Undercover: The Conversion of Samantha Clover

Chapter 3: The Morning After

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #contemporary #drugs #ego_death #identity_break #identity_play #spies #tech_control

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: The Morning After

I am Samantha Clover… I want to be a sexy socialite…

Dreams of luxury filled the spy’s mind. She’d spent time more than once learning her character, learning the role she was supposed to take for her undercover jobs at fancy events like parties thrown by the wealthy and adored Anastasia Harmond. All of that was coming in just as handy now as her brain sought out every little detail it could to make the dream more compelling.

Everyone was wearing such expensive clothing.

The food was to die for, and a nibble felt like it must have cost more than the entire economy of some smaller countries.

Anastasia’s manor was decorated unlike any place that could be real outside of a dream. All of the most famous art hung from the walls, and elaborate diamond chandeliers hung from the ceiling. The gold trim along the walls sparkled like actual gold. All of it hinted that those at the party, those lucky few who had been chosen to feel some of Anastasia’s favor, were being brought in on something special and amazing—something so grand most weren’t even allowed to know that it existed.

Glitz and glamor shined and sparkled from everything, and all of that power aroused Samantha as much as the beautiful people surrounding her. Everyone was dressed to impress, and Anastasia had only filled the manor with the most beautiful, alluring guests.

Spending a night with any of them would be special, but none of them were why Samantha was there. She glanced to the other guests, but Samantha’s eyes always found their way back to the one woman who was high above them all in terms of beauty and prestige. No one could compare to what she could do, or who she intrinsically was.

Anastasia Harmond.

She was sexy. She was sophisticated. She was more important than everyone else in that entire room, capable of buying anything that Samantha might desire and bringing her along as eye candy to any function Samantha could dream of attending.

No one opened more doors than Anastasia Harmond.

Did I… always like… women…?

Some small part of Samantha’s mind felt a moment of confusion. She couldn’t remember seeking women out, or being thrilled to have them engage, but…

Anastasia Harmond isn’t just any woman…

That didn’t matter.

Being wrapped around Anastasia’s arm would be the ultimate high. Everyone would want to be her. Everyone would want her. Samantha, a virtual unknown, would be one of the most important people in the world.

Any sex she wants… anything she wants me to wear… any drugs she wants me to take…

When Anastasia turned towards her, and her deep brown eyes met with Samantha’s brilliant greens, the whole world tunneled away. Nothing existed besides the approaching billionaire. Nothing mattered besides the magnetic pull of authority and influence that resonated from her in ways no one else could ever hope to achieve.

“Could I have this dance, Miss Clover?”

“O-of… of course… any dance you’d like…” Samantha moaned as she melted into Anastasia’s grasp of her hand, and the arm that moved around her back. Her nipples were hard points poking against her sparkly dress, pressed so tightly against Anastasia.

Samantha wasn’t the shortest woman, but Anastasia made her feel tiny and almost pitiful. The tall woman, with her firm grasp, and her proud, knowing grin consumed all of Samantha’s focus and dissolved everything else. There was no music, at least none that Samantha could hear, but Anastasia moved so gracefully to lead the dance that Samantha followed without a first thought. She simply yielded to the dance, and Anastasia pulled her along to where she needed to be.

It was a magical experience that could only exist because Anastasia Harmond willed it to happen.

“My room is up those stairs. Down the hall. Wait for me in my room.”

There was no chance for Samantha to decline. Her answer was decided before the question was asked. It was simply a matter of how pitifully she would respond.

Samantha’s panties were soaked through. It wouldn’t be long before she was dripping down her thighs. Then everyone at the party would know how much of a horny little disaster she was for Anastasia—not that it wasn’t already obvious with the way she was writhing against her.

“Don’t keep me waiting for long… I’m already all warmed up for you…”

She tried to make her words sound seductive, but Samantha was fueled by aching lust. Her head was spinning from so many drinks—or so much proximity to Anastasia—made her come off more pitiful and desperate. She couldn’t have sounded more helplessly small if she’d fallen down to her knees and tugged on the hem of Anastasia’s dress, or more aroused by insistent lust if she’d moaned with a hand between her own legs.

Anastasia grinned, and Samantha melted. Her knees were barely strong enough to keep her standing, and she relied on Anastasia’s grasp to keep her from falling to the floor.

