The Cat that Got the Cream

Chapter 5: Milk Maiden

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #betrayal #bondage #brainwashing #cage #cat_girl #comic_book #drugs #lactation #mother #mother_daughter #sex_toy #transformation

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 5: Milk Maiden

“Meowing, mewling, and purring are better than thinking.” Firm, commanding, confident words were from a demanding, authoritative voice were the first things Rachel heard as her mind slowly floated up from her deeply unconscious state. She wasn’t sure if she’d been asleep, or if she was only just now being allowed to be aware of the words flooding her defenseless mind with the power of repetition.

“You don’t want to be a person. You want to be a kitty. You want to be Raegan’s kitty.

“Meow and surrender.”

Rachel groaned, fighting against a quiet impulse inside of her that wanted to give that voice what it asked for. She knew how good it would feel to obey, and every small part of her entire body from the top of her scalp to the tips of her toes were yearning for it.

Something was filling her pussy and pressed flush with her clit. With how her body was moving on its own Rachel knew she’d been feeling that stimulation for a long time, but it wasn’t offering her quite enough to push her over the edge. If anything it seemed to be keeping her there, making Rachel almost want to whimper in need as much as despair and a pitiful desire to escape.

Every syllable that forced its way into her hazy brain came with another vibration that also echoed in her nipples thanks to small vibrating clamps. None of it was ever enough to shatter Rachel’s dignity and turn her into a drooling, panting, screaming slut but it was enough to make a sleepy part of her ache for that kind of release.

Nothing had dampened Rachel’s supernatural sensitivity during her period of mental hibernation. Stimulation that would have still been intense to another was redoubled again, making such constant attention to her clit all the crueler.

She’d learned very quickly to block out most painful, unpleasant feelings… but pleasure was so much more difficult. Very few supervillains had attempted to overwhelm her with pleasure, and though it had been a long time since Rachel had sought out companionship she had enjoyed sex as much as the next woman.

Taking care of her city, and Raegan, had simply taken precedence.

With no release, no strength, and no end to her torment Rachel was left with no choice but to struggle fruitlessly in her bonds as her mind and body were assaulted by vibrations and words all coming from sources that could continue endlessly, not likely to tire or grow bored of their twisted aims that didn’t need to rest. Their only purpose was to wear down her resolve, and she knew no amount of pleading would help even if she was willing to undergo such humiliation.

As bad as it was to feel the pleasure overwhelm her, to feel her body and mind want the pleasure of having an orgasm be one of the first things she did upon regaining consciousness…

Resisting this… tensing up, trying to be strong, firm, immovable… that has a chance to be just what The Veterinarian wants…! Rachel whimpered, her eyes full of tears as her pussy dripped down along her thighs. I can’t fight her, not like this, and if I try too hard, and she overcomes any of my resistance… nnnhaaa… I’m… stronger than this… but I… want…

I want to cum…!

I want to go home to Raegan… t-to be her kitty…!

She shook her head as quickly as she could, whimpering in a way that had the faintest feline quality to the sound. “Nyooo…! Not kitty… not her kitty…! Don’t want her like that… sick… wrong… sick and wrong…!” The music abruptly ended. The vibration ended, and the toy withdrew smoothly from between Rachel’s legs.

Pain was quick to take the place of such pleasant things as electricity surged through Rachel’s body.

Her mouth fell open and hung below her as though she lacked the self-awareness to pull it shut. So wracked with sizzling agony, Rachel’s fingers twitched, her eyes widened, and drool teased its way down to gather in a swiftly growing puddle below. No matter how much she tried to tense up, to clench, to find some strength in being firm and tough and unconquerable, the pain only got worse and she was once again twitching and wordlessly screaming.

“I… I w-want to be home with my daughter… As her mother… her mommy…!” It took a considerable force of will, but Rachel drew up her bottom jaw and forced her teeth together. The pain didn’t stop, and her shaky screams trembled with the wavelength of the energy coursing through her every nerve.

Worst of it all was the way that though it hurt—and it hurt—it was still stimulation.

That did mean she could feel those places that just needed a little bit more lighting up, telling her there was another way to reach that peak, another feeling to enjoy, but there was something more.

Even as her desire for pleasure, for orgasm, continued to surge there were parts of Rachel that she wasn’t willing to leave behind for the slightest of moments. If she did, things would be so much better. She might have been able to scream more defiance, to force the sizzling heat to stimulate her body in the right way to force her into an orgasm, but…

Can’t… cum… from her torment…!

As useful as it might have been, there was no way the heroine could give herself that release. There was no way she could twist her body, or her mind, to behave in such lewd, shameful, horrifying ways.

