Undercover: The Conversion of Samantha Clover

Chapter 1: Infiltration

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #contemporary #drugs #ego_death #identity_break #identity_play #spies #tech_control

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 1: Infiltration

Everyone who was anyone knew that Anastasia Harmond threw the most extravagant parties. Associates of Harmond Enterprises were naturally the most likely to be invited, but there were no few actors, musicians, influencers, and other important people invited for a wide variety of reasons.

Receiving an invite was an invitation into a night of extravagance.

Thrown in Anastasia’s estate itself, these parties had the most exquisite food, charming music, and an ambiance of decadence. Fine art hung from the walls, and the serving staff was all dressed to impress and hurried around the party to make sure everyone’s needs were promptly satisfied.

Samantha Clover made her way through the crowd with a soft, cordial smile. She wore a black sequined dress that held tight to her short, shapely form, and her dark, raven hair in a cascading updo that added another level to her look of sensual sophistication. This was only further accentuated by the way her tall heels clicked on the hardwood floor beneath her. She wasn’t so impossibly beautiful that every head needed to turn and follow her, but she did catch a fair few glances in passing—most at one sparkling curve or another.

Her green eyes were enchanting, but few took the time to pull their own gaze away from her lovely figure. This made it that much easier for Samantha to navigate.

No one wanted the other guests to know they were ogling Samantha as she passed.

Everything Samantha did was in an effort to keep herself hidden in plain sight. Though she was careful to not dart around her gaze too quickly, or seem otherwise suspicious, she still watched the staff closely. Any of them could be someone she should recognize, or maybe they would tip their hands and reveal something to help her investigation.

Unlike the other partygoers, Samantha was not there for a night of merriment.

Samantha was there to take Anastasia down once and for all.

No one in the room had the placid, or too-focused expressions that Samantha was looking for after hearing about the “treatments” she’d heard Anastasia and her organization were said to employ.

Who knows—maybe those treatments make people act… more… normal…? Samantha resisted the urge to frown, and to shake her head. She didn’t want to stand out in that party, not even for a moment. There were so many people, there was no way that everyone had a perfect memory of who to expect, but the last thing she wanted was for anyone to question why she belonged for any reason beyond her good looks.

It was among the many reasons she’d been given the assignment.

Knowing that did nothing for Samantha’s ego, but being a spy wasn’t a choice she’d made for prestige or proper recognition.

Before Samantha could peel away from the crowd entirely to search further through the manor her eyes fell upon the woman herself. Long brown hair worn in an elaborate braid, her brown eyes confident, her tall, slender form giving her an imposing, imperious air. She wasn’t a young woman, but she only used that to add to the mature class of her long red dress.

“Ah, a face I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing…!” She smiled as she approached Samantha with a stroll that for anyone else might have seemed casual, but for her seemed powerful and carefully planned. Once she was close enough, her hand reached out to lift Samantha’s only to find it elegantly offered in a fluid motion. Brown eyes locked on green, lips pressed to the back of Samantha’s hand slowly and delicately as though it were a once in a lifetime experience that was meant to be savored. “Welcome to my party…”

“It’s such a pleasure to meet the woman herself, Anastasia Harmond!” Samantha grinned. “I hadn’t even hoped we’d meet!”

Even if she wasn’t surrounded by a throng of people, this introduction would complicate matters. Keeping her disgust with the powerful criminal from showing on her face wasn’t a difficult task for Samantha, but every moment she spent under Anastasia’s scrutiny complicated her goal to sneak away from the main event.

It also increased the threat of Anastasia recognizing something was wrong.

There’s no way that even Anastasia knows all of these women well, or has vetted all of them perfectly. The agency set up my identity. Their work is flawless. Samantha’s grin grew as Anastasia gently squeezed her hand. I just need to keep focused and not let her charm distract me.

“Oh, I assure you…” Anastasia returned the grin with her own infectious delight. “The pleasure is mine!” Still bent forward from the kiss to Samantha’s hand, Anastasia’s cleavage was perfectly emphasized by the contrast between her red dress and pale skin in addition to the position of her arms. Seemingly waiting a moment longer to offer Samantha’s emerald gaze more of a chance to enjoy, Anastasia took longer to stand straight after the kiss than was necessary.

