The Adventures of Figura: To Change The World, Change Yourself

Chapter 11: Dancing the Night Away

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 11: Dancing the Night Away

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea…!” Figura whined. “The longer we stay here… Can we please—”

“I told you I’d go anywhere you wanted, riiiight…?” Lumen interrupted Figura with a finger to her lips—lips that were currently identical to Lumen’s. “You did what I asked… but… c’mon…” She twirled her glow stick and winked at the heroine. “You look the part… humor me for a little? I haven’t gotten to go to a rave in foreeeever… and I want to have fuuuun…!”

Figura shuddered. She felt so small, small in ways beyond her size. It wasn’t as though she needed to look up to Lumen—they just so happened to not coincidentally be the exact same height—

—but it almost felt like she should.

They just so happened to be the exact same height.

And but being told she looked the part had Figura squeezing her new, extra shapely thighs together.

I look like a little rave slut… I… feel like… like…

“C’mon…” Lumen grinned. “Here… let me loosen you up…!” Before Figura could argue, Lumen had already pushed the small pill past Figura’s lips. Lumen’s hand closed around the heroine’s mouth and nose, and her eyes hooded low. “Swaaaallow. You look like a rave slut, so, tonight, you’re going to be a rave slut! You changed yourself for me, remember…?”

Figura swallowed hard, and then moaned as Lumen’s hand pulled away.

Figura was already feeling dizzy, even though she knew that no pill could have taken effect so quickly. Lumen twirling that blue glow stick around wasn’t helping. It was so bright, and that made its every movement incredibly distracting.

“Nnhaaa… What… what was that…?” Figura whined quietly. “What did you…? I… I don’t like drugs, Lumen, I… I was drugged last night, and it… and they… I… I don’t even remember what happened, and I…”

“Aww… Someone slipped you something bad, huh…?” Lumen swayed her hips, rolling her entire body as she grabbed out a bright pink glow stick and twirled it around in her other hand. “Don’t worry! Nothing in there will make you forget anything! I’m not mean… I just want to have a little rave slut fun—and you do, too!”

Figura whimpered, fluttering her eyes as she shook her head. Instead of clearing away the haze, her gesture only made her dizzier. “I… I do…? I… I want to go! We need to leave, we…”

Lumen pouted, but she didn’t need to try hard to silence Figura this time. What she was doing to own her body was more than enough. Her tiny shorts meant so much of her bare thighs were visible, and those glow sticks kept moving along her body, illuminating different parts of her as she danced. Her vest was so tiny, and the more she rolled her body, the more inevitable it seemed that Figura would catch a glimpse of her nipple.

“Yeah, you do! You look like a rave slut who wants to have fun… Who wouldn’t want to have fun here if they looked like you? And you’re totally hot for a ‘dance’ right now… I can tell!” Lumen winked as though she was keeping the heroine’s secret despite yelling it loudly over the music throbbing across their bodies. “Let loose! Have some fun…! Dance with me!”

Dancing sounded hard, but she didn’t need to dance to enjoy watching Lumen. All she needed for that were her eyes, and Lumen’s glow sticks ensured that those eyes knew where to look.

She didn’t need to see all of Lumen’s breasts to get a perfect sense of their shape, their heft, their… everything. They were the kind of breasts that looked so all-consuming, so powerful.

Yet feeling them at her own chest didn’t make Figura powerful at all.

Instead, she felt heavy and slow.

There’s… Something about watching her… Knowing I look like her… Big breasts…? Do big breasts… do… something to me…? Changing myself…? Does that…? Figura groaned. Thinking was difficult, and it wasn’t getting her anywhere.

Mmm… I look like a rave slut, and she wants me to… she wants to have fun with me…? Okay…

I can have fun…

Figura smiled shyly as she started trying to mimic the way Lumen was moving. She tried to roll her hips like Lumen, to move her hands along the sides of her own body, and every time her hands clumsily brushed her breasts, her eyes fluttered.

Being reminded of her large breasts, the breasts she’d changed for Lumen, the breasts that were weighing down her mind, made Figura feel slower in such a good way. Her leotard was straining to contain them, but that wasn’t a bad feeling. If anything, it just made the friction from moving feel better. It meant that she could feel all of that strain teasing her chest, pinching around her nipples, feeling so sexy in the most fun way.

Her own clothing was making her slick, and Figura liked that. It was harder and harder to be consciously aware of that fact, or any facts, but she knew it felt good. She knew it made rolling her hips more fun.

That was all that mattered.

“Woo…! Look at you go! And when the fun really kicks in… well, you’ll see!”

Lumen winked again, but Figura didn’t see it.