“I might be just a little while, but you can keep yourself hot for me however you’d like.” Anastasia slid a drink into Samantha’s hand before she whispered into her ear. “This should help. If I take too long, feel free to get started without me. You look like you might need to do that even if I show up right away…”

“Ohhh…” Samantha mewled, her eyes crossing and rolling up back into her head. “Yesss…”

Teeth closed around her ear, tugging, and Samantha mewled lower as her hips lurched forward. A hand slid down from the small of her back to tightly squeeze at Samantha’s ass, nails digging in tight enough to force out another sharp squeak.

It was only the same hand grasping at the curves of her rear that kept Samantha from dropping when her knees could no longer withstand the stimulation.

Lust slicked its way down her thighs, glistening in the bright light of the party. Ohhh… Everyone can see what a slut I am for Anastasia… but who wouldn’t be…?

She might have looked around at the rest of the party to drink in the sight of everyone else knowing what she was, lusting for Anastasia just as much as she did, but Samantha was too captivated by Anastasia to do anything acknowledging the rest of the world. Thinking of them was almost too much.

She only needed Anastasia.

Nails dug in through her dress, kneading tighter at her full, round ass. “I said meet me in my room, Miss Clover… I’m certain you wouldn’t disappoint me, now would you…?”

“N-nn-nnoooo…” Samantha groaned, forcing herself to stand up straight and stumble back away. Without Anastasia’s authority holding her upright it would have been impossible. “I’ll wait for you… get started on my own…”

“Good girl…” Anastasia waved, her brown eyes hooding so low. “I’ll make sure you sleep so very, very well tonight…”

Samantha nodded with a drunken, horny giggle before she turned to find the stairs Anastasia had indicated before. It was so hard to climb up. Every step was a grand affair, but eventually she found herself in a hallway.

Then she found herself in Anastasia’s bed, and touched herself the ways she imagined Anastasia touching her.

Samantha groaned as she found herself slowly rising up from her deep sleep. Her clothes were gone, and she was too sleepy to look for them. It didn’t matter, anyway. She stretched out slowly, lazily pushing the sheets off of her body so the warm sunlight filtering in between the curtains could kiss her cool body more directly.

The bed was comfortable, incredibly comfortable, and the pillow under her head perfectly cradled her face. She couldn’t feel anyone nearby, but that didn’t feel like it mattered. Her thighs were still warm, and her toes still naturally curling in afterglow from dreams, or the simple pleasure of waking slowly.

She had no strong desire to find her way out of bed, though her thighs did enjoy squeezing together as she nuzzled her pillow and groaned. “Mmmm…”

Is it Friday yet…? Samantha’s thoughts idly wandered within the very small cage her persona allowed. Lauren had never given Samantha many more dreams than what was required to be a forgettable, one-dimensional woman that someone might want to fuck, but little more. I want a night on the town… Somewhere fancy, some rich food, some fun… mmm…

If Lauren had known this would happen she might have given Samantha fantasies that involved more conscious thought and less inebriation.

It was so easy for the role to make Samantha just what Anastasia wanted.

As Samantha rose her head from the pillow she realized that she wasn’t back at home. The room was far too large and lavish for that.

Mmm… Last night is a blur, I… She rubbed her forehead, falling back onto the bed as she tried to remember anything at all. The fancy sheets around her rubbing around her legs, her clothes coming off, her own hands wandering along her body, and then brown eyes, teeth at her ear, whispering inside… Mmm… Ooohhh… This is Anastasia Harmond’s bed…

She purred, her thighs clenching as her hips gave a little wiggle. It was thrilling, exciting—the kind of night that could redefine her entire life.

I must have had a little too much to drink, hehehe… Mmm… Rolling onto her side, Samantha slowly rubbed her lips together. She is charismatic… even if… Her brow furrowed. Something itched, ached at the corner of her mind. It wasn’t a scream, or a desperate cry from her training. It was merely the feeling she’d forgotten something important. Did… did someone warn me about her…?

Before her memory could recall anything useful the door opened, and she walked in. Anastasia Harmond, tall, her hair braided in a sophisticated, gorgeous way, looming tall over the bed as she carried with her a silver tray. On it was a simple breakfast of toast, eggs, and a glass of something that Samantha didn’t recognize.

It wasn’t water, coffee, or orange juice. Her mind was too slow to try figuring out anything else.