Samantha’s eyes dipped down, her eyes very faintly hooding as she allowed her eyes to wander. Flatter her. She thinks she owns everyone in this room, and if that doesn’t already include you then she’ll be paying extra attention to you.

With a quiet chuckle, Anastasia glanced to both of Samantha’s hands and then gently laughed. “Ah, and I find a lovely woman without a drink…! Tell me your name, and perhaps I could rectify that…”

“Clover. Samantha Clover.” She fluttered her eyes, softening her grin into a smile. “Oh, and I had one but a moment ago, I swear! What timing…!”

Anastasia purred, giving a nod as her eyes trailed politely along Samantha’s dress before once more meeting her eyes. “Oh, Samantha… a lovely name, to be sure. I’m sorry that I can’t say I remember you as a result of knowing, but, well… The life of a busy woman such as myself…” She waved her hand with a laugh as though to shove the idea away before she reached out for Samantha’s hand again, beginning to walk her towards a nearby table.

I wish they had sent me in with backup… There’s no way I can sneak away with her riding my tail this way! Though Samantha squeezed back at Anastasia’s hand, moving along as though she were like any of the other women that might be oh so flattered to be fawned on as such, there was a faint tension in her shoulders that only she could feel. Hopefully she’ll grow bored soon. If I excuse myself now, she’ll just follow me.

When they reached the table, Anastasia lifted a fine crystal glass, and held it out in offering. “All the better for me to offer you one now.”

“Oh, quite.” Samantha offered a laugh of her own as she raised the glass to her lips. Though they pressed to its surface, leaving none of her lipstick behind, she was careful to tip it back without swallowing any at all.

The last thing she needed was to be inebriated—or drugged.

Anastasia moved closer, still holding Samantha’s hand in her own. The agency’s file made it very clear that Anastasia was known for being forward. Beautiful women were her typical targets, Samantha’s beauty wasn’t only selected to distract the other guests. Pulling away now was difficult, but Anastasia wasn’t acting at all suspicious of Samantha.

Her other hand moved to Samantha’s back, slowly trailing along the arching curve as her lips moved in to whisper quietly into Samantha’s ear. “How would you like to get to know me so much better? I really should be busy right now, so I’ll need to leave you alone soon, but… Perhaps, if you were to wait for me in my room…?” Lips brushed Samantha’s ear, grazing tenderly enough to make a quiver shudder along her spine. “We might just be able to correct our… lack of knowledge…”

“Mmm…” Fluttering her lashes, Samantha’s smile shifted to one coy and cute. Her quivering was genuine, pulled out of her by the skilled woman’s touch, but her face was a carefully controlled mask. “I had no idea you were so… Mmm… Direct?”

Too bad for her, Samantha thought without it showing in her eyes, I don’t reeeeally swing that way…

“I don’t have time to play games…” Anastasia’s hand slid down along Samantha’s back until it grazed the curve of her ass. A moment later she began to squeeze, grasping possessively, tight as her body pressed close enough to Samantha’s to feel without being untoward in the gathered company. Her voice lowered further, her tone full of husky desire. “See that staircase over there…?”

Samantha nodded as she made her breath catch in her throat instead of responding with words.

“It’s the third door on the left down that hallway…” Teeth grazed Samantha’s ear, just enough to draw her thighs together with another clenched quiver. “I might be fifteen minutes, or I might be thirty… but I want to get to know you much better, Samantha…”

“Mmm…” Samantha gave her hips a little swing as she pulled herself away with a feigned reluctance. “Oh, of course… Mmm… then I suppose that I’ll see you in half an hour…?” Her brilliant green eyes remained hooded even as they drew apart from each other. The purr in her voice was enough to deepen Anastasia’s smile.

“I would prefer sooner, but… Mmm maybe a slight bit more…” Anastasia gave the raven-haired woman a wave before she forced herself to pull away.

Soon, she could be heard laughing with the CEO of another company, one that Samantha recognized as being in control of an influential accounting firm. She didn’t allow herself to take any further inventory of the room. She knew as much about the people there—guests and staff—as she could possibly learn without standing out. She was sure the agency had a full list of the expected guests.