Her eyes were much too busy to glance at Lumen’s face.

One benefit to her heavy, melty, horny feelings was how much easier it was for Figura to move with the music. She’d been feeling so tense before, so worried, so scared, but as her breasts smothered those concerned parts of her mind, it became easier and easier to just let everything go. It was easier to move because she wanted to move, and because the arousal pounding inside of her demanded she move.

I look like a little rave slut… changed myself into a little rave slut… Ohhh I want her to fuck me… I want to be whatever she wants me to be… I… ohhh…

It’s so… so… blue…

“Ooooh I think it’s kicking in…!” Lumen grinned ear to ear. “You’re about to really have some fun now, Figgy…!”

“F-fun…? I… ohhhh fuck it’s so fucking blue, Lumi…!” Figura’s eyes opened wide, bathed in the blue light of Lumen’s glow stick. It was so close to her face, but that was because she was leaning in close to get a better look at the trails that every deft movement of the stick left behind. “It’s… just… wow, I… it’s like I… like…”

“…Like you can feel it inside of you…?” Lumen offered, chuckling as she twirled around and drew the blue stick away. “How about this…?”

“S-so… so… pink…!” Figura moaned, her eyes fluttering and her lips rubbing together as she shuddered. Lumen danced the pink stick in front of her eyes, moving it up and down, side to side, even around Figura’s head to make her do a little twirl to keep up with it. Every time the stick moved, it made so much more of that pink, and she could feel that pink inside of her.

It wrapped around something primal, something sexy, something vulnerable, something weak. The more it wrapped, the tighter it squeezed, the hotter Figura felt. Her pussy was already on fire, but now she couldn’t stop jerking her hips.

Like the pink is… wrapping around my clit… Mmmm wrapping around my heavy tits… oohhh fuuuuck…!

Figura mewled, shuddering harder when Lumen, suddenly behind her, grinded her hips and her breasts against Figura as pink and blue glow sticks twirled in front of her face. One would take up the center of her vision, making everything a soothing blue, or a hot pink, but neither would last for long. Any time Figura adapted to one color or the other, it would switch.

The whole time, Lumen was grinding against her, and Figura grinded back. Their bodies writhed together, both of them burning so hot. “Mmm, that’s a good little rave slut… it’s like you can taste the colors with your pussy, huh…?”

“Ohhh yesss…! It’s just like that… tasting them… with my… with my pussy…!” Figura whimpered, her eyes rolling up as the sticks raised high, and then lowered back down. “Want more… want more of them… more of you… ohhh fuck me, please…! I need you to fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck my brain, fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me!”

Figura screamed loud enough that more than a few people nearby turned to give her a look, but they weren’t judgmental.

All of them were grinning, flashing their approval with nods or a raised thumb. Everyone there was there to have fun, and none of them wanted to harsh her buzz.

But all of them wanted to see the pair of matching hot rave sluts.

“Oh… I can do that, if you want… if you really want…” Lumen giggled, nibbling and tugging Figura’s ear. The sensation felt so much stronger than any teeth had ever felt on any part of her body, and Figura shook and cried out. She grinded back against Lumen that much harder, her hands reaching back to desperately squeeze at her hips. “Oooh… I think you really want me to fuck you, huh…? To fill you up everywhere I can…?”

“Yuh… yuh… yessss…! Fuuuck meee… pleeeease…!” Figura whimpered, swaying as Lumen moved the glow sticks side to side, making them move to cross Figura’s eyes before moving them out to the sides of her vision. “Fill me uuuup…!”

“That can be arranged!”

Lumen grasped one of Figura’s hands in hers, and without warning, tugged her away from the dance floor. The loss of the glow sticks made Figura whine as she stumbled along behind Lumen, but the red lights flashing over them from above were like fingers rubbing down along her spine.

They weren’t the same, but they still felt good enough to make her tremble and moan. They still felt good enough to be some consolation.

It’s like… like color can fuck my brain…? Like I’m… Oh…! Right…! Figura giggled loudly enough for Lumen to stop and watch her with a crooked smile. I’m a rave slut! I had drugs that made it so I can, like… feel color or something…! I’m such a dumb rave slut, I didn’t even realize it…! I fucking love color…! Light…! Whatever…!

When she was done laughing, Lumen gave her another tug.

Before Figura knew it, they were in a room with a huge bed, with lots of women splayed across it. Some of them were naked. Some of them were wearing some of their clothes, or at least some of their underwear.

All of them were writhing, their hands rubbing and squeezing at their own or each other’s bodies.

