no rallying of her defenses. There was no new struggle now that the lights were pain instead of pleasure. The parts of her that once so valiantly strained against those forces were too far gone.

Samantha could only whine and faintly squirm.

When Anastasia spoke again, her voice was dripping with amusement. Not an ounce of pity or concern entered her tone. There was only pleasure, and arousal.

“Samantha Clover… That isn’t your real name, is it…?”

“Nhhhh… Nnooo…”

“Tell me your name, dear.” Anastasia sighed so sweetly. It was a sound that reinforced how no matter the pain, the chill, the discomfort—it was all under one woman’s control. With half a whim she could brush it all away. All of the bad feelings would leave again, and Samantha wouldn’t be wasting away in her bonds. Thinking those thoughts consciously was impossible, but the idea remained. “Tell me your name, Samantha. Your real name, and I can help you…”

“NNnhhhh…” Samantha whimpered. She was shaking as much as her bonds would allow, quivering to the point that with more energy behind her motions it could be called thrashing. Her skin was covered in gooseflesh, and her nipples ached from the cold. Such little of her sense remained, but it knew how bad that would be. “P-plleeeeasse… N-noo…”


Again, Anastasia sounded flat.


This time, the lights did not shift to make the cold worse. There was not some new injection. The lights simply disappeared.

No complicated, beautiful light held Samantha’s gaze in place on the field of nothing in front of her, but it was more than that. The lights were gone, but the cold hadn’t simply been a product of them. The drugs racing through her system were still hard at work, doing nothing to help with Samantha’s discomfort or the chill. Her bonds felt cold, solid, and not unlike ice sculpted to trap her against the chair.

Tiny pinpricks of light remained, just enough to pierce her pupils and keep Samantha from turning away or closing her eyes.

W-without the light… can’t get warm… can’t feel better… can’t… stop… c-can’t… Samantha whined, trying to shake her head again. Shouldn’t… can’t… training… Agency… H-Harmond…

Her beautiful green eyes filled with tears.

“Tell me…”

After a heavy gulp, Samantha shook and tried to nod. “L-Lauren…”

“Lauren… Mmm…” Immediately a purr entered Anastasia’s voice. Every word contained the full force of her wolfish grin. “Good Lauren…”

The lights slowly returned to their former glory of yellows and reds and oranges, bringing their heat along. Patterns in the air felt like such a small, insignificant price to pay for the warmth slowly returning to Samantha’s body. The tears stayed in her eyes, refusing to fall, but they felt wrong as Lauren fell deeper into her dazed, relieved expression.

Her eyes were too hazy to contain any active pain or determined struggle. All they reflected was how taxing the experience was on her psyche.

“Tell me your last name, Lauren… You’re doing so good, and that means we’ll get to be done with these questions soon. Won’t that be nice…?” Anastasia quietly chuckled. “When we’re done, you won’t need to feel any more discomfort. You aren’t going to die, either. I think you like the way that sounds.”

Lauren sighed. Already gave my first name… Doesn’t matter… She distantly knew that knowing both her first and last name was different than just knowing the first—and worse—but it was too distant.


Betraying herself still had a cost, further exhausting Lauren. She slumped forward in her bonds, looking almost as though she were ready to fall asleep.

“Lauren Forest… Good…! Veeery good…!” Anastasia laughed, but it wasn’t like before. There was a manic quality to it, a frenzy that hadn’t been present until that precise moment.

The light grew warmer, hotter than it had ever been before. Nnnn… Ohhh it feels… so… nice… so safe… I… Nice… Warm… Lauren’s lips flimsily moved along with her thoughts. If they weren’t so runny, and she didn’t feel so weak, she might have vocalized them. She wasn’t trying to hide them. Precious little still felt worth locking away inside of her own mind when Anastasia had so much overwhelming power there. Safe and… protected…? Feels… Niiiiice…

“It feels good to do what you’re told…” The chills were so long gone as Anastasia spoke. The memory of how they felt was distant, but not so far that Lauren’s body was ready for more of that misery. “Doesn’t it, Lauren…?”

Lauren mewled.

The lights held her gaze, but her eyes were losing what little of her focus remained.

“Y… y…” It sounded wrong to agree to that, but it was right. It was right, and Lauren didn’t want to feel like she had before. She didn’t want her teeth to start chattering again or for her whole body to feel clammy, her vision blurred, everything so uncomfortable…  “Yeah…”

It was easier to lose a battle that didn’t feel like it mattered at all.