Every step she took up the stairs Samantha used as a chance to remind herself of why she was there and how important her mission was. Smuggling, drugs, rumors of human slavery… She plays the hostess before she goes to ruin lives.

Half an hour should be more than enough time to find something…

Once she was in the hallway she reached into her purse and pulled out her phone. Hidden away was a floorplan of the entire estate. Sure enough, the room she’d been directed to was the woman’s bedroom, and the intel for the basic layout of the interior seemed to be accurate. Another agent had infiltrated before to recover the information she was now using, but none of that hinted at where anything untoward might be hidden away.

Down the hallway were any number of other doors she could take just as easily—supposing they were unlocked or locked in easily subverted way. Some rooms were likely storage, or maids’ quarters, but none of those would have what she needed. Anastasia’s criminal empire needed to fall.

There should be a computer in her bedroom… Samantha proceeded to the door, careful to be ready for anything as she slowly turned the knob. Hopefully the cracking tool they gave me can get me in long enough to give the agency everything they need to make a move…

Nothing happened when the door opened, and the room itself was what she’d expected to find. It was as luxuriously decorated as a woman like Anastasia would have—with the added lewdity of mirrors above the large, four-post bed. Gorgeous ancient paintings of Rubenesque women decorated the walls, but Samantha didn’t spare any of them a second look. Shameless displays of wealth and sexuality were no longer shocking to the well-trained and experienced spy.

She’d been working with the agency for over ten years—beginning back when she was still in her twenties. Anastasia’s decor showed restraint compared to some of the cases she’d been handed before.

Making her way over to the woman’s computer—a desktop with a large, fancy screen, Samantha wiggled the mouse. The screen slowly shifted from black, to an ordinary password prompt.

Not yet reaching for her hidden hacking tools, Samantha instead prompted the computer for her password hint. Sure enough, it was just what she’d been hoping for.

“Bottom drawer bottom of page 27.”

Samantha smirked. The busy executive… No time to remember a password, hmm? Shaking her head, Samantha pulled out the notebook she found at the bottom of the drawer, and flipped to the indicated page. At the bottom of the page was a single word, “ambrosia”. Rolling her eyes, Samantha tucked the notebook back where she’d found it and quickly keyed it into the computer.

A moment later she was plugging in her phone, and activating the agency’s application that quickly searched for encrypted, protected, or otherwise suspicious folders. It was efficient, and her phone’s processor was top of the line, but there was no way to search an entire hard drive instantaneously, though using the saved indexing of the native operating system helped.

Need to act quickly… Samantha glanced back towards the door, and then back to the computer screen as she watched the application hard at work. If I don’t, then I’ll need to follow through with that offer for carnal knowledge or risk compromising everything…

Once she was sure the application wasn’t encountering any troubles she began to rummage around the rest of the room. That was no small task with all of the potential for something to be hidden. Anastasia’s desk alone was full of things that could be worth further investigation, and then there was her wardrobe, under her bed, and more. If Samantha wasn’t able to push unnecessary information away and focus only on her trained methodology of a search she would have been easily overwhelmed.

As her eyes scanned across the room she did take note of one detail that wasn’t searching for more data. Window. Samantha grinned. I should be able to get out that way without needing to know her any better than I already do.

Inside of a folio kept on her bedside table, Samantha found a tablet. A moment later, the same password allowed her to see the only application it seemed to have: something labeled “ancilla initiative”.

I think I just hit the jackpot! She wasn’t sure what that initiative could be. Ancilla wasn’t a word she recognized, and her phone was too busy working on its task to check. Her purse would bulge a bit with the tablet inside, but not enough to slow her down. Just need to wait for my phone to finish, and then…



Samantha frowned, looking back over to her phone, and then the computer. It looked to still be searching through the files, downloading anything that warranted further investigation. Everything looked to be fine from a distance, but…


Her phone was beeping, and something about the computer’s monitor looked wrong in a way she couldn’t quite place.

Moving closer, Samantha glanced between her phone and the computer. What could possibly be going wrong? Does she have some security software that’s… no, everything seems like it’s working, but…

Samantha blinked, realizing she’d been staring at the computer screen much longer than she’d intended. It was supposed to just be a quick glance, but her eyes were lingering. She wasn’t looking away, even as it occurred to her that she should.