Others might have tried to twist the resistance into a reward. It might have helped them regain their belief in an ability to struggle, or some idea that resistance had meaning, but for Rachel there was only one line of thought that came from her own erotic release and it wasn’t one that she was willing to accept.

Potential to steel her mind or not, it was too much for her to sacrifice.

Bad enough my pussy… won’t stop… nnn every time my breasts sway I can feel my nipples… In the worst… Not just the blood rushing into them, but they’re so… It would feel so good if someone called me a good kitty, pinched them, made me mewl… Nnn… No… No…! She shook her head, her curly hair sticking to her sweat soaked forehead that glistened more by the moment with sweat from stimulation and struggle.

Have to… need to… keep my dignity... my composure…!

Rachel gasped, struggling for each and every breath. It was getting so difficult to breathe, and if she lost that battle then she’d slide right back into unconsciousness and she knew it. It was so important to not give up the fight, not until she’d found some limit to the machines abusing her.

Anything less and it would be the exact defeat she was most desperate to avoid.

Anything less, and Raegan would be left all alone.

If she… if she wins now, wins with this… perverted… twisted… unforgivable ploy… I can’t do that to my daughter… to the city… to Maiden Mercy…! Not a kitty…!

I’m a super heroine…!

“You aren’t the first heroine I’ve brainwashed, Mercy Kitty.” The Veterinarian’s voice came from the headphones, and it stung in a way Rachel hadn’t expected. Her own objecting cries were loud, but the headphones made it so hard for her to hear even her own voice. The Veterinarian’s voice now was so much more natural. “Some of those heroines I know for a fact you’ve met. Some I’m entirely certain that you haven’t.

“They all share one thing in common… and my track record really is something else. In fact, considering I have a list of the publicly known times you were beaten, mine’s better than yours.” Rachel screamed and thrashed, but nothing she did could block out the sound of The Veterinarian’s voice in her ears.

Nothing could grant her the smallest modicum of escape, or solace. Solitude, even inside of her own mind, was denied.

Rachel had no choice but to listen as her tears ran down her cheeks and her thighs clenched painfully tight. She was forced to hear each and every word as her hands balled into tight fists that completely refused to open.

”No one’s made it to my facilities and not left as whatever animal I wanted. Not one. They all mewl, or bark, or… Mm… Caw, I suppose.” The Veterinarian sighed.

Rachel whimpered.

Completely successful… Every time… She tried to find some reason to believe that she was unique, different, protected from that same fate… but nothing offered itself. Maiden Mercy isn’t even the strongest heroine in the city… I always used to have backup, but other heroines kept retiring, moving on…

Was The Veterinarian turning them all into pets…? F-for their daughters… Friends… Enemies…

The pain was so intense it felt like her heart would stop, but she didn’t even lose consciousness. Rachel was denied even the escape of failing. She was forced to listen to every word The Veterinarian spoke, her body shimmering slick as a cube of ice and burning hotter than the deepest magma.

“All you’re doing is entertaining me, and if you meow, just once… I’ll give you something to help keep your strength up, kitty. Something that I know you want, even if you don’t want to…”

So much pain made vision almost completely impossible. It seemed sooner or later she would need to white out as her eyes twitched. So many more symptoms made it clear that she should have been so completely debilitated, but the Veterinarian knew how to keep her functioning. She knew how to keep Rachel doing exactly what she wanted her to do—even her defiance was controlled.

Her jaw fell open, the strength in Rachel’s body that much more diminished. She could speak, but every sound shook with pained cries.

“N-n-not a kittyyyyy…!”

“I’m sure.” The Veterinarian’s smirk was audible, but her face was still out of view. “But if you mew for me… just once…? You’ll get this, and we both know how much you want this, don’t we?”

She set down a small saucer in front of the cage.

Inside, even Rachel’s eyes could see the blue milk still rippling from being placed on the table. The scent was unlike any other to the shuddering woman, smelling at once warm, and sweet. Inhaling it made Rachel’s body feel calm. Inhaling it made her toes curl, and her skin feel less like it was full of pins.

If I don’t eat… don’t drink… that doesn’t mean I’ll find it easier to escape… She’s right… Rachel’s lips twitched. It was obviously a bad idea. She knew that. She just also knew that she couldn’t hold out for much longer. Even if she tried, it seemed like any moment the next would be a void of darkness.

No obvious choices existed in Rachel’s mind besides trashing and screaming as the current made her mind just as numb as whatever could be in that bowl. It looked like milk, but what kind of milk was blue?

That song she’d been playing… The words it was chanting into my mind over and over… Ohhhh… Why can’t I just… fight it off… She shook her head, making one last attempt to hope the current was weakening the bonds, restoring her powers, or some other unexpected freak occurrence that might be exactly what she needed to pull herself out of the mess she was in. People have tried this before… Back when I used to be on a team with Bonfyre… None of them… I didn’t always fight it off but none of them were this… this…

None of them were this good at making me feel so completely powerless to do anything but what they want…!