Anastasia quietly released an “mmm” under her breath. Lauren couldn’t see her, but she could imagine the woman’s eyes hooding with the sound. It was a nice sound, one that matched up the warm feeling that continued to work its way deeper, massaging and tingling away every small ache and tightness that hadn’t yet faded away. Even the soreness deep down in her muscles was being worked away by that light, making it easier for Lauren to let go more and more.

“And… If you do what I say, and you feel so good…? If everything feels so much better, when you do as I ask…?” Anastasia waited, filling the air with a loud silence that hung over them, squeezing tight around the trapped Lauren. “You want to do what I say, don’t you, Lauren?”

Before, what Anastasia said felt right.

Everything about this felt wrong.

“I… I… D-don’t…” Lauren whined, her head shaking side to side with less and less energy to each movement. “Don’t w-w-wanna…”

“Mmm. That’s very, very bad, Lauren…” Though Anastasia sighed and clicked her tongue, she didn’t sound upset or disappointed. If anything, she sounded that much more excited. “You’re being a very bad girl, and that means… I’m going to need to punish you. You understand I can’t have you misbehaving. If you can’t give me the right answer, and the cold won’t convince you…”

The colors in the lights shifted, but they didn’t return to the cold.

Instead, every color was bright, remaining only for the slightest, quickest of moments. Lauren thought she was ready for what might happen, and for how she might feel. Right answers brought rewarding warmth, and the wrong answers brought punishing cold. The way the lights shifted now, not remaining in any one pattern or color, moving so erratically, but brightly, it felt like something so much worse.

Heat and cold lashed across her body and through her mind, burning or freezing a thigh at the same moment as the other occurred to a breast.

There was no chance to adjust, no moment to recover—nothing but the next sensation that demanded her focus and repaid it with agony. Each time the lights moved across the most sensitive places on her body, carefully calibrated from her reactions to the lights across her nipples, between her legs, her inner thighs, her face, her neck… every place she’d wriggled or squirmed or otherwise reacted to a previous sensation that much more.

Even worse, the light holding her eyes in place carried a pain so similar to a throbbing headache that refused to abate. Her eyes were grasped that much tighter as her suffering only grew.

“Mnnnnh! N-no!” Lauren cried out, whimpering and twisting as dramatically as her body still could. It was pitiful, but compared to how slumped she’d been before it looked like so much. “No… no no no…! Nnnnhhhh…!”

“You want to do what you are told.”

Anastasia’s words proceeded the lights cycling faster, flashing brighter as it drew arcs and lines across her body, giving shape to myriad of designs across in such small, tight spaces.

“Your name is Samantha Clover, and you want to do what you’re told.”

Not a single moment allowed for Lauren to catch her breath, or adjust to the constant barrage of stimulation that only became more and more intense the longer it lasted, and the less that Lauren could take it.

“Your name is Samantha Clover, and you want to do what you’re told.”

“Nnnnhhhh…!” Squirming and twisting only seemed to make the lights linger in worse places, or feel all the more raw and intense. Escape, or the attempt to find it, only made things worse. Lauren only had one chance, and there was little reasoning left inside of her for why she shouldn’t embrace it. “My name… i-it’s Samantha Clover…! I-I… O-okay…! Nnnhhh… I… I’ll… I’ll d-d-do whattt I’m tollllddd…!”

Instantly the light changed, calmer, and warmer in the ways that Samantha wanted, needed most of all. The heat was already starting to soothe the still lingering agony. Her body tingled and Lauren’s whimpers faded as Samantha’s sighs replaced them.

The light was gentle on her eyes as it slowly swirled in the air before her face, familiar motions so much nicer than the darting, horrific flashing.

“Mmm, then… Tell me.” Anastasia’s grin could be heard deepening, and it was impossible to not imagine her eyes hooding wherever she was. “What is your name… mmm… and what will you do…?”

“Nnnhhhhh… I’mmm… mmmnnhhh…” Samantha didn’t struggle to find the answer. She knew what to say. There was no more struggle left inside of her as she stared vapidly ahead. “Samanthaaa…. Cl-l-ooooverrr… Wanna… d-doo what you… t-telll m-meeee…!”

“That’s right.” A warm sigh perfectly complemented the lights that heated away the deepest lingering chill. It was so impossible for Samantha to remember Lauren’s pain. After all, it happened to Lauren Rice, not to Samantha Clover. “Samantha Clover wants to be a sexy socialite, and she knows that I’m the path to getting exactly what she wants. She’ll do whatever she’s told to make sure that happens… Isn’t that right…?”