Like executive dysfunction, it kept being easier to just keep staring at the screen instead of looking away. It would take effort to glance back to the phone, or to the tablet still inside of the nearby folio. No one element about the screen in front of her was more intriguing or captivating, nothing feeling or seeming like it should have such a strong pull, but Samantha couldn’t bring herself to glance anywhere but right ahead at the monitor.

Even as she began to realize how difficult pulling away was becoming, it only became harder for her to look away. It was so… distracting.


Consuming all of her visual attention and focus in an irresistible tugging.

“I… what…” Samantha quietly whimpered under her breath. Even her voice sounded further away, softer, quieter. “Something’s… What’s going… On…”

It was already far too late for her realization of what was happening to matter at all. Continuing to stare at the screen was beginning to make her head spin, and that was only the start of it. Her eyes wouldn’t close, couldn’t close, and as her head lolled on her neck, a seductive warmth burned through Samantha’s body.

Trying to understand what was happening would have been difficult enough if every thought wasn’t more difficult, flowing slower and more clumsily than the last. Either the heat itself was like a wet, sticky swamp, slowing at her thoughts and trying to pull them down into the slow, dizzy haze of the screen, or the molasses-like sensation her thoughts pushed to was super-heated warming both her body and mind the longer she attempted to struggle her way past.

Regardless of what was happening, or now, Samantha couldn’t pull her gaze away. She couldn’t fall to her knees to escape it. She could only stare, and feel her own thoughts turning slipperier, harder to recall what she was thinking from one moment to the next.

“Nnn… I… Mmm… D-dizzy…” Samantha whimpered as she put a hand to her head. She tried at first to hold her head up, to balance herself, and then to look away. Even with the force of her hand, she couldn’t look anywhere else. She couldn’t free herself. She was trapped, her eyes locked on the indescribable magnetic pull of the monitor that seemed to be the entire visible world. “Fuck… I… I even avoided the drinks… how… how did she get mmmeeee…”

There was no spiral, no ripple of colors, nothing that Samantha could consciously see, but there was no denying that something was holding her eyes and her mind in place. Something was seducing away her very thoughts, and keeping her a very enthralled, captive audience. She had no choice but to stare, her mouth falling open as the heat tingled along her spine.


Samantha’s green eyes stared almost vacantly at the screen, her mouth hanging open as she quivered and squirmed. Her lips moved, trying to form words, to gain and understanding, but only succeeded in using up what little resistance she could muster.

It could have been moments, or minutes later. Samantha didn’t know. Her grasp on time was long lost, somewhere outside of her reach.

What she was able to feel was a sharp poke as a needle pressed into her arm. She gasped out a breathless whimper as more heat poured in to meet the blistering heat that already swirled inside of her. “Mmm-muuh…” Even with the metal in her arm, and whatever was being injected through it, Samantha couldn’t will herself to tear herself away.

“Mmm. You know, ‘Shauna’ tried to seem innocuous, too. She was just as easy to give breadcrumbs, but at least she explored a bit more, first, before she walked right into my clutches.” Anastasia’s voice was low and hot, whispered right into Samantha’s ear in a way so familiar to the way it had out with everyone else at the party. Nothing about the way that felt made it easier to think, or easier to resist. Her body, in spite of her desires, was feeling weaker, and more aroused by the moment.

It was finally getting harder to stay standing, but it wasn’t comforting anymore that she might finally be able to look away from the screen.

“W-what… N-noooo…!” Samantha stumbled forward, and her arms gave out as she desperately tried to grasp at the desk to keep herself upright. The monitor was still filling her eyes, holding her gaze even as her nipples rose against her sparkling dress. “H-Harmond…”

“Mmm…” Anastasia sounded so proud of herself, but it was hard for it to feel obnoxious. It was as sexy and practiced as her touch. “You’re a decent piece of clay to re-sculpt, ‘Samantha’…” Samantha’s grasp on the desk felt weaker by the moment.

It was easier to see what might have snared her, now that her mind was already a mess. Something in the monitor, translucent, nearly invisible, swirled and shifted in a way that changed the colors just enough in just the right ways for Samantha to feel them in her mind. There was a voice, quiet, but confident, soft but sure, that felt like it was speaking right to Samantha’s mind.