Anastasia set down the tray on the nightstand beside Samantha, grinning down at the naked woman tangled in her sheets. “Mmm… You must be hungry. I couldn’t let a beautiful woman like you starve.”

Nothing she’d done was especially impressive, but Anastasia still carried herself with a posture and a grace that made her seem so much more than anyone else would doing the same exact things. Without exception, every aspect of her behavior was something another could try to emulate and seem ordinary.

Anastasia elevated everything she did, and Samantha could feel herself needing that.

“Mmm… hey there…” She squeezed her thighs and rolled onto her stomach. Leaning on her arms, she met Anastasia’s eyes, and then let them wander. Only reluctantly did she glance towards the meal. “Mm aren’t you a charmer…”

“Mmm I am, and…” Anastasia hooded her eyes as she reached down into the nightstand, bending forward enough to show off the cleavage her gorgeous red dress readily offered Samantha. “I remember you saying that if you spent the night I’d need to make sure you called your friends in the morning so they knew you ended up alright, so… Here you are.”

Samantha took the phone, and her eyes crossed.

Her mouth hung open.

“I… Mmnnhhh… You’re right, I need to call them… let them know everything is going fine…” Her thumb moved on its own, instinctively unlocking her phone and moving to call the agency. “This shouldn’t take very long at all. Promise…”

My friends…

Which friends…?

As she waited for the other end to pick up, Samantha’s mind strained to remember anything that would make the moment make any kind of sense. When the line picked up, it made more sense for her to speak than to worry about the words coming out of her mouth. “Hiiii! Yeah, it’s me, Samantha… Ended up spending the night with Anastasia! Oh yeah, we had a lot of fun, and I’ll totally fill you in on all of the details later. Tell Maggie that I’m doing fine, okay?”

She didn’t know where the words were coming from, but she knew those were the exact words she needed to say. It was important Maggie hear that. It was important they know she had a lot of fun. Filling in later was important. Totally was a sign that she was on to something, or…

Why do I think… I have this feeling… it’s… so strange, and…

Is… Maggie… rea—oohhhh…

Samantha’s eyes crossed. Her head throbbed. It was hard to concentrate on any of those details—especially ones that felt so… unimportant.

There was still more for her to say, even though no one had said anything at all.

“But I should really go! I don’t want to keep her waiting for me… she was such a sweetie, she brought me breakfast in bed! I think she might think I’m really something special! If you don’t hear from me, I think that I’m definitely her type, so… you’ll know what to do…! Ciao…!”

Samantha hung up, and her eyes crossed again. She held out her phone, her mouth not quite closed, staring blankly at nothing.

Anastasia took the phone, and tucked it back away in her nightstand.

With a flutter of her eyes, and a shake of her head, Samantha regained a semblance of her composure. Her eyes ended up resting somewhere between Anastasia’s hips and her face, idly wandering along the red and the flesh peeking from underneath.

Mmm… That dress is pretty…

The idea of a phone call, having to make one, having made one, the idea, the memory… all of that was already beginning to fade and the remnants and slowly drifted away.

Anastasia lowered down to sit on the bed beside Samantha. She reached down, stroking her black hair once before reaching down to the tray beside the plate. “Mmm… and I brought you your vitamin, too…”

The word vitamin held a need, a craving that Samantha didn’t completely understand. Her thighs clenched, her toes curled, and she parted her lips as Anastasia pushed it past her lips. Even before Anastasia arrived in the room she’d been needing that pill, and having it in her mouth felt incredibly good.

As soon as Anastasia pressed the glass to Samantha’s lips she eagerly swallowed. The taste wasn’t something she recognized, but it was so sweet. Before Anastasia could pull her finger away she even sucked on the tip with a tired purr.

“My vitamin… How did you know…?” She didn’t ask it in a worried or suspicious tone, but more like someone pleasantly surprised by an incredibly thoughtful gesture.

“You must have had even more to drink last night than I thought you did…” Anastasia chuckled, shaking her head as she stroked along Samantha’s lips, and then her cheek. The touch was so very tender and gentle, so much more the charming, eccentric billionaire and less the ruthless woman who had been so ready to inject Samantha with drugs and manipulate her with pain. “We talked for hours… and when we spoke about what shape the next morning would take… you mentioned your vitamins. I made sure to find them in your purse… and I’ll make sure you never run out…”

Samantha purred, her eyes fluttering as she twisted herself to squirm into every gentle touch Anastasia offered her. Shifting closer to her was instinctive, and so was opening her mouth when Anastasia forked up some of her eggs and held it up to her lips.