Samantha groaned. Her eyes fluttered as she strained to nod against the strap holding her forehead. She couldn’t understand why it was so difficult with her mind and reality so disjointed, but after a short time she stopped trying regardless. “Mmm… a-a… s-sexy socialite… Mm… Y-yesss…”

“Good girl…”

Anastasia was suddenly close enough to trail her fingers Samantha’s breasts, and the bound spy arched as much as her bonds would allow. Her feelings of disgust were gone now, and only the warmth of the woman’s soft, smooth fingers as they grasped, squeezing, kneading, remained. That was pleasant, desired, and Samantha wanted more without being able to put those wants into words enough to hold on to her own thoughts.

“Sleeping her way to the top… taking whatever drugs will help ingratiate herself to her hostess… doing whatever she’s told, knowing it will get her what she wants…” Fingers closed around one of Samantha’s nipples, nails pinching before delivering a sharp twist that earned a loud, longing cry. “What she needs…”

“Nnnhhh…!” Samantha tried to arch further in the chair, but it wouldn’t give no matter how much her libido-driven urges tugged her forward. “Wh-what she w-w-waaaants… n-n-neeeeeds…!” Her moans rose higher as her body grew taut, shuddering.

Her mind was so open now that merely the descriptions of wanting, and needing, were enough to make her blood burn and her skin tingle. Her pussy soaked the chair under her.

Fingers released her nipples, sliding lower to tease their way down along her naked tummy, and then slowly along her thigh before tracing a path to her slit. Samantha mewled, her hips rolling in time for more of that friction as the slid deep inside of her. “That’s right, and right now, more than anything…? She needs to cum.”

“Oohhhh…!” Samantha’s eyes fluttered, unable to close but straining to stay open in the face of her craving that burned through her body from head to toe. “I… Mmm… I need… t-to… cummmm…!”

Anastasia’s fingers moved quicker inside of her, hitting places that Samantha’s body remembered from her time bent in front of a computer, but she couldn’t remember that as a bad thing. She could only remember how good it felt, and how much she needed it to make her feel even better. Her toes curled against the floor as she howled in pleasure.

Need… to cummm… Need… her… Socialite… Sexy… Socialite… Sex… Drugs… A-anything… n-need…!

“That’s right…! Mmm… and you can’t hold back at all…” Fingers curled inside of her, rubbing places that made Samantha’s eyes try their best to cross as the light kept her as its captive. “Can’t resist how good it feels…”

“MMmhhhhhh…! I caaaaaan’t ressisssstt….!”

The last of Lauren was broken inside of her, shattered apart. Samantha no longer remembered her training, or why she’d ever held out when Anastasia’s fingers felt so good inside of her. She didn’t even care that she wasn’t a lesbian, or that she was being held prisoner by a wealthy woman that she’d once known as a criminal mastermind.

All she cared about was the feelings coming from her pussy.

“Cum, Samantha.”

Without any delay Samantha began to scream so loudly her voice screeched and cracked in euphoric whimpers. What little strength she had left was all turned into thrashing as she gushed wet and slick around Anastasia’s fingers that remained buried so deep inside of her.

She wasn’t in any mental state to recall prior orgasms, but the bliss that Samantha felt was better than anything else had ever been. Every nerve was remade in pleasure that fulfilled her deepest desires and washed away her concerns about an agency, or the woman twisting her into a sexy pet with no greater ambitions than to climb the social ladder.

“Good girl…”

Fingers stroked inside of her, coaxing Samantha deeper into afterglow. Samantha tiredly groaned, staring forward as the light changed. The patterns and movements were new, and everything about them was tiring, weakening.

Mmmm… Could really use some sleep… Needed to cum, but now…

“Very good girl…”

Samantha could barely hold on to the feeling of the fingers still stroking inside of her pussy as she fell from her afterglow into a deep slumber of drugs and mentally-manipulative light.

Author's Note: Once spy, now socialite, Samantha Clover replaces the woman who once existed in her place. I'm sure she'll be having lots of fun in her new life! If you'd like to read more stories like this one, and let me know you want to read more similar tales of lesbian mind control? Check out <a href="https://www.patreon.com/madamkistulot">my Patreon campaign!</a> Not only do you get stories before anyone else, and access to exclusive blogs, and the occasional input on a story or two, but it's a good way to let me know that you want to see more of this story, and others like it! If you'd like to join in with a group of fellow mind control fetishists to discuss this and other stories, join us at <a href="https://discord.gg/JyafaCD">The Mind Control Literature Discord</a> or my personal discord, <a href="https://discord.gg/e2cqgAs">Madam Kistulot's Domain!</a>

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