Give in…

Stop thinking…

Stop fighting…

“Unfortunately for you?” Anastasia sighed, fingers so softly stroking along Samantha’s dark hair. “Your precious Agency has been compromised… Mmm… and I was very well aware that you were coming. I practically ordered you for delivery…”

Samantha tried to speak, to respond with her voice in any way, but it took so long for her to let out anything besides a moan.

Give in…

Stop thinking…

Stop fighting…

The words weren’t just a subtle, soft sound. They were a pressure, a force squeezing itself tightly around her soft, vulnerable brain.

Colors… that… voice… so… give in… stop… thinking… stop… Samantha moaned again, the sound slowly turning into a whimper. “F-ffffucccckk… Nnooo…” Even her strained, struggling whines were slow and pitiful. Her mind was too weighted down, squeezed too tight.

As she tried to cling to the desk it had the unintended effect of arching out her ass, putting it on such pleasant display under the dress as she struggled fruitlessly with her gaze.

Colors… so… niiiiiice…

“Of course, Shauna was very happy to cooperate. She made sure the right person would be chosen, and we spent a long time deciding just what the right things for her to report would be…” Anastasia was so close, and her hands found Samantha’s ass. All she could do was yelp, falling forward as Anastasia’s grasp began to knead, and squeeze.

The touches blended in with the colors in Samantha’s mind.

Every little squeeze was like a deeper, firmer whisper to stop fighting. The way her fingers sent pleasure jolting down between Samantha’s legs was like another whisper to stop thinking.

All she needed to do was give in and Samantha knew how amazing she could feel.

Drug-induced arousal was no less potent for making Samantha’s body sensitive and needy, vulnerable and eager to every touch. More and more of Samantha’s mind wanted to yield to the things she saw, the things she heard, and her body ached to give in to the touches tingling and throbbing through her. She was so slick, so warm, and she no longer had the strength to even try fighting her body as it pressed back into Anastasia’s hands.

“It was hard to resist telling Shauna to request the sexiest, most pitiful slut they could find, but a bit of self-control is how I have you, now…” Anastasia chuckled, nibbling at her ear until Samantha squeaked out a sharp whine. “I’ll be keeping you, and you’ll be loving it…”

Drool teased its way loose from Samantha’s mouth, staining the desk below her face as she slumped further. Her ass writhed and rubbed back into Anastasia’s touches without even a hint of resistance. The colors were too pretty, and the pressure around her, inside of her, was too tight. Her body was too needy.

“Keeping… and…” Samantha’s heavy eyes fluttered, but even drugged and so aroused her lust was slicking its way down her thighs, there was no way she could look away. “Loving… it…”

“That’s right…” Anastasia quietly laughed. “Keeping you, loving it, and making very good use of you…”

Moving from her ass, Anastasia’s hands began to lift Samantha’s dress up along her legs until she exposed the spy’s drenched, ruined panties tucked away between the curves of her ass that glistened with a sheen of sweat.

Fingers reached past the ruined fabric, thrusting deep inside of Samantha’s pussy.

Either it was timed to a change in the program, or the arousal itself changed the way Samantha’s mind processed what she saw, but the colors were suddenly so much more vibrant, so much more intense as she stared with a gaping mouth and wide, helpless eyes.

“Mmm… You’re so far gone that you can’t even fight me anymore…” Anastasia tsked under her breath as her fingers wriggled deeper, and Samantha whined. “But this is just the beginning, and I want to make sure I get exactly what I want out of you, so… You’ll have another opportunity to struggle for my amusement, but it’ll only be in service to breaking you. For now…

“You just want more.”

Anastasia’s breath on Samantha’s ear was sexy enough, but the fingers squirming inside of her were almost too much for Samantha to take. Screaming any louder, or thrashing any more dramatically, were hardly options. Samantha was too drugged, and the screen was holding her mind too spellbound.

None of that stopped both pairs of lips from drooling as she arched and rubbed back, so slick with desperate lust. “Oooohhhh… Mooooorrrreeeee….!”