They were remarkably good, too.

“Here… why don’t you have a bite, mm? Let me take care of you, Samantha. Have as much as you’d like…” Anastasia waited patiently as Samantha chewed each bite before offering the next, never too quick or too slow. Her other hand reached out to stroke at Samantha’s hair, at her neck, so idly comforting and feeling her.

Mmmm she’s treating me so well, and my vitamins are making me feel… mmm… Samantha savored the taste of the exquisite food. It was obviously made from high quality ingredients, and either Samantha was a cook—or she employed very good ones. Samantha was leaning towards the latter.

Between the warm eggs, the crisp, well-buttered bread, and the occasional offers of that sweet drink, it was easy to ignore the way the “vitamins” spread a low, erotic warmth through Samantha’s body. It felt special, and thoughtful that Anastasia fetched it for her. It felt so meaningful, so romantic, and so incredibly… like it completed her.

No one’s ever… treated me like this before… it’s so…

Samantha’s eyes rolled back into her head as she swallowed another mouthful of that sweet, fruity drink that sent tingles down along her spine.

“Mmmm…” She sighed happily, squirming closer and closer as she eagerly ate every offered bite of food. She tried to smoosh as much of her body as possible against Anastasia’s, savoring the way her warmth felt. “I don’t normally do these morning after things, you know, but… mmm…”

“Mmm, I know you don’t. You said very explicitly that you weren’t the kind of girl looking for a serious relationship with the same sorts of hang-ups and desires as all of those women chasing romance.” Anastasia sighed, shaking her head as she offered another forkful of food which Samantha eagerly pulled from the fork and began to idly chew. “I’m not suggesting you change your mind. Romance is a foolish notion. That said… I can get you the status you crave, mmm…? If you stay with me…

“I can take you all the way up to the top.” Another forkful brushed Samantha’s lips, patiently waiting for her to finish the last. “You don’t need to love me. I’m no more interested in that than you are. But you know what I’m capable of…”

There was no hesitation to grab up the next bite from the fork, or to arch into Anastasia’s nails as they raked tenderly across her scalp. Her green eyes rolled back into her head, drawing out mewls as she finished the bite without any awareness of the way the drug was increasing her sensitivity. It felt so sexy to arch into those nails, to whine and squirm down against the bed.

Her nipples turned stiff, and her eyes gained a faint haze. It felt so nice to squirm, and obediently eat each offered bite. It was so natural to lean into her touches without any worries at all.

“Mmm… You’re not saying what I think you’re saying, are you…?” Samantha purred as she wrapped her lips around another bite with a low, lazy purr. It felt like a slow morning, one of those times where waking up was so difficulty and she just wanted to get back to sleep or something less thoughtful and more flesh—not like a drug enhanced state of desire and inebriation.

Nothing was unnatural about feeling good, feeling sexy, or feeling slow after a long night of drinking and lovemaking. Things felt simpler in a very real way, easier to just enjoy the woman’s affection without worrying about anything. It was better to just feel sexy, and Samantha felt sexy.

Her large breasts were still squished against the bed beneath her, with one arched faintly against the clothed Anastasia. It was a delightful feeling, and it made everything…


It was better to not think, not worry, just enjoy the way everything had smooth edges and naturally directed her thoughts away from anything serious or intense. Anastasia’s nails helped with that too, as did the feeling of her warmth.

“What do you think I’m saying, Samantha…?” With the last of the food finished, she set down the fork and the hand once offering food moved to caress along Samantha’s thigh.

“Mmmm…” Samantha moaned, her nipples pressing firmer down into the bed as she shifted and squirmed, her thighs closing tight around her flushed lower lips.

Speaking wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but it only took Samantha a few moments of writhing to find her voice. “Mmm what I think…?” Anastasia nodded down at her, and Samantha sighed as she pressed tighter. “Mmmm I think that you… Mm you don’t want this to just be a one night thing…”

Rolling onto her back, her back arched, her legs apart, revealed so much of the spy’s beautiful body at once. As her breasts were lifted up they fell away from the center of her chest, further emphasizing them more as they shifted in the ways only heavy, natural breasts could. Her nipples grew harder as she squirmed, pressing her thigh into the hand that continued to slowly, tenderly caress. “Mmm… that you want this to be… mmm… more than a one night thing…?”