Either she could meow, or she knew it would be another indefinite period of words trying to convince her that she wanted to be Raegan’s possession. She still refused to accept that possibility—that reality. There was only one other choice, one other thing she could do that seemed to potentially have any other result.

“M-m… Meeeooooow…!”

The pain stopped.

In one perfect moment the current died down, and Rachel hung slumped in her bonds. Her jaw again dangled from her head, drool pooling at the side of her lips. Smelling the milk made her feel a longing.

Nothing had made her truly feel as relaxed, or warm, or safe as that milk.

Nothing had ever taken away all of the bad things in the world like that milk.

Thinking of it made her think of Raegan and the way her daughter had so thoughtfully filled up her tea. She remembered the way all of her muscles had loosened, the way the whole world had felt so much better…

I wish I could feel Raegan’s hand in my hair… petting me… stroking me…

Then I wouldn’t feel so hopeless, so helpless, so…


“Good girl, Mercy Kitten…! Let me put this milk inside your cage…” She opened the metal bars that made up the front door, and Rachel was too drained to even try to escape. Her body was still twitching, practically smoking from the intense agony of the sustained torment. When The Veterinarian closed the door behind her hand, Rachel was already leaning down, lapping at the saucer with tears in her eyes. “Good kitty…!”

The clamps around Rachel’s nipples vibrated, and her eyes crossed as she let out a slow, shuddery moan before continuing to lap up the milk.

Wish I didn’t need to drink it like this but…

If I don’t have any choice then at least it’s so… ohhh…

Rachel lost herself in the simple repetitive task of flicking out her tongue, slurping up the milk, and swallowing down the fireplace-warm taste that burned its way through her body and made the pain of the recent electrocution feel so far away. After one or two mouthfuls it was hard to remember any of that suffering at all, and so easy to feel her eyes droop and her hips lazily sway side to side as she lapped up more and more.

The Veterinarian remained quiet, tapping on her tablet as she watched the exhausted heroine betray herself for the soothing warmth that made her weaker to the return of the voice in her ears.

She was too drugged, too weary, too helpless to mount the same resistance.

“Meowing, mewling, and purring are better than thinking. Meowing is more natural than speaking.” Every word was always the same recitation. There was clearly only one recording of every line, but it didn’t matter. Rachel’s mind was hardly sharp enough to analyze. “You don’t want to be a person. You want to be a kitty. You want to be Raegan’s kitty.”

“Meow, and surrender.”

The already familiar song, hazy and dreamy, was filling her ears. The words weren’t going to relent, and every small sip of the blue milk made Rachel groan and feel heavier as an entirely different strength drained out of her body.

So… weak… just… want to be Raegan’s kitty… she’d take good care of me… always so gentle… always so loving… If I wasn’t a person… I wouldn’t need to deal with this… I…

It was hard to remember how long she’d been drinking from the bowl, but an image was beginning to appear as the blue became thinner and thinner. The less milk filled the saucer, the clearer it was that a photograph was printed underneath.

Rachel wanted to know who it was, but she couldn’t force herself to rush. The milk felt too good, and her body literally wouldn’t respond to move quicker than she already was.


She hardly even realized that the sound had left her lips, but it had. She’d betrayed herself yet again, even if there was still a spark of the light that filled Maiden Mercy in her eyes. She was falling in line with The Veterinarian’s training, and since it didn’t matter to her sleepy mind if she fought it or not… she didn’t.

So… tired… so… mmm… Rachel smiled. She couldn’t remember anything but the taste in her mouth. She could barely even consciously listen to the song. Oooh… Pretty picture… I know her I…

Feelings blossomed in her chest, feelings that made Rachel feel as warm as she did when she drank the perfect blue milk that soothed away her worries. She felt such a pull, such a yearning to nuzzle in close and just sigh. Her eyes felt so heavy, her head swam, and most of all she just wanted to be near her.

I wish I could be her kitty…

Hidden under the milk was a photograph of Raegan giving her mother the brightest, most loving smile she possibly could.


Rachel’s voice was soft, small, and shy as she drank and surrendered herself in a way that she wouldn’t be able to take back.

I’m sure she’d make me feel so… happy… Want to make her happy… too…

Raegan’s face continued to silently smile up at Rachel as the last of the milk disappeared into Rachel’s mouth and dissolved the heroic mother’s will and inhibitions. It was easier to feel warmth and tenderness for Raegan than parental responsibility.

She was too hazy to realize she’d stopped fighting.

The broken heroine lapped up the bowl until there was nothing left. So warm, so soothed by the smiling girl in her bowl, Rachel’s consciousness faded into beautiful dreams.

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