“That’s right… more…” Anastasia nibbled on her ear again, tugging roughly as each thrust of her fingers became more brutal as though she were fucking the spy into obedience and pushing anything she didn’t want out of her mind with the movement of her hand. “I’m not sure what I like more… Mmm breaking and sculpting a pretty thing like you, or the fuck when all you can do is shudder and drip…!”

“Sh-sh-shudder and d-d-driiiip…!” Samantha groaned, her voice barely above a whisper as her hips wiggled back against every movement of Anastasia’s fingers.

“What do you think, ‘Samantha’?” Anastasia sneered as she pressed forward so roughly it forced Samantha down against the desk.

“Oooohhhh mmmmm…!” Samantha’s immediate response was to whimper. She couldn’t stop shaking, and her grasp on the desk was still loosening. Her body was so focused on pleasure, on the sweet surrender that was stealing her away from herself, and she lacked the focus to put towards anything else. Her eyes were now completely blank, devoid of any spark of intelligence or understanding. “Nnnhhh what I… mmm… what I… thinkkkk…”

“Mmmm… That’s right…!” Fingers squeezed around Samantha’s clit, rubbing with a roughness that cared more about the moans and the slickness it created than the woman’s pleasure. “I could get women the usual way… It’s hardly difficult for me with all of this wealth, power, and my own charm, but… instead? I do this. I control the minds of women like you… because that’s what turns me on.” Anastasia groaned right into Samantha’s ear, her nipples just as hard against her dress as Samantha’s were against her own. “I do this because of all of the things I could want in the world, with anyone, or anything… what I want is women who would never give me the time of day held helplessly in my control.”

Samantha moaned, her eyes crossing as they lost focus on the screen. Her vision was blurring with pleasure and exhaustion, and her legs nearly giving out even with the desk supporting so much of her weight.

Her thighs clenched tight, and shook as the pressure inside of her rose. The puddle of drool under her face grew, and her eyes were no longer capable of seeing the screen at all.

With so much of that drug in her system, and that sound echoing in her skull for so long, she didn’t need to. She was continuing her descent into mindless obedience even if she could barely perceive the world around her.

Give in…

Stop thinking…

Stop fighting…

Her orgasm felt like it had been building forever, and she was incapable of knowing the last time she’d been fucked. She couldn’t remember that the woman fucking her was a criminal or anything about her at all. She only knew the pleasure that was forced upon her was the best feeling she could remember, she wanted more, and the words the other woman spoke.

Everything else was a blur lost in the drug-fueled, computer-aided haze.


“That’s right… control…” Anastasia laughed again, laughing harder as she grinded her whole body down against the spy’s. “Cum for me… you little secret agent slut!”

“S-secret… a-a-agent… s-s-slut…!”

Samantha thrashed, whimpering and shaking with all of the remaining strength her body possessed. So much of it was trying to arch and grind back into Anastasia’s hand, but she lacked the coordination to pursue such a task. She could only shake and tremble, knocking things off of the desk as her screams filled the room.

Still slowed, Samantha experienced her climax as though it were stretched out for a period of time so long she couldn’t comprehend when it began by the time she was beginning to fall into the sweet, tingling pleasure of afterglow.

All that she knew was that everything felt good.


Anastasia pulled her fingers free, casually pulling back in a way that helped the spy crumple down onto the floor. Samantha groaned helplessly, squirming and writhing as the other woman suckled the juices from her fingers. Shuddering and twitching, her dress tugged this way and that, Samantha was the very image of fucked.

“Mmm… You were worth the patience.” Sneering, Anastasia slid the tip of her shoe slowly along her crumpled spy’s thigh. “Maybe I’ll get them to send another two like I planned before dismantling them from the inside. Who knows…? I have so many options, and I hardly have to decide right now. You’re fucked right now, but to make you help me the way I want is going to take a little more than a light fuck and some drugs.

“I’ll figure it out.”

Samantha mumbled and groaned incomprehensibly as she squirmed mindlessly on the floor. She couldn’t focus on anything as Anastasia pulled a phone from her dress.

“Yes, take her from my room at your earliest convenience without disrupting the party. Prepare the chamber. Our newest guest may be staying here for a while, just like her friend.”

Unable to recover from her orgasm, Samantha drifted into darkness. Her mind was soaked in artificial lust, a haze that made it impossible to think, and colors that felt as good as Anastasia’s fingers.

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