Samantha stared up at Anastasia, positioned in every way like an offering for the woman’s hungry brown eyes. From her own expression, softened by arousal, down to her large chest, her graspable hips, her plush thighs, her gorgeous smooth legs, the flushed lips between already growing so slick.

Fuck… she is… so hot…

I normally wouldn’t even consider this…!

Anastasia purred, stroking higher and higher along Samantha’s legs as they spread further apart. Her fingers occasionally paused, grasping to squeeze possessively at the woman’s body. “Mmm… I do, I do… and I think that you want that, too, Samantha…” Her brown eyes hooded lower as her fingers finally reached just beside the lounging woman’s pussy, teasing at her thigh in an act of teasing that was almost too cruel.

She whined, writhing only to find those fingers expert at pulling back rather than affording Samantha any more pleasure than they wanted to grant. It was more self-control than she’d ever seen.

“You know, that… mmm…” Samantha whimpered, her toes curling as a brushing finger teased just past the edge of her slick flesh. “That sounds… really nice, actually… Mmm you’d do all of that for me, huh…?”

“I would…” Anastasia’s eyes hooded as she stroked up past Samantha’s hip brushing along the contours of her tummy, so close to her navel, before feeling up to cup a breast, to grasp, and squeeze with a raw primal fierceness that made Samantha howl with pleasure as she arched up from the bed. “I thought you might agree… Mmm… No one can treat a girl like I can, and I don’t do that for just anyone… but I would happily do that for you

“You could be my girl…” Nails stroked around a nipple, teasing it into the hardest possible point before pinching and twisting to sharp cry. “Wouldn’t need to work… Wouldn’t need to worry… Mmm… You could just lounge around, looking good… and when I go out…? We doll you up, and you get to be my arm candy who just has to smile and look good…”

Samantha shuddered, and not all of it was from the way Anastasia kept tormenting her body. Her nipples were throbbing, her pussy was pleading, her mind was spinning, and the things the other woman said were all too perfect.

No one could make me a more successful socialite… mmm never needing to work... eye candy… everyone would be so jealous of me…!

Everything felt so perfect.

“Ohhh… That could be really… really nice and… ooohhh…” She mewled, her hips shifting in the same directions as Anastasia’s nails. “F-fuuck… Mmm…” Giggling, Samantha half glanced around the room before quickly looking back to Anastasia. “Where’d my clothes go…? Mmm… Forgot that I wasn’t wearing them…!”

“I took the liberty of having them cleaned—the maids are taking care of that now, but…” Anastasia purred, shifting in a flash to push her hands over Samantha’s shoulders before pinning her roughly down to the bed below. Hands trailed along her arms, and Anastasia straddled her hips with a low purr. “You don’t mind, do you…? Mmm… I’ve already seen everything, and I like it… I want to see it again… to experience it again… you again…”

Fuuuck… God, I’m so wet! I never get this wet. Not for anyone! Samantha’s whole body was burning up. She did everything she could to press into Anastasia, her eyes fluttering as she squirmed between Anastasia and the bed. Might take her up on that offer…

Never been a billionaire’s eye candy before…

“I… Mmmhhh… yeah…? No…?” Samantha groaned, her voice confused as she slowly fluttered her eyes, rubbing her hips up against the woman above her. “Whichever one of those means you’ll fuck me, I… Mmm… Not sure right now, don’t care, just… just want you to fuck me…”

“Of course, I’ll be very happy to fuck you, but… I do have one condition, one… important condition.” Anastasia lowered herself down, her clothed breasts rubbing past Samantha’s naked chest until they were nose to nose. Her gaze gave no ground, and was as effective at pinning Samantha to the bed as Anastasia’s hands. “When I take a girl… I want her to be my girl… to be mine

“If you want me to fuck you, to keep you so you can be my sexy, pretty little socialite…” Hot breath blew across Samantha’s lips. Fabric rubbed against the sensitive skin of her naked, bare nipples. She whined, her eyes crossing for a moment before regaining their focus. “You’ll need to be mine, to do what I tell you… To obey me…”

The sheer intensity of Anastasia was enough to send dramatic shudders down Samantha’s spine. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Her thighs clenched. Her toes curled. Her pussy was slick before those words, but now it was so much more.

