The Cat that Got the Cream

Chapter 6: Tinder Reunion

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #betrayal #bondage #brainwashing #cage #cat_girl #comic_book #drugs #lactation #mother #mother_daughter #sex_toy #transformation

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 6: Tinder Reunion

When Rachel regained consciousness she was no longer in the cage.

Nn… Where am I…? I don’t… Mmm… Don’t remember…

Was drinking something… yummy…? It’s really… bright in here… Is Raegan here…?

Rachel fluttered her eyes, slowly adjusting to the light. Her superior senses didn’t make the adjustment from the inside of her eyelids to the bright light any easier. She grit through it, and slowly stretched out her arms and legs with a cute, quiet, shuddery sound. “Mrrrowrrrr…”

Making cat noises just felt so much better than trying to speak. Her mind was still thinking in words, but those words didn’t want to rise up to her lips. It was easier, and nicer, to be a kitty.

Directly under her was a large, fluffy red pillow. Its deep, dark color was familiar in a way her mind was too slow to trace to its source. Much of the room had a very boring look to it. Plain, white, and vacant, it seemed that Rachel was the only important thing in the room.

Not very interesting… No milk… no…

Rachel’s hips wriggled. She still hadn’t found any relief. Her body wasn’t as insistently pleading for that kind of fulfillment as it had been before, but rubbing her thighs together still made her pussy tingle between them. The plug inside of her ass, and the tail that it trailed behind it, couldn’t be helping with that.

Something is… squeezing my head…? Mrr…? She rolled onto her belly, wriggling her ass in a slow way that slightly moved the tail hanging from her ass. Its color, just like the band atop her head, perfectly matched her auburn hair. So did the cute pair of kitty ears sat atop the band. She tried giving them a delicate caress, and felt her toes curling as something in the band tingled against her scalp. Mmm… feels good to be a kitty… Just…

Wish I was someone’s kitty, not just… locked away in a room. Want to feel good, not… bored…

“Aww… Who’s a good little Mercy Kitty…?” The Veterinarian’s voice echoed from every direction of the room all at once. Rachel’s eyes darted around, looking desperately for any speakers or cameras only to find white walls, a white floor, and a white ceiling. Her mind was compromised, and her senses showed her nothing that explained the voice. “If it’s you… Meow for me!”

It could be me if I meowed…! It’s nicer to meow than to think… more natural than speaking… Something in her brown eyes turned glassier, more distant as the idea settled into place. So much better…

“Me…” Rachel hesitated. Something told her this was dangerous. Something told her if she did this then there would be no being found, no being rescued… nothing but being a cute kitty with a butt-plug tail, kitty ears on her head, and plenty of milk to keep her mind subdued and simple. “ow… Meow…”

That sounded a lot nicer than her torment inside of the cage, or confronting emotionally complicated ideas.

“Good little Mercy Kitty…! That’s right, it’s you…!” The Veterinarian laughed. It was as cold, cruel and mocking as it had been before, but now Rachel didn’t care. She wiggled her hips, hooded her eyes lower, and quietly mewled. It felt nice to be praised. It felt good to have her efforts acknowledged. “You’re nearly ready to go back home, so much more relaxed than when you arrived, but… how would you like to see an old friend first?

“She hasn’t missed you—she’s been way too busy… but you’ve had a taste of her, and it seems a shame to not reunite you while you’re already here…” There was a pause, and a sound of a low, quiet moan from the other side of the one door leading out of Rachel’s room. “Be a good kitty and stay laying down for me when I open the door. Show you can behave as we let your old friend into the room, and you two can have a little time together before I send you home. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

“Meow…!” Rachel responded instantly, her hands covering up her face as she wiggled down against her pillow of a bed. “Mrrrrowrrrr…”

The sound was a happy one even if some uncertainty, some lingering remains of her former personality were still visible, and audible, under a layer of slick blue that made it feel nicer for Rachel to allow it to languish and drift further away. Her submissive posture, sprawled across the pillow with her face hidden, was enough for the door to click open.

When Rachel peeked between her eyes, she let out a sound that was a fusion of a mewl and a gasp as her brown eyes widened without regaining any clarity or focus.

B-bon… This is where… She’s been… here… N-no, I don’t… don’t want this…! She shook her head, quietly mewling under her breath. I’m a kitty… just a kitty, not… not someone who needs to worry about this… to feel how much she can’t do anything, to… to…

“Mew…! Mew mew mew…! Mew…!”

Rachel rose up from the pillow, but not up to her feet. Instead she stayed on her hands and knees—just like the woman who’d entered the room before the door clicked shut behind her. She had cute short blue hair, light blue eyes, and wore a headband with a cute little pair of horns. A tail emerged from behind her as well, only it was much smaller, thinner, and flicked side to side seemingly at random. She wore gloves that ended in a pair of black hooves, and what little clothing she wore was all white with blue spots.