Figura could understand why without needing to ask, even with her brain weighed down by her tits. Above them, a small device on the ceiling was spinning, bathing the women on the bed in a full spectrum of shifting, rainbow lights.

“Ooooh… It’s like… like…” Figura snapped her fingers, trying desperately to think of the right words. It was hard when so much of her mind was working as well as a burnt-out light bulb, and the rest of it was only concerned with getting fucked. She was so excited to find the words that she squealed and wiggled her whole body in sync with the shifting lights shining down over the bed. “It’s like a super sexy light orgy…!”

“Ooh… Light orgy…” Lumen grinned as she placed a hand on Figura’s ass and shoved her forward. “I’ll need to use that to advertise. Light orgy… Yeah… I think that could get me some more girls!”

Figura moaned as she collapsed onto the bed with her ass up in the air. She wiggled it from side to side, fluttering her eyes as the lights filled her eyes. There were so many colors—more colors than Figura’s dulled mind had any words to describe. Reds, greens, blues, purples… all of them filled her eyes, and she moaned at how good it felt to feel her brain being filled with the pressure they exerted.

She was so distracted, she didn’t notice Lumen pulling on a harness with a bright, blue, glowing strap-on.

“I can fill you up with so much of that sexy light… How much do you want that, Figgy?” Lumen’s eyes hooded low as she grasped ahold of Figura’s ass and slowly arched forward.

The toy between her legs grazed along Figura’s clothed sex, teasing right along her slit.

Figura’s eyes crossed, and her mouth hung open as she moaned even louder than she was before. The other women around her joined suit, pleasured as much by the lights above as by the sound of Figura’s trembling voice.

“M-more than anythiiing… fuck me… make me cum… p-please… I just want to cum…!” Figura’s hips couldn’t stay still, wiggling adorably as they did everything they could to press her needy crotch into the toy nestled between her legs. “Fuck me, fill me, thrust, thrust, thruuuust! Fuck me till I can’t walk, till I can’t see! I’m a little rave slut and I juuust… wanna… fuuuuck…!”

“Well… I can do one part of that for you…” Lumen purred as she adjusted Figura’s leotard, rubbing the length of the glowing toy along the heroine’s now-naked pussy. “I can’t promise anything about the rest.

“But don’t worry about it…! Rave sluts don’t need to cum. Fucking is fun enough all on its own!” With a sneer, Lumen buried the blue toy deep inside of Figura with a single thrust.

Screaming, Figura clenched around it as tightly as she could. Her eyes opened as wide as they could, helping so much more of the colors assault her brain that much more. “B-buuut…!” Her voice was so plaintive, so pitiful, even as she did nothing more than wiggle and squirm back against Lumen and squeeze around the glowing strap-on that buried deep within her dripping cunt. “I wanna cuuuum…!”

“And I…” Lumen leaned over her back, her vest falling open so her bare breasts could press down against Figura’s back. “Do not care!”

“N-nooooo…!” Figura whimpered pitifully, tears falling from her eyes, as Lumen began to move her hips back only to thrust forward that much harder, that much faster. “Don’t… wanna… need… m-o-o-re… oohh… F-fuck… mee… fuck… m… e….!”

But between the lights over Figura’s face, and the toy thrusting inside of her, those tears quickly stopped. The rough, passionate thrusts of Lumen’s toy, and no more came to take their place.

Figura whimpered and moaned, but she had forgotten all about her pitiful pleading to finally be allowed to cum. Instead, she was too busy clenching and wiggling her hips.

Lumen’s hands kneaded Figura’s hips harder, her hips moving in no particular rhythm, just as quickly and powerfully as she could manage. “That’s much better! Rave sluts aren’t known for being picky. But why don’t we give you another one of these, so you can be extra good at not cumming for me?”

Another pill found its way into Figura’s mouth. This time, Figura gulped it down without a fight, only whining out a wordless cry. She didn’t know what the pill was, but she understood on a fundamental level that a good little rave slut swallowed whatever was shoved into her mouth.

“I’m going to fuck you all night long, Figura!” Lumen purred right into her ear before giving it another tug. “And you’re going to love every minute of it!”

“Ooooh… y-yess… love… every… c-colors…!”

Lumen’s laughter mingled once more with the cries of Figura and the other sluts splayed across the bed.

Though not everything Lumen said happened exactly as she planned, it was true that Figura was fucked like she’d never been fucked before. The strap-on spent time in her pussy, in her ass, in her mouth, between her large breasts, and she spent plenty of time writhing on the bed bathed in light. Lumen rode her face, and tasted her identical body.

Lumen couldn’t have predicted they wouldn’t be finished until well into the next day.

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