No one’s ever spoken like this to me before… Mmm… I think I like it…? It’s so…


Things inside of her twisted, things that had tried to insist that someone warned her about Anastasia before, but Samantha didn’t care. Her pussy was much louder than her logic. It was so impossible to care about thinking reasonably with such a beautiful woman pinning her down to the bed.

“Ohhh… Mmm… you mean… Obey, like… ooohhh…” Samantha groaned, whimpering as a thigh pressed in between her legs. Her hips rolled, soaking the billionaire’s thigh with her juices. “D-do you mean… monogamous yours, or… k-kinky yours…?”

Anastasia’s thigh pressed firmer, her hands shoving Samantha down against the bad with even more force than before. Her gaze looked possibly even more intense, maybe even slightly unhinged. It should have been scary. Maybe it was the arousal, or the passion, but Samantha only felt herself staining the sheets and Anastasia’s thigh that much more. “I mean both… of a kind, anyway. Maybe it would be more accurate to say even more than monogamous… and more than just a kinky little game… something more… but I can really make it more worth your while than anyone else in the whole world.”

“Oh fuuuck…! Mmm…!” Samantha whined. Her whole body, her whole reality, felt like it existed for the sole purpose of grinding against Anastasia’s leg. The friction made her green eyes roll far back into Samantha’s head, and her mouth hang open as she lost herself to the pleasure.

Being monogamous was a big enough ask by itself, but Anastasia was asking for more than that, a devotion bigger than simply committing herself to only dating one woman.

It would have been a dizzying notion even without the added complication.

What does more mean? What does she want with me?

Why do I even care when she fucks me so good?!

“I-I could give it a try…!” Samantha whined, submitting to Anastasia in spite of basic concerns that came from levels lower, and more intrinsic, than years of being an operative.

“You could give it a try… and you will, for me…” Hands moved from Samantha’s shoulders, clawing their way to grasp, lift, and knead at her heavy, sensitive breasts. Samantha’s voice squeaked, her eyes rolled back into her head as each squeeze drew out lower and louder moans. “Won’t you, Samantha…? You’ll be mine for me, in every little way that I want, just for me, won’t you?”

“Y-yeah…! For you…!” Samantha shuddered in Anastasia’s grasp. It felt so good on a physical and spiritual level to just submit to Anastasia. It was so much better to do what she wanted, to be what she wanted than anything else. “F-fuuuuck…!”

Won’t need to work… just be eye candy.

Won’t need to worry, just let her take care of everything…

I just need to be hers… Mmm… I just need to belong to Anastasia Harmond, one of the most powerful women in the world…

Long, low moans delivered right into Samantha’s ear made her moan and surrender to the next squeeze of her breasts that much more. “That’s a good girl… Mmm… Sexy girls like you are so much sexier when they do what they’re told instead of worrying about anything else… Your good girl vitamins really are so good for you…”

Samantha arched as high as she could. Feeling the effects of the vitamins was so impossible when they’d built up so gradually and so much of it was hidden by what felt like reasonable arousal. Anastasia was playing her body like an instrument.

That was supposed to make a woman feel slow, weak, and needy, wasn’t it?

She was offering Samantha the perfect life that would fulfill all of her desires. Doing what she asked in exchange for that felt like such a small price to pay.

Every nibble, kiss, lick, suck, or squeeze from Anastasia felt like the woman was fucking more of her ownership deeper and deeper into Samantha. The more of it she felt, the easier it was to surrender knowing that she had no other choice, no desire to do anything but yield more.

Anastasia was her dream woman, the only one that could sweep her so far off of her feet and make everything so much better.

“Oohhh… Yessss… Whatever I’m told… Y-yessss…!”

Teeth at a nipple pulled it from her chest, and Samantha rose up, arching her back as high as she could. Anastasia rolled her body so firmly against Samantha, and she did her best to grind back as much as she could.

Giving herself to Anastasia felt satisfying even without considering how much she was promising.

Sex had never been so good before.

Never mind that Samantha had never had sex with another woman for enjoyment. Any feminine flirtation had always been for the agency, but that was Lauren. Samantha didn’t remember that Lauren even existed.