A big, thick brown collar clung tightly to her neck. Hanging from it was a small chunk of gold with “Fire Cow #1” engraved.


Fire Cow’s eyes were as blue as her hair, as the spots on her long gloves. They were also blank, utterly devoid of any humanity. She lurched forward, moving deeper into the room before she simply fell back onto her ass, her arms hanging limply at her sides. Her breasts were so large hanging from her chest, so large they made Rachel’s back ache instinctively.

Looking at her areola made the Mercy Kitty’s eyes cross.

M-milk… B-blue milk…

“That’s right, Mercy Kitty…! This is the source of all of that delicious milk you’ve been drinking! With the right injections we were able to make it very potent…” The Veterinarian sounded so proud of herself. Thrilled. “It’s delicious. Addictive. Very bad for mental acuity.

“Good for making a woman dumb, and simple, and worthless for any kind of interfering in profitable and enjoyable illegal behavior.”

Fire Cow slowly nodded, mooing again as her thighs slowly spread apart. One of her hands reached between her legs, idly stroking along her slit as her eyes fluttered and her hips shifted side to side. It was impossible to believe that she understood anything The Veterinarian had just described, but Fire Cow seemed very content to agree and touch herself as her large breasts shifted and swung at her chest with every movement of her arm.

How did they get… so… big… I remember her and they weren’t… small… but they weren’t… mew… Rachel fluttered her eyes. A mix of feelings welled up inside of her.





She tried to lift herself off of the ground, to fly forward and wrap herself around the woman she’d once known as Bonfyre, but when her powers failed to respond she slowly crawled across the floor. Rachel didn’t try to shake Bonfyre out of it, or reach Belinda. Looking at her eyes revealed not even the smallest amount of her comrade still inside. Whatever had happened, she was now just as The Veterinarian had described.

An animal.

Fire Cow moaned, the shaking of her body making her large breasts shake that much more. Fresh milk glistened at her nipples, dripping down in small blue rivulets. Each little drop made the crawling kitty’s thighs clench, and her lips rub together.

Just a little taste… she has so much room in her breasts… So much to drink… So much to taste… not needing to think…

“You want more alreeeeady, Mercy Kitty…?” The Veterinarian laughed, and Rachel slowly nodded with a truly pitiful mewl as the Fire Cow continued to idly masturbate. “Such a greedy kitty… but that is what Raegan wanted. She wanted her mommy to be a good kitty… to know you’d only get milk if you were a kitty, but also cute, playful—”

“Meow…! Meow mew mew meow…!” Mercy Kitty interrupted The Veterinarian, earning her silence even before her lips wrapped around one of the cow’s large, stiff nipples.

Instantly her brown eyes rolled back into her head, and her thighs clenched tight. The taste was so warm, so hot. It burned through her even quicker coming directly from the source, feeling like the once-heroine’s powers were being turned full blast towards all of the stress, thought, and human parts of Rachel’s brain.

If I drink this… Her thoughts were so slow as they swam through a new encroaching sea of blue. Her lips sucked as hard as they could, and her tongue stroked at the cow’s nipple, coaxing out more and more of the warm sensation. Then I won’t be failing Belinda… I won’t be betrayed by my daughter… I’ll just be a happy kitty… happy kitty for my Raegan… a happy kitty who loves her daughter… so… much…

Tears slid down her cheek as the kitty drank from the cow’s breast, taking in more of the warmth that felt like it was burning away at the connections that helped Rachel grasp the sad, unpleasant parts of her reality.

It was easier to just cling to the truths echoing inside of her mind even without the song playing in her ears.

Fire Cow moaned, arching her breast into Mercy Kitty’s lips. Both of them squirmed together, writhing as Fire Cow stroked herself, and Mercy Kitty’s thighs squeezed tight. Neither of them were capable of doing anything more than intensifying their own desire without bringing any satisfaction.

Neither of them were people anymore, but the property of other women.

“I think you did most of the work for me with that denial of yours, Maiden Mercy…” The Veterinarian’s lips rubbed together as she watched the two heroines writhe and grind. The loud, wet sucking sounds filling the room blended perfectly with the sound of the once Bonfyre’s quivering fingers stroking her drenched and needy cow cunt. “I think you’re going to make your daughter very, very happy. I wish I could keep you, too… but a deal’s a deal, and you don’t get referrals by betraying your clients.”

The last of Rachel’s humanity melted away as the tears stopped sliding down her face.

Both former heroines, exposed, brainwashed, mindless and aroused, groaned and whined as they thoughtlessly obeyed their programming. Fire Cow was placid, writhing and lactating as eagerly as she could do anything. Maiden Mercy was a thirsty kitty, suckling up every drop of milk as she slowly found herself becoming a very sleepy kitty.

Her eyes melted shut as the song filled the air again, engraining so deeply her true desires to be her daughter’s pet.

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