She knew that her name was Samantha Clover, and she felt better doing what she was told.

“I know exactly how to spoil a girl like you…!” Anastasia wrapped her lips tighter around Samantha’s nipple, nibbling and sucking in a way that was aggressive and demanding. She didn’t just want to taste her partner. She wanted to own the taste of Samantha, and claim her through such overwhelming pleasure there wasn’t even a chance that she would ever want to rebel.

The sex was just that good, and Samantha needed it that badly—just like she needed her good girl vitamins.

Everything is going to be… Mmm… So much easier from now on…!

Anastasia’s mouth pulled free from Samantha’s nipple with a loud, wet popping sound. Her hips still rolled, grinding her thigh against Samantha’s quivering pussy. “All I need to do is make your body sing, and you’re happy to be anything I want you to be!”

“F-fuck yesss…! Oh-oh god… M-make my body sing…!” Samantha’s eyes crossed. Her legs clenched as tightly around Anastasia’s as they possibly could. She needed the pleasure, needed the other woman, and needed everything she wanted to give her. There was too much lust inside of her to make room for absolutely anything else. “G-g-give me a-anything you waaaant…! U-use me however you… ooooh… I’m y-yourssss…!”

“Then why don’t we finish this, and make it official…?” Anastasia moaned into Samantha’s ear as her nails clawed down the woman’s body. Grasping her ass made it harder to press herself between the woman’s legs, but more than that, it was another way to claim the woman who was already so close to the edge. “Cum for me… not because you want to feel good, not because you need it… Cum for me because I told you to cum, because I want you to cum, because you’re mine!”

Samantha screamed.

The sound was loud, and it came from the deepest places inside of her as she soaked the sheets and Anastasia’s leg with lust. Her mouth stretched open as her head fell back, her eyes staring up at the ceiling to see her own blank, vapid gaze as she obeyed Anastasia’s desires.

Ooohh… I look so… so…


It was impossible for Samantha to stay still, arching and trembling, clinging and whimpering meaningless syllables as her wide eyes trembled until they couldn’t any more. Then they fell shut, and she slowly melted down into the bed.

Anastasia rubbed Samantha all the way through her orgasm, rubbing her right into her afterglow. Not interrupting the moment, she waited until Samantha lie flat on her bed before whispering low into her pet’s ear. “Mmm… You won’t mind if I dress you in fancy, expensive, gorgeous clothes that I’d like to see you in… Will you, dear?”

“Mmm…” Samantha fluttered her eyes, wriggling her hips slowly as she mulled over the idea. Dressing in the latest fashions, the most expensive fashions, definitely had an appeal. All of it did, if she was honest, but some part of her didn’t want to concede everything—not yet, anyway. There was plenty of time to do and be whatever Anastasia wanted. It wouldn’t do her any good to help Anastasia go through her desires too quickly and grow bored. “Long as I l-like them… Mmmm…”

“Oh… Don’t you worry about that. You’ll love them, each and every garment I pick.” Anastasia hooded her eyes, slowly sliding a single finger down along Samantha’s cheek, and then to her chest.

Wherever her finger moved, Samantha arched up to meet it with the full force of her body. She was Anastasia’s now, and even in her desire to hold something back, to not quite offer her entire being freely she still wanted to feel everything that Anastasia had to offer.

It was all so orgasmic—so perfect.

“I like dressing my girls up all pretty, and when I have such a pretty woman to start with that’s really not very difficult…”

“Ohh…” Nails teased the curve of a breast, and Samantha shuddered up in a faint arch before she sunk deeper into the bed with a relaxed sigh. “Mmm… Course, Anastasia…”

Brown eyes hooded as Anastasia licked her lips, and slowly traced her way down to Samantha’s hips. “Good girl! I think you’re going to enjoy every bit of what’s ahead of us so very, very much. There’s a whole new world about to open up for you, and all you need to do in it is be mine, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Mmm I’m sure I will… but…” Samantha whined, her eyes fluttering as she shifted, reaching her arms up to pull Anastasia closer. Her whole body was still shaking, but she did her best to nestle in closer. “Buuuut… We can’t stay in bed allll day…”

Anastasia erupted in loud laughter that took Samantha completely off guard. She didn’t let go, or even try to pull away. If anything, she squeezed tighter even as her eyes widened.

Her laughter was so delighted, excited even.

Some part of me was afraid she’d get so cold… but I don’t just want to be in bed all day. A sexy socialite can’t just stay in bed all the time…! I need people to see me, to experience me, to make sure they never forget me…!

“Of course we can’t stay in bed all day, Samantha…! We have to start our new life together, after all.” Eyes still hooded, Anastasia rubbed her nose alongside Samantha’s. “We need to take you out and start building up your all-new wardrobe you’ll be cycling through every few months. We’ll make a killing on donating the pieces we don’t need to keep, and you’ll always be ahead of the latest trends thanks to my connections.

“What’s important is that we start this fun, sexy new life of yours…” A finger moved under Samantha’s chin, lifting it up for their eyes to meet again with the clothed woman still straddling her naked eye candy. Once they met, she leaned in and melted their lips together in a kiss.

It lasted until Samantha needed it to end to gasp desperately for breath. She spent the whole time moaning, melting into Anastasia and the bed as she lost any and all control or care what happened next.

Whatever happened, she knew that Anastasia would make it all perfect.

No more worries…

No more real concerns…

Just need to be pretty, sexy eye candy for her to parade around…

Just need to obey…

“Sounds… Mmm… fun…” Samantha giggled, rubbing her hips side to side against Anastasia’s with a low purr. “Can’t wait…”

Anastasia squeezed Samantha’s breasts in her hands, kissing Samantha again with just as much passion as before. Samantha writhed in the kiss, her eyes rolled back without closing, and her body grinding without knowing how to move to get what she needed. When Anastasia pulled back, she was gasping mindlessly for breath.

“Good girl. I think this is going to work out perfectly… You’re fun under covers, or all dressed up. What’s most important is that you’re under me either way. You’re mine.”

“I’m… yours…” Samantha tested out how it felt to say, and found her spine singing and her clit tingling. She moaned, her eyes fluttering again as her mouth twisted in pleasure. Her hips moved slowly, trying to find Anastasia’s body in the same way she’d found it before. “Under… covers…?

Anastasia purred.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s a joke you wouldn’t understand.”

“Wouldn’t… Understand… Okay…”Samantha sighed, smiling vapidly as she met her eyes in the mirrors again. They were so blank, so glassy, so utterly devoid of any important thoughts.

All she could really see was arousal and acceptance.

“Whenever you’re ready, Anastasia… Let’s make me your perfect eye candy.”

Not even waiting for a slight pause Anastasia rose. She lifted Samantha along with her, forcing the beautiful women to clumsily rise to her feet.

“Why wait? You’re mine forever.” She purred, her eyes hooding as they wandered across the curves of her new, dark-haired pet. “I think I want you as a blonde, Samantha. That feels like it would go better with your eyes. When I show you what my girls can do with your hair… you’ll agree. You won’t even think about it, will you…?”

“I… Mmm won’t even think about it…?” Samantha squirmed against Anastasia, blinking ever so slowly. “But if I don’t like it—”

Anastasia pushed another pill into Samantha’s mouth, and helped her wash it down with another sweet drink she still couldn’t identify. The tremors that surprising experience gave her shut down all of Samantha’s objections and replaced them with a deep longing to feel the finger that pushed the pill past her lips down between her legs.

She fell silent, her face resting against Anastasia’s chest.

“You’ll love it, Samantha. I’ll make sure that you love everything I want you to love. There’s no point in letting you make choices that would just make things more complicated.”

All that Samantha could do was nod as a familiar warmth spread out from her belly.

Author's Note: Once spy, now socialite, Samantha Clover replaces the woman who once existed in her place. I'm sure she'll be having lots of fun in her new life! If you'd like to read more stories like this one, and let me know you want to read more similar tales of lesbian mind control? Check out <a href="https://www.patreon.com/madamkistulot">my Patreon campaign!</a> Not only do you get stories before anyone else, and access to exclusive blogs, and the occasional input on a story or two, but it's a good way to let me know that you want to see more of this story, and others like it! If you'd like to join in with a group of fellow mind control fetishists to discuss this and other stories, join us at <a href="https://discord.gg/JyafaCD">The Mind Control Literature Discord</a> or my personal discord, <a href="https://discord.gg/e2cqgAs">Madam Kistulot's Domain!